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Review #1, by JessicaJooneyLife's Not Always Black and White~ A Marauders Story: The Deal, Part II

21st September 2010:
I'm loving it so far. i just wanted to ask why it's called "Part II" if there is no "Part I"?
I love Sirius' idea. This is so awesome.

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Review #2, by JessicaJooneyFrom Hate To Love And Back Again: Chapter 24: Nobody Knows It But Me

14th September 2010:
Oh, you've done it again. Shown Sirius at his wekest moments, written a beutiful songfic that is so sad, yet so truthful. Opened a window into his thoughts. And those thoughts are so sad, so beutiful, so terrible. Thank you.

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Review #3, by JessicaJooneyFrom Hate To Love And Back Again: Chapter 22: Goodbyes are never easy

14th September 2010:
You are so wonderful at writing sad chapters, this one was so real, so heartfelt. Oh, poor Sirius. Poor Lily, Alice, James and Remus. But, mostly, poor Sirius. And Peter! Ah! he is just making everything worse, for them, for him. Ah!

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Review #4, by JessicaJooneyFrom Hate To Love And Back Again: Chapter 14: Return to Hogwarts

13th September 2010:
How dare he! That little evil piece of elephant poo ruined her life! I am going to kill him. Wait, cross that out. JAMES is going to kill him when he finds out. That little idiot. AH

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Review #5, by JessicaJooneyFrom Hate To Love And Back Again: Chapter 13: The Mood Room

13th September 2010:
I agree, that was so sad. It was beautiful, like a poem, and brought tear to my eyes. I loved it.

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Review #6, by JessicaJooneyHow Will I Know?: Chapter 32: Head To Head

12th September 2010:
James is being a stupid idiotic prat. I mean we all know he lost his family but come ON, he is just pushing away all the people who he ever loved or ever loved him. I can entirely understand how Lily is feeling. Please add more soon.

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Review #7, by JessicaJooneyHow Will I Know?: Chapter 30: That's What Friends Are For

12th September 2010:
That was so sad!

All those 'meant-to-be' couples breaking up, It was terrible. James was being so stupid! And the resounding thought that if Remus had told Gabby before her mother died she would have stayed with him. But, the way that they all helped their friends was beautiful, so true, so honest, so realistic, so loving.


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Review #8, by JessicaJooneyHow Will I Know?: Chapter 20: I Love You, Lily

12th September 2010:
That was so romantic! It doesn't seem very James, but I loved it all the same. Giving 17 gifts for 17 years is something that works wonderfuly, and you're right about it being 17. But you didn't do the prank. Where did Sirius's idea about distracting her with a prank go?

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Review #9, by JessicaJooneySincerely, Hermione Jane Granger: Donít call me when youíre broken;For I am already broken

8th September 2010:
I love it, but it is so sad I want to cry. It is just a story out of no where, it needs no introduction, you jump right in there and burst that sad jumble of thoughts and fillings on me. You are brilliant.

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Review #10, by JessicaJooneyNever Change: Never Change

7th September 2010:
I love it.
You capture her thoughts perfectly. The way she second-guesses herself and is full of hate, and love, for the man who causes so much pain. I love it.

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Review #11, by JessicaJooneyAutumn: He Just Asked Me Out!

7th September 2010:
So much suspense, romance and tangled love-lives. I love your portrayal of Sirius and can't wait for the rest. Add more soon!

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Review #12, by JessicaJooneyHogwarts Sanitarium: Opportunities

17th August 2010:
Sorry I just remembered more questions and I couldn't add to my old post.

9. What happened to Hermione? Will she get better? What makes her believe the fairy story?

10.When will it be finished?

11. Why is Ron old? It made sense when Harry was crazy but it doesn't now.

12. If Harold's world is just a different dimension, why do people not exist/are odd ages

13. Why do Lily and James love each other in one dimension but not another?

Thats all I have now. I want REAL scientific answers. NOT I don't know or I didn't want to put that character in, ect..

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Review #13, by JessicaJooneyHogwarts Sanitarium: Connections

17th August 2010:
I love the whole inter-dimensions thing but I have some quireries.

1. If there is a different dimension for each decision, wouldn't there have to be the same thing for the personality/gender dimensions?

2. How would time travel relate to this? If you went back in time would you create a new dimension or stay in the same one? Also, would you go back in time in all the dimensions like it or would only go back in the one you were in?

3. If people can switch dimensions, does this create new dimension where they haven't?

4. Where is Simon if Sirius is in Harold's world? If they are both in Harold's world, were in Harold's world is he and will he make an appearance.

5.I'm Guessing Harold's world is one of the different Personality worlds? If so why are there even people slightly like those in Harry's? Shouldn't they be entierly different? My reasoning be hind this is that their great-great-great-great ect. Grandparents would be different in this changed-personality world.

6. Why is Harold crazy?

7. Why is Harry crazy while he is in Harold's world?

8. If Harold knows every thing Harry knows then why doesn't harry know everything Harold knows?

9. How long has Harry been in Harold's world?
Meaning have all the things he 'remembers' been his/Harold's craziness or are they his real memories?

I'm sorry if these seem over the top but I like to make others think over every detail that I do and I like proper answers.

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Review #14, by JessicaJooneyLiving Life: Chapter Seventy Four

3rd August 2010:
This is spectacular! It's wonderful! It's just bloody brilliant! I can't believe it just stops there, though. I just want to finish it. It is so real too.

Sorry. I know I'm ranting but i am so used to reading completed fan fictions that I am a bit over the top with WIP. Especially when they are this good.

I just want more. Please keep adding more on.


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Review #15, by JessicaJooneyEnvy and Denial: Epilogue- The Very End

30th May 2010:
That is a wonderfull story. I loved it! the epilouge made a great ending.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #16, by JessicaJooneyMasters of Masquerade: Masters of Masquerade

26th May 2010:
this is really good. Professor McGonigal makes a great perspective.

Author's Response: Thanks! I wasn't sure which professor I wanted it to be, but I thought McGonagall would work the best.

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Review #17, by JessicaJooneyTruth or Dare, Anyone?: Truth or Dare, Anyone?

26th May 2010:
that was really sweet!

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Review #18, by JessicaJooneyI Love You: Chapter 2

16th May 2010:
That was really sweet. I just wanted to let you know that when ginny and ron were discussing what to say you wrote 'tot eh' in stead of 'to the'.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for that! I'll be sure to fix it...guess my typing skills are just as bad as my English...ugh...;p

("`-''-/").___..--''"`-._ , ,
`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`) )
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' (

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Review #19, by JessicaJooneyUntouchable: His Cry of Lament

19th April 2010:
that realy was beautiful, and so very sad...

Author's Response: Thank you very much!
Well I'm glad you thought so, because that was definitely an emotion I was trying to convey.
Once again, thanks for reading + reviewing! :D

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