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Review #1, by LivingautumHeart's on Fire: chapter 4

21st November 2010:
I feel really bad for Scorpius :(
I hope him and Albus become friends.
Great story! I can't wait to read more.
I love the way you brought up the difficulties of Draco finding a job and how Draco met his wife :)
Oh, and what happened to the blind girl in the begging?
I hope you bring her back, I was very interested to know how she functions at school being blind in all.

Author's Response: thank you so much for your support!! I have a few plans for Ellie, but she doesn't come in til a little later :3

As for Al and Score, keep reading. They're just beginning to figure themselves out, and it will certainly be a bumpy road for them.

again, thank you so much for reading AND reviewing, it means a lot!! :)

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Review #2, by LivingautumAs The Living Mourn The Dead: Angels Without Names

2nd October 2010:
Thanks for entering the challenge!

I have to admit, I cried. Your characterization was perfect, right along with your storyline.

I loved everything, especially the begging! WELL DONE! The effect you left when you wrote the words that were unsaid, tore me apart. This was such an amazing read. You are an amazing writer. :)

Thank you so much for entering!

Author's Response: Thank you so much- I'm really glad you liked it! The challenge was such an awesome idea, so thank you for giving me the inspiration to write it :D

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Review #3, by LivingautumFirewhiskey: Firewhiskey

2nd October 2010:
First I would Just like to say thank you for entering my Challenge!
I was very excited to read this!

But on with the review:

"it seemed wrong to celebrate his new-found time when Fred, Lupin and Tonks had all run out of it."

My favorite line. I have to admit it hit me right in the heart.

Your story was so amazingly written.
Your characterization went above and beyond, my eyes watered from start to finish. I love, love, LOVE the flow of everything.

I had never given much thought of how Harry thought of the time he had after the battle. Your story gave me a refreshing insight on that matter as well as that of the toll of Fred's death upon everyone.

Thank so much for writing this as well as entering the Challenge. After I have finished reading the other entry's I plan to read more of your stories :)


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Review #4, by LivingautumDraco and Delilah: The Curious Case of Delilah Malfoy

20th July 2010:
I realy liked this! I have never seen Benny and Joon though. However I am very excited to see how this story porgresses!

Author's Response: Thank you! Benny and Joon is an awesome movie to check out! I can't wait for you to read the rest, especially when you made the beautiful banner for it! Thank you again for that!


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Review #5, by LivingautumWe Must Rise Again: (Big) Risks and Benefits

14th July 2010:
This gave me goosebumps! I Never really gave a second thought about what the school would thik when the trio haddn't returned! I am looking forward to reading more of this!

Author's Response: Exactly! I wanted to know, too. (:
Thanks for the awesome comment, keep reading!

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Review #6, by LivingautumOf Firewhisky and Firebolts: One Shot.

6th July 2010:
I like this troy allot! That really saying somthing to because I usaually perfer DracoXHermione. I think your characterization was perfect and your plot was amazingly well put out. You use of figurtive langauge was amazing!

Author's Response: If you prefer Draco/Hermione stories, I'm uploading my one and only Dramione one shot to the queue right now, so hopefully it won't take too long to validate. I'd love it if you took a look at it and told me what you think, given it's your preference :)

Thank you very much for the lovely compliments; I really appreciate them given how short this story/drabble is so I'm thrilled that you think I pulled it off, thakn you :) Have a great day, and don't forget about my Dramione about to hit the queue!!! :)

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Review #7, by LivingautumComing Out: Coming Out

28th June 2010:
This was definitely.Different from anything I have ever read before.But, different in a good way. It made me laugh! And the ending was very well done. I had always imagined Albus as one of those 'Players'. But, not so much anymore. Wonderful story! Its inspiring in an, awkward sort of way! lol!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! It means so much to me. :) I was actually nervous about posting this, but now I'm glad I did! Thanks again. And, no, I always thought James would have the player position covered in the Potter household. lol.

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Review #8, by LivingautumForks, Spoons, and Other Dangerous Silverware: Staying Sane

20th June 2010:

Plot- extremely original. Well in my opinion, I have never came across a story where a Weasly/Potter has disliked another family member.

Rose- Weather intentional or not, you are bringing her character out more a a 'Rebel' if this is intentional, then you are doing a awesome job, if you where meaning to bring out Rose as a sweeter girl then,well, to be blunt, FAIL.

I have to say though there are some parts where you lack that 'oomph' that makes a story, it seems that sometimes you maybe rush the story along, maybe for the sake of getting it done, or maybe its unintentional, but it something you might have to improve on a bit.

However, I think that you have the best handle of figurative langue that I have seen in a long time. Its not like you have to force it in there like some, it kinda comes naturally with your story! Fantastic job in that aspect!

I liked how you gave nicknames to Dominique and Scorpious, but I have to say that I have a certain.distaste for how often you used it.

One thing though, the setting was very confusing for me. It made it seem like they were in a house that belonged to the weaslys but, What was Scorpious doing at the house?

I hope to read more, and that I didn't sound mean.

Author's Response: Plot--Thank you! and I've read a few stories where the Weasley clan doesn't always get along, but this is the first Rose/Dom one I've seen.
Rose--yes, she's supposed to be more a rebel around people she's comfortable around...
the lacking of 'oomph'--yeah. I feel the same way. It's a lot better than my first draft, but I too feel like it's missing my usual charm in some places (god, I hope that didnt' sound conceded).
Figurative Language comment--*googles "figurative language*... THANK YOU! That's really nice, and I have fun writing FL, now that I know what it is!
Nicknames--I hate how much I use it too, but before, they didn't have nicknames, and it looked fine, and then I switched them out, and it became so much more apparent. Then I figured out that it only seems like I use it alot because they're new. You've seen the word "Dominique" along with the word "Scorpious" or "Malfoy" alot, but how many times have you seen the word "Domo" or "Malloy" used in text? Probably not too many times. Eventually though, you get used to it.
Setting--well, it's summer, so people are going to have friends over. And that is explained much MUCH better in the next chapter. And... I need to go back and say that they're staying at the Burrow, don't I...?
You didn't sound mean--well, you did at first, but then I got over myself and you sounded helpful... and... thanks for the review and now I know what to keep an eye out for in my later chapters!

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