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Review #1, by EfratChasing the Inevitable/Onward to Greater Things Missing Moments: Chapter 1

22nd November 2014:
words cannot describe how exited I was to see that you've posted this new story (especially as I randomly checked the site, not really expecting anything), and even more exited to find that it's going to be a full story! haaa! you just made my weekend so much better!
I could really feel Harry's longing for Teddy. It was so heart breaking! As is Harry's depression.
Can't wait to see how the meeting went. I hope you'll update soon.

Oh and I love that Tank is a gift from Hagrid.

Author's Response: Hey Efrat! So glad to hear from you!

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Review #2, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 31 Epilogue

28th December 2013:
I can't believe it's over. That's so weird. It's such a good story, so well written and with such a good story line. It has been with me for the past few years, a constant thing in my life, and it stayd like it, when other things in my life didn't. I will really miss it, and I'm sure that I'll read it again a few times in the future, as I'm sure I'll be checking your writer page every day to see if you've put on anything.
Thanks for shering this story.

And now, for this chapter review:
My heart really warmed up by Petunia's gift. And I'm really happy for Ron and Hermione. I'm glad for the arrangement between Harry and Remus. I hope, for Harry and Teddy, that someday they will be ok again.

So I thought about some missing moments I'd like to read:
1. What did Snape do/feel at The Hard Life after he choked Harry? I bet he felt guilty because he did care about Harry and he s Lily son.
2. Sirius reaction to Harry telling him that Ginny is pregnant. I remember that you wrote that Harry and Sirius' relationship got better after Harry told him so I guess it took alot for Harry to go to Sirius and tell him, and I'm sure he was happy to be on good terms with him again.

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Review #3, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 30 The Penseive

27th December 2013:
Bella was really freaky! She and Greyback really gave me the creeps. With every memory my beat a bit faster, and broke a bit more. I could really feel how sad Remus was.
Harry was harsh, but I completely understand him. FINALY someone is acknowledging the fact that Remus DID abandon Harry as a child! I've always wondered why didn't he ever go to see Harry at the Dursleys ? He never showed any interest in Harry until his third year. I would be angry about that to.

I've decided that, when I'm done with Uni next month I'll read everything again and think about missing moments. I know that what I'll think of mostly is how much I'll miss this story. Can't believe there is only one more chapter.

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Review #4, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 29 Sunday at the Burrow

24th December 2013:
So glad Hermione is OK and SO happy that Sirius is well as well. I wonder what are the memories. I can't decide if i'm mad at Remus or if I feel sorry fir him.
I hope Teddy will be ok soon. I miss his happy 4-years old self.

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Review #5, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 28 Reunion

21st December 2013:
Oh God. You didn't just post all the remaining chapters, did you? Because that really not many chapters! I don't want this to end!
I almost cried when Ginny and Teddy reunited, but I was crying like a baby when Harry saw him! I was so relieved when that happend! finnaly!
I LOVED the attitude Harry gave Draco! Though my heart broke a little for him. Obviously his life hasn't been the easiest, and he did want to do the right thing, but just couldn't walk out on his family.

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Review #6, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 27 Lupin

20th December 2013:
I'm telling you. At the beginning I kept thinking "shoot him! SHOOT HIM!" but then, when Harry finally tried to shoot Remus, there are no bulits left! Arggg! And I thought my heart was about to break into a million pieces when Remus just left with Teddy.
But, all that kinda disappeared when he took him, crying and obviously devastated, to Hogwarts, back to Harry and Ginny. If only Harry wasn't unconscious with Draco...

Have to thank you for the comic relief with this guy, calling Teddy "it"

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Review #7, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 26 Skirmish at the Shrieking Shack

14th December 2013:
Oh boy oh boy OH BOY! FINALLY! Harry knows the truth! Can't wait to read the next one!

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Review #8, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 25 No Direction

13th December 2013:
Oh God. Things aren't looking so good right now. I hope Ron has the idea to go and see Snape. That maybe he'll know something. I also hope Hermione is ok. And Sirius and Sharon.
I'm really nerves right now. My heart just won't slow down. Can't wait to read the next one

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Review #9, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 24 Saturday

17th November 2013:
damn! only 6 more chapters?? what will I do with my life without this story?? I know you said there won't be any more but, maybe you'll reconsider it?
The press conference went well I think. I was really nervous with Narcisa showing up there. I missed Teddy. And his questions. So happy Remus is starting to cave! about damn time! I love that Snape is trying to help Harry. It feels so right that he would do it. It was so fun to read about Teddy's first impression of him. "Rather cranky". Ha! well, that's a good way to say it! Where are Sirius and Sharon? I really miss Sirius. I hope he's ok and that he'll show up some time soon.
As much as I'm waiting for the next one, I don't want it to come because than there would only be 5 more chapters! That's so few!

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Review #10, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 23 Luther's Attempt

6th November 2013:
Oh my GOD! Fallacks is dead! Can't say that I'm terribly sad that he is. I loved Harry's reaction. It kinda was mine own. Can't wait for the next one. The press conference should be interesting. Especially because Harry is suddenly out of jail.
I don't know if I want him to know it's Remus. I think it'll break his heart. And Sirius'. Speaking of Sirius, whare is he? And Ron and Hermione?

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Review #11, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 22 Friday at Azkaban

30th October 2013:
Oh man. This chapter made me feel so uneasy. I just couldn't sit still for more than 5 minutes! Oh man, I knew he would go to Voldemort's wand. I know it's a trap! That's what they want! Poor Harry. My heart is breaking at the thought that he'll understand that he was tricked and that he won't see Teddy.
Where is Remus? I really hope he'll do something, that he'll come to his senses and do something good!
And about these "less than encouraging reviews" I really have no idea what people want. This story is FANTASTIC! you are fantastic! There isn't a day that I don't check if youv'e updated. I can't get enough of this story, so don't mind them.

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Review #12, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 21 Thursday at the Cinema

12th October 2013:
Oh man. SO CLOSE! I really thought, for a second or so, that Ginny was going to get him! Poor, poor Ginny. Can't wait for the next one

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Review #13, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 20 Tuesday - Thursday

10th October 2013:
Oh my GOD! Harry's in jail! Sirius and Sharon are missing! and probably Hermione as well! wow! can't wait for the next one! I hope things will start to get better sometime soon

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Review #14, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 19 Tuesday

25th September 2013:
Oh wow. Can't believe Ginny finally gave birth! It's so strange having such a happy moment with all the bad things that are happening. Every time you've mentioned Teddy my heart broke a little and the ending with Harry leaving and Ginny his ring for safe keeping just finished my heart. I'm so happy you've kept James' name. It would have been w had e had any other one. Harry and Ginny naming their child any other name would have been so out of charecter.
Hope you're feeling better. Can't wait for the next one! (and for Sirius reaction to the baby's name. bound to be fun)

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Review #15, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 18 The Outing of Luther Fallacks

14th September 2013:
God I just can't relax after this chapter! I can't believe Draco would do that! how horrible! poor Harry, another car crush. He just doesn't have any luck with cars, does he?
Glad that Ron and Snape are back in the picture. Things are going to come together now I hope.
As always, can't wait for the next one

Author's Response: oh come on, of course you believe Draco would do that!

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Review #16, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 17 The Unhelpful Malfoy

5th September 2013:
Well, I guess this chapter just proved what was guessed before: John = Remus!
And Draco is funny. I love him. I really do. I love it that he's sarcastic.
And man, aren't we in trouble! what an ending! where is Ron?? can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: that's funny, i actually kind of love draco as much as I hate him.

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Review #17, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 16 The Next Task

31st August 2013:
God my heart was beating so hard the entire chapter! Ron to the rescue! I'm telling you, I love him more and more with each chapter! I don't believe Draco is on this. I really don't. I don't know if it's because he's my favorite character or because I think he doesn't really hate Harry after all (the thing with the bath and everything).
Can't wait for the next one

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm kind of loving Ron too

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Review #18, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 15 The Weasley Intervention

31st August 2013:
I love Ron. I really do. "We take our balls out of our knickers, and we do something!" LOL!
For some reason, I have this weird feeling that the purpose of Harry lying is so that Lucius would be moved to a low security cell, would be so that he could be killed by Remous (if he is really this John guy). This is probably stupid and so far away from the truth, but I just have this feeling...
Any way, onto chapter 16!

Author's Response: Youre weird feeling is halfway one is knocking Lucius, his people like him for some reason

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Review #19, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 14 Tales of Courtoom Three

19th August 2013:
God! It took me two days to read this chapter (finaly found the time to read), and gave me a sleepless night (couldn't stop thinking about what would happen) but I'm SO glad I read it! WOW! so intense!
Great writing, as always. Ron is funny when his nervous.
Next chapter(s) should be good- the birth, Teddy returning, Harry in alot of mess (tho isn't he alwyas in some mess?), and John!
Can't wait!

ps. for some reason it says that there are 16 chapters in the story, but (unfortunatly) I found only 15. why is that?

Author's Response: That must have been a hard two days. Next chapter is a little unexciting, but just you wait until 16, 17 and 18.hahahahaha!

It says there are 16 chapters thus far, but you can only find 15. This is because I had to split chapter 1 into two seperate posts because it was too long. Because I was already halfway through the story and well accustomed to what content was in what chapter, I didn't want to rename them all. Just take note of the title of each chapter to indicate how many there truly are.

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Review #20, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 13 Monday

12th August 2013:
I can't believe Tank is dead. So sad. I really liked him. At least he got one of them.
"John" doesn't want his voice to be heard... how suspicious...
Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Tsk, very suspicious

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Review #21, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 12 Careful Instructions

1st August 2013:
ohhh poor Teddy! That's so sad! That John guy is making me nervous. Let me tell, if in the end it's not Remus using his middle name as a disguise, and is really just some guy called John... well I don't know what I'll do!

As a oneshot I'd like to read Harry and Snape's first meeting after the battle, if there was one, or about Harry talking about his or something like that. Also, Ron and Hermione's wedding would be sweet. Whatever you'll write, I'll read, whatever it's about.

Any way, can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Keep reading, you may find Harry and Snape meeting again. They infact haven't seen each other since the last story, when Snape gave Harry his memories. Thanks for the idea about Ron and Hermione's wedding, I'm already planning it out.

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Review #22, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 11 Untitled

28th July 2013:
GOD! not again! poor Harry, everyone want to strangle him! I realy can't understand why. He's such a great guy.
Can't wait for the next one. Hope it'll come fast

Author's Response: I hear you, poor Harry.

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Review #23, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 10 Gone Baby Gone

19th July 2013:
OH MY GOD! I knew there it all had something to do with Remus! I can' feel it!
I hope Teddy and Ginny are ok. Great chapter. Made my heart race the entire time! On the one hand I can't wait for the next chapter (maybe it'll be fast like this one), but on the other I'm really scared.

Author's Response: Thanks, next chapters won't be long.

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Review #24, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 9 Match Day

15th July 2013:
I feel bad for Harry. No sleep and they lost. Poor guy. Although I think he'll be happy with the baby coming.
Can't wait for the trial. Should be a good one.

I'm really worried about the light and the man in Teddy's room. Doesn't feel right... I hope all will be well

Author's Response: Thanks Efrat, love your reviews.

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Review #25, by EfratOnward, to Greater Things: Chapter 8 Yuletide Hiccup

9th July 2013:
As I was reading the chapter I thought to myself that I would like for Sirius and Sharon to get married and maybe have a kid (thought it would be funny if Harry's kid will have an aunt or uncle that's younger) and what do you know- they got married! (I am a Clairvoyant!) lol

Great chapter as always. A very nice break from studying. Can't wait for the trial!

Author's Response: OMG that's funny! What else do you forsee for this story?

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