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Review #1, by all4dobbyNo Solid Ground: Can't Make It Through It But I'll Try Anyway

13th June 2012:
I was so excited to see this updated!!
Another great chapter! I can't wait for Al to be back!

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Review #2, by all4dobbyUnhinged: Irritated

26th April 2011:
This story is absolutely wonderful!! Draco and Astoria are so hilarious! It has me laughing out loud and getting strange looks from people around me.
And I've been searching for awhile for a good Draco/Astoria story

Author's Response: sorry if i made everyone worry about your sanity, that wasn't my exact intentions :')

thank you! i'm so glad you enjoy the story so far, and i started this story mainly because i haven't read a Draco/Astoria pairing which really attracted me yet, so SNAP! :)

thanks for the lovely review! ^^

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Review #3, by all4dobbyForget Me Not.: if you could go back in time, what would you change?

13th February 2011:
This was absolutely beautiful!!
I love the Petunia you created here! I completely believe it!
I know you said you don't really do sadness, but I felt it while reading this and it was well done!

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Review #4, by all4dobbyWelcome to the Chase: chapter.seventeen Wild.

6th February 2011:
I just want to say that I love how every time Ariadne discovers that her and Al have even the smallest thing in common she thinks in her head they should get married! She's hilarious and I just love her character!!

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Review #5, by all4dobbyWelcome to the Chase: chapter.fifteen Crescents.

21st January 2011:
I loved this chapter! I think it's my favorite so far!
I loved the talks Ariadne had with both Al and Scorpius! All the characters interacted well!!!
I love Ariadne! I love her train of thought and how random she is. She's just such a lovable character!! And she's hilarious!!

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Review #6, by all4dobbyA Day In the Life of Portrait Snape.: A Day In the Life of Portrait Snape.

24th October 2010:
I have thoroughly enjoyed this! I too have always wondered about this scenario. I'm so glad to have found and read this! It's fantastic! Love it! Well done!

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Review #7, by all4dobbyFrom where dreams come true: Chapter One

25th June 2010:
I have to say.this story sounds really promising! I'm excited to read more! Especially find out what that little cliffhanger meant...

I don't have much more to say than that...but I'm interested to learn more!!

Author's Response: It might take a little to figure it out, just so you know. Thanks for the review =b it made me smile. I'm working on the next chapter as we speak. Well, type/read, I suppose.
Much love!

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Review #8, by all4dobbyNo Solid Ground: When You Walk, Don't Leave A Note

18th May 2010:
I've just started reading this in the last 2 hours and I'm so hooked it's ridiculous!! And I had been thinking the whole time that this was very reminiscent of Scott Westerfeld (bless him), but it wasn't copied, just the idea of a changed world, that wasn't necessarily better, that's hiding something. And ignorant people believing lies and others know more than they're letting on. Then I read your author's note here and I almost laughed out loud until I realized probably not a good idea with the rest of the house asleep. It's amazing how you give a little background each chapter but there's always enough to keep the reader guessing. I'm VERY impressed and addicted to this story. It's nearly 2 a.m. but I don't plan on going to bed until I'm all caught up!

Keep writing! I love this!

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