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Review #1, by Canadian_HogwartsLily’s Love: Lily's Love

8th August 2013:
Wow! I really liked this piece. You've got a beautiful way with words. I particularly enjoyed the style; the italicized expressions and then the explanations afterwards made everything flow nice and smoothly. Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really tried hard with this piece to craft it more artfully- I'm glad it paid off. Thank you for reviewing, you're very kind :)

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Review #2, by Canadian_HogwartsThe Clock: tick tock.

7th August 2013:
Wow, I really enjoyed that! I was trying to guess what the narrator was throughout the piece, and I actually thought it could be Lily's wand telling the story. Which would be pretty cool too! I thought the way you wrote this was really cool...a good combination of broad narrative and tiny details (I like the idea of the lily on her wedding ring). All in all, this was a really well written piece. I really liked it. Good work :)

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Review #3, by Canadian_HogwartsAnd Then There Were Three: A New Beginning and a Promise

10th June 2013:
That was such a sweet story :) I really enjoyed it! Your writing is so good!
The first part, in Ron's POV was excellent (so was the second part, actually...overall awesomeness!); I thought your characterization of Ron was really well done. The humour was there, and his relationship with Hermione seemed very realistic. Arthur and Molly were also well done...their experience in all things baby was sweet. I did think though (just to give some constructive criticism) that Hermione was a little off, characterwise. I'm not sure why...she seemed a little too naive, I think. Then again, the story didn't focus too deeply on her, so it might just be an interpretation on my part :)
I really, really liked the mob scene (that sounds weird but you know what I mean!). I think that Harry and Ginny would be under constant scrutiny, especially at such a crucial point of their life. You portrayed this very well! That part in particular struck me.
I liked the Harry/Ginny relationship; Ginny's sarcasm, and the way she managed Harry was very true to the books. And Harry's such a sweetie.
I'm a sucker for first-birth-of- canon-couple stories, and this one got me. I loved it! Great work!!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Thanks so much for all of the compliments. I really try hard to put everything in the character's own voice and think about how they behave and react, so I'm really glad that they worked well for you. I take your point on Hermione. I felt like she was pretty far out of her comfort zone, so she was behaving a bit off. I could see how it might look strange.

I have to imagine that all of the "heroes" of the war would have to deal with a lot of media scrutiny and interference in their lives. A momentous occasion like the birth of Harry and Ginny's first child definitely would have brought out the jackals.

Aww, I'm really glad you liked Harry and Ginny. They were so much fun to write!

Thanks so much for the surprise review. It definitely made my day!

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Review #4, by Canadian_HogwartsTrains: Trains

23rd May 2013:
Oh my goodness, that was lovely! I haven't read very many fics with Hugo as a central character, but I think I'm going to have to, if any more are like this one! I really enjoyed it! I liked the beginning a lot-- the development of their relationship was realistic and sweet. Not over the top, but cute. Very well done!

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Review #5, by Canadian_HogwartsSmile: Smile

20th January 2013:
What a lovely story :) I really enjoyed it. I really liked the way you wrote Arthur especially. He's very sweet and absent minded, and just altogether Arthurish. And your description of the breakfast made me hungry! Nice work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a lovely review!

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Review #6, by Canadian_HogwartsDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Media

23rd October 2012:
Eeek! You have no idea how glad I am that this chapter is up! I'm just so happy right now! And she kissed him! Oh my gosh, excitement!!! I can't wait!!! This s going to be great!

Author's Response: YAY! So glad you're reading! Thanks so much for the review! Can't wait to see what you think of the rest! Thanks :)

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Review #7, by Canadian_HogwartsA Question: A Question

7th October 2012:
That was lovely...made me laugh, made me tear up, man! What a great story! I loved it! You're a great writer! I thought the transitioning especially, between the happy and sad parts, made this story extra special. You rock! Great job!

Author's Response: Oh, wow, this made you laugh and tear up? I know I should feel horrible for making you tear up, but for a reader to say that something moved them that much is the biggest compliment a writer can receive. I'm glad that you were touched so much by this!

I'm glad you thought the transitioning worked. Originally I didn't plan for the part about Teddy's parents to factor into this. I was simply going to have Teddy be terrified to ask for Bill's permission to marry Victoire and that would be the end of it. But then I thought that I wanted to add more substance into this and I started thinking about how I viewed Teddy. I imagined that when he was younger, he would probably just have been another one of the Weasley/Potter kids but as he grew older, I think he would feel a bit of distance. I hope I was able to get that across in this.

Thanks for your review,


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Review #8, by Canadian_HogwartsAriana: Ariana

27th May 2011:
Wow! That was a really great piece! I haven't read anything in Ariana's perspective (that I can remember at least lol) but I think I'm going to have to look at some more after this! I loved how you made it seem as if she wasn't just crazy, more like she was trapped inside herself. It made her seem more like a real person to me. I also really liked how you portrayed Albus. I have to admit that I didn't like him after I read the 7th book. He played with a lot of lives, and it seems to me that his actions caused a lot of deaths...Ariana's included. You showed that side of him, something most authors don't do. Once again, really great work! I'm really glad I read it :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Ah, I'm sitting here and kind of flailing. I'm so glad you think so, it means a lot. (:

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Review #9, by Canadian_HogwartsAll There Is To Hold Me: Reaching Someday

25th April 2011:
I have time to review this :) Yaay!!
I loved this story so much, and really wanted another million chapters or so. But, I suppose all good things (or all really super awesome things) must come to an end... and this was the perfect end in my opinion.
The first part was lovely. Hermione's overreaction was so completely in character. I really liked how the usual roles were reversed; Ron was the more mature one, while Hermione panicked. Making her pregnancy be a factor was a nice touch too; it tied the story together very well.
The second part was so sweet and I just fell in love with Ron and Hermione all over again. The reference to the Rose/Scorpius ship was there, but it wasn't obvious enough to take away from Ron and Hermione. I loved Arthur's name, and I loved the whole I-was-just-in-labor-for-twenty-bloody-hours card. So funny. I'm sure a lot of new mothers do that.
The overall concept of this story was really original, and for that I'm glad I read it. It's really hard to find a well-written story that has a lot of originality.
I'm so glad that Hermione told Ron the story about the blanket in the end :)
Well done.

Author's Response: Haha... a million chapters. That would take me quite a while to write! But, wow, super awesome? Ah, so close to supermegafoxyawesome hot. I'm working towards that... it's my goal :D I'm so glad that you liked the whole thing and thought it was worth your time! Thank you for the lovely and long review, it is so very much appreciated and I loved seeing that you liked the same things I did about the story! ~writergirl8

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Review #10, by Canadian_HogwartsWhy Didn't We Laugh? : Why Didn't We Laugh?

26th March 2011:
So sad. Sirius never did recover from the Dementors or from the Potters' deaths. I think that this would be something that Tonks would have done. The line 'One of her first thoughts was how light Sirius was in her arms…the muscle of his youth had wasted away during his time in Azkaban and he was left thin.' was amazing. I really loved this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you left me this sweet review! Its so great to hear how much you enjoyed it

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Review #11, by Canadian_HogwartsI've Lost My Mind: I really think I've lost it.

22nd March 2011:
Very sweet. I liked the mix of Hermione and Alice in Wonderland. I'll bet that Hermione's read the book, and so her mind probably would go straight to that world. I liked all the character portrayals (Severus being the caterpillar...just a coincidence that Alan Rickman did the voice n the movie, right :D). I liked the relationship between Ron and Hermione as well. The last line. so lovely. Great work :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Not coincidence just inspiration (and Helen B. Carter as the red queen)

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Review #12, by Canadian_HogwartsDraco's Demon: Draco's Demon

22nd March 2011:
Hello there! You didn't think you could leave all those lovely reviews and then get nothing in return, did you? I am here, and I am ready to review!
I generally don't read AU stories like this (I'm really a cannon girl through and through) but I thought I'd give it a try. So far, I'm intrigued.
You've got an interesting concept here. I haven't read a lot about demons and that sort of magic on this site. I'm sure there are stories which involve them, but not in the way you're using them. It seems to me to be a very original idea.
I also like your writing style. It's very interesting; you've taken a lot of the concepts from the books, and then changed them up so it's got a different feel. Great work. I'll be reading more, I assure you :)

Author's Response: Hi Canadian_Hogwarts! Thanks for reviewing! I have a Canon story in the waiting list at the moment, regarding the founders, so you might like to have a look in a few days... Thanks so much for your review, I'm fairly new to Harry Potter, and fanfiction generally, but have always been a fan of magic in its various forms and stories, so putting different ones together can sometimes make for an interesting mix! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and will be posting more as soon as I can type it :) I'll be watching for anything new from you, too. Cheers!

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Review #13, by Canadian_HogwartsA Man's Legacy: A Man's Legacy

22nd March 2011:
Ok, this was awesome. Nothing more, nothing less. At first I was thinking to myself 'Why does she think this is dark? It's so not at all.' but then by the end I was getting goosebumps. The change in the younger brother's thoughts and personality through his life was amazingly well developed. I think the very best part was at the very end, when the younger brother says 'See, Father,aren’t I doing a good job? Aren’t I making something of your legacy?'. Yeeesh! That gave me intense chills. The way you showed his decent into madness was so well done, I can't stress that enough!
To add a wee bit of constructive critisism here, I did think that the intro was a little too long. Although it was a fascinating insight into the past of the brothers, th amount of time that was spent on he father's life and on the mother seemed a little unnecessary. I also really liked the house elf; I think he probably could have been included some more. He sort of appeared and then disappeared again without anything happening with him. Adding him into the plot; maybe making him come along with the brothers and then get lost after warning them to stay away from the water might have given him more of a role to play in the plot.
Overall, this was another really excellent piece. I really enjoyed the fairytaleishness of the way you told it. Great work! You're a wonderful writer :)

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm so glad this is awesome. I know it's not dark at first, but once I got ahold of my idea firmly, that was the direction I tried to steer it in that direction. The end was definitely something that I meant to effect the reader's thoughts about the rest of the story.

Oh.the intro...quite truthfully, it's not meant to be an intro. It's meant to be a story all on it's own. I'm considering editing this so there is two chapters and I'm able to elaborate more on the "intro." However, doing that would change it into two very different stories rather than two chapters in one story. I'm lost as to what to do, but I'll figure it out soon enough. The intro was meant to go in a different direction, but then a plot bunny hit me, and it came from the part I'd already written, so I've just got a jumble of different plots relating to each other here. The original plan was to have the wife be the one displaying envy, but I prefer her to have grown affectionate towards her husband. The elf, was also to play a larger part, but once the new layout was written, I couldn't find anyway to stick him in. I'm not so sure I will edit, but if I do, I think I will take your suggestion about the elf's place. If I do so, I'll make sure to credit you.

The fairy tale sort of tone is attributed to the Tales of Beedle the Bard, which I tried to mimic, and it seems I did so successfully.

Thank you for the review and flattery and most especially the criticsism! I love me the criticism and suggestions!

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Review #14, by Canadian_HogwartsYule Balls and Pygmy Puffs: Yule Balls and Pygmy Puffs

21st March 2011:
Very sweet :) I have to confess that I've never really read a lot of the whole Cho/Cedric genre, mainly because I'm one of those people who (I'm a little ashamed to admit it) gets a wee bit fed up with Cho. I hated how much she kept crying in the fifth book; she just went around and made poor Harry's life completely miserable. However, I do know that the poor girl does have a reason to be so sad, what with the whole ex-boyfriend being murdered and all...
I liked how you wrote both Cedric and Cho in this piece. I read your note at the beginning, and I think you definitely made Cho into a very believable character. I'm with you; I don't think that she was a flirt, rather, she was a pretty girl that a lot of guys were attracted to. I think that a lot of people make her seem really ditzy, which she's not. She must have been intelligent, being a Ravenclaw and all. As for poor old Cedric, he was nicely done as well. I think I might have wanted to see a bit more of him, to tell you the truth; it was a very interesting perspective on him. I really liked the part where we first met him by the lake. It was a very nice mental image of him coming out of the early morning mist by the lake, all full of concentration... made me happy :)
The lines 'It would be impractical to go to the Yule Ball with her Puffskein anyways. He couldn’t dance.' made me giggle so much. I do believe that Puffskeins would be very awful dancers indeed!
I caught a few grammar mistakes and typos (they're sneaky little buggers) but on the whole there was nothing glaringly obvious. Great job! I'm looking forward to your other story!

Author's Response: Hi!

I've just gotten around to responding *blush*

I've never read much of Cho/Cedric either, but I felt it fit with the plot I had in mind.

When I first read the books, I was very frustrated with Cho as well. But as I re-read them, I grew into my teenage years, where angst is really prevalent, and I just felt like I understood where it was all coming from. And I think other people do too eventually. I wanted to stress that here, and show that there's more to Cho, that she wasn't always who we see in the books and that was just a small timeframe in her life, and a very sad one at that!

I'm glad the couple is believable. I've never written them before and have never been inclined to reading them. This was a bit of a tribute to the two of them, because I always feel that there's too much tragedy with their stories', and that the before part of it is never told.

I love ronhermione4ever for giving me the challenge because it did inspire a bit of humour to go along with the plot. And I think the humour just uplifts the whole thought of the couple because usually, just the thought of them, makes me sad.

There's typos and grammar errors? I must start revising my chapters more carefully!

Thank you so much for the review and flattery!

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Review #15, by Canadian_HogwartsA Weirder Shade of Midnight: Andrew Campbell

21st March 2011:
Darn that Andrew! What a butterface! I'm glad that the Weasley/Potter clan took matters into their own hands and taught the jerk a lesson! Not that they'll ever be caught... it must be handy having all those relatives throughout the ministry!
Hm. this girlfriend of his though... I'm definitely getting interesting vibes from her. Is this the lead Rose needs, or is it just another Red Herring? I just can't decide. I must say though, even if she doesn't turn out to be the mastermind of the entire organisation, she's still probably not a very nice person. I mean, anyone who can deal with a guy like Andrew can't be all that good; I wasn't even liking Dom, and she's Rose's family!
I just looked back, and saw that this review is mainly me ranting, so I'll actually add some reviewing now. Although I suppose you can take my ranting as a compliment to your amazing plot line. You'd better be planning another story after this one, because I love your writing so much. That's a direct order, so you must follow it! The best part of your writing, I think, is the way you develop the characters. I've read a lot of stories and some of them are excellent, but their characters are too dry, or too chaotic, and it distracts from the actual story. You've got just the right balance so that the stories aren't overrun by random stuff about the characters, but there's enough there that stops it from becoming boring.
All right, I'm going to stop rambling on now. Great chapter, looking forward to the next one whenever you get it out. Hope you enjoy/ enjoyed your vacation (I'm not really sure when you'll be reading this, so just choose the one that applies) and update soon as you can :)

Author's Response: Finally home and have time to answer reviews! I loved reading this, there's nothing better than a nice long review :)

Andrew is a butterface, isn't he? lol. Not a good person at all. The Weasleys are taking over the world ;) Yeah, poor Dom is kind of a butterface herself, but at heart she's not a bad person, really. Just a bit shallow and such.

I don't mind ranting about characters haha. It makes me feel like I did my job - you made a connection to them, even if it's wanting to smack Andrew upside the head. I have plans for another Rose story after this one, but not fully fleshed out just yet. Don't worry, I'll have something in the pipeline. I adore characters - that's my favorite part of writing, developing the people. And their interactions. I love dialogue. Anyway, thank you so very much for the wonderful review!

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Review #16, by Canadian_HogwartsIf Tomorrow Never Comes: Chapter Nine

21st March 2011:
Hehe... I know I'd be with Susan and Hannah if Cormac McLaggen was going around topless :) Mm...

Anyway, this was another really great chapter. I know I haven't been reviewing exactly faithfully but I promise that will change. This story is amazing, and I hope you've had lots of people telling you that.

I love the awkwardness that ensues whenever Hannah and Neville are in the same room as each other. It's sweet, and it's so realistic. A lot of stories don't show that side of the relationship, but unfortunately, that's generally what happens at the beginning.

I'm glad that Hannah's finally beginning to heal. The way you've written her is just amazing; there's so much in her life that could have changed her in a negative way, but she's still managing to overcome it all. Good for her!

I can't wait for the next chapter, so please update soon!

Author's Response: Me too. I'm still yet to figure out why exactly he'd be in the Hufflepuff common room semi-naked but we'll say it was Quidditch related...

I'm so glad you still like it - the support and encouragement on this story has been completely fantastic. It's one I'm very proud of and even if nobody gave me feedback, I'd still want to write it.

That awkwardness is one of my favourite parts of it; I find them both quite awkward characters in general and put them together with the fact they quite obviously like each other as more than friends and it just comes naturally to write them like that.

She is beginning to heal and I put so much of that down to Neville and Daphne, and Dean even if his role is prominently off-page. Might have to give him a bigger role later.

I'm planning on updating after I've written chapter 14 - I like being a good 5 chapters ahead of myself - which should hopefully be soon. Thank you so much for your support!


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Review #17, by Canadian_HogwartsRaising the Stakes: Making Bets...

20th March 2011:
And it's added to my favourites. I've just got to find out what happens!
To be honest, I've never actually read an Oliver/OC fic before. I know there are a bunch out there, but I've just never thought that Oliver was a particularly interesting character. My bad :) This story has definitely made me want to read more! I think that on the whole, I'm going to love this pairing!
So, let us leave my ramblings, and get on to the actual story review. Overall, I thought this was well done. The premise is well thought out, and (I think) pretty original, which is always good! So far the characters are pretty good too; it's kinda early in the story to know too much about them yet.
Now for the CC. I know, it makes me a little edgy too :P I did catch a few grammar errors (For example in the line; 'In a display of fierce determination and fervour, Gryffindors’ Quidditch team once again claims the House Cup for their own.' it should be Gryffindor's rather than Gryffindors'). You might want to get a beta reader- not that your grammar is bad, but it's always helpful to have someone else read over your work to catch things that you've missed.
Great work! Please update soon, I'll be sure to review!

Author's Response: I'm so glad I'm your first Oliver/OC then!!! xD Teehee.. I hope you start to like this Oliver character! He's a bit of a temperamental nutcase, just the way I like them ;). And I'm really glad you think it's original, because I'd hate to write a story that's already been done before. I mean you can't completely cut out all the cliches, but hopefully, with my own twists, it comes off fine :)
Oh, yeah definitely! The characters start to come to life a bit more as you get into the story.. especially Keegan. She's super fun to write so I really hope she's an endearing OC for readers!
Ah yes, grammar! My sworn enemy :) I'll definitely have read through of that. I know I should get a beta, but I've never used a beta for any of my stories... I depend on reviewers picking out the glaringly obvious ones. Otherwise, I try to catch my own mistakes. Thank you for pointing that out btw (the Gryffindor's thing)! And thank you thank you for leaving me a review!! AND favouriting!

Oh and the next chapter is already in the queue ;) xx

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Review #18, by Canadian_HogwartsBirth of a Prince: Birth of a Prince

20th March 2011:
Lovely story... but of course, I expect that of you. You're honestly one of the best writers here. Did I make you blush :D ?
You've got Snape's complexity down pat in this. It's so difficult to make him have all the problems in his life while still making him seem human. The balance between all the stuff going on in his life (Lily, the Death Eaters, Lily, school, Lily, bullies like James and Sirius, Lily...) and the actual plot has to be just right. Otherwise, it doesn't seem like Snape is the same character that we know and love (ish) from the books. Your balance was absolutely perfect.
Another thing that I really liked was how you never actually went out and said that Snape was hanging out with the bad crowd, etc, but how you could definitely tell that he thought Muggles were scum from his reaction to his father's blood purity, and his thoughts about names in the Wizarding population.
I have to admit, when I read the line 'It was only ten words, but Severus felt a sense of pride in them all the same.', I had to stop and count the words on my fingers, just to make sure. And you were right. I'm strange, I know.
Once again, really amazing story. I'm so glad to have read it.

Author's Response: You did just make me blush... I blush easy, but there we have it. :D Thank you so very, very much - it means a lot to me.

I know what you mean about Snape's complexity - he definitely isn't an easy character to write. A lot of people seem either to leave him a bit dry or drown him in Lily-obsession, which can both be a bit obnoxious. Thank you so much for your amazing compliments about his character. :) Yep - ten words! Hahaha! ^^

Seriously, thank you so much - this review absolutely made my entire day, if not my week. *hugs* Thank you for stopping by!

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Review #19, by Canadian_HogwartsBedposts and Broomsticks: Lonely Lily

15th March 2011:
Eek!!! An update! So exciting! Poor Eric. I have to say that I agree with Roxanne on this one; Lily's acting a little selfishly with the whole sudden unwanted boyfriend thing. And poor Luke as well... gah! Lily's life is so complicated! And what's happening with Hugo? Don't tell me! I want to read it myself! So many things are going on!! I'm so excited! I did look at all the chapter images, and I think they're absolutely perfect! Luke's a cutie all right! Update soon... I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm so thrilled you liked the update! And thank you so much for all the wonderful feed back about all the characters, I'm so happy to hear it! Thank you so so so so so so much for the lovely review, the next update should hopefully be up mid April or before, real life has got both me and my beta bogged down, university life is extremely stressful!
Thanks again!

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Review #20, by Canadian_HogwartsLily in the Flame: Claustrophiobia, Chocolate Frogs and Cheat

14th March 2011:
Hehehe... yes, the Canadian Academy of Magical Arts is the the biggest school of magic in North America. It's where I go :D I wish...
I have to say that I was not liking Lily at all. She was being such a jerkface to James. I mean, it's not like he was doing anything to her! I got pretty mad at her, especially when she fell on him, and then she blamed him for touching her. She just... erg! And then she as flirting with Stebbins in front of him! Come on Lily! Your perfect guy is right there! Open your eyes girl! Oh well... I know it'll happen eventually.I'll just have to be patient. Good chapter, once again. Let me know when the next one is up!

Author's Response: I know, she was being a bit of a you-know-what right there. But don't let that turn you off. She really is a good person. There's just a large amount of anger, feelings and memories that the fiery red head is holding to herself. Lily's going to need to learn how to let it go. It will happen though. I promise it will or else I shall feed myself to Aragog's children.

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Review #21, by Canadian_HogwartsLily in the Flame: Chapter Two: Reunited can be good and bad

14th March 2011:
And I'm back! I knew it was the Marauders who had set off those Dungbombs! And I was right! Good for me :o)
Oh, Lily. She's so hotheaded that she didn't even listen when James tried to tell her he was head boy. If she knew before, I have the feeling that events in the prefects carriage might have been less...detrimental, shall we say? My favorite lines were most definitely:
“Oi! Still covered here!”

“Dude,” a passing fifth year Ravenclaw said. “Scrougrify!”

“Right,” he quickly used the charm, restoring his robes to their original state.


So funny! Overall, it was another great chapter (although I noticed you spelled Evans with an apostrophe when it shouldn't have had one)! I shall read and review the next one soon!

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Review #22, by Canadian_HogwartsBreathless: Blurs and Whirlwinds.

14th March 2011:
Holy crap was that ever intense! I was totally not expecting something like this. but my goodness was it awesome! Al's right. they've definitely got passion, and it's gotta be let out somehow! Still, I'm glad Adele didn't sleep with him, because honestly, if she did, she would really regret it. Well... she probably wouldn't, actually. She'd feel guilty though, I guess, since it would be for the wrong reasons. Aah!!! Loved it so much! Update real soonlike!

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Review #23, by Canadian_HogwartsDon't Prank A Prankster: Don't Prank A Prankster

14th March 2011:
That's right James! Don't prank the pranking master! Hehehehe. I hope James' mum made him clean up all the water afterwards... it'd give him more time to think up a new prank!
As a character, the eight year old James was exactly what I would expect, and as for his parents... wow! I never really thought about them before, but I really liked how you made his dad a prankster as well! It makes sense to me that it would be a genetic trait! If this is really your first attempt at humour, all I can say is that it was a grandiose success! Good job!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to review, it means a lot. :D

I definitely see James' mum making him clean it up, as well as telling his father to act his age, not his shoe size! James will continue his pranking in the future and (hopefully!) get better at it. Even the best have to start somewhere. XD

I am glad you liked James' character, because I found him quite difficult to write. The only real inspiration I have is my younger brothers and they are more annoying than cheeky. I always just assumed that James would've learned some pranks from watching his dad, or family member. I think children are mischievous anyway, but adding his Dad into it was quite fun for me.

Yep, first attempt at humour, I'm afraid. It's such a difficult genre; I'm used to sticking to my dark mystery. I am glad you think it worked, though.

Thanks for stopping by again! Have a great week.
-- Jordan

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Review #24, by Canadian_HogwartsStill Recruiting: One-Shot

11th March 2011:
Great work, again :) I've always wondered what started the second wave of Dumbledore's Army, and this was a very good perspective on it. I think it would definitely been Luna who started the conversation, and I think you were right in making Neville the most reluctant of the three. Again, well done. You're a very good writer. I hope you continue.

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Review #25, by Canadian_HogwartsShattered Universe: One-shot

11th March 2011:
Amazing. Too many people overlook Rufus Scrimgeor as a hero during the war, since we only see it in Harry's (very negatively biased) perspective. You've written him in a way that makes me see him in a whole new light. Even though I never really liked Scrimegeor, I think that the way you show him makes him so much less one-sided. In the books, I didn't think that he was the kind of man who would die to protect Harry. You definitely made him into that man for me. Job well done :)

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