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Review #1, by Cal585Lying Josephine: Eye of the Storm

2nd December 2014:
So here it ends currently. Before I review, I want to point out that I think I've crossed a line. I'm afraid we can no longer be friends. At least until this story is finished. How can I be friends with someone who is killing me so slowly with the suspense? Though I'm hoping NaNo will have helped with that :P

This chapter was a lot heavier and the onions were sneaking up on me before I realised what was happening. Was so frustrated with Fred's treatment of Angelina. Wanted to sit him down and talk sense into him and frustrated Jo isn't the kind of person to smack it into him :P. Loved him opening up to her and the start of their friendship, though I was sad seeing it happen but knowing that she's now alone again. But that was nothing compared to the feels when I got to the end:
"Of course, maybe it meant nothing at all.
In any case, he no longer knocks."
And I was so sad that she didn't have the self-confidence to know what it really meant for them.

And the second half, hang on, let me compose myself. It was quite moving. Great that she is actually able to have a social interaction with him (another!) but devastating with his grief and confusion and her lack of ability to explain things in words. At least those twins seem to be great at reading her expressions.

Anyway, just wanted to say that this story is amazing. I absolutely love your writing and I'm sorry I haven't reviewed earlier. I have favourited it, and not because of any compulsion from friendship but because I sincerely believe this to be one of the great stories on the archives. I really hope you manage to get some regular updates because that's the only possible thing I can see threatening to dampen this story's potential (though it's not like I can really talk :P).

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Review #2, by Cal585Lying Josephine: Breakable Girls and Boys

2nd December 2014:
It's ridiculous how proud I feel of her for actually speaking to George and being there for him. Loved the first part of the chapter with Fred's present. Such a lovely idea, and his nerves covered up with humour. I thought you described that really well, and I definitely feel fond of him. I was so pleased he asked Jo for her opinion. It makes me really happy that he values her. And the end! I was sort of heart in mouth the entire time, but it all worked out fine. More than fine! Though I'm really hoping the snow globe is alright...

I have to say that you're doing a wonderful job of conveying all the feelings. I often see loss written in a meh fashion. It's either too brief, then ignored in favour of the storyline, or too overdone. It does help that you're writing an emotive story, but I just wanted to say I think you've done a really good job at balancing out the emotions and having some lightness and brevity in there. Your chapters seem long I think, at least when I open them up. But I can honestly say that's the only time I notice. It just flows so well and your build up is really smooth. So despite initial misgivings, I think the size is absolutely perfect and allows me to really immerse myself in the chapter.

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Review #3, by Cal585Lying Josephine: Nice to Meet You

2nd December 2014:
So apparently I'd already reviewed last chapter which was rather disappointing. Just wanted to say that since then my view has changed a bit. I actually really enjoyed it, and while initially a bit sceptical about her lack of speech (those things tend to annoy me), I actually got used to it and by the end of her conversation with Fred found it relatively normal. I think you've done a fantastic job being able to convey a one-sided conversation so well and I really enjoy the special understanding she has with Fred. And I loved your ending with the resolution at his funeral!

As for this chapter specifically, I really enjoyed the job application. Spent the entire time stuck between grinning at Fred and feeling horrible for Jo under emotional stress. But the way it all resolved nicely in the end! It really shows her inner courage despite her struggle to even attempt it. And of course, the positioning, coming after last chapter, I could feel bad and laugh but understand exactly where Fred was coming from because you already described their friendship so well last chapter :)

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Review #4, by Cal585Lying Josephine: Introduction: Boxes

2nd December 2014:
Tanya! So I decided I needed to get round to properly reading and reviewing all your chapters!

Great introductory chapter, it sets the scene well. Doesn't give too much away but you managed to convey the magnitude of the loss, even if I don't understand the significance yet. Very worried about the opening snippet! This better have a happy ending :P

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Review #5, by Cal585The Question: One

22nd October 2014:
Aww, thanks Sam! This was amazing, absolutely loved it! My favourite characters too (loved your representation of Ginny)! Took me a couple of tries to read it, simply because I empathised too much with Harry and started getting nervous myself :D
So I guess that tells you you did a pretty good job writing it!

Got a chuckle out of some of the lines as well, particularly this one at the start:
"If he wasn't so afraid to open his mouth, he'd openly congratulate himself."
And I thought this one was very well delivered:
"The corner dug into his thigh."

I'll try and prevent myself just quoting the entire story back at you :P
So yeah, fantastic and thank you and wow... :D

Author's Response: Hey, Cal!

AHHH, thank you! I'm so glad that you liked it. As soon as I saw the challenge, I had to write you something and Harry/Ginny was just the best choice in mind.

Haha! I loved writing that line!

Thank you so much for leaving a review. I'm so happy that you liked it! *hugs*


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Review #6, by Cal585Tales of the Death Hunters: Shades of Anger: Outrage

4th August 2014:
Hi, Sam assured me that this was a story worth reading and I must agree. Loving the story so far, it's fantastic! A bit darker than I'm used to from the Harry Potter universe but it's nice to have a change every now and again. And I've always been interested in the occasional auror story.

Think you've done a great job on making the characters older while staying true to their core values. Harry is really well written from an outside perspective! Don't really know what else to say except that I hope the dog is a red herring to throw them off the trail and was simply a dog (causing massive problems later when they try and interfere). But that's just wishful thinking. Anyway, I'll be following this with interest!

Author's Response: I'll have to be sure to thank Sam for the referral! This story is a bit dark compared to many you'll see, but I think it suits the subject matter.

I'm really glad you find the characters to be true to themselves. That was important to me.

The dog... um, I have some bad news for you. :(

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by Cal585Waltz: Waltz

20th December 2013:
Wow. Great story Tanya! The patterns and stuff you had going throughout were amazing! It must have been really hard to write but it sure came across brilliantly. Intense! Great story!

Author's Response: Cal!!! Ah, thank you so much! You're so sweet to review! *tackle hugs* I'm so glad the pattern worked for you because it definitely was tricky to write! And it's so hard to know if you've pulled something like this off or not without a beta or anything, so every new review is terrifying, and I'm just so pleased you liked it! Thank you so much for taking the time to review! You're wonderful! ^.^

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Review #8, by Cal585So the Saying Goes: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

18th December 2013:
Yay, you wrote Harry/Ginny! It was amazing. Loved every word, you did the characters justice and it was a great length. Simple with just enough meat. And a happy ending. Naw :D

Author's Response: Yes, I finally wrote a real Harry/Ginny!

Thank you so much for leaving a review and for the lovely compliments, you're awesome, Cal!


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Review #9, by Cal585Puddlemere United: Chapter 5.

26th May 2013:
Roger Davies! Heh, anyway, so I've come to the end of what is written so far and it's been pretty good! Really enjoying what you've got! Poor Oliver. So frustrating not being able to sort out funding! And poor Pippa as well! What are they going to do? I'm sure all these questions and more will be answered int he next installment ;). Can't wait!

Author's Response: Yes, I went a little 'minor character' mad in this, didn't I? :P

Thank you so much for the lovely reviews on the chapters! You've literally made my day!

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Review #10, by Cal585Puddlemere United: Chapter 4.

26th May 2013:
Good old Oliver getting them up at 6am. Surprised there wasn't more complaining but it made it easier to read through. Glad they're all giving it a go! Starting to feel proud of them. Also quite liked that Puddlemere's lack of funds got explained (even if it seems a little confusing to me why they're giving away all their money). I want to see them play again now that Oliver's got a bit of work into them. It's not even about winning, maybe if they can score a goal or save a shot or something? :)

Author's Response: I know, Oliver is just the best, isn't he?

I don't think Oliver would have allowed them go on for much longer, he isn't very tolerant, or patient! And I am so ridiculously proud of them whenever they do something small, I feel like their mother!

Don't worry, the reason their fundin was taken away will be explained in chapters yet to come!

And again, there is an upcoming match in about another three-ish chapters, so don't worry!

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Review #11, by Cal585Puddlemere United: Chapter 3.

26th May 2013:
Ooh, Romilda Vane! Liking the little references! I enjoyed finding out a bit more about Kathy. Makes them seem more like people than just players. I hope she finds success! Poor Oliver with a wife like that though... How come he has no choice though? Surely there'd be other things he could do?

Also, just quickly, is it intentional that Ginny is still a Weasley? I thought she might have taken on the name Potter by now. Although it is reasonable that she may have kept Weasley for Quidditch purposes.

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm trying to give everyone little insights to the kind of person each play is as the chapters go on, so we found out a bit about Kathy in this!

Ah yes, Ginny 'Weasley'. In my head anyway, after Ginny married Harry, she did take his name, but her 'Quidditch name' for want of a better word, remained Weasley, as it was just easier for everyone concerned. And we must remember that Oliver was more than a bit merry, so that must be taken into account as well!

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Review #12, by Cal585Puddlemere United: Chapter 2.

26th May 2013:
So got up to the 2nd chapter. What was the final score? I'm morbidly curious as to just how bad it was :P

Poor Oliver, he shouldn't be having to put up with things like this. And poor Puddlemere! They're my favourite team! I look forward to you restoring them to glory ;)

A match between Puddlemere and the Chudley Cannons would be rather entertaining, though it sounds like the Cannons are doing a bit better. I wonder if they'd be better off taking the entirety of the Gryffindor team straight out of school or something?

Haha, anyway, looking forward to seeing the players develop and hearing more about why Oliver has to do this.

Author's Response: Aaah! I'm literally hugging my laptop right now! A review on every chapter, you'r just too good to be true!

And yes, hopefully Puddlemere will be restored to its former glory by the end of it all, but I'm not making any promises :P

A match between Chudley Cannons and Puddlemere is actually on the cards, so stay tuned for that.

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Review #13, by Cal585Puddlemere United: Chapter 1.

26th May 2013:
Just stumbled upon this as I'm looking for inspiration for my Quidditch story. Usually I read things quickly and don't do much in the way of reviews so I thought I'd take this slowly and comment on each chapter as I read it.

So I just wanted to say that I think this is a really cool idea for a story! You've definitely managed to grab my interest. The story so far has flowed well and I loved the small references like to The Beetle. It has a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing where you take it!

Author's Response: Glad I could help with the old inspiration ;)

Yes, I couldn't resist adding in a little Rita Skeeter, she's just always intrigued me for unknown reasons!

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #14, by Cal585A Hero's Wand: Birthday Gifts

3rd May 2012:
Nice story! I liked the family atmosphere and was dreading Ron finding out that he'd only get a 2nd hand wand but thankfully you resolved the issue well :)

One thing that confused me. Ron saw the small, thin box and knew exactly what it was and got all excited about it. But then later realises what it is after receiving Scabbers, implying that he didn't know in the first place? Or am I getting confused and the box was one of the other presents? Or did he think the box contained a new wand? Was just a little unsure on that point, but otherwise a really good story!

Author's Response: Aww, glad you liked it. And that is actually a good point as I was a little iffy myself while writing it to tell you the truth. ;D Lol. I guess its that when he first sees it, he knows that he will be getting a wand that day, just not that it would be Charlie's until he opens it. Like maybe it would be a new wand, or an empty box where he could put his new wand? I think that makes better sense. Lol :D Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Cal585It's Not Unusual: It's Still Not Unusual

25th April 2012:
Haha, nice. Very nice. I saw your status over on the forums and had to come over and check for myself. I must say I was not disappointed. Quite an entertaining read :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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Review #16, by Cal585Hearts and Arrows: Hearts and Arrows

1st November 2011:
Hey, I just found this through the challenges and I wanted to tell you how much I absolutely loved it! It was entertaining, I felt the emotions and it was something new and interesting and short enough to read in one go. Absolutely brilliant! :)

Author's Response: Hi, Cal!

Thanks so much for not only reading, but also taking the time to review and recommend. It means a lot because I'm quite proud of this story and it's so nice to know others are enjoying it too.

Sophie x

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Review #17, by Cal585Ashen Petals: Chosen

30th October 2011:
Heya Sevvy, great to see you writing again! Nice short piece! Your descriptions were good and the burning of the flower rather symbolic. I liked how you described the transition through the colours. Now that you're writing again, I look forward to seeing more from you soon!

Author's Response: Hey Cally,

Thanks for stopping by. :) You're the first reviewer just like I was the first at your fic. :P Which reminds me to go review yours sometime. Thanks for leaving a review, and I will definitely write some more in the near future.

Lots of hugs for Calkins,
~ Sevvy
*offers flowers*

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Review #18, by Cal585Lying Josephine: Promises, Promises

3rd March 2011:
So I had some free time and decided to read this, as I said I would. I hope you'll forgive me though, as I'm not much of a reviewer. I must say her lack of speech was definitely an interesting point, one that I'm not sure what I think about it. I noticed it more in the conversation with Fred where she only replies mentally and I felt a little frustrated that she never responded verbally. I suppose maybe I'm worried about her because she could communicate to Fred non-verbally but now that he's gone I don't how she'll cope. I must say though that it was very emotive. Fred's funeral was very well portrayed. Kepp it up! :)

Author's Response: Cal! ^.^ You're so timely! You say you'll review, and boom! You do! I'm so slow at reviewing, so I'll switch this around and ask for your forgiveness about the fact that it might take me a while to get to yours!

I'm glad Josephine's conversational flaws are intriguing, even if a bit frustrating at times. I mean, it is a bit frustrating! She won't talk! And the poor thing, I worry about her, too. But part of life is learning to adjust to the circumstances, and if you stick around, you'll see how Jo does! ;-) I'm really glad that the funeral scene stuck out, as it was a difficult and emotion scene to write, so it's wonderful to hear that the it's affecting the readers the way it was intentioned to! Thank you for the review, Cal; it's truly appreciated! And I'll be seeing you over at your story sometime soon as well, yeah?? ^.^

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Review #19, by Cal585Shaping Up With A Marauder: Much Ado About Nothing

28th September 2010:
Hey Tinny,
I've gotta say, it's not a half bad story you've got here. Glad to see Remus getting a bit of character development as I often feel he is pushed out of Marauder fics by James and Sirius who take up all the limelight. And I did enjoy the Levifold reference. It's been a while since I read that book.
Anyway, anticipating the next chapter!

Author's Response: Cal! ^_^

Finally, eh? Haha. I'm so happy that you think this isn't rubbish. This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction and I was a little nervous on how I'd be able to pull this off (still am, actually :P) but your kind comments really made my day! Woo! I think you're the first guy to review this story actually, so congratulations! And I'm glad you didn't cringe with all the girly drama. Or did you? *eyes narrow* :P

Ahhh. Remus. As I was writing this, I did want Remus and Peter (and Snape, for that matter, but he won't be on until the later chapters) to have exposure as well, because, as you said, a lot of the Marauder stories out there tend to leave these characters out - something that I'm not really comfortable with, you know? As much as possible, I want this story to stick to canon, and to leave out those two just because they are not as glamorous would just be silly. And I'm happy to see that you noticed my effort to include Remus on this. Thank you, Cal!

I must say, I haven't heard of that book you were referring to. Haha. The Lethifolds that were mentioned on this chapter were actually creatures that I read from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The descriptions I included, the digesting the body etc., were taken from the book too. I was just so fascinated with them that I had to include them here. Maybe you could tell me more about that book you were talking about? It sounds interesting.

Anticipating the next chapter? Woo! I'll try my best not to disappoint.

Thank you, Cal! You really made me smile! I'll see you around, my friend! ^_^

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Review #20, by Cal585Never Say Never: Chapter 1

13th August 2010:
This looks promising, it's pretty good so far. Will be keeping an eye on it to see where you go from here.

Author's Response: Thanks =] hope i can keep it interesting!!

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Review #21, by Cal585Healing: One Step Forward...

20th July 2010:
I've been checking for an update every day or two and now that you've finally provided one, I can sincerely say it was worth the wait. It's such a beautiful chapter, so full of emotion and character development I loved it! I would compliment you on particular areas, but really it's a great chapter in its entirety (though I'm always glad to see Harry+Ginny interaction).
Thanks for updating and I can't wait for your next installment!

Author's Response: I can't believe you kept checking all that time! That makes me feel so honored! Thank you!

This chapter was kind of mammoth, wasn't it. I had to cram a ton in there to make up for such a long wait. Glad you liked it and weren't overloaded.

I like Harry/Ginny interaction very much. I think they are perfect together. There will be more, promise. They're just taking things rather slowly. :)

Thanks for reading!

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