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Review #26, by marlita1311Matchmaker: The Collecting

21st May 2012:
"she called her poor cat Pythagoras- after the Greek triangle guy."
i study physics and if i had a pet i'd have propably named it after a famous physicist (i quess i'm a bigger nerd than dom). Oh and the line "Apparently, nerdy is the new sexy. i'm not seeing it." reminded me of the tv show "the big bang theory".

now about the plot:
i'm so so hooked!!!:)
i loved the characters! all of them but i'm sure by the chapter three i'll have my fav *wink*
can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review :D. Ahha, yes, that poor cat! ALthough personally, I think it's quite a cute name. :P I always found the Pythagoras Theorem tricky so yeah... I don't know why Pythagoras came to mind!!

OH The Big Bang Theory! I love that TV show! (SHELDON!) But yeah, I /sort/ of got that from BBC's Sherlock, A Scandal in Belgravia. Irene Adler. I have edited this chapter iwth credits to BBC!

I'm so pleased you like it! I'm submitting chpater two tomorrow.

Have a nice day!

-LWG x

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Review #27, by marlita1311Opposites attract: The introductions

21st May 2012:
'i wonder who would be head girl'
*wink* *wink*
i really liked the intro..!your descriptions are beautiful:)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading & reviewing. Glad you liked it :)

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Review #28, by marlita1311The Blazing Arrival Of Cosmo Weasley-Peppin: The Blazing Arrival Of Cosmo Weasley-Peppin

17th May 2012:
ahh such a cute story!! :)
i like charlie and at first i thought that april-girl was giving birth to their child and i was like what?!
but then everything fall into place!
i think you nailed the description of how the young teenagers took care of the egg! 10/10

Author's Response: Heehee I seem to be catching most people out with the baby dragon!
I'm very glad you enjoyed this story. I love Charlie too, he'll be making another appearance in my stories soon.
Thanks for reading and reviewing :)
Athene xoxo

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Review #29, by marlita1311Gloomy Sunday : Learning to live with muggles.

13th May 2012:
yes it is significantly longer than the previous chapters :)
i love it when draco finds himself completely clueless around muggle technology; i picture him being furious and too proud at the same time to admit that muggles do lots of things remarkably well without magic.
i'm still confused with the storyline. why are they pretending to be muggles? and who is the dark-hooded figure.
Also a tip to make chapters longer: you could add background information. Such as how draco ended up working with harry, or how he even became an auror in the first place.
oh and you should definitely revise the chapters as you still have quite a lot spelling and grammar errors.
but i want to

Author's Response: Ok, I will work on it this weekend at at least get the revived chapters up before my birthday trip. I was thinking it needed more background information. I cant say who the dark figure is hes a major plot point. ;) . But they are prenteding because they are stuck..i'll explain it better in the revised chapters.

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Review #30, by marlita1311Gloomy Sunday : A Story and a Plan

13th May 2012:
okay i'm a little confused..why are they going to live for month in a non-magical world?
did the portkey take them there?
where is it?
next chapter here i come!

Author's Response: Ok, Sorry it is confusing. I did start this over a year ago. I have gone through many changes with my writing style. Now that my other Dramione is completed except for what needs to go through quque. I will have more time to spend on this one. since the other one no longer needs my attention except for when I put up edited chapters as my beta goes through them. I hope you at least like the idea of this? Sorry I went off on a tangent there.

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Review #31, by marlita1311Gloomy Sunday : Gloomy Sunday

13th May 2012:
hello there!
i liked the overall idea of the story but there are many grammar mistakes throughout the chapter which make it difficult to might want to edit it or get a beta to help you.
hermione and draco are in character, but a little too much. What i mean is: okay we know hermione loves the book "Hogwarts a history" but it's been years since rowling's teenage hermione; you should add some of your ideas of how she matured. Sure she is a know-it-all but she must have changed since school, right?
sorry if i am making too many suggestions but as i myself find them helpful i thought you might do too :)
i'm off to read next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, I am glad you are liking it. Yeah I am actually currently re-writing it and trying to find a beta, i started that almost a year ago. I admit the writing isn't my best but I didn't have word then either. I love the sugestions. I will deffinatly correct that once I get the time.

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Review #32, by marlita1311Masquerade: A . . . Charming New Roommate

4th May 2012:
another gd chapter!:)
although i'm kinda thinking where this is going... *wink*

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you're enjoying! Thank you for the review, again!

Bri, xx

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Review #33, by marlita1311Masquerade: A Drunken Fever

4th May 2012:
hi!this is a nice start and beautifully written!
i'm off to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading, and I'm glad you liked it :)


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Review #34, by marlita1311How I, Sirius Black, wasn't really a black: Forever living in his shadow.

4th April 2012:
hello there!!:)
so sorry for the late review but better late than never? :P
okay i have to admit i adore sirius,he is one of my fav characters that's why i find it hard to read a fanfiction of him; rowling's black is simply perfectly written.
But i was intrigued from the title and i'm so glad i did.
It's a prequel to who Sirius is,why he left his family.
If you asked me how was Sirius as a teenager what you wrote is very close to what i imagined:)
it was as if the chapter was being written itself.
i loved two phrases:
(about Regulus)"The perfect specimen of a Slytherin."
and about Sirius:"er every quidditch match, I retreated to the room of requirement, shutting off my tough exterior just for a few minutes, allowing myself to feel despair and to feel neglected and hurt."
Regulus in the end we know that he turned against the Dark Lord. Maybe you could write a story about what made him change his mind...

Author's Response: Hey :) Thankyou for the review!

I'm glad you liked this fanfiction. I agree that Sirius is very well written in the books and it's almost like we know their story but in my opinion there is a lot more substance to him which I'm trying to show!

I'm glad you liked those phrases! They were some of my favourites too!

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Review #35, by marlita1311Bend or Break: An Ending & A Beginning

29th March 2012:
a very promising prologue indeed..
whose baby is it??
it must be Ron' first i thought it was Harry's(due to the blue eyes)
is Ron dead?
oohh..i must keep reading :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) You must keep reading to understand all... :P

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Review #36, by marlita1311Vertigo: Room 337

27th March 2012:
this is a genuine plot and i love it!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I personally love the plot-line of this one (my favorite among my own stories) and I've had tons of fun writing it. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the review :)

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Review #37, by marlita1311Vertigo: Meet the Parents

27th March 2012:
i loved ophelia's last line :)
update soon!

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Review #38, by marlita1311Life As We Know It: chapter three

26th March 2012:
nice chapter :)
i have one question though: wouldn't dating a slytherin be the most annoying thing hermione could do?

Author's Response: Yes dating a Slytherin would be the most annoying thing that Hermione could do but at this point she doesn't even consider a slytherin as an option as she still wants Ron and dating a Slytherin would be unforgivable where as he could probably get over her dating Cormac. thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #39, by marlita1311Life As We Know It: chapter two

26th March 2012:
aw i think draco and hermione had a moment there *wink*
reading on:)

Author's Response: Yep they had a little moment! Glad you like it! thank you for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #40, by marlita1311Life As We Know It: chapter one

26th March 2012:
personally, i'm not a hogwarts's era fan when it comes to dramione 'cuz i like the two of them fighting as teenagers and falling in love as adults.
but i like this prologue and i'm going to keep reading/reviewing to see where you are going with this :)

Author's Response: I hope that even though you don't normally read hogwarts era that you still find this interesting. Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm glad that you enjoyed the prologue!


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Review #41, by marlita1311Outcast: One word; two baited breaths; three syllables

26th March 2012:
internet cookies?haha
what's your fav?
but i'm getting off topic; overall i think it's a nice start.
You have laid out the set of the story, introduced ur characters and it's nice to read a lilly story instead of the usual Rose/Scorpio story :)
update soon i'd love to read some more!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #42, by marlita1311Lady Malfoy: Into the Sunrise

1st August 2011:
OMG!the end is finally here!!
i am nearly as excited i was when the last film was released*blink*
the story couldn't possibly have a more beautiful and touching ending.
i absolutely loved the whole draco's speech..i was laughing and crying at the same time!
you are so talented dear erin and i adore this story as i have mentioned oh so many times already! ;-)
i think a short story on Pansy's travels would be intersting as she is one of my fav characters in that amazing story of yours...
a prequel about the love triangle of Cassious,Draco and Natalie sounds good too.
Maybe a one-shot about whatever happenned with Cassious?(he is a great portraited character as well)
the atmosphere of the chapter was bittersweet and towards the ending i didn't feel the story of draco and hermione is ending;i think it's only beginning.10/10

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Review #43, by marlita1311Lady Malfoy: Of Humans and Monsters

7th July 2011:
so many things to comment:
first things first: the pansy character you write about is beautifully given..she is so..nice and you just love her..and she was one of the most hateful characters in the harry potter books.She was snob as hell and arrogant;but your pansy is sweet and mature and just a traumatised soul.Her choice of facing her demons in order to move on shows a strength few people would have.So bravo on creating the best pansy there is! :)
now, about eli and the switch: i didn't see this coming.I was sad that Eli had to die but like you said his death wasn't in vain; Narcissa is free to make up all this lost time with her son.
there wasn't much draco and hermione action on this chapter but that's okay i guess you are saving it for the epilogue...
oh i don't want this story to end!!!
you know your story was the first i read on this site and it grabbed me from the summary..
you portrait draco as an amazing man who i completely fell for..his wit,his solid love towards hermione,the description of his 'pokerface' as you often called it made me actually picture every scene.
You are a veery talented writer (im sure you are heard it a million times by now) and im thankful you shared this story with all of us!! :) :)
oh and i cant wait for the epilogue!

Author's Response: I'm actually super glad you (and others as well!) have come to like some of the supporting characters of the story. I find that with a lot of fics I read, the ones I love most are the ones that have complexity in all their characters, not just the main ones.

I actually did a lot of improv on Pansy's character because she was initially supposed to be evil and then she became good and then I considered making her evil again but I really liked the backstory about her traumatized childhood and so I stuck with her being good. Her romance with Ron, too, developed out of a spontaneous idea rather than a well planned one but I'm glad it was received well.

I'm really glad you enjoyed my story and I'm thankful that you had a chance to read it.

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Review #44, by marlita1311Lady Malfoy: Live and Let Live

1st June 2011:
you are the best!
this story is THE BEST DRAMIONE ever written!!!

'cat got your tongue' is my favorite line in the whole story...
the whole sensual scene between them was beautifully written..
it felt real and not at all cheesy...!
you are talented girl!
much love marlita

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Review #45, by marlita1311Change: Getting to know

13th April 2011:
this is the first narcissa story i ever read in this site..
her decision proved that she is a very strong woman.
A tragic woman i might add as well.
She could have left him,but she decided to stay and pretend for the sake of her unborn child.
That's so so so selfless..

Author's Response: hey!

thanks a lot for the awesome review!

I am glad that you found Narcissa's character strong, tragic and selfless; how I intended it to be.

Thanks again!


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Review #46, by marlita1311Is This Love? (Harry & Hermione's Affair, after their respective Weddings): With Love To Hermione, From - Harry.

13th April 2011:
hot hot HOT.. ;-)
Ginny's death had a vivid effect on Harry and i coild really feel his sorrow..
well written!! :)

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Review #47, by marlita1311Checkmate: Chapter 2

12th April 2011:
here i am reviewing once more =P
i liked this chapter too.
Why Hermione is all alone?where are the other two?
i know..i know..i'll just have to wait and see..

Author's Response: Eee hi again! :D

Thanks so much for leaving another lovely review :D Harry and Ron are off hunting horcruxes, whereas Hermione's returned back to Hogwarts for... reasons ;p *coughs* so I can ship dramione *cough*

Thanks so much again! xx

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Review #48, by marlita1311Checkmate: Chapter 1

9th April 2011:
mm..i like the whole setting of the was vivid and im intrigued to what info Hermione needs..
the trio is back to Hogwarts now?
for the sevneth year?
update soon!!

ps= on the first paragraph you write: 'The young witch barely even realised that [..] another, his brown eyes holding a ..'.I think you mispelled it..and it's supposed to be 'her brown eyes'

Author's Response: Ee thank you so much for being my first reviewer for this story! :D Ahh yes.. the info... you'll see :D :D

That's right! All seventh years, although Harry and Ron aren't returning to Hogwarts from the trio :) I'll definitely update asap!

And eeek! You're right! I'll sort that typo out as soon as I can - that's what I get for having a muse rush and speed writing XDD Thanks so much marlita1311! LD xx

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Review #49, by marlita1311In Her Eyes: In Her Eyes

27th March 2011:
i like the atmosphere you created with hermione's torture..
that's a gd start you did here..keep it up!
cant wait to
what will happen down in the dungeons?

Author's Response: thanks!
the next chapter will be out soon hopefully! :)

well, you'll just have to wait and find out ;) The dungeons is the next chapter :)

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Review #50, by marlita1311Saving Mum & Dad: Deprivation

15th March 2011:
the's just so..original..
i must keep reading..

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

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