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Review #1, by marlita1311Matchmaker: The Discussions

12th November 2012:
hi there honey!
loved this chapter too; i'm getting to know the characters more by every chapter.
the thing with the testaments was a kinda weird way of having fun but i liked it!:)
i'm beginning to hate savvanah and her minion; and i wish james had stood up for hollie but i guess he thought they weren't worth it; good for him.
can't wait for more!

Author's Response: hey marlita lovely! thanks for another review! :) It's good to know you're enjoying it all. The next chapter is in the queue!

Haha I got the testaments idea from something a friend and i did at school a while ago and it was hilarious.

Aww well james was sort of standing up for both of them

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Review #2, by marlita1311Matchmaker: The Name Game

10th November 2012:
Cakemongasoar..that's hilarious!
i really missed your style..!studying kept me away from fanfiction but i'm officially back! and this story is the first i'm reviewing..!
i'll be reading the rest of the chapters, and i'm quite impressed by the progress you've made on your story!
once again, i love the characters in the story; now i really want fred and eve together (i fancy the idea of the shy,bookworm eve and mr.outgoing fred).
i'm sensing a Hollie/James (or should i say 'worthy bob') moment coming up soon.
i enjoy reading your style'cuz it's just so much fun and relaxing and trust me it does take my mind off
my uni homework..(in a good way; i don't expect D on my papers like Hollie; although i'm kinda lazy like her now that i think about it... eight out of ten times i choose fun over work)
i have so many favorite lines in every chapter and this particular one is no different; but i find the names the girls come up with to be truly genuine. Like Cakemongasoar, or Frogspawn Warthog Ducklington..hah
Have i mentioned that i think it's a nice change that the characters you portray are slytherins? and quite lovable too? :)

Author's Response: Hello!
I really missed your reviews! So I'm very pleased you're back again. :3 And gah I know the way studying can drain all energy and happiness from you don't worry. xD

Awwh thanks! I've written quite a few chapters ahead (up to 12) so if I get a spare moment I'll update but I'm currently struggling through NaNoWriMo and yeah that's pretty time-consuming. But it's lovely to know people are reading this story and enjoying it!

Eve/fred you say? hmmm. ;D And yes there may well be a hollie/james moment coming up.

This review had made me so happy i just can't even say! You are an angel. Looking forward to any more possible reviews!
LWG xx

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Review #3, by marlita1311Matchmaker: The Wild Cat

30th June 2012:
i find myself waiting for your updates.i just love ur writing style!!
my favorite character is officially the cat!!
and i can't wait for Hollie and James to get together although i kinda get the feeling that fred has a crush on her.
my only complain is that james's reasons on his break-up with his ex were a little unreal: i find it hard to believe that a cute teenager like James is so romantic. He acted so Edward Cullen-like =P
Anyway, it's ur story and i love it :)
and i'm looking forward for more!!

Author's Response: OMG this review is just lovely :3 Thank you marlita! Haha, Thaggie is adorable and fat and crazy. I want him.

Well, I don't know how many chapters it will take for them to get together but I'm sure they will...unless a certain someone puts her foot in the door... *mysteriously cryptic spoiler*

AHA, do you really think Fred has a crush on Hollie? That's may have just given me an idea :P

Ok, that's interesting. Wah. I don't want to be Edward-Cullen like at all!! But I did plan on him being, not soppily romantic, but wanting a bit more depth. Something more than just snogging etc. But the main reason for his break up was because Savannah cheated, and he abhors disloyalty ;).

Aw, you're sweet. Thanks for reviewing, I love every one!
-LWG x

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Review #4, by marlita1311When The Serpent Dances: A Lonely Blue Star

27th June 2012:
oh no!!some one saw them!!
i must say that your writing improves with every chapter :)
i loved the phrase a lonely blue star in the expanse of the sparkling sky as it's very poetic. I could picture hermione in her blue dress and the stars in the ceiling in the great hall..Such beautiful picture!

Author's Response: Why thank you! I very much also liked that imagery!

And indeed, someone saw them! dun dun dun.

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Review #5, by marlita1311Run: The Prince and His Beloved

18th June 2012:
simply wow.
this chapter was flawless and just proves that you are super talented!

"after all this time?"
^this is how rowling wrote it and in the chapter i just read, you somehow managed to expand it; you created a pensieve and you dragged us in it, looking into the neverending love of two people: lilly's love for her son,harry and severus's love for lilly.

the determination lilly has on this duel is just so strong; her will to see her son motivates her to hurting her supposed friends, not caring about anyone apart her only son.
after all these years she considers it her dept to visit him even if she doesn't get to touch him, or talk to him. this is just heartbreaking;the picture with her forced to watch her son suffer was very moving.

having read seven chapters i thought Cliodna's Clock is a version of paradise; you find your loved ones that had left you or you wait for them to join you.

Lilly is not in a paradise as the one person who she wants to be with is in another world.

no moving on to the half blood prince:
severus's childhood memories were very vivid.
again the whole relationship feels so real.
the story with the witches is simply inspiring!

i keep thinking the shock that overpowered lilly when she realized the impact she had on shape's life.
her death made her childhood friend switch sides and after all these years his feelings haven't changed a bit..
she knows that she is different from the person he remembered which makes the anticipated meeting even more dreadful..
how will he react when he finds himself on a world where she exists?

arghhh i have to study so i can't read more but i'll come back tomorrow!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you!!

I'm so glad you said that about two different loves - Lily's love for her son and Severus's love for Lily. While Lily is consumed with going to see her son, meanwhile on Earth, Severus is basically living for her, hanging on by a thread just so that he can try to keep Harry alive. You're right - this is not her paradise. Without her son there, she can't be satisfied.

Thank you so much for reading and for leaving these fabulous reviews! I hope you enjoy the rest. :)

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Review #6, by marlita1311Run: Registration

18th June 2012:
"May the odds be ever in your favor."
another nicely written chapter!
i liked how you keep on changing on every chapter the person you are focusing.
you already gave as info on so many "lost-ones" in the Final Battle.
I want to read Lilly's encounter with Severus.
i think it would be veeery interesting.

Author's Response: Bahaha.

I have such a huge cast of characters that I have to be pretty choosy in who I write about and trying to give them equal face time. I like being able to write about one or two people in one chapter and then switching it up in the next - it makes the writing process much more fun.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by marlita1311Run: The Warehouse of Winter Walk

18th June 2012:
i love your writing and this story is one of my favorites so far!!
it certainly feels like the gap missing from rowling's last book when harry defeats Voldermort and then we flash forward 19 years later.
the relationship between Remus and Peter seems so real; the way that the two of them had more things in common than James and Sirius.
The dynamics of the four of them is shown in this chapter: we have james and sirius who think alike and then it's remus who in my opinion is the most mature one now.
i like the fact that there is going to be a reunion especially now with snape's arrival.
(there is no one left behind...)
i'm off to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey, Marlita! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I was always curious about the glimpse of the afterlife Rowling hinted existed, and what it might be like beyond King's Cross. Also eee, Marauders reunion! It's so sad that they're all together now, but it also feels like they've come full circle.

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Review #8, by marlita1311When The Serpent Dances: Fairy Lights and Mistletoe

18th June 2012:
okay i wanted a long chapter and i got one!
i loved the tension between them and the whole impulsive kiss.
i wonder if anyone saw them?
oh and the ending was emotional as draco realised what he had done and that if he decides to go with it he'd be turning his back on his family and their “Sanctimonia Vincet Semper” motto...

Author's Response: Yes, I really like Draco in this Chapter. I also, personally, liked adding in Rita! For me that was a big thing too. But Draco . . . it's been interesting toying with his character. I mean, it's out of character for him to be following Hermione about anyway! But for them to kiss?

We shall have to see what happens next ;)

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Review #9, by marlita1311When The Serpent Dances: Twisting The Truth

18th June 2012:
i liked that you entered a Ron pov here.
a little suggestion: you should really consider making lengthier chapters. Your writing is really good, you have nice descriptions and everything so why not writing more?
i know you want to have frequent updates but having long chapters matters too. (just some food for thought)

p.s: now i'm off to read more! i love that the "fun" is going to start soon!

Author's Response: All these Chapters, even the one I added recently, were written one or two years ago, so I am sorry that they're shorter, but I'm hoping that I'll get better at making them lengthier!

I do like Ron pov. Sometimes I feel that Harry gets too much of the attention otherwise ;)

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Review #10, by marlita1311When The Serpent Dances: Ploys and Regrets

18th June 2012:
i like how you change the point of views of the two main characters: draco and hermione.
i'm wondering what will happen in the next chapter? *wink*
(will firewhiskey rule over logic?)

Author's Response: I like having the different view points, although I find it easier to write from Draco's point of view than Hermione's. She's quite difficult for me.
Thank you, i'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

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Review #11, by marlita1311When The Serpent Dances: Where She Differed

18th June 2012:
oh she realized draco has been staring at her this whole time...
i loved the Yule ball description.
however this was a rather short chapter..

Author's Response: Looking back at it, wow, yes it seems very short! When I wrote it, it didn't seem that concise! Definitely something I shall be working on :)

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Review #12, by marlita1311When The Serpent Dances: Chance A Glance

18th June 2012:
haha that was a nice chapter!
you'd think that Pansy being one of the popular girls would have picked out something beautiful as her Yule ball dress but i guess that went wrong.. *wink*
i must admit that i usually don't read dramione stories that take place during their school years but your story has a very hooking summary!
i like that you are building the emotion with draco being captivated by hermione's beauty (you really described her beautifully)
the title is very catchy i might add; very poetic.
i'm off to read more!

p.s=if you like draco/hermione you might want to take a look at my stories too! i'd appreciate that :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!
With Pansy's dress, it's not so much that it's not necessarily a nice dress, because yes, it would indeed be silly if she chose something horrible for herself! I think Draco only comments that 'there are too many frills', and let's be honest, since when is Draco the master of evaluating fashion? ;) It's mainly just her scent that Draco is revolted by anyway!

I'd love to look at your stories by the way! I'm rather fond of Draco/Hermione :)

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Review #13, by marlita1311Run: Double-Edged

9th June 2012:
haha there is no big surprise that Salazar is still evil..
the real question is why is he here and not on the other island?


Author's Response: Haa, Salazar's a bit of a bad seed. And even though he's bad, he's not /completely/ evil. Only the worst of the worst end up in the Grotta, the other island. You'll see later that their punishment is only suitable for those who are pretty much beyond saving.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I hope that you continue to do so.

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Review #14, by marlita1311Run: In Plain Sight

9th June 2012:
another beautifully written chapter..!!!
Lilly and Severus.
you are so talented!

it reminds me somehow of the hunger games..dunno why.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it. :)

The whole dueling each other thing is kind of Hunger Games-esque. Except only one person dies in the end, and no one literally kills anyone else. The loser just dies a sudden and unavoidable death all on their own, after the tournament is over.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by marlita1311Run: Like Dreaming

9th June 2012:
do you mean this was some sort of a fill chapter?
'cause it certainly didn't feel so...
i think you did an amazing job trying to portrait Tonks despair that she left her only child behind.
Having read the summary of your story i come to think that many of the people in the 'Clock' could kill to return to earth...
I have a small question even if i think i'd find out soon; is there any magic in the after-life? in the world that Remus, Tonks and so many others currently live in can magic spells be performed?

again i'm hooked and off to read the next chapter..

Author's Response: Ahh, the redundancy refers to the fact that people appeared in the water in Cliodna's Clock in two chapters in a row. There really wasn't a way around it, since I wanted to show various POV's when it came to emerging in the afterlife.

Yep, there is definitely magic in the afterlife! It's like concentrated magic, actually. Magic is sort of in everything, even the air.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I generally post new chapters every Wednesday.

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Review #16, by marlita1311Run: Newcomers

9th June 2012:
oh this is so good!
i'm off to read ch.2

Author's Response: Hi, Marlita! Thank you for stopping by my story. :) I'm pleased that you like it so far! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

- Sarah

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Review #17, by marlita1311Screw it!: Adel-Jane Reagan Gesinger (AKA. me) and her unravenclaw-like decisions -to which she WILL stick to.

4th June 2012:
review tag!
hi there! i liked the story and Adel certainly looks like a crazy teenager..

Author's Response: Hha thanks!^^ Adel is a little crazy ;) Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #18, by marlita1311First Star to the Right: Happy Marriage, Neville

3rd June 2012:
"It’s an amazing thing.” He finally said.

“What is, Neville?”

“Finding where you fit into the puzzle, you know, your place in it all.”

^^that's the words i'd choose from the whole chapter (as Luna did)

it's odd having Neville marrying someone else; i guess it's because i'd always picture him with Luna ;-)

overall i think it's a nice story laid out here!
keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Baww. I have never been much of a Neville/Luna shipper and think that the movies may have take a bit too much liberty with a relationship that was only ever platonic in the books, but I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter despite him marrying hannah.

thank you so much.

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Review #19, by marlita1311An Unlikely Confidant: An Unlikely Confidant

2nd June 2012:
i liked it very much!!
i think you captured very well the fear and uncertainty draco felt throughout his sixth year..
my fav line is definitely the last one.
I think that draco is one of the most misunderstood characters in the whole harry potter series; he had an unsupportive family and disloyal friends and he was never given a true chance to change. That is why in all my stories i write about him being mature and ready to pay the price of his actions.
i think in the end he knows what he's doing is wrong but he fools himself into believing that there was no way out.

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Review #20, by marlita1311Charm Those Words: Charm Those Words

30th May 2012:
hot ending :)
i liked the story as i'm always craving for dramione moments ;-)

Author's Response: Haha thanks. I am glad you liked it. Thanks for reading & reviewing!

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Review #21, by marlita1311My Life's Not a Fairytale: My Life's Not a Fairytale

30th May 2012:
i feel sorry for hermione :(
i think the whole story fits hermione, her being a teenager and all; but i think she'd be a little more secretive at the whole 'Ron' know?
the outburst at the ending was similar to the one she had during their first year when she overheard ron making fun at her being the class geek.
but overall it's nicely written :)

Author's Response: I always felt sorry for Hermione too and could relate with how I was treated back then as well.

Perhaps she would have been a bit more secretive about Ron, but I think Harry would have figured it out a long time ago.

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the review. :D

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Review #22, by marlita1311The Waitress: The First Taste of Freedom

28th May 2012:
review tag!

i find this intro veery intriguing as Sirius is supposed to be a babe during his Hogwarts's years.
I wonder if Rachel was one of his many love interests.

Sirius is one of my fav characters and i enjoy reading stories about him :)

overall nice setting and your descriptions are very neat.


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for coming by!

I try not to overuse the playboy stereotype a lot, but I'm sure Sirius was a stunner on top of his more complex underlying back story. I'm glad you liked the beginning here, and I hope someday you come back to read on :)

Thanks again for your kind review!


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Review #23, by marlita1311Matchmaker: The Laughing

28th May 2012:
hi again!!:)
i'm so so hooked up in ur story!!
i really enjoy the plot so far and do i see a Hollie/James there?
oh i love them! finally a slytherin/gryffindor unlike the cliche ones ;-)

my fav line in this chapter is this:
"Not that anyone in the world was insignificant. Some people were just less in your face than others."
So so true..!

Can't wait for chapter three!


Author's Response: Hi there! Well I'm trying my best not to bring another cliched Next Gen into the world :P And perhaps you do... mysteriousness.

That's a really interesting favourite line choice because it's one of the few serious ones. I like it too, and I tend to see people in that way really. people aren't famous, they're just 'in your face'!

Chapter three will be soon :D

-LWG x

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Review #24, by marlita1311Wicked: Dark Reunions

27th May 2012:
review tag!
oh i'm so glad i stumbled across this story!!:)
i have hardly read any marauder stories( or is it a pre-marauder?)
what can i possibly say?
i already like Lucy and i'm sensing a 'past' like sirius's?
(the runaway from the noble family)
the descriptions are very vivid and the whole scene matches the 'dark' title.
oh and by the way Lucille Du-Blanc? this means 'the white'(meaning the pure one) right?
i love it when the characters' names have a meaning! *wink*

{i have work to do now and it's really late here but i'm def going to read more!!(and review)}

bravo on a well rounded introduction to the story!!

Author's Response: You are spot on with Lucille's last name. I'm hoping its not too cliche however?

Oh and there is definitely a past with Lucille. Ohhh the things I have lined up for this poor girl, but you'll just have to read on to find out what ;)

I'm happy you enjoyed the story, especially since you don't read too many marauder ones! Thank you for the review, you're awesome.

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Review #25, by marlita1311Vital: Chapter 1

23rd May 2012:
review tag!

hi!:) i think the introduction of elena and her family could not have been more complete.
the descriptions were so vivid that i could see myself near elena watching her signing christmas cards..
your writing is just fantastic!:)

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks for the review! I'm glad that you liked the introduction and the descriptions.

And again, thanks :)

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