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Review #1, by KassiopeiaI'll Do The Dishes: Epilogue

7th March 2011:
I really loved this story, it was very well written. You did a very nice job with writing them grown up.

Of course, I'm a bit prejudiced as I don't want children, but I'd say the one thing I didn't like was that she ended up pregnant in the epilogue. I don't know exactly why, but characters getting married for the sole reason that the girl is pregnant always bothers me. B

ut other than that, I really loved the story! Rose was exactly as I imagined her, and I thought Scorpius being in love with her for so long was adorable.

I also liked how a scene where they actually say "I love you" was missing. Though I was looking for it throughout the story, I actually liked that you didn't include a scene like that. It emphasizes, at least for me, the fact that their love didn't have to be spoken, everyone just knew it was there.

So great job, I hope you continue to write!

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Review #2, by KassiopeiaFall for Me.: Fall for Me.

18th May 2010:
I seriously loved this. It was very witty and entertaining. I'd say my favorite line was "James Potter doesnít blush. James Potter is manly. Blushing is not manly." Haha, I suppose that's what runs through every boy's mind whenever he seems "unmanly." Anyway, great job on this, I love your portrayal of the somewhat antagonistic relationship between Lily and James, it was perfect!

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