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Review #1, by patchorjacedmThe Two Stooges: Dead or Alive

21st January 2011:
ummm... i liked it, made me laugh, it was good in a this-is-so-funny-i-think-i'll-die way. the whole part with malfoy's sec. was interesting, not sure i understood it much, but good nonetheless

Author's Response: Yeah, looking back at Malfoy's secretary, it might have been a little vague and arbitrary, but I'm a newb, so cut me some slack . Anyway, the real action starts in chapter 3, and I hope you stay tuned. You're the first person (out of 45 views) to review this, so you're awesome. I also saw you set this as a favorite, so thanks. Glad you thought it was funny.

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Review #2, by patchorjacedmPerfection: Paper Bag

8th December 2010:
inspiring... it's really sad, i love it, i know i'm contradicting myself but i need more, RIGHT NOW!!! lol, just not really... 10/10 all the way, fantastic job

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Review #3, by patchorjacedmThe detention: Five years later.

6th December 2010:
great end to the story, very enticing
i'll be sure to catch the others

Author's Response: glad you liked it

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Review #4, by patchorjacedmEternal Devotion: Chapter Two: Secrets

23rd November 2010:
WHAT HAPPENED! oh, you have to tell me. i am in desperate need for more...
save me!

Author's Response: I'm sorry to leave everyone like that > __ <
I just had to throw in a cliff hanger, but I'll warn you, I'll have a lot more cliff hangers. I just plotted out the whole thing and almost all of the chapters end with a cliff hanger > __ <
Thanks for the review though! :D
(Writing chapter three! Just started over :o I think I might stick with this version!)

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Review #5, by patchorjacedmA Clash of Hearts: Bacon & Fairy Floss Demons

23rd November 2010:
HA! so funny, i read this while babysitting and i had to stuff my head onto a pillow to keep from laughing to loud. excellent job!

Author's Response: hahaha, thanks so much, I'm glad I made you laugh :) That was my aim all along.

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Review #6, by patchorjacedmThe Very First Kiss: Eternal Sleep

18th November 2010:
i am a total plot-luver of this story
and i want MORE!
thank you...

Author's Response: yay! Thanks so much!:) I'll update soon!


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Review #7, by patchorjacedmHarry Potter Rewritten: The Stoned Philosopher: The Boy Who (unfortunately) Lived

18th November 2010:
i know i've been a favorite for a while, but i read this story constantly
love love love love love the plot and would love to see some harry/hermione goin' on, a little dramione wouldn't be bad either
Thank You!

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Review #8, by patchorjacedmAdvice: Professionalism and Prostitution

18th November 2010:
Is something wrong?
Why did she say that?
Oh... you need to write more...
i may die...

Author's Response: I just quickly wrote a new chapter. Though it really isn't going to explain all that much.I suppose you'll just have to keep reading *insert evil laugh* Thanks for the review; I hope you continue to like my story!

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Review #9, by patchorjacedmHow to be Irresistible: Eavesdropping

17th November 2010:
great story ad i want you to write more THIS INSTANT! jk
but thanks, always love a good dramione

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm working on the next chapter right now :)

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Review #10, by patchorjacedmOf Midnight Talks and Ballet Shoes: Fury Fire

17th November 2010:
love the story line and I want More!!! Now!
hee hee thanks...

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Review #11, by patchorjacedmA Clash of Hearts: Lav-Lav Love & Tolietries

17th November 2010:
and i want more!

Author's Response: lol thanks :) The next chappie will be up soon, it's waiting to be validated.

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Review #12, by patchorjacedmA Clash of Hearts: Frizzy Hair & Big Feet

17th November 2010:
it was so good
i laughed my head off
more more more more

Author's Response: Thanks... I was hoping it would make people laugh :) More chapters to come!

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Review #13, by patchorjacedmEternal Devotion: Chapter One: Evasion

17th November 2010:
great story and i want more!

Author's Response: :D Thanks for the review! LOL!
I JUST finished the second chapter and it's in the queue :D Right now, it says it will be up in three days. (Now, I need to work on chapter three xD).

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Review #14, by patchorjacedmLove, Lust, Evil--and Revenge: Jealousy and Confession Part 2

15th November 2010:
Awesome story
more more more!!!
thank you...

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Review #15, by patchorjacedmThe RSVP: The RSVP

13th November 2010:
amazing story
loved every second of it
write more soon!

Author's Response: Hey there,

Thanks for leaving the review and also very glad that you enjoyed reading! :)
It's a one-shot, so I won't be updating it anymore (sorry) but still happy that you enjoyed it that much to the point that you want more!

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Review #16, by patchorjacedmWhen Preppy Met Punk: Arriving at Williams Manor

8th November 2010:
hey, awesome story, so tell me: is it just a hermione/blaise thing or is it going to become a hermione/draco thing, love to know. thnx.

Author's Response: Its Hermione Blaise all the way :)

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Review #17, by patchorjacedmRunaway Romance: So it begins

30th October 2010:
Amazing first to a story, i like the scandals in it already, continue!

Author's Response: Thanks! Writing on Chapter 6 is on hold until Thanksgiving break when the bulk of my projects are done. Thanks again for the review!


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Review #18, by patchorjacedmThe Most Eligible Bachelor: Prologue: You did WHAT?!

24th August 2010:
it's excellent!
the characters seem just like they did in the book!
love the the start, very cool idea
xo patchorjacedm

Author's Response: Wow thanks! I've been told they're very OOC sometimes!
-Sarita x

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Review #19, by patchorjacedmThe Art of Seduction: Strange

7th July 2010:
I love this story, awesome banner. Read the story once and i am totally addicted-kepp writing

do you think you can help me upload the banner for a story i wrote? thanks!

Author's Response: thank you! FATAL! at the dark arts made it for me and i would highly recommend her for any banners!
as for helping you upload yours, send me a message or post on my meet the author page! its easier to talk on there than in reviews.

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Review #20, by patchorjacedmPlease Don't Leave Me: Betrayal

7th July 2010:
Very nice, i like the twist, will you write more?

Author's Response: Thanks! I actually thought about writing a second part to it...not completly sure yet!

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