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Review #1, by SummerBabeBrigitte: Brigitte

30th June 2010:
Absolutely brilliant! This is exactly the kind of Marauders fic that I love. I had to admit, you had me fooled in the beginning, but once you mentioned purring, well, yeah...I've never heard a woman purr. Unless you count Catwoman, of course.

I adored every bit of this, but my favorite part was:
“Alright…but I get to fly it myself. No way I’m putting my arms around your waist, under any circumstances.”

“You’re breaking my heart.”

As to the actress that Sirius named his motorbike after...would it happen to be Brigitte Bardot? The physical description of the bike in the first few paragraphs sounds like her.

Anyway, well done!!

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Review #2, by SummerBabeQuantas ut Pendere: Ted Tonks

19th April 2010:
Wow! Jackson, man, you are a brilliant writer. I love how you started out with an activity as simple and mundane as fishing and end with a man being torn to pieces. Poor Ted. The entire piece was really well-written but your strength was definitely in describing Fernir. As much as I hated him before, your description of the pleasure he takes in killing and turning others into werewolves made me despise him even more. Well done!

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Review #3, by SummerBabeFleur de Lys: Impossible n'est pas français

8th April 2010:
Wonderful! I adore Bill/Fleur. There's just not enough stories about them.

Your writing is brilliant. The entire thing was perfect; it was funny but not glib. I'm guessing the man who listened to her was Bill, right?

Well done. I cannot wait for the next chapter!! :)

Author's Response: Aw, thankyou! I like them a lot as well and I think there is so much that you can write about them. Yeah, there aren't.

Aw, thankyou so much! I'm so glad you thought it was perfect. Your guess would be right :)

Thankyou so so much for reading and for your lovely review! The next chapter is in progress :)

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Review #4, by SummerBabeA Cold Heaven: Part II

7th April 2010:
Again, there's nothing I can say to express the beauty of your writing. Beautiful, exquisite, heart-wrenching - none of these words come anywhere near. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

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Review #5, by SummerBabeA Cold Heaven: Part I

7th April 2010:
I am completely speechless. There are no words to express how exquisite this story is. I've read a lot of Sirius-centric stories, many that have left me in tears. This one tops them all. The description, the characterization, the sheer emotion you manage to convey so easily is stunning. I wish there were more I could say, but I can't think properly at the moment. Hopefully, I'll come up with something by the end of the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm quite fond of my Sirius as well. :)

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Review #6, by SummerBabeCollisions of the Heart: Rising From the Ashes

7th April 2010:
Awww, this is such a wondefully written story. I absolutely LOVE Teddy/Rose but it is, unfortunately, not written enough. Though I usually can't stand second person POV, you made it work really well. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Well done!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it and I completely agree with you on the Teddrose front! It's love ♥. There are quite a few really good ones around though, if you PM'd me on the forums I could probably direct you to a few :P. A lot of people aren't too keen on second person, but I adore it, which makes me even happier when people say they felt that this worked well!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review ^_^

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Review #7, by SummerBabeseizing your infected heart: all you feel is the current flowing through you

22nd February 2010:
Psst...guess who?

No, seriously, guess who this is?

Not important, moving on!

All I have to say! As always, you're writing is flawless. You've managed to convey so much pain and emotion in such a small piece...genius!

Favorite lines:
And she cries. Her heart aches without a reason to ache and she cries. The darkness creeps closer and closer until it reaches out an invisible hand and viciously grabs her by the throat.

And she's choking. She's choking on her lies; choking on the words she has scrawled upon a piece of parchment.

The room suddenly feels too small, too insignificant, too much; these sheets are too sticky, too warm, too rough. Her body writhes in protest.

She inhales – the air is stale with the stench of flowers. She exhales – why is her heart beating so fast? Again, she inhales, love? No, just the lingering scent of his cigarette. Ridiculous love. Ridiculous heart. Another exhale - if only she could take a knife to her chest to carve out this ridiculous organ that continues to beat at such a strange pace.


I do have one question, though: Is this about Dom? 'Cause in "Becoming Molly," you made Dom a writer and I was wondering if the woman depicted in this story was her. Either way, fabulous way!

P.S. Did you figure out who this is? It's Martha!! (just with a new name)

I can't wait to read more of your work! You're brilliant!!

Author's Response: AH. MARTHA *massive glomps* I'VE MISED YOU. /attempt + fail at non-whiny voice. :P ♥

Thank you so much for the compliments! *blush* I literally wrote it in the middle of the night (or ridiculously early in the morning), so it didn't even compute to me what the heck I was writing for the longest time.

HEHE. Personally, I love the line about wanting to carve out her heart -- it just really sticks out.

*whispers* YOU'RE RIGHT ABOUT WHO IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE. Very insightful, Martha! ;) However, people can feel free to imagine her to be somebody else ~*~


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