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Review #1, by PenelopeClearwaterHarry Potter and the Chinese Book: Captives on the Whippoorwill

14th October 2011:
Another awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you Penelope,

I hope you continue to enjoy the story.


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Review #2, by PenelopeClearwaterLet No One Put Asunder: Resolve

10th October 2011:
Oh I'm so glad you updated! I really enjoy this story because while it looks like it's going to be canon, it's a different twist on the in-between stuff.
Can't wait to read what's in store for the HP gang!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading & reviewing!

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Review #3, by PenelopeClearwaterHarry Potter and the Chinese Book: Pirates

10th October 2011:
I love the little plot twist here. I can't wait until Hermione can unlock her parents' memories though. She deserves complete happiness.

Can't wait until the next chapter validates!

Author's Response: PenelopeClearwater,

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the turn of events.

I think the entire book is for people who wanted a happy ever after for Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny -- all of JRK's great characters. Through seven books we got like and admire them. Naturally, we want them to be happy. There will be some surprises but you can be sure I'm one of the people who wanted the same.


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Review #4, by PenelopeClearwaterHarry Potter and the Arts of Healing: I Found a Way In

10th October 2011:
I find parts of this confusing, but the general plot I really enjoy. I have to agree the jumping back and forth gets a bit much, but you said it's for a purpose so I'll trust you. I do hope you continue though because I am very interested to see how this all works out in the end!

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Review #5, by PenelopeClearwaterHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: The A.M.A.S.S. Meeting

28th June 2010:
A very intriguing chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next!
P.S. Are you planning another sequel after this? :-)

Author's Response: Hi PenelopeClearwater,

Thanks for your review. I'm glad you are enjoying the chapter.

I may do a one shot or two after this, but I doubt I will do another novel length story any time soon. These take alot of time to do and my work life has become very busy recently.

There are still a number of chapters to go. I hope you enjoy it.


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