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Review #1, by TwinklestarDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Vows

3rd November 2013:
Well, you know how much this chapter kept me squealing!! I really liked how Avery was the one to freak out when she's usually the calm one in situations. So amazing part on that :)

This is an incredible idea!! Mr and Mrs Potter! hahaha I can't believe it.

Anyway, your writing always seems to make me go, "wow, she's a great writer!" every time I read something of yours :)



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Review #2, by Twinklestar30 Days of You and Me: Okay

17th October 2013:
You are one amazing writer with some amazing cliffies :)

xx Haley

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Review #3, by TwinklestarHormones: Textbook Weasley Reaction

8th October 2013:
Well, you know how much I love this chapter ;)
Anyway, I love love love Fred's relationship with his Father. The Weasley twins were always one of my favorites in the series and your portray George perfectly. Good job!
Also - OMG HER HOUSE WAS EMPTY. You are so stinking good at the twists. Always the sneaky twists.

xx Haley

Author's Response: Oh, yes, absolutely. I'm sure you can tell by my writing in Keep Away how much I love Fred and George. I was so happy to keep writing them in next gen, though it breaks my heart sometimes.

Thank you - And yes, I'm horribly sneaky. Sometimes it's just mean.

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Review #4, by TwinklestarHormones: Let’s Start at the Beginning

24th March 2012:
Janice, this is so awesome. Omg. I literally love Freddie. The way you wrote him - he is just hilarious and Ryan seems like such a hot-head that you can't help but like :P Amazing job!!

xx Haley

Author's Response: Ohgosh! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I have such a clear vision of Freddie, so I hope everyone likes him. And yes, Ryan is the definition of a spitfire. Could definitely get rocky. Thank you SO much! Hope you like the rest :)

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Review #5, by TwinklestarHide and Seek: He Knows Everything

29th December 2011:
Woah... Go Jane!! I'm so proud of her!

Author's Response: You and me both! I had a "you go girl!" moment! haha. Thanks!

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Review #6, by TwinklestarBreaking the Quidditch Code: Getting Mushy

17th November 2011:

I love how you wrote Ginny and Harry. I could see them PERFECTLY! You are magnificient :)

Anyways, I feel for James ): And then seeing Avery and things just not going how he had hoped and it all being awkward and short and blah. love is poopy, James!!

Rose..she is my favorite right now.

Bink is so funny with his jokes! I want him ;)

HALEY STAR WAS MENTIONED!!! man, I'd love to go on a date with James. Although I'd drool the entire time /: Oh well ;P

update soon! :D

xx Haley

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked Ginny and Harry! I was nervous about writing them when I first started this story, but I really love how they turned out!

I love Rose :)

And Bink :)

AND HALEY STAR. Just saying. Be careful what you wish for.


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Review #7, by TwinklestarBreaking the Quidditch Code: Quit Playing Games (with my Heart)

18th October 2011:
OH NOOO ): i saw this coming, but i cant believe it!! Poor James )': Javery better survive!!

xx Haley

Author's Response: I hope they will. They are both strong-willed and awesome. So cross your fingers!


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Review #8, by TwinklestarBreaking the Quidditch Code: Yolkified

3rd September 2011:
This story can make my day ( and i'm certain many others days ). It always brings a smile to my face. Even if James is going through a lot of problems!

I love the little convo James and Avery had before try-outs. UP UNTIL SHE SAID THEY NEEDED TO TALK ABOUT THEM. Omg, i really didnt like the sound of that.

HOW DARE FREDDIE HAVE MAKE-UP YOU-KNOW-WHAT WITH ABIGIAL. ugh, Fred.I still love him Update asap!!

xx Haley

Author's Response: Poor James. I feel for him. Sometimes. Other times he just brings it upon himself.

Oh, Fred. One day. One day he'll see. Hopefully!

Thank you!

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Review #9, by TwinklestarBreaking the Quidditch Code: Hurting Avery Flynn

27th August 2011:
“If you’re breaking up with Avery I am going to punch you right in the mouth, James.”

Lily is the bomb. No other words can explain her since she is just incredible.

I feel so bad for Avery, but you write it all so realistic! That is why I love your writing and BTQC and H&S. I feel like it's so real most of the time!

Anyways, awesome job :)

Author's Response: I absolutely love Lily. She not only cracks me up, but she's a serious bamf. She doesn't take crap from anyone. Thank you so much!

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Review #10, by TwinklestarHide and Seek: Obliviate.

20th June 2011:
i love uber depressing chapters :)

Anyways, this was amazing. I loved how Oliver ran over as soon as he got that little letter from Jane! Hes a nice man, that man is ;)

Ahhh, Valerie picked Jane!! This makes me happy for Jane :)


xox Haley

Author's Response: They're just so damn SAD. But so amazing. I'm torn. Hide & Seek is much more melodramatic than Keep Away, but I think it works. Don't you?

thank you so much! You're going to like the next few I think.

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Review #11, by TwinklestarHide and Seek: Infatuation with Ice Cream and Idiocy

2nd May 2011:
I really really liked this chapter :) I like how right from the beginning, you show us how Jane is feeling left out being with her friends who are all couples and Oliver is so busy he cant be there for her. And then at the end she tells him about it.

If they break up, i will be SO upset ): theyre meant for each other!!

I want my own ginger too ;) (even though i am one!)

Awesome chapter!

xo haley

Author's Response: Hey there!

Yeah, I totally know what you mean. Jane is really haunted by it. Watching her friends closely. Can you imagine how it will be at Hogwarts? Twice as bad. I'm glad she got it off her chest.

i want a ginger. I want Fred. ;)

Or James. Even though he's not ginger. Let's be real.


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Review #12, by TwinklestarHide and Seek: Hostages

3rd April 2011:
SO glad Geokat is getting on the same page again! I miss them ):

Anywho, great chapter (as always) :D
I can't wait for the next!!

10/10 ;)

Author's Response: I missed them so much :) Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #13, by TwinklestarBreaking the Quidditch Code: Laundry Trouble (and Company)

12th March 2011:
lovin the idea for James' punishment ;) haha such a great idea! ;D

Anyways, I feel so sad how you can tell Freddie and Bink are kind of lost without Jamsie /: They better be fine again!!

Avery is such a doll, I can't help but adore her! :)

Great chapter!!! I can't wait to read the next wth harry! :)

xoxo Haley

Author's Response: I wonder who could have thought that up :) thanks again!! I really like the way it turned out!

I think James is just so overwhelmed he doesn't quite know what to do with himself. Avery, however, has her head on straight. Good girl!

Thanks, Haley!

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Review #14, by TwinklestarSeven Weddings: A Train.

6th March 2011:
I really can't wait for them to be at Hogwarts and for things to REALLY start happening!!
omg, Al Potter! I love him :)


Author's Response: Albus is love. And everyone needs to realize that. Including Natalya. :D

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Review #15, by TwinklestarSeven Weddings: A Dance.

6th March 2011:
I really love this story! Great job:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #16, by TwinklestarSeven Weddings: A Wedding.

23rd February 2011:
I abs. Love this! I love how Rose is so different in this story than from all the stories i've read about her!! great job on that:D
I really can't wait to see where this goes, and I hope you update this real real soon!
My favorite has to be Delia because she reminds me of myself.
Great job!

Author's Response: Delia is great. She's such a mess, but she's so sweet and amazing. :)

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Review #17, by TwinklestarBreaking the Quidditch Code: Not just Broken (Shattered)

15th November 2010:
sajdfhrehgdiofjergfvh vf h grhv ef

I love this! This was such an amazing chapter (: James has finally got it in his head! Javery action !

Aw, Bink talks in his sleep. That can be adorable, but also quite annoying :D

Please please please update soon! I really can't wait for the next chapter (;

Youre amazing.

xoxo Haley ;P

Author's Response: James FINALLY sees the light! Finally. Yes, you're right about dear Bink. But for me ,since I don't live with the bugger, it's quite amusing. I promise to update as soon as possible! Thanks!

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Review #18, by TwinklestarHide and Seek: Raising the Drama

10th November 2010:
SKRJDFJNGFD I love Oliver. He's soo... hot. haha (:
This chapter was so awesome, as usual :P
I'm so happy Oliver got a raise!! Now he can buy Jane many pretty presents (; I want some pretty things. From Oliver. Throw in a word with him? ;D

My favorite dress was definently Alicia's. I have no idea whats going to happen next. You are deff a great writer and sometimes does unexpected things. But good things. (:

Update soon!

Haley xoxo

Author's Response: Hot is an understatement for my favorite Keeper!

I'm so glad you liked the chapter! I knew I wanted Oliver to get a raise because he is such a talented player, plus he needs to be able to hold his own without his parents money. I knew he could do it!

Alicia's dress is my favorite too! Followed closely by Jane's :)

Thank you so much for the review! I'll update as soon as possible!

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Review #19, by TwinklestarInbetween: Hooked on a Feeling

23rd October 2010:
amazing! I really like this so far :D
Update soon? That would make me smile.

Author's Response: Happy to hear you like it, I'll update as soon as possible. :)

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Review #20, by TwinklestarInbetween: Uggo

23rd October 2010:
This is a very good start! It was good, especially with already having a background between James, Sirius, Esperanza and Hope and starting in the middle of it instead of the beginning during the summer.. (:
Amazing job! On to the next one for me(;

Author's Response: Thanks, it means a lot to me that you like it!

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Review #21, by TwinklestarWelcome to the Chase: chapter.ten – Destruction.

20th October 2010:
love love love love love.
I love Rose and Ariadne's friendship (:
Keep up the amazing work!!

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Review #22, by TwinklestarCrimson Darkness: Epilogue

17th October 2010:
i loved this story!
SEQUEL ? (: that would ah-mazing ;D

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Review #23, by TwinklestarBreaking the Quidditch Code: The Friend Zone

11th October 2010:
Aw, I feel for Al! But then I feel for Paloma because Albus is so shy to make a move haha GO AL! MAKE A MOVE ALREADY, BUDDY!!! ... ok sorry (:

I think its so freaking adorable how James is having these weird and unlike thoughts about Avery that he never had before. I also love how James talks about Quidditch and his team mates. It's really like theyre a family. But not... haha. I'm so getting a jersey with Potter on the back. Cool beans.

Uh oh... Freddie and Abigail. I feel bad for Freddie, always being whisked away by her at all times. Shoo! Go away Abigail youre only making his mates (and me) worried about Freddie. He needs his 'his' time. Thank you (:

I loved this chapter a whole bunch, especially the little bit that you told me to keep my eyes open for (; Thank you a whole lot by the way!

Update soon! Thanks (:

by the way, I am so going as Victoria for Halloween. Do you think they have the costume at iparty?

xoxo Haley

Author's Response: Hey Hey!

Al really does. Or Paloma. Paloma should just do something because we know she is the gutsier of the two.

You've totally picked up on James's weird, new thoughts. He is starting to go toward that...liking her, instead of just being attracted to her, which was new to him around December. Loving his progression.

Ah, Freddie and Abigail. Things seem to be going down hill, don't they? And I'm glad you saw my little snippet! Keep your eyes open in chapter 28 too!

Thank you so much!

ps. Check in the back of iparty. They have to have a Victoria costume SOMEWHERE. If not, make one. I'm completely serious ;) Tell Reid to make you one.

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Review #24, by TwinklestarReal Ladies.: Of Owen and Lily.

10th October 2010:
amazing! I really do love this story! Update soon please (: Youre awesome (;

Author's Response: I hate that i'm taking so long to update! Hope you still love it. :)

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Review #25, by TwinklestarDuck and Cover: These Things Move in Threes

2nd October 2010:
Lovely Chapter (: I love Avery/Sirius!

Author's Response: thank you so much :)


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