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Review #1, by romeoxjulietSanctuary: Bruises

28th November 2010:
... that. was. terrible. !!!
I mean, not the chapter, not the story, but the fact that hermione JUST DOESNT GET IT! how is it that draco is so amazing and mature and she is still back at, like, chapter 4? and you can hear it in the way they talk - he's nothing but honest about his feelings and really surprisingly sincere, and she's just being really... bratty!

and if it was me in the room when draco walked in all injured... well, let's just say I wouldnt be picking any fights like she did. well... not the same kind of fight ;) hahaha!

PLUS she was injured just ONE CHAPTER AGO and he was sooo sweet and came to her bedside at freaking TWO IN THE MORNING, and then a few days later he gets pummeled within an inch of his life (I'm really sympathetic for him right now, okay? looove him) and she's like total ICE QUEEN.

of course I get where it's coming from (no criticism of you as a writer here - just the character), and so I should take a moment to say how well you've done with this fanfic. I absolutely LOVE IT. it's just the perfect combination of fluff, emotional stuff, humor/wittiness, and angst :) and your draco is freaking GORGEOUS. phew! his muscles are always rippling and his hair is always falling perfectly and his eyes never cease to be piercing and beautiful!

(sorry about the length of this comment... actually, no, I'm not, because I cant imagine how it would be bad to hear this much high praise of your story! heehee)
anyway, please keep writing this story! it's SO GOOD.

oh, and one more thing...

*Me at jewelry counter with fiance I don't have who happens to look a lot like draco* "Hi! We're getting engaged and we wanted to buy a ring. We were wondering if we could see some of your rings?"
Salesman: "Well this is our most expensive piece." *holds up big beautiful diamond*
Me: "What's it called? It is beautiful!"
Salesman: "It's called the diamond for amazing fanfiction writers."
Fiance: "Better get it for tinparrot!"
Me: *raises eyebrow* "EXCUSE me?"
Fiance: *laughs nervously* "Honey, you know what I mean..."
Me: "... yeah, actually, I do. Let's buy it for her!"

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Review #2, by romeoxjulietForbidden Fruit: Chapter 10

15th November 2010:
love this story! but i do have a question. if they had thought that breaking the apple would break the spell, then why didnt they try that in the beginning?? or if they didnt think that, then how did they know it was a valid test?
sorry, not trying to be skeptical or difficult, im just quite curious.
anyway, this really is a wonderful story - very fluffy but still quite smart with the writing style, plot development, everything. i love that you employ tons of rhetorical devices that make this more of a literary piece than some throwaway fanfic... i dont think the symbolism, figurative language, connotative diction, or intricate imagery is at all lost on your readers, and it adds so much to the experience of reading this story! this holds true for basically all of your fics but is exemplified excellently in this one.
sorry for such a long comment, but i really love your stories!

Author's Response: Haha, good question. Um...not really sure! I suppose it's just one of those things, like why didn't the Ministry just give Sirius veritaserum so that he could prove he didn't kill James and Lily. Dramatic purposes. But anyway, I'm really glad you liked it, thank you so much for the long review! x

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Review #3, by romeoxjulietWarning: There are no cliches present in this story: Illogical

10th September 2010:
so funny! i love the bit about the ball... there's ALWAYS a ball. even though hogwarts isnt really into that. and of COURSE snogging is the solution to all problems of racial discimination!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for the lovely review. There IS always a ball - my first story even included one. And yes, everyone knows snogging is a solution to racism. It's just common sense.

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Review #4, by romeoxjulietForbidden Fruit: Chapter 9

7th September 2010:
great chapter, really! I love how stressed draco is about the bed being there... adorable!
and your love scene was actually really elegant and tasteful, which is unfortunately really uncommon in fanfics.
(the only thing else I would have to say is... please, pretty please, no pregnancy? I mean, if that's where you're headed that's fine, but I just hate it in dramione fanfics... of course, knowing your style you probably wouldn't take it in that direction. you definitely know what you're doing :D)

Author's Response: Thank you for lovely lovely comments! And no, no pregnancy...I have no frame of reference for that so cannot write stuff like that lol! x

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Review #5, by romeoxjulietLoving Your Anger: Sabotage

6th September 2010:
it's cute... the ball theme is kinda annoying but the altercations are funny as hell! and if you do write a sequel (wait have you already? I should check, lest I feel dumb writing this... okay too lazy to check but I'm assuming you haven't) you should work in whatever peeves does in the houses... you know?
hope that made sense. (disregard it if you already wrote the sequel - what do I know, anyway?)

Author's Response: lol, glad that you liked it. this was one of my many early EARLY one-shots when i was playing with ideas. i haven writtent he sequel fo this yet, but i would love to do it and get it over with. i just have so many ideas for new fics that it might take some time :)


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Review #6, by romeoxjulietConquest: Their Favorite Little Spy

6th September 2010:
hahaha very funny with all the peeves nonsense!
the one thing I have to say about this story, however, is that it sucks that we don't get hermione's perspective at all. I KNOW that it's better just from draco, pansy, and blaise's perspectives but still... I just love hermione too much :D

but of course, brilliant story as ever...

Author's Response: lol, oh yeah, we do love hermione's imput, but i just thought that it would be refreshing to constantly hear from the minds of people we usually don't. but towards the end i think that hermione's POV will come into play :)


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Review #7, by romeoxjulietSimplicity vs Passion: Her Favorite St. Mungo's Patient

6th September 2010:
I guess by now you know I'm a total fangirl for your dramione fics... so should I even bother writing anything in this review box? it's always "so fun! so awesome!" and do you know why?
that's why.

Author's Response: AW thank you! yey, i've got a true fan! :)

writing this one-shot was sooo amusing lol. i couldnt stop laughing to myself. gald that you liked it!


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Review #8, by romeoxjulietLove With No Obligation: Just Because

6th September 2010:
haha, like I've said a bunch of times, your one-shots are so FUN! hahaha... I'm loving the feminist under-tones of this, btw (probably unintentional, but still)
excellent writing, as always :)
love ya!

Author's Response: lol, kudos for fun! :)
there are so many unintentional things in my fics, and i love it when reviewers point it out haha


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Review #9, by romeoxjulietDesire to be Drunk: Proving them Wrong

6th September 2010:
AWESOME. seriously. I know I tend to love all your stories, but this was SO fun! I love how draco was actually really sweet and didn't take advantage of her or anything...
but I was a little confused as to whether she was drunk or not. I mean they said she wasn't but then why did she skinny-dip?
well, she felt like it.
(answered my own question)
anyway: LOVE LOVE LOVE. your one-shots are sooo much fun :D

Author's Response: hahaha thank you! yes, draco was the sweet one here, and i definitely wanted to make it like, is hermione drunk, or isnt she? or is she just doing what she wants to prove a point? so yey!

-WP :)

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Review #10, by romeoxjulietOne Man Left Standing: Good Luck

6th September 2010:
awesome ending... as I was reading it I was a bit wary... using hermione as a prize? not cool.
and then- I guess you agreed because the ending was so funny!
silly me for doubting you :)

Author's Response: lol.glad that you liked it :)


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Review #11, by romeoxjulietOvercoming Darkness: At the Bottom

6th September 2010:
OH MY. this is just terrible! (not the story, love, the story's amazing as always) but poor draco!
please write more soon and put us out of our misery! it's just too tragic :(

* wallows, feeling sorry for draco *

Author's Response: I know! Poor Draco. Don't hate me, lol.

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Review #12, by romeoxjulietSanctuary: Angels

5th September 2010:
SO GOOD. god I love this story sooo much... your descriptions of draco are to die for - so sexy! and I love the tension between hermione and draco - the internal monologues and all that - as well as the little, ahem, situations that they get into.

I can't WAIT to see what happens next!!!

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Review #13, by romeoxjulietAll they want for Christmas...: Kissing

5th July 2010:
fantastic story!! wow it's so much fun to read... hermione and draco remain pretty true to their characters and the plotline is just so fun!
loved the mistletoe bit... and when draco's like "I just didn't think it'd be like... well, like this." admitting he had totally thought about kissing her before

SUCH a cute story. can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm trying to keep them true to their canon selves. I'm glad you think i'm succeeding! It's especially hard with Draco. And yes, the mistletoe bit is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole story so far.

I'm glad you like it! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by romeoxjulietForbidden Fruit: Chapter 8

4th July 2010:
amazing chapter! my favorite so far, i think, because of draco admitting his emotions and then just how funny it is that he pulled her into a closet right in front of ron and harry :)
and the apple is great symbolism

Author's Response: Thank you for lovely review! x

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Review #15, by romeoxjulietMagic Mistletoe: Magic Mistletoe

23rd June 2010:
hahahahaha oh that was great :) very cute, and i LOVE that their classmates are just like "???"

Author's Response: Thank you! I keep thinking I must do more holiday related one-shots. x

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Review #16, by romeoxjulietUnseen and Unexpected: Chapter Nine

23rd June 2010:
AMAZING. god. my god. i basically just... can i even put it into words? how wonderful this story was. please keep writing, is all i can say!

Author's Response: Thank you! x

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Review #17, by romeoxjulietForbidden Fruit: Chapter 6

22nd June 2010:
AMAZING STORY, please write more asap! i'll go check out your other dramiones too, you're such a good writer!!!

Author's Response: New chapter up now! x

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Review #18, by romeoxjulietTo Melt a Heart: The Break-up

22nd June 2010:
oh my god, cant wait for the next chapter!!! love love love your story :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by romeoxjulietSimply Irresistible: Pretty Woman

20th June 2010:
please write more asap! OH MY GOD your story is amazing! i love it :)

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Review #20, by romeoxjulietThe Gains Offset The Losses: 6. Hermione

22nd May 2010:
all i have to say is "what?" i mean, it super funny and totally amusing, but who is helen? and if she's so smart, why is she so... insane?
and OH NO. draco's repulsed by the kiss with hermione?? what he should be is like "oh la la i wish i could kiss her again"
hahahaa maybe thats just my mind... :)

anyway, write more, it's so crazy!

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Review #21, by romeoxjulietConquest: Book Clubs and What I Like About You

20th May 2010:
great chapter, love the very end, of course, when they totally have a "moment." I'm so curious about the next chapter "let's see how much she likes it tomorrow" and all that... you're just a master of suspense, huh? haha :)

just wanted to say I think it's so nice how your respond to all of your comments... makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :D

Author's Response: haha, oh yeah, those moments are fun to plug in. and as for the next chapter, it should be interesting lol. suspense just makes things fun...i hate it as a reader cuz i want to know what's next, but i love it as a writer :)

aww well i'm glad! i mean, if you're going to take the time out to review, i'd might as well respond. it only takes a few mins lol :)

anywho see you at the next chap!

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Review #22, by romeoxjulietDream Me Real: Dream Me Real

18th May 2010:
LOVED IT. it's soo good, oh my god. I mean, it all happened really quickly but it's a one-shot and besides, I loved those almost-kisses, so random but sweet.
and the bit at the beginning was great, when she thinks he gave her a quill and he didnt!... well done :)

Author's Response: Thank you for all the compliments! I was really worried about how people would like this story. I realize it was a bit fast; but between this one-shot and NYTM, I thought the timeline was appropriate. Thanks again for the lengthy review! ~Jen

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Review #23, by romeoxjulietProtecting You: Taking Over

17th May 2010:
wow, this story is so action-packed! it's really good (as all your stories are), and very exciting with lots of unexpected plot twists! the only thing is i wish that there was more dramione, but it seems like theyre really too busy for that :)

secretly, as i was reading the scene where hermione's trying to conjure a patronus, my mind started drifting and i started imagining draco grabbing her and kissing her as a last resort to help her make a patronus... heheh that probably wouldn't help her focus, but hey, a girl can dream!

Author's Response: hahaha, thanks, im glad that you like it. and yeah, dramonie is like the best thing alive, but they're too focused on not getting killed :)

lol! no, draco kissing hermione wouldnt have helped her focused at all, but dreaming is good!

-WP :)

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Review #24, by romeoxjulietConquest: Truths and Making Bets

11th May 2010:
just realized why reading this is a little weird for me... because when i was watching Cruel Intentions, i secretly rooted for a kathryn/sebastian pairing, and didnt actually like reese witherspoon's character...
but of coures i love hermione, so it's all different in this story!
oh, but one question... where are ron and harry so far? i guess hermione's a bit of a loner in this story but i always do love the scenes in dramione fanfic where harry and ron say things like "bloody hell! what in merlin's pants are you doing with HIM, hermione??" hahahaha

anyway, love it, please keep writing!

Author's Response: oh same! kathryn/sebastian was just the ultimate power-lust couple and reese wihterpsoon's character was jus...blah haha.

but of course, you've got to love hermione! you dont really see harry and ron here because the fic is in draco's pov. he's not concerned with harry and ron so they're not part of the picture and are basically replaced with blaise and pansy :)

glad that you like it and i'll be sure to post again soon!


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Review #25, by romeoxjulietConquest: A Successful Second Step

10th May 2010:
OH. hahaha, silly me. here i was thinking, "the writing in this story is so good, it's very well-written and all," and after going to the author's page, i realized: OH. this is the same genius behind "Innocent Deception" - it all makes sense now! :)

Author's Response: hahaha, SURPRISE!
glad that you like it so far :)


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