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Review #26, by dobbyismyhero22Flatline: Flatline.

9th January 2012:
Was it sad? Did you really even need to ask that? CRYING MY EYES OUT OVER HERE. Honestly, it was so brilliant and it's my new favorite one-shot on this site, and that's saying a lot! :D

Author's Response: Ohmygod are you cereal? That is amazing! Thank you so much!

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Review #27, by dobbyismyhero22Turning the Tables: Now This Looks Like a Job for Me

14th October 2011:
HI! :D Great (but frustrating) chapter!


Tyson and Chaise are right, Dom and Coco are wrong. It's as simple as that (:


However, sometimes I think about how I would feel if I was in her position, and I know I'd be just as pissed as her. Because these are like her best friends and their supposed to support her through everything even is she is wrong. But they're not supporting her, they're telling her she was wrong and the truth hurts.

So yes, I agree and disagree with you at the same time... if that makes sense. But let's just hope this all gets resolved... eh?

Thank you for your amazing reviews as usual!


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Review #28, by dobbyismyhero22Beauty Queen: Quitting is Always an Option

3rd October 2011:
Claps for Rebecca for having another fantastic chapter.

I like Scorpius already, but I'm surprised that he's captain. Not that that's a bad thing...just surprising. Is Al in this story at all or did I just miss him? I feel like there's a lot of awkward chemistry between James and Nata and I like that. In a way, it's kind of sweet, but not really...I don't even know what I'm saying right now, but yeah.

ANYWAYS, great chapter. :D

Author's Response: Aw thank you :)

I'm glad you like Scorpius! I made him captain, because I knew people wouldn't expect it. I'm trying to make all of the characters different from what anyone would expect. So I thought Scorpius being Gryffindor captain would be a surprise :)

Al will come into the story eventually, he was not mentioned in this chapter so don't worry you didn't miss him! I have my own separate plan for him!

And yes, the awkward chemistry is fun for me to write! And don't worry about knowing what you're saying, I don't know what I'm saying have the time either, so it don't matter.

Thank you for reviewing! I'm so happy you liked the chapter :DDD

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Review #29, by dobbyismyhero2215 ways to (Not) fall in Love with your Best Friend: Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

23rd September 2011:
Brilliant chapter! This story is great! I wish you updated more though :/

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm about halfway through chapter four. I'll try and post it as soon as possible (:

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Review #30, by dobbyismyhero22Turning the Tables: Been a Long Time Since I Came Around

21st September 2011:

I love the fact that Wyatt sat with Roxy. I hope they get together cause I think they'd be adorable together. Coco definitely needs to get over her fear of going back into the Great Hall even though I can kind of understand it. SHE SHOULD HAVE TOLD MCGONAGALL! Then again, I don't know if I would have. And she totally overreacted with the whole Chaise thing. He should be allowed to make his own friends.

I think that's one of the things I love about Coco. Even though she can be so completely frustrating at times, she's real also, because she does exactly what she shouldn't do or reacts in bad ways which is how a real teenager would act. She doesn't do everything perfectly and this story isn't a huge cliche. It's REAL. And it's incredible (:

Please update this or Beauty Queen as soon as possible because they are both fantastic and they make my day when you update! :D

Author's Response: Your reviews literally never fail to make me feel ten times better! You should be like... an inspirational coach as a job :)

I like that Roxy sat with Wyatt too. It was something I had fun writing. Who knows if they'll ever get together though. And I agree with you, Coco definitely needs to get over her fear & she should've told McGonagall. She's just very annoying at the moment. But I've got something planned that will kick her into shape.

I have to say that I am in a similar boat with one of my friends that Corinne is in with Chaise, and I definitely feel like Corinne is justified in being angry, but that's probably my own personal feelings.

Ah I'm so flattered by your feelings about Coco! Like that's literally the most beautiful compliment I've ever gotten, seriously. I feel like this story is one big cliche half of the time, so I'm happy you don't feel that way.

I will definitely update one of my stories soon, I'll probably update Beauty Queen on Friday when I have time!

Thank you for your amazing review :)

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Review #31, by dobbyismyhero22Beauty Queen: Arriving at Hogwarts

14th September 2011:
Loved it as usual! Especially Gryffin and Molly. They are hilarious! Did this Nate guy die or something? I'm really interested in hearing more about that. And I did not picture Lily like that at all! I guess it works with the story, but I found her incredibly annoying and all the pink would make me gag. I'm pumped to find out more about James' shyness or lonerness I guess too! Please, please update soon (:

Author's Response: Aw thank you :)

I love Gryffin and Molly too! They happen to be my two favorite characters so far.

I will not tell you about Nate, since it's going to be a major plot of the story (if you couldn't already tell) and I don't want to spoil anything for you.

I've always pictured Lily as being the annoying little sister in stories, which is why I made her that way. But I will say that I made her annoying on purpose :)

You will definitely find out more about James in the next chapter (even though I haven't written it yet) so hopefully some of your questions are answered.

Thank you for your amazing reviews!

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Review #32, by dobbyismyhero22The Middle: Self-Depreciation Is My Specialty

14th September 2011:
This story is absolutely brilliant! I can't wait for the next update! :D 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! And don't worry, I'm already working on the next chapter!
-Camila :)

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Review #33, by dobbyismyhero22Turning the Tables: Don't Let Them Say You Ain't Beautiful

8th September 2011:
I just realized that I forgot to review this chapter! I read it early in the morning before school and I didn't have time to review so I just told myself that I'd do it when I got home, but I forgot so here's me doing it now! ;D

I absolutely LOVED it. As usual. I don't think I've read a chapter by you that I haven't loved, but this one I especially loved because it was just brilliant.

Coco's insane because it's so obvious that James had nothing to do with it (I think...I'm guessing it was Freddy that helped Madison and the other girl out that I'm blanking on the name of even though I know it starts with an E...). I love Wyatt. He's like the most awesome person ever...well, next to Roxy because come on, that was pretty darn awesome of her to reach out to Coco. I expected the guys to react the way they did because I'd know they'd be sweet and amazing about it because they are so sweet and amazing!

I can't wait for the next chappie! What are you updating first, this or Beauty Queen? I'm pumped for either! :D 10/10

Author's Response: Ah, it doesn't matter that you forgot to review. Even reading and liking the chapter is enough for me. I'm happy though that you took the time to leave one even after you forgot. That makes me super happy.

I'm really happy you liked this chapter! It was so much fun to write so it's good to know I'm not the only one.

Coco might be insane, but she might not. I mean there is a possibility that James had something to do with it. It does make sense doesn't it? Him and Freddy were the one that took the picture of her back in second year, so he could've given it to Madison, and he might've been helping her figure out how to do it seeing as they are friends. But it's nothing for certain.

I'm glad you like Wyatt. I'm really starting to like him too. And I love Roxy, it was so fun to write her! I thought it'd be obvious that the guys would, of course, be amazing about the whole thing to Coco, but I thought it was important that Coco know that they actually liked her for HER too :)

I'm going to update Beauty Queen first, because I already have the next chapter written out for it, so I'll put it in the queue tomorrow and then I'll update this story! I'm happy you like both of the stories and I hope that's not too long a wait!

Thank you :)

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Review #34, by dobbyismyhero22Beauty Queen: The Aftermath

2nd September 2011:
It was incredible! Don't be down on your work cause it's amazing! I pretty much expected her reaction, and once again, I'd like to reiterate the fact that I don't like her. She's mean! And I liked her talk with Dom, they have such a great friendshop! And I really liked the sorting too (:

I'm totally pumped for the next chapter! Will she be going to Hogwarts finally? I hope everything gets better with your family stuff! 10/10

Author's Response: Ah thank you :) You never fail to make me feel loads better about my writing. I guess I was just feeling kind of cruddy about this chapter because I had to kind of force it out, but I'm really happy you liked it.

Aha and yeah, Nata's mum is mean, but I don't think she means to be. Maybe she's just a bit misunderstood,yeah? I'm glad you like Dom. Although sometimes Dom reminds me a lot of Natasha's mum, but that might just be me.

Next chapter is already written and it's over 8000 words (woah!) so it'll be a big one. She will arrive at Hogwarts in the next chapter. Thank you so much for reviewing!


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Review #35, by dobbyismyhero22Breathless: Ten Million Fireflies.

2nd September 2011:

that's all my brain can think at the moment. fantastic job.

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Review #36, by dobbyismyhero22Turning the Tables: You Can Take Everything I Have

23rd August 2011:

deep breath.

holy crap. i'm flipping. i knew it was going to be something of that sort, and you did a great job with it. i love dom being vulnerable, it shows a new side to her. i feel terrible for her. poor dommy! and i liked the talk with james. i'm happy that he actually feels bad about what he did...because he definitely should feel bad! and didn't you say it was rose and AIDAN in the broom cupboard, not oliver? maybe i'm blanking, but i didn't think it said oliver. and obviously tyson's confused because he thought that scorpius like rose or something like that.


Author's Response: I HATE THEM TOO! They're total cows and need to get a reality check, but sadly there are people like that in the world.

I'm happy you think I did a good job with ti! I was worried it'd come out a bit too dramatic and put people off but I'm happy that didn't happen!

Dom being vulnerable was fun for me to write. She definitely needed to show that she had doubts, because she will have a lot to face later on in the story.

The talk with James took me a while to write and actually like because I didn't want it to be forced. It's good he feels bad, but he has a lot of stuff to make up for before Coco would ever forgive him.

And yeah I made a bit of a slip up. I originally had Rose and Oliver in the broom cupboard when I wrote the chapter, but then I changed it to Aidan and I forgot XD. Sorry for the confusion. You might be right about Tyson though ;)

I'm thinking about updating this story again instead of my other one because I already have the next chapter written, but I'm not quite sure yet. I'll decide tomorrow which story I'm submitting.

Thank you for reviewing and being so amazing :)

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Review #37, by dobbyismyhero22Beauty Queen: What Do You Want?

21st August 2011:
FINALLY! she stands up for herself! I'm so proud! (:

I felt so bad for Dom! I. HATE. FLEUR. And I was expecting Nata's mom's reaction. I knew she'd be a stupid bi--...cow. STUPID COW.

This whole chapter was brilliant. I absolutely loved it as always :D

Author's Response: Yes she did stand up for herself! I'm proud of her too, but we'll see how Nata feels in the next chapter, she might not feel so proud :)

I feel bad for Dom too. Fleur is a nightmare as a mother, and it's gotta be hard to grow up with a mum like that.

Nata's mum is a cow.. but she's just doing what she thinks is best.

I'm so so happy you liked the chapter, it really means a lot, I had particular troubles writing the second half of it so I'm glad it paid off ;)


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Review #38, by dobbyismyhero22Some Kind of Beauty: part iv

19th August 2011:
This story was brilliant. I can't count the amount of times that it brought me to tears imagining if it was my best friend dying rather than Dom. You have such talent being able to make your readers feel everything as if it was real and a part of their life.

It was honestly amazing. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you could relate to this story. And if I could make you feel it was real, then I'm absolutely thrilled. :)

Thanks again for reading and journeying through Rose's life!

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Review #39, by dobbyismyhero22Unhinged: Poisoned

17th August 2011:
I don't know why you don't like it! This chapter was brilliant! I can't wait for more! You are a fantastic author (:

Author's Response: haha, it's one of those chapters where you don't feel the bits of it slot together, and the characters seem a little bit odd, and that it's not got anything really new in it. maybe i'm just jaded.

THANK YOU. coming from you (ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS?! LOVE IT.) that means so much. so thank you so much for taking the time to boost my ego through the roof and share your thoughts with me. ^^

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Review #40, by dobbyismyhero22Bedposts and Broomsticks: Space

16th August 2011:
AHHH! So good! I absolutely loved it! Please, please update soon! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm about half way done the next chapter so hopefully it wont take too long!!
Sorry about the late response!

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Review #41, by dobbyismyhero22Turning the Tables: Haters in the Building

14th August 2011:
OH MY GOD, JAMES DEFENDING DOM AND COCO WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER. I was seriously like 'aw!! he likes her!!' I got really excited. (:

I'm not mad at Chaise for not defending them though because he was just trying to be the peace keeper which I thought was nice.

I loved it so much! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: ahah yes James did defend Dom and Coco, he's a cutiepie. Although that can't necessarily mean he likes her... But only time will tell I guess!

It's good you're not mad at Chaise, because he was just trying to keep the peace, but let's just say Coco might not see things that way.

I'm glad you liked it and next chapter should be submitted... as soon as I update my other story, and write it. Hopefully :)

Thank you!

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Review #42, by dobbyismyhero22Beauty Queen: Gotta Love that Romaine

10th August 2011:
Ah! Nata is such a push over! I hope she learns to stand up for herself later! I absolutely love Dom. She seems like a great best friend for Nata. AND OF COURSE I LIKE DON'S SUGGESTION!

I can't wait for more! This chapter was awesome!

Author's Response: I know! She is such a push over, it annoys me! Hopefully she'll learn to stand up for herself, but in all actuality only time will tell.

I'm glad you like Dom! I love her and I think she's really there to try and balance Natasha out if you know what I mean. And I like Dom's suggestion too!

Thank you so much for reviewing, and I'm so happy you liked the chapter!

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Review #43, by dobbyismyhero22Pretty Boy: I Am Stupid.

2nd August 2011:

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Review #44, by dobbyismyhero22Turning the Tables: It's Been a Really Really Messed Up Week

2nd August 2011:
Loved it, as usual! I don't know what you are talking about when you said you didn't like this chapter because I thought it was great! I can't wait for more (:

Author's Response: Ahah really?! Wow thank you so much I was really really doubting this chapter and it makes me feel so much better that you liked it :)

I'm already like... done with the next chapter so I'm going to post the next chapter for BQ and then I'll post the next chapter for this one!


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Review #45, by dobbyismyhero22Beauty Queen: A Signature's Worth A Thousand Words

24th July 2011:
It was great! I love Natasha...her mom on the other hand, not so much. I feel like I wouldn't be able to survive with a mother like that. I'd end up killing her in sheer annoyance within the first week. (:

It was fantastic though. I can't wait for more! Please tell me that you are updating soon? (:

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much :)

Natasha's mom is a bit on the annoying side. Way too controlling in my opinion, but doesn't that give the story a nice plot?

I'm glad you liked it and I have the next chapter already written so I'm going to post the next chapter of my other story and than this one :)

Thank you again!

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Review #46, by dobbyismyhero22Explosion: Walking on a Dream

21st July 2011:
This is so freaking beautiful. Gah, I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you (:

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Review #47, by dobbyismyhero22Chasing Madness: Rose, zero.

20th July 2011:
YAY!! You updated!! I loved this chapter and I love Malfoy too! I seriously don't understand how your stories don't have more reviews and more favorites because they are honestly brilliant! Can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: More up soon (:

And thank you for all your reviews, they make me smile everytime!

Oh, and I quiet like Malfoy as well ^^

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Review #48, by dobbyismyhero22Help Me, Please: A Fresh Start

20th July 2011:
AHHH! HOLY CRAP THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!! I started flipping when I read this chapter! shfdaisbcasakjbfakbd. I literally got so excited that I did a weird spaz thing and hit my head on the back of my headboard. I love this story so much and it will always hold a special place in my heart for being the first story that I discovered on this site (:

Author's Response: Haha, PHEW! I am so relieved that you like it! I know some people may think it's not realistic/too happy or something, but I just HAD to do it! Haha, lol! Aww, really? I'm honored, and sad it's ending now! Only one chapter to go, I think. Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing. :) xx

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Review #49, by dobbyismyhero22The Three D's of Life and Quidditch: Plotting Hufflepuff Munchkins

19th July 2011:
LOVED IT! I absolutely loved James and how funny and nice he is. The way him and Avis interacted was great, and Pucey was awesome too. I can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: wooot! thank you so much for reading and reviewing!
I'm super glad that you liked it! I really hope you don't think it's moving too slowly, I just want to have a plot and not just endless fluff like some stories!
I really love professor Pucey, he's a bit of a twist on the stereotypical slytherin professor who is just a little bit biased. James is pretty much my dream man and I'm glad you like him!
I hope you keep reading!

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Review #50, by dobbyismyhero22Journey: When I Think of You

19th July 2011:

so i thought that i'd already reviewed this chapter...but i guess not because it's letting me do this now. hmm. anyways, you already know what i think about this chappie...I LOVED IT. woot woot.

did you know that joe moses has his own one man show thing in nyc? i was like WHOA. one man show? that's pretty freaking awesome. i want to gooo. see me some joe moses, ya know?

i think i'm going to watch mulan because i really have a craving for watching mulan. i want me some ping...wait what's the main guys name? the hot one? chang? it's not ping? who's ping? i'm so confused right now.

did you move yet btw? you're moving near eleni right? that's awesome. make sure you get some redbull in your new house. you can never have too much redbull 80

you know what you also can't have enough of? LOGAN LERMAN. popopopopologanlerman. also conbrochill is something that you can't have enough of so he would have sufficed as an answer also.

i'm really just kind of rambling at this point trying to procrastinate from writing enemies with benefits. which brings me to ask: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE MISSY?! i miss jordan! also, are you going to write a new story? i feel like i read somewhere on here that you are...please do! i want some stuff to read!

cheers mate!

Author's Response: haha, you are such a spaz. seriously.

alright, here we go.

yes, I heard about the one man show:) his name is shang? total hottie. yes, I moved already. yes, its near eleni's house. yes, I've already had some redbull in the new joke. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH CON BRO! and I'm not going to update for a while, if ever. yes, I started a new story. I'm quite proud of it so far...its a james/oc. james is such a babe. haha just kidding...but no, he really is.

and you better update enemies with benefits soon! I'm lovin' that story:)

p.s. I think I'm gonna try and have another hp bday party which of course you would be invited to...but I'm not sure yet. ill fb the deets.

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