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Review #1, by Blue WonderlandFirst Sin: First Sin

25th May 2010:
This was beautifully written. I was truly immersed into the story, which felt uncommonly realistic! I do love, however, that you keep both Hermione and Draco's characteristics original and yet very fresh at the same time. Draco's attitude still flows with the usual sarcasm, and Hermione hasn't completely embodied the "obedient" character yet! Which I was extremely pleased about, by the way! Even when they're kissing one another it seems to me that they are still locked in a battle against each other, waiting for one to slip up (or rather in this case pull away hehe). And the image of Draco watching over Hermione as she sleeps was mesmerising, dark and sweet at the same time, as it's obvious he feels for her, but his pride and masked shame hinder him from accepting Hermione. I truly enjoyed it all. Keep on writing!

Also, I saw a few of your banners on your page on The Dark Arts website, and I have to tell you, you are extremely talented. I was practically blown half way across the world! I genuinely thought all your graphics were beautifully edited and coloured. I especially loved the Becoming Jane one and also the Dramione banner (of course!), which I have to say were immense! If it's not any bother, I was wondering whether you'd be at all interested in making a banner for my fanfic, 'To Give The Devil His Due'. If so you can check out the fic and see what you think of it on Fanfiction under the pen name Blue Wonderland. Although it may not be great as yours or in fact many other writers, I do hope you enjoy it and choose to make a banner.

If you want any other further info about future plot situations to do with a possible banner image then don't hesitate about asking me. Thank you so much.

-Blue Wonderland xox

Author's Response: Thanks for the absolutely lovely and detailed review :D I'm delighted you enjoyed my story. As for the graphics... thanks again :D I'm definitely free to fill requests for banners. Just send me a PM on TDA about it so I know you want to post a request :)

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