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Review #1, by Mistress SlytherinTHE SNAKE IN ME.: THE SNAKE IN ME - A PRELUDE

14th August 2010:
Wow. Just wow. I'd like to say that you have a very good writing style, very descriptive, very gripping. I like these kind of dark stories where a character is portrayed differently than normal (I only like this if it is done well, as in your case). Please please please please write more. Don't even listen to that other reviewer.

Which leads me into that point. Would you mind ever so much if I yell at him? If not, ignore this next part. If so, please enjoy my rant.
Potter!! You stupid idiot! It's called creative license. And anyways, if you look at it this way, it's not so much he looks like Snape, but bears a striking resemblance to him in bearing and demeanor. (You, my dear writer did not deviate so much from the description in the book. For that, I applaud you.) So please, Potter, read it again and actually TRY to understand it! Don't say something's terrible if you don't like it! Just because something's not specifically canon doesn't mean it isn't horrible, you mangy cur.
Okay, I'm finished.
Love, you're utterly brilliant. Please write again soon. I'll give you tacos and cookies and gum and gummy bears and... *Mistress goes on listing things to give to M S Turela for hours and hours*
Love, Mistress Slytherin
Long Live the Queen!

Author's Response: Paraphrasing... Wow. Just wow!! What an inspiring review! Thank You very much! I hope this story can keep up to your aspirations =)

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Review #2, by Mistress SlytherinFive Sugars: Five Sugars

12th August 2010:
I would like to say that I think that this is brilliant!!! You know those stories you see and think 'oh goody, that looks like a great story!' And then you start reading it and you go 'oh man...I was really hoping it was better than this.'
yeah, this isn't one of those times!!! ;) You definitely delivered and I think I'm going to go check out anything else you might have. I'm looking forward to more of your writing.
Love, Mistress Slytherin
Long Live the Queen

Author's Response: Ooh, that's nice of you to say! It's just a little something on the side for a challenge, so I'm glad you like it (:

Long live the queen! Or the force, or the chocolate, or whatever takes your fancy (:


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Review #3, by Mistress SlytherinLost In Magic: Chapter Twenty-Two: Heart to Heart

2nd July 2010:
this chappie was awesome! thanks so much for updating so soon. you, my friend, are my hero!! Now don't be mean and make us wait! I'll give you a cookie! *wafts cookie smell across world to Wildflower* don't those smell yummie?! please, post the next chappie soon! ;)

Author's Response: Hey Mistress! No worries! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing XD *sniffs the air* Oh I smell those cookies, hmmm...VERY tempting, I might just have to cave haha! Another chappie will be up asap I promise! Thanks again!

XOXO WildFlower!

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