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Review #1, by SingularityHogwarts Reclaimed: Ravenclaw - Ravenclaw333

27th July 2014:
I love everything about this little chapter! The general idea behind it is just great! (I was so disappointed that they didn't show Luna's bedroom in the DH movie :()

All of the little segments are just beautiful. You really manage to capture pieces of the characters that Luna would connect with. It never dawned on me that Dean and Luna would connect over art, but of course they would! You're right in saying that they are very different, but we see in the books that they definitely find a connection when they are in hiding together, and it makes sense that it could be art.

And the detail about how she made Ollivander a wand...aww, so sweet and made me a bit teary. And, well, just the whole thing!

I think you have written Luna so wonderfully here. I'm almost sad that it's such a short chapter, but on the other hand, I think the brevity suits the chapter well.

Gah, it's late and I can't words :P But I just read this chapter and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Great job, RC triple 3 :D

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Review #2, by SingularityA Silver Thread on Darkened Dune: Sleep

19th March 2014:
For starters, Romione is definitely my OTP in the HP universe, so that's awesome. Secondly, I love stories from Ron's pov where he is a good friend/husband/father since, for some reason, those seem to be lacking in fanfiction. So basically, I thought this was great, though a bit sad.

I really liked your portrayal of Ron and his unflinching dedication to supporting and protecting his family, and Hermione in particular. The ending absolutely killed me, because I could really see it happening. Ron has always been in that supportive role, so it makes sense that he would continue to do so, even at the cost of his own peace of mind.

That bit about how Hermione's dreams must be worse than his especially ran true. He's always dealt with insecurity, and not feeling like he's good enough, and here, it's as if even his nightmares aren't good enough.

The song was a nice addition. I was a bit uncertain at first, as the lyrics don't really appear until partway through, but I thought that worked. Also, when I got close to the end, I was reading the lyrics at the same time they were singing, and I finished the story as the song was ending, so the timing was great! I'm not sure if you planned that or if it was a lucky coincidence, but either way, it's awesome :D

I really want Ron to overcome his Ron-ness and talk about his feelings so he can get help dealing with all the crap that's happened in his life. Sadly, your ending might be more realistic :( Really a lovely story. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!! They are also my OTP. Ron is my dude! I see him maturing significantly after the war, and he's just fantastic and I love him.

He lurrv Hermione!! I like the way you put that. "Unflinching dedication". That's really true.

I've been wanting to write a song-fic for this song for ages... I don't normally write song-fics, and I'll probably be a long time before I write another. If I ever do. I'm glad that timing ended up working out for you!!

Ron will probably eventually get less Ron-y.

I'm glad you liked it, and thanks so much for reviewing!!

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Review #3, by SingularityAn Adventure of His Own: A Warm Welcome

2nd March 2014:
Hi there! Here for the bronze vs blue review battle :)

I really enjoy reading stories about unpopular characters, and I think you did a really great job with this one. I've often wondered what would have prompted a squib like Filch to seek a job at Hogwarts (and wrote my own one-shot about it, once upon a time :P) Personally, I think it would be torturous to be surrounded by magic, but never able to be a part of it. No wonder he turns into such a bitter old man.

Sorry, tangent...anyway I thought your characterizations were very well done. I especially enjoyed reading your Dumbledore. I think he's such a hard character to capture, so I'm very impressed by how well you've written him. His opening line about it being too soon to say it was a pleasure was very on point. And you did really well with the combination of kindness and frankness that really seems to characterize him. So fantastic job there.

Filch was really well written, too. He's younger, so less grouchy and bitter, but you can already see the seeds of that bitterness growing inside of him. However, he's also got a kind of optimism that's refreshing. It was actually kind of sad reading him, knowing what he turns in to.

I also really enjoyed that you included the interaction between him and Madame Pince (because little nods to canon like that make me really happy, at least /I/ consider that canon :P).

So basically, I think you did an incredible job with this story, and adorable little kitten Mrs. Norris was just the icing on the cake.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for dropping by!

I'm glad my portrayal of Filch made sense and you could see the progression to the bitter man he became in Harry's time. The recipient of my Christmas gift was a big fan of Filch, and I loved writing this for her because I'd always wanted to write about him.

Dumbledore is definitely hard to pin down, but it was fun to explore his character and imagine why he might have invited someone like Argus to join his staff. I think of him as being welcoming to a wide variety of people because of his own bad experiences and the sense that you can't judge a book by its cover. He's very intriguing for sure.

Yeah, I wanted to balance out the really magical sense of experiencing the castle for the first time with Filch's already-present resentment for irresponsible witches and wizards. Writing his interaction with Madam Pince was one of my favorite parts of this :) I definitely consider them to be canon!

And the kitten! Glad you liked seeing her.

Thanks so much for this lovely review!


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Review #4, by SingularityDouble Trouble: All's Fair in Love and War

1st March 2014:
Oh, Farmgirl, this story just serves to remind me why you are one of my favourite writers on the archives. If I didn't know better, I never would have imagined that you wrote this in less than 3 days!

You so perfectly captured Fred and George. They seemed so spot on, playing off one another and finishing each other's thoughts. And Molly was so well done! You captured the perfect balance of exasperated and ecstatic. I love the bit where she starts off berating them, and ends up sobbing into their robes about how happy and proud she is. Exactly how I would envision her to react in this situation.

You just write the Weasleys so well. Speaking of, I'm so glad you were able to include Muriel! I just love her, and you wrote her wonderfully (no surprise there).

I have to put in a shout out to the belly dancing house elves! Even though I knew they were coming, I still laughed out loud. :p Such a brilliant little detail.

So basically, I thought your story was awesome. It was a really nice follow up to your partner's story. The girls seem like an amazing match for Fred and George, though I fear a bit for the safety of this AU world.

Author's Response: Hey look, it's still March and I'm responding to this review! This has to be a record!

Thank you so much for this amazing review. I had no idea you liked my writing so much, and you are making me blush with the compliments!

You know, as much as I love writing Fred and George, even the twins are hard to do in just 3 days. This we definitely a challenge for me, to figure this all out and put it together in such a short time. Thankfully I had a great partner which made it easier.

I'm glad you liked the twins here and felt like they were in character. Molly as well. Molly can be hard to do and not OVERDO her if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the tip on Aunty Muriel! She never would have made it into this fic without you! And she was SO much fun to play with. I think I'm going to have to make the old lady live to 150 or something, because she's just too much fun to have around.

Hehehehe, glad you laughed at the house elves. I really don't know where those came from other than exhaustion and half-asleep writing.

Yeah, we probably created a rather unsafe environment for the AU wizarding world with these two pairs. Oopsie. But glad you have fun reading. Thanks so much for reading and offering support! This review was great!

- Farmgirl

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Review #5, by SingularityDouble Trouble: A Twin Affair

1st March 2014:
I'm a bit of a canon nut, but for the sake of fluffiness, I'm totally ok with Fred still being alive in this story :) I could see the twins planning a surprise double wedding if Fred had survived the battle. Seems like something they would do (especially Fred as he made that comment in DH about tying up his Mum if he ever got married).

I would have really liked to see more of the actual ceremony and what made it so ridiculous. I also would have loved to hear their vows, as I bet they were really fun. I figure something really off the wall must have happened for Percy to be wondering if it's a real, legal wedding.

I liked that you were able to tie in Bill and his Egypt connection. Yay for little canon details! Headed off to read your partner's story next. Can't wait to see the reception :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm so glad that even though you're a canon nut you liked this story!

I had a lot of fun writing it. As for the actual ceremony and the vows, the ceremony itself was so ridiculous I wasn't entirely sure how to write it, and I was quickly running out of time. I did originally have it in, but no matter what I did, the smallest it would get was 3500 words. So I just had to cut it out :(

Thanks again!

xoxo Sarah

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Review #6, by SingularityThe Best Valentine's Day Ever - Speed Dating Entry: Carnations and Cakes

28th February 2014:
I loved this portrayal of Lorcan, and thought you did a really nice job of setting up his character right away, and then keeping him consistent throughout.

I had read your partner's story first, so I obviously knew things were not going to go /exactly/ as planned, but it was still amusing to see the events unfold.

I also really loved Lorcan's reflection about his family. He acknowledges that they're all kind of strange, but rather than feeling ashamed of them, he's kind of envious. I think that speaks so much to family dynamics and love. He wants to fit in with them because he loves them and he can see beyond the outside strangeness to the benefits that lie within. It's really sad and sweet at the same time.

I'm glad Dom comes back to talk with him and he gets his happy ending after all.

You and your partner did a great job of tying your stories together, while still allowing them to stand separately, so well done there. I thought they really complemented each other. Good job!

Author's Response: Hi, hon!

Thanks for the great review. I was so nervous about posting a story so quickly, but it did okay. My partner was absolutely wonderful to work with, and I'm relieved that you think our stories fit well together!



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Review #7, by SingularityHerbology and Hearts (Speed dating entry): Herbology and Hearts

28th February 2014:
To be honest, I haven't read much next gen at all, and this is possibly the first story I've ever read about Lorcan and Lysander. That being said, I really liked the way you characterized them both. Lysander has a lot in common with Luna, but isn't a carbon copy, which is really nice to see, and I thought the idea of Lorcan being kind of an outsider in his family because he's a bit more 'normal' was an interesting twist.

I really liked the beginning. It gave me a good sense of who Lysander is, as well as how smitten he is with Lily. His way of asking her out (while giving her ample ways to say no) was quite adorable.

I think my favourite part though, was when he tried to drag Lily into Madam Puddifoots. I'm so glad she put her foot down and told him how she really felt about that place. :p

I also really liked that Lysander totally had his brother's back. Even though Lorcan was described as the more confident one, it's pretty clear that is just an act, and it was super sweet of Lysander to step in and save his date.

It was a really sweet story, and I thought you did a really great job with the challenge. It's easy to see how your story ties in with your partner's, and they really seem to complement each other, so well done!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a nice review! I'm really glad you liked the story.

Next gen really isn't my forte at all, but I always liked the idea of having the freedom to create our own personalities for them. I'm so pleased you liked Lysander, and Lorcan too. The idea for him to be a 'normal' outsider in his family was my partner's idea and a stroke of genius :)

I'm glad you liked the part with Madam Puddifoots, I always thought the place sounded awful so I didn't want Lily to be one of those girls that loved it :)

I hope you enjoyed Janelle's part of the story too. Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by SingularityEnduring: Enduring

28th February 2014:
I just came from reading your partner's story. This is a really nice companion to that piece. The two stories fit really well together, so good job on that front!

I also really liked your characterization of James. You seemed to capture him quite well. It was really endearing how his first thoughts upon waking up was finding Lily, and how he tried to climb out of bed to go in search of her.

I also like that you left James's experiences at the Lestrange's mostly a blank, and instead focused on his relationship with Lily. I thought that was a good choice (especially considering the limited time and word count you had to work with).

The ending was quite sweet. I'm glad it turned out happily.

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Review #9, by SingularityEscape: Escape

28th February 2014:
I thought this was a nice take on the challenge. I haven't read too many stories that dealt with the three times that Lily and James defied Voldy, so it was interesting to read your interpretation of one of those times.

I enjoyed your characterization of Lily here. She was terrified, but was trying her best to put on a brave face and stay strong. I also thought you did a good job of expressing how strongly Lily feels about James.

I also thought it was a nice touch to tie in Sirius's pureblood childhood, though I'm not sure how he knew where they were being held.

I read your partner's story as well, and thought that they flowed together quite well. Some of the questions raised in your story are answered in hers, and they definitely seem connected, so great teamwork there!

Author's Response: I think every brave person feels terrified inside. It's just a matter of pushing the fear and refusing to listen that I really think is what sets brave people apart.

Sirius took a guess on where they were taking James and Lily, since the Lestrange Mansion is where they take most.

Thanks! We went through a big effort to make sure our stories matched up.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by SingularityPut On Notice: Put On Notice

26th February 2014:
I kind of loved this. Scorpius's voice was just so much fun to read and his asides to himself were often quite hilarious. But there were also some really endearing moments, like when he tries to remember the first time he saw Rose, but can't remember.

You did a good job of tying your story back to your partner's as well. In her story, we saw a lot of Rose noticing Scorpius, and in yours, he keeps tabs on her (I loved the bit about how that had run into each other a handful of times...or 10-15, but they were all least as far as Rose was concerned. Lol :))

This is not at all how I pictured the follow up to stargazing's story, but it works really well. And the ending, simply brilliant. I actually laughed out loud. In retrospect, yeah, that kind of /is/ stalking, isn't it? Not the happy ending I was hoping for, but a really great ending to this chapter. I sincerely hope you'll write a follow up to this, because I would really love to see what happens next!

Author's Response:

Hey! Yeah, poor Scorpius. I couldn't help but make things awful for him. Yay! You noticed the connections! When my partner wrote all those moments from Rose's pov, I knew I wanted to mirror them, but from a completely different angle.

I know this was supposed to be in the Romance genre, but when the story started developing into what it was, I simply couldn't help myself. All the pieces were there, and I just put them together.

Thanks so much for the great review! I'm so happy you took the time to read and review out entries!

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Review #11, by SingularityYou Don't Love Me On The Battlefield : Run Away Because You Don't Love Me

26th February 2014:
This was a really interesting and challenging premise for a story. Going through all seven years at Hogwarts in one chapter is no small feat!

I liked how you showed Rose and Scorpius's paths crossing through the years and how she always found herself noticing him. I know you were on a time crunch to write this (and faced with a word limit) but I wish the story could have been better fleshed out. I would have liked to read more about Rose and Scorpius's evolving relationship (and about what he did to her in fourth year). Plus, I really want to know what happened to cause Scorpius to deteriorate back to his old prancing self, which seemed to lead to the end of their relationship. I just want more! *cough* Sorry,I'm a bit of a needy reader :p

The last few lines were really well done, and very sad. I think it offers a lot for your partner to work with, so I'm excited to go read her piece next. Hope her chapter ends more happily!

Author's Response: I'm hoping to be able to explain more of what happened between them in a follow up story at a later date. Going through the years was probably the hardest bit about this, always wondering where I should go next, but in the end I just let the characters take over and let them go where they wanted to. I wanted them together but apparently they wanted to break up in the end. I completely understand too, I'm a needy reader also xD Thanks so much for your review.

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Review #12, by SingularityMottled Blue: One body.

21st February 2014:
I liked that you started this from the murderer’s pov, and the second person worked really well in this context, so that was a good choice. It pulled me into the story and really made me want to read more.

There were a few little mistakes I noticed throughout, so maybe consider getting a beta to help with that, or just do another read through to see if you can catch them. It wasn’t overwhelming or anything, just a few lines here and there. Like, the last line in Lily’s second paragraph is a bit confusing: “…she has to carrying with referring to it in that way.”

I thought you did a good job of introducing Lily’s character. I feel like I get a pretty good sense of who she is in this story. Her voice is well done. You get the feeling that she has difficulty separating herself from her work some times. I’m sure that’s going to be a huge issue for her, as Rose is the victim this time. Poor Rose, and poor Lily :(

Aside from a couple little errors here and there, I thought this chapter was well written, and it seems to be a good introduction to your story. It definitely makes me want to read more :)

Author's Response: Hi there, sorry for this late response, these last few days have been hectic! I'm glad that you liked the murderer's POV I wasn't too sure about including it but getting into their mind was so much fun I'm glad I did.

Thank you so much, I just added it before responding to this! I always seem to have an issue of having more errors with smaller chapters so I'll try and have more lazer like eyes!

I'm glad you liked Lily as she's a character I've had little experience in both reading and writing so I just sort of wrote her however :P Their relationship and Lily's character continue to be discussed later on so unfortunately for Lily the issue never escapes!

Thanks for pointing out the errors again, and I'm glad you found it was a good intro!


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Review #13, by SingularityIcing on the Cake--Part II: Viktor [Speed Dating Entry]: Part II--Viktor [Speed Dating Entry]

19th February 2014:
As I told your partner, I love the idea behind this story. It makes for a really fun story. I think the two of you did a really good job tying your stories together. They flow well and really seem like two halves of the same story, so awesome job with that.

This chapter starts off great. The internal monologue of Viktor about his clothes does a really good job of setting up his character, I think, and really highlights his discomfort.

I LOVE that you included George. The whole interaction between the two of them was just fantastic...and George actually gave some really good advice!

There are so many hilarious quotes and one-liners in this, I can't even...I laughed several times while reading this. My favorite though, was probably the bit at the end, after he smashes Lavender with the cake.

"“You!” she snarled, and Viktor resisted the urge to step away. He had faced territorial dragons and mermaids, had been possessed by Dark wizards. Viktor Krum could handle a simple apology.

Loved that!

The ending was just super cute. I'm so glad it turned out happily. Yay! Lovely job.

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so much. Avi and I had a lot of fun working together and connecting the different plot pieces!

George was probably my favorite to write. He practically wrote himself. Also, your right. Who knew he'd be so good at relationship advice? "George Weasley, Agony Aunt" (Agony Uncle?) has a nice ring to it. Maybe I'll do another one-shot with this version of him.

Thank you! One liners are so fun. It's been a while since I got to write a comedy, so I was pretty excited to get to make jokes!

And favorite quotes are so cool to see. I like seeing what catches other people's eye. I was fond of that line, too.

Thank you so much for reading, and for taking the time to write up such a lovely review!


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Review #14, by SingularityIcing on the cake - Part I: Lavender: Part 1

19th February 2014:
I love the idea behind this story! Very creative :)

The bit with Romilda was hilarious (though how she landed an invitation is beyond me).

I liked some of the little details that you put in, like the unfortunate coincidence that Lavender's dress was so similar to the bridesmaid dresses. What a nightmare!

I also liked the interaction with Ron, and how completely oblivious he was to her flirting. Also his completed nonchalance when he told her about the food on her face. She kind of deserved that, though...flirting with the groom like that.

My favorite part was Ginny's line “Anyway, I have to go. I’ve been told that there’s a girl in here that claims to be a cousin of ours and a bridesmaid – I need to find her and throw her out."


I thought the little scene in the bathroom with Lavender trying to cover up one of her scars was a good tie back to canon, and also fit in well with the beginning (kind of a reminder to people of what had happened at the battle and such).

I've read your partner's story, too, and thought you guys did a really good job of tying them together. They really seemed like two halves of the same story, so awesome job there.

Author's Response: Hi Singularity! :D

Thank you! It was Penny's idea with Lavender and Krum, she was so creative! I wouldn't have come up with that pair at all :D

I am so glad you liked the little details! I thought it'd be funny with the dresses, I mean, poor Lavender for being at her ex-boyfriends wedding and then find out she's chosen almost the same dress as the bridesmaids' :D Total nightmare!

Ugh, you make me so relieved that you could see her flirting! That was exactly what I was going for but I wanted it to be in a less obvious way. Yes, shame on her for doing that to a groom!

Thank you so much! I think Penny will be so pleased to hear that as well. We worked so hard for this hehe.

So happy you liked our story and thank you so much for reviewing!

- Lostmyheart

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Review #15, by SingularityMurphy's Law: Reality

18th February 2014:
Hey PIC! I finally got a chance to read through your entire entry and am blown away. Your story was so great last night/this morning when you sent it to me, but somehow, this is even better! Gah! You are so immensely talented. I don't even know what to say...

I can only imagine that phrases such as "more like a particularly flamboyant unicorn's happy place" and "looked like a deformed candy cane vomiting a rotten banana peel" came from your sleep deprivation, in which case, you might want to consider writing while sleep deprived more often, because they're HILARIOUS!

The way your language flows is just beautiful. You use a lot of the same words to describe the snow globe as I do (as it's the same snow globe, doing the same thing) but somehow your description is so much better than mine! Grrr...I'd be jealous if I didn't like you so much. ;)

(I need to stop just quoting your story, back to you, but I can't do it) One of my very favorite parts is when Lily is watching the snow globe, and James is watching her.
"And while her eyes stay trained on the details of the globe, James couldn't help but to watch her instead, captivated by the way her eyes lit up with renewed wonder at each change. And for that one single moment, he felt he hadn't completely ruined everything."
It's just so sweet and heartfelt, and you can really feel how much James cares about Lily and wants to make her happy. It's perfect. Plus, it's about one of the only good things that happens for James...even if it's short lived.

I love the way you describe James falling. It's so cosmic and karmic and as if the entire universe is plotting against him. Poor, poor, James.

But honestly, my favorite line in the entire story is "It's fine. Get me muddy." It's so simple, but it just says so much about Lily and how she feels about James. At least to me.

The ending is, of course, sheer perfection. I love how you talked about James reflecting back. So beautiful.

I'm really glad that you wrote this chapter. Even though it's the funny, comedy of errors chapter, it's also the one with more substance and character development. I think you balance all of that like a champ, and far better than I would have managed (especially with such a strict timeline). You have such a handle on Lily and James as characters, and I don't think I could have done them nearly this amount of justice.

It was such a joy to work on this with you. (huh) ;)

Author's Response: PIC!!! *squee* Wow, what a review! Where to even begin?

Yay! I'm glad I got that 90 minutes of editing time after I sent the rough draft to you; I think all those little adjustments made one big difference and I'm glad you agree! :-D

HA! Yep. That's exactly where they came from. Sleep-deprivation equals ridiculously goofy lines of utter nonsense. I'm glad they made you laugh. ;)

*blush* Dawww, you're too good to me, PIC. Thank you, I'm really thrilled to hear that it flowed so well because you know how I jumped from scene to scene in the most sporadic of orders... Easily could have been a disastrous, choppy mess! LOL And girl, pffft! Your story is beautiful, and the snowglobe scene is gorgeous - don't even. :-p *hugs*

Awww, yeah, James is such a sweetie there, huh? I had to give him at least a small moment in which he wasn't being tortured by his very evil author, didn't I? hehehe I'm glad it stood out to you; I really didn't want to overdue the James being mushy about his love for Lily, since yours gets to cover so much of that side of him, but I needed to let a little in and I'm happy to hear it worked out (short-lived as it is, indeed)!

Muahahaha! I blame that Murphy guy. Clearly he's got some sort of vendetta against, well, most people - but James in particular! Thank you. ^.^

Ah, yay! I'm so happy that was your favorite! To tell you the truth, it almost didn't make the cut when I was editing the story to bring it under 2500 words. I kept thinking that it would be one of the easier places to lose some words, but I really liked the dialogue there as well! I'm glad it was worth all of my panicked indecision to keep it in! :-D

*squee* Thank you! The ending was my favorite part, I think - I'm glad people have been enthusiastic about it as well!

Gosh, you really are just far too kind. I was honestly worried about exactly that - balancing the comedy with the substance - so it's just a huge relief to hear I didn't just royally mess it up! Although I'm certain you'd have written this chapter absolutely fantastically if we'd switched places! No doubt at all. :)

Working with you was a truly wonderful experience for me as well. I'm so glad we were paired together. And I know I already PM'd you about my manic fits of laughter at the (huh) reference, but allow me to repeat myself: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy, I can't. I can't even. It's too funny. *dies*

You're the best! Thank you for this insanely amazing review! I'll see you over at yours soon enough! *hugs*

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Review #16, by SingularityBowled Over: Cho Chang: The Master Blaster

9th November 2013:
What a cute story! I love that you chose to write about Cho as a first year. It was nice to get a sense of who she was before we meet her as a sad, weepy, girl in OotP. This is a Cho that I could actually see growing up to be someone who Harry could fancy. She still had some of the traits we know she possesses later (athleticism, competitiveness, intelligenct, etc) but she still seemed like an 11 year old. So really great job with the characterization!

I also felt like I got a pretty good feel for Pippa's character. You could definitely tell that she and Cho are sisters. The other girls all blended together. While I think it would have been nice if they had been more distinct characters, I know that's sometimes hard to do when writing a one-shot, and I don't think it detracted from the story too much, as they were really just background characters anyway.

The plot was really cute and humorous. I absolutely loved the way you ended it. Cho's last line was great! I didn't really get 'parody' from reading this, but it was cute, fluffy, and well-written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! Yeah, this was my first attempt at writing something remotely humorous and I agree that this wasn't really a parody as opposed to merely a funny story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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Review #17, by SingularityMemory Dust: Storming of the Weasleys

9th December 2012:
I loved the Weasley reunion! Molly's tearful hug, Charlie crashing through the window, Percy's awkward handshake, all of it was great. The little nods toward Fred missing were really well done and added a twinge of sadness to the otherwise happy scene.

When Harry first apparated to Godric's Hollow, I thought he was taking Hermione to his parent's grave...which would've been a little awkward. I love the idea that Harry had Hermione's parents buried there, near his own. They've always had this brother/sister relationship (which I adore), so Harry taking care of her parent's burial arrangements just seems really right to me. It was such a sad scene, but it was really beautifully done.

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Review #18, by SingularityMemory Dust: The Unknown Home

9th December 2012:
Yay! Happy and confusing reunions ftw! I think you did a fantastic job with this chapter. I can only imagine how difficult this chapter was to write, as it is a terribly complicated situation. Where do you even begin when trying to recreate a lifetime of memories?

I think you wrote all four (well, five if you count Crookshanks) of the characters really well. Their reactions seemed very natural. I love how accepting Ron is right away and how ambivalent Hermione is. It's so very in character for both of them. Especially because Ron is returning to a world that he has always been a part of, where he has this huge family that is amazing and loves him. Whereas, Hermione just found out that her parents weren't magical and they're dead. I mean, the Weasleys accept her and love her as family, but she doesn't know that and it's not quite the same.

I applaud your skill and can't wait to read more. :D

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Review #19, by SingularityMemory Dust: Crookshanks's Flight

9th December 2012:
Ok, so it is really, really difficult to stop at this point and leave a review (dang cliffhangers!), but I wanted to comment on this chapter.

As previously mentioned, I adore the budding relationship between Ron and Hermione. The little hints of canon you throw in and the memories leaking through really make this story for me. Their interactions and conversations are just so perfect, especially the one after Hermione's shower. You've somehow managed to write them with a certain level of awkwardness, but also a familiarity. It so incongruous, but fits perfectly with their relationship at this point. Then, of course, jealous!Ron has to show up and ruin everything. Oh, Ron...

Ok, I can totally see where Ginny is coming from, especially since we know that Ron and Hermione are alive and right around the corner, but she is seriously being unreasonable. Harry is kind of a saint at this point.

Side note: the three of them searching London is a hilarious image. You have Ginny in the front with her map, muttering spells under her breath. A few steps behind is an increasingly agitated and impatient Harry. And a few steps behind him, is a fluffy ginger cat, trailing them through the streets. Hilarity!

Wait...can't you accio living creatures? Harry accio's Hagrid in the Seven Potters chapter of DH and it seems to work, at least a bit.

Anyway, I need to cut off this review so I can read the next chapter now. So excited!

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Review #20, by SingularityMemory Dust: As If By Magic

9th December 2012:
I apologize in advance for how disjointed this review is. I'm kind of writing it as I go through, so bare with me.

I just loved Ron's reflections at the beginning of this chapter about how he had never had close family and friends, and how it doesn't seem strange to him since he was an only child. It was pretty heartbreaking. Of course you miss them, Ron. You have the world's best friends and family!

Can I just say, that little tidbit about George seeing a therapist after bouts of wandering around naked was pure gold. I laughed out loud. Priceless :D

I love how tidbits of their old relationship are slipping back in without them really understanding or even being aware of what is happening. Hermione scolding Ron about his table manners, Ron goading Hermione about always being in the library. It's so great to watch them get to know each other and (hopefully) fall in love again.

Gah! It kills me that Harry was right there and didn't see them! Dang stubborn Harry, if you would have just given in to your weird feeling for three seconds you could have found them! I am glad that Hermione had a twinge of familiarity when she saw him. It would have broken my heart if she hadn't felt anything upon seeing him.

The scene of Ron and Hermione in the Leaky Cauldron was so fantastically written. You really captured what it would be like for two "ordinary muggles" to accidentally stumble into the Leaky Cauldron. Leave it to Hermione to be so logical about the entire situation. I loved what you wrote about Hermione feeling like denying magic is a lie. Especially the part about how it's the same type of lie as her life with Jonathan. She's denying who she truly is, even though she isn't aware of that yet. It was a really great, touching, well-written moment.

And then you threw in a foul-mouthed Jarvey. Hysterical. This story is just getting better and better.

Ah, Harry and Ginny. I really like the way you are writing their relationship. You really get a feel for the depth of their feelings for one another and for Ron and Hermione. I found it a bit surprising at first that Harry had moved on from looking for them, but the more I read this story, the more sense it makes. Harry is used to loss. His whole life had been a series of losing the people he cares for the most, so he knows how to push it aside and move on. It's the only way he could still be functioning at this point. That being said, I'm so glad that Ginny is keeping up the search. And now that Crookshanks is involved I sense a very confusing, but hopefully happy reunion in the future! *fingers crossed*

This was an absolutely fabulous chapter. Definitely my favorite so far, which is saying something since I'm kind of in love with this story :D

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Review #21, by SingularityJust Another Midnight Run: Gainfully Employed

9th December 2012:
I have been meaning to read this story for a long time, and this holiday review fest was just the push I needed. I am really enjoying the story so far (as evidenced by the fact that I read the first five chapters before I could bring myself to stop and review).

I absolutely love your characterizations! You do a fantastic job of re-imagining the next-gen characters and steering away from the typical, cliche ways that they are usually characterized. Victoire especially was such an unexpected joy. I love that she is more like Molly than Fleur. The glimpses of the characters that we know from canon are also really well done. I especially love the way you've written Ron and his relationship with Rose. It's so great to see him written as this talented auror and attentive father, mostly because Ron rarely gets to be either of those things in fanfiction. He's the same Ron that I've always loved, but he's older and has matured quite a bit (though not enough that he doesn't give Scorpius a hard time). The level of love and respect that Rose has for him is so sweet. I could go on and on...basically, you always write such wonderful, realistic characters that are so easy to visualize and care about. It's what really drew me into your Unsinkable universe and I can already tell it's going to be the same in these stories.

The plot line is also really intriguing. I'm really interested in the idea of Rose as a bounty hunter, especially as she doesn't seem to quite know what she's doing or why.

This chapter was really fun. I enjoyed reading about the Weasley gathering and seeing more of the interaction of Rose with her extended family. I've got such a soft spot for the Weasleys, so this scene was just fantastic. Arthur's bit toward the end about Lucius rolling in his grave was hilarious! I love it :)

Author's Response: I got to check out a bunch of stories I'd been meaning to read thru the holiday review fest too. Love that :) Queue closures are helpful that way too. We actually have some time! lol

Next Gen is fun because so little is known about the characters. They're all basically OCs. We only see a glimpse of Rose at age 11. I write her in her late 20s, so her personality has evolved and matured. Well, mature is relative with Rose.

Writing Ron as a grown-up is one of my favorite parts of writing these stories. Ron is so much fun. And his interactions with Harry. They've been BFFs for so long, and now brothers-in-law, they're just such fun to write. Especially when they needle each other about their wives. I enjoy writing Hermione too, but Ron is my favorite ;) And it's nice to write a version of Rose who respects both her parents and hero-worships her dad a bit.

Victoire being a mini-Molly instead of a mini-Fleur is a lot of fun, and people never expect it. I think Fleur parenting a daughter who's short and round and totally Weasley is hilarious, too. Obviously she loves her more than anything, but in a lot of ways she wouldn't know what to do with her. That's entertaining to me. You wanted to be a Weasley, Fleur, well there you go XD

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm really glad you're enjoying the story, and I hope you get a chance to finish it! If you do, let me know what you think of it :)

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Review #22, by SingularityThe Blazing Arrival Of Cosmo Weasley-Peppin: The Blazing Arrival Of Cosmo Weasley-Peppin

8th December 2012:
This is really great. I haven't read many Charlie-centric stories, but I just love the way you've written him here. We don't know too much about him from canon, but the details you've included (his dedication to work, his love of flying, his Gryffindoric tendency to act before thinking...) are just spot on.

I have to admit, you completely fooled me with your brilliant misdirection. Even when Charlie saw the building, I didn't catch on, though I did wonder why she was giving birth alone in some shady building in the middle of the forest. Even when April said that line about taking care of her little one, I just thought it was a parallel and didn't immediately catch on (sometimes I'm a bit slow...).

This is a fantastic interpretation of that challenge. I love that you managed to write Charlie Weasley as a father without straying from canon. I tip my hat to you, m'dear.

Author's Response: Hi Singularity! I'm sorry this has taken such a long time for me to get to - life got in the way!

I'm really glad you enjoyed this one-shot, it was a lot of fun to write - not least because I love Charlie! You're right about there being many details about him in canon, but in a way that was really great fun for me. I'm so interested in people and families, and I sort of just took what we know about Charlie and about hi family and tried to apply it to the character.

Ahahahaha! Another one bites the dust! Honestly, I am so thrilled that I've fooled basically everyone who's read this, because I thought it was so obvious and I'd never get away with it. Teehee.

Tug of the forelock to you, old bean. (Good lord, that sounds rude).

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Review #23, by SingularityHurt: (1)

8th December 2012:
This is a really interesting take to Ginny in DH. It's a lot different from the way she is normally portrayed, at least in my experience. I've seen (and written) stories where Harry blames himself for all the deaths and trouble caused by the battle, but I don't think that I've ever seen one where Ginny blames him. It kind of caught me off guard and made me a bit sad :(

I can see it, though. Ginny is a very passionate person who feels things deeply. She was really hurt by Harry leaving and now she has lost her brother. I'm glad that by the end, she admits to herself how much she does care about Harry and how much she still wants to be with him.

As a songfic, I think you did a good job. The sections between lyrics are a nice length, and the song fits with the story well.

Author's Response: I'm sorry for making you sad! This story just kind of strolled into my head, and the idea of an angsty, angry Ginny really appealed to me!

And thank you :) It was my first attempt at a song-fic, so I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #24, by SingularityMemory Dust: Loneliness

7th December 2012:
I read the first couple chapters of this story a long time ago, so I am so excited that you posted on my review page and led me to rediscover it! I absolutely love the concept and am looking forward to seeing where you take it!

You write Ron and Hermione very well. You've taken them out of the context that we're used to seeing them in, but they are still completely recognizable as themselves. The details about how they each are handling the fact that they have lost their memories are especially telling. You've nailed their characters...of course Ron would just not think about it too much, and of course Hermione would completely overthink it :P

Ron/Hermione is my favorite ship, so I absolutely love that they can feel the connection between each other, even if they can't remember one another. It's so sweet and romantic and I just love it. :D You've also done a really great job with writing their other relationships and how they both feel that something is a little off. I'm such a hopeless romantic, so that just makes me feel all fuzzy inside :P

You also just write really well. The section where Ron is reflecting on loneliness is especially well done.

I look forward to reading more of this story!

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Review #25, by SingularityMy Little Sailboat: My Little Sailboat

7th December 2012:
There is something very lovely and poetic about this story. It has a very poignant underlying sadness and a dreamlike quality that is just really beautiful. Something about the flow of the story somehow felt like waves, which is so fitting and perfect for the imagery you use. The description in this story is also really well done. I like the way you chose different details to focus upon (the violets, the carved initials) that give fleeting glimpses into Snape's memories and their past relationship.

This was a really fantastic read. You have a beautiful storytelling voice.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I've had the story in my head for such a long time that by the time I wrote it down, it had its own mind and rhythm. I really love Snape's story, even if he isn't my favorite character, and getting to the softer and more painful side seems to have been worth the wait. :)

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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