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Review #1, by crestwoodWhen Summer Fades: equinox

16th September 2014:
Hey! I'm finally here for our review swap!

I have never read a Regulus story before, but this has given me a newfound interest in him that I just cannot hold back. I have so many thoughts about everything in this chapter, it's going to be difficult to get them down coherently.

I love that you've framed Reg as this drifter that could never really firmly decide upon either side in the war against Voldemort. I have never pictured him as a particularly evil person and not just because he ultimately died trying to bring Voldemort down. It's just that he was so young (sixth year in this story!!!) when he joined the Death Eaters, I can imagine that it was largely due to peer pressure in a way. Here he just did what he thought his parents would be proud of - as he seems to feel that Sirius has abandoned him. Of course, this is all before he has to actually go out and participate in Death Eater activities. I don't think we were ever told exactly when Reg defected from the Death Eaters, but in this story, I suspect that will happen sooner rather than later.

Summer is amazing! She's the exact opposite of Reg, as far as outward manner goes. I would not be surprised if they are more alike than he suspects though. I can't believe how nice this girl is. She can clearly see that he is purposely ignoring her and wants nothing to do with her and still does not allow him to discourage her. She's the kind of person I think I'd like to be. She may be 'plain' as described by Reg, but she seems lovely nonetheless. Reg's friends are terrible in every way, but then, they do go on to be Death Eaters or sympathizers of Voldemort's cause. Not the optimal group to go searching for best buds in.

I like his thought that he may have used up his smiling quota, that's hilarious. Somehow, I don't think that's it though haha! Their Astronomy tower meetings are really cute and perfect until Reg goes and calls her a Mudblood. It's amazing that she still wants to be friends with him even after that. I guess she see's the good in him and doesn't want to give up just yet.

Summer beginning to meet in private with Reg in the Room of Requirement is so amazing and he's even okay with her bringing her friends of questionable blood status along as long as no one knows about it! That's such a big step forward. Although, there's still the step of him not being ashamed to be seen with her in public. I suppose it's reasonable for him to be afraid though. He IS a full blown Death Eater at this point.. that isn't necessarily something you flaunt about in such a situation.

By the time he pulls her into the broom closet, I know he's had it. He doesn't believe in the pureblood ideology anymore and unfortunately, it's a bit too late now that he's hastily joined up with the Death Eaters. Jasper is intimidating even and he's just a student. I don't know if he's going to be able to work up the courage to actively defy Voldemort just yet, which is good news in a way because more story for me!! I wonder what Summer has to tell him! So interested, this is really, really good. Like, unbelievably well written. I will certainly be back soon to find out what becomes of these incredible characters. SO impressed. Thank you for the swap!

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Review #2, by crestwoodImpact: Irritation

16th September 2014:
Hey! Here for our review swap!

First, I want to mention how interesting it is that Ceci is reading a book about muggle fashion. I don't know why that struck me as so incredibly awesome, but it just seemed unique for a witch to be reading.

For some reason, I just really liked the fact that the boys smoked cigarettes. And not because I thought it was a good thing for kids as young as them to be doing, but because it made them seem a lot more realistic as teenagers honestly. I think a lot of stories on this site tend to downplay the way most teenagers like to rebel. Good touch with that, especially with them flicking them onto the ground recklessly.

I love the dynamic between Albus and Ceci and according to her, it was nice to fall into the routine again, so I suppose I'm not the only one. He really seems to know how to get under her skin. It could almost verge on too mean to like him, but you stop it right before that point and it stays kind of light and playful.

I have a thing for shy protagonists and I suspect this will be no exception. And now I know why she is living with the Malfoys as well! Her mother is dead and father either also dead or just not in her life for some reason. So, some amount of time after she's shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle, only to find out that Albus Potter, her worst enemy will also be staying there. Or as she put it, (fantastically) the literal worst.

But something tells me Albus wasn't sent there for a good reason. The "stuff" that Scorpius says he is going through must be the very same stuff that caused him to be shipped off to live there in the first place. I am interested to find out what that stuff is going to turn out to be. I'm going to return for the second chapter as soon as I find time! Thank you for the swap!

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Review #3, by crestwoodLove, Not War: False Accusations

16th September 2014:
Deana!! I finally get to tell you in full what I think about this chapter!

So, for reasons unknown, slow recoveries from injuries are just endlessly interesting for me to read about. I really enjoyed the beginning of the chapter, with Saleena rushing Draco to walk so that she could leave and not feel guilty about not being there to nurse him fully to health.

McGonagall and Draco's conversation was really great. I liked the idea that there are three sides; The Ministry, The Order and Voldemort. It does always feel as though the Order and the Ministry are not on the exact same side of the war. Like I said before, I think that McGonagall is expertly manipulating Draco to slowly prepare to reveal the information that he told Scrimgeour. Also, I loved that McGonagall said that she would to believe that Draco wants to Do The Right Thing because title drops are awesome!

I can understand why Draco would be reluctant to just come and sit this kind of meeting. Every single Order member is there and he is no friend to, well, any of them really. Roxi's first impression of Draco was a sad looking pale blonde boy who looked slightly removed and that is basically him in a nutshell. I love her musings about eyes being the window to the soul. When they lock eyes and she doesn't turn away, I just can't describe how hilarious and perfect that scene is. What a wonderful way to meet someone.

"An expert on Gypsys and their culture" is such a good cover up for what Saleena is supposed to be for the Order. I certainly understand why Neville is so weary of Roxi, seeing as there is already a spy that they know of. Also, I was Neville/Luna shippy vibes that I'm not sure are based in fact or not. The younger members of the order all seem very distrustful of McGonagall's leadership, except for Luna of course. For some reason, I can't imagine Dumbledore being questioned like this. Maybe his death hurt their unwavering trust in the wisdom of Order leaders.

Luckily Draco was able to shut everyone up and speak his piece. I am glad that he's finally going to break the news to McGonagall and the Weasley's. It's going to be upsetting to read them getting that kind of news, but worth it, if only to see how you handle their reactions to receiving that kind of news. It's one thing for him to betray you to the Ministry, but to betray you to Voldemort is certainly a step further..

Anyway, I can't wait to read about the conversation that happens after this cliffhanger. I'm sure you've written it flawlessly. Your writing is foolproof, really. Amazing as always. Thank you for the swap!

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Review #4, by crestwoodSacrifice: Of Late Nights, New Acquaintances, and James Potter

15th September 2014:
Hey Leigh, finally here for our swap!

I like that Aj isn't such good friends with any of her dormmates. It actually seems as though she isn't good friends with anyone but Vinny. For some reason, I just like that Aj is not super popular. I think it adds a layer to her feelings of not wanting to be alone and makes it more believable that she may choose this year to branch out a bit.

I wasn't expecting Scorpius to be important to this story, but his introduction made it seem as though he will be! And more James! He's so thoughtful in this story. I mean, he hasn't said all that much yet, but I can tell from his body language. It's so incredibly heartbreaking that Aj was crying in her sleep.

I knew Adam would have a hard time adjusting to Hogwarts and having such little supervision. Although, lighting someone on fire is definitely a bit much. I hope he's able to straighten out soon because I literally couldn't handle if the Ministry took him away from Aj because she is honestly trying her hardest.

I want to know exactly what happened with their parents.. it must have been terrible if she's afraid that someone will come and harm her siblings. That is definitely not normal to assume about your estranged parents.

Vinny and Aj's friendship is perfect and hilarious!! I can't get enough of their scenes wow. And the girl from Adam's sorting was Lucy! I think she may be my favorite character so far. Such a talkative, friendly girl. Her explanation of Dom thinking that Aj is depressed is so cute and the fact that she said Dom always wanted to be friends with her made me really happy for some reason. She's going to be a perfect character to use for exposition. I much preferred examining some of Aj's problems through the lens of someone else telling her, rather than the narration just explaining it. And I can't really blame Adam for his temper now that I know that Sewlyn taunted him about his mother. That's certainly something to be angry about. Scorpius is so amazingly helpful and kind and I just love everything about him in this story. I know this isn't a Scorpius/Aj story, but he's still going to be a really good friend and support system for Aj if he's that willing to try to help her out with Adam. I love this so much. I see exactly why Emilie thinks so highly of it. Just amazing.

Also, nothing is better than Lucy's babbling ;D

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Review #5, by crestwoodTo Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : This is your mission, if you should choose to accept it.

15th September 2014:
I will say that I don't really read time travel stories often. Not that I hate them or anything, I just don't typically go out of my way to read them. But, the premise of this one struck me as interesting; Hermione defeating Voldemort before he gets too powerful. Other than for the Sirius/Hermione ship to happen, I think it has to be her for a couple of reasons. Ron would never agree to going back in time by himself without as much as a real plan in place. I think he relies too heavily on Hermione's guidance for that. And you can hardly send Harry back to show up at Hogwarts looking like his father's twin and expect no one to be suspicious of him and look into what's going on.

I'm glad that you had Hermione actually grapple with the gravity of the task she was given. It's obviously a rather large thing for Dumbledore to ask and she wouldn't be so thoughtlessly excited to go on this kind of mission. I like that she took a step back and thought about what it really entails. Especially with the aging thing. That's certainly scary to think of. I wonder, even if she does go back and save everyone, how that will affect the present day. Time travel often leads to very bad and unpredictable repercussions.

This AU world is an interesting one. In this world, Dumbledore has not been killed and Voldemort's Horcruxes are gone, but he's still on the loose. At least, I think that's all that's changed. If there's anything else different about this, let me know because in order to understand how her actions in the past will change things, I'll have to know what this version of the present is like of course.

Hermione was definitely not prepared for them to look so.. young. I don't think anything could have prepared her to be looking at a young James Potter or a Lupin that doesn't look a bit tattered. You've written Sirius with just as much charm as we always hear about him having possessed. This is all going to be very awkward if she gets back to the present and he's alive there!

The question I do have is, if she succeeds in preventing their deaths and rewrites all of the time between their deaths and the present, then what becomes of the time in between? She'd return and her life could be much different. First of all, she'd have no recollection of her entire life up until that point. All of the events up until that point would be slightly (or maybe extremely) different than she remembers. Her friends will be totally different than when she left, especially Harry. It's questionable if growing up with so many loving people around him wouldn't cause him to differ a lot more from the boy we grew to know in canon. Of course, these things can all be done really well and I'm so curious to see how you go about this story!

I added this to my reading list. I can't promise a certain day or anything, but I will be back to work through the rest of this! You've got my attention. Thanks for the swap! Sorry I went so in depth about time travel, I literally could not help myself.

Author's Response: Hi there! Oh I'm so excited that you've chosen to read this one, even though time-travel stories aren't typically your cup of tea. :) And you're right, other than the fact that the whole Sirius/Hermione ship would not happen, it would make the most sense for it to be her. I think you've hit the nail right on the head with Ron, and Harry would never work. Other than the fact that he looks just like James, it would be to much emotionally for him.

I've read other Hermione time-travel stories where she just jumps on the opportunity to go back in time. I don't see her doing that at all. She's a planner and a thinker, she would never just blindly accept a mission without thinking it through beforehand. I've actually started to write out the final chapter, and things are going to be rather different, but some things will remain the same. Everything will definitely be explained at the end.

The only things I've changed for this story to work were; Dumbledore - obviously - is still alive, Ron and Hermione never actually got together, Voldemort escaped during that final battle. Pretty much everything else is true to cannon. Some things had to be tweaked here and there for the story to work, so it's not completely AU, but it's not totally cannon either.

No, I think that would be quite a bit of a shock for her. Seeing Sirius and Lupin looking so young and fit and seeing James and Lily alive, period. Not to mention, seeing how close they all still were to Peter, who she knows betrayed them all. If they truly love one another, when she gets back - if he's still alive - I don't think the age gap will matter all that much. True love doesn't have an age limit. At least, that's my opinion. And she'll be either 19 or 20, depending on when she goes back, so she's an adult.

I can't give much away on what all of that will be like. Everything is going to be in those final chapters, so it'll be kind of a spoiler if I say what the future, or the years she didn't really experience will be like. I've had the ending planned out for this since the beginning and have recently began writing it. So I know exactly what the future will entail. I just can't say yet. I'm sorry. :( I also already have a sequel planned that is the Hermione growing up in that new future, up until the time she comes back from the past.

I'm really thrilled that you liked this enough to continue!! I hope that you end up enjoying it, I'm really loving writing this story. :) And don't apologize! Time travel is tricky business. So much can change or go horribly wrong, which is why I love it haha.

Thanks for doing the swap! I'm up for it anytime!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #6, by crestwoodYear Five: Interrupted

15th September 2014:
I'm glad that Emily at least notices that Isobel isn't eating much. She pays a lot more attention to the rest of her friends than anyone other than Isobel herself, who refuses to take a look inwards. I am not surprised that Tristan has decided to continue keeping his secret from his friends. I mean, that's what he's been doing all along and he knows that Emily isn't going to tell them, so in his mind nothing has changed. And he knows that Emily is much more accepting than them, having been the reason he was invited into the group, (if I remember correctly) and just generally the nicest as well.

Tristan and Emily's 'almost' kisses inside of those bubbles are just what you'd expect of those two. Seems like a thinly veiled way to be close, without being emotionally close.

It's actually a huge step forward for Laurel to be losing some of her nihilistic attitude, even if it is causing some stress. She is in a really bad situation as far as exams go, with so much school missed and failing out of school doesn't seem like it'd go well in the Wizarding World.

Right when I saw that the envelope said 'For Tristan R. Bryce.' I knew she'd find out. This means I was right about Tristan's father being a Death Eater, which narrows down things a bit. The Big Thing is so big that even if I've guessed right, I'm pretty sure it's going to feel so good to find it out for certain. I am just blown away by the way you've revealed this secret a little at a time, I don't know how you keep yourself from spilling all of it in like the fifth chapter just to see people's reactions. I'm honestly scared of what Snape will do now that Laurel knows he's a Death Eater. I mean, I know he's good at this time period, but that doesn't mean he's nice.

I love Tristan's assertion that it's not just because Emily's muggle-born - it's because she's better. He has a pretty solid point there, I think.

Wow, I don't think you're going to expel Laurel.. are you?

I find her being rather bold for having found out that Snape is an ex-Death Eater. For all she knows, he's still active and would have no issue using Dark Magic to cover up his past. Of course, he's not going to, but I think she's especially brave to stand up to him that way in light of not knowing that.

I can't believe you cut off their kiss. I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but I can't believe. you set it up all so perfectly. Laurel getting caught by Snape just as Tristan and Emily are out walking by the lake.. of course THIS is when it all happens. There's no other time it could have, in this story. Things couldn't have gone right because that'd be too easy and none of these characters ever really have it easy. Amazing how all of the storylines connect, I'll tell you.

It's really mature of Laurel not to tell Isobel about Tristan's secret and instead deflected with the fact that he was in the process of snogging Emily when she found him.

I wish Tristan would take back that note to Emily. His insistence that he's a terrible guy is just really, really troubling.

It was so sad to watch Emily pretend to know about Laurel and Tristan. I don't think this is going to go over so well for Isobel's cherished group dynamics.

Emily is going to integrate with the other fifth year Hufflepuffs.. interesting. I can imagine that she'd be the one most likely to be accepted into other groups, as she is the most outwardly normal and stable of all of them.

Ah!! I love the letter from Tonks! Her advice is perfect and she might be exactly who Emily needs looking out for her. Clearly her thoroughly messed up friends may not be the most reliable source of help for whatever emotional issues she may be going through. Isobel patronizes her, Laurel can't see anything but herself and Tristan just blames himself for everything. Not exactly a bunch of role models, I'd say. I think I can feel the way the shrapnel is set to fly and things look to get worse before they get better. This is only getting better, somehow.

Side Note: Your nomination for Best Reviewer means SO much to me!! Considering how much I love and respect your work, having you appreciate my input is something I don't think I'll ever forget. Just.. thank you so much, really.

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Review #7, by crestwoodWhat next?: Chapter Two

15th September 2014:
Hey Andy! I said I would be back and here I am.

The beginning in which Rose is so concerned about Scorpius smiling at her and Ruth is equally concerned about the possible cancellation of Quidditch is really funny. It always is when two characters think that the other is talking about something totally different.

Your description of Jeanie was seriously excellent. This line "She had tawny skin that stretched across the bones of her face with such fluidity, almost as if it was an oil painting, not human skin." struck me as especially great. What an interesting observation to have about a person. I like that Scorpius isn't necessarily the super popular guy and is maybe boosted in that area by his girlfriend. It's typically the other way around in Next-Gen stories, so that's a nice change of pace.

Ruth seems to be the more logical thinker of the two, while Rose is very emotionally driven. Both ways of dealing with the world are equally valid, but in this situation, I can't help but agree with Ruth. It seems as though Rose is holding on to a disagreement that is over two years old and happened when they were both 14. It's reasonable to assume that he may have simply changed since then.

Of course when he overhears her calling him a mean name, it's going to start yet another argument and this time, there's no question about the fault lying with Rose. And just when he had begun to smile at her!

It's really awesome that you've dug into magically career paths here because I absolutely love that topic. I think the idea of many of the old career paths becoming obsolete in the present day and professional spell-work, such as Transfiguration, being extremely difficult to get into - but rewarding, is so plausible and believable. I wouldn't mind if you explored this stuff a bit more.

Oh yeah! Before I forget, I saw one typo mistake in the sentence "We skirted around? that idea for months; taking one step closer to it with every civil conversation we had" the question mark made it's way into the middle of the sentence there. Obviously just a typo though, so no big deal!

I think my favorite part was Scorpius' confrontation of Rose and his admittance to not getting her. I don't think I quite gets why she acts the way she does towards him either. I think it's a combination of some underlying romantic feelings, along with just a certain amount of pride that wont allow her to apologize for things and ask him to be friends. Although, with how little she trusts him, that is not exactly something I'd expect so early in the story. I do like the pace that this is moving in so far, though and the characters are all well established. Really good chapter you have here!

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Review #8, by crestwoodYear Five: Torture

15th September 2014:
It's been a while since I've had time to come and visit this story and oh, how I have missed it. I will say, I went to go nominate this for all of the Dobby awards I possibly could and as it turns out, you seem to be the most frequently nominated person across all of the topics. We all seem to be in agreement about your skill level around here. Once this story wins all of the Dobbys it looks as though it's going to, I'm sure they'll be a ton of new readers and I'm going to be so proud of being one of the original reviewers!

So, Isobel is making the comparison between her disorder and Laurel's addiction that I've been making in my head. For some reason, I don't think she is really picturing it as a disorder quite yet though. I think she has yet to realize how harmful what she's doing is.

Even just in the beginning there is so many incredible lines. "About how every second involved the active decision not to take her pain away with her wand." and "as if it were somehow inconsiderate that Penelope even existed at all" especially. You just have such interesting dialogue and characters that sometimes I forget how beautiful your prose is.

Isobel is as concerned as ever with keeping the group together. It seems as though everything she says or does is for the greater good of the group dynamic. I wasn't surprised when she decided that she didn't like Tristan anymore at all. I had seen it coming - he was threatening the group by sleeping with Laurel. In Isobel's mind there is no greater offence. It seems as though she is just now taking the time to really examine his character from a viewpoint that doesn't feel forced to be overpoweringly positive about him, as she's decided she doesn't like him. She has certainly picked out a great number of his flaws and I can definitely understand where she is coming from about kicking him out of their circle, although I myself would try to be a bit more understanding about him. You have really gotten inside of her head though, I'll tell you that.
I love that you've written in real runes into this story because, of course you have. You've thought of everything. Percy is just the most annoying of people, but it's hilarious from your characters' point of views.

I wish Laurel would realize that Isobel is struggling with a major problem here, but she is just very absorbed in her own issues. Which, of course, is understandable because they're really serious, but I just wish she'd take a second to pay attention to the fact that her best friend rarely eats.

Isobel has noticed that Tristan flinches at the use of the word Crucio and she dislikes him enough to do it seemingly for fun. She really seems to be a vengeful kind of person. But then, all of these characters have their flaws. I still love her, even though she's massively overprotective of everyone. She means well...I think.

Of course Tristan would know that she's mad. He does seem to know a lot about other people. He's the observant type. I wish he didn't truly think that he's stupid, weak or an all around bad person, but he really thinks that lowly of himself. The only reason he acts like a bad person sometimes is because he thinks he's a bad person. I wish I could speak some sense into him or something, but he's fictional and I'm probably too invested in his mental health.

Tristan's joke about Cedric was the cause of an excited gasp from me.. like a literal audible gasp. I really got my hopes up the second I read that, but alas, it was just him with his deadpan humor.

I love Isobel's interest in non-western magic and all of her knowledge that she has on the subject, even though Quirrel is likely only asking on behalf of Voldemort. She may even be giving him really valuable stuff that he uses in the future. Such as these alternate methods of torture.. I thought that the idea of psychological torture by way of putting ideas or images into people's heads sounded somewhat like when Voldemort convinced Harry that he had Sirius at the Ministry. It might not actually be exactly that, but that's what it reminded me of. And clearly that caused a lot of pain for everyone involved. Another spectacular chapter!

Author's Response: ERMGERD! I am so overwhelmed and AH! THANK YOU! Waking up to Dobby nominations might be the best feeling EVER!

I'm glad you pointed out about Isobel drawing a comparison to Laurel's problem. The funny (well, not funny at all) thing is that Isobel equates food with charms; one thing nourishes while the other destroys. She is very mixed up right now :(

"In Isobel's mind there is no greater offense." YES! I definitely love my Tristan, so I really wanted to convincingly get into Isobel's head here to show her side of things. I think of it as her being so exhausted by dealing with her own issues, as well as Laurel's, that she just has limited emotional space left to show Tristan appropriate compassion. And Laurel is definitely TOTALLY self-absorbed right now.

You're right, I think, about Isobel meaning well. It's just none of these kids are really qualified to be the entire emotional support that their friends need--which I think is an interesting consequence of boarding school that went unexamined in canon. I definitely have my criticisms of Laurel and Isobel's parents, but not SO MUCH that I think their kids are actually better off without them.

"The only reason he acts like a bad person sometimes is because he thinks he's a bad person." That was such a great analysis! Tristan's behaviors and motivations in this story were so interesting to develop--and they weren't something I'd totally planned out from the get go. I'm so happy with how it all came out, and really enjoyed writing about the emotional space he occupies (even when it was FRUSTRATING or HARD). And I AM DEFINITELY TOO INVESTED IN HIS MENTAL HEALTH!

Isobel is pretty straight up cruel here, because I wanted to kind of show how much she's deteriorated (starvation necessarily messes with the head) from her own perspective. She might not see how bad she's gotten, but that her feelings are wilder and more erratic, I hoped, would help convey the point.

Heehee! Tristan/Cedric! This story is rather a shipper's nightmare, as Romance is really kind of a back-burner "well, they're kids so that's around--BUT IT'S SUPER MESSY" thing. I had fun dropping in a few doomed little nuggets hoping they might develop into ships! :D (I might privately nurse some really doomed ships for my own characters ;))

Non-western magic was just SUCH FUN to develop!!! I'm so glad you appreciate! And since WE ALL know about Quirrel's second face, I couldn't just let that little gem of dramatic irony go unexamined. I DEFINITELY wanted to suggest that Voldemort got some of his ideas from Isobel!

The Ministry/Sirius thing wasn't exactly torture, though--but I imagine Voldemort still got the basic idea there, and applied it towards manipulation rather than torture. I just REALLY wanted to introduce the concept that having images in your mind could be a kind of psychological torture. This chapter very indirectly tried to give gravity to a lot of the anguish that Tristan is in.

EE! Writing a story where the points are buried in the spaces between what the characters consciously realize was SO MUCH FUN! I also wasn't at ALL sure if it would work (since it takes the reader putting it together for the concepts to emerge)--so seeing your reviews and analysis is WONDERFUL!


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Review #9, by crestwoodWe Are One: Spotted

15th September 2014:
NO!! This CAN'T be the last chapter! Of course, the last posted chapter is just as we're seemingly about to find out.. of course. Ah! Please update really really soon, I'm practically begging.

This is one of the better stories on the archives. If there was any more categories left that this applied to, I'd nominate it for a Dobby. This is supremely suspenseful and every chapter has built upon the foundation of the last.

I wonder if the fact that Greyback clawed their face will cause them to have any lasting wolfish tendencies like Bill experienced. I still cannot believe that they, injured, decided to come and kill Greyback, although now I do understand why at least. He saw who they are. This is huge because the Ministry now has this information and they've messed up big time. I can't imagine the kind of things they'll get into next.

The chase scene with Emerson was amazing. You gave such good description during it and really placed the reader in the middle of the action. He looks incredibly suspicious, but I still hold that I do think he is actually the murderer, but by the looks of things he IS guilty of some other crime. His last minute apparation was unexpected. I thought they'd bring him in with no problem. This case just seems to be doing a number on them.

Beginning the next section with "I resign" was pretty shocking. Of course, it was just Ron kind of exaggerating, but shocking nonetheless.

Also, the prose in this is beautiful. "The room sunk back into the silence that had been its only untroubled occupant for the past hour." THIS LINE. IS. EVERYTHING.

"his esteem had shattered and crumbled, and now lay on the floor in a pool of his blood" I mean, how?

I just love this. It's only getting better and better the more I read. I am so impressed with everything here. The characterization, the mood, the writing itself. It all works together. And you're keeping such a steady pace, with such a gripping mystery and revealing clues at just the right moments and giving us that amazing second person point of view and this is just coming together. I've added it to my favorites, so the next time I see an update, I'm jumping on it. Thank you for your request!

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Review #10, by crestwoodWe Are One: A mistake

15th September 2014:
The excerpt from the Prophet was so perfect. You really nailed the way that paper is written. Their digs at the 'weary-looking Robards' and questioning of why Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world can't catch this killer is so snarky and underhanded. Perfect for what we've seen of their brand of journalism.

Harry and Ron's laughing fit was so great! I like the way their friendship is depicted here. They're still best friends just like they were as kids and that scene just hit all of the marks.

I want to know who in the world this Old Bill is. Hmmm..

With the murder of McNair, even if it wasn't planned, the killer still has only targeted those who have wronged Harry in some way. I believe McNair tried to attack Harry in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

I don't know what kind of deranged person decides that they're going to target and kill Greyback of all people, but this murderer has their hands full.

So, we do have some clues here. I just can't seem to assemble them into a viable suspect yet. I'm going to be so excited when this is all revealed because it honestly has me completely stump as of now. Another great chapter!

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Review #11, by crestwoodWe Are One: Broken Pieces

15th September 2014:
I am really in awe of this killer's resolve. He/She's just murdering people left and right. I was very surprised about some of the things they said to Dung. They seemed to hate him just because they thought he was a bad person. (coming from a serial killer) Their anger at his abandoning of Mad Eye was shocking, but not even close to how surprising it was that they were angry about his actions leading to trouble for Harry...

So, supposedly, this person does not hate Harry, but wants him protected from people who have done bad to him? That would fit so far.. Umbridge treated him terribly, Xeno Lovegood betrayed him and Dung got him into trouble with Yaxley. Which opens up even more possible suspects.. I might even be way off. It's hard to tell. This is just so awesome.

Having Hagrid in Knockturn alley buying flesh eating slug repellent (I assume) was an awesome reference to canon!

I don't believe that Emerson did it. I think that's one of the suspects that's supposed to throw us off of the trail of the real killer. I can't wait to see what Hagrid has to say when Harry and Ron talk to him. With the sort of shady bunch he hangs around, he occasionally has some useful information. This story is just picking up more and more. Not much CC to offer here, I'm afraid.

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Review #12, by crestwoodWe Are One: Bitterly Truthful

15th September 2014:
When I first read about the bald man in the last chapter, my mind went straight to Dung Fletcher and it looks as though I was correct! Major personal victory there. The killer seems to be really talented with magic. The way they use nonverbal magic for their memory charm and can still make it so precise tells me a lot about their skill. It does seem as though they're very adapt at being stealthy.

So, our new list of suspects is helpful, although for some reason, I expect it to be someone closer to Harry. Also, Ron's outbursts and rumbling stomach really give me such a clear picture of his character in canon. Just great characterization with him.

I liked all of their Veritaserum answers, especially Harry's. His thoughts going into his past and then him changing his answer is exactly what he'd do. You have such a grasp of these characters. It's amazing the way you write them, I'll tell you.

I love this Ginny you've written and her relationship with Harry. This is really how I would have liked to think of them as adults, loving and intimate. Your characterization overall, is just through the roof. The pacing of the mystery is perfect, as you keep giving us more and more detail, but keep us on our feet by leaving out the crucial details and giving us so many possible answers to choose from. This has been great so far.

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Review #13, by crestwoodWe Are One: Chocolate and bubbles

15th September 2014:
Wow, this story is doing nothing but improving.. I actually enjoy the short length of the chapters because it gives us this sense that everything is happening in quick bursts. I think it works well with a mystery to not give too much description and up the word count. You've definitely done so, as you've given us no description to speak of about the killer. Which, I prefer SO much more than it being obvious.

The beginning with James' birthday party was light and just so cute. It convinced me that you are probably a talented fluff writer as well if/when you try to be. But then you pulled me back to what you're doing in this story and we got another glimpse at the murderer's mind. I imagined that we were meant to be watching through a window, but I honestly can't be sure. I think the line 'for one fleeting moment it was you carrying the little boy' kind of supports the theory of the killer being a alternate personality inside of Harry, as well as his confusion afterwards, but I feel like that may be there to convince me that is the answer so you'll be able to trick me later on! The killer must be close to the family though, considering the protectiveness it feels over James. This is just so much fun to try and figure out.

This Lance Emerson they find going through Xeno's mail seems like a likely suspect, which leads me to believe that he will not be the killer. I think you're going to throw a lot of suspects at us and then hit us with a curve-ball at the last minute.

The end in which we're back in second person is really terrifying. It looks like there's going to be yet another unsolved murder. The way that you write this unnamed person really is excellent. This entire chapter was really solidly written and paced. Not one criticism for this one.

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Review #14, by crestwoodWe Are One: Sunshine, stay

14th September 2014:
I'm back to hopefully finish up these reviews!

I can't believe you've killed off Xenophilius Lovegood! Not who I would have guessed was on their way out next, at all.

This mystery just got even MORE interesting! The murder clearly isn't some rouge Death Eater or something, as they're freely walking around the Ministry. Of course, that could be the work of Polyjuice potion, so I suppose that isn't entirely true. Which, again completely opens the suspect list. This one's not going to be easy to guess. At least, we now know that they have access to the evidence room and Pamela will probably inform us of who that entails in the next chapter.

Your characterization of Luna is perfect. Literally exactly 100% on the dot. She's always been this cheerful, hopeful character despite the death of her mother presumably having a big effect on her young life. I love that she acknowledges the sadness, but refuses to completely break down because of it because, just as her father was there when her mother passed away, her husband and child are there now. An excellent portrayal of the way Luna would go about mourning.

Xeno's mail will be fun to read through, with no doubt. I can't wait for what they uncover! This is really so exciting and gripping already. These second person peaks into the killers mind are chilling and it all comes together perfectly already. This story really pulls you in quickly. Excellent so far.

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Review #15, by crestwoodWe Are One: It begins with pink

14th September 2014:
Okay, first of all I am so sorry this took as long as it did. Real life started happening and I got a lot of requests for multi-chaptered fics all at once and it got a bit hectic. But, better late than never, they say.

I can't believe this is written in second person. I've never read anything on this site that did so and this is a huge surprise. Right away that pulls me in to this in a big way. The mystery is presented right here at the beginning. Who is this nameless "you." They have reason to hate Umbridge, but that doesn't narrow it down much. For some reason I felt as though it was a woman, although I am not sure why because after a second look I found no real indication of that. This 'you' had a fun time giving Umbridge a chance to fight against her before she began torturing her. That's a bit deranged, but then again, this is our murderer so the crazier the better. This person may be a handful for the Aurors.. I love that it's a canon character so I get to try and guess who it is before it's revealed, that's always fun!

I almost hope that the killer is someone that we don't expect. It could be a student that she was terrible to, it could be really any Muggleborn in the series, it could be a Death Eater that escaped prosecution. Really, it could be anyone. This will be very difficult to guess. The title of this story, We Are One, will be so interesting if Harry murdered Umbridge in some PTSD fueled rage.

Because that'd give us that idea of Harry kind of having a good and a bad side and we'd get our "we are one" moment. Of course, that's just speculation. I couldn't help myself. This has just got me thinking right now!

One tiny thing that I thought kind of stuck out: I don't think I can imagine Ron saying 'There's a lone black hair there.' For some reason that struck me as strange that he'd use the word lone. It could, of course, just be me though. Other than that little thing, Harry, Ron and Ginny were absolutely in character here. Ginny especially seemed to retain some of who she was in canon rather than fading into the background, even with less scenes than Ron or Harry.

Overall, this was really effective and well written. I haven't read a dark mystery like this for some time, but I am really excited to see what direction you take this. I wonder what kind of investigation we'll be taken along. I imagine there's a lot in store for me in the upcoming chapters. I'm so glad I finally got around to starting this, but it is now six in the morning and it looks as though I'll be continuing tomorrow. Great start here!

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Review #16, by crestwoodGypsy of Egypt: Kidnapped

14th September 2014:
Wow, I am surprised about James and Al waking up tied up like this. Was not expecting them to be in this kind of trouble honestly. James fear of his mother is absolutely hilarious, even though their situation in general is terrifying.

I do not like Persia's friend Ramsey very much. There's the thing where he's really insane and locked a boy inside of a tomb and left him to die just because Persia had a crush on him. And then there's the way he feels entitled to Persia's love simply for being nice to her. I wanted to yell "SHE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU" at him through my screen.

I think Persia realized where Albus is now, so hopefully these kidnappers wont have too much time to beat them too badly. It's actually really frightening, the situation they've gotten into. I'm a little confused as to what happened at the end though. I assume that Persia was attempting to trick the goblin into something, but then he turned out to be leading her into a trap the entire time? I'm not altogether clear on that part, but I know that she's walked into a bad circumstance there at the end. Overall, this is unique and exciting so far! You've created some interesting characters and really developed the setting we're in. Great job so far with this! Thank you for your request!

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Review #17, by crestwoodGypsy of Egypt: A Deviant

14th September 2014:
Your description is still standing out tremendously in this chapter. And the way you went about it was excellently metaphoric. It wasn't just dark, 'darkness haunted the corners' and it wasn't cold, a 'chill crept sneakily.'

I knew Al would go with her. He's clearly smitten with her and would follow her to the end of the earth at this point. I do wonder if that fortune about him going on an adventure wasn't given solely for the purpose of getting him to go along with all of her crazy ideas. I'm so here for tomb raiding and finding lost gold and all of this! This is really awesome and now she's got an actual magic carpet! I have never considered if those would exist in the Harry Potter universe, how intriguing.

It's really great of Persia to give away all of that gold. I thought that maybe I judged her too quickly as a sort of heartless kind of person. Maybe she just seems flippant as a result of her living situation and everything. And right when I was beginning to trust her, someone attacks James and Al. Hmm, I wonder who and why! Really good work with that cliff hanger. The 'everything went black' ending is one of my favorites. Another good chapter!

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Review #18, by crestwoodGypsy of Egypt: Didn't Even Know Her Name

14th September 2014:
Okay, this continues to be really, just super unique. We get a lot more of James this chapter and I have to say, he improved the chapter a lot. Mostly because he spurred a lot of the action on. He's definitely a Gryffindor, prepared to take off on a quest at any moment. This one didn't necessarily go as planned, but that's mostly because this Gypsy character is amazing.

You did a great job writing the chase scene. Your description is excellent and I love the part in which she dresses up as an old woman. I am very interested with the way she used sand to create the cane. That seems like a really powerful form of magic and something that I'd love to see explored further. Her escape once again, this time with James' wand was great and kind of funny even.

I am super confused about why Albus' kiss kept Persia safe. Although, I assume that will be explained in further chapters, so I will not press the issue. This is a really interesting setting and Persia is quite the character from what we've seen of her.

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Review #19, by crestwoodGypsy of Egypt: Gold-Galleons

13th September 2014:
These reviews have taken me SO long to get around to I'm sorry!! My review thread kind of exploded a bit haha.

I'll tell you though, I love a good gypsy story. Even better is a gypsy story in which the said gypsy is shipped with Albus. And while, I've read some stories here that featured a gypsy or two, they usually have just come to England for some reason or other. This one starts out really interestingly because we get to see them in their own culture!

The focus on gold at the beginning of the chapter was a really cool device to introduce the setting. It's awesome that the Weasley family is taking a family trip to Egypt again. Al losing his money is hilarious. And it's just like Hermione to object to Bill's stereotyping of the Gypsys, such a humanitarian, that girl is. I love Albus' characterization here. Something in me just adores shy, insecure Albus Potters.

The description of the setting continued to be excellent throughout the entire chapter. I especially like the tunnel scene in which the torches lit only that section that they were in. I could just clearly see the things you where describing and it looked really, really cool.

I really want to know what it is about Albus' future that caused his fortune teller to freak out like that. It must have been something terrible or forbidden, the way she shooed him away. It was so hilarious that she took his money again. And, I can't wait to see where this is headed because it has so much potential right now!

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Review #20, by crestwoodlove and lycanthropy and other institutions: institutionalisation

13th September 2014:
I've taken SO long to get around to this. I read it in pretty small bursts throughout the day and since it's so long I think I'm going to have a good amount to say here.

I'm going to try to go in chronological order here but I can't promise anything.

The running theme of things being institutions is really interesting. The way you portray lycanthropy is certainly an intricate way of wording it. An institution within institution.
The way James, Sirius and Peter tell Remus that they knew he's a werewolf is just so funny. Even Peter is funny and people usually write him as this terrible loser add-on to the group that was only allowed around out of pity. Luckily here he's actually a member of the group, as he was.

I am feeling so happy for Remus when he first realizes that the rest consider him one of them!!
Their nickname ideas were hilarious hahaha oh man!!

This Sirius seems to have a real disdain for labels I see.

The scene in which Remus finally retains consciousness while in his werewolf form was so, so well written. Seeing him finally have his friends by his side and not tear them limb from limb was great :D

And now we're getting deep into the Wolfstar side of things. That kiss was perfectly executed and he's trying to deny it's power but he simply can't!!

Of course Peter feels insecure about the group dynamic that seems subject to change. In his mind, he'd be the one left behind after the dust settles.

I wonder why Sirius is as afraid of water as he is. I do like that Remus doesn't press him to explain himself and just lets the matter rest. And now Remus is even kissing Sirius first!!
These older Mauraders are different, but equally entertaining. I'm so glad Sirius doesn't care if people see him being affectionate with Remus, even if Remus has some scrumples with it.

I can totally imagine Lily running those kinds of meetings. I guess leading student rebellion against Voldemort is just one of the things Harry did following in her footsteps, rather than James'. Of course Peter is already terrified of the Slytherins and the war. He never was much for risking his own life.

It seems as though Peter's feelings of being shut out of the group contributed to his betrayal. He feels unsafe and doesn't believe that they'll do enough to keep him out of harm and so, he goes about staying safe in his own way.. I don't approve of his methods, but his reasoning makes sense.

The fact that you said Remus is conscious long enough to feel his ribs break apart is terrifying and I don't even want to attempt to imagine..
Actually, all of the stuff about the wolf smelling the humanity inside of itself and scratching at it's body trying to get to it is even more unsettling and now I can understand a bit more fully just how deranged becoming the wolf makes Remus.

I love the last little Sirius/Remus moment in the Hospital Wing.

The end is really bittersweet knowing what becomes of the Marauders. It's terrible that they'll be pulled apart because they left Hogwarts so together and it's only highlighted by them being the last out of everyone to leave and it's just SO sad.

It's amazing that you gave me what felt like a full story detailing their time at Hogwarts; interpersonal relationships, triumphs, failures and secrets all within the space of a one-shot. You've written a Sirius/Remus story, but you've certainly eclipsed just that. This is a exceptionally brilliant coming of age story that really pulled out all stops the entire way through. I know this review is really long, but so's this chapter! haha, I'm glad I chose this one. Thank you for the swap teh!

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Review #21, by crestwoodHow to Fly: How to Fly

12th September 2014:
Beth!! This story!

The repetition of 'I've ridden on the back of a thestral, a hippogriff, a dragon' worked in so MANY different ways. And now I've noticed that you talked about muddling through the first few days of both when she was first brought him and when she first started teaching her to fly, this is too much! And she taught her things and she's just like her father and everything is so perfect about this.

AND then the ending is like releasing all of the emotions that have been building up and it's perfect. It's almost like an emotional punchline - like the rest of this was building up until that point. I was waiting for it without even realizing that it was coming.

How did you manage to do all of this in 500 words! I'm bewildered and I'm impressed and I can't even believe this. You're so ridiculously talented, wow. Thank you for this swap. I am so glad I read this.

Author's Response: Hiya!

This review.

Oh wow. It was just so sweet. I didn't think you'd pick this story, but I was so glad you did! ♥ I am fairly proud of it and I love getting feedback. I love the phrase "emotional punchline." I think you should trademark that.

Thanks again for this lovely review. It made my night!


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Review #22, by crestwoodSomebody Told Me: Somebody Told Me

10th September 2014:
This story is going about this in a much different way than all of the other entries so far because this one deals with bullying, as well as a central slash pairing. The narrative voice is really strong. You consistently write Scorpius' inner thoughts in this same kind of dejected, sarcastic way. Considering what challenge this is entered into, I wasn't surprised that Scorpius is gay of course, but I was taken by surprise with him cheating on Lily with her brother.

All of the rumors being framed against Scorpius was kind of sad. Although, luckily Lily is gone out of his life now...she isn't all that pleasant of a person, is she? The part that really hurts is when Albus chooses to pretend that he was never into Scorpius. It's truly cowardly of him to take part in the bullying himself. James supporting Scorp was such a sweet moment though. I loved the short glimpse we got of his character here. I can't remember if this was a one-shot or multi-chaptered, but it did get me excited for James and Scorpius in the future, whether I get to read that or have to imagine it myself. Great job on this!

P.S. Loved the Orwell quote!

Author's Response: HI!

I hope it's a good thing that it is different. With slash, I am very realistic. In adolescence, it is hard to be gay and let alone admit it. there is so much ignorance that bullying thrives in those situations. =(

Yes, he cheated. I simply wanted to create drama & it made sense since if he is around Lily, he would be around Albus as well.

Lily had ever right to be upset. She was in love with him and he cheated regardless of which sex. And with her brother. Many people say things they don't mean and she of course wouldn't have supported him. But we saw a real bad side of her.

Yes, Al was a jerk in this one-shot. It is cowardly, but it is a SLytherin trait which is why I specifically chose him. As from Harry's POV, this is the prejudice ways Slytherin are depicted.

And James who is in Gryffindor is the one who was brave enough to stand by his side and be open about his sexuality while showing support. THis is a one-shot, but I like to think they get married LOL

Thanks so much for the challenge. I never did slash & I am sure I never intended to, but this helped me get out of my comfort zone (in terms of writing). And thanks for the review =D

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Review #23, by crestwoodWaiting in the Wings: Time After Time

10th September 2014:
I like the idea of a type of ghost that most people in the Wizarding world can't see and don't believe in. I wonder why kids can see Harry and not most adults. I'm thinking that it's a specific kind of magic that the heightened imagination of a child can understand. At least that'd make sense. It is really sad that Harry knows all of these kids at Mungo's and yet, can't communicate with Teddy.

The scenes with Ron, Hermione and Ginny greiving over Harry in his coma are heartbreaking. Especially Ron with his steadfast optimism about the situation. Somehow, that's sadder than being skeptical about his condition.

I am really interested in the fact that Theodore Nott has been getting visited by Harry's father for so long, but James never visited Harry. It seems to parallel with Harry not being able to visit Teddy. I know this is a Theo/Harry story, so I assume some kind of attraction is what he refers to as his selfish reasons for wanting Harry to wake up. The end makes me really excited!! Theo can see Harry too apparently and this is about to get really interesting!

Another great chapter!

Author's Response: It was something that came to me when I watched Ghost Whisper one night: what if there were people you couldn't see? This whole headcanon came from it. The kids can see them more because of imagination than magic. Kids tend to believe anything you say and their minds are open to that side of the world, so ghosts tend to be the imaginary friends of the Wizarding world. Most will grow out of it.

You'll find out why Teddy can't see him soon. Either the next chapter or the one after that.

I know! It was so sad writing it.

James has been with Harry his whole life, Harry just couldn't see him. :( Which, yes, is somewhat parallel with Teddy not seeing Harry - they didn't for different reasons.

That is his selfish reason. ;)

So interesting! :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #24, by crestwoodYear Five: The Trouble With Laurel

10th September 2014:
It's like 7 in the morning and I haven't slept and I'm beginning to think this is the only time of day I'll ever read this story.

This line hit me so hard 'he was nearing the end of a long fought war with himself, and both sides were losing.' You've really made it painfully clear that Tristan is in an even worse place than usual. As a reader, I can almost feel the crash coming very, very soon. Laurel overall does seem better than before, other than her short-lived moment of weakness. In a way, it was a step in the right direction, as at least she wasn't self spelling again.

Isobel rebuilding Tristan's stereo is both a great gesture and an awesome way for me to get excited over your choices of music some more! Laurel's birthday was going okay at first - maybe the groups first normal time together since Laurel hexed out. But then she and Tristan had to go and ruin it. I had a feeling something similar happened at his party as well. These two have a thing for birthdays I guess. I do hope this doesn't shake up the group dynamic as Isobel fears. I wonder how Emily would react if she found out. I wasn't aware that Tristan knew about how she felt about him, but it makes sense that he would do nothing about it and continue to snog Laurel, who he knows has no real feelings for him. It aligns perfectly with his idea that he doesn't deserve someone who cares and how he'd just hurt her and on and on. That boy has some serious self esteem issues.

Sprout really tried her best with Tristan. She really did. I can't discredit her efforts at all. It's just that - Tristan is not Laurel. He has not yet reached a point at which he is emotionally vulnerable enough to allow her questions to get to him. He's very much still guarded and he knows just what she'll throw at him before she even gets a chance to. He's constantly a step ahead of anyone attempting to help him. He doesn't want the help. At least not now, and he wont accept it. Something big is going to have to happen before he's accepting any assistance from Sprout or anyone else. Like he says, he prefers to keep the bad beneath the surface because talking about it makes it real.

I love to read your ideas about both American and the rural UK Wizards that live on the fringes of society. I imagine that Americans would have a totally separate culture to British Wizards and the extremely poor in Wizarding society would certainly have a different way of going about things, not having much contact with other Wizards in their environment.

Once again, you've managed to find things about the Wizarding world that I've never thought of and force me to consider them for the first time. It's remarkable that you can still surprise me, 14 chapters in. I can't wait until I get to read the next chapter, these reviews practically leave themselves.

Author's Response: I am SO GLAD you liked that line! I was SO proud of that! (Weirdly, another thing that came out of studying for finals--except I was referring to procrastination). I think, though, that it's an apt way to conceptualize of that mindset.

Gah, I felt really, like, *guilty* writing all this stuff about Tristan. I really wanted to make him relatable on a lot of levels, and grew to really care for/identify with him. And man, torturing him like this was the WORST! But, I rarely *wanted* anything in this story to happen, more felt like it *had* to.

Speaking of which, Laurel/Tristan. You are BANG ON about the birthday party (that was the answer to the booze riddle!) And just YES. Your interpretation is so amazing and on point!

I definitely didn't want Sprout to seem *inept*, so I'm so glad that came off! "He's constantly a step ahead of anyone attempting to help him," was such a perfect way to explain that!

Being American, I couldn't help but be curious about Wizarding America! And in the real world, there is definitely a connection between drug addiction and poverty (usually the former leading to the former). And then, there was also the whole Gaunt family, who lived outside of society, and the little mention in Book 1 that some parents homeschooled. I sort of liked the idea of backwards wizard hicks, who double as the town witches (like how in old fantasy stories, there's the evil magic weirdo on the fringes). Anyway, spinning together headcanon, canon, RL themes, and fiction inspiring Potter canon was super fun! I prettty much decided to do Sprout POVs so I could include all of that!



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Review #25, by crestwoodSacrifice: Of Nightmares, Returns, and Reunions

9th September 2014:
I have missed this story Leigh, I really have.

The nightmare at the beginning was pretty unsettling. Especially the 'you are nothing' part, considering that Aj is practically everything to her siblings, if you think about it. They'd certainly be worse off without her there. You write such an accurate portrayal of a frightened eleven year old in Adam, I am blown away by how much he reminds me of my siblings. Children that age are some of the most difficult characters for me to write, so I just can't believe you're managing so well.

The household routine of the Schrechovitz family is hectic, but you give us enough description to work through all of that and understand what is happening. I loved Madam Rosmerta's letter to Aj, it's great that her employer is sympathetic to how difficult her situation is. And Harry's letter shows that she has yet another person on her side and he certainly is an awesome version of himself in this story. Intriguing parallel he drew between their childhoods.

Vinny and Aj are just friends, correct? Either way, I enjoyed the strength of their relationship. It was so clear from their limited dialogue how much they do care for each other. I can't wait to find out who the helpful Weasley who stole Adam's heart is. Interesting move putting him in Slytherin, where none of his siblings reside. I'm excited to read about the school year now that Aj doesn't have to worry about rent or food or her siblings being taken away. We'll get to see her in a slightly less stressed state, presumably! I love story so much and I can't wait to read more! Thank you for the swap :D

- Joey

Author's Response: Joey!

Yes, the nightmare was unnerving. Adam is a challenge to write--I'm the worst with writing children, because I've always been a more mature and aware person. I didn't miss much as a child, as most do, so it's hard to write one that's oblivious and not understanding. But Adam's doing okay so far :)

The household is hectic. I love Rosmerta, she's fun to write. Wait til you meet her for real ;) And then yes Harry. We'll hear from him again, I'm sure.

Yes, Vinny and AJ are jut friends. And ooohhh the Weasley that stole Adam's heart. She's my favorite character to write. You'll figure it out soon ;) Just have to wait and see.

Thanks for the wonderful review, Joey!


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