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Review #1, by JacenSoloFall Out of Love.: I Wish I Knew How.

21st May 2010:
Wow, great job, i really liked it, the only thing i had a problem with was who was narrating at the beginning of the story. but other than that, it was fantastic

Author's Response: The narrator through the entire story is George. I'm sorry if that confused you. I tend to do that- I'll go for half the story without introducing the narrator, but that's usually because it's not important at that time.

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Review #2, by JacenSoloEverything that changed in 1 Hour, 7 Days: 1 hour before: Fighting

17th March 2010:
Pretty interesting start to a story, i'm gonna save this as a favorite to check for updates. Good job with it.

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Review #3, by JacenSoloDear Lord Voldemort: A Letter Never Sent

13th March 2010:
Wow, this is a very touching story... I'm not really sure what else to say except great job!

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Review #4, by JacenSoloHarry Potter and the Life After Death: Figuring it out

13th March 2010:
wow man, i read all 18 chapters in 2 days!! keep up the good work! i can't wait for the next few to come out, really excited to see what happens next. The foreign exchange students are tied very closely to the plot i can tell, is it all 4 of them working in unison as death-eaters in disguise?? now THAT would be interesting.

Author's Response: No it isn't but you aren't far off. They each have their own back story which will be explained very soon. I'm sure you can work a couple of them out if you read the story closely.

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