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Review #1, by Pygmy PuffThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Fragile Hope, Twists, Promises And Me

13th August 2011:
Ahh! I'm so glad this is alive! I had to re-read it to remember what had happened and I'm so glad that you continued it! I'm not very fond of the Marauder's era, but this story is amazing!

Author's Response: Yep! It's alive and kicking! Haha, I'm sorry it took so long! Ahh, that means a huge lot, it's such a compliment that you've even decided to read this story! Thanks so much for the nice review and I'll try to update soon. xxx

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Review #2, by Pygmy PuffRose Weasley's Guide to Life: On: Nonsense and Boys

4th December 2010:

yeah, i've been staring dismally at the "last updated" text. which read like... august or something. AND THEN YOU UPDATED.

yeah, definitely my most favourite scorose fic.

teddy really bugged me in this chapter. ughh. he seems so... harsh... if you know what i mean xD

keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: I'm happy I updated too! I was in such a rut for a while, and I've also been so busy, I'm glad I was finally able to work on this story. Favourite Scorose fic? Wow, that means a lot, thank you!! Don't be so bothered by Teddy, he's just stressed out -- after all, his fiance and the woman carrying his baby walked out on him! Poor guy :( There's just a lot of drama in the Weasley family right now, but it'll all be sorted in good time... Or will it? Haha. Thanks so much for continually reviewing and putting up with my really slow updates!

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Review #3, by Pygmy PuffTongue Tied: Failing For The First Time

6th November 2010:
That is absolutely adorable~~ it's so sweet and cute xDD

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Review #4, by Pygmy PuffTongue Tied: Silence May Be Golden But It Can't Buy Me Love

6th November 2010:
Why did I guess that something like this would happen? Forgive me for saying this, but I've got a vibe that Calliope died in the end o.o I hope not...

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Review #5, by Pygmy PuffTongue Tied: The Black Touch

6th November 2010:
That. Was. Amazing. I love how Calliope starts swearing- she didn't strike me as the swearing type... xP

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Review #6, by Pygmy PuffTongue Tied: The Process of Loss

6th November 2010:
ohmygod. Honestly, I'd prefer the whole story to be sorta like this- by that, I mean... ughh. I don't know, you're a really good writer xD Calliope's an amazing character. Good work!!

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Review #7, by Pygmy PuffTongue Tied: Anatomy of a Hufflepuff

6th November 2010:
Possibly the few OC x Remus pairings that are good? I think so. I barely review first chapters because I'm in a hurry to read the next ones. But this deserves a review. And a 10/10.

Author's Response: Hey thanks! I love RemusxWhoever although I admit now that I am a bit partial to my own Calliope, which is silly. Thank you again.


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Review #8, by Pygmy Puff:

3rd October 2010:
So sad... You haven't updated this for two hears! Please don't abandon it! I love Lupin! He's by far my favourite Marauder! Please continue!

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Review #9, by Pygmy Puff:

30th September 2010:
How they would end up if they foreshadowed? I'm so lost e.e And thick o.o Dear Lord, excuse me.

BUT. Great job, I love it. I love Oliver Wood. Drool factor. Sort of. completely.

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Review #10, by Pygmy PuffBreaking the Quidditch Code: Underground Tension (and Squiggles)

30th September 2010:
The chapter image loks like some place I went to last holidays o.o

Author's Response: I think I speak for everyone when I say, "JERK!" haha, I'm super jealous :) I bet it was awesome!

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Review #11, by Pygmy PuffVanilla Spice: Bye, Birdy

29th September 2010:
James sounds hotter. And he seems like he's got a better personality than Freddie.

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Review #12, by Pygmy PuffThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Izzie, Quills, Biscuits And Me

20th September 2010:
"I think it's because Sirius has really soft feet, James whiffs a bit, Remus likes the moon and Peter thinks worms have tails. It's anyone’s guess really."

Genius... you're a friggin genius. Well done. It's hilarious xP

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked that part :D

and thank you, I'm so glad you think that! i hope you enjoy the next chapters :D


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Review #13, by Pygmy PuffEleanor Digby: Let It Be

16th September 2010:
Aaaw... I love the whole thing... really sweet. The last few lyrics at the end were really... heart felt... I LOVE IT.

So sweet. Ellie's such an interesting character.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this story, its ending, and its heroine. ^_^

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Review #14, by Pygmy PuffVanilla Spice: Veil

13th September 2010:

But, yeahh. keep up the good job. Freddie can go die. So can that slut who's kissing him. Awkward if it was one of Mollie's friends.

Author's Response: Sorry :( I'm such a bad author
I don't know how long it'll be though cause I'm working on my other story at the moment and I have exams so it might be a while sorry :(
I'm glad you like it though :) xx

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Review #15, by Pygmy PuffVanilla Spice: Saved My Chops

13th September 2010:
Sorry. But I heart James better. Maybe it's because it's... James. And Id on't know why, but I always saw Freddie as a ranga, not that I have a problem with red heads... but... let's just say I was slightly scarred when I red a fanfic who used a really, ugly picture for Freddie. So that's permanently scarred me :P

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Review #16, by Pygmy PuffVanilla Spice: Scary Kisses

13th September 2010:
Don't they use quills.? Not pens.? Oh well. I like the story xD Been craving to read an OC x Canon for a while :P

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Review #17, by Pygmy PuffGrowing Up Gilderoy: Superior In Every Way

11th September 2010:
I like! Gives me something to read whilst waiting for Still Delicate- KEEP IT UP. I LOVE IT...

Is it strange that it's like an exact spitting image of how I would think Lockhart would be if he was a teen?

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Review #18, by Pygmy PuffStill Delicate: Turning Tables

18th August 2010:

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Review #19, by Pygmy PuffStill Delicate: Arrogance

10th August 2010:

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Review #20, by Pygmy PuffStill Delicate: Return To Hogwarts

29th July 2010:
I hope all is well with your family~
Great story xD I was ecstatic when there was an update. I thought you had abandoned it and I'm like "NO" So yeah xD I reckon more Damien (You know... the healer person) and Rose action xD Even though he's married. Why does he have to be married?

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Review #21, by Pygmy Puff:

27th July 2010:
Oh my god. This is absolutely hilarious. I usually don't like fan fics with OC characters, but this is absolutely ... I can' tsay great. That doesn't describe it. I love Suzie.

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Review #22, by Pygmy PuffRose Weasley's Guide to Life: Scorpius, On: Snoggability

4th July 2010:
I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER. -drools- Excellent work!! I really liked stepping into Scorpius' mind. But I feel sorry for Rose TT_TT I hope the next chapter's up soon!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you loved it! Yes, Rose is a very pity-able ( that a word and how does one spell it) character, but don't worry, things will only get better! And a bit worse, too, I suppose. I'll update asap, but I am working on another story right now, so I can't guarantee anything. Thanks very much for the review! :)

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Review #23, by Pygmy PuffFamous Last Words: Not in the Plan

27th June 2010:
GO YOU. I LOVE YOU. This is really good, the whole Greyback thing and everything!! Keep up the good work!!

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Review #24, by Pygmy PuffNanny Wanted!: Chapter nine: Liability and Assumptions

22nd June 2010:
-desperate urge to read next chapter- Can't you get someone else to edit it? -whines-

Author's Response: sorry, but i think it would be rude if i ask another person to edit this without my beta knowing, no worries though, when she's back, updating would be faster! thanks for the review! :)

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Review #25, by Pygmy PuffFamous Last Words: A perfect couple? I don't think so.

22nd June 2010:
I like it because it's not all rose/Scorpius. There's the whole war-ness coming back if that makes sense xP

Author's Response: There'ss only so much fluff one can take right? "War-ness" excellent word choice. Oddly fitting :P Thanks for the review!

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