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Review #1, by KelsieHe smelt like Pine Needles: He smelt like Pine Needles

2nd December 2011:
very good :) i really liked the way you totally captured Lily's personality. ps im also very glad Peter wasn't in it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you thought i managed to portray her well, she can be quite a complex character.
aaha, yeh, peter sucks

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Review #2, by KelsieSecret of Our Sucess: The Invitation

23rd September 2011:
oh!! i just read this to my friend and we both agree this story is insane! write more...please!!

Author's Response: aww thanks :)

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Review #3, by KelsieSecret of Our Sucess: The start

23rd September 2011:
awww, im really glad that Lily is softening. they belong together! :') write more. please

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so too! I dont understand all these snape/lily shippers; not saying people can't have their own opinion though!

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Review #4, by KelsieSecret of Our Sucess: The Beginning

23rd September 2011:
:O this is so good!! i love the way you have completely captured their characters so well! write more!

Author's Response: aha thanks :) of course i will!

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Review #5, by KelsieMission Granger: Matters of the Heart

8th August 2010:
it is so good, i really like the fact that Hermione and Draco have got past the lust stage and are now like serious. Not that i didn't like the lust stage! It's just nice to know there're developing. Oh man, i sound really lame-i'm acting like there're real people! You are a fantastic writer, please keep posting chapters before I die. And i know that you can only put 10/10 but i'm thinking 11/10!!! :) xx

Author's Response: ah thank you!!! and it's totally cool, i act like they're real people sometimes too, it's not a big deal. i'll try and update asap :D

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Review #6, by KelsieNever Hurt Hermione Granger... Result: Draco Malfoy: The Dance

29th July 2010:
WRITE MORE! you haven't updated in ages, im dieing here! amazing writing, you really have a talent. :) xx

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Review #7, by KelsieMy life, MY story: The Knight in Shining Armour

4th July 2010:
hey, AND WHERE is the next chapter?! hmmm, im WAITING! ITS AMAZING DAISY I LOVE YOU! xxx

Author's Response: Kelsie, the next chapter will be up soon!



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Review #8, by KelsieNever Hurt Hermione Granger... Result: Draco Malfoy: Getting Ready

26th June 2010:
oh my gosh!!! its amazing!! write more-please!! im dying to know what happens next!!! x

Author's Response: The 6th chapter is up. I'm just waiting for validation. Happy you like it! Thank you for the compliment!

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Review #9, by KelsieMission Granger: Revelations

16th June 2010:
ARGH!!! write more! i need to know what happens!!

Author's Response: i'm working on it! it's finally the summer so i'll be able to write AL the time! thanks for being so enthusiastic!

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