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Review #1, by iheartweasleysTempting Fate: Chapter Three: Of Age Differences and Mixed Feelings

5th December 2010:
I dont really have time for a long review. But I just wanted to say that I really like the story so far.

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Review #2, by iheartweasleysYou Belong With Me: I Told You So

7th September 2010:
Finallyyy, was getting really annoyed by Allison (so youve done a good job with her character! And again i liked this chapter, a bit short though! X

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Review #3, by iheartweasleysLike A Soda Can: Prologue: Alliteration

18th June 2010:
Ooeeh i love your writing style, witty and sarcastic! A lot fan fics annoy me by being overly dramatic and using a lot of bloody nicknames. So far I like yours very much. I'm wondering how the character/Alice is going to develop.

Author's Response: aha thanks so much! :D Keep reading!!!


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Review #4, by iheartweasleysWolfsbane: Teddy and the Cocopops

14th June 2010:
I absolutely adore teddy! Another great chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. :P Teddy is a superstar. I hope that you like the rest.

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Review #5, by iheartweasleysWolfsbane: Scorpius and the Wolf

14th June 2010:
I loathe evie, please keep her evil! I liked it veerry much :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. She is totally evil, to the degree that it's funny. :P
I will update soon!

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Review #6, by iheartweasleysWolfsbane: The Ravenclaw in the Owlery

14th June 2010:
Gosh I'm hooked on your story! I love it!

Author's Response: Really?! Thank you so much. I will update soon!

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Review #7, by iheartweasleysBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Not Quite What I Anticipated

14th June 2010:
Yes finally a new chapter! I loved it, I dunno about the whole Lindsay Carson Charmaine Oscar thing but I think I'll get used to it. I absolutely LOVED it! Keep on going!

Author's Response: I hope you don't mind the Carson LIndsay thing too much. I just wanted a plot twist :P Glad you liked it. Updates are coming. G.

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Review #8, by iheartweasleysForbidden Thoughts: A New Year Brings New Possibilities

13th June 2010:
I liked it very much. Cant wait for the next chapter!

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Review #9, by iheartweasleysEpiphany: A Room with a View

13th June 2010:
I was so excited when i saw you updated the story, it was really nice but i wanted some more rose/scorp interaction. Love lola! And the whole eavesdropping nose bleeding thing was funny too.

Author's Response: That chapter was basically a kind of break before the more nitty-gritty plot action occurs. Thanks for your opinion.

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Review #10, by iheartweasleysForbidden Thoughts: That's What Friends Are For

6th June 2010:
Yes yes yes! You did a greeaaat job on the POV. I loved it. It's so nice to get a explanation for his actions in Evolving Stakes. Everything is much clearer!

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Review #11, by iheartweasleysEpiphany: What are the odds?

28th May 2010:
I love your hp/pp story, please continue! I really really like it!

Author's Response: Thanks, will do (hopefully soon!)

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Review #12, by iheartweasleysBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Can You Say Dramatic Codswallop?

26th May 2010:
So this is an overall review, I read your story in one night when I actually should be learning. I love your story, it's not overly dramatic that it gets icky. A lt of next generation story are very cliche and after 4 chapters you've had it. Yours not, its fun to read and you want read further. Gosh i loved the breakfast club reference since its one of my favorite films. You let your stories and characters develop. Let people guess who will be dating who. Plus you' ve created loads of fun new characters. I just love it and pleaasseee continue, cause its amazing and ill keep reading. 10 out 10! Xx

Author's Response: Aww! Wow! I'm so glad you like this story enough to read it all in one night! Its such a great compliment. I'm glad you're a fan of my characters and that you like the modern references. I find it hard to fit them in there because of copyright, so when they do get through, I'm glad they're appreciated. I'll update as soon as i get the next chapter back from my beta. Thanks, and keep reading. G.

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Review #13, by iheartweasleysRose Weasley and the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans: A Mysterious Ritual

15th May 2010:
I'm a big fan of rose/scorpius stories, so I really like this one.
Please continue!

Author's Response: I'm glad. I will continue. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by iheartweasleysBreaking Tradition: Epilouge: Ten Years Time

14th May 2010:
Aah i've read this story in one day, and I absolutely loved it. The characters, how Rose and Scorpius came together. Awesome!

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Review #15, by iheartweasleysColor War.: Color War.

15th April 2010:
hahaha, i loved it.
great one-shot!

Author's Response: thanks! I had such a blast writing this one and I still re read it sometimes and laugh..which may be a little weird, but you know. xD

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Review #16, by iheartweasleysPesky Parchment : Howling Parchment

15th April 2010:
Great chapter! I loved the howler. That was brilliant, so funny! And the denial was quite funny too!
Conclusion: I loved it!!

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving me such a nice review! Its totally mind blowing for me to think that you guys all think its so good!

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Review #17, by iheartweasleysStill Delicate: Trials and Tribulations

14th April 2010:
loved it, daisy is a cow, can't wait for the next chapter!

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