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Review #1, by earthquakeStill Delicate: Awkward.

25th September 2011:
Oh my merlin you are fantastic at writing! Now that I've got that said, I am completely adoring your relatively new character Tom, or the new relationship he's found in Rose more like. He's an interesting guy and he seems to get on with her quite well in that match off sort of way. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely supporting a Rose/Scorpius endgame but with only 5 or 6 chapters left I feel like it might not happen. Which makes me sad...they're kind of my new gen otp. But with all the issues they have with themselves as a couple and with the other people in their lives it just seems so mixed up and wrong right now. I do love how you put in Percy this chapter, I know he can be a pompous butt sometimes but he wouldn't have been a Gryffindor if he didn't have loyalty and a heart for his family so I like that you made him into more than the one dimensional "workworkwork over family and what's right". Hm, I definitely love Lily/Lysander and their triangle before with Lorcan, I've always been a big Scamander twin/Wotter girl fan. I'm excited for James to be back, he's lovely and fun as well. And so yes. I don't know if this is the right sort of review, I honestly haven't done one in ages and ages so sorry if it was dull or unhelpful..but I really love your style of writing, it's so hard to find a great writer who has an amazing story as well sometimes. Sometimes I kind of wish your stories were in book form so I wouldn't have to wait for the next chapter to come out but we all need a little suspension in life, don't we? (: Keep up the good work!

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Review #2, by earthquakeStill Delicate: Cry And Cry Again

12th May 2010:
I do love your writing, and following this story, but Ive been contemplating whether or not to keep reading this story because its just so depressing now. I dont know. But your a good writer, keep it up. :)

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Review #3, by earthquakeOver The Anvil: Dark Clouds

2nd May 2010:
Absolutely fantastic. Your writing is always on the spot, I very much enjoy reading all of your stories. I even teared a bit towards the middle of this chapter, you nailed the sad bits very well.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! This review really made me smile. I'm glad you like my writing :)

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