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Review #1, by FrailStarving Artists: Minimalist Art Party

1st July 2011:
I can't believe you updated it so faaast! You deserve a cookie, no, A HUMONGOUS JAR OF COOKIES, for being such an amazing author who gives her faithful & lovely readers bits of the wonderful couple-to-be that lucy & Scorp are. Lol. That sounded so cheesy.
My point is: You're freaking amazing, Lucy is freaking amazing and SO SO SO drunk and Scorp is the skinny man of my dreams.

Author's Response: I NO RITE. i'm on a roll, I swear. never written so fast in my life. Chapter 15 should be in the queue before it shuts - I can't leave this one hanging, arghh!
ta for the cookies! I didn't have any lunch, nom nom nom nom nom nom ♥
ahha! At the beginning of this story I was all 'let's make scorp a fail, let's base him on me, let's make him weird and gangly' and now it's like phwoar I want a bit of my own character. even in a purely platonic way. That sounds so 100% creepy I'm going to stop right there.
thanks very much for the review! :D

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Review #2, by FrailStarving Artists: The Pear-Shaped Iceberg

27th June 2011:

I have so much fun reading you artistical/philosophical inside jokes you keep planting in your story ("art school student ethos", nietzsche, keats-wannabes and existentialism, really?!?!??!). And Lucy & comp. (especially Obscure Henry) are SUCH hipsters, I'm laughing my head off.
Can't say I wasn't expecting Lucy's revelation, though. She and Scorp will be tremendously fun together... once she gets him & Rose together and then breaks them up xD


Author's Response: ethos, nietzsche, keats and existentialism, yes! All thanks to my crazy RL life, which is like deep-pile velvet in terms of the richness of inspiration. Oh my life, that metaphor made no sense but, whatever, I'm going to leave it there and let everyone confirm their suspicions that I'm mad.
Haha, wait and see! my lips are sealed on the ultimate pairing of this. It could really go about ten ways, I mean, Lucy could find out that she's 100% made for Barry or that Tarquin is her soulmate or something. It's crackfic, anything goes!
thanks for reviewing! really glad you enjoyed it (:

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Review #3, by FrailMeant to Be: I, Teddy Lupin, am Due for a Death Wish

27th June 2011:
For a first-timer, this is actually pretty good. i'd love to see how Teddy grows as a character and realises Victoire juts isn't the girl for him (I'm a huge Teddy/anyone-but-Vic fan, in case you hadn't realised). Cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I adore writing Teddy, and I hope to develop his character a little more as the story goes on. Thank you again for reviewing, and please tell me what you think of the new chapter when it comes along :]

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Review #4, by FrailWinner Takes All: Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

27th June 2011:
This was SO flawlessly written from the beginning to the end. I loved the way Rose evolved as a person, her new-found confidence and her relationship with Teddy. Your story is actually the one that turned me into a Teddy shipper and I love you for this :)

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you! That's a fantastic compliment to receive! ^_^

It's great that you saw Rose develop throughout this story as it was one of the things I was really worried about - it seemed that she was going no where for so long that I wondered if she would get anywhere in the end. So thank you! It means so much that you enjoyed the story and its ending. :D

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Review #5, by FrailThe Dursley Freak: The Notebook Story

1st April 2011:
FINALLY Faldo's great dark secret! All his past actions - refusing the prefect badge,dropping out of the quidditch team- make SO much sense now, it's amazing!
I think I want to marry him. NOW! Pity he has blue eyes :(

I absolutely adore the fact that you made Dora goout with hunky Louis. This was she'll realise he's not the guy for her... and it will increase the drama (we all lurve drama. we feed ourselved with it! ).

Once again, amazing, amazing, amazing chapter!


Author's Response: Yay! Drake's secret is finally out! :D
Haha, why is it a pity that he has blue eyes? Kidding, I prefer brown eyes myself. :D Shh, don't tell anyone. ;)
Yes, Dora finally got Louis. But is he really who she wants? ;) Drama, drama, indeed. But, like always, I won't drag it out. Especially as the end is near. Wow, that sounded drastic, lol. But yes, not much of the story left. I hope you'll like what I have prepared for the rest of it. :D
Thank you and keep reading!

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Review #6, by FrailWilloway: Unmasked

28th March 2011:
YESYESYESYES! *does the happy penguin dance*
Finally, an update! I mean, I know you're busy & stuff, but you can't just leave us hanging like this for ages! But I guess that the best stories are the written the slowest... so there's your excuse.

This chapter was particularily breathtaking. I love Tonks, she's so tough even if she doesn't realise it! You make her act so realistic, because I really don't think there is a person in this world who wouldn't be overwhelmed with fear if he were in a situation like her's. She reminds me a teeny weensy bit of Clarice from the movie "The silence of the lambs", in a totally non-plagiaristic way- they're both smart & tough.

Can't wait to see how the rest of the story unravels. A HUGE 10 from your faithfully!

Author's Response: Hello Frail,
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I truly appreciate your feedback (and your patience). I know I've been incredibly slow with my updates lately, but I do hope to have this story finished over the summer. There are only three chapters left, after all. ;)

I'm so very glad you enjoyed this chapter. It was really wonderful hearing from you. Your kind comments and thoughtful feedback really made my day. ^_^ I have to admit, I never thought of Tonks as being like Clarice, but she truly is. What a great observation! I always thought Clarice was a neat character, very determined and strong.

Again, thanks so much for the great review, Frail. The next chapter should be posted soon. I hope you have a pleasant week. :) Take care and be well!


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Review #7, by FrailIn Ruin: five

24th March 2011:
I was a bit skeptical at the beginning about Frank, but you've managed to pull the character off quite nicely. I adore, adore, adore his & Rose's relationship dynamic.
As for Scorpius, I don't know... I'd like to see him become less of a wuss. But that's just me! :)


Author's Response: i love frank! i didn't think i would when i started writing this but i adore him also. hahahah yes, he is a bit of a wuss isn't he? that will change! thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by FrailThe Dursley Freak: Charlie, The Loony?

22nd March 2011:
Hey there! This is the first time I read your story (due to some misconceptions that have been hanging around in my head - nevermind it ) but I've got to say... it's actually great!

I simply adore the Dora/Drake pairing (isn't it cute that both their names start with the same letter? :) ) and the fact that you're taking it step by step. Rushed, it would have been... plain boring, actually. But like this, you make the reader squirm and wonder and become angsty and cry in his sleep... well... maybe not THAT, but you get the idea. xD

You still have to work on your spelling & grammar, but I've noticed that these two improve as the story goes on.


Author's Response: Hi! :D Thank you, you make me blush. :)
Hehe, yeah, it is kind of cute, isn't it? :) Originally, Faldo wasn't supposed to be named Drake (Let's just say his name was beginning with the letter E.). But I'm now glad I chose that name. :) I really like it.
XD I love doing things step by step. It sort of gives them a deeper meaning, me thinks. :) And Dora still needs to learn some things about Faldo.
Oh, the grammar. *Winces.* My enemy. I try hard to improve that. Actually, I will have to go back and correct those errors someday. ;)
Thank you again for reading! And for leaving this review! :) I should update soon enough, so stick around. ;)

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Review #9, by FrailWinner Takes All: The Loser Standing Small

18th March 2011:
I absolutely adore you!
From what I've read, you're the first one to make Rose and Teddy to actually have a relationshipthis intense (even if it's not in the conventional way) - i'm still hoping :).
The twist did not come as a surprise, though, as all your characters are incredibly well-developed, growing in one way or another and I kind of expected Rose to give up on Scorpius. She's waaay above him!
Anyway, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Author's Response: Goodness, thank you for this! It's shocking to read such support for the Teddy/Rose ship, especially after I thought most readers would be displeased with its presence in this story. XD Goes to show how very wrong I was! I'm glad that you like how their relationship has developed so far, as I was really careful to make it natural, yet also inevitable, showing how well-suited they were for one another, especially in comparison to the lack of suitability between Rose and Scorpius. It's also wonderful that you like the characters and how they've developed.

Thank you so much for this review! It's definitely one of those kind that makes an author's day. ^_^

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Review #10, by FrailDragons, Journalists, and Charlie Weasley: Day 7

6th January 2011:
aw! I wonder, what elese do you need in life, more than a guy who can tame dragons AND is willing to carry you back home when you're drunk? Charlie's begining to seem the perfect guy.


Author's Response: Haha, he really is! As well as smug, sarcastic, and... perfect haha. Thank you for your reviews!

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Review #11, by FrailDragons, Journalists, and Charlie Weasley: Day 2

6th January 2011:
i just love the way you build up the tension, not introducing us to the dragons just yet... And Geneieve's interaction with Charlie is pretty amusing, too.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your reviews! (: And I'm glad you like it so far.

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Review #12, by FrailDragons, Journalists, and Charlie Weasley: Day 1

6th January 2011:
hahahahah! I'm Romanian, so I'm ecstatic to be reading this story.
You definitely got the lines right, all minus "intra" as "come in", which is spelled "intră".
I've got a feeling that Genevieve is in for quite a bit of adventure.


Author's Response: Hey there! Yay! Okay, good haha, I'm glad I got some stuff right, and thanks for pointing that out, I really appreciate it. (:
Thank you!

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Review #13, by FrailThe Quiet Outcast: Christopher Ramsay: Part I

23rd November 2010:
This is certainly NOT what I was expecting when I started reading your story. Hugo is an amazingly complexe character, and I love the fact you also describe his flaws, and not just make him a hero.

I really think that him and Professor Ramsay are much alike, and that he'll find the right way to help the latter.
Update soon, this was fabulous!

Author's Response: Yeah, he and Professor Ramsay have quite a bit in common; they understand each other much more than they think. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by FrailOriginal...!: A Lover's Woe

23rd November 2010:
hahahaha... I feel as if my head is gonna fall off from so much laughter! This was amazingly amusing and shallow! Sure, I did wake up my folks with my fits of giggles at 12 o'clock in the night... but does it really matter?

Lupin's words about the degrading nature of wolf-whistling were pure genius! And so were the apparition and random murder of James' vampire sister!

Author's Response: Hey there!

Hahah, oh, I feel bad for your parents! But atleat you had fun, eh. ;)

Glad you liked it. thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by FrailWicked: Dumbledore's Mistake

31st October 2010:
i love lucille, she's such a great, unusual character!
can't wait to read more

Author's Response: thanks for the awesome review!!

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Review #16, by Frailblood.: Three

24th October 2010:
right now, the most plausible theory i can come up with is that Lysander is the murderer. But why? He doesn't really have a motive. Unless he was secretly in love with Molly (highly improbable, as he was snogging her cousin).

But i can't help a nagging feeling that Lysander isn't what he really seems to be and he's either under the imperius curse or someone entirely else.

update son. i'm lovin' this!

Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for another review!

Hmm.that is a plausible theory, but the correct one? Who knows! But then again, do people always have motives, or do some people just like to watch the world burn. --quotes the dark knight, kind of--

Updates will be coming soon, promise! Thanks again!

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Review #17, by Frailblood.: It's Called the Rising Sun

21st October 2010:
this is amazing!
it's the first time I read your story, but i'm simply in love with it. i'm a huge fan of agatha christie and this reminds me a bit of "and then they were none", i suppose that's where you got your primary inspiration from. but you've wrapped it up in an original manner. cheers!

Author's Response: Hello there! --waves--

Thanks so much for the review! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story so much! And yes, And Then There Was None is my favorite Agatha Christie novel. I read it one sitting, and couldn't sleep till the sun came up, I loved it so much. Though, I do hope this story isn't too, too much like that novel, but it is my primary inspiration.

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #18, by FrailDuck and Cover: Snape the Squawking Canary

13th October 2010:
I'm wondering what she told Snape.
Avery's such a great girl, it's a pity James doesn't realize it (... but who am I to judge his taste in women?).
But on the other hand, Sirius using the "c" word ... WOW! Can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Eh I don't think what she told Snape was important, just a distraction :P And I'm glad you like Avery!!! Thanks for the review!!


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Review #19, by FrailBlackbird: The story of Frankie Evans.: This Year.

10th October 2010:
errmmm... you do realise that beauxbatons and hogwarts are NOT in opposite sides of Europe. Supposing Beauxbatons is in France (or even in Belgium or Swisserland, if you want some other francophone countries), the two school are both in Western Europe, at no more than two hours by plane. And that could hardly be called opposite.
It would have been an okay line coming from someone else, but Lily's supposed to be like the smartest girl ever.

on the bright side, i love the diversity of this chapter. the relationships between the characters are really realistic, and i love it!

Author's Response: oh thats so true! and you're right indeed, i didn't think too much about the geography, i shall change it though. thanks for telling me :) aww thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #20, by FrailBlackbird: The story of Frankie Evans.: Food shouldn't jump and hair shouldn't kink.

10th October 2010:

the line about the beauxbatons horses being drunk really made me laugh out loud! and the fact that her owl's name is ringo.

really good first chapter! i like the fact you take a different approach to the whole new student thing, and not writing the same cliche stuff. love it!

Author's Response: thanks so much! :) yeah i was rather proud of that line! :)

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Review #21, by FrailDuck and Cover: My Unusual Friend

6th October 2010:
haha, I've actually started making bets with myself regarding the moment when Avery will figure out Remus' secret. So far, I've lost, which kind of sucks... but the story definitely has more sense as it is.

... am i sensing a bit of a crush Peter has for Avery? cute!

10/10 as always from your loving reader

Author's Response: Hah well let me know how the bet goes :) Can I get in on it? :P And maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. Who knows? Oh wait.I do :D


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Review #22, by FrailDuck and Cover: These Things Move in Threes

4th October 2010:
this was brilliant!
yeah, from the action point of view it may seems a bit of a filler chapter, but from the character evolution point of view it's so dynamic!
the way Sirius is so overprotective of Avery is so cute... I love you're taking this step by step!
Update son.

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much! I'm glad you like the direction of my story :) the next chapter should be up in a day or two (depending on the que) so check back soon :)


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Review #23, by FrailConfessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of depression, cousins and punches

29th September 2010:
despite this being the first time i ever read your story, i ended up laughing out loud every two paragraphs or so!
one of the best humor fanfics i came across in ages!
gotta say,though, that my ultimate favorite is scorpius! he's got so much individuality as a secondary character and i love the fact that you've made him rather goofy and michael jackson fan (well,THAT was one of the moments when i was lolling) rather than the haughty slytherin rebel he always seems to be described as.
10/10 !!!

can't wait for more

Author's Response: Aw, I love hearing that people find this funny, so thank you!

Oh, thank you so much!

He seems to be everyone's favourite! I'm really glad you like him because I love writing him. He always seems to be characterized like Draco, but in this I wanted him to be different. Haha, I'm glad someone liked that scene!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! More is coming soon, I've got the next chapter almost done! :)

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Review #24, by FrailDuck and Cover: Little Lion Man

22nd September 2010:
i just love the way Avery and Sirius interact! It was a smart move to insist upon the whole "outcast" issue - can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) And Chapter 8 is already in the que so expect an update in a few days!


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Review #25, by FrailTrapped.: Surprise Surprise

13th September 2010:
finallly new chapter!
i'm in love with this story, Ivy is such a troubled yet charismatic character and I love her with both Sirius and Regulus.
Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks :) It's good you're not siding on one person. that makes it a little troublesome for me! haha thank you for reviewing

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