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Review #1, by 203luvspinkPretty Boy: Survival of the Fittest

4th April 2011:
Hahahaha.! That chapter was great.
"Bloody hell, if Rose wasn't my cousin, I would make her my girlfriend." I love Louis! and Al. And Rose. And this story.
Anyways,, it was great, and I can't wait until you update:)

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Review #2, by 203luvspinkPretty Boy: Juice-y

4th April 2011:
Yay! you're doing a Louis story. Louis and Al are my all time favs so... yeah I'm thinking I'm really going to enjoy this story. :)


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Review #3, by 203luvspinkBreathless: This Could Not Get Any Worse.

12th February 2011:
Hey so that was totally AWESOME. lol. I love love love Adele and Al. SO CUTE. Umm and yeah they are probably my favorite of all of your couples. (Although I do love Ariadne and Al.hmm maybe I'm just in love with Al??? I mean don't get me wrong James is very nice and all , but Al is just so Logan Lermany. It kind of hard not to love him. MOVING ON!)

Anyways, I love all of your banners and chapter images, and I was wondering what you used to make them. They are always pretty.


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Review #4, by 203luvspinkHugo Colours the World: Crazed Cousins, Miffed Muggles, and Sassy Sisters

31st January 2011:
I just have to say that so far I really like his story, and I especially like how Skins-like it is, haha. Ummm i also looovee that the Freddie and Effy actors are the characters together in this

Author's Response: I am always happy to find someone who loves Skins as well. Thanks for your review!

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Review #5, by 203luvspinkHappy Endings: Now Why would you Accuse me of That?

19th August 2010:
Oh my gosh! This story is so adorable! So I definitely love the Willa/Scorpious/Al friendship. I think it's so cute how protective of her they are. I also love the Willa/Lysander relationship, but I think that Al really needs to find someone to love! Hopefully in the sequel?

I can't wait until the sequel!

10/10 on all chapters

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. I'm so glad that you liked this, and that you like the relationships. They are rather protective aren't they? :P

I'm afraid that the reason that I was updating was to say that I don't have time to complete the sequel, I have ten chapters written, but I just don't have time to complete the rest, plus I can use the story line for another story that is slightly better :)

I'm glad that you enjoyed this story, and that you were looking forward to the sequel, sorry about that. If it helps at all, Albus does find someone to love, as does Lorcan. Thank you again for the review!

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Review #6, by 203luvspinkNo Solid Ground: People Are Puppets Held Together With String

16th August 2010:
Heyy, so this story is quite possibly my favorite story in this whole site! The plot is so much more complex than any other fanfiction I have ever read. I've read this story about three times while I wait for you to update lol.

My favorite character is Al, and I love the sort of love triangle between James, Cassie, and Al! I can't wait to see how that plays out. Please, please, please bring Al back soon! I miss him :(

This is by far my favorite story, and I can't wait until you update!


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Review #7, by 203luvspinkLadylike.: Of Hospital Wings and Impatience.

12th July 2010:
Great Chapter!(:
I love love love that James and Fred are best friends again! lol! I don't know how much more of them hating each other I could have taken! I realy hope that Dom ends up with Lorcan in the end! I don't know why but i never really warmed up to Holden. I've always just liked Lorcan better.(:

The sequel looks AMAZING!! And now that you're finished writing hopefully you will update soon?

I love this story! 10/10

Author's Response: A lot of people feel that way, and I understand perfectly. However, a lot of people are fond of Holden, too. It's 50/50. Who knows who Dom is going to end up with in the end? /evil laugh.

Thank you so much for your review. :)

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Review #8, by 203luvspinkBetting on the Heart: Back to Old Ways

13th April 2010:
Oh My Gosh! I am like obsessed with this story! I love it! (: haha Pleasssee update sonn! (:

Author's Response: ahah thanks! I just got rejected but the new chapt will be up soon!!

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Review #9, by 203luvspinkGold: Prologue: Waking Up A Bit Too Soon

26th March 2010:
I decided to read this story because I'm reading your other one and while reading one of your reviews I saw that you mentioned that you are writing another one.(:
This one looks like it is going to be really good too!
When are you going to update?
I can't wait!

Author's Response: Hey again! You have no idea how much this review made me grin. It's probably one of my favourite reviews so far! :D I'm so glad MftH encouraged you read this one!

Both the stories are at the same point right now - I'm waiting to get them back from my beta. As soon as I get this chapter back, I'll update. I hope you like the next chapter!

Thank you so much the sweet, lovely review! :D

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