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Review #1, by Ginnypotter87Sleepless: Chapter Four

18th October 2012:
I just exploded into a pool of rainbows and unicorns and happy things...
I loved this. I was particularly interested by the part where you described Ron's eyes as 'azure' (I can't say why, it's a lovely colour though.)
And the brown pools of wonderfulness. Heh.
Since I'm pretty much freaking about the cuteness in this...I'll just give this a ten and hope you update soon.

Author's Response: I love rainbows, unicorns, and happy things! Yay!

I actually wrote a fanfic all about the color Azure... it's called "Azure"... shocker.

That line was ridiculously cheesy. (and I didn't update soon. I suck. For up to chapter 17, go to my ff(net) account) ~writergirl8

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Review #2, by Ginnypotter87Sleepless: Chapter Three

18th October 2012:
I'm reviewing a bit too much, aren't I?
I suppose I'm trying to make up for my lack of reviewing, but oh well.
This was sweet. (Adorable implication was here long back.)
I find it kind of strange how Ron said he was 'going for a walk' (was he really? i'm guessing he wanted to see Hermione all along...but that's my guess.) and ended up visiting Hermione.
I also LOVED the reference to when Ron vomited slugs-ahh. The best line was 'But she knew in her heart that he had never vomited slugs for Harry. And that was what made all the difference.'
Major cute alert.
I like the way Hermione thinks. It's analytical but just the right amount for a twelve-year old.
Another (likely to be considered meaningless) question-This story will progress as Ron and Hermione grow older, right? Or is it just random snippets?
Okay, that's it.

Author's Response: Pfftt, there's no such thing as reviewing too much! Also, I took like 3 years to reply to this (well, 10 days, whatever) so... yeah, we're even.

I think he knew he was going to end up there on a subconscious level, but he spent the entire walk looping around the school trying to decide whether or not he wanted to go. And he was still in the middle of arguing with himself when he got there.

I'm glad that you think Hermione is young enough. I'm not going to lie- that was a worry I had.

Yep, this story will span their entire lives. ~writergirl8

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Review #3, by Ginnypotter87Sleepless: Chapter Two

18th October 2012:
Uh, hello.
(mindless squeal)
This was adorable. Actually, anything involving R/Hr is adorable, so you should just take the implication that every chapter of this story will be adorable.
Because it's Ron and Hermione.
I love how Hermione analyses both of them-they really do have amazing relationships, it's cute. I want friends like that.
Another question-why did Hermione stop herself from calling Ron 'amazing'? Is it because Ron would wonder something is up or he'd get an inflated ego/head?
Still, even though that part confused me a little, this whole scene was super cute.
Since I'm only at this chapter-um, will there be a Ron POV? It would be cute.
Heh, it would be cute if Ron and Hermione looked back at these years later and all that.
This was really good~

Author's Response: Squealing! Wow! I really am doing something right!

Every chapter of this story is pretty much adorable. Let's not lie here.

I want friends like that, too. Actually, I think I do have people like that in my life... that's awesome.

It's because she didn't want to sing his praises too much, lest he think she like him too much. This make sense? Maybe?

There are definitely several chapters of Ron's PoV. I think chapter three is the first one. ~writergirl8

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Review #4, by Ginnypotter87Sleepless: Chapter One

18th October 2012:
Oh wow wow wow wow.
This was adorable. Like, all everyone ever thought of Ron and Hermione's first-year relationship was that they both disliked each other but got over it somehow. (And with everyone, even me, shipping Harry/Hermione because they hadn't read the next book yet...)
This so proved it wrong. (I'd put italics in there.)
This moment was so cute. Both of their characters were perfectly in sync with the books, but it always showed us Harry's thoughts. Nothing Hermione or Ron thought was mentioned.
But I have to say you portrayed Hermione's thoughts very well. Knowing you as a hardcore Ron/Hermione shipper, this was probably extremely fun to write.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Ew, no Harmony. Stop. We do not speak those names in a romantic manner here on writergirl8 turf. We do not.

I like the deeper side of first year. I feel as though there's probably a psychological reasoning behind everything, you know? And as a shipper of Romione, I felt the immense need to lay it out on the table.

Like Ron does to Hermione. In her office. BAM. ~writergirl8

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Review #5, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Perfection : The Future of Rose

15th October 2012:
I bet you hate me right now. I haven't reviewed in like six months. Or, like, six years. You probably hate me.


But seriously, I was reading this story at three in the morning because I have a liking for Ron/Hermione, which is why I started reading your stories in the first place.


Hermione is awesome. So is Ron, and their relationship is

I'm so sorry I didn't review. I'm finally done with what you might call 'Final Exams' or whatever.

Yes. I'm just going to smile prettily (when you can't see me) and hope you'll forgive me.

KEEP WRITING. And even if I don't review, I'll always be reading. The World According To Triple Chocolate Ice Cream was probably the first Ron/Hermione I read seriously obsessively on this site. I don't read much now because I'm more of a NextGen-ScoRose or Al/OC.

Yay. I love your stories. 10/10 for the entire series because it's that awesome.


Author's Response: I don't think I've been writing for 6 years...

Wait. I have. Geez. Scary thought. Oh my god. Okay.

Three in the morning? I bet it took a lot of sleep for you to bounce back from that!

...with a W? WOW!

I forgive you,and I hope all the stories of mine that you read are just as satisfying as these. ~writergirl8

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Review #6, by Ginnypotter87Playing Pretend: Situations

15th October 2012:
I'll admit the reason I read this story was because the banner had Adam Young on it (SQUEAL) but I actually read this and it's a cute idea. I love stories like this, they're adorable. I'm just going to keep reading and fangirl over Adam (I LOVE HIM.) and read with a huge, creepy smile on my face.

Sorry, I'm a bit off track. It would be awkward if that wasn't Adam Young, but hey, we can't see each other.

I liked this chapter very much but Bellatrix seems a bit less evil. (and creepy.) I suppose that's because they're this story AU? Sorry, didn't pay much attention to the details.

And, woah. I never imagined people would have crushed on Bellatrix. It feels strange.

Overall, cute plot and you must keep writing. I'll review when I can!


Author's Response: Oh my gosh that's so awesome! Now I am so glad I picked Adam Young to play Jeremy :) You are epic!

And yes, the story is very AU, and Bellatrix does tend to be less evil and creepy, but I will have her end up that way by the time it is time for her to be that way, and yes, you are right about it being because she is younger :)

Thanks so so so much!!! And I will definitely keep writing, this story is my baby right now LOL :) Have a lovely day and thank you for the awesome review!

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Review #7, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Perfection : Surprise

28th February 2012:
Hi again.
I took a really short time to read this!
Hermione's rant was...meaningful...
Their reconciliation is so pretty. It makes me feel like I'm reading a romance novel.
And the Healer's reaction!

Author's Response: I think the chapter was short? Idk. Some of these chapters are really short.

I liked the way she shouted at him and threatened to divorce him. lol. I know I shouldn't have, but...

Romance novels are fun! I try not to be too too too cheesy with my writing, but if it goes there occasionally I'm not gonna stop it. ~writergirl8

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Review #8, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Perfection : Weasleys in Waiting

28th February 2012:
I loved the chapter! Ron's cluelessness is hilarious!
(Hunting in the backyard for a stick? Well...)
I'm on my way to the next chapter...and another review for you!
I have a slight addiction to cheesecake.
Anyway. Continue writing! You could become an author!

Author's Response: Glad you liked this.

Ron is so clueless. sigh. He always will be.

Cheesecake is delicious.


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Review #9, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Perfection : Spring

1st February 2012:
Hello again!
I just squealed.
Long time no see...I just started reading this.
Couple of major exams, lots of studying to do...
So, this chapter was really good. Continue, continue.
Sorry if you consider me 'buttering you up', but, really, it was The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice Cream that got me addicted to HPFF.
Another excuse: I've been reading pure wonderful going by the name of The Hunger Games.
I'm going to watch the movie with my BFF! Excited.
Try the book. If you have read it, you can rave with me!
I really hope you still respond to my reviews, and don't hate me for not reviewing.
I'll review more.
Loved the story, BTW! Keep up the awesomeness!

Author's Response: Hi there!
Squealing is fun!
Wow, took you long enough, lol :) It's been forever, but I'm slow at updating because validation takes like a year, so I can't blame you.
Glad you liked it. There will be continuing.
Pffft, I love butter-ups, because if you're buttering me up it means you think I'm worth of a butter-up. Happy I got you addicted, though. This site IS rather amazing.
I love the Hunger Games- I read it about a year ago, before Mockingjay was even out. I know! Back in the stone age. I'd love to rave with you, it's an amazing serious, bested only by Harry Potter :D
Thanks for the review! ~writergirl8

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Review #10, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : My Forever

19th September 2011:
*Takes a blankie*
*Hides under blankie*
Um, how are you?
*Throws blankie away and starts begging for forgiveness*
Like you care.
I love your story, and always will, and have reccomended this to my friends. One of my friends is rather Ronmione obsessed, so yeah. I can't believe you're done with this story! I have been gone too long. I really suck.
I will continue reviewing and telling you ideas, but I think this story is good enough already.
Speaking of ideas, can you write sone next generation fics? Like, James/OC? Rose/Scorpius is also pretty good.
So. Anyway.
You are a really fast updater and I will nominate you or this story or something for the Dobbys if I can. Love the story!
Once again, I am really sorry for not keeping in touch through reviews.
Another idea: You could write from first person POV, it would make the story really interesting.
Also, you could rewrite this whole story again. Like, I'm not saying it's bad, but it would be cool if you told this story from a Ron POV.
I am hoping to get your forgiveness by telling you are awesome, and a really good author.
(I mean it.)
I am also hoping to please you with this extra long review. Please continue replying. You are the nicest HPFF author I know. Thank you so much!
10/10, as usual.

Author's Response: lol- it's okay :) I'm so glad you told your friend to read this.

I definitely care, believe me. Every review contributes to the whole :D

Huh. If I did write a nextgen fic, it would probably be Al/OC. I did write a Rose/Scorpius but I abandoned it... uhg, I JUST LOVE ROMIONE SO MUCH! Alright, we'll see.

I'm not ever rewriting this story. It's 50 chapters! lol. And some parts ARE Ron's point of view. Chapter three comes to mind.

Thank you for this great review and your maybe-nomination! ~writergirl8

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Review #11, by Ginnypotter87Summer Heat: Chapter Three: Teddy

19th September 2011:
Wow, I really love this story! Can't wait to see where it goes to next. I also love your other stories and am hoping to see more chapters for these stories in the near future. Okay then, nice reading your stuff.

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Review #12, by Ginnypotter87Catch: Catch Me If You Can

10th August 2011:
Oh my god, this was amazing! I love overprotectiveness, especially with siblings, and this one just made me want to keep reading! I loved it!

Author's Response: Well thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Sibling over-protectiveness is a territory I am quite familiar with. XD

Thank you for the review!

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Review #13, by Ginnypotter87Make a Wish: Make a Wish

9th June 2011:
LOL. This was funny. That's all I have to say.
Great job, in my faves, 10/10!

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Review #14, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : Mood Swing

9th June 2011:
Wait. Hermione is-
Wait. Hermi-
How can that be? I mean, they like, love each other, and if this story is going to be over soon, how can she say no???
Please make her say yes!!!
Really, I never expected this of you. (Disapproving tone) I thought R/Hr was your favourite ship!! Then how could she say no?
Just make this better. This is not a series of unfortunate events. (By Lemony Snicket. Do you know it? It's pretty good.)
Ron and Hermione must stay together forever. Enough said.
Even with this sadness, I give you 10/10.
You're a born author.

Author's Response: Hmmm, what if she does say no? Well, I expect you will fnd out the answer to all your questions soon, as the next chapter went into validation as of yesterday (6/8).

R/Hr is definately, definately, my favorite ship. ~writergirl8

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Review #15, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : The Unravelling

9th June 2011:
OMG!!! This chapter was downright amazing, I was wondering when Ginny would find out.
I am also extremely sorry for not reviewing. I was preoccupied.
(I got top in English! Yay!)
I loved this chapter, and I am going to read the next now.
10/10. Seriously.

Author's Response: I'm thrilled you got good grades on your finals, that's absolutely wonderful! Thanks! ~writergirl8

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Review #16, by Ginnypotter87The Very First Kiss: Hypothetical, of Course

6th June 2011:
My friend, who is just as obssessed with HPFF as I am, told me about this story. I decided to try it, and learnt that it is indeed awesome.
(That is the highest praise anyone can get from me.)
The only fault I found with this story is that it has a cliffy. I want to know what happens next! The suspense is killing me.
10/10! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Ahh your review made my day! I feel so honored that your friend would tell you about my story:) I'm so glad you think so!

Thank you so much! Haha I actually just posted the new chapter about 10 minutes ago, and I CAN'T WAIT for everyone to read it! The queue wait is about 4 days, so maybe it'll be up by the weekend?? *crosses fingers*

Thanks so much!


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Review #17, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : He's Not You

11th May 2011:
I am sad.
This was an incredibly...
intensifying chapter?
Yes. This chapter scared me.
Especially because it is about ***, which is kind of ahemy, and yeah.
I wonder what Mr Granger will say about this.
Heck, I wonder what Ginny will say about this.
OK, I hope they find out soon. I wanna see their wedding and cute little Rosie and Hugo then comes along Scorpius...and whatever.
Admiringly good chapter, although I admit it was kind of different.
10/10! Next one up soon? :)

Author's Response: Okay, so here's the thing. This story is rated 15+, and I do not know one single 15 year old that shies away from the subject of sex. Heck, I'm in that age group and I don't shy away from sex. Especially when it's between two people who love each other and fully intend on getting married. So if you find sex awkward, I would sugggest findilng some 12+ stories to read, because these past two chapters were WELL within the limets of 15+. There wasn't even anything but kissing- all sex was implied. I'm sorry I frightened you... thought I don't really understand your fright, I have to say. ~writergirl8

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Review #18, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : A Woman's Prerogative

9th May 2011:
The world according to Perfection...
What an awesome name!
If I don't leave reviews for that one, you can be sure I've gone mental.
I loved how Ron and Hermione were pretending to hate each other and all that, and in the evenings that wall miraculously vanished.
OK, never mind.
The last part was kind of different.
I thought they were talking about all that when the cameras were on.
That would have been kind of funny.
9 more chapters! Great Progress!
I was recommending this story to all of my HPCrazy friends. Other than the fact they go all Ronmione 4 life!
Actually, I remember when I was still at chapter 23. That was long ago.
I shall never forget this story. It's improved my english.
Oh, and I may not review for a while. I have four consecutive exams this week.
Awesome Chapter! 10/10!
Long Reviews are cool.

Author's Response: Well, while I DO hope it is an awesome name, I'm not sure if it is as amazing as it sounds. But I DO try, I swear to god! I just have to fix some plot holes in it... uhg, I hate time, it's so hard to deal with. I like that, too, I think it's so funny ;) You can't believe how happy I am that you want to recommend it to your friends, and I'm so proud of myself for helping with your English. ~writergirl8

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Review #19, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : George's Other Half

9th May 2011:
It was a great chapter. I absolutely adored it.
OK, on my way to reviewing the next ch.

Author's Response: It's alright, I understand :) Glad you liked this chapter! ~writergirl8

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Review #20, by Ginnypotter87Because I Love You: A Little Quick

13th April 2011:
AGH, I want more.this story is amazing. When it had 2 chapters, I kid of ditched it because the paragraphs were strung together and it was hard to understand. But now I love it!!! Please update this and TWATTCIC more! :)

Author's Response: Sorry it was hard to understand... I guess I could go back and make the paragraphs smaller? Would that help? Thanks for the constructive critisism- it means a lot. ~writergirl8

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Review #21, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : The First Discovery

13th April 2011:
I want more...
Moan...this was kinda short, no offense.
Oh come on, we all know I can't write even 600 words, you're amazing. finally let out the secret!
(Actually, I feel like your HPFF friend because I knew the secret before it was out. I formally ask you to be my HPFF friend.)
I adored Harry's reaction, pretty much because I would do the same.
Thank god this is not a video. I would like to see little Victoire, but not Ron and Hermione snogging.
All the same, it was hilarious and I loved it.
Please tell me you are my HPFF friend, you adore Starbucks and you will update fast, with a 70 word chapter.
Okay, I was kidding about the 70 word part, but please update fast.
Yay for long reviews, right?
This is just another reason to make you my HPFF friend.
Long reviews are awesome. You finish them with a smile.
Most of the time.
Okay, I'm pretty sure I have to go do my homework.
Great Chapter, I want more [now], and 100/10.
We learnt fractions today.
I really should stop.
Okay, bye...

Author's Response: Nah, it's okay, I know it's short. Future chapters shall be longer. I LET OUT THE SECRET! Because I felt guilty that it was so short. You don't want to see Ron and Hermione snogging? Ah, but that is watching love! lol... it's not like anything else happened. Have fun with homework... wow, you must be young to be just starting fractions. But I still formally accept your buddy request!!! ~writergirl8

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Review #22, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : Company

13th April 2011:
Gaspgaspgasp Omgomgomg
(I loved it, and I am attempting not to hyperventilate)
I am processing to the next chapter.
[Yay for crookshanks!]
And starbucks...:)
You are my new fave.
I hope you could understand this review...
A big 10/10 and a star like the ones you get if you get full marks
:) *

Author's Response: Hyperventalation, in this case, is good. For me, at least... LOVE CROOKSHANKS. LOVE STARBUCKS! And you are the only reviewer that I have inside jokes with :D ~writergirl8

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Review #23, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : Meet The Grangers

17th March 2011:
Omigosh, this was so funny.
(Actually, what I meant to say in the last review was that I was sorry for not reviewing and can you please continue responding to my reviews.)
I adore Starbucks. Yay.
Anyway, I really liked this chapter. I might've thought that Mr. Granger would go fiercley overprotective over his daughter.
Okay, maybe I didn't.
I was just excited to read the story, as most people are.
Well, I loved this chapter!
Oh, and you're going to have a sequel, right?
You told me once...and also someone else that I saw while scrolling through the reviews.
Keep updating. I really like you for updating almost every week so, everytime I look at your author page hoping that you have updated my wish is granted.
Thank you for living up to your name.
Hopefully, you will be excited to see the long review.
(At least, I would be.)
Anyway, great chapter!

Author's Response: STARBUCKS! Woot. Glad you liked this chapter. I will be having a sequel, and I think about three people know that now. I do update a lot, because I prewrite all of my stories. As you've probably heard, I finished this story last July. Thanks for reading and reviewing! I loved the long review, definitely, and hope that you will continue telling me what you think :D ~writergirl8

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Review #24, by Ginnypotter87The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream : Fooling Ginny

13th March 2011:
Me so sorry me didn't review I know I'm acting like a baby but please respond to my review!
I feel like Starbucks.
Anyway, LOVELY chapter, it was great!

Author's Response: I don't at all understand anything you said in that review... although I do enjoy me some starbucks :D ~writergirl8

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Review #25, by Ginnypotter87Déjà Vu: Flabbergasted, Ninjas and Sarah-The-Evil-Barbie-Cow-of-Evilness

11th February 2011:
Um, sorry. Just wanted to say, um, heh, oh wait, that wasn't meant to be OFFENSIVE! Erm, just asking why it took so long...gaah.
Oh, no! I'm REALLY sorry.
Good chapter.
Oh, and can you continue with the chapter images?

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