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Review #1, by charlieeeinfinite (we swear): post life

10th September 2014:
oh, this was absolutely heartbreaking but in the best possible way. the image of james watching over harry is almost too much to bear. a few tears were shed. well done. :')

Author's Response: If they could, I can't imagine Lily and James not watching over Harry -- eee, thanks so much for the kind words!

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Review #2, by charlieeeUp For Grabs: {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

6th August 2012:
'Don't be lured by the shiny cars! They'll have pot bellies in three years!' he called as she walked away, throwing her head back and laughing. 'And I'm much better looking!' - this guy deserves a gold medal i seriously love him
AHH THIS FIC, THIS FIC. i've never read anything about parvati and padma, and i love the way that you've incorporated the wizardry into the culture. this story comes across to me as a cross between slumdog millionaire and the wedding scene from love actually (which is awesome) and i can imagine all of this happening so perfectly. i don't even know what to say, really, other than this is wonderful! amazing job :')

Author's Response: haha thank you ♥♥ and for the fab banners as well! vinod is kind of slightly based on this guy i know WITH THE SAME NAME who i massively crushed on for a very short period of time. /unnecessary information. omg love actually YOU DIDN'T!! thank you so much i love you to the moon and back :3

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Review #3, by charlieeeGone, Gone, Gone: {GONE, GONE, GONE}

6th August 2012:
wow, this broke my heart?? i've always wondered how snape found out about lily marrying james, whether quietly or in person. it almost seems more fitting that she would tell him herself even though she knew how much it would hurt him. hahaha look what you've done, i'm upset now. and overcome with emotion.
'A broken home. A lonely youth. A miserable adolescence.' this sums snape up so well. AND THE LAST TWO LINES. i can't i am dead.
for a very short fic, this packed a really big punch (mostly to the heart/chest cavity area). well done.

Author's Response: i'm actually having such a hard time believing that this story .. worked lol. DON'T BE UPSET, IT'S JUST SILLY FICTION ♥ i'm so glad you took the time to leave a review because tbh it just makes my day. tysm tysm tysm ♥

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Review #4, by charlieeeSnake Charmer: Anger, Haste

29th July 2012:
ooh meghna, this is very interesting. i know you've temporarily abandoned it but i couldn't help clicking on it, ahaha ;~; i loved the first section, snape's characterization was spot on. multi-chaptered stories very rarely hook me like this.


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Review #5, by charlieeeThe Weird Sisters: Chapter 4

14th July 2012:
'baby, ride my broomstick' oh my god, i laughed so hard at this. i feel like this is something celestina warbeck should cover.
and the 'i took away his chai'. a+.
i think i said this before but i really, really love this story. the characters fit so well together, and i can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The character's interaction is definitely fun to write, and as long as I've made people laugh, than I feel great- thanks!
Also if Celestina Warbeck did a cover of 'baby, ride my broomstick' I would die. Myron might too. :D

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Review #6, by charlieeeSlow Metabolism: Davies and Gravies

14th July 2012:
'Weasley is doing better than me in Potions. Is it drugs, you think?' hahaHA. GOD.
'well then, hello and goodbye, audrey bloom.' i literally love this line so much even though roger said it? help? i actually kind of feel bad for him, in a stupid way. poor guy doesn't know what's coming for him.
WAIT YOU'RE UNHAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE SO FAR? well ok i'm here to tell you that you don't need to be, at all, period. ok? ok.
i'm going to cry reading the last chapter, probably. i don't want it to end. i really don't.

Author's Response: I wish you'd stop. I can't take it anymore!

NOO DON'T YOU DARE FEEL BAD FOR ROGER. Though tbh so am I lol #fail. And yes I am ): This was one of the better ones because I did a lot of tweaking with respect to the writing in general. Seriously, go back to the first chapter. It is the w o r s t. But welp thanks so much you fabulous human!

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Review #7, by charlieeeSlow Metabolism: Grim and Badger

14th July 2012:
cheese, wine, and pointed noses. CRYING.
i think this chapter has the best banter between hugo and audrey yet, to be honest. grim and badger. silently weeping. the whole scene with them on the train playing exploding snap made my heart hurt.
teddy is one of my favorite characters (lol idk idk) and i loved the way you described him, oh god. and he's a writer. bless you.
you've managed to make these characters so real and believable, and i'm really going to miss this story when it's finished, i'm realizing. you're such a great writer, meghna. never stop.

Author's Response: B-but it's true!
Oh wow thanks so much ;A; i have to admit that I am mildly pleased with the whole idea of ~Grim and Badger, but nothing further lol. And if this was a movie, Teddy would have less than 5 minutes of screen time! How on earth is he your favourite?! But I appreciate it and re:last part PRINTING IT OUT AND PUTTING IT ALL OVER MY WALLS dear god ily

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Review #8, by charlieeeSlow Metabolism: Off with their Heads!

14th July 2012:
i loved the entire part with mcgonagall. oh hugo. you witty, witty soul. and this line: 'I have a party hat in my trunk somewhere,' he rationed and I glared at him.' dani = dead.

Author's Response: Profusely keysmashes.

I LOVE YOU DANI oh god. Only you could make me feel good about writing a rubbish chapter :3

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Review #9, by charlieeeSlow Metabolism: The Fat Lady

22nd April 2012:
1. bloom-weasley enterprises. weep sob choke etc
2. their friendship is just .. so perfect. i've never read fic before with this good of a dynamic. it's incredible.
3. 'that would be an awful waste of a fork, don't you think?' ahaha the sad thing is i can just picture jesse saying this oh god take me away
4. 'there's a giant slug where your heart is!'
okay well i ran out of reasons. but um, i just really love this story. i am so thrilled you put up another chapter. i'm so excited for the chapter where they spend christmas together, also. keep it up :')

Author's Response: ugh dani i swear your reviews are amazing and i laughed so loudly and my mom was looking at me so weirdly but i really don't care because sdffdjhsjkfd your comment just warms my whole soul and i promise i will update tonight

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Review #10, by charlieeeMuggle Studies: Charming Assessments

20th April 2012:
i love this story so so much. with each chapter the jokes and humor and sarcasm just keep getting better, and this is definitely one of the best stories i've ever read here. i can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you very much Charlieee! Hopefully it won't be very long till the next chapter, as I'm devoting the whole of next month to updates and stuff :D

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #11, by charlieeeThe Weird Sisters: Chapter 3

15th April 2012:
right after i read the first two paragraphs of the first chapter, i was hooked. this is hilarious, and all of the characters' different personalities really shine through (like the chai tea obsession, which made me laugh so hard). ahh, i love this story so much! i've never read anything about the weird sisters and your take on them is excellent. keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I definitely wanted to work on their individuality, so that means a lot that you'd say that!
And as for the chai tea obsession, that's a personal vice of mine. I think Barbary's addiction is worse though. :D

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Review #12, by charlieeeSlow Metabolism: Exploding Snap

11th March 2012:
wow, meghna. wow. WOW.
okay, well, i admit to only reading this story because of jesse eisenberg on the banner, but.
honestly though, this is singlehandedly the best chapter of a fanfiction that i've ever read in my life. the banter and language throughout is perfect. it's literally perfect.
i think what i like most about this though is just the truth behind the words - i think audrey is a very relatable character, at least for me. and nothing beats a mismatched relationship. my fingers are crossed for her and hugo.
sigh. i just really love this chapter. and i'm pretty sure the rest of the story will be just as excellent, if not better.

Author's Response: whatt hpff just wiped out my entire review.
ARGH thank you so much i literally died at 'best chapter of fanfiction'. the plan was to keep audrey as realistic as possible, and as far from superficial, and i hope i can keep that up till the end. argh that's so sweet, thank you sooo much again!

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Review #13, by charlieeeThe Boy Who Watches: Observations

6th November 2011:
my eyes are absolutely stinging oh my god. this is so brilliant, honestly. i love explanations about the marauders and their personalities in school but i've never been able to find stories that explain them so well. the observations of james and sirius and peter as seen through remus just seem to ring so true (especially the bits about peter. there is so much more to peter but everyone just seems to pass him off as the tag along and i'm so glad that you haven't) and you've captured the characters so, so well. james is usually just portrayed as a major flirt at hogwarts but everyone seems to forget that he changed - the entire paragraph you wrote about him is so amazing because it shows that other side. i can't even describe it in words how much i loved that paragraph, ha. but yeah. my heart breaks for remus, but that's how i picture him at hogwarts too, just the wallflower/observationist ):
'He sees him become ever more distant as the war rages on outside the sanctuary of the Hogwarts walls, sees him feel ever more insignificant in this war against evil and he is glad that he is not the only one that feels lost.' this line. THIS LINE.
your writing has stolen my heart. but that's okay because it is amazing and wonderful and everything that writing should be. :3

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks so much! Another lovely comment and you're being incredibly kind. I really enjoyed writing this because I could feel what I said Remus felt, so I guess there's a little bit of me in this story, too.
JAMES. I FREAKING LOVE HIM. And as you said, everyone thinks of him as a major flirt who gets in the way of Snape and Lily but he's always been my favourite for so many reasons but partly because he's not like that at all.

Thanks again,

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Review #14, by charlieeeThe Bluebird Bakery: Firewhiskey Cocktails

6th November 2011:
i love this story so much :3 your writing is absolutely amazing and the banter back and forth between everyone is wonderful. the way you've tied baking into everything is so unique and i really love that aspect of it. also i just want aiden and pippa to get together but i don't think that will happen, she seems far too attached to louis even despite everything. sigh. but anyways. honestly, this is an amazing story! fanfiction rarely impresses me and you've managed to go well beyond my expectations :3 keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: Hii,
Oh, thank you (: And what a compliment! I'll try to update regularly but school, life & etc. Same old, same old. Pip is an interesting character and there are a few more development points to come with her.
But if you like Next Gen and want something I might update a little more frequently, try 'The dreams of old men'. I've been planning it for a while and its my fic baby :3


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Review #15, by charlieeeNot According to Plan: New Day, New Beginning

8th August 2011:
i don't think i'll ever forgive myself for not knowing how to use the twitter ipod app correctly.
'This cliff overlooking the ocean was where I first told Hermione I loved her months ago, shortly after Ron's rude departure. The location had taken on a special meaning for both of us.' okay THIS is the part that actually made my heart explode because just to imagine all the time they spent together without ron and how much it hurt hermione to see him leave but she still had to be strong for harry even though she probably felt the same way that ron did about the horcruxes, but she just bottled all her feelings inside because it was the only thing that she could do. does that even make sense? ugh idk but that sound you just heard was me, sobbing, into my bedsheets.
i went back and read over the part where ron leaves twice because it's hard for me to process that hermione got over him leaving so quickly. but you know what? i think i like that better anyway because it's less painful. besides, now that i think about it, that makes room for flashbacks from when they were still at school. can't you just imagine them like being at the library together and hermione comforting him about being the chosen one and all alksjdlkfjasdsfkl
i will go down with this ship, titanic style~
'I love you,' I said, as simply as I could. There was no explanation necessary.' 50 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR FOR A BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY OF AFFECTION
aw but it ended so soon though ): okay
pstt. where is the harry/ginny confrontation. i cannot wait for the awkward and upset and angst and I JUST NEED ANOTHER CHAPTER OK, BECAUSE I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.
and are three loves even enough?

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Review #16, by charlieeeNot According to Plan: Bittersweet Memories

28th February 2011:
ok so four things
1. GOBLET OF FIRE. TENT SCENE. UGH. so i mean, i haven't really been a fan of harry/hermione for long, it's probably been about two weeks since i .. well obsessively started shipping them. can i just say that that is an excellent way to redo that part? sweet lord.
2. 'He kissed the top of my head and rested his head on mine.' screaming. screaminggg i tell you. not only is it entirely hard (why can i not use italics, this is unfair) to find h/hr fanfiction, it is almost harder to find ones that actually end up somewhere. as in, ~romance. not like of the hardcore kind, obviously. just like the sweet things that actually make your heart bleed. so thank you.
3. ok. okkk. second flashback. so i went back and watched parts of the sixth movie probably about two weeks ago and it just made me so incredibly upset that harry and hermione were THAT CLOSE TO EACH OTHER AND NOTHING HAPPENED. LIKE HELLO? HARRY POTTER? THERE'S A VERY ATTRACTIVE GIRL CRYING ON YOUR SHOULDER. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT. god. ain't even mad though, david yates obviously ships them in some way. (seriously the tent dance scene i watched that on youtube and GAH i mean nick cave is awesome enough right but plus harry and hermione dancing and danrad being amazing, what is this i can't take it anymore.)
4. arthur and molly. aw man. like we all forget about them in fanfiction but whenever someone writes them in it just makes me so happy. same with remus and tonks. i don't even know.
so, overall? i'd just like to thank you. because otherwise, i wouldn't like this pairing at all. and it's really quite sad because i do love them. a lot. we're at the oars of this minority boat and it's upsetting. WE NEED TO BRING OTHERS IN. or whatever.

Author's Response: Dandan, I just love you so much. I love your reviews. A lot. IRL (

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Review #17, by charlieeeNot According to Plan: Benches and Closure

30th January 2011:
oh man. the dialogue in this scene is perfect. you did such a good job with that, especially when harry was talking to ginny. however, re-reading over it now, it almost seems too good to be true; that everything's going smoothly because ginny doesn't seem to have a problem with it. i mean, i know she has neville and all, so it's less of a blow, but i think there's still a part of her that's not entirely okay with the situation. i don't even know what i'm trying to tell you with that..? um. just overall, i'm really intrigued now as to what happens next. maybe you should make the chapters longer? XD I NEED MORE, WHAT CAN I SAY.

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Review #18, by charlieeeNot According to Plan: Returning to the Burrow

23rd January 2011:
can i just say that i nearly screamed out loud when i saw this was validated? XD again, i'd also like to say that i'm a huge fan of ginny/neville and there better be more of them in later chapters because, well, yeah. :3 and i'm really excited to see where harry and hermione's relationship goes, i hardly ever read stories with harry in them XD overall, a very good introduction to the story, and even though i've already read the next chapter i can't wait to read it again. :'D

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Review #19, by charlieeeRun From The Darkness: (January 1979 to January 1980)

21st January 2011:
oh man, this chapter was just as wonderful as the last :'D

'Perhaps, more than anyone else, Remus will miss Peter.' < i have no idea why but this broke my heart :( same with when remus begins to discover that maybe he never loved jenny after all, and when she finally leaves him. their relationship was really interesting and i sort of liked how he didn't end up with a happy ending, because he just would have been tied down again. is that weird? idk. XD

i swear, you hit his characterization right on the nail. it's absolutely perfect. :D i can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yay I'm so glad you liked this too! The relationship between the other Marauders and Peter isn't explored all that often, I don't think - usually he's just portrayed as the clown, the odd one out, which he must have been to an extent, but even so I can't believe they weren't all real friends. I thought it was a slightly different on Remus and Peter's friendship, so I'm glad you liked it :)

Was it cruel of me not to give Remus a happy ending? Probably xP But it's only chapter two, there's still time yet... possibly... -looks mysterious-

Honestly, thank you so much for both your reviews, they've really got me smiling :)

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Review #20, by charlieeeRun From The Darkness: (September 1976 to September 1977)

21st January 2011:
can i just say how much i love this story? seriously. it's definitely my favorite now, oh my gosh :'D

i've never read an au concerning what would have happened if snape would have gone all the way through the tunnel to see remus change form; your take on it is so incredibly interesting, especially because i felt like i was right there in azkaban with remus that whole time. remus is my one of my favorite characters and you write him so well. the end of this chapter is so perfect, where he's stuck on this internal battle with himself, being trapped and all.

i hope that made some sense, i honestly don't have words to describe how much i love this XD i can't wait to read the next chapter later tonight!

Author's Response: I literally just posted the next chapter to this story, and only then did I realise it had two more reviews! Thank you SO much :)

I'd never written anything AU before I started this (I'm a canon fan in general) but to challenge myself I decided to give it a shot, and this is what I came up with. I considered having Remus be expelled, without actually having bitten Snape, but being rather a fan of angst, I took the biting route in the end x) I'm so glad you like the idea!

Remus is one of my favourite characters too, and a rather complex one, I think, and I was rather nervous about writing him because I was worried about getting him wrong. So actually writing him in an AU story is a bit of a cheat, really, because if he seems a bit OOC I suppose I could just claim that's how I wanted him to be xD

I'm really glad you're enjoying this story, thanks so much for reading :)

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Review #21, by charlieeeThe House on the Hill: we're watching you

16th January 2011:
i LOVE this. :') the line you have in the summary drew me in, and once i read past the second paragraph i was completely hooked. the narrative was beautiful. usually, little dialogue in a story puts me off but your style is brilliant and i really enjoyed it. the last line astoria says - 'no one mourns the wicked, darling' - i got chills. :3 awesome job! 10/10 (:

Author's Response: Thank you! Haha I'm incapable of writing summaries so all my stories ever get is a single line xP Oh that's so encouraging because I've been trying to cut down on using dialogue so I can focus on narrative and description, so I'm very glad it's working out :) Thanks so much for reading, and for the lovely review!

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Review #22, by charlieeeBeautiful Mess: Beautiful Mess

11th January 2011:
ah sarah you tricked me :'( see, from the beginning i totally thought it was going to be sort of a shmoopy love story from all the really lovely descriptive words and then no, no. well, first of all, i'm a sucker for oliver/oc. i don't even know why, but i am. XD you presented their relationship in a really short amount of time, but it felt entirely real and believable, which is not something i usually get to come across in one-shots. i also really loved it because i do have kind of a weird attraction towards dark things. i mean, i guess it's not really THAT dark, just after reading it i keep thinking of the girl going away and what that's going to do to both of them. : anyways, i'd like to say again that you've done a really excellent job with this :3 10/10! :D
- dani

Author's Response: sorry Dani!!! I'm not an author of fluffy, happy, rainbow romance stories unfortunately.I wish I was... I always have some sort of twist. I've never written Oliver/OC but I love Oliver Wood's character. I agree with you there. There's something about Oliver/OC that's attracting. I'm glad their relationship felt real from the beginning. I was worried it would seem cliche or rushed. This is probably one of my less darker stories too.. I'm glad you liked it! It's good to hear feedback from a devoted Oliver/OC reader!!!
Thanks for reviewing and reading!!

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Review #23, by charlieeeBroken Arrows: Only

11th January 2011:
to be honest, i'm a complete sucker for oliver/oc. :p this was so much different from all the other stories i've read with this pairing, and it was interesting to see him portrayed in this light. i really loved the way you presented the first seven sections, they were beautifully written. awesome job! :D

Author's Response: Thanks charlieee

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Review #24, by charlieeeSecond Chance: Wake up.

11th January 2011:
wow. i really, really like this. you've done a wonderful job. :D
i've always been a little hesitant about harry/hermione because i'm so used to hermione/ron, but the way that you wrote out their relationship, how it was almost parasitic (or at least seemed that way to me) was really amazing, especially throughout the second and fourth paragraphs. you don't examine their relationship before she took the blow of the curse for him, and that makes it even more interesting i think because it's open for interpretation, how much they shared between each other even then. does that make sense? i don't know. you've left me a little incoherent to be honest :p really, really great job. 10/10 :')

Author's Response: Hi!

Well, I've got to say, you've made my day! You made me smile so hard that my face won't be the same ever again. No, seriously, thank you so much for the lovely review!

I have the same thoughts about Harry/Hermione, I much rather canon, I'm actually quite happy with JKR's result! Anyway, this was a birthday gift for a friend of mine and she's a H/Hr fan girl so I wanted to make her happy and all, though I am not a fan of this ship, hence why Hermione is in a coma e.e

Anyway! Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm really glad you liked it! I'm about to publish a Dominic/OC fic, so maybe you could go there and see if you like what I'll write?


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Review #25, by charlieeeBroken: Broken

10th November 2010:
hm, this was very interesting! i loved the way you wrote the beginning of the story, you wrote it wonderfully. (:
i'm not usually one for a happy ending but i think it works well here, because you left it open enough for me to think that they'll probably meet like this again sometime in the future. or maybe they won't, but i think they do ok. :p
great job! 9/10 :D

Author's Response: i really struggled with the ending! i couldn't decide what to do and it probably took me 4 months to finish it. i personally like happy endings but i didn't know if this would end up like that or not.
thank you so much for your review! it really helps keep me writing! :)

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