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Review #1, by naflower05See It Coming: Chapter 4

23rd September 2014:
Ooh! Good chapter! She finally meets them, can't wait to see what happens now. Glad my advice made sense. The story is reading better now, it's often hard to start a story, introduce characters and get readers interested while still being subtle about things. Now that you're getting into the flow it should start to be easier. Looking forward to the next chapter! =] ~

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Review #2, by naflower05Floria Fortescue's Story: Floria and Family

22nd September 2014:
Interesting story so far, I'm excited to see where this will go, update again soon please! =]

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Review #3, by naflower05The Cold Spark: Time is Lost in Pain

22nd September 2014:
Oh my god, ahhh! So much happened in just one chapter! But I'm so incredibly thankful you didn't split it up... I don't think I could have handled having to wait for an update. I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to see what happens now! Please, please, please update again soon!! 10/10!! =]

Author's Response: Haha I love your reaction! The next update is coming soon I promise!

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Review #4, by naflower05Shadowplay: Eighteen: The Empress

22nd September 2014:
Great chapter! I like that she seems to be growing up and evolving. I can't wait for more info on the case! Update again soon please!! =] 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it! :) I'll try to post another chapter sometime in the next two weeks!

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Review #5, by naflower05See It Coming: Chapter 3

17th September 2014:
Good chapter, I get what you mean about a beta needing to understand where you want to go before they can edit for you. Until you get one here's a tip to think about when you're writing. You don't have to exaggerate a characters personality in order to get it across. The beauty of a story is that the readers get to know the characters bit by bit, and we see new layers and portions of their personality that have never been revealed to us before. While you, the author, know these things about them, expressing them to the readers in a subtler way makes it more enjoyable to read. Not sure if that exactly makes sense in the way I wanted it to, but I hope you kinda get what I'm saying and that it helps you when you're writing the next chapter! Keep it up, writing is hard but the more you do it the better you get! =]

Author's Response: Dearest naflower, what would I do without your help? I did indeed understand what you mean, and I'll have to keep it in mind! My English teachers always talk about "showing and not telling", and it has been a struggle of mine to keep that in play sometimes. The next chapter is in the queue, back to Elizabeth, but my editting for the chapter afterwards will be pretty intense while I think about your suggestion! Thanks for being such a kind, constructive, faithful reader!
Yours truly,

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Review #6, by naflower05The Cold Spark: Friends Are What You Make Them

16th September 2014:
Amazing, amazing story so far! I love it! I can't wait to see where it goes from here!! Will she actually become a Deatheater, or will she bail before then? Please, please update again soon!! 10/10! =] ~

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! It means the world to me that you love it! Keep reading, the next update is coming soon :) I can say that the next chapter might answer your question!

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Review #7, by naflower05Shadowplay: Seventeen: Things Brought to Light

15th September 2014:
Oh my god. This story is amazing. I love it! She's such a realistic character, someone who has flaws but also has good qualities that make up for them, and there's room for character development. Can't wait to see what happens now, the suspense of the Tarot killer is, pardon the pun, killing me! Please update again soon!! =] 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Really busy with work/school right now but I'll try to get ch18 into the queue by Sunday!!

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Review #8, by naflower05See It Coming: Chapter 2

15th September 2014:
Interesting idea for a story so far. I'd like to see where you take this. You might want to look into getting a beta reader to go over your chapters and edit them before you submit them, because a lot of your writing sounds more conversational then a story. It will make it seem more developed and people will be more likely to continue reading if the writing quality is higher. I look forward to reading the next chapter and seeing what happens when she sees the marauders and Lily for the first time. Keep writing! =] ~

Author's Response: Very happy to hear you like the base concept, that's always the most important part of writing something decent! A beta reader will probably be a good idea a little later, it's like you read my mind! Right now, my goal is to get some stuff up and running before going back to the beginning. After all, how can a beta edit without seeing the bigger picture of the story? It may change how they edit for me! I really, truly appreciate the review and constructive criticism, and the next chapter, already in the queue, isn't in Elizabeth's viewpoint! However, there will be a meeting soon :) Have a lovely day!

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Review #9, by naflower05Tied Together With A Smile: Kisses and Quidditch

29th August 2014:
Good chapter, can't wait for more. Update again soon! =]

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Review #10, by naflower05The War of Roses: Chapter One: A Hungry Lion

11th July 2014:
Good story so far! I can't wait to see where it goes! It was nice to see things from the Marauders side for a bit. Can't wait for more, update again soon! =]

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Review #11, by naflower05Trashy: Predator and Prey

3rd July 2014:
Great chapters! So now Lily is gonna figure out its Remus! I wonder why Sydney hasn't realized that yet. I hope she really did transform in time, update again soon please!! 10/10! =]

Author's Response: Sydney, in my opinion, can be a little dim at points so I doubt that she'll realise it's Remus for a while. Thank you so much for the review. The next chapter will hopefully be out soon.

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Review #12, by naflower05Pureblood: Breaking Down

9th June 2014:
Really great chapter! I love Regulus' character, I can't wait to see what happens now, is it another full moon? And is it Greyback, or just Remus? Update again soon please!! =]

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Review #13, by naflower05Obliviate: Chapter 2

1st June 2014:
Interesting story so far, I'd like to see where this goes, update again soon please! =]

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Review #14, by naflower05Trashy: Into the Woods

1st June 2014:
Really great couple of chapters!! Why is she feeling so sick?? And does Sirius now know that she can turn into a fox? I can't wait to see what the aftermath of this night is, because even though she won't be turned into a werewolf she's been pretty seriously injured by Remus. Update again soon please! 10/10 =]

Author's Response: Wow thank you!

I'm afraid you'll have to keep on reading to find out!! Next chapter will hopefully be out soon.

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Review #15, by naflower05Moonlit Sonata: Epilogue

26th May 2014:
It's been such an awesome story, and it's been amazing to be reading since the very beginning. I truly hope you continue writing because you're very talented. It's so sad how their lives became so sad and lonely after they graduate. This has been one of my favorite stories I've ever read. Great, great work! I totally loved every chapter! 10/10 as always! =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much, wow! This review made me tear up a little. I can't believe how long you've been reading and reviewing, so thanks for that! I will definitely keep writing, possibly more Marauders fics one day. Thank you for reading and reviewing and loving it so much! :D

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Review #16, by naflower05Indifference is Overrated: Perfect Distraction

24th May 2014:
Good story so far! I'm interested to see where this goes. Update again soon please! =]

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Review #17, by naflower05Inferior: Chapter Five

24th May 2014:
So of course I'm sitting here lamenting over the fact the Moonlight Sonata is almost finished and I thought I would go and check out some of your other stuff, and I absolutely love this story. It makes total sense, and I really love the idea that as a youth Sirius was too wrapped up in his own self that he didn't see what she was saying but he understood when he was older and actually thought back on it. You demonstrated that change so well, it was almost giving me chills reading it. 10/10 (Like all your work!) =]!

Author's Response: Aw thanks so much! I adore Sirius's character because there's such leeway. He can be fun and humorous as a Hogwarts student, but he can also be a complete jerk. There are just so many facets to him, not all of them positive. I could go on for hours about him, but I won't. ;) Thanks again so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #18, by naflower05Moonlit Sonata: Goodbye

24th May 2014:
Oh my god... It's really come down to this. I can't believe it, only one chapter left. What is the epilogue going to be? Her in Canada? Or years later after everything that happens with Voldemort? This was so short, yet so bitter-sweet and I feel like I want to cry, and it's so beautifully written! Amazing, amazing work (as always) I can't believe it's been so long since you started this story. Keep writing because you're super talented and I just love reading your work. Well, I eagerly await the final chapter with the strangest sense of foreboding since it means the story will truly be over. 10/10 =]!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've loved all the wonderful, lovely reviews you left me over the past year. (Wow it has been a long time.) The epilogue is a little different than the rest of the story, but I wanted a bit of closure on all the Marauders, not just Ana. I'm thrilled you enjoyed this story so much and flattered by all you compliments. Really, my face is bright red right now. :D

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Review #19, by naflower05Moonlit Sonata: A Survivor

12th May 2014:
Oh my god... I really can't believe it's almost over!! Great chapter as always, I can't wait for the next one! 10/10! =]

Author's Response: I know, I'm so excited to post the last real chapter tomorrow! I really hope you like it! :D

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Review #20, by naflower05When Summer Fades: equinox

5th May 2014:
Interesting story so far, I wonder where it's going. Update again soon please! =]

Author's Response: ooh, thank you so much for your review! I'm glad the story is interesting so far! I will get the next chapter up as soon as I can. :)

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Review #21, by naflower05Dear Thelo: ii

5th May 2014:
Really interesting story so far! I'd love to see where it goes! I've never read anything like this before! Update again soon please!! =]

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review :) I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure Janelle will too.

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Review #22, by naflower05Moonlit Sonata: My Best Friend

4th May 2014:
Oh my god, they're so cute!!! Lily is such a good friend, I totally love her! Of course we all knew she knew and didn't have a problem with it, but now Ana knows too! Great chapter (as always), I can't wait for more, and I can hardly believe it's almost over... what will I look forward to once its finished?? Anyways, I can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10! =]

Author's Response: Well, Lily had to know. I always figured she knew about Remus, at least once they were prefects together, and if she knew about Remus then she'd know about Ana.

I'm sure you'll find something new to read. :) I'm glad you're still liking this so much!

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Review #23, by naflower05Moonlit Sonata: The King is Here

27th April 2014:
Ahhh, yesss!! I'm so happy!!! It was amazing when Sirius knew! I can't wait to see how Lily and the other boys are going to react to this now! But is she still gonna leave? I can't wait for the next update, its so hard to believe that the story is almost done! 10/10 as always! =]

Author's Response: This chapter was one of my favorites to write. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it too. Sirius is an amazing guy, but you'll get your answers soon enough. Thanks so much for reviewing, as always!

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Review #24, by naflower05Moonlit Sonata: Cursed

19th April 2014:
Oh my god!! You can't just leave it there!!! I don't think I can wait a whole week for the next chapter!! Might you please, please, please give us a mid-week update?? I just can't wait to see what happens next! Is Sirius getting expelled, or not? And someone has to see her with Avery and help her!! And did Snape tell Lily about her being a werewolf?? So please update soon! 10/10, as always! =]

Author's Response: It'll be soon. Just a few more days until the next update and many of your questions will be answered then. :)

Since you're such a lovely reviewer, I will say that the next chapter is titled "The King is Here" so take that however you will.

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Review #25, by naflower05Moonlit Sonata: What I Need

16th April 2014:
Awww, her sadness is so heart-breaking! I can't wait to see what happens now, is she really going to leave?? Eagerly awaiting the next update! 10/10! =]

Author's Response: Give it time, my precious. Just a little more time and all your questions will be answered.

You review made me smile, as always. :D

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