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Review #26, by prettywishesIn The Red: The Remembering

9th January 2013:
Oh my goodness, this chapter was so powerful! I was literally in tears over all of this, it's not fair that their first kiss is their last and that Sev is going to forget all about Beth! Eek, it's just so sad! Especially when she went off to Sirius' and just fell apart! I know that he's only trying to protect her, but I feel really bad for Beth right now. Amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Not going to lie -- I'm quite sure that I teared up a bit writing this, too, last October. (What can I say? I'm a bit attached to these characters!) I'm very much into writing tragic romance, I admit, and sad pieces always get me more than happy ones. I suppose that's the reason I choose to write them. But he was only trying to protect her -- you're right!

Thank you so, so much for leaving a review for me on this chapter. It was wonderful hearing from you again! ♥

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Review #27, by prettywishesTaking the Biscuit: Dancing on Tables

5th December 2012:
I feel bad because I haven't taken the time to review in awhile despite the fact that I've been reading, and seeing as it really only takes a few seconds I really need to work on that!

Anyways, I really liked this chapter, I liked how we got to see about the weird things that drunk Rose did through comments about it rather than actually having the night itself written out because I feel like that would have been a bit much. Also loving how the Rose/Matthew relationship is progressing!

Author's Response: I'm glad how you like how their relationship is progressing! In the last book it really wasn't the main story, so there wasn't so much room to explore it. Their relationship is really going to come to the forefront, because it'll bring its own challenges to Rose's life, the poor thing.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #28, by prettywishesBereft: lion's pride

2nd December 2012:
I'm a huge fan of anything that centers around Percy, and I thought that this was really interesting in particular. The writing was really fluid and it flowed incredibly well, almost like a poem or something of that sort. Amazing job!

Author's Response: Hello! I sort of wrote myself into a Percy fan, and I'm glad you liked this! I liked the idea of a contrast between Percy's no-nonsense ambition and an almost spiritual tone at the moment he realizes what's really been happening in his heart, which might sometimes read as poetry, to my delight.

Thanks for your review! I appreciate it (:

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Review #29, by prettywishesIn The Red: A Suspicion Confirmed

2nd December 2012:
I've spent the last week reading In the Black and then getting caught up on this as well, and I feel bad about not leaving reviews on each chapter but I've just been in such a rush to keep reading that I didn't bother to take the time. So sorry about that, but I'll try to make up for it by at least leaving a decent review on this chapter. Also, at this point I feel as though I've literally read everything you've got on here and I've seriously adored everything you've posted! Sorry if it's a bit creepy that I've left so many reviews!

Anyways, throughout this whole story you've managed to integrate Beth in a way that seems to natural and not forced at all. So many stories have a sort of 'fifth Marauder' and it never feels right, but somehow you've managed to make it seem so natural that Beth was here for everything. She's a really neat character, really like the way that she's grown throughout everything.

I'm a big fan of her relationship with James, and Sirius especially towards the beginning of this book. Now, I'm not so happy with Sirius with what he's done, but at least it can be said that he really does think that he's doing the best thing for her. The two of them treat Beth like their sister (well, for the most part) and I've really enjoyed the dynamics between all of them. Also, really loving James/Lily in this. They are so young to be having a baby, but you've really done a good job about making all of that seem natural, also it's been addressed with Beth's comments about how young Lily is, which makes it less weird in a sense. It's not like it's being ignored.

Of course I just adore the whole Beth/Sev thing that's been going on the whole time. I've literally been squealing every time that they're relationship furthers. I know that it's going to have to change now because of Sirius, but I just cannot stop myself from wanting to root them on anyways. They are just so adorable together, and I've never really said that Severus was cute with anyone before ever. So the fact that you've managed to create this relationship is amazing.

I'm really interested to see what's going to happen now that Dumbledore knows what's going on between Beth and Severus. He clearly isn't going to be happy about it, but it'll be interesting to see what he decides to do to handle it.

Really great story so far and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Author's Response: You are AMAZING. How am I supposed to even begin to thank you for everything you've done for me in these past two weeks?! Seriously -- I am just absolutely blown away by all the reviews you've left me on my stories. I cannot tell you in any amount of words how much that means to me. You are just FANTASTIC!

And please, please don't feel the need to apologize for not leaving reviews on ITB and the rest of ITR! I honestly do not care /at all/, and the fact that you've left me a review here to tell me that you've been reading at all means the world to me. This trilogy has been a project of mine for a year and a half, since April 2011, and just even being aware that someone's reading it and enjoying it is one of the absolute best feelings in the world. You've just made me so, so happy!

I'm pleased beyond telling that you like Beth so much, and that she's integrated naturally into the story for you. And you're right -- to James and Sirius, she's a little sister (except, of course, when Sirius was briefly deluded otherwise). I know I have a bias, but I'm massively attached to the Beth/Severus pairing. ♥

You're definitely going to see what's going on with Dumbledore now! I'm actually in the process of posting chapter 29 when I found all the reviews you left on Break Out, as well as this one -- how do you like that? So you won't have to wait long! ;)

But really. I just... you made my entire month, just with this review, and that doesn't count all the others you've been generous enough to leave! I am so honored to have them. ♥ It was fantastic hearing from you again, and again -- thank you so, so, so much for all you've done for me!!

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Review #30, by prettywishesBreak Out: XII.

2nd December 2012:
Oh my goodness, this was a suspenseful chapter for sure! I thought that it was so heroic for Charlie to do what he did so that Hermione and them would be able to escape, but I just really hope that he managed to be a big enough distraction for them to be able to really get away! I know that chances are Charlie isn't going to be making it out of there in one piece, but at least he managed to make some sort of difference? That seem comforting at least. This had to be my favorite chapter so far, really cannot wait to see how this ends!

Author's Response: Charlie the hero -- that's how it was always meant to be, really. I've always thought of him as really quite a heroic character, and he's one of my favorite Weasleys (though that changes with each new story I read about them). As for what happens to him afterward, though... you'll have to read on to find out! ;)

I'm so flattered to hear that this was one of your favorite chapters, too! Between you and me, I'm pretty partial to this one myself. Thank you so much, and I'm really looking forward to your opinions on the last three chapters, too -- chapter 13 should be up later today! ♥

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Review #31, by prettywishesBreak Out: XI.

2nd December 2012:
I don't think that I've ever read anything as quickly as I just read this chapter, I seriously could not look away! I'm really glad that Draco at least managed to get to Hermione, and that he's going to help get Oliver out too, I just hope that they can actually get out from there! Seeing the things that were going on back at Headquarters was interesting as well, it'll be interesting to see how it turns out!

Author's Response: That first sentence is one of the best thing that an author can hear. :) Thank you so, so much! This chapter was a quick one to write, too, and it was really fun -- like a puzzle -- to have Draco go on this rescue mission and keep him mostly in character, too.

But yes, getting out of Hogwarts... that's the crucial part! ;) Honestly. Cannot even tell you how much your reviews mean to me. I know I keep saying it, but that's because it continues to be true! ♥ Your doing this for me made my entire week!

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Review #32, by prettywishesBreak Out: X.

2nd December 2012:
Arthur telling Ron not to mention seeing Charlie was a bit hard, but it really does make sense not to get her hopes up like that. Sometimes staying in the dark really is the easier thing to do! Once again Ron and Draco's interactions were really neat to read about, I can't wait to see this plan of theirs being played out. Something about it is bound to go wrong!

The whole blood thing though, didn't really think about that! Of course it makes total sense. I can't wait to see what exactly happens with all of that though.

Author's Response: Poor Mrs. Weasley. :( But I'd probably do the same as Arthur, in his shoes, and (again!) it all comes back down to morale. Molly's a strong woman, but having to bear the sort of news that her son's basically a prison laborer, and so soon after Fred's death, wouldn't be an easy burden for anyone to bear. And ah, Ron and Draco. ♥ Writing their little quarrels has been more fun than perhaps it should have been!

It was interesting, reading everyone's theories about Voldemort's dying. I'm glad you liked my version, though -- seemed fitting, after all the importance placed on blood in the books! ♥

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Review #33, by prettywishesBreak Out: IX.

2nd December 2012:
At least they managed to figure out that Charlie was still alive! Though that sort of hope is almost as bad as it is good, because if they can't get him back it'll almost be like they have to go through losing him twice. It's awful how the Death Eaters are just prancing about, but with no one to stop them from doing anything that they want I guess it doesn't really matter much for them. Interesting chapter, glad that something came from their little venture!

Author's Response: They did figure that out! :) And it's like you said in another one of your reviews -- it might not have been the most productive meeting in the world, but it's not like they were going crusading to end the war right then and there. It's a morale boost, knowing hope isn't totally lost.

This is probably the chapter I'm most nervous about, writing-wise, so hearing that you seemed to like it really just makes me happy. Thanks so much, and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the other chapters, too! :)

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Review #34, by prettywishesBreak Out: VIII.

2nd December 2012:
Charlie!!! I was seriously elated to see that he was at least still alive and kicking, even if he has been ordered to spend his time doing mundane work for the Death Eaters. Sort of reminds me of the holocaust in that whole way that they're using prisoners, but I'm pretty sure that the whole revolution in the books was supposed to mimic that in ways already. But what they did to Harry's body? Awful.

The whole bit with Hermione was rough, especially the whole bit about how this was going to be her death. One can only hope that things don't end up ending that way. But the Dean thing? Really rough. I want to believe that he just ended up like Charlie, but something tells me that wasn't the case.

Author's Response: I'm very glad that YOU'RE very glad that Charlie's alive! :) I grew quite attached to him in writing this story -- and yes, there are intentional ties to prisoner camps of the Holocaust filtered in there. There are actually a lot of ties to the Holocaust in canon, too, and reading theories on that is actually quite interesting. And isn't Harry's body horrible? It actually gives me the creeps, picturing that.

I won't tell you exactly what happened with Dean (though, of course, you've read further than this chapter, so you probably know). Spoilers!

Thank you so much, as always, for your lovely reviews -- I can't say it enough! ♥

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Review #35, by prettywishesBreak Out: VII.

2nd December 2012:
I was seriously in tears when Ron was thinking about how he would have asked Hermione to be with him at one point, because he couldn't imagine life without her! Now I really really want that to be able to happen, so I'm rooting for some sort of break through to happen that'll get her out of there!

The whole trip to London doesn't seem to be of much use, but sitting around isn't really useful either, so I can't imagine that it could be that harmful either. Hopefully something good will manage to come of it, even if it is just a morale boost for Ron and the others!

Author's Response: Oh, I didn't mean to make you cry! (Though if I may say so, I'm very honored to have elicited such an emotional response from you.) I root always for Ron/Hermione, because they're one of my all-time favorite pairings. And I /know/ that he loves her, so conveying that was a huge thing for me. Glad to hear you're rooting for them as well!

I'm glad to hear your opinion on the London mission, too, and you've really summed up the whole thing quite nicely. Morale boosts are always a good thing. :) Thank you so, so much for taking the time to leave me a review!!

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Review #36, by prettywishesBreak Out: VI.

2nd December 2012:
I feel so awful for Hermione, and then I got so excited when she realized that Dean was there, and then Oliver had to go and ruin it all. Clearly he had just given up, but I really hope that Hermione doesn't end up like that! Also, I really hope that at some point they're able to get her out of there, especially before anything really really bad happens there. Can't imagine things would get any better with time.

The interactions between Bellatrix and Voldemort were very tense and interesting, but I thought that the last bit was the most interesting of all. I never thought about the possibility that he could be dying, and without him I would imagine that the Death Eaters would lose most of their steam. Very interesting plot twist!

Author's Response: I feel really badly for Hermione, too, although it is some comfort (though not much) that she has company there. Oliver's an interesting character in this story; it might not be a bad idea to watch him! ;)

Oh, yes, Voldemort's not immortal. I'm pleased you liked the interaction between Bellatrix and him, though! That was, thinking back, one of the most difficult aspects of this entire story, that scene. I'm not sure what it is about those two, but writing them in character together was a bit of a challenge for me.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing your opinion on the rest of the story! :3 As always, thank you for your review, truly. I know I keep repeating that, but I really do appreciate them!

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Review #37, by prettywishesBreak Out: V.

2nd December 2012:
The Ginny/Ron bit was the most adorable brother sister scene that I've read in awhile, but at the same time I felt absolutely awful for Ginny. She's really got nothing to hope for when it comes to love. Then you also managed to nail Ron's attitude towards Malfoy, it was almost funny to read because it was just so in character for Ron to freak out where Malfoy is concerned, so that was very enjoyable to read! Really interested to see how that whole agreement works out for them!

Author's Response: Il loved writing Ron and Ginny's scene together too -- there aren't enough sibling moments in a lot of fan fiction, you know? And the Weasleys, of all families, should have family moments! I feel so badly for Ginny, though; I didn't really anticipate how killing Harry would affect her before it came time to write it.

Oh, thank you so much! I'm thrilled you found Ron and Draco's little spat in character -- and I love hot-headed Ron in canon. I can't tell you how much your lovely, consistent comments mean to me, truly! Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #38, by prettywishesBreak Out: IV.

2nd December 2012:
All of these emotions are killing me! Seeing how things unfolded from Hermione's point of view was even worse than seeing things from Ron's I think. And when she was saying that they might as well just kill her now? That was awful, though with the things that she's likely to experience I can't say that I blame her.

Draco! I was crazy excited to see that you've managed to work him into this! I seriously love him, and I like it when more sides of him are explored and I like how it's been made clear that he's more of a coward than anything. So many people seem to try to make him out as some evil child, but I think that you've got something more accurate going here. Really interested to see who exactly nabbed him and why.

Author's Response: Hermione's chapters are inarguably the darker ones of this story, but that's to be expected, I suppose. And you're right -- we can't really blame her, can we? For all she knows, all hope is lost (though hopefully readers think otherwise!).

Draco's actually a pretty big part of this story! Which I'm sure you know by now, of course. ;) People have the tendency to write Draco with either too many good qualities, or not enough, and he's too interesting of a mix to lean fully one way or the other. It's awesome to see we have similar views to that end! He's got a complexity to his character in canon I tried hard to capture here.

Well, what can I say? As always, thank you very, very much for taking the time to review this for me! ♥

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Review #39, by prettywishesBreak Out: III.

2nd December 2012:
The opening scene was awful in a good way, Ron realizing the fact that Hermione had been left behind and that there was nothing he could do about it? Utterly depressing, but the emotions were conveyed really clearly. And it didn't really get any better from there in terms of mood, but I adored how Mr. Weasley reacted to everything. All of the characters seem really spot on so far, something that is so hard to do, so kudos for that.

Author's Response: The opening scene is my favorite part of this chapter -- which is slightly odd, when I come to think about it. My favorite parts of stories are always the heartbreaking ones! But I'm really pleased to hear the emotions were convincing, because, as I've said, so much of this story hinges on that. :)

Characterization is something I work very hard on in my writing, so it makes me smile to see that it's working for you here! Thank you for this review, and I'm pleased you're liking the story thus far!

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Review #40, by prettywishesBreak Out: II.

2nd December 2012:
I really really like the way in which you've portrayed all of the characters so far, especially Ron. I am always so reluctant to read anything that has anything to do with the trio because there always seems to be something off about it, but you've done a really brilliant job with that so far.

You've also done a really great job of conveying emotions with this so far, my heart was seriously breaking as Ron was calling out for Hermonine! The chaos was clear as was the confusion that seems to have resulted. A scene like this must have been tricky to write but I thought you managed really well!

Author's Response: You're back, and with a whole new slew of reviews for me! ♥ You are awesome, you know that?

Ron is one of my favorite parts of writing this story, and I've always loved writing him; he's so much more than comic relief, but he's also really good FOR comic relief, which makes for a fun time of writing. I'm so glad you think I'm writing him well thus far!

This chapter is one of my favorites in the story -- it was a bit tricky to write, yes, but it also came quickly. Emotions are such a major part of this story, and your compliments to that end are so appreciated.

I know I've told you over and over, but your reviews really do mean so, so much to me! Thank you for taking the time to leave your opinions on this chapter, and I'm looking forward to responding to the rest of your reviews, too! ♥

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Review #41, by prettywishesBreak Out: I.

23rd November 2012:
So I thought that I was done stalking you-then I decided that I ought to just check one last thing out, and I am so so glad that I did! The idea behind this is so amazing. I mean, when you think about it, the idea isn't too far fetched, but I've never seen it executed before so I am really excited to see what you are going to do with it! There are so many different ways that this could go, which has me very excited! Brilliant start.

Author's Response: Look at you, popping over to yet another of my stories! I'm really glad you checked this story out, too; speaking with a bias, I'm very proud of it, and I'm pleased you're enjoying it thus far too!

The idea to write an AU centered around Harry's death had been tugging at my mind for a long time, before I sat down to actually write this. I've never read a version from another author, either, so I don't know how they compare.

I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions on the rest, though! And, of course, thank you for taking the time to review this chapter. It really does mean so much to me!

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Review #42, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Epilogue

23rd November 2012:
Eeeek! This was the perfect way to wrap everything up. I really wasn't sure what you were going to do to link all of these together, but the last thing that I expected was for it to be when they were older sending their own kids off to school! The little comments that were linked throughout the story really pulled everything together, so kudos on that! Also, I adored the way that you wrote James! His fear about going off to school was so genuine and you captured the moment really well!

Author's Response: For both this and GUW, the epilogues were some of my favorite chapters to write (though I realize I probably have said that at least once about every chapter), because tying everything together was like a really fun puzzle. And I liked them especially because I intentionally wrote them without any sense of finality -- in each, there's a bit of a carrying on theme, that childhood and growing up in this magical world will go on forever. And I'm really happy to hear you liked James, too! I'm not normally a fan of the next generation, but I'll make some exceptions where wee kids are involved. ;)

Seriously. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate all these reviews you've left for me -- and not just on this story, but on all the ones you've stopped by recently. It seriously is so amazing of you to do that, and I hope you know that. ♥ Thank you so, so much!!

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Review #43, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Seamus

23rd November 2012:
Oh my goodness, he was just too adorable! I almost died when he mentioned that he wouldn't be able to make himself cheese sandwiches because he wasn't allowed to use a knife! It was something that little kids would think about in that sort of situation. I am so glad that you ended up writing this, knowing where Seamus got his love for all things explosive from was cute!

Author's Response: Seamus! Not a lot of people write Seamus, and I think that's one of the main reasons why I set out so intentionally to do so. I'm really pleased that you seemed to think I got into a kid's mind here, too, because that's exactly what it's supposed to be, this story: Snippets from the eyes of a child. Hearing little things like that is one of the best things about writing -- I can know that what I want to get across to readers, it's making it's way there!

Thank you so much for this review, and again, for all of the others as well!

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Review #44, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Harry

23rd November 2012:
I knew that Harry's chapter was going to have to deal with Dudley (how could it not?) but I thought it was hilarious how he and his friends were chasing Harry around for fun. The way that Harry managed to escape via tree was cute, especially when he used his magic to keep him out! I really think that my favorite part though was when it was mentioned how hard Dudley tried to get back up there, even years later! The little details always make the biggest differences.

Author's Response: Dudley was a very large part of Harry's childhood, and it's just too easy to write a fun little scrape with the pair of them involved for me NOT to have done it. You know? :P In looking back and thinking about writing each of these chapters, I think this is one of the ones I had the most fun actually writing it. And it came very quickly, if I recall correctly. Poor Dudley, never quite understanding Harry's magic... and I love that bit, too, about his always wanting to figure out how it happened! I love details, and I'm so happy you do, too.

I'm grinning like a maniac right now, watching football and responding to these reviews. They seriously make me so happy. :3 Thank you for them!

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Review #45, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Cedric

23rd November 2012:
Awww! The monster under the bed is such a classic idea, but you did a really great job of making sure that this was still interesting and funny and such. Though I thought it was so sad when Cedric was mentioned something about dying at the hands of the monster because of his premature death. But his Dad was such a typical dad, and he had such an active imagination, that it all just came together so perfectly!

Author's Response: When I was thinking of what to write for Cedric, I was almost astonished to realize I HADN'T written about monsters under beds yet -- because you're right, it really is a classic! I'm kind of a masochist, though, inserting little barbs about death like that. Oops. :(

But anyway. I'm glad you liked this chapter (and all the rest) anyway! Thank you so much to taking the time to tell me what you thought!

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Review #46, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Hermione

23rd November 2012:
I'm pretty sure that I was Hermione as a little kid, mostly because I always got mad that no one else knew how to read and I could. Though that was mostly due to wanting to out-do my older brother, so maybe it wasn't like her after all. Either way, little Hermione was really really funny, going around and bossing people around. Something that I can really see from her, especially if she isn't used to being around other little kids all the time!

Author's Response: I've heard that a lot, actually -- and in truth, when writing this story, I was picturing my own preschool classroom and attitudes. :D Some habits die hard, and I think a lot of readers and writers were a lot like Hermione when they were little! She's so bossy and endearing, and I think it would be a bit hypocritical of me if I didn't like her, really. I honestly do have a lot of her personality traits...

Have I mentioned yet how happy your reviews have made me? Because seriously, you are AMAZING for leaving them all for me! ♥ I can't tell you how much it means!

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Review #47, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Oliver

23rd November 2012:
Eeee, this was probably my favorite one so far! I think that it was because Quidditch was SO important to Oliver and this was his first exposure to it. I think that the way that he met the Keeper was really adorable. I know so many people that went on in sports because of someone that they met when they were younger, so this was a fun thing to do with that idea! He was just so immersed in the game and super excited and it was super cute!

Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear that this one was your favorite! I don't suspect I was thinking too much, in planning to include Oliver in this collection -- I do hate writing Quidditch. :P It wasn't too bad, though! I do love Oliver's character, and went through an Oliver/OC reading phase, so that's probably where this stems from.

Isn't he adorable? I'm unhealthily attached to all these little kids. I do kind of miss writing them, actually. Maybe I'll try it again someday! :) Thank you for your review!

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Review #48, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Draco

23rd November 2012:
I absolutely adore anything that has to do with Draco that doesn't completely bash him, and baby Draco cannot be bashed. He was just too cute! Sneaking out into the big adult party just to find himself some desert! It captured the whole pureblood society but through a child's eyes, something that I really haven't seen before. These one-shots are just too cute!

Author's Response: I love writing about Draco for a lot of the same reasons I love about Snape -- and that's that he's actually a pretty complex character. And like Snape, people seem to favor either writing him in a really sympathetic or really unsympathetic light. I try and go for a middling approach with both: They have good qualities just like they have bad ones.

That being said, I do think I made him a bit more adorable here than I perhaps see him in the books. :D But it was hard not to, writing these stories! Your compliments and reviews really have made me so, so happy -- seriously. I can't thank you enough for them! ♥

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Review #49, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Luna

23rd November 2012:
The way that Luna was watching the Weasley kids really reminded me of myself as a child because I probably leaned over the fence for hours watching my neighbors play before I finally met them. Her mother inventing the whole 'shadow friend' was super adorable, Luna does seem like the type for imaginary friends! She is a tricky character, I'd never dare to deal with her myself, but I think that you really managed to keep her cannon in this!

Author's Response: Oh, how cute! I was never the fence-spyer, but my neighbor actually did peep over our fence to watch my sister and me play, come to think of it. Maybe that's where the inspiration comes from -- who knows? And I think out of all of these kids, Luna is the most likely to have an imaginary friend (with the possible exception of Colin).

I'm so pleased that you found this to be canon, too! That's something I really focused on in all my writing, and in these short story collections in particular. It's just awesome to hear you're enjoying the story!

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Review #50, by prettywishesGrowing Up Magical: Colin

23rd November 2012:
I was so excited that you did this with Colin! He was just so bouncy and excited and adorable, like you imagine after meeting the Colin in the books. He always seemed to have so much energy, and this really captured this. The relationship between Dennis and him was super cute as well, I love sibling relationships!

Author's Response: This chapter is, I think, one of my favorites in this collection. ;) Colin really is just so adorable, and I had a lot of fun writing him here. Bouncy's a good word for it! I think he's sort of an underappreciated canon character, too, and I wanted to give him that credit here. He's a great one -- and he sacrificed his life for Harry. That's no small thing, to be sure.

Thank you once again for the review -- it really made my day to have all these! :)

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