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Review #1, by NextBigThingThe Human Factor : The One With The Quidditch Match

30th July 2012:
Gah finally!!
Thanks for updating! This is sooo what I needed. Really nice imagery and I particularly enjoyed Pip and Albus' interactions at the end. It's interesting to see that he was there when she fell apart.

Author's Response: Hey:) That's made my day! I see my writing as something silly but I'm glad you it was what you needed:) I'm just amazed that you like my writing. And thanks, I adore writing imagery. And thanks, I had a lot of fun writing them together from a different aspect, they did argue, but I felt the scene had a softer edge. And yep:) Now is just the question is will he be there when she wakes up or gone. Who knows with Albus! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! Xxx

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Review #2, by NextBigThingClash: Move

14th July 2012:
Don't judge me. That's my disclaimer.
Every time I read this chapter the lines 'Your stare was holding', ripped jeans skin was showin' run through my head. From Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe. I know. But it always makes me think of James covered in paint and all concert-y and hot and oh my god, i'm actually obsessed with a fictional character someone should commit me. But yeah. This is a classy story. You should probably update and help me feed my addiction. K bye! Also I think the whole Quidditch bro thing is hilarious and very clever!

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Review #3, by NextBigThingThe Human Factor : The One Where Scorpius Is A Sad Panda

28th June 2012:
I was just a carousel of emotions spinning most recklessly.

want to hear a story? okay, so when I was six years old, I went to our local carnival with my family. I wanted to go on the carousel because obviously, i was six and who didn't want to go on carousels at that age? Anyways, I got on and the ride started and instantly I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to cry, or get off, but i didn't. I kept going around and around, all the time hating that I enjoyed the ride. I just remember not knowing where the ride was going because everything was a blur, and that when the ride finally stopped, i asked my mom if i could go again.
that, i think, is Pippa and Albus in a nutshell. Pip hates the arguing and the psychological insanity. she hates the ride. but she'll keep going around and around and around and around because for some reason she loves it, too. I have no idea what albus (bless his messed-up soul) is doing this for but i imagine it's for the same reason: he can't tear himself away.
That might just be me crazily speculating, and sorry if that's totally inaccurate, but it's what i think!
Again: I love Albus. Seriously. If him and Pippa aren't making out by the end of the next 2 chapters i'll throw something. not really, because i realize these things take time, but COME ON.
I should explain. I love Albus because there's clearly something so much MORE underneath his exterior and i'm begging to find out. On my knees. Puppy dog pouting.
Please update!! For me? Tis' my birthday today!

Author's Response: Hey Lulu :) I'm glad you liked that line :) It's a personal favourite of mine. And yes, I love stories. And wow, you've sort of hit the nail on the head. The ride is neither pleasant or enjoyable, yet they are not ready to get off yet. It's giving them something that they don't understand, it interests them and plus, both hate to lose. Haha, nah! I love hearing these sort of things, I always love to hear the readers point of view! I'm glad you love Albus and haha, I can't quite promise that ;) And yes, there is something lurking behind that frown :) I'm working on an update, it should come out soon and I hope you had a great birthday! Thanks so much for the review, it's been really interesting to read and I hope you have a great day:) xx

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Review #4, by NextBigThingThe Scientist: nobody said it was easy.

19th June 2012:
Okay sorry. I like this story. It's awesome! Lily and James are my favorite couple to write about (shameless plug, anyone?) and to read about. I think you made their romance extremely believable.

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Review #5, by NextBigThingDéjà Vu: Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

9th February 2012:
Pff. Finally.
Which is in reference to both Sarah and James, and to the fact that you FINALLY UPDATED LIKE I'VE BEEN BEGGING FOR MONTHS

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Review #6, by NextBigThingAnd All That Jazz: Rumors, Hypocrisy, And All That Jazz

23rd January 2012:
"I hope you're happy. I hope you're happy now." (I hope you're happy how you've hurt your cause forever, I hope you think you're clever!)
AND omigosh sorry for being a freak but it totally fits The Slutty One, because it says 'I hope you're proud how you would grovel in submission to feed your own ambition' and that's what she does at first with Jett!
I probably 100% over-analyzed that but it IS perfect :)
You rock. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Haha, you're not a freak! Good job with the quote, totally not over-analyzing at all. I'm so glad that at least one person picks up my attempts at cleverness :)

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Review #7, by NextBigThingThe Human Factor : The One With The Sleepover

22nd January 2012:
I've read this like 8 times.
I love this story. You, my friend, are an ace author.
And can I say? I want Pippa and Albus together so bad it's insane. I honestly think the only way they'll get better is with eachother. You watch Grey's Anatomy? Okay: Remember the episode where Alex had to look after the sextuplets? Two of them were doing very poorly health-wise and he thought they were lonely, so he put one of them in bed with the other. It turned out that being with another person can help so many things, and the babies turned out okay. I think Pippa and Albus just need to be wierd and twisty together (not necessarily like, TOGETHER together, just...together) and they'll start to get better.
Also update.
K sorry for this weirdness!
xoxo Lulu

Author's Response: WOW. seriously? just wow. I'm so glad you like the story and wow, thank you! Haha, yes, I want them together but only naturally, some things still have to happen yet storywise that i am so excited for! Yes. That is totally true. And that episode was so sweet, clever alex! sometimes it helps when someone is just physically there doesn't it? Haha, yes, they'd be quite the pair :) And I'm working on the next chapter, i'm having a lot of fun writing it so far. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day. xx

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Review #8, by NextBigThingWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentytwo – Stone.

20th January 2012:
Aw man. Shit just got REAL.
So exciting!
Wait i'm confused why is he running away??
Why can't Ariadne ever get a break? Poor girl's always having things like this happen to her! Unfair.
Make me happy and make her happy, okay?

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Review #9, by NextBigThingThe Anatomy of a Bromance: (OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS)

19th January 2012:
Yes, this was lovely, but--
Wait--let me squee a minute: SERIOUSLY. so cute--gah! dying. you, my friend, have a talent for writing things like this! Wah so cute! Could you do one with ron? bah adorbs :)
K done. So here's the thing...
anyways, twas a nice story, but i miss Artemis so PLEASE update!!

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Review #10, by NextBigThingBreathless: Six Years, Three Months, and Four Days Later

4th January 2012:
I think people are being supremely unfair to you. You're the author and you make the decision you want to make, and chances are (I'm assuming this because you're an ace author) the story will be much better for it.
That being said, this was an annoying chapter and makes me annoyed because now I want to know what happens so bad it's killing me.
And yeah.
xoxo Lulu

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Review #11, by NextBigThingTo Be Human: II

27th December 2011:
I love Albus.
That's sort of a weird thing to say because he's clearly totally messed up in every conceivable way, but he's so INTERESTING that I can't help but want to know more about him!
You rock. No, really.
xoxo Lulu

Author's Response: Hey :) You love Albus? Wow. I'm totally not used to hearing that. Haha, I'm glad you find him interesting and yes, he is pretty messed up. And thanks, you do too :) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

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Review #12, by NextBigThingWelcome to the Chase: - Clowns.

21st December 2011:
'a sticker? perhaps a sticker? i do like stickers'- Favorite line, possibly in the entire story. Everytime I read it I giggle like the loon that I am, and my parents think i'm crazy. True life. Anyways, I love this story.
I still don't understand 'Welcome to the Chase'--yes, i'm stupid.
And I think you should Spree Deja Vu.
update :)
xoxo Lulu

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Review #13, by NextBigThingTypical Clueless Guy: The Breakup

22nd November 2011:
Yay! Finally! Now if only van would stop being so dumb and realize that--hello!--hugo very clearly loves her...
Ah well.
You can't have everything in life.
Great chapter!

Author's Response: If only she would. But she is le idiot, so she probably won't. Because she is le idiot.

Maybe we should tie her to a chair and poke her with sticks, trying to poke the 'le-idiot-ness' out of her.

Thank you for reading&reviewing,

Ellie :D

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Review #14, by NextBigThingLet's Pretend: The Return of Connor.

22nd November 2011:
Good job, lulu! you're awesome!

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Review #15, by NextBigThingAnd All That Jazz: Kisses, Mood Swings, And All That Jazz

11th November 2011:
Stop it I love you.
"it's just a noisy hall where there's a nightly brawl, and al that jazz!"
you rock.
day made.
keep updating.

Author's Response: Aw, I love you, too... AND ALL THAT JAZZ! YES! CHICAGO FTW! I've been so dying to put a quote from that song in! Yay!

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Review #16, by NextBigThingLet's Pretend: Of Sirius Black, Amortentia, and Just Say No.

7th November 2011:
Beautiful, dahling.

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Review #17, by NextBigThingDéjà Vu: Thor, PMS-ey Teachers and Forgiveness

30th October 2011:
they're so wonderfully off-kilter. like they're seperate from everyone except eachother. He's sad, she's sad. He's fixed, she's fixed. Win win.

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Review #18, by NextBigThingDéjà Vu: Time, Stars and ‘Panda-who’s?’ Box

30th October 2011:
Lol. I think my conclusion to this chapitre, and all the others, is that you must have been reading the odyssey during this story.

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Review #19, by NextBigThingDéjà Vu: Ice, Hurt and Electric Shocks

30th October 2011:
Oh god, i'm crying. I've read this chapter how many times? and it still manages to get me.
i like sit and dread it.
i get her now, though. she's never really had anyone love her before. she's scared out of her mind, because she honestly doesn't know. i feel like an english teacher. mmkay. byeee.

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Review #20, by NextBigThingDéjà Vu: Pessimistic Poopyheads, Twin Radars, and Dom’s Sandwich of Death

30th October 2011:
Hey, wanna spree this story?

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Review #21, by NextBigThingDéjà Vu: Staring Contests, Quidditch Games, and Bipolar Disorder

30th October 2011:
I personally enjoy Jason. I want to be Ella when I grow up.
Can I just say, this story has become therapy to me? I don't know how it happened but i'm sitting here thinking, 'Oh god, this is just like me and nathan.' and then i go, 'oh wait, no it's not. at ALL. stop thinking that it's more than it is.' and i over him.
so thank you.

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Review #22, by NextBigThingDéjà Vu: Computer-Fights, Bunny Slippers, and Dumbledore’s Sexy Portrait

30th October 2011:
hi. you should spree this story. yeah.
girlfran, yes. it's scary. love is scary. but it's also the best thing that can ever happen to a person.

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Review #23, by NextBigThingWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twenty – Adrenaline.

11th September 2011:
love this story.
ariadne for the win! i enjoyed the quidditch match and i believe you wrote it admirably. hrm. yes. well.

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Review #24, by NextBigThingSpeaking in Rainbow: Frazzled Dark Purple

5th September 2011:
...that is all.

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Review #25, by NextBigThingDéjà Vu: Unicorns, Seething and Mistletoe

19th August 2011:
Sorry. WHAT?
What just happened?
Oh goodness. James + Artemis action at last! You do not know how many brain annyeurisms you've caused me just from reading this story. Everytime I read i'm like, BAM there goes everything I thought would happen!
But still. Favorite story.
I'm so happy it's updated. Hoorah!
xoxo Lulu

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