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Review #1, by _hedwig_Welcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyone – Mates.

15th October 2011:
Wonderful. Just--I loved this.

So much.

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Review #2, by _hedwig_Speaking in Rainbow: Oompa-Loompa Orange

21st September 2011:
(Is this a bad time to mention that I love emotionally messed up guys?)

I love this group. It's so crazy.

Fred is my favorite.

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Review #3, by _hedwig_Breathless: Ten Million Fireflies.

6th September 2011:
Seriously, you're reducing me to fits of hyperventilation and giggles whenever you write this story. It's my favorite, along with WTTC.

(It has nothing to do with Albus. PSH.)

You realize I totally fist-pumped the air when she said that she loved him, right? Like a legitimate fist pump into the air.

Your writing is just so beautiful.

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Review #4, by _hedwig_Pretty Boy: Target

4th June 2011:
okay, but did anyone else picture the end perfectly in their minds?

you're an excellent writer for doing that to me. the whole two-fingered salute was playing like a movie in my head!

i'm very proud of what i'm about to do. i'm going to copy this, and if it gets lost in translation i'm just going to paste it in another review! whoo hoo! that way, i won't lose it.

i love aisha! how do you pronounce her name?! aye-ee-sh-ah? aye-shah? gahh! i want to know!

she seems so nice and kind of tough, too. she's not going to be an easy catch, and that's good because louis needs to get off his high horse.

best line: “Louis? Don’t know him, sorry. He sounds French. Maybe you should go to France.”

that whole interaction was hilarious. amanda is going to be a COMPLICATION. i can tell.

scorpius! no! don't succumb to peer pressuree! poor rose...i feel so bad for her. he's being a jerkface.


i'm so glad you're going to have a spree! woot!!

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Review #5, by _hedwig_Unhinged: Silenced

31st May 2011:

Okay, I have to admit, I was a little thrown off there.

It's not improbable, though! I actually believe in Dom/Scorpius.


Just putting that out there. They'll NEVER grow up.

All in all, this chapter was hilarious. I love this story!

Author's Response: indeed. i went for full-on cliffhanger in this one ;)

to me, all NextGen 'ships could be pulled off fairly believably, so Dom/Scorpius is a distinct possibility with me, as is ScoRose (wow, that's a strange 'ship nickname o.O). so i'm glad it took you by surprise, and you don't immediately hate it! that's always a worry with surprise moments :'D

ADULT!HARRY is such a babe. i wasn't originally planning for him to have anything close to a big part in this story, but i love him so much - well, him and Draco's bickering - is just so much fun! and Ron and Draco will have a reckoning at some point, i think ;)

i'm glad you enjoy it, and thank you for reviewing! ^^

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Review #6, by _hedwig_The Confectionary: we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

25th May 2011:
Hahaha, I don't know if that was supposed to be satirical, but the "no one else matters except me and my friends" thing killed me.

I'm so glad you're updating more! You have an extraordinary sense of humour, I love it! Reading this is a nice change from the typical, "I love him, he falls in love with me after such and such happens..."

It's refreshing! Unless you so choose to go down that rabbit hole...

Then whatever. I'd still love it anyway :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad it did! Seems to have been a popular line, at least as far as 12+ lines go.

And thank you so much! I fear sometimes that my sense of humor is too dark to apply to this genre, but happily Izzy and her friends are crazy enough that I always manage to entertain myself. From there I can only hope that I entertain you guys as well. I like to think that this is not your typical Albus/OC story, but it's up to you to judge, if you want.

Thanks so much for such a nice review!

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Review #7, by _hedwig_Side Effects: This Is Not My Fault.

24th May 2011:

I left you a giant review with comments on your writing style and such...BUT NOW IT'S GONE.

Why does Hugo feel attracted to Zara? Why not Ilana, the obviously better candidate? What blood status are the Saxtons? WHY IS LILY SO AWESOME? :)

Those were my main questions...ah, well, unless I can hop in my TARDIS and go back in time, my awesome review is gone forever.

Sad face.

Author's Response: haha it's okay -- if you ever remember, i'll be waitinggg ;)

i have no idea. still no clue. haven't quite decided yet. because she's lily, durr ;)

yeah, we're just sort of going with it here. neither of us know what's happening or what's going to happen next (hell, we might even turn this into a cliche parody).

i miss your awesome review. or the prospect of getting it.

sad face.

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Review #8, by _hedwig_Side Effects: Meet My New Friends: Revenge, Boredom and Madame Pompfrey

24th May 2011:
Bahahah! I love the "family" they have going on. I may have missed it, but how did they meet? How come she knows everyone? After all, it must be something big for the ENTIRE Weasley/Potter clan to love Ilana. I'm not being's a huge family! There's bound to be SOMEONE who doesn't like them...but maybe that's just my thinking. I really really really like this...I'm glad you're having fun writing it!

Author's Response: I'm not too sure myself..
You see, Saval and I don't have a clue what the other is going to write next so this story just kind of.. happens. THAT'S WHY IT'S SO FUN.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by _hedwig_Pure Poetry: My Charlie

23rd May 2011:
I did enjoy it! I've been behind in reading your stories, I need to catch up! You're one of my favorite authors...this reminded me of how much I love your work! The Fred reference killed me, I must admit.

This girl is extremely lucky, working with someone as awesome as Charlie Weasley. (His name just slips off your tongue, don't you think? Char-lee Weas-lee. He has my favorite name out of all the Weasleys)

Off to catch up :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this one-shot. :D
You really do flatter me - I am really grinning like a loon right now.
You're the only one so far to mention the Fred reference - I always want to cry a little when I write about him; the twins always did make me smile when I read about them.
I can totally relate to that, except throw my emotions in with a dash of jealousy! I would love to work with Charlie Weasley. And I do agree with that - he has the best name. Ever. :)
Thank you again! I hope that you like what you read next, if you still decide to, of course.

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Review #10, by _hedwig_Find Your Love: Please Tell Me You didn’t Just Say What I Think You Just Said

22nd May 2011:
"Healing School, Weasley" should be on the banner. It makes me smile every time.



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Review #11, by _hedwig_The Pitch: The Pitch

21st May 2011:
That was breathtaking. I always loved Fred, he was my favorite twin and I was sorry to see him go. This was a nice change from the angst George-centric fics circulating around. It was a story about moving on...I liked that :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) I figured George wasn't going to be the only one having a hard time. I'm very glad you liked it! I wish she hadn't split up the twins, but it was a very effectively powerful death. Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by _hedwig_Clair de Lune: Encounter

19th May 2011:
I like this now.

She's pretty amazing, Luna. I think you've actually got an interesting angle going for you there :)

I hope you update soon!

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Review #13, by _hedwig_Where I Want To Be: Where I Want To Be

15th May 2011:
Sweet. That was adorable...I love Teddy and Victoire.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #14, by _hedwig_Operation: Speak Now: Case 3

15th May 2011:
Lily is stupid. I don't like her.

Well, I do, but...

I don't like the way she treats James! BLAH.

I do hate Lucy, though. I really do. She's too overbearing and high-matinence. She and James just don't fit.

I love James for trying to get over Lily, though!

(Good luck, son.)

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Review #15, by _hedwig_Patchwork: Skeletal

12th May 2011:
Who's the actress on the banner? I like her.

This was so funny :) Nice play on words!

Author's Response: It's Frida Gustavsson, a 17 year old sweedish model. :) She is my favourite model. :)

Glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thanks for the review.

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Review #16, by _hedwig_Side Effects: What Have You Done To Me?

12th May 2011:
That was the weirdest (read: epic) introduction EVER.


I can't wait for this!

Author's Response: telll me about it.
i don't even know where all that weirdness came from. psh.
thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by _hedwig_Welcome to the Chase: chapter.nineteen - Catch.

11th May 2011:
Insert. Epic. "Aww!"

That was adowabwle. Ariadne's such a sweetheart.

And, I think I learned a lot about you through this piece, so yeah. I'm ninja and I look for hidden meaning about the writer when I read.

Aww yeah.

"Merlin, I love this boy so much it actually hurts."

Best. Line. Ever.

Super sweet. Shows how much she really cares about him!

Teehee. So cute.


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Review #18, by _hedwig_Patchwork: Accidental

8th May 2011:
Okay, first of all, awesome.

A Louis/OC! And an original one, at that! I like :)

So, yeah. I had to look up eczema because I forgot what it was for a second, but once I did, wow. How did she lose it? Please explain.

By the way, your writing makes sense to me :)

Maybe we're both insane.

Author's Response: Hahah! I'm glad it makes sense to you. I am insane. :)

Basically, with moisturizing and good hygiene, and possibly steroid creams they can fade away. So, I assume Patch moisturizes her skin, because she has dry skin, and that eventually meant it faded away. Eczema is quite temperamental, it can go away by itself.

Thanks for the review, glad you like it. :)

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Review #19, by _hedwig_Breathless: Rainbows and Sunshine Unicorns.

28th April 2011:

The love, the love.THE LOVE.


So glad she finally admitted it.

Now, all we need is for Albus to man up...

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Review #20, by _hedwig_Life Throws a Punch: Anchor, Just Drag Me Down Before I Take The Dive

27th April 2011:
"How Remus was a rat. . ."

Epic fail.


Everyone makes mistakes, and I LOVE this, so I was able to look past the Remus/Peter slip up.

Author's Response: i fixed it i promise!
it just needs to go through validation or something.
i didn't proofread cause i was excited. i dont really know what i was thinking but i'm guessing that at first i was gonna talk about remus and then halfway through decided to talk about peter instead haha.

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Review #21, by _hedwig_Breathless: We Are Both Moronic Morons.

18th April 2011:


This is what you do to me, Saval.


You reduce me to a giggling little girl in a matter of minutes.

I was in the middle of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I thought, "Hey! Why don't I check on Breathless?" and then a new chapter was up and I had to PAUSE Buffy (gasp!) to read it, and then I had to STOP reading because I was about to explode from all the amazing fluff.

You are the reason why I can't finish Season 1.


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Review #22, by _hedwig_Poison & Wine: The Nicest Thing

16th April 2011:
How come you know exactly how to get me to read your chapter?!

The Nicest Thing?! HECK YES!

I didn't like this chapter, though.

I don't like Mark very much.

(Read: I don't like him at all.)

Please bring Harry back!! I know it's been one chapter, but still!


Author's Response: aww you don't like Mark :(
that's okay, i'll give you a secret: no one will like him in a few chapters but shhh don't tell!
haha thanks for your review!!!

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Review #23, by _hedwig_Catch Me.: Catch Me.

13th April 2011:
Um...finally! It's alive!


I love this! I think I like this better than Fall For Me in her point of view! It's amazing!

I love it!

You are fantastic.
Remember that.

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Review #24, by _hedwig_Ranny: Robin Hood

8th April 2011:
I LOVE Just Impolite! It's a great song :)

I love this! Most OCs don't get well-developed in one-shots, but I could really picture Ranny! This was amazing!

If I'm not mistaken, you're turning this into a novel?

If you are...YES!

Author's Response: I'm so glad someone else knows that song! :D I love it too!
Thank you so much! I'm over the moon that you feel that way! I love writing Ranny; she's just so innocent! :L
And yes, I am! :D
I actually wrote chapter 21 yesterday (gawd it's getting hard work :L) a couple more to go I think. I'm not too sure! it's probably the most different story that I've ever wrote; Ranny is a little childish at times, because everything she relates to is from a fairytale, so that was difficult sometimes. But I hope that you enjoy it! I shall be posting it soon!
Thank you again for the review!

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Review #25, by _hedwig_The Confectionary: one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

7th April 2011:

This is really well-written! I love it so far!


Yeah. This is what happens to me when I read Al/OC's. I can't even leave a decent review.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! And OOH A SABRINA. I've loved that name for ages and never had a character to give it to, so I'm glad you're happy! Teehee, incoherency is expected and welcomed at the wonder that is the entire Albus/OC scene at HPFF. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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