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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoyPotter's North to Alaska: Potters North to Alaska

27th August 2015:
Okay - with every piece of yours that I read, I am just more and more in awe! You are so talented!

This is SO funny - you've got a knack for writing humor! I loved your description of the chaotic trip, it's very realistic - most family trips end up that way!

I also really loved the description of Alaska, it allowed me to experience places I've never been before, and made me feel like I HAD been there!

Your characterization of Teddy is amazing, he's hilarious!

Well done!

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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoyThis Time.: The Storm

27th August 2015:
OMG! The only thing keeping my heart from breaking right now is knowing that this is a novella, and there's more to come, which means Louis can't be dead! :O

This is such a Cliffie! Why do you do this to me Kyle?! I'm going to need more of this ASAP, please!!

I really loved your description of Louis' character, and once again, you had me feeling like I was on that boat with him - you are SO TALENTED! I mean I could almost feel that saltwater splashing on my face!

I'm so curious as to what caused this storm, and what's going to happen next! Update soon please!

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Review #3, by MrsJaydeMalfoyI See You. : Prologue: Missing.

27th August 2015:
Hello again!

First off, I just wanted to point out something that you mentioned that most definitely makes sense and is SO true, but that I think often goes completely overlooked: What you said about Harry not wanting to be like his Aunt and Uncle. THAT IS LIKE, FACT. I mean, it's in my headcanon now! It makes TOTAL sense that Harry would be more indulgent with his children, because he knows what it's like to have someone barking orders at you and saying 'No' all the time! And it definitely makes sense for Ginny to be the more strict one, since her mother pretty much couldn't tolerate nonsense, with all those children! I just LOVE that you mentioned that!

Also, once again I am amazed by your description - the way you described the fire as protecting the family from the storm outside, and Ginny's pacing - it's like I was in the room with them!

And Oh my Gosh - I can't imagine the turmoil that the whole family has gone through with James missing! I felt so relieved, though still slightly worried when he was found... and then more worried for him and everyone else, especially Teddy, when I read what had happened.

I think you did a great job explaining the family dynamic here, and showing how everyone was there supporting each other - the sense of togetherness was amazing.

And then... that last part literally sent chills down my spine. Blind?!? Oh my Gosh... thank goodness he's alive, but this is going to be a huge struggle - you've got my curiosity piqued, I can't wait to see where this goes from here! Update soon please!

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Review #4, by MrsJaydeMalfoyWe are Forever: We Are Forever

27th August 2015:
I LOVE THIS! I haven't read any of your Louis/Garret before, but I really, really loev this!

I love the fact that you've created another Triwizard tournament, this time at Beauxbatons, and that Louis Weasley is the Hogwarts champion! I really think Louis doesn't get enough love in fic, so this was just brilliant!

The two of them seem so perfect togeether, they're both the missing link that the other needs! The kiss was magical, and the proposal was SO SWEET! Gah! The feels!

I also really loved the campfire discussion, and how they somehow managed to create their rings together! That was amazing, and your description was so vivid!

Well done!

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Review #5, by MrsJaydeMalfoyEvent Three - The Elder Song : The Elder Song

27th August 2015:
Hi there Kyle!!

So... I don't know if you remember that Hufflepuff review hot seat that was like... literally FOREVER ago... but, yeah. I still owe you reviews from that. *hides in shame* I'm sorry it has taken me so long to do these - but I promise, I didn't forget about you. The link to your author's page has been on a sticky note on my desktop ever since, just waiting for me to come review you! I hope these reviews can make up for my tardiness!

Right from the beginning of this, I LOVED your description! "The soft melodic chirping of the crickets"?!? That is just beautiful!

I think this is the first story I've read about Rolf Scamander, if I remember correctly, and I really enjoyed it, as well as the references to his epic grandfather! A huge kudos for originality!

Your description of Adarmam was so clear, I could easily picture her in my mind. And I love, love LOVE how you made these creatures of hope - and the backstory about Dementors having once been those creatures! That's amazing!

It's so sweet that Newt passed these pipes and this knowledge on to his grandson! That whole family just seems to be the protector of all sorts of magical creatures!

I really enjoyed this! Well done!

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Review #6, by MrsJaydeMalfoyReady: Ready

26th August 2015:
I told you you have a knack for writing founders pieces!! ♥

I love this to bits! I think it's really great that you've shown us Fred's perspective on leaving Hogwarts - it must have been really nerve-wracking! And then, knowing how desperately he wanted his father's approval is really touching!

Godric's letter really couldn't have come at a better time, and I think it made him seem more real for me, as well!

This really is a great, sweet little oneshot, Maggie - well done!

Author's Response: Oh God, I had actually totally forgotten about this one! I'm glad you liked it. I wrote it for a challenge that never went to judging. It was interesting to try to combine the two characters I was given, Fred and Godric, into one story. I'm glad you enjoyed the result!

Thank you so much for all your kind words. It really does mean the world to me and boost my confidence so much!! You are so awesome, Jayde!


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Review #7, by MrsJaydeMalfoyLike Never Before: Prologue

26th August 2015:
:O This is VERY interesting. I noticed the reference to the founders here, and I think you've really got a knack for writing Founders pieces!

I'm so curious - there are SO many questions about this! Are these Godric's sons, or Salazar's? And who is this girl? What's going to happen between her and the youngest son? And what's this youngest son's quality that caused everyone else to turn away from him? It's so intriguing!!

I love how you've started this, and I really, really hope you continue! I'd love to see where this goes! Well done!

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad you're enjoying the Founders overload on my author page :) I'm currently trying to get re-inspired for this story, and it's not going super well so far, unfortunately. But I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter and were intrigued by it :) I'll let you know if I can ever get this updated!

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Review #8, by MrsJaydeMalfoyTask One Challenge: Dragon Tamer: Dragon Tamer

26th August 2015:
You go, Susan!! I love that you've made her such a hero here!!

You incorporated the prompts into your story SO seamlessly - they fit perfectly with everything else and don't seem like they're 'forced' at all, if you know what I mean.

The story is also very original - in the way you chose to put Susan in contact with the dragon in the first place, and now the way that she'll become a Dragon Tamer!

I love her loyalty to her brother and her willingness to be brave to save him - she's a true Hufflepuff and she makes me proud to be one!

Really well done dear!

Author's Response: I'm running out of ways to say thank you, Jayde! This was so unexpected and so much fun :) This story was a good challenge because I had never written with such a fast deadline before! But that's the HC for you :) I'm so glad you liked Susan, and it means so much that you came by to review this!

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Review #9, by MrsJaydeMalfoyFor You, My Love: Delivery

26th August 2015:
Aw! This is SO adorable!! ♥ I just want to hug it!

You've got the characterization of Luna spot-on, and now you've got me shipping Dean/Luna! I just love the two of them together, the way you've got them written here!

I hadn't really considered Luna's reaction to her father's choice before now, but I can imagine she would have been VERY upset with him. I think you really picked up on a key point in the series and created a story about it - it's incredible!

Your description was incredible - especially the way you described Xenophilius as a caged man. I could visualize him looking really unkempt, along with the house. Well done!

I'm so happy that Dean convinced her to go, in the end! Such a wonderful ending! I'd really love to read more Dean/Luna from you!

Well done dear!

Author's Response: Oh yay, I'm so glad you liked this!! I wrote it forever ago and I'm still proud of it, so it's extra nice to get your comments on it :)

I'm not sure what it is about Dean and Luna that made me ship them from their first interaction in DH, but I was just completely drawn in. I saw a little spark and just went with it! Welcome aboard the ship, friend! I'm so happy you liked the description and the characters. That makes me feel great :) Thank you so much!!

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Review #10, by MrsJaydeMalfoyA Fine Skylark: She rules her life like a bird in flight

26th August 2015:
MAGGEH! ♥ *Squishes*

So, I don't know if you remember that 'Hufflepuff Review Hotseat' that was like... FOREVER ago, but yeah.. I STILL owe you reviews from that. *Hangs head in shame* I am SO SO SORRY that these are so late, but I promise I hadn't forgotten! The link to your author page has been on a sticky note on my desktop ever since then, just waiting for me to come leave you some reviews! I can only hope that these reviews will make up for my horrible tardiness!

I just love, love LOVE how you've portrayed Helga in this! She's so sweet and kind and optimistic and upbeat, and definitely a role model for me! Reading this makes me even MORE proud to be a Hufflepuff!

I also really loved the description of the founders and their relationships here, and I was really struck by just how HUGE of a dream the founders had here. The description of seeing the castle for the first time just really made it sink in to me how much work they had to put in to get Hogwarts going, and it most definitely paid off!

And then there's Salazar and his ... I don't know what to call it... 'hatefulness', for lack of a better word. I really, really hoped Helga might break through to him and make him change his ways - I was so sad to see what he did to her, instead. :( But still, Helga stayed true to her character, and I loved it to bits!

This is a wonderfully written piece dear, and I'm off to read another of your works now! Well done!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness Jayde!! You're here for the hot seat? That is such dedication and I'm so impressed! Thank you so much for the love-bomb, it just made my day :)

I definitely have a soft spot for Founders era and Helga, of course, because she is the amazing Hufflepuff queen. I'm so happy you enjoyed her in this! And yes, it must have been a huge undertaking to get Hogwarts started, and with only four people? Amazing.

I think hatefulness is a good word for Salazar at this point in his life, and his relationship with Helga. But he has room to grow, and it's been fun to explore that with other stories.

Thank you so much love! I'm so appreciative :)


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Review #11, by MrsJaydeMalfoyMorningstar: Watching You Fall

22nd August 2015:
Happy Baby Shower, Rose!!

This is my FIRST EVER Wolfstar fic (or at least, I think it is... *raises eyebrow*), and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. A romantic relationship between Remus and Sirius totally makes sense with Canon, and the feels are just quite incredible.

This is so angsty and full of emotion - it's really very powerful! The way you incorporated Canon events makes this even more realistic and easy to relate to, so well done on that!

You've actually gotten me quite interested in WolfStar now, and I loved your reference to the moon and the brightest star, and how that meant those two would never be together.

Well done!

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Review #12, by MrsJaydeMalfoyFlowers in the Garden: Taking a Nap

22nd August 2015:
Wow. This is quite an incredible take on Ariana! I really love how you've gotten into her mindset and talk about her wanting to be like the flowers - I can imagine she'd really HATE being in hiding and never being able to leave home all the time, and of course that caused her even more problems.

I've always been very curious as to what caused Ariana's particular problem, and reading this has really made me want to explore that in fic!

It's heartbreaking to read and Albus and Aberforth had to take care of things and explain what was going on to their younger sister, and it's even worse to think about what's going to happen after this. :(

Anyway, I think you did a wonderful job with conveying emotions here, as well, and with putting us into the mindset of Ariana! Well done dear!

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Review #13, by MrsJaydeMalfoyIn the Cave: Into Darkness

22nd August 2015:

This is an excellent take on the 'Cave' incident, and you did a great job getting into Tom Riddle's character. At such a young age, you show him already as just so plain EVIL, it's really chilling, even though I already know how his story ends. It really gives me a mental image in my head of the young actor who played Tom Riddle with that blank, evil stare on his face, and it sends chills up my spine!

It's a little unclear exactly what it was that happened to Amy and Dennis, but, that's really realistic - neither of them would have understood magic nor how any of this was happening, so it makes perfect sense!

This is a wonderfully creepy one-shot, dear! Really well done!

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Review #14, by MrsJaydeMalfoyToo Sexy: For My Love

22nd August 2015:
HAHAHA!! Oh my goodness, this is just TOO funny! I can't even right now! I love the explanation of James' father having the record, and the boys stealing it, and it's so Sirius-like to suggest that they give a huge performance to distract everyone from their NEWTS.. really, Sirius always had a plan to make things more lively!

Your description of their dancing was just amazing, and it's SO PERFECT that the other three walked in and saw them! It really was just such a fluffy, funny moment, and I adore it!

Also, I've read 4 of your stories now, and in each one of them you have mastered a different emotion - confusion, hurt, terror, and now joy/comedy - I think it's safe to say you are very, very talented and great at conveying emotions, dear!

Happy Baby Shower!! ♥

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Review #15, by MrsJaydeMalfoyTalk to Me : Talk to Me

11th August 2015:
YES! First review!! *Dances*

Sooo.. WOW. This is the first Tom/Minerva story I've ever read.. and just.. WOW. I think I might ship them now, like legit. This is amazing Bex!!

You did such a great job of conveying both of their personalities and emotions - of putting them together while still keeping it Canon.. Just wow. And your description was incredible.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually feel SO sad that things are over between them! And, now I've got all these thoughts of moments from the series running through my head, like McGonagall preparing for the attack on Hogwarts, etc... this totally fits!

You are so talented - this is SO good! It's going in my favorites right now!

Author's Response: jayde!

I'm so glad I brought you to the dark side of poison kitty (even their ship name is like cute angst!)

I really tried with putting them together because I realise Minerva is just so honest and good whereas Tom is very I tried taking that into account whilst writing them and not trying to overdo the dialogue - because that's not what they're about. I can't imagine them being a 'normal' couple.

I'm sad too, I kind of wanted Minerva to be like, don't worry - just forget it happened! But like I said, I had to keep Minerva in character - and I just know she wouldn't be okay with what Tom did.

And omg you kind of picked up on how I tied it in with moments from the series! The big thing was, recently I read the first chapter of philosopher's stone - and Minerva would not say Voldemort - then in DH part 2 she says 'and his name is Voldemort Filius, he's going to kill you either way' (or something along those lines). I think that is when she finally 'got over' Tom Riddle and realised he's not there anymore, not the Tom she knew. I'm so glad this fit with the series in your mind!

Thank you lovely, but I'm not as talented as you think, I still feel really rusty! But I really am glad you like it, I value your opinion & this review - so much!


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Review #16, by MrsJaydeMalfoyThe Platonic Friendships of Mia Zabini: Hogwarts Again

1st August 2015:
Omg I can't! I just can't right now! *Dies*

Your descriptions are so hilarious and sarcastic! And, you've taken pretty much every reasony why a cliche is.. well.. cliche, and brought it to the forefront, and then explained it away as though it were nothing. Brilliant!

I really, really love this piece! You've got me smiling from ear to ear!

Well done, and going in the favs!!

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Review #17, by MrsJaydeMalfoyThe Platonic Friendships of Mia Zabini: Goodbye Hermione Granger

1st August 2015:
Hahahaha OMG. Dee this is amazing. It's so sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek, and I love the little inserts you made for things, like "lots of dots for dramatic effect", etc.

The whole 'non-romance' thing was hilarious also; I think my favorite line was when Ron 'thought Hermione and Harry were BFFs'... LOL.

This was so hilarious - I can't wait to see the next chapter!

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Review #18, by MrsJaydeMalfoyPrisoner 1272: Prisoner 1272

1st August 2015:
Awww - this is so sad! :( At first, I couldn't quite figure out who this person was, which gave it a great air of mystery - but then, towards the end I realized, and it broke my heart.

The way she insists that her son was 'wrongly accused' is so heartbreaking. She wants so much to believe in her son's innocence that she, released another death eater out into the world, who ultimately brought about the return of Voldemort. Such dramatic irony, knowing what will happen after her death.

I can't imagine the anguish she must have been going through at seeing her son locked away, nor can I imagine the anguish Barty felt at helping her and going through with the plan. And then, to see his son do the same things again... it must have been awful.

You conveyed the emotions here very well, dear - this was a very well-written piece! Well done!

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Review #19, by MrsJaydeMalfoyThe Namesake : The Namesake

1st August 2015:
DEE!! ♥

So... I'm not sure if you remember that Hot Seat thing we had that was like... literally eons ago... but.. yeah. I STILL haven't given you the reviews I owed you for that. I know I've read and reviewed some chapters on 'Seized', but in my opinion, those don't count, as they were technically not for the 'Hot Seat'. So, I thought I'd just stop by and FINALLY leave you some hot seat reviews. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get to these. *Hides in shame* I haven't forgotten - the link to your author page has been on a sticky note on my desktop for like, 6 months now. I only hope that these reviews will make up for my tardiness!

And now, after all that rambling... to the review!

ARE. YOU. ACTUALLY. TRYING. TO. KILL. ME. WITH. FEELS. HERE? I mean, seriously?!? This is just too sweet and sad and funny and cute and... GAH! I just want to hug it! (is it even possible to hug a story? LOL) :P

I think it makes sense for George to bury himself in his work after Fred's death, and I'm SO glad Molly convinced (or more like Forced) him to go to Hogwarts. And then, his conversation with Fred about little Freddie is so sweet and funny!! It's exactly like something those two would say to each other!

When the firework blasted outside, I gasped. No lie, I thought "Fred's back! He survived somehow!" very selfishly for a moment. :( But, even though that wasn't the case, I still think that was amazing and perfectly timed!

This is SOOO adorable, it's going in my favorites right now!

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Review #20, by MrsJaydeMalfoyDragon Pox: Dragon Pox

22nd July 2015:
You absolutely DO take your Fluff very seriously! I mean, are you TRYING to kill me with the Squees!??!?

I thought the idea for a story with a magical illness, like Dragon Pox, was really original! I don't think I've ever read a similar story! And it is SO adorable the way that Louis comes to take care of Teddy!

This was a bit of a change, coming from reading Teddy/James to Teddy/Louis, but, I really loved each of the stories I've read today! You've definitely got a knack for comedy and funny moments, as well as adorableness!

Well done dear!

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Review #21, by MrsJaydeMalfoyNine and a Half: Nine and a Half

22nd July 2015:
Okay, so, you know I had to come read this, after reading 'Five and a half'. :P And Aw! This is absolutely adorable!! I'm pretty sure you are responsible for the cavities! :P

I loved how we saw the different little snapshots of Teddy and James' life together, and then what goes on in their childrens' lives, also. Little Dora is so adorable, and Johnny is just such a typical older brother. :P

I loved seeing all the tender moments between James and Teddy, and the way the fight was resolved in the second-to-last scene just made me want to squee!!

Another wonderful story, dear!

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Review #22, by MrsJaydeMalfoyFive and a Half: Five and a Half

22nd July 2015:
Hahah! That last line was so funny!! In fact, there were quite a few funny moments in this, including the fact that you named it 'Five and a half'! You're very talented at writing comedy, my dear!

I can see why Teddy would be freaking out a little bit about the age difference, especially since he grew up with James, but I also see James' point about how it wouldn't matter in a few years anyway.

In a way, I feel kind of sorry for Al, but in another way, he got James and Teddy in trouble! :P I think it's awesome that Teddy can just sit here and have this open conversation with Harry, though!

Great story, dear!

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Review #23, by MrsJaydeMalfoyLegos: Legos

22nd July 2015:
Hey there lovely!

Sooo.. I'm not sure if you remember that Hufflepuff Review Hot seat we had like.. FOREVER ago, but.. yeah. I STILL owe you reviews from that. *Bows head in shame* I meant to stop by the other day when we were reviewing 'Puffs, but since I didn't, I figured I'd leave your reviews now. I am SO SORRY it has taken me such a beyond-ridiculous amount of time to get to these, I can only hope that they make up for my tardiness!

I could have SWORN I had read this before... but when I checked the reviews to see if I'd already left one, I hadn't, so I'm assuming I actually haven't read it. Either way, it was an amazing little story!

I read very, VERY few Draco/Luna fics, so this was a nice surprise. And, normally I wouldn't be able to picture the two of them together, but you've made a believer out of me! I think you portrayed their relationship very well, and it's adorable.

And ah, Draco, always being so overdramatic! :P I mean, don't get me wrong, I know that stepping on a Lego is actually really painful, but 'worse than the Cruciatus curse?' Come on now Draco! :P

Anyway, I think this was a lovely little piece, dear, and I'm off to read some more of your work now! Well done!

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Review #24, by MrsJaydeMalfoyOne Word: One Word

20th July 2015:
Hufflepuff, House Cup 2015!

Hi Zayne! Wow, this is a very powerful little one-shot! There aren't many words here, but those that you've used are so powerful - which seems very fitting considering you're exploring the power of words here.

I like how 3 simple words are the main focus here - "him", "unity', and "mudblood". They're all such commonplace words, but they really made a huge impact in the series, and in Lily's life.

I love that you've explored Lily just moments after Severus called her a mudblood, showing her thoughts and her anger, and her decision to start calling him 'Snape' and distance herself from him. This is definitely a defining moment and a turning point in the series!

I also find it heartbreaking how you've incorporated the theme of comedy and tragedy - Lily knew her life would be a tragedy, and she doesn't even realize how correct she is in thinking that.

All in all, this is a great piece, dear. Well done!

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Review #25, by MrsJaydeMalfoyAll or Nothing: there is a light that never goes out

20th July 2015:
Hufflepuff, House Cup 2015!

Wow. I agree, taking on Bellatrix's point of view is a grueling task, one that I can't even begin to imagine undertaking - but you've done an incredible job!

I can't imagine how horrible Bellatrix must have been as a child. I agree, for her to have been as evil as she was, it must have started from a very early age, so scenes like the one with the beetle must have been a common occurrence in their household.

I am so very curious as to who the mystery woman is! Did you have anyone in particular in mind? It's all so intriguing!

I loved how you explained that Bellatrix never loved Rudolphus, how she refused to have children so she wouldn't have to care for them - I think many people have often wondered about the relationship between the two of them, since her love clearly lie with the dark lord.

Your description of her progression away from the person she loved was great - and I almost felt myself there in the cell with her - well done!

Author's Response: Jayde!! I am the worst at responding in a timely fashion I'm sorry. But I love this review so much!, thank you!

Wah, thank you so much, I'm really glad you thought I did well with Bellatrix's POV! It was definitely challenging - especially the first-person narrative - but I'm so glad to see that it worked out. :)

Kids can often be cruel, I think, if they don't realize what they're doing is hurting someone else. Crushing a bug is probably something many children have done - but what makes Bellatrix scary at age ten is that she knows exactly what she's doing. I'd say you're right in that scenes like that probably happened a lot, and no one really did anything about it, so she ended up just like that as an adult.

I didn't have a specific canon person in mind, but I liked leaving the anonymity in because I love the mystery, and so that it's kind of up to the reader ;)

It never seemed to me that Bellatrix particularly loved Rodolphus. And I think she would really hate the idea of raising children! Haha, I can't even imagine how terrifying she would be as a mother :P anyway, thanks, I'm so happy you liked the explanation there!

That particular passage when she's sitting in the cell was some of the strangest writing I've done so thank you, it's really great to hear that you felt it was real! Thank you so much for reading, and for all your reviews, I appreciate them so much.

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