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Review #1, by Perfect_AnarchyHarry Potter and the-- What are you doing?: The First and Only Chapter

9th September 2010:
I cracked up while reading this. This is awesome.
It would be cool if the people came back from the dead - particularly Freddy - but I suppose that's not how life - even in the wizarding community - rolls.
Ahhh, well, I still have Georgie, so. . . ouo;;;

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Review #2, by Perfect_AnarchyThe Time Traveler: Screwing Up the Future

9th September 2010:
Oh my.
Always perfect Harry Potter; perhaps he's not so perfect ? Ao;;
It's a thought to consider. -u-;;
This story's really interesting ! I think the plot's really creative, and it has decent decorating at important times. >u

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Review #3, by Perfect_AnarchyTruth...Or Dare?: Hogwarts Express

8th September 2010:
Didn't know it was your name in their, but I was touched. I had a friend named Pooja in kindergarten. xD
. . . Perhaps it's you ? Ummm, creepy thought. . .
Anyhoo, this story just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it ?
Keep up the good work ! ;D

Author's Response: Are you my long -lost best friend!?!? Haha, thanks for the nice review. I hope that you enjoy this story!

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Review #4, by Perfect_AnarchyTruth...Or Dare?: Dominique and the Dare

8th September 2010:
Oh my ~~
Rose is going to kiss little innocent Scorpius, now, is she ? >u<
Nicely done, Dominique !
Awesome chapter, loved reading it. 'Specially with little Freddy laughing his ass off.

Author's Response: Thanks! And Fred will laugh a whole lot, you'll see. He just seems to think that everything is funny :)

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Review #5, by Perfect_AnarchyThe Golden Game: Happy Trails

25th July 2010:
I totally loled at Must. Not. Lose. Malfoy. Cool.
That was priceless.
But since when did Malfoy's have their own cool ?

Author's Response: Lol, thanks for reviewing! I personally think Malfoys are always cool... :)

I am glad you are reading this story, and I do still have a sequel planned for it... I just have to finish my Dramione story first (I have learned my lesson and can now only manage to work on one story at a time due to time constraints, blah blah blah). So... maybe a sequel will be up around the Hols! :)

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Review #6, by Perfect_AnarchyThe Final Battle: Moth Eaten Confidence

24th July 2010:
Just because his grandmother was there, Neville was sure he'd win.
An unexpected laugh for me, when all I was sure on was doubt.
I've been enjoying your story until now, and I must say, if we muggles ever have a battle this devastating, it'd be best to go incognito. . . like, into the hills.

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Review #7, by Perfect_AnarchyThe Amortentia Experience: The Kitchens

24th July 2010:
I just fell apart reading this. ;D
I must say, the idea of this happening is appalling, yet strangely humorous.
AD/MM. . . Hmm, I must search for some fanfics on this. x3

Author's Response: I think that's what makes it so humorous! And it seems I've created a convert :) I love AD/MM myself.

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