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Review #1, by thechosenSober: I'm Still Breathing

23rd May 2010:
you might have broken down lisening to the song but i broke sown like a complete sap reading this

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Review #2, by thechosenHarryPotter~Love Me Forever~: HarryPotter~Love Me Forever~:1

23rd May 2010:
i saw the youtube vid for this and thought id give this a go as it looked amazing.It would make a great story if it was finished or if it followed the REAL plot of the deathly hollows as it is how its described

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Review #3, by thechosenHogwarts Sanitarium: Connections

23rd April 2010:
when are you gonna update again this story is awesome

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Review #4, by thechosenLife Dosen't Stop for Death: We did it, we bashed them, wee Potterís the one...: Did we really just have that conversation

8th April 2010:
GO GINNY!!!lol i love the part right at the end coz you can tell that she has a nasty temper all her bros are frightened of her!!!

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Review #5, by thechosenThe mystery about the missing pie.: In which they look for clues.

8th April 2010:
WTH?lmfao where the hell did you get the inspration for this story?

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Review #6, by thechosenWhat If: Get Out!

4th April 2010:
i would be your beta but i have never been a beta before so i have no idea how to send stuff to you and so on.Anyway i like all the quidditch stuff in harry's room and the idea of lily and james being put in a coma instead of being killed

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Review #7, by thechosenOn the Edge: Procedure

28th March 2010:
only three words id like to tell you "FINISH THE BOOK" i wanna know how harry reacts to his parents!

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Review #8, by thechosenKidnapped: Joining of the Forces(Part One)

25th March 2010:
Please start writing chapters again!!!This is a really good plot!

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Review #9, by thechosenBehind Those Emerald Eyes: PROLOGUE

21st March 2010:
please finish it is sounds like a really good plot!

Author's Response: First I would like to say Thanks for REVIEWING! :) I love that you reviewed my story if I could I would give you one million dollar *Austin Powers style* lolz but I don't have it so... but I'm glad that you liked my story so far and I'm working on the next chapter, so it should be out soon. Thanks again for rewiewing :)

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Review #10, by thechosenSomething Worth Fighting For: 1 - What Was Left Behind

14th March 2010:
i think ginny might have bben the slightest bit angry though he made her thing he was dead!!!i like the ron not meaning it bit though coz everyone makes out with there best mates

Author's Response: First, thanks so much for reviewing :) i love having people's input.
Second, I know what you mean about Ginny. I guess I left out her anger because it's supposed to be that time has passed since the battle and they're just reuniting now, so she's had time to come to terms with Harry's almost-death. But yeah, I guess she probably would have been more angry :P
Thanks so much :D !

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