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Review #26, by dalihaClash: Him

7th February 2015:
There are so many questions in my head right now? What was Harry doing in that shack, and why take Albus? i keep trying to come up with theories but I have no idea what to think. I guess I'll just have to keep reading if I want to find out more.

Besides that I love the way you write, it's so detailed and full of awesome description, I wish I could write like that.

On to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for reading on. THat's SUCH a compliment! Wow...

And I enjoyed your story too. A LOT. Thank you so much for the swap!

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Review #27, by dalihaClash: Her

7th February 2015:
Before I start, I had seen this fic before I even have it on a list of those to read XD I'm so happy to have done the swap with you, I have high hopes for this story too, the premise for it is so original, I'm curious to see what led magic to be eradicated from the world. Was it Rose's fault? Also what killed her parents? I have so many more questions but instead I'll read the next chapter, great job! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter and all your questions will be answered eventually! :)

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Review #28, by dalihaFanged Revolution: Chapter the First

7th February 2015:
This is the first Vampire fic I read, I love the idea and I'm happy to have stumbled here (I saw one of your post on the forums and clicked the link to your author's page.) The only thing I would probably pick a is that it's missing some more description but other than that this is an awesome premise for a story.

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Review #29, by dalihaFull of Grace: It's Better This Way.

4th February 2015:
Wow, I usual don't like songfics but this brought such joy and sadness to my heart. To see Molly struggle over Fred's death has always saddened me but to see her able to see hope in the end, to see her family with her. I can't even explain what I feel right now, I'm so happy to been able to review your story.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for reviewing this. It means a lot - especially since you don't usually like songfics!

I'm glad I set the right tone for the story including the sadness and a little bit of hope :)

♥ Beth

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Review #30, by dalihaAmaranthine: a lifetime that passed by

4th February 2015:
Your portrayal of Lily and James's relationship is so realistic, I can only imagine what it's like to be cooped up for such a long time, but you wrote it as if you had experienced it. Your descriptions were probably my favorite part also the way you portrayed Lily is what is I imagined her to be :) I'm so happy I stumbled onto this fic.

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Review #31, by dalihaCarpe Aestatem: I Reckon

2nd February 2015:
I loved your portrayal of the Marauders! It was unique, usually everyone make Sirius a playboy, I've never seen anyone write him as a gay character but strangely I can see that happening. Anyway I really enjoy your story and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really love writing the Marauders, even though I don't get round it it half as often as I should. I can't say I've ever read a story of Sirius being a playboy, even though I know there are plenty of them (the concept just doesn't interest me) but he's always been gay in my head. Thanks for the review!

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Review #32, by dalihaOlivia: Four Scenes

1st February 2015:
Whoa I wonder what's really going on? Is Rabstan involved? I think Olivia might be related to him, or maybe her family was friends with him? I don't know but I loved it, it kept me hook from beginning to end, but who's after them? What happened to Bella? So many questions but I happy to to have so many questions, it means you did a good job at keeping me interested, I guess I'll have to read more of your work to see if I can find answers :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Hm, I wonder too ;) Your questions will be answered in time, I promise. Great theories...

Thanks so much! I'm so happy I kept you hooked and guessing. Well I'm sure you guessed that Bella was killed. It broke my heart :(

Thanks so much for the lovely review! :D


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Review #33, by dalihaDevlin Potter: Convergence Riddles: Something New

30th September 2014:
Hello here for the swap! I haven't read your first novel so I was sort of lost here, so my review may not be as through as some of the others you've received.

I just wanted to say it's an interesting first chapter, Devlin Potter isn't a normal boy, the part of him growing up was very well done.

I also enjoyed the part with the wands very much, I also like how you've included all of the children and their different reactions.

The sorting was also well done and gave me chills, how he fears Voldemort yet he calls him Grandfather, it's strange but I'll have to read the first novel to understand whats going on.

I will go and read the first novel tomorrow. Now I've gotta get to bed, but I'll be back (as I am curious to see what going on.)

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Review #34, by dalihaDeath Eaters: Death Eaters

29th September 2014:
This is the first time I read flash fiction and I quite enjoyed it. All of them were awesome but my favorite was Rabastan's story, how cruel were his words about Emmeline Vance, how could another human think like that of another, then again these Death Eaters were all twisted. i also enjoyed Evan Rosier's story as well, how the cruelty was too much yet he wanted to please the dark lord, the hold that man had over these people is ridiculous! Anyway I just wanted you to know I really like these and good luck with the challenge :)

Author's Response: Thanks so so much for the review. I'll be on my way to reviewing one of yours soon! I've been busy, but I should be over to your Author's Page soon! Thanks!


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Review #35, by dalihaThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: The Spice of Life

25th September 2014:
Loved it! I love the way you describe the dances and what goes on in Audrey's mind as she dances, and as I've always said I love the interaction between her and Percy, great job!

I especially loved the last few lines, they made me smile.

Author's Response: HellO!

Thanks so much for stopping by again, you're way too sweet to me! I got into a little trouble with the dancing this time round and I'll have to go in and make some edits but this was one of my favorite chapters to write. :D

I hope you stick around for the next chapter!

Much love,


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Review #36, by dalihaA Time of Heartache and Healing: Failure

25th September 2014:
Your take on how Molly would feel after the war is more than well done it's fantastic! My grandmother lost a child and the way you describe Molly's feelings is the same way my grandmother often describes her own, she too often looked at someone to blame only to feel that it was all her fault. The interaction between Molly and Arthur is in character, I feel so bad for Molly when Arthur tells her to visit her brother, he's only doing to get her out of the house and not to make her feel bad, he too is dealing with the pain his own way.

Anyway before I ramble on great fic, and it was brave of you to take such and sad moment and write about it. (I have so much trouble characterizing Molly and Arthur it's not even funny)


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Review #37, by dalihaUpping The Ante: Save A Broom

23rd September 2014:
You have a lovely fic here , I skipped the first chapter because it had so many reviews already, I love Alexandra she seems like a fun character and I've never read about a female beater before so that interesting, I also love how you characterize Sirius, he's playful but not a dog. And Amos Diggory seems pretty charming (I guess that's where Cedric got it from.) Also you had me laughing every time the save a broom line came up. I'm putting this on my to read list :)

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thanks for the wonderful review! And thanks for reviewing the second chapter! I'm glad you liked it!

Lo :)

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Review #38, by dalihaLumiére: Lumiére

18th September 2014:
Wow this is a very powerful and bittersweet piece. I mean if Teddy was so in love with Rose why leave and marry Victoire only to still long for Rose. I love the description of Teddy's feelings and the way he felt when Rose was around, how he miss her. I can't believe he's moving too, away from Rose!

But I love the last few lines about him hoping she could find happiness with another man, it makes me think that despite that he loves her he wants the best for her even if it's not with him.

Beautiful piece, I'm glad I decided to read it.

Author's Response: Hello!

Ugh, thank you! I'm so glad to hear you thought it was bittersweet, because that's exactly what I was going for with this story.
In this story, which I may not have portrayed well enough, Teddy and Rose has some difficulties with their age difference, and it isn't very acceptable by their social circle.

Teddy truly loves her, and he only wants the best for her. It hurt a little, even for me, to make him think that way. I don't know why.

I'm so glad you liked it.

- Lostmyheart

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Review #39, by dalihaThe Persistence of Memory: Periphery

18th September 2014:
It's been a while since I've read a story about the Longbottoms, I'm happy to see Frank and Alice out of St.Mungo's (if only it were canon) I love how you described Frank's days at the office especially with the sort of flashback he had of Voldemort for a moment, I imagine many Aurors go through it. Also that little mention of Neville visiting warmed my heart, they all deserve a chance at a normal life.

Author's Response: There aren't as many stories about the Longbottoms, that's for sure! I'm really glad you liked this first chapter and Frank's days at the office. You're probably right that many Aurors go through that after the life they led in the war! Thanks so much for your review. :)

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Review #40, by dalihaTraitorous Hearts: An Unwelcome Visitor

17th September 2014:
Chilling chapter, I wonder what was the secret Lavinia Greengrass spoke of in the begin? How did she die? Why are the Greengrasses under investigation by the Dark Lord? besides my questions I loved this chapter the description was very well done, and you nailed Draco Malofy's personality, and I loved Astoria as well. this story most definitely deserve more reviews than what it has.

Author's Response: So glad to have chilled you! Thanks.

Those are all good questions. Astoria certainly wants to know the answers. Perhaps she'll find out ;)

I am so excited that you think I nailed Draco's personality! Thank you! I tried really hard to capture his voice and describe him the right way, and I'm so glad that you think that it worked!

Thank you! Hopefully more people will stumble across it with time (that's always the hope, isn't it?) I'm really glad you think so, and I'm super grateful to everyone who has read and reviewed so far!

Thanks so much for swapping with me! It was fun!


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Review #41, by dalihaLife As We Know It: chapter one

16th September 2014:
Dramione isn't my usual cup of tea but this fic makes an exception this first chapter was well written you kept all the characters in character, I just wonder how are you going to get these two opposites together, for that I'll read on, this is definitely on my reading list, thank you for letting me read this and thank you for the swap :)

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Review #42, by dalihaTime, Space, and Blunt Force Trauma: for old times' sake.

16th September 2014:
I love the first part of this fic as much as the second, the first part I like how you describe Sirius's boredom rather than just tell us that he is bored, heck his routine was starting to bore me until you got to Remus alerting him of what was happening in the Department of Mysteries, my god after that I didn't want to read because I knew what was coming next. Anyway this is the most interesting death scene I've ever read, I like how you gave us one last good memory before his parting. Wonderful job you should be proud of this one-shot

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for the lovely swap, and for this wonderful review. :) I think you've pretty much got the point of this story. Sirius's boredom on his last day of life, and how all that rapidly escalates into the skirmish and his very sudden death. I did stretch out the death moment very lengthily indeed. I'm glad you thought it was an interesting death scene! I feel a bit sorry for Sirius. I am indeed quite happy with this one-shot; this is one of my current favourite one-shots that I've written.

Thank you, lovely! ♥


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Review #43, by dalihaOut of order: Bad Guy

16th September 2014:
I enjoyed this one-shot about Mundungus, makes me think twice about judging him. I especially enjoyed the chase scene, it was very well written, I felt like I was running right beside him and you even got his way of speaking down too (something I couldn't do for the life of me!) Good Job!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Making you think about whether his actions might not be so black and white was certainly the point of this. And I studied his speech patterns in order to write this actually haha. Thank you for the swap!

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Review #44, by dalihaObsession: Obsession

16th September 2014:
I loved your characterization of Pansy, it was spot on and fabulous. I love the words you used to describe her rage about Draco leaving her for Astoria it was also spot on to someone who obsesses over someone else, everything about this fic was amazing I'm glad I stumbled upon your page :)

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Review #45, by dalihaNym: Into Focus

14th September 2014:
Months later, his whole world collapses again.

After that line you broke my heart, heck I could barely finish the fic once I knew that well Tonks dies, poor Charlie to lose two people in one day. I love the way you explored his feelings at the wedding and such it was lovely but heart-breaking all the same. Oh Congrats on placing in the challenge :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a kind review :)

I wanted to explore Charlie's character a bit more because of the Weasley family he's the person we know least about in canon.

I'm really grateful for your feedback!

Emma x

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Review #46, by dalihaThe Ides of March: A star riding through clouds.

14th September 2014:
Wow, founders isn't really my cup of tea, but I wanted to read this fic anyway, my God it's beautiful, the way you described their encounter it had me at the edge of my seat for a moment I thought Eleanor would be mean to Helena but quite the contrary, this is bittersweet since Hlena brings up the religious elements a lot, like she feels guilty for loving Eleanor but all in all I loved this first chapter. Thank you for the swap :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked it anyway as it means a lot to me as I know a lot of people are quite sceptical when it comes to the Founders era. I really loved exploring the religious element of this story too as it was fun to have a new take on it so it's great that you liked it as well! Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #47, by dalihaThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: Bitter Conversations

13th September 2014:
I love this story I can't believe I forgot to favorite it! I love love Percy and Audrey's interactions they are so opposite sometimes yet there are things that bring them together (like reading), I also loved the reaction Percy had to the TV it was soo cute! Again your characterization of Percy is spot on, I can't wait to see them together again.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by so quickly with a lovely review! I think the main thing that I love writing about Percy and Audrey is the fact that they're so different, yet can connect on some powerful levels. Their equal loneliness and pain make it really challenging for me sometimes but I absolutely adore writing them. Bwhahaha, Percy's reaction to the TV was my favorite part of this chapter, it was so hilarious!

Thanks for the review, I'm going to put the next chapter into the queue today so hopefully you'll be seeing them again soon!

Much love,


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Review #48, by dalihaThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: A Bad Taste

8th September 2014:
Review Swap!!! Sorry I didn't do it sooner, I was reading this lovely fic, so on to the review:

Audrey's a muggle! I'm loving this already, through out this chapter I enjoyed your characterization of Percy Weasley, it's one of my favorites already, I loved Audrey too to think they're so different so I'm dying to see how they'll get together :) I enojoyed this a lot and I hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by with this awesome swap, I'll get to yours shortly! Yes, Audrey's not a witch! I hadn't thought of her as one for some reason and I'm not sure if there are strip clubs in the Wizarding world so that also didn't help. Hahah. Thank you so much for enjoying Percy, I was really worried about how I'd depicted him.

I hope that I'll be able to get the next few chapters up soon. I'm still editing them and fixing little problems here and there so perhaps we'll see each other again soon!

Thanks a lot!

Much love,


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Review #49, by dalihalow tide: a meditation

5th September 2014:
It's a short one shot but it's very powerful. For a moment i could hear the ocean myself, the way you describe it all it's beautifully done. My favorite part was this:

Like living breath, the waves break and recede, life gives and takes. The tide persists, a cycle; the rotting seaweed returns to the sand. And so the wheel turns.

It reminds of the circle of life theme lion king has.

I'd give this a ten out of ten.

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for your kind review! It means a lot to hear that this was powerful and that the descriptions were that vivid, thank you!

I never thought about it in terms of the Lion King haha, but I do love that movie and you're right it is a very similar message.

Thank you so much!

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Review #50, by dalihaCan't You See?: Alright, Alright

3rd September 2014:
wow, you had me hooked from beginning to end. i feel so bad for Emmeline , I mean to be in love with some one who's views are so different from your own, especially in such circumstances. I like how in such little space you show her relationship with her friends and the evolution of her relationship with Rabstan.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the kind review! It was lovely to have this little surprise waiting for me


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