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Review #1, by Ali4077Bloody Tuesday: The Seventh Murder

23rd July 2011:
I loved this chapter :) I understood it far more than the prologue.. but I'm pretty sure that as the chapters come, if you continue writing it, I'll understand it a lot more.

I thought it was a good idea having the victim as someone we all knew. Makes it a little more interesting as it's a character you've followed, or at least heard of.

Also yet again your description was brilliant. It's all rather gruesome, but it wouldn't be as interesting if it wasn't would it?

I loved Audrey's relationship with Caine. I found the fact that she had to stun him hilarious, and then of course Percy turned up, just making everything even more awkward. I must admit I've never actually bothered to read a Percy/Audrey before but this one is certainly grabbing my attention. I like how little Audrey seems to currently like Percy too, it's interesting.

Great job and keep writing. I can't wait to read the next chapter. :) Thank you so much for submitting this into my challenge so I was able to read it.

Author's Response: Thanks for all the compliments on description! I got a number of comments on one of my previous stories saying that I should work on my description, so I've really been focusing on that aspect of my writing for this story. Glad to hear that it's panning out, even if most of the descriptions are a little gross. : P

Caine is easily my favorite character in the story, which is too bad because he's not really super important...well, at least not in the way you'd expect. Audrey/Percy is a relationship I've been wanting to write for a while...truthfully, I'm still struggling to write their interactions. There's only so much witty banter one can have chasing down criminals! But yes, eventually something will happen to change Audrey's mind about The Pompous Percy.

Hope you'll take a look at the new chapter! I'm looking forward to your review.
xoxo wenderbender

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Review #2, by Ali4077Bloody Tuesday: What Do Death Eaters Dream Of?

23rd July 2011:
Wow this is a powerful and well written chapter...

Anyway I'm WolfieAli from the forums. :) I have a different name on here. Finally I'm getting round to reading and reviewing all my challenge entries, so sorry it's taken so long.

Your description of Rakshasi was very detailed. You could really picture the image of him in your mind, even if it wasn't a nice one. It makes the piece more visual and helps you imagine the story in your head.. which immediately makes it more interesting.

My review's a little jumbled in order but I'm just bringing up the points I loved most even if it's the end, then the beginning and such :) I go on a lot about last lines in my reviews, because to me they're the most important. It's the last part of the story you read, so the point that sticks in your head and can sometimes sum the chapter up as whole.

"What do death eaters dream of?" just makes you want to move onto the next chapter and read more. :D It definitely grabs you as a reader which I guess is exactly what the writer wants.

This was a brilliant chapter, definitely unlike anything I've ever read before. It's what makes me so pleased I created my challenge, it's opening me up to stories I wouldn't ever have considered reading before.

Great job, and onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey! Sorry it's taken me forever to respond to your lovely comments. I'm really happy that you liked my chapter (even if the genre and style was a bit challenging)...thank you so much for recommending it in your blog! ^_^

Yes! "What do death eaters dream of?" is supposed to be catchy, but it's also part of the mystery. Everything is very confusing for the first few chapters, but things will begin to get clearer soon...I didn't want to show how all the characters were related too quickly. ^_^

Thank you for reviewing!
xoxo wenderbender

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Review #3, by Ali4077Boy Meets Girl: Oh well this is brilliant!

23rd July 2011:
Yet again another brilliant chapter. :D There was so many parts of this I enjoyed. First one being I love how her friend insists she has to carry her places.. that was hilarious.

Also the story on how she supposedly threw her shoes at someone trying to mug her, whilst being held at gunpoint, to explain why she'd lost them was brilliant. I laughed so much.

This line, also made me laugh. "You're a writer, Pen, which in translation means liar-" I just found it hilarious, considering that in Taylor's world, we're all liars as we like to write.. hence this story existing.

I find the fact that she actually left the mice a loaf of bread hilarious also. Hilarious seems to be my word today, I feel as if I'm over using it a little bit but I can't describe it in any other way. :D

Oooh the ending is brilliant. :D He wakes up and finds "that girl from the aeroplane". How exciting. I'm assuming this story isn't finished then? Unless you're leaving it on major cliffhanger.. if you are then it's still very exciting. Leaves it on a good note.

I loved this story thank you so much for submitting it and allowing me to read it. Fantastic job. :D

Author's Response: Let me just say that I hope I didn't offend anybody with that line. I just thought it was funny and you have to admit Pen's imagination does run away with her often enough, like that ridiculous excuse she thought up of for why her shoes were gone. I love the mice as well, they're one of my favorite characters to write. :)

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Review #4, by Ali4077Boy Meets Girl: Airplanes suck.

23rd July 2011:
This chapter was hilarious. :D Especially the ending bit when they were both sitting together on the plane and she was just going on and on. It's a perfect example of the worst possible person to get stuck next to on a plane, I can't help but feel for Oliver.

This bit, made me burst into laughter. "I would be able to get both books. This is no small miracle - this is a sign that I have been forgiven for dating the arsehole known as Percy Weasley." I just found it hilarious. It's definitely a quotable quote.. hence the reason why I quoted it.

The bit where Penelope traded her shoes in so she could buy the two books as well was brilliant. Now that is desperation. :D I could just imagine someone standing there doing that.

Great job, again. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the favorite quote, they normally tell me what people like and want to see more of. The bit where Pen trades her shoes in was so much fun to write, and honestly I could see myself doing for like the eighth Harry Potter book, wouldn't you?

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Review #5, by Ali4077Boy Meets Girl: Chaos

23rd July 2011:
Just to let you know I'm WolfieAli from the forums, finally I'm getting round to reviewing all the stories that were submitted into my challenge, sorry it took so long. Also the reviews on the chapters might be a little on the short side.. but if they are I'll try and make up for it in the final one :D

Never read a story with these characters or this pairing before, so I'm already interested. :) I enjoyed this opening chapter a lot, gave us an insight into Penelope's life and family, who I love by the way. :D They're all an interesting bunch of individuals.

That bit with Henry the spider was just hilarious. Especially when she tried to summon it out, it was a really good idea though, gave me a good giggle.

I loved the reference to Doctor Who too. :D

Also I liked the letter at the end. Especially how it turns out she has to be there tomorrow morning, and has to fly over by plane. Could be interesting, I can't wait to read on to see what happens.

I couldn't see any mistakes other than the spacing, which can be easily fixed, so good job. :) Onwards to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I LOVE Penelope Clearwater I know that sounds weird but I have two stories written with her as the main lead and her male lead being Oliver I JUST LOVE THAT PAIRING! I hope you like it as well, I'm glad you thought the beginning was funny, and I hope you like the rest. :)

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Review #6, by Ali4077Her scent His eyes: a night of introductions

22nd July 2011:
Oooh it has a cliffhanger type ending. You want to know what the room is, why it's there.. why he asked her not to go to that part anyway.. so much drama.

I really enjoyed this story. :) It's opened up a possible interpretation of a side to Scabior that no one could ever have even considered before. He just seems to be a heartless snatcher in canon, but you've developed it into something

I still loved Hermione's ultimate sacrifice, going off with him to save Harry and Ron. The fact that she asked Dobby to save Luna as well and not herself was very poignant.

I go on about last lines in a lot of my reviews, because they really are the last thing you read, and usually tie the whole piece together. In this case it leaves us on a cliffhanger, and it makes you want to read more. I'm not sure if you're going to end up doing another chapter, but if you do I'll have to come back and read it.

Thank you so much for submitting this story into my challenge, I had fun reading and reviewing it. Good job.

Author's Response: thank you i have the story done i just have to get it all validated now

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Review #7, by Ali4077Her scent His eyes: the deal is struck in the night

22nd July 2011:
Well I didn't see that one coming.

Good for Hermione though, basically sacrificing herself to save Harry and Ron. It's definitely something I could see her doing, so it's not OOC.

I couldn't help but really feel for Ron though, to suddenly feel that she's been helping them when she hasn't, just just wants to save Ron and Harry.

Also are we possibly seeing a more caring side to Scabior? It does open up new possibilities.

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Review #8, by Ali4077Her scent His eyes: Caught in the night

22nd July 2011:
All makes sense now.

I've only just remembered that he wouldn't have been able to hear her.. I'm a bit slow today.. so definitely ignore part of my review on the previous chapter. :)

I like how he claims the scarf as his own sort of.. because he can smell her on it. The description of the smell also is brilliant, we sort of need that so you can imagine what he's smelling.. or try to anyway.

Brilliant work yet again.. my reviews are getting shorter, I feel awful. I'll try and give you a much longer one in the final chapter though. :)

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Review #9, by Ali4077Her scent His eyes: Evil in the night

22nd July 2011:
I enjoyed this chapter also. :) There were a few spelling mistakes or typos throughout, but I don't want to go on about them too much, I just suggest you look over it and edit them.

Yet again I like the perspective switch. Seeing it from both Scabior and Hermione is a good idea, makes good reading.

I liked Hermione facing the werewolf too, from behind the magical protections. It's the sort of thing you could imagine happening with Greyback floating around, and I imagine it would be a pretty frightening experience, even if you knew it couldn't get to you.

I have one teensy tiny little point though.. which would probably throw your whole plot out of the window so ignore me if needbe.. I just feel as if I have to raise it. :D But would Hermione really tell Scabior who she was? I mean he's looking for the girl.. he wants to find her so they can get that nice amount of money, she's basically just confirmed that's where they're hiding.

Anyway just had to bring it up.. if it's completely central to your plot which I imagine it is, ignore me. It doesn't ruin the chapter, it makes it interesting all the same. :D Onwards to chapter three!

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Review #10, by Ali4077Her scent His eyes: a scent in the night

22nd July 2011:
Just to let you know, I'm WolfieAli from the forums :) So as you see my name popping up on reviews across the chapters in this story, it's me and I'm writing the reviews I owe you for entering my challenge, sorry it's taken so long.

I've not actually ever bothered to read a Scabior story before, even if his character is one I find relatively interesting. I guess I've never looked at him in particular detail before, but this story is changing that, as I'm having to. :)

I like the perspective switch, going from Hermione to Scabior. You get both sides then which makes far more interesting reading.

Sorry this review is so short, there are more chapters however and it was more of an introductory one. :) Can't wait to read the next chapter.

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Review #11, by Ali4077all this will ruin us: and love too

22nd July 2011:
Just to let you know I'm WolfieAli from the forums :) Finally I'm getting round to reviewing all my challenge entries.

I'm honestly not a fan of Peter, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this story.. as I really did. :D You write so well, I wish I could write as well as that.

I liked this running theme of "I will not die". It does sound very Pettigrew, he's determined not to die. Also as he was explaining how he was no longer a child, but saw everyone else as still being so, it was clever. Something I wouldn't have even considered to write.

The entire piece was very well written and put together, we saw inside Peter's head and it certainly leaves you with something to think about after reading it.

Your final sentence is very powerful too. I like final sentences.. they're the last thing you read and are what really sticks in my head at least. It ties it all up, reminds you whats in control, what's going on. "he makes it" says it all really.

Thank you so much for entering this in my challenge, I really did enjoy reading it and it's left me sitting here in thought. I like stories that make you think. Great job. :)

Author's Response: Ah, hello! ^_^ I really enjoyed your challenge; it was actually the very first piece I've written for HPFF.

Peter's a terribly underrated character. And while I won't deny he's a coward, he still remains one of my favourite and least favourite characters. I just wanted to dig a little deeper and try to understand why he did it. :)

Thank you! Heh, your challenge was a pleasure, really. Thanks again for the review.

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Review #12, by Ali4077The Cat, the Seal, and the Hairy This-and-That!: A spot of tea with the cat's younger brother...

22nd July 2011:
Just to let you know, I'm WolfieAli from the forums. Finally I've gotten round to reviewing this.. so sorry it took so long.

I've never read a story that explores the concept of Crookshanks being an animagus before, so this was definitely something very new for me to read. I really did like this idea however, and you couldn't help but feel for Hermione. She had no idea.. and obviously adored her cat.

I thought having the letter was a brilliant idea also. Having Crookshanks explain himself was needed. Just out of interest do you intend to have any more chapters? If you do I'm definitely reading them, I want to see how it ends.

I couldn't see any mistakes which is brilliant and I seriously love the concept of this story :) Thank you so much for entering it into my challenge and allowing me to read it.

Author's Response: Sorry its taken so lon to respond to this. I will b writing more of this story very soon I hope. Real lifehas just forced me into a break from hpff for a bit. Thanks for the kind review.

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Review #13, by Ali4077Anthony Goldstein's Chanukah: Anthony Goldstein's Chanukah

22nd July 2011:
Just to let you know I'm WolfieAli from the forums, finally I've gotten round to reviewing the challenge entries so I'm sorry this has taken so long. :)

I've never read a piece of fanfiction surrounding Anthony Goldstein, which is understandable enough but I've also never read one that is centered around religion, or a religious belief. It's a subject that does fascinate me so it definitely made interesting reading. :)

I liked how you described what he was up to during each day and I loved how respective his fellow Ravenclaws were, wishing him a Happy Chanukah and such.

I liked his relationship with Terry and Michael, although I believe we're pretty sure they're friends already, it's still nice to read it.

Great job :) It was really interesting to read and definitely taught me something new. Thanks for submitting it to my challenge. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

Yeah, this is actually the first Anthony Goldstein fic I've read too. It's also only the second one based around religion that I've read. The first all so being something I wrote...

As Jo Rowling once said about Dumbledore being gay, as long as your blood purity was pure you would be ok to Slytherins. Someone like Draco might insult you for it, but it wouldn't be what mattered in the end. I see Anthony's religion in the same way.

Yeah they're pretty good friends I suppose.

I'm glad you found it interesting and I taught you something new! Kudos to me. Can't wait for the results!

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Ali4077Everbloom: iridescence, blooming, and life.

20th July 2011:
Hello :) Just to let you know I'm WolfieAli from the forums, I have a different name on here. Anyway not sure whether you remember but you submitted this in for my Underrated Characters Challenge, sorry it's a little late but here's my review.

I've not read anything around this particular character before, which is one reason why I created the challenge in the first place. It's giving me the opportunity to read characters that I wouldn't ever consider ordinarily.

I really enjoyed it, it gave Benjy a voice and you really felt your heart break for him when she died.

This line in particular, I thought said it all. "No one escapes the Order unscathed in some way." It really does pretty much sum up the Order. They're there to fight the dark side, no one is going to leave without being "unscathed in some way" you're right. People sometimes tend to glorify it in fanfiction but you haven't done that which is brilliant, as it's true.

The ending little section definitely ends the piece on a strong note also. I tend to talk a lot about the endings of a story but it is the last thing you read, or one of the last things you read. If it ends well, it stays in your mind and you end up remembering it.

Great job, thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this.

Author's Response: Hello! :) I had a lot of fun writing this; underrated characters are my favorites, so thank you for coming up with the challenge!

I feel as though a lot of times the Order is sort of glorified in a way in fanfic, but if you think about it, most of the Order members end up dead or injured in some way. I felt as though that ought to be represented.

I'm glad you liked the ending - I agree that they're important, and you want to make it strong :)

Thank you for reviewing! I had a wonderful time writing this.

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Review #15, by Ali4077It Goes On: Leaving Home

19th July 2011:
Just to let you know I'm WolfieAli from the forums, sorry for my really late review here. :D

Anyway I haven't ever read anything with Filch in.. which is why I am so thankful for people entering my challenge, as I'm reading all these characters that I just wouldn't have ever bothered with before. I'm so glad you entered a Filch story though, as I really enjoyed reading it.

I think you captured perfectly what Hogwarts meant to him. You never really think about Filch being so attached to the place as he's always complaining, but then I imagine he would be. He's still there after all, it's given me something to think about. :)

I also loved the ending bit with Irma.. she seemed to be genuinely concerned for him which was lovely. He seems so unloved bless him.. more of a perfect reason for you to have written about him.

This was really well written, I couldn't see any faults with it. I really enjoyed reading it and thank you so much for entering my challenge. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely words! I have really enjoyed writing about him and am glad there are people out their issuing challenges about these unrepresented characters!
I do love Filch and i'm pleased that you enjoyed my view of the poor lad. :) Thank you again for your lovely review!

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Review #16, by Ali4077Ariana: Ariana

19th July 2011:
Although short.. this is definitely powerful. :D

Just to let you know I'm WolfieAli from the forums and I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner, so thank you for entering my challenge. :)

I've not read much Ariana before, well to be blunt I read my first Ariana fic earlier, but I've enjoyed this one, it was from a different angle. I liked the mention of how they don't call her by name anymore, it shows how they've detached themselves from her.

Your last line was definitely very powerful. I go on about last lines a lot but if they're good, then they sort of tie up the entire piece.. if that makes any sense. It's the last thing you read and for it to end well, just makes everything much better. This last line says it all really, it was too late for Ariana.

I enjoyed reading it very much, thank you for entering my challenge and sorry this review is so short. I'm not the best at reviews. :D

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I'm so glad you thought so, it means a lot. ♥ And your review was wonderful, thank you! :D

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Review #17, by Ali4077Well, Lookie See: Well, Lookie See

19th July 2011:
Hello! First things first, I must apologise for not getting to this sooner, it was for my challenge after all so I failed there.. anyway I'm WolfieAli from the forums incase you didn't know. I have a different name on here. :)

I absolutely LOVED this. People should write more about Willy.. this to be honest is exactly what my challenge was about. Finding someone not written about much, writing about them and making it brilliant to read. I'll have to recommend this to people.

There wasn't a single thing to dislike. I loved his alliance with Umbridge in order to avoid any charges and how he was listening in to Harry and everyone at the pub.

Also your language was brilliant. :D You can sort of imagine Willy sitting there talking to you, as you have all the words spelt as they would sound.. great idea.

Thank you so much for giving me something so enjoyable to read :D Great work and thanks for entering my challenge.

Author's Response: well, then i owe you an apology for not answering this review for so long! (:

i'm glad you liked it so much, really. i'm happy with this oneshot, but not especially proud of it, so i'm glad you liked it! and haha, well, it's always good to get to the heart of the matter in a challenge, so thank you :D

you liked the language thing? that makes me so happy to hear, you have no idea. i wondered for a long time if it was a good idea, so i'm glad you think so!

nooo, thank YOU for the challenge and giving me third place! ^^

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Review #18, by Ali4077Solitude: Alone

19th July 2011:
First of all, as I am with everyone, I apologise for getting to this so late. I never intended to. Anyway just incase you don't know, I'm WolfieAli on the forums, so I owe you this as you entered my challenge. :)

Anyway I can't say I've ever read a Barty Crouch Jnr fic before, so this was something new for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it though, I think you captured him well. He wasn't all lovely.. which as we all know is NOT him at all, but he wasn't so dark and evil that it was boring. You did really well. :)

I love how it was McGonagall in this that was the reason why he was capable of transfiguring his father into a bone. That bit when she realises was brilliant. That was a really good idea actually, having her see what she'd unknowingly done.

Also my final point.. I loved it all hahaha but I liked the bit where he's saying how he's never alone when he has his Master. That was good. :)

Overall brilliant job, I think I'm tempted to read some more Barty Crouch Jnr stories after reading this. Thanks for entering, great job. :)

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Review #19, by Ali4077Sabotage: Sabotage

19th July 2011:
HELLO! Sorry for the really late review... I'm only just getting round to my challenge entries now.. oops. Incase you've forgotten it's me WolfieAli from the forums. :)

Anyway, I felt so sorry for Justin! Ernie's horrible, I loved the bit when he was going on about how she was laughing at something he'd said, and how Justine believed Ernie wasn't ever funny. That bit was hilarious.

With the last line as well, you really feel for him. He's definitely lost any chance of being with Mandy now, and he knows it. I also love how the elderly warlocks laughed at both him and Ernie as they were thrown out of the pub.

This definitely brightened up my afternoon. Thanks for submitting it for my challenge and I apologise again for not getting round to it sooner.. and the really short review.

Author's Response: Don't worry ^^ Of course I wouldn't have forgotten! You're one of my favourite people on the site :)
Aha thank you! With all of my writing, I try my best to be funny :')
Aww yeah, although as they're in fourth year (something like that) they're quite young, so hopefully he'll get over it eventually!
Teehee, I always expected the elder people there to be amused at the ones from Hogwarts XD
Aww I'm glad! That's really ok, don't worry. And short review? This was fantastic! I get much shorter! :D xxx

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Review #20, by Ali4077The Walls We Build: The Walls We Build

19th July 2011:
Okay for starters, it's me WolfieAli from the forums :D Sorry I'm so late in doing this. Anyway, I was close to tears with this story... I'm not actually a fan of the Greengrass sisters to be perfectly honest, the fact that Astoria gets to marry Draco might annoy me.. slightly... uh anyway.

Pushing those feelings aside, I genuinely loved this. It was the first story involving anyone with the surname Greengrass that I can honestly say I loved. The ending sentence was what hit me most, the whole I would trust with you my life. bit was the most perfect ending.

Also I liked the sort of flashbacks, and Draco's concern. It wasn't OOC concern at all, you wrote it well.

Basically.. great job! I loved this story and am more than happy to recommend it to anyone who likes reading Daphne or Astoria. Thanks for entering my challenge and possibly swaying my opinion on the Greengrass sisters.

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Review #21, by Ali4077Nothing: Nothing

14th April 2011:
Hello!! Great and very sad story, this is me WolfieAli from the forums by the way finally getting onto one of these reviews I owe you :D

Anyway this was really well written and you really got right into Scorpius' emotions. I loved how he didn't fall for some other girl even when he was drunk, he just kept thinking about her.

I also loved the line "I can't live without her; she's my drug." It said a lot I think :)

I really liked how you got him drunkenly shouting his love for her at random passers by. It really does emphasise what he feels for her and makes you as a ready feel terrible for him.. or it did me anyway. You did a brilliant job describing that.

I love ScoRose but I still loved the story even if I wanted to shout at the girl to take him back at the end :D That bit when he realises finally it really is over is so sad.. but brilliantly written all the same.

Great job! I have no faults with it.. unless I've missed something but I loved it even if I normally tend to go for lighter ScoRose :D Thanks for bringing my attention to it x

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reviewing :)

I'm glad you liked it so much, you didn't find any faults! :D The ending is very sad and I wish it didn't have to end that way. I hate seeing Scorpius so upset.

Thanks again!

-Sophia x

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Review #22, by Ali4077A Painful Promise: A Painful Promise

10th April 2011:
Aww!!! This is WolfieAli from the forums by the way :D Reviewing your story as promised.

I'm not normally a big fan of Remus/OC as I'm a huge Remus/Tonks shipper however I really enjoyed this. You really felt for Remus when he realised he'd attacked Stormy and I loved that bit about him being outside of his body and looking in. It was a whole out of body experience type thing.

I loved all the imagery at the beginning also. It really set the scene and you could definitely imagine where they were and what was going on. Also describing the scent of her hair was powerful also.

I think you captured Remus' character well also, good job there :)

One quick note, did you realise you wrote "Then a great white stage" instead of what I'm assuming you meant to be stag?

Anyway great job :) I had fun reading it.

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review... Stage, HA HA nope didn't realize that, I will fix it. I really love Remus/Tonks too that's my favorite ship, so writing this was hard at first, but I felt it gave a brief explanation as to why he found it so hard to get involved with Tonks, at least from my point of view. Thanks again

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Review #23, by Ali4077Malfoy's Big Mistake: Malfoy's Big Mistake

8th April 2011:
Hello :) It's me WolfieAli from the forums incase my name on here is confusing you :D

I really liked the concept of this. I love how you used Hermione as the intended victim as well. I personally cannot stand Dramiones as it's meant to be a hate/hate thing which you captured perfectly in this :D You really got the sense that Draco absolutely despises the girl.

I love how the prank went horribly wrong too and the joke ended up on him. That was something I wasn't expecting actually but then I probably should have seen it coming. It made the whole situation funnier as it did go wrong and I couldn't help but have a giggle :D

The actual prank itself was a really good idea. I love how you explained it, it was his hair and not hers that had accidentally fallen to the floor.

Just a quick point, when he's snapping out of the daydream is he supposed to hear "Malloy" and not "Malfoy" or is that a typo?

I had fun reading it, good job! x

Author's Response: Thanks for placing in the contest :), I was so excited to hear I got 3rd place!!!
Yes, HA HA it's supposed to be malfoy. you caught me and my typo's, LOL. I'm glad that you liked it. I'm not a Dramione fan either, BLECH!!! Just isn't right if you ask me. So this was a great opportunity for me to actually write about the 2 of them in their true settings and feelings for one another. As soon as I got this assignment mudblood was all that kept going through my mind and how Draco would want everyonw to know that's what she is so that is how it was born... LOL Thanks for the great review, and the opportunity of being in your challenge.

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Review #24, by Ali4077The First, from Spring to Summer: May First

5th April 2011:
NOO!!! I am like heartbroken! It was a very good chapter by the way :D But that ending was horrible to a ScoRose shipper such as myself. I loved it, don't think I didn't :D It's just the drama at the end... so heartbreaking.. *sniffles. You have another chapter left to go right? I hope they get together.. *begs.

Anyway! I LOVED the ideas you had for the pranks. Especially that one where that boy thought James had come out with gay pride.. oh it was brilliant :D Made me laugh so much.

I can't help but feel really really sorry for Scorpy. He's not having a very good time :( He cried in the other chapter, almost killed Fred in this one. I just want to give him a cuddle.

Great job though!

Author's Response: I know! :( I couldn't bear to break them apart but hopefilly they'll be alright at the end ;D
Thank you!! I was worried that they were too much like funny spells but I'm glad you did like them :D Heheh I was quite proud of myself with that one tbh ;)
I know :( Luck just isn't on his side :( I DO TO!! :)
Thanks :D I'm looking forward to reading your Yaxbridge this weekend when I'm procrastinating from revision :D XXX

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Review #25, by Ali4077Sunny-Side Up With Pumpkin Juice: Sunny-Side Up With Pumpkin Juice

19th March 2011:
Absolutely brilliant story :) This is WolfieAli from the forums by the way, my name on HPFF as you can see is different.

The "I hope I'm in stripes; I've never worn stripes before." just made me burst into laughter! I loved it! The idea of the prank itself was brilliant. It's something I've never come across before the idea of something happening to the teachers without the teachers being able to see it. It was a really well thought idea I think and well done for coming up with it :) I enjoyed reading this, 10/10! x

Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you like it! :)

I had a lot of fun writing this so I'm glad it was worth it! I love that line too and I'm pleased so many other people liked it.

Thank you! I look forward to seeing the other entries and the results :D

-Sophia x

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