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Review #1, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Reticence

17th April 2014:
Well this was rather dramatic. Can't say I was surprised when they discovered Nora was gone. She doesn't really seem one to cry and mope about it, she takes action. This is an interesting turn though, her having a younger brother. I wonder where that's going... And it was interesting to see this from Snape's perspective. I just wish Desdemona could have revealed more! You just love to tease, dangling information right in front of us! Just tell us already!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #2, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Excavation

17th April 2014:
Well that's a plot twist if I ever saw one. I kind of saw something coming with her, there's no way her being at St. Mungo's wasn't deliberate. I must say I really admire the way you write this. I find it very difficult to write scenes involving the Dark side. I don't know why, I just always draw a blank. You do a great job of including the Order and making it a large part of the plot while still including some romance. You're great at balancing everything. I wish I could write like this!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #3, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: The Dark Lord's Most Loyal

17th April 2014:

This was a kind of intense chapter. I like that Snape recognizes how much Sirius needs Nora. And it's interesting the way she sees Snape, which I guess I had never thought of before. I've said this before but I just hate him, so seeing him in this light is really weird to me. It's odd for her to sympathize with him because I honestly can't do that, but I find myself wanting to when I read this. Most of all I love the intensity with which Sirius feels for Nora. It's so passionate, yet he does such a good job of hiding it. I love that they're so oblivious to each other. When they finally get together it will be so awesome!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #4, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Christmas

16th April 2014:
Oh this was bound to be sad. It's a shame Healers can't cure everyone... But on a brighter note, there was definitely some Sirius/Nora action. I wish Sirius would stop ignoring her though, why can't they just admit they have feelings for each other? It's undeniable! But I'm afraid of how Snape would react... Maybe he would get mad at her for it. Uh oh. Or maybe he would keep fighting. Grrr no, Snape, get away!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

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Review #5, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Company

16th April 2014:
I liked this chapter quite a bit. But then again, I've liked all of them so far! But really this story gives me endless butterflies. I think it's the best written fanfiction I've ever read. Please tell me you have plans of becoming a published author. You must share your talent with the world!
Anyway, I'm getting rather impatient already. I can't wait any longer, I need to read the next chapter!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #6, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: The Tapestry's Demise

16th April 2014:
Oh I love balls! I know it's a total cliche, but I just think they offer so many opportunities for drama. I'm using one in my story as well. It'll be interesting to see how Sirius is going to respond... I kind of like how they're reverting to their kind of petty school day attitudes. Maybe Nora will help them settle their differences? Personally, you may have noticed, I'm rooting for Sirius. Partly because I think Snape is a right git, mostly because I'm madly in love with Sirius myself. (Yes, you guessed right, I'm actually Nora. You've been writing about my life this entire time). I'm a bit unhealthily obsessed, but tomorrow is my day off, so binge-night-reading here I come!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #7, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Like a Bat Out of Hell

16th April 2014:
I knew it! I knew something awful was going to happen! Oh no... I hope she's okay. And that they don't break in while she's gone. Where were Fudge and the other woman through all this? I feel like they would have heard all the ruckus... But man I had to skip a few details because they were just too much. I get queasy very easily, and you are just so detailed in your writing that I just couldn't handle it. Other than that this was a great chapter! Or I guess it still is with it, but you know what I mean.

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #8, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: In the Drawer

16th April 2014:
I am falling in love with this story. The emotions are so real, so palpable. I feel what Sirius feels when he explores in Nora's drawer. I feel Nora's joy at his letter. With most stories I would beg for them to be together, but I'm kind of liking where it is now. I like their obliviousness to each other's feelings. It's just so cute. But I feel like things went too well in this chapter... I'm afraid of what may come... *swallows*

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #9, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Pox

14th April 2014:
This was a nice change in scene after the dramatic ending to the last chapter. I think it'll be really interesting for Nora to continue her 'spying' at Hogwarts. Though I doubt she would remain undetected, Ron most likely told the rest of the trio no more than a second after they had left the classroom. I loved the bit with Umbridge in there. She is so foul, but you write her so very well! I'm excited to see how Sirius will react to the whole scene, but Nora is probably spot on. I think I was right in predicting a love triangle... Sirius/Nora all the way!!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravanganza-

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Review #10, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: The Precautionary Plan

14th April 2014:
Wow that got really intense really fast. I wasn't expecting it to take that kind of turn at all. I guess it makes sense, though. It would be strange for Nora to remain safe through all this, considering the ends most Order members meet. I love how level headed she is, she seems to be very in tune with her emotions -- except for where Death Eaters are concerned, of course. I love Sirius's sort of passionate way of protecting her. I'm really excited to see how things progress between them.

Lovely chapter, as usual!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #11, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Visitors and Midnight Wanderings

14th April 2014:
Hello again!

I'm really loving this story! Nora and Sirius are so playful, and I love how joyful she seems to be regardless of her past. She could definitely be good for him. I'm also interested to see how her relationship with Snape progresses... Am I sensing a love triangle? I was also wondering, what house is Nora in? Is that mentioned later on? So far I can't really place her... Hopefully it's revealed at some point.

I loved that last scene. Poor Sirius, his life is such a nightmare. I couldn't even imagine going through all of that. But I would hate to see him deny himself of the possibility of happiness. It's understandable for him to feel this way though... Hopefully Nora can reciprocate those feelings!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

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Review #12, by keytyCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Headquarters

14th April 2014:
Why hello there! Venturing into another one of your stories because you siriusly (ha!) are a very talented writer. Sirius/OC is my favorite pairing, but I've honestly never read it outside of the Marauder's Era. I find this very interesting, and I'm really liking Nora's character. I'm interested to see how and why she became an animagus. That there would be quite a story, I think. I must say your writing is spot on. I find myself astonished by the fact that I'm reading this on a screen and not in print from a book store. You have a way with words that only few do.
Anywho, I think this is a lovely start. I look forward to reading more!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravangza-

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Review #13, by keytyDefiant Blood, Defiant Love: Hide The Bruises, Hide The Secrets

14th April 2014:
AH YAY YOU UPDATED! I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT! I'm so flipping excited. I sat on the edge of my seat reading the hospital wing scene. I caught myself muttering "Just kiss her, kiss her, kiss her..." So I mean that's not creepy at all.

Is it weird that as I read the quidditch match scene I kept checking on the one in the forums? Haha. The beaters are brutal!

Did you ever post that short story about Marcy and Jamison? If not, please let me know when you do, I'd love to give it a read!

Moving on. Can I just say that I'm imagining the marauders as like four year olds that only go up to Andromeda's knees? It's so cute they're just babies in my mind. It's kind of like the baby looney tunes show. Also, I usually read this at work, and photobucket is blocked here so I never see the banner. So I'm not sure what your face claim is for Ted but in my mind I see him as James Franco when he played James Dean. Mmmm so dreamy. I love him. I kind of am battling between him and Sirius now, look at what you've done! Anyway, I love how this chapter went. There was so much drama and yayayyyayyayaya it was so long! I'm nervous to see what happens with Rabastan. He is such a loser! I'm also super excited about Andromeda and Ted hanging out. He so obviously fancies her I can't wait for her to feel the same way! Please please PLEASE update soon!

-Huffleclaw Ravenpuff Eggstravangaza-

Author's Response: I love how excited you are about this, it makes me excited! Haha! I know I wish Ted would kiss her but I'm such a tease at building up all that tension so there probably won't be any kissing for a while but I promise to let it happen when you least expect it ;)

Haha I keep checking too! It honestly is the best sport ever, isn't it? So brutal. I always think of Dobby when I think of Beaters lol.

Actually I've written out the first three chapters. It's going to end up being like 21 chapters though since I decided to do each chapter day by day. I will update the first chapter tonight, I'm so excited! I honestly love Jamison and Marcy!

LOLOL YES THE MAURADERS ARE SO CUTE! I feel like they are four year olds too, especially James and Lily, but no matter how hard I try Sirius is always so mature to me, even as an eleven year old. He's just perfect, you know? The picture of Ted is actually this French actor named Gaspard Ulliel, he's amazing *sighs desperately* but feel free to imagine whoever you like, james Franco is a babe so totally appropriate ;D

I'm ridiculous about long chapters, seriously I think it scares some people. Rabastan will def pop up in the next chap, can't wait for that! You'll probably feel a little sorry for him actually.

I'm so happy you liked this and your review made my day. I will try to update as soon as possible! I'm currently working on said chapter. Thanks again love :))

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Review #14, by keytyRunaway: Family

11th April 2014:
This is just so sweet! I love seeing them happy, because they suffer so much later. But let's not think about that. I love how apprehensive Sirius is around James's parents. In my fic he's the total opposite and calls them Mum and Dad :P But this works too, since he's just met them and all. I just love everything about this. It's so sweet and happy and I just wish their lives would stay that way forever.
Congrats on finishing your first fic! It's brilliant!

Author's Response: Yay! I know, they're so unhappy and everything is just so grim and awful for them later in life so I would feel guilty if I didn't write them being happy now, while they can. Hahaha yeah, I'm glad you liked his apprehensiveness in this fic even though yours is different, but since he has just met them and they're doing him an immense service I thought he ought to be nervous.

Thank you so much for review-bombing this story keyty, you're amazing. Thank you! ♥ ♥

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Review #15, by keytyRunaway: Refuge

11th April 2014:
Hello again!

This chapter is so lovely. I like seeing Sirius transition to a loving family, it must be such a culture shock! Their interaction in James's bedroom seemed so normal, I loved it. Nothing outrageous, nothing exciting, just two mates hanging out. Just what Sirius needed.
The bit about being on the run for two weeks got to me. So ironic that later he's on the run for two years. I'm not okay. But that last bit about James's mum is super cute. Almost made up for my feels about him being on the run.

Anyway, loving this!

Author's Response: Hello again!

Ah, I'm so glad you think so! Bahaha yes I think it was a bit of a culture shock for poor old Sirius, especially after being a dog for so long. Yay, I'm so happy that their interaction seemed normal - I wanted to portray just two friends hanging out, and I'm glad you think it was natural. Yeah, that is exactly what Sirius needs! :D

Oh no. :'( I know, I'm sorry. *hugs tightly* I'm so glad you thought it was cute, I'm loving James' mum right now. And I hope your feels feel better soon!

Thanks for another lovely review keyty. :D

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Review #16, by keytyRunaway: Should Have Seen it Coming

11th April 2014:
Hi! Always love a good Sirius fic!
Pretty much everything I've read with him focuses on his promiscuous tendencies, so this is a nice change. Marauders fics (mine included) tend to shy away from showing his home life, but I think you did it quite nicely here. I like the idea that they wanted him to stay, for whatever reasons they may have. For some reason I always imagined them as not caring much about him, kind of just letting him escape. This is better, he had to make a conscious decision to disobey them in the worst way possible. And I like that it took him a while to get to James's house, instead of him getting instant gratification.
One CC I would have is that for a bit towards the end you shifted from past to present tense and then back. The change isn't very long so it should only take a couple minutes to fix. Other than that I think you did a wonderful job! On to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hey there! Haha I know. :')

I actually really don't like that everyone assumes that he's the playboy sort because he's good looking, so yeah, I didn't focus on that at all. I'm glad you liked the change!

I actually haven't read much about his home life, and I'm really happy this did an okay job of filling in the gaps for you and that you think I did an okay job at showing his home life. I think that his parents would have wanted him to be who they wanted him to be, and couldn't accept that he wasn't, if that made sense at yeah, he had to run away. :P

Oh dear, did I? Thank you for pointing that out, I'll go fix it when I have the time.

Thanks for an amazing review, keyty!

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Review #17, by keytyFleeting Love: Baby Steps

9th April 2014:
Hello there!

I figured I'd go ahead and leave you a review while I'm here :)

This is a really strong start. You have a very strong voice in your writing, and the pace and flow go together nicely. I could have done with a longer chapter, but if it were up to me, all fics would be never-ending!

So far you're doing a pretty good job of establishing all the characters. We've gotten a glimpse of what all the Marauders are like, as well as Lily. You've given us the background story as to why they're all behaving this way and every action is justified, nothing seems out of place.
So far I think you're doing really well on characterization, even if it's just the first chapter. I don't know what you're worried about! All you have to do now is uphold the traits you've established.

On to the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely comments! Yeah, I've said it before but I do seem to have a hard time writing long chapters. I think what I'll have to do from now on is write about three (in my view) and lump them all together to make one actual, proper-length chapter ;)
Thankyou for the lovely compliments! I know I kinda suck at replying to reviews, though, so sorry...
awesomepotter xxx

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Review #18, by keytyA Child's Cry: A Child's Cry

6th April 2014:
Sarah recommended this story and I just have to say it took all of my strength to keep myself from crying. I'm at work and honestly this could have been very problematic. Fred's death is one that I never quite got over. Even though you barely mentioned it, it still hit home reading it here again. Seeing it through Molly's eyes is just so heartbreaking, especially in contrast with the rest of the story. Molly's love for her children is undeniable and it's terrible that not only was one taken from her, but from his twin as well. All of the happiness throughout the story is so pure and it is paired so well with the grief at the end. I'm going to need to stop myself before I actually do start crying. But basically, this is amazing. Truly, brilliantly done. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Crying seems to be a common response, and I can't decide if I should be happy or sorry... Lol. As a mom, losing a child is my deepest darkest fear. I really had to search my vocabulary to make sure I could portray all the emotions correctly and it makes My day to know that someone recommended it and that you enjoyed it, even if it almost made you cry. +] I was worried it was too short but from what feedback I've had, no-one seems to mind very much. Thanks for leaving a review! It's always nice to hear what people think while the views are going up.

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Review #19, by keytyUpping The Ante: The Bouncing Properties of Dimes

6th April 2014:
Hello! Here with your requested review.

Okay moving on.

I'll address your concerns.

a) Yes, it makes sense so far. This is just the first chapter, so we're only being introduced to all of the characters. There are a lot of them, but you did a good job of giving us enough information to tell them apart.

b) Characterization so far seems good. It's interesting to see the Marauders in this light. Usually Marauder fics show their good sides more often than their bad ones. I like to see them being total gits, it's refreshing!

c) Like I said, this is only the first chapter! I consider first chapters to be mostly introductions. You've given us enough information to preface what could happen later in the story, but there wasn't much movement. Mind you, it only took place in one day, but like I said this, in my opinion, is okay for the beginning of a story. I would have liked to have seen the Gryffindor team's reaction to their loss. They seemed so confident I was sure there would be a snarky remark in there somewhere. Oh well!

d) The description you have now is pretty solid. I would say you can always add more, but right now it seems to be okay. This was a bit of a short chapter in terms of time passing, so maybe down the road you could add more here and there. If you're still concerned, I would suggest giving more details about the environment, because right now I think as far as the characters it's pretty good.

e) I may be biased, because like I said I love Sirius/OCs, but this has peaked my interest! I like the focus on Quidditch, and I'm curious to see where the story goes. We're just getting to know the characters, but so far it seems that Alexandra has some interesting relationships with the rest of the characters. There's a lot of variety, which is always good. I'm very interested to see where this goes!

Hopefully this answered all of your questions. One CC I would have is that I saw a few minor errors. I think a quick skim could do the trick there. Please come back to re-request when you update, I'd love to read more!

Author's Response: Hi keyty! Thanks for doing this for me!

Yay! I love Sirius/OCs too! Thank you so much for all this wonderful detail. Considering it's a rewrite I'm so glad everything makes sense and that the characters are fairly well developed. Aha, the Marauders will be shown in a better light, don't worry, but they are seventeen year old boys, and you can't mature *that* much in a year. ;)

As for the Gryffindor team making a snarky comment, I definitely would have put it in there, but I felt as if it might have been too harsh? It's not supposed to be a Gryffindor hates Ravenclaw and vice versa story, more like a friendly rivalry. That said, I will try and see if I can work that in because it does seem like a very interesting plot point. :)

I'm pretty bad with description, so I really appreciate the comments. I will definitely take everything you said into account, so thank you so much!

I'm so glad you liked it! I will definitely try and look over it again to check for the errors, so thank you for pointing that out! I will definitely come back to rerequest, your review was amazing!

Lo :)

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Review #20, by keytyClementine: Clementine

6th April 2014:
Hi! Here with your requested review!

I love this so much! I have a weakness for second person point of view. You have accomplished this so well, both with the conciseness of it and the difficult perspective. I absolutely adore this. It's so short, yet it conveys so many emotions. We know Fleur to be confident, and here you show us how staggering it is for her to be indecisive. You show us what it's like for someone part veela to be unsure of herself. It's so sweet and insightful. I honestly have no CC for you! I love the orange theme, and the fact that you were able to add so much description in such few words is, honestly, intimidating! Amazing job! So much gushing!

Okay I think that's enough of me freaking out over how great this is. Maybe one last time... brilliant!

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Review #21, by keytyTwelve: Minutes Passing

6th April 2014:
And here is the second review!

On Rose: I think you do a good job of balancing out her character. We can tell she isn't naive, but we can also see all the good in her. She has so much hope for everyone around her, but it's obvious she knows when to stand up to someone. I feel like, depending on how the story develops, she could become a bit less faithful in everyone. It would be interesting to see her evolve in that direction, I'm curious to see how it'll play out.

On the moment: I think you did a good job at hinting at some Rose/Scorpius action. People may not have commented on it just because there are a lot of other new developments in this chapter, but it's noticeable. I think that at this point, since it can go either way with who Rose ends up with, people might be hesitant to expect anything of it. Since Marcus and her have already kissed, there's more to go on there. Personally, I'm not sure who I'm shipping with Rose yet. I'm on the fence about Marcus, because I'm not sure if he's really genuine yet. Where Scorpius is concerned, I'm not sure he's emotionally mature enough to be with her. So I still haven't decided who I prefer her with, like I said, it could really go either way at this point. So far you've hinted at a possible relationship with both of them, so it depends on which one you want to pursue.

I think I went into Scorpius a bit in my last review, but I'm happy to touch on it again. Like I said before, he doesn't seem to really think things through. When he said "He is up to something I know it. I mean why else would he like you?" you can tell he regrets it, he just blurted it out before giving it any thought. With this bet it seems that he's controlling himself around the 'targets' Marcus assigns him. I'm wondering if he just can't control himself around Rose, or if he's just being extra careful around the targets as to win the bet. I think it's the latter, because when he's angry he also seems to say whatever he's thinking, regardless of who he's with. I think it would be good for him to learn to control his tongue, because now he's gone and hurt Rose's feelings! Hopefully he redeems himself.

I'm also very curious to see how Rose reacts when she inevitably discovers the bet. It seems like it will happen when Marcus is close to redeeming himself, so it would obviously hurt him there. And clearly it would affect her friendship with Scorpius, so it will be interesting when we see her decide how she wants to deal with the situation. She could pick one, both, or neither. I'm thinking it will be neither at first. Only time will tell!

One word I'd like to point out is, when Sasha was discussing dragons, you used the word bread instead of breed. I may have said this before but I strongly recommend looking into getting a beta. While your plot and characterization are strong, grammar and spelling are also important. A second pair of eyes can be very helpful. Other than that, I think I've said everything!

I'm really liking this story so far! Even though it's got a kind of cliche bet premise, I think you gave it a unique twist. You gave Scorpius a valid reason for pursuing the bet other than pure enjoyment, and you've got Marcus in the mix trying to regain Rose's trust. Please come back to re-request, I'd love to read more!

Author's Response: I'm not going to lie, I am a little bit nervous about making her lose faith. I'm sure it's not hard to figure out why that would be, but I won't truly know until I get to that point writing wise. I have an idea about how she will feel but frequently when I am writing what I thought the character would feel, and what that really feel are two completely different reactions. It may be interesting to see her evolve into that but at the same time I think it would be a little bit heartbreaking. I love writing her character at the moment, and I haven't read any stories that have her portrayed in this way. Not that those stories don't exist I just haven't seem them. It's her faith that makes her so unique and special and taking that away i'm curious if it wouldn't destroy her to lose it. Anyways that's all speculations at the moment. I guess I will find out later on when I'm writing.
As for Scorpius no he doesn't think things through and that was one of those moments where he should have just kept his mouth shut. He doesn't always have that filter that tells him when to stop and think. To be honest Scorpius does tend to have very good control of his thoughts and actions around Rose and the other girls. I think its when things come to Marcus that that filter disappears and he doesn't think things through. I mean every time he has always said something that he regrets it usually is always about, around, or leads back to Marcus. He may need to learn to control his tongue but at the same time, Marcus has given no indication that he isn't up to something, at least not around Scorpius. On another note I also don't think Scorpius realizes how badly Rose wants to like Marcus, that might make a slight difference. Redeeming is a bad word, let's just say he has learned his lesson and wont make the same mistake again.
At the current moment a lot of people are thinking that it is going to do more damage against Marcus than it is Scorpius when Rose finds out. I'm not sure why, not saying they're right or wrong but i'm curious where this idea is coming from. Obviously I do know how that turns out and why but I will say some people are in for a shock, if they are hoping that Rose finding out is going to be some huge strike against Marcus by the time it happens.
Thanks i'll fix that after I post the next chapter.
I will say it may be a cliche bet premise but so far from what I have seen there is no other story with this bet premise so is it really Cliche? Sorry I love it when people say something is cliche but in reality the cliche is never done because people feel like it has been done too much before, making the actual cliche rare. (I think in very bizarre ways.)
I'll tell you right now if Scorpius is doing this for pure enjoyment I would not be writing the story.
Anyways thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #22, by keytyTwelve: Untimely Talks

6th April 2014:
Hello, back again with your requested review! I'll go ahead and address your concerns.

On Rose: From what I've seen so far, everything she said to Marcus seems to be in character. It doesn't come off as mean to me, but more frustrated than anything else. She's getting tired of him lying and badgering her. Even though she wasn't as sweet as she often is, he did push her past a kind of breaking point, I think. It's understandable for her to (almost) lose faith in him. But of course, she didn't because she's Rose! I'm interested to see how their relationship develops, and what Marcus does in response to this confrontation.

On Scorpius: At the moment, it seems like the bet is still a very recent development. Scorpius seems like a very emotional character, someone that goes with his gut and doesn't always think things through all the way. He seems to be guided by his feelings instead of just his thoughts, which is a good contrast with Rose. Rose is obviously very sympathetic, but she seems to be quite logical as well. She's pretty in tune and in control of her emotions, whereas Scorpius sometimes has outbursts he can't quite get a handle on. At the moment, I think he's kind of torn. He wants the company, but he knows he shouldn't be doing this. It seems to be that he long ago thought his chance of owning the company was a lost cause. Now that it's open again, he can't help but go after it, again following his gut and emotions. I think that if you play it right, throughout the story you can show these two sides of him. The one that wants this so desperately and the one that doesn't want to go on with the bet. I can see him kind of going too far with a girl and then feeling awful about it when he hurts her feelings. To me he doesn't seem like a horrible person at all, just a very desperate person. I hope this answers your question.

So far I quite like the concept of the story. Like I said, it's very original. You have a lot of opportunity for character development. You've got Scorpius, who can mature through this experience. He can learn about the difference between right and wrong, and when you should go with your gut as opposed to when you should think things through. Then there's Marcus, who depending on how he reacts to Rose, can become a better person. It can be tough, and it will probably take a while, but it's very possible. And finally there's Rose. I think that, depending on how Marcus treats her, she might also mature. Though it's sweet to see the good in everyone, it's not always realistic. So if Marcus doesn't ever evolve and better himself, this might help her see that it's not always best to give second, third, fourth, and fifth chances. (Which I'm not saying that she does, but she just seems very forgiving). Right now she's kind of on the edge, and it could go either way. It all just depends, really!

Hopefully this review was helpful to you! Now I'll move on to the next chapter and address all of your concerns there. :)

Author's Response: Sorry it has taken a few days for me to respond. Long reviews always take a while. Yeah I sometime worry that I make Rose too sweet or too out of character, but I felt that if Rose was to get really ticked off she would somehow do it in as pleasant of a way as possible. Being mean is just not in her nature, but being honest is, so i'm glad that that comes across.
I've never really thought about Scorpius that way but you are very very right, he does act a bit more on emotion than logically. I mean obviously he doesn't think before he acts or else he wouldn't be in this situation.
Trust me when I say Rose understands that not everything is good, she is a firm believer that something good can come from anything bad. That will come out in later chapters. She just has a strong faith but she does acknowledge that their is bad. I however don't think Rose will ever stop giving chances. She is the type of person who will be standing beside someone even when they have no one else. That doesn't mean that she is going to put her life aside to wait for someone to come around, and the person usually has to want/ask for a second chance for her to grant it. She's not completely naive.
The review did help. Like you've noted my characters do stand on this fine line and i have to make sure that they stay on it, without them going to far. Anyways thank you for reviewing. I'll get to the next one when I get a chance to sit down and respond.

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Review #23, by keytyDefiant Blood, Defiant Love: Cake Makes Way For Conversation

29th March 2014:
Ah this is so cute. When are they just gonna push each other against the wall and snog? Because that is definitely where I see this going.

You can't see me, but I'm excessively wagging my eyebrows. Suggestively, I might add. ;)

Grrr I want to know what she did about Marcy and Jamison! Did she do it yet? I just want to know everything! But there's nothing more to read! I'm glad that Andromeda and Ted are starting to get along, but hopefully they still argue a bit so that they can have that pent up sexual frustration. (more excessive/suggestive eyebrow wagging). I kind of want them to just get together, but I also want them to wait. Like I want them to get to know each other more. I want it to get to the point where she just wants him sooo bad. AASGSKDJFS. Okay I need to stop.

As always this chapter was brilliant. I am so hooked to this freaking story. I hope your finals went well and more importantly I hope you got a chance to write! Update please!!!

Author's Response: I WANT THEM TO SNOG TOO!

Seriously though I like to pace my dark/angsty/romance stories so slowly and basically torture myself until they need to be with each other. I have so much in my head for this story. Unfortunately I haven't written a new chapter for this story yet since I'm editing the sequel, but I'm definitely going to try to finish it tonight. I want it up by next week!!

Thanks again you're awesome!!

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Review #24, by keytyDefiant Blood, Defiant Love: Lakes, Lies, and Limbo

29th March 2014:
Hi! I just love binge reading this.. But there's only one left! Oh no!

I like this chapter a lot too. I do wish there was more Ted action, but he's not the main focus of the story right now! Like I said before, I like that Andromeda isn't too different from her friends. But, I guess that's why they get along. I'm curious to see what she'll do about Marcy and Jamison. Hopefully it doesn't blow up in her face! But with her luck lately... Uh oh now I'm worried. Should I be?

I'm also liking that she'll be seeing more of Zan now. I think Zan is a good friend for her to have, it'll give her some perspective, in my opinion. Hopefully there's more Sirius coming up! You know I can't get enough of him! But, of course, he's not a main character in this story, so I won't be too disappointed if he's not as prominent as I would like (And honestly just him by himself thinking would be perfect for me. But that would be a different fic lol). Okay! I can't wait any longer! On to the next one!

Author's Response: I know I want Ted action too! Soon girl, soon!! Yeah Andromeda's friends are interesting. I'm actually going to write a three chapter story for Marcy and Jamison and I'm super excited about it. I'm going to start on that this week or next week hopefully!

Yeah Zan is one of my favorites. She's quiet but there's so much to her and I can't wait for her character to develop. I kind of imagine her as this frail little girl who's super cute and shy. I love her!

There will be Sirius soon I promise! Especially since him and Andromeda are close, I will try my best to incorporate him a lot into the story.

Thank you, your reviews are amazing!

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Review #25, by keytyDefiant Blood, Defiant Love: The Art Of Cheating

29th March 2014:
Hi! Back again! Sooo glad my shift is slow so I can catch up on this amaazing story.

I looove this chapter. (Why do I keep stressing my vowels? Hm.) I love Ted. He's like an older, not as promiscuous (at least yet) Sirius, so obviously, I love him. I think so far you've been spot on with Andromeda. I don't think she would have ever really fallen in line with the classic Black family beliefs. There was no way she would have left the family just because she liked Ted, there obviously had to be some disconnect too. It's interesting that her friends seem to feel similarly, I wonder what will happen with them. I am a bit disappointed with her for just going with Rabastan's excuse. He's so manipulative. Erg. I hate him. But anyway, I'm so excited that there's been more interaction between Ted and Andromeda! Yay! I can't wait to see them talk more. I love how he ticks her off. Those hate to love relationships are what I live for. But Ted doesn't seem to hate her per se, so this will be interesting. I think I've been saying that a lot, but it's true! I just am so into this story.

Okay, moving on! Yay!

Author's Response: Isn't Ted wonderful? Gosh I'm obsessing over him, so not normal hahaha!

Yeah Andromeda definitely had always been the odd one out in the Black family, like Sirius. They were different from the start and people helped trigger them into who they really wanted to be, if that makes sense.

I live for those hate to love relationships too they are the best. I love the spice and drama that comes with them.

Can't wait to hear what you think about the rest!!

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