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Review #1, by reyetc. etc. (and life goes on): Manic Panic Mondays

27th March 2011:
I love this fic and everything it chooses to be. XD Seriously, though, this just oozes talent.
I love everything. From the meaning behind first names, to Scorpius and Al lover rumors. It's just perfect!
The whole atmosphere when they prepare the paper is so brilliantly written. So realistic! Yet, with a dash of magic, as it should be. It is Hogwarts, after all. I worked on a radio and I find that the dymanic is similar. So I love how you portrayed it.
Also, Clemence is great and what a true Slytherin, no? It's always great to read about someone witty and cunning. And you don't seem to fear to use her characteristics. The more, the better. She seems really interesting so far.
Oh, and Dom? Merlin, will she have some Weasley wrath to deal with from all of this or what? I fear for her safety. But she does seem like the type who can take care of herself.

For all the stories we've had on James, Fred, Hugo, and Louis, there's only been one on Albus, on whether he's secretly snogging that Malfoy boy or not.
"He's got a girlfriend."

Guess not.

Wonderful conclusion. What can I say but that it's a perfect 10/10.

Author's Response: Baww thanks ^__^ I was part of my school newspaper (granted, as graphics editor. I'm more Dom than Clemence in the newsroom), so I've been knee deep in the process for years.

I do love a smart heroine (villain perhaps is more appropriate? ;D). Confident leads are so few and far between sometimes.

Dom's not intolerable to the family, though is the occasional nuisance. She's charismatic + fun + tactful (which goes a long way in the Potter-Weasley clan) and mostly pushes the blame onto Clemence (who doesn't mind as long as they get more stories, and it's not like her reputation can get any -worse-).

Thanks muchly for the review ^__^!

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Review #2, by reySigged.: Oatmeal.

29th November 2010:
Oh, I like this story so far. Very much so. It's an unique idea. And I like how you potrayed Rose, Lily and Al. Hm, I'd like to know more about Finn, though. I guess that will come in the next chapters. Oh and George is the man, lol.
Pretty much everything is great in this story. :)
Keep up the good work. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Finn is going to be the hardest character to write, because he's got so much going on. But I am glad that you're enjoying the concept and the story. :)

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Review #3, by reyThe Trials of being James Potter's Girlfriend: Jealous? ......Thought so

27th October 2010:
Tehe, this is really funny! I especially liked Lily's: "...when you date one of us you date all of us."
I can so picture that scene happening for real.
And I like the concept of this story.
Usually, it's about a girl and James and how they got together. But you're actually writing about their relationship. I LOVE that. 'Cause, really, it's all sweet before you begin dating someone with such a huge family. But I think that's when the real isuess begin. :D And you captured it so nicely.
So, as you can tell, me like this very much, hehe. :D
Just keep on going. ;)
P. S. You do have some grammar errors but, personally, it doesn't bother me.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so very much for the review I'm so glad that you liked it and found it funny. Yeah, I wanted to portay how James' girlfriend would feel being sucked into the wotter family and dealing with the pro's and con's that come with it. I'm so sorry about the grammar, I will try to do better next time. Keep reading!!! :-)

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Review #4, by reyThree Times The Charm: Which Freakin' Emily?

9th October 2010:
I'm crying right now. From all the laughter, that is.
Seriously, this is great!
What an original start! I love it!
Wow, you described Alice just the way I always imagined her to look.
As for her personality, I think it's quite sweet.
Your main character is hilarious! XD
I love her.
And I like that you included a Thomas in Al's group of friends. I don't recall anyone doing that 'till now. So, another original aspect of your story that makes me reeeaaally like it.
Tehe, I also enjoyed your view on Albus' looks. A Greek God! XD Nice.
So, to sum up, I love ALL of your characters so far. They will make for some interesting storylines, I'm sure.
As for your story, like I said, it feels so fresh. You pulled me right in. And obviously the question is...
I'm glad I found this story. Going straight to my favourites.
Good luck with the rest of it! I'll definately keep reading!

Author's Response: wow. i'm so happy you loved it so much!
i've always seen hannah and neville's daughter as someone with a gentle soul, but don't worry, she has the hero complex in her just like neville (that will be in later chapters).

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Review #5, by reyFind Your Love: A Beginning of Sorts

13th September 2010:
Hi! Me loves this very much! :D
You MUST keep going with this! Love "Breathless" too. Can you do both? :D I know how it is to get a writer's block. Ugly, that's how! But I think that writing another story can only inspire you. Well, that's what I think, anyway.
"Honestly, Rose - are you a witch or what?!"
Ahh, HP1 reference, right? ;)
"Sounds like she's giving you a good piece of her mind," I continued conversationally, as the woman continued to hurl insults at him. "Are you listening carefully? Merlin knows you need something to deflate that head-"
"Healing School, Weasley. I'll be right over." Favourite part! So funny!
Even though the ScoRose thing is nothing new, you just made it feel so... fresh. I really like this story so far. Great job!
Hope you'll continue.

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