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Review #1, by TheBetterQuibblerWe Must Not Sink Beneath Our Anguish, But Battle On: Loss

27th November 2011:
*Tear rolls down cheek* Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 10/10

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you so much!!! I am so glad you liked it! Next chapter should be up very soon!

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Review #2, by TheBetterQuibblerJust Ordinary: Escape Plan

6th September 2011:
*Ahem*... HOLY GUAQIMOLI!!! CHEESE AND POTATO SANDWICH!!! Okay, I have calmed myself. The entrances to my reviews just keep getting weirder, huh? Maybe that's a good thing! You're inspiring me to let loose my insane side! Yay! lol, anywho, this chapter was A-MAZ-ING! Aww! Laney finally said that she loves Al! *Sniffs and dabs away tears of joy* They're so adorable together! And that letter! I bet you thought I forgot about it, huh? Well I didn't! Okay, maybe a little... But hey, I haven't finished re-reading all of the previous chapters yet, so I have a right to have forgotten ;). Well, this chapter just nearly made me crap my pants with excitement, so pretty please with butter beer on top get the next chapter out ASAP! For my birthday? My birthday's tomorrow, actually, so I don't expect it to be out by then. But how about really soon? Kay? Kay! Much love!

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Review #3, by TheBetterQuibblerJust Ordinary: Secret Agents

27th August 2011:
*Gasps. Sputters. Looks for next chapter. Picks up laptop and throws it across the room. Ansohgorjaisdnioando. Picks laptop up and appologizes to it, once again looking for next chapter just in case. Sighs in defeat and begins to write review.*
Great chapter! As you can tell, I'm freaking out. But only a little. ;) This chapter was the perfect mix of humor and action! Yay! Please get the next chapter up as quickly as possible before my brain explodes! I love this fanfiction, it is definately the best one on this website!
P.S. I think I can officially lable myself your #1 biggest fan! The homepage for this story is my homepage for my internet so that I know right away if you've posted a new chapter. When I saw this one today, I flipped out! Just thought you should know that!

Author's Response: I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU! This made my whole day! You are seriously so sweet! Thank you so much for reviewing every chapter -- you are really so kind and I do appreciate it and notice it. :)

Next chapter will be up as soon as possible!! :)


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Review #4, by TheBetterQuibblerJust Ordinary: Give Me a Break

3rd August 2011:
OMFGH, it's up! Never been so happy! Super funny chapter! I loved Al admitting he's in love with Laney, but I think I liked her reaction even better! I would like to see more of... well, honestly, I'm just happy with Laney and Al at this point! And I think drama and slight adventure would be awesome! But still, don't lose the humor, because I love the humor! Can you do that? Or is that like asking to have a cheeseburger without the cheese? Did that last question even make sense? Anyways, keep writing! And make my life and get the next chapter up as quickly as possible without rushing and making mistakes, please! You're an awesome author!

Author's Response: This review made my day, I'm not really sure why. =) It was super awesome. So I'm responding to it real quick before the others. My next chapter is well underway and I'm pretty happy with it, so it should be up next week. Which is almost like. Wut. I know. Very not me. But I don't want to leave you guys hanging -- I have a lot planned. And no, I see exactly what you mean! I would LOVE to make this story take an adventurous turn! And I think that may be exactly what I'm going to do! See ya, thanks for the review!


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Review #5, by TheBetterQuibblerThe Pedigree of a Mutt: Prologue: A brief history

29th June 2011:
This sounds interesting! But, um, you'd better get to writing, because I'm a fast reader, and you only have four chapters up! :) Keep at it!

Author's Response: Thanks for your interest and review. And no worries, I'm half way through the next chapter and hope to have it in the que in a week.

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Review #6, by TheBetterQuibblerJust Ordinary: Truth or Spork

27th May 2011:
Okay, so apparently I forgot to review this chapter... oops! it's totally hilarious, and I read it the day it came out, but for some reason or another I got sidetracted and forgot to review! (shame on me!) I love laney! so much love! This is by far my favorite fan fiction to read in the entire website! You're a fantastic writer, and from a fellow writer to you, don't let anything people say get you down! You're not writing for them, you're writing for you and the people who like who you are and how you write! and if anyone ever tries to give you another bad review, go all laney becks on them and sink a fork into their arm! (that's what I would do, at least) Keep writing, because so many of us love you! You're great!

Author's Response: This review totally made my night, so thank you. :) Bad reviews suck, and I can easily get swept away in the emotions of it all. And then I think of people like you, who constantly are so kind and helpful, and it warms my heart. So thank you. I hope you have an amazing day. :)


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Review #7, by TheBetterQuibblerJust Ordinary: Mending of a Mess

29th October 2010:
You're back! Thank the lord! I've been checking for this chapter every day since your last one came out! Oh, I'm just giddy right now! I could sing! Anyways, I love your writing style. You are an amazing author, and your chapters always leave me captivated and waiting for more. (Just don't keep me waiting for another 6 months, alright?) Keep writing!

Author's Response: Aw, that means so much that you've been checking back so much. I feel so bad! Well, I promise to be much more prompt this time! And trust me, reviews are like air to authors, so hearing that you love my writing style is so humbling! Thank you!


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