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Review #1, by Kirten McCormackBlack Dragon: Prologue: Part II

8th February 2012:
I really like Dria's character so far; a bit mature for a seven-year-old, but I guess she is very advanced. I look forward to you enlightening us as to why she was shipped off to a Muggle family for a couple years and why she has been brought back now.

Author's Response: YAY!!! My first reviewer who gives me comments/suggestions!

Dria's meant to be mature with the whole "child genius" thing. Plus, she kind of has to look out for her little brother. Also, she spent 2 years thinking she was a teenager, so she still has some of that personality/knowledge/mindset.
I'm not really sure (I kinda just write whatever comes to me) but I think I will be explaining that in more detail in the next chapter. If not, it will definitely show up in later chapters, so you'll kind of learn more of her background as we go.

I hope that made sense. Thanks for reviewing!
*virtual cookies*
haha... that still cracks me up...

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Review #2, by Kirten McCormackNever Tickle a Sleeping Dragon: News From All Over at Hogwarts

30th July 2010:
I think this is a very interesting idea about how to continue the story after the war. I also think that you display an excellent ability for description of the scenes which makes the story more real. This chapter showed an improvement in unusual or incorrect English usage, so I think you are doing an admirable job considering English is not your first language.

I have always been anti-Dramione because it seems to me to require a complete change in the personality of one or both of two of the major characters. Given the trauma of the war, I think you had a real opportunity to justify a Draco that suddenly decides to be less confrontational and arrogant and more accepting of anybody who is willing to not crucify him for past actions. Your choice to have him continue his use of "Mudblood" and his ways of acting superior to others will make it interesting to see how you convert him into a person that Hermione can think of as anything better than intolerable.

I saw another story once where Draco and Hermione were put together in a Head Boy/Girl suite. Is there any basis in the books for this? I was always under the impression that Percy was still in Gryffindor when he was Head Boy. It seems implausible that, while it was always rendered impossible for boys to enter the girls dorms, the Head Boy and Head Girl would be forced to live together and away from their own Houses with no chaperone.

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