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Review #1, by Mrs Sirius BlackChildren of the Revolution: The Hogwarts Express

11th October 2014:
I'm struggling to keep up with all the kids names!!! I think it may have been a tad easier if they had common names but alas they don't :( Can you enlighten me on the name choices?

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Review #2, by Mrs Sirius BlackDevlin Potter: Convergence Riddles: Kidnapping Convergence

10th October 2014:
Great chapter!

I have a feeling that the killing curse is aimed at Felix and not Devlin. I do hope I am right.

Author's Response: Whoa...did you just review my story without a swap or anything? :D :D :D :D :D Oh Merlin, you made my day! :D :D :D Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by Mrs Sirius BlackThe Never Forgotten: Chapter V

15th September 2014:
It's been a very long while since I have checked to see if you have update this story.

Today, sick in bed I felt it necessary to check if one of my favourite authors had update their story and what do you know to my great delight I found an update!

It's actually basically been a year since you brought us this chapter so hopefully the next chapter is not to far away (finger crossed).

I really enjoyed this chapter as we see everything unravelling, finally the truth and secrets are being revealed.

I hope this story will be finished eventually, even if you uploaded it in draft.

Thank you again for taking the time to bring us this chapter.


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Review #4, by Mrs Sirius BlackInnocent: An Offer Of Assistance

7th October 2013:
Glad to see you are back!

Great chapter.. I hope it doesn't take too long to find Marlene!

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Review #5, by Mrs Sirius BlackInnocent: A Forgotten Favour

1st April 2013:
I think I may need to re read this chapter once hpff April fools joke is over... I thought I was going mad reading about bananas, puppies, eyebrows etc

Author's Response: Haha, probably not a bad idea... should have known a story featuring Sirius would be subject to a prank... :P
Thank you for the review!

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Review #6, by Mrs Sirius BlackInnocent: Moony And Padfoot

4th February 2013:
I really love how the reunion went with Sirius and Remus, I broke out in a smile several times as I read this chapter. It's interesting to see kreacher protecting Sirius as this sort of relationship isn't something I've seen before. Looking forward to your next update :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing them together again. :)
I think Kreacher and Sirius have come a long way since the start of this story - they still annoy each other, of course, but they'll help each other (and Harry) when it counts.
The next update will be on Wednesday. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #7, by Mrs Sirius BlackInnocent: The Boy Who Disappeared

24th January 2013:
Love how you made a background story to how the octopus got in the lake! Another great chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you - I had fun writing that part, and it was just something I could see happening! :D
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #8, by Mrs Sirius BlackInnocent: Escape From Privet Drive

23rd January 2013:
Another great chapter! Character's are well written :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :D Sirius came pretty easily after "White Flags" but I struggled with Harry and the Dursleys, so I'm glad you like them! :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #9, by Mrs Sirius BlackInnocent: The Prisoner

23rd January 2013:
I really enjoyed this chapter. You write really well. I haven't read a fanfic in so long because I haven't been able to find someone that writes well and can keep me interested with their story line. Looking forward to reading more of this story :)

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! :D It can be hard sometimes, but this archive is generally good because the chapters have to be validated first. :) Hopefully you stay interested! :D
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #10, by Mrs Sirius BlackHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 27: CARCEL

7th November 2012:

Sorry I've disappeared, life has been a bit hectic but I still have been reading. This chapter was really good... Finally finding out where ginny was and I was really anticipating the next chapter as Ginny getting reacquainted with George would be interesting to say the least.

I'm so upset that you have abandoned this story for nowdo I'll make a suggestion for site that pretty much let's the author do there thing.. It's fanfiction[dot]net

Hopefully I can read on from there :)

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Review #11, by Mrs Sirius BlackUnintended Consequences: Epilogue

2nd July 2012:
I really enjoyed this story and apologize for not reviewing the other chapters.. I couldn't help it.. It was too good I wanted to read write through without interruptions..

The story is well written and I love how some of my dearly loved characters don't die in this final battle. You are very talented and I'll be reading this story again sometime in the future and I promise I'll review more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I agonized over the final battle, but I couldn't kill some of my favs :)

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Review #12, by Mrs Sirius BlackOne Generation to the Next: Weirdness

2nd July 2012:
Great story so far, despite the inconsistencies with some smaller details..

The characters personalities a little off in my opinion but your doing a great job.. The length of the chapters are good..

Oh.. by the way instead of using remove you could have used finite incantatem.. Which is the spell to remove or terminate previous spell effects :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your opinions. I'm knew to writing fan fictions and not sure about some stuff. I'll try to do better. Thanks for your review!

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Review #13, by Mrs Sirius BlackLove and War: James the Professional Creeper

26th June 2012:
Great story!! Love the shlongbottom comment.. Although feels like the chapters are way too short, maybe consider combining two chapters into one.
I like how Sirius is falling for maylea.. It's going to be interesting to watch as she is clearly not interested in him.

Author's Response: I know!! They're so short!! Waah!! DX But they get SO much longer. I think I might combine chapters a little later but for now my chapters just keep getting longer and longer!!
Keep reading please!! :)

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Review #14, by Mrs Sirius BlackHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 4: LIGHTíS OUT

14th June 2012:
I like how this chapter helped to explain how and why Arthur is on the dark side..

your bring Harry back to life? nice move

Author's Response: Yes. what a father would do for his daughter...

Writing the world of Harry without him was actually quite refreshing. it gave me much freedom to do with the characters, made them stronger because there was no Harry to rely on. yet at the end of the day, the magical world just isn't right without him :P

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Review #15, by Mrs Sirius BlackHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 3: WEASLEYS IN TROUBLE

14th June 2012:
Luna watching over Harry's Tomb... hmm what have you got installed...

I like how confident Ron is now, his leading a group.. usually it's Harry.

Author's Response: What I have in mind is a doozy :)

Thanks so much for liking what I am doing with Ron. Glad to hear from you again

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Review #16, by Mrs Sirius BlackS.S. Memoirs: Parselmouth: Chapter 3

18th May 2012:
Salazar went through a lot this chapter losing all his family to muggles.. i guess this can explain his hatred against muggles in the future..

Glad you updated.. i always keep an eye out to see if there is a new chapter!

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Review #17, by Mrs Sirius BlackHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 2.3 SUFFERINGS IN HOGWARTS

30th April 2012:
Your just as evil as voldy himself leaving the chapter like you did! I wish the chapters were a little longer... just doesn't feel like enough!

I'm keen to know why luna and her father are digging up Harry's grave. I guess i'll find out eventually!

Author's Response: :)

the chapter is a little bit short because I had to submit Chapter two in three parts to find out which portion fails validation (they weren't really that specific)

Anyway, Chaoter three will be longer and the mystery of Luna and her father's digging of Harry's grave will slowly unravel :)

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Review #18, by Mrs Sirius BlackHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 2.2 THE FORMER BULLY

20th April 2012:
When i read "Dudley was sleeping soundly in a queen-size bed in Malfoy Mansion" i was like WHAT! Who would of thought that he would end up being safe and sound..

Author's Response: Yup. Dudley is safe and sound for now...that is as long as he plays his part well with Draco Malfoy :)

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Review #19, by Mrs Sirius BlackS.S. Memoirs: Parselmouth: Chapter 2

18th April 2012:
Good chapter wish it was a little longer considering the wait.

I like how we see the present and also the past in each chapter.

I hope to be reading the next chapter soon.

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Review #20, by Mrs Sirius BlackHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 2.1 LEFT BEHIND

17th April 2012:
I sort of feel sorry for them, but then again they did mistreat Harry. I wonder about the fate of Dudley..

Why are they giving such a hard time with the validation of this story?

Author's Response: Dudley's fate will be revealed if Chapter 2.2 is accepted by the validators.

I guess they want me to remove the 'slavery' part of the story but I can't fully do that since the main theme is the death eaters has won. they are in full control. it would be out of characters for death eaters not to subjugate those who opposed them

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Review #21, by Mrs Sirius BlackHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 1: A SHADE OF GREY

21st March 2012:
I like the idea of the Lovegoods playing a big role in bring Harry back.. I've always found Luna very mysterious and interesting... Im keen to know where Hermione and Ron are at..

Author's Response: Thanks and great to hear from you again. The lovegoods especially Luna will play a fivotal role in this story.

Sorry about chapter two taking a long time coming. i'm having a hardtime getting it passed the validators due to my 'dark' theme. thrice it has been rejected and i am already on the verge of having my account cancelled.

anyway, hopefully i finally get it approved. Again sorry for the delay

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Review #22, by Mrs Sirius BlackHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: PROLOGUE: THE FINAL BATTLE

8th March 2012:
Oh i don't know how a feel about Harry dying :(

Author's Response: Long time no hear, Mrs. Sirius Black. It is good to hear from you again. I know, it sucks for Harry and yehey for Voldemorts.

Stay tune to find out if those left behind can cope up with their lost

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Review #23, by Mrs Sirius BlackPurgatory : Cursed

20th November 2011:
An interesting beginning.. looking forward to reading the rest.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you like it. :)

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Review #24, by Mrs Sirius BlackThe Guardians: Confrontations and Reunions

16th November 2011:
They would be Sirius' Eyes?

Author's Response: yes, they are! :)

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Review #25, by Mrs Sirius BlackLion, Eagle, Badger, Snake: Cannons

10th November 2011:
Either Matt is really good or there's no Slytherins above 3rd yr :P

Author's Response: A little bit of both. As you will find out in the next chapter...!

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