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Review #1, by blahha13Connecting Messages: The Burden Called Petunia

13th July 2005:
How many times has this story been deleted already? Please don't have continuation doubts, i want to figure out how it all ends. Good to have you back.

Author's Response: 3 or 4. Thanks I'll update soon

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Review #2, by blahha13Five Golden Rules: Five Simple Rules

13th July 2005:
'Bout time you got back. ^_^ Just as good the second time around.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #3, by blahha13Dudley's Horrible Day: From Bad to Worse to Great

27th March 2005:
Good story. Very funny. Write another one please.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. You are the first person to review. The other one is a friend. I promise I will write another one. Thanks again.

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Review #4, by blahha13Legacy of the Bloodline: Traitors

15th March 2005:
What an ass! Harry should have killed him when he had the chance.

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Review #5, by blahha13The Face-Off: The Face-Off

9th March 2005:
....... i dont have a clue wat to say to that. It was funny tho.

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Review #6, by blahha13Legacy of the Bloodline: Dark Powers

22nd February 2005:
Awsome. What is the deal with those books?

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Review #7, by blahha13Legacy of the Bloodline: Choices

21st February 2005:
Hey Richard. Awesome job with this story. No offence to your other story, but this one is much better written. What is the deal with that voice? I think it may be like a... echo type thing og Griniwald (sorry about screwing the name up so bad). Like when Harry got his memories in the last story he also got part of his spirit.

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Review #8, by blahha13The Dark Veil of Hatred: A New Future?

20th February 2005:
Holy crap! Nice, end your story with a cliff hanger. You have me hooked! I'm going to read the sequal right now.

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Review #9, by blahha13Faces of the Enemy: Faces of the Enemy

18th February 2005:
Very interesting and sad story. Exellent job on it though.

Author's Response: >> Thanks! I certainly appreciate your review and comments on my story.

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Review #10, by blahha13A New Life: To Malfoy Manor we shall go

3rd February 2005:
Awsome! U have to update! Please, I'm begging you to finish the story!

Author's Response: don't worry about me not finishing it. I am very busy with chapter 19. But RL is getting in the way. So i had almost no time to finish it. ChaosDream

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Review #11, by blahha13Murders at Hogwarts: Murders at Hogwarts

28th January 2005:
Awsome! bout time someone put harry in his place^_^. Just kill Ron for me and post that one please!

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Review #12, by blahha13The Dark Veil of Hatred: Harbinger of Destruction

23rd January 2005:
Hey, I know you don't usualy answer these (I'm not even sure if you look at them), but could you please tell me what a heliopath is? Thank you.

Author's Response: Heliopaths: Galloping fire spirits that are claimed to be apart of Cornelius Fudge's personal army. Mentioned in the Hog's Head by Luna Lovegood during Order of the Phoenix.

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Review #13, by blahha13The Dark Veil of Hatred: Brewing Hatred

21st January 2005:
Frightenning turn. Very well written chapter.

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Review #14, by blahha13Forever, Always: The Letter

13th January 2005:
Nice story. A little short, but still really good.

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Review #15, by blahha13Stalking Severus: Good Relationship Gone Bad?

12th January 2005:
Shorter more often chapters sounds good. ^_^ bout time u updated too. Great chapter. I'm looking forward to the next.

Author's Response: Mmk. Oh thanx! Look at our scedual! very frickin busy and stoopid exams! I am alredy working on it, should be up soon. Gabbit

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Review #16, by blahha13The Dark Veil of Hatred: The Dream

6th January 2005:
Cool story so far, i look forward to reading the rest of it.

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Review #17, by blahha13Stuck: Same Place, Different Time: Making Friends and Conteplating Feelings

28th December 2004:
Great story so far! It was about time u updated tho ^_^. This may be a stupid question, but wat exactly is a veela? Who is Nakita Lupin anyway? Please update again soon!

Author's Response: Thanks. Yeah, yeah, yea, Its not my fault that my internet was down! OMG YOU NEED TO READ BOOK FOUR AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will see...... I will try to soon. Gabbit

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Review #18, by blahha13Pairing Up: Pairing Up

9th December 2004:
Great story! Very funny. You have got to update soon!

Author's Response: yay thank you!!

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Review #19, by blahha13Defeating Voldie: Defeating Voldie

4th December 2004:
y do u keep doing those stupid assumptions? good story tho.

Author's Response: the assumptions are not stupid!! *cries*

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Review #20, by blahha13The Golden Trio Reads Fanfiction: The Golden Trio Reads Fanfiction

4th December 2004:
Nice story! very funny. Keep up the good writeing!

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Review #21, by blahha13Defeating Pottie: Defeating Pottie

4th December 2004:
lol! very interesting. You should write more of these kind of fics.

Author's Response: i wanna

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Review #22, by blahha13Stalking Severus: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

3rd December 2004:
lmao! this was so funny! wat is the deal with the here is now fish thingy? O well, this entire fic is hilarious! u need to update it soon! just like your other one!

Author's Response: lol, thanks. fish = here, bob was confused and she confused me and some others in a chat room, and then she was finally like "FINE! FISH IS HERE NOW!" and so now fish = here. i kno, i kno. i havent updated the other one in like 3 weeks. i really shuld do that.... hmm... ok bye, gabbit

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Review #23, by blahha13Stuck: Same Place, Different Time: Unfortunate Surprises

25th November 2004:
Great chapter! That was a good way to explian that weird book. I bet I kno who it was she say. Update as soon as you can please!

Author's Response: Thankies, i already have wrote sum for the next chapter. Thanx, i like the book. U do, do u? Or do u? Ok, will do! Gabbit

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Review #24, by blahha13Harry Potter and the Free-For-All: Chapter Five: Glasses

21st November 2004:
very good and very funny. u should do more of these. make it a bit longer next time. great story idea and interesting thought with Neo and his sunglasses.

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Review #25, by blahha13Stuck: Same Place, Different Time: The Night Before (Prologue)

7th November 2004:
Please update soon!

Author's Response: Ok, will do! Thankies for reviewing

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