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Review #1, by marauderly izzyPretty Boy: I’m Judging You

17th June 2011:
Bloody brilliant xD oh god, I will never get over Louis's utterly hilarious... er... Manliness. :P
Loved this: 'You know what I hate about girls? They get mad at you, then expect you to miraculously know why they’re mad. I mean, seriously, I don’t remember past what I had for breakfast this morning. They expect too much from us.'
Poor guy.
Can't wait for the next chapter! (this is definitely my face ever spree after that Breathless one you did a while ago) :D

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Review #2, by marauderly izzyNormal? That's Weird...: Canadians and Boring Books

30th May 2011:
Aww short chapter :( But it's an update, so I'm not complaining.

er... too much.

meh. i reckon dom's got a girl, and Via's got a... boy... or girl... hm, tough one.

looking forward to the next one :) (with more super-amusing scorpius-rose battles-of-wit, i hope) :D

izzy x

Author's Response: marauderly izzy,

eh, i'd complain too.

everyone likes the rose/scorpius banter! haha, thanks for the review(:

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Review #3, by marauderly izzySide Effects: What Have You Done To Me?

12th May 2011:
this is like... the two best choccie companies in the world joining forces and coming up with a new BESTEST EVER chocolate thats a combination of both! :D THIS IS AWESOME. COVERED IN AWESOMESAUCE AND SPRINKLES. AND MANGOES.
mangoes are awesome too, k.
cant wait to see the next chapter! (hugo's POV, right?) oh wow, im in love with this story after only 2 thousand and something words. :P (hehe, blue...)
awaiting your next update ;D

Yessiree, the next chapter is Hugo's POV :) Are you excited? ^.^
thanks for the lovely review!!

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Review #4, by marauderly izzyBreathless: Rainbows and Sunshine Unicorns.

29th April 2011:
Just making Adele FLIPPINGFINALLY admit she loves-- SORRYSORRY - she's in L-word with Al makes this epic. Mission... Genie... is a freaking bonus worth 10thousand xD
wait... 10 thousand what? o.o
eh. whatever.
Haha, you don't know how much i bloody cracked up at scorp xD 'shiny!'
Oh man. Brilliant :P
Now I shall go back to my little corner and not come out because the Breathless spree ended. :(
jks. i have a... life... i think. well, i found it rotting away in the back of my cupboard, and its dusty, but it still exists, right? :D
~izzy x

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Review #5, by marauderly izzyPerfection: indifferent.

22nd April 2011:
Super cute and beautiful :) aww. i love scorpius, he's sooo... Scorpius! xP
hehe, to be honest, i almost cracked up when i saw you'd added eminem's lyrics at the end - dont get me wrong, those words fit it perfectly (*heart*) but idk, i just had this mental image of eminem singing (*cough*shouting*cough*) that with Scorp&Rose in the background... O_o

...yeah. thats actually pretty frightening...

ill shut up.

anyway, yeah, thanks for this - now im even doubly aniticipating the next awesomesauce breathless chapter ;D *(no pressure or anything... *innnocent whistle*)

~izzy xo

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Review #6, by marauderly izzyBreathless: We Are Both Moronic Morons.

18th April 2011:
i seriously couldnt believe my damn eyes when i saw another update. i was all 'WHOA OMG LOOKANOTHEREFFINAWESOMECHAPTER YAY!!!'
then i read it.
and it had al's pov.
and i died.

but then i un-died cause it'll be pretty suck-ish if i missed out on the next chapter(S). =D KEEP EM COMING MATE BEFORE I DIE (AGAIN!) !

~izzy :D

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Review #7, by marauderly izzyDéjà Vu: Parchment Textures, More Visions and Decisions (Hey, That Rhymed!)

5th April 2011:
I honestly dont know why youd cringe, it was hilarious! Well except tge vision, ynud have to have a pretty twisted sense of humour to laugh at that... Ill admit tho that artemis's speech thingy and their reactions werent what i was hoping for, but still, overall it was pretty awesome. :)

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Review #8, by marauderly izzyHelp Wanted: A Deal with the Devil (, I mean, David)

13th March 2011:
Hilarious! xD Can't wait for more. I sooo badly wanna see what happens... oh man, poor David. :P I don't know what the heck I'd do in his position.
Awesome. Keep it up =D

Author's Response: Haha, David has certainly gotten himself into a tight spot, but it just goes to show, lying to your mum is BAD, haha.

I'm happy you enjoyed this and thanks so much for your kind review!


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Review #9, by marauderly izzyFind Your Love: This is Not Funny

2nd March 2011:
That. Was. Goddamn. BRILLIANT. :D oh my god, i love scorp. The guys a crackup! Youre so awesome. And your stories are awesome.
*cue awesomeness explosion*
ooh, btw, um since your like an expert on humour stories (cough*suckup*) lol, would you mind checking out my story Mayhem at its Best, if you have time? If youre really busy, thats fine :) my chapters are really long tho (i really never know when to shut up...)
okay, ill stop now. Once again, you rock. Kudos
~izzy x

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Review #10, by marauderly izzy15 ways to (Not) fall in Love with your Best Friend: Prologue - Introductions are in order, methinks

20th February 2011:
Me likes cookies.
Me also likes this story.
Funny story = me laughing.
Me laughing = review.
Review = COOKIE! :]
^my brillaince astounds me, dont'cha think?

No, seriously though, awesome start. Can't wait to see where this is going. And, hehe, loved that last bit. xD Hilarious.

Keep it going =)
~izzy x

Author's Response: Your brilliance is undeniable. Ok, my turn:

Review = happy smiles
happy smiles = more chapters being written
More chapters = more reviews
more reviews = more cookies!!

It's a neverending cycle, really. And thank you for reading and leaving this review (it made me laugh. Out loud).

x Tia

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Review #11, by marauderly izzyBreathless: This Could Not Get Any Worse.

9th February 2011:
'nuff said :D
loved james and scorp's girl problems xD ahh poor guys.
ooh, and thanks for clearing up adele and scorp's ages, i was thinking they were twins or something, but i thought you might have mentioned if they were :) so, yay for no more confusion! xD
cheers, and keep on writing these brilliant chappies! ;D
~izzy xo

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Review #12, by marauderly izzyWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twelve – Princess.

8th November 2010:
another awesomely awesome chapter! yay! :D
and... you know what? scorpius is one COOL cousin. i have a cousin like that! well, him and his brother, actually. i love awesomely brother-like cousins :P (but my bro's cool, too lol)
and ree's family? wth? .-. poor ree. and i thought harry's aunt and uncle were bad enough.. woah.
ah well.
you know whats funny? i like my mum's-best-friends(well one of them) son too... but that didnt happen to me :( oh well, hes fun to hang around with anyway hah
sooo yeah, cheers, and thanks for the update! ^^
~izzy x

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Review #13, by marauderly izzyFind Your Love: A Beginning of Sorts

27th September 2010:
hey i actually love this story so far :D i hope you keep writing it and updating quickly and keeping it running smooth and -- err.. yeah, no pressure or anything.. ^^' *coughcough*
lol nah im kidding, srsly, no pressure. :P
but, yeah, awesome story... really interested in where this is heading.. xP and, you know, i hardly read scorp/rose fics, except for yours coz theyre fabulous like that ;) lol im such a suck up...
xD you know, i think its a clear sign of insanity when you insult yourself like that... *sigh* i pity my existance...

alirght. ill stop rambling on your review. :3 sorry. i had hot choccie before and it tends to make me a liittlee bit hyper... just a bit, though... im sure you'll understand. :D
izzy xo x]

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Review #14, by marauderly izzyDéjà Vu: Tablespoons, Soup and Damsels in Distress

27th September 2010:
OMGOMGOMG AN UPDATE!! :D YAY! *super-mega-ultra-tackle-hug* You're the bestest!! Sure, its a short chappie, but i agree with you, if this chap had any more in it i def wouldve imploded xD
Awesome chapter all the same! =D Omg i love freddie! =3 hes sooo awesome!
cant wait for the next chapter. :]

fave bit? "He made a face, then closed his eyes and quickly slurped the soup up. I rolled my eyes. Melodramatic freak.

Suddenly, his eyes popped open. “Holy Merlin, this is amazing!” He breathed, seizing the spoon out of my hand and rushing towards the pot to get him some more."
definitely xD

and i know what you mean, when i went overseas to my 'rents country i was all "WHOA!" and it was amazing. glad you enjoyed your time there. =)
happy writing! (does that even make sense... O.o) lolz xD
izzy xo

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Review #15, by marauderly izzyTrite.: Surge

28th August 2010:
Hey, this is actually a really good story. =) I like it, even though it does have some cliches. xP Can't wait to read the next chapter. :D

izzy xo

Author's Response: ahh, thank you! :) yeah, it's full of cliches, but I guess there's a reason they are cliches? it can make for a really interesting story, or a really boring story, which is the balance I'm trying to tightrope.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by marauderly izzyDéjà Vu: Self-Inflicted Comas, Flying Boogers and ‘The Attic Guy’

20th July 2010:
Okay I'll stop the theatrics... I love doing cliffies when I write too, I just hate them when I'm reading something lol xD
I REALLY hope you update REALLY soon Dx I rely on this story (and Speaking in Rainbow) to keep me sane during school days .-.
moving onn, i LOVE this chapter, and the bit where artemis tells the girls about her... life and stuff, and the hugo scene at training and the dinner scene and OMG APOLLO'S BACK. I think I, like, had a heart-attack when i read that. X.x ...well, maybe not a heart-attack... i just know that i gasped. really loudly. and i thought that doesnt happen in real life, hmm...
Looking forward to the next chapter (in this story AND in SiR) :D you're stories ROCK MY PWNSOME FLUFFY PURPLE SNAKEY SOCKS! ^-^
lovee, izzy
xo ;3

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