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Review #1, by Eternal TurmoilBe careful what you wish for: Be careful what you wish for

28th January 2007:
Wow! I saw your challenge on the forums and had to read your entry. It was great, you captured Lily and James perfectly even though they weren't in it long; and the climax was shocking and scary.
"Avada Kedavra!" and the blinding green light swept over him and he was nothing more than a memory.
Simple but dramatic. I loved it. 10/10! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #2, by Eternal TurmoilEmpty: The Funeral.

28th January 2007:
Hm. Maybe a bit more description, but its a well thought out story :) Good job, I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: I'll go back and redo the description, and focus on it more in later chapters...thanks!

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Review #3, by Eternal TurmoilDark Witch: Knockturn Alley

28th January 2007:
That was spectacular. Snape was totally canon, and each scene was vividly described. But most of all I'm impressed with how you've written dark changes every so often in McGonagall's personality. Keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I love it when I get Snape right...

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Review #4, by Eternal TurmoilSomething To Celebrate: A letter from Albus Dumbledore

25th January 2007:
Sweet :)

Author's Response: *waves* I thought you'd have read this ages ago, James. I hope all is well! Pru

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Review #5, by Eternal TurmoilThe Sorting Hat: Hermione and Ronald

7th January 2007:
Oooh, I loved it. Hilarity and a tattered old hat, what more could a fanfiction reader want?! :P *Favourited* 10/10

Author's Response: Awww! Thank you! It is so much fun to be favorited!

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Review #6, by Eternal TurmoilRiddles in the Dark -Tom and I-: Confessions

6th January 2007:
Well that hidden doorway was convenient wasn't it ;P Good chapter :)

Author's Response: It certainly was. Lucky they found it, eh? I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter, though.

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Review #7, by Eternal TurmoilRiddles in the Dark -Tom and I-: The Basilisk

6th January 2007:
:O He married her *gasps* Ahh, so many twists and turns..

Author's Response: He did indeed! But that's not all he did...

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Review #8, by Eternal TurmoilRiddles in the Dark -Tom and I-: Whispers and Secrets Revealed

6th January 2007:
:O Excellent cliffhanger :)

Author's Response: Why thank you. ^^

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Review #9, by Eternal TurmoilRiddles in the Dark -Tom and I-: The Library

5th January 2007:
This story is really interesting, and the chapters are not to short and not to long which is always good for someone with an attention span like mine :P I think this is going in my favourites :)

Author's Response: I totally, entirely, whole-heartedly know what you mean. It's impossible for me to sit and read chapters that are too much over one thousand words (and actually, while I was writing this, I could only stand to write little more than a thousand words at a time). Unfortunately, there are two chapters in here that exceed four thousand words, but fortunately, most of them are around two thousand. I hope that you still enjoy the rest!

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Review #10, by Eternal TurmoilRiddles in the Dark -Tom and I-: Cold

5th January 2007:
Ooooh.. good stuff :)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you thought so!

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Review #11, by Eternal TurmoilRiddles in the Dark -Tom and I-: The Beginning

5th January 2007:
I liked it; but I must read on to see if theres more to his kindness than meets the eye! :P Great intro.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you do! I hope that you enjoy it until the end... There are some rough patches in the first half of chapters (at least, that's what I think) but I believe I can say that it gets a lot better.

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Review #12, by Eternal TurmoilAmidst The Shadows I Lie: Saying Goodbye

4th January 2007:
That was fantastic... really emotional... you wrote Hermione how I always imagined her. I'm glad you chose Lupin to focus on; it wouldn't of had the same effect if it was Harry or Ron, because she would have a reason to stay with them (their friendship). She didn't know Lupin as well as the others but she stayed with him nonetheless. Great story, 10/10, favourited.

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Review #13, by Eternal TurmoilAmidst The Shadows I Lie: Amidst The Shadows I Lie

4th January 2007:
*sob* So sad ... you write grief so well *weep* Good stuff. J

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Review #14, by Eternal TurmoilFabricating Demons: Fabricating Demons

3rd January 2007:
Great stuff *thumbs up* J

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Review #15, by Eternal TurmoilTrust and Truth: Trust and Truth

16th July 2006:
I've always thought of Dumbledore's Death as a totally different story to this, but everyone I've talked to about the sixth book think it was Dumbledore's request ... but moving on .. great fic! :D

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #16, by Eternal TurmoilThe Walls Have Ears: If Walls Could Talk...

15th July 2006:
Wow .. a medieval soap opera! Great writing .. can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: lmbo... that's exactly what i said when i finished it and sent it to my beta... i didnt like it as much but she was ecstatic over it, so i thought it would be okay... i remembered later that she really loves soap operas tho, so now your review only confirms my fear...

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Review #17, by Eternal TurmoilWeird Wizard Ways: Remarking on Fate

17th March 2006:
Hello Pru! Great beginning ... glad to see the story's up. :) Turmy

Author's Response: Turmy! How nice to hear from you! It's always nice to see an old Quidditch mate. LOL I was beginning to think you'd left the building. Thanks for reviewing. I hope all is well. *winks* Pru

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Review #18, by Eternal TurmoilNoel: Noel

29th November 2005:
Fantastic banner and fantastic story :D

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #19, by Eternal TurmoilChantilly Obsession: Chantilly Obsession

27th October 2005:
Whoa . . . Phineas, you area comic genius *clap clap*

Author's Response: Thank you! I have inspired by geniuses of the past and to them I offer my salutations. I am very glad you enjoyed this.

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Review #20, by Eternal TurmoilWhile Ron was Sleeping: Night Flight

26th October 2005:
Cute. *applause*

Author's Response: Oh thanks! I was a bit worried it might be too tame, with the lack of high-speed action sequences and hot-and-heavy snogging. But I feel like JKR has to edit out quite a bit of these types of moments to make her books a readable length, so I am more than happy to fill in the blanks!

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Review #21, by Eternal TurmoilI Don't Care!: I Don't Care!

11th October 2005:
Wow that was a great interpretation of Lupin's bite! 10/10! Bravo! Keep it going! J

Author's Response: thanx James!

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Review #22, by Eternal TurmoilLa Figlia Dei Morti: Regalo Del James - James's Gift

8th August 2005:
Very good! Fantastic description and overall a great first chapter!

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Review #23, by Eternal TurmoilOver the Hill Harry: Together at Last

7th August 2005:
Hallo! (have ya missed me? lol) I was just re - reading and even though it has been slightly thrown out of canon by the *weep* happenings *sob* in Book 6, it still has me captivated by the stunner plot. Wow.

Author's Response: Oh, you are the best, James!!!! I miss DO miss you! Don't weep! I have faith in Jo! She won't let us down. You'll see! Harry will triumph. Thanks so much for re-reading. I'm very flattered. :---)

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Review #24, by Eternal TurmoilThe Hermione Granger Story: The Hermione Granger Story

12th June 2005:
Fourth review on this story! I read it to help me with Testing Neville, my new fic . . . and its helping! :D
Turmsicle (urshie's idea!)

Author's Response: haha really? lol turmsicle.. i love it! :D good idea urshie! lol :D

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Review #25, by Eternal TurmoilWinner!! Click Here for Your All Expenses Paid Vacation!: One Fine Summer at Spy Camp

10th June 2005:
Hey Moony! Everyone thought I was having a breakdown I was laughing so much. You so cannot make me wait for the next chapter! You are a comedy genius! *scans through the book of compliments* You rawk my lil fluffy frilly sawks! ^_^

Author's Response: Genius? Well, I can hardly say...ok yes. Thanks! Woah! That book of compliments rocks! I can't even believe how much my mind is blown. (Wait, I just complimented the book fo compliments. THE IRONY!) The way you typed that, it seemed almost boston-y. Thanks for all the faithful reviewing, and I loved this review. It totally made my day. Wicked.

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