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Review #1, by HarryGinny05The Return: A Daydream

8th March 2012:
Hey, nicE one. Good question at the end :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I hope it's got you thinking and maybe gives you a bit of insight to the storyline.

Next chapter won't be up for a while though.

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Review #2, by HarryGinny05Unintended Consequences: Chapter 15- Dragons, Brothers, & Ferrets

8th February 2012:
Nice story so far. keep it up: )

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #3, by HarryGinny05The Unguarded Moment: The Unguarded Moment

20th December 2011:
Well done!!! I am just disappointed that this is just a one chapter thing

Author's Response: I am glad to hear you are keen for another chapter! Unfortunately, I intended to only write a one off and I haven't had any new ideas recently so I couldn't add to it. However, this will not (hopefully) be the last time I will attempt a James/Lily.

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Review #4, by HarryGinny05The Flaming Lies of Fairytales: The Flaming Lies of Fairytales

20th May 2011:
brilliant! bloody brilliant!

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Review #5, by HarryGinny05Beyond, What We Know: Reunions

4th April 2011:
bravo. A very good chapter. you made me teary eyed :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad it had that effect, that was the idea, sadness, joy and relief all in one :)

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Review #6, by HarryGinny05Not Your Normal Love Story: Chapter 20: Goodbye, Hogwarts

14th March 2011:
Great feel good story. A different take on how Lily and James usually gets together but great!

Thanks for a nice read

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Review #7, by HarryGinny05Love in the Past: Prologue

22nd September 2010:
intriguing... and a good start

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Review #8, by HarryGinny05The Godfather: Prologue

1st July 2010:
Sad but nice beginning. I am curious where this story goes. Keep it up.

Author's Response: thanks. :)

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Review #9, by HarryGinny05Grace: The End

4th June 2010:
nice story! i enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Thanks! Try reading some of my others. :)

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Review #10, by HarryGinny05A Second Prophecy: Godric's Hollow

21st April 2010:
Nice story so far. You got Ron's personality to perfection

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Review #11, by HarryGinny05Things Don't Get Much Better Than This: Scarred For Life

31st March 2010:
good chapter! by the way, wasnt the necklace supposed to be a secret? ginny just ranted it out to bill.

Author's Response: yeah it was. im not quite sure my thinking beind that. thanks tho :)

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Review #12, by HarryGinny05Things Don't Get Much Better Than This: I Miss You

31st March 2010:
did ginny just apparated into hogwart's ground? anyway, you got ron's character perfectly.

Author's Response: kinda. and thanks :)

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Review #13, by HarryGinny05Things Don't Get Much Better Than This: Alone

31st March 2010:
good start. though i doubt the trio would have time to date once they start going after voldemort.

Author's Response: true, true. :)

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Review #14, by HarryGinny05A New Beginning: Chapter 2- Midnight Trips

31st March 2010:
good chapter! thougb ginny could have been fiery and just kissed harry.

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