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Review #1, by Kay_BlackTrapped: Trapped

1st September 2015:
Hello! Thought I'd drop a little comment and say that this was beautifully done! Well done for being able to come up with such creative paragraphs following the alphabet!
You really did an amazing job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the sweet review! I really appreciate you stopping by!

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Review #2, by Kay_BlackI'll Wait For You: I'll Wait For You

2nd August 2015:
Beautiful! So simple, yet so full of emotion!
Great little one shot you got here!

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Review #3, by Kay_BlackFirst Class: First Class

15th July 2015:
One of the most brilliant pieces of writing I've ever laid my eyes on! First McGonagal fic for me and you've now set the bar pretty high!
Absolutely wonderful. Beautifully written!

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Review #4, by Kay_BlackBefore They Fall: The Force That Drives Us

5th October 2013:
I've seen posts of "what if JKR was somewhere in the fan fiction world, secretly writing her stories" here and there on the Internet, and I can honestly say that only after coming to your story did I wonder "what if". Yes, I am saying you can be JKR herself. Your story is flawless. It's perfect beyond words. Every single detail carefully planned out and thought about. I see no flaws in any sentence. You made me love the characters more than I already did. And Belle, oh Belle. Zat perfect French accent, the story behind her, that fire. Oh how horrible you are to have killed her! But, I guess horrible decisions must be made to carry the story forward, to fuel their determination.
I can't wait to read the continuation of this wonderful story, and even more from you. I've absolutely loved this journey you've taken me on as a ready. Thank you and a tremendous well done to you.

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Review #5, by Kay_BlackBefore They Fall: Surviving the First Defy

3rd October 2013:
"Tomorrow was Christmas Eve after all, and he had his heart set on a new racing broom."
That broke my heart. In such a simple way you've reminded everyone that Regulus is just a child. I've alwys felt sad about Regulus but now I'm heart broken for him.
Your story is amazing. I'm completely obsessed! It's the perfect pace, perfect plot, perfect writing. It's just perfect, you're wonderful at this.

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Review #6, by Kay_BlackThe Never Forgotten: Chapter 2

13th December 2010:
Oh... my... God... o.o
I was in bed at about 2am, half asleep and on my phone. Out of boredom I decided to go on HPFF and remembering your amazing story, I searched you (I know your pen name by heart :D) and found THIS total AMAZINGNESS!! Having read twice 'The Memory Box' and cried both those times, I couldn't contain my excitement :D I sat bolt up right and started to read on the tiny screen of a BlackBerry. Eyes hurting, tiredness overcoming I finished it and I have to say you're ammaazingg but MEAN -.- I NEEED to know what happens! BUT, I will pretend to be patient and wait :]
The only other thing I have to add is that you are absolutely a-ma-zinng! If you ever give up writing I will find out where you live, fly to another country if necessary, and give you a pep talk to keep writing :D yes, I know I'm weird :p
Please update soon, make it a Christmas present :D x

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Review #7, by Kay_BlackStuck With Me: Stuck with me

19th August 2010:
This was just great. It's written beautifully and I love all the emotion in it.
The letter was just amazing, and the ending: I did not expect! I never thought you would end with Ron dying, bought tears to my eyes.
Awesome work and keep on writing! ^-^

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Review #8, by Kay_BlackLoser Lily: How it all happened... And just maybe ended.

17th August 2010:
This is good! I loved it, really did :]
I'm not the type of person to go for unfinished stories but I'm happy I clicked on yours! Now I can't wait for you to update so pwease do ^-^

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Review #9, by Kay_BlackTo the Past, From the Future: Pulling the Magic

9th June 2010:

All I have to say is wow. You have done such an amazing work on this story! I haven't finished reading the whole thing but this chapter and the ending of the previous one, actually really really got to me.

Your story had me staying up will 4am reading, on my iTouch none the less ;D My eyes hurt but I do not regret it one bit :]

And this chapter made me sob like a baby... I cried so much because I actually thought you were going to kill Harry.

Yes, sound rather over dramatic but hey ;D

They way the part where Harry was waking up, how he started singing when James stopped because he was crying, was so amazing! He was waking up and I just wanted to shout "Yay yay!" and jump around my room, but that would have woken up everyone in my house... so not a good idea ;D

So this review may not be completely orthodox (I really hope I just use that word right ;D ). Just keep writing! You are amazing.


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