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Review #1, by crestwoodIcarus: Lily, Meet Lily

7th November 2015:
Hi Kristin! I was so excited to see another chapter of this story, let me tell you. I have missed everything about it. There is nothing else like this on the site :P

I'm loving this flashback. I believe this is first glimpse we've gotten of Lily before the events of the story? You really write kids convincingly. I avoid writing small children like the plague because I just can't get that voice correct. Your dialogue is always perfect, but that was just perfect in a new way. I really love the bit of backstory we got there. Sometimes I forget how little we actually knew about Lily before she was kind of thrown into all of this weirdness.

I'm laughing so hard at 'stupid sunlight streaming through the stupid window, stupidly early in the morning.'

I'm interested to see whether Miriam will be able to shed some light on how the inter-dimensional traveling actually works. More specifically, whether you can direct it at a certain dimension. Also, whether she even believe Lance in the first place.

Wow, I wasn't prepared at all for her to meet them. I thought that was a bit of a lost cause once she didn't find them before. And then you hit me with another surprise when she's hit by the car! That was strangely terrifying for that moment between the time I saw his expression turn to alarm and when I realized that she was okay.

As I read through this I'm just so jealous because you do so many things so well all at once and you make it look easy. Your description almost doesn't stand out because it just flows so well into the rest of the story. I don't register that you wrote it, I just see what you're telling me to see.

It must be beyond strange for Lily to come into contact with her grandparents and find out that her father wasn't even born in this reality. Although, in a way, it is good that she doesn't exist here since that could cause some issues in and of itself.

I really love how you've written all of the familiar faces. They're so carefree and happy in adulthood without having to have dealt with Voldemort. I really love AUs in which the wars don't occur, but I feel that idea doesn't make for much conflict. Which is why it's brilliant what you did here, by instead having Lily be stuck in a world like that which allows me to have my cake and eat it too :P

Absolutely excellent as always. Cannot wait for the next chapter ♥

Author's Response: Joesph hiii! So glad to see you back on this story - it has missed you as well. :p Really though, thank you, I'm so glad you think it's so original!

Yeah, since there were only three or four chapters before she hopped into the other universe, at a certain point we will have spent more time in the alternate universe than in the 'real' (well, you know) one. So I'm intending to have flashbacks scattered throughout as it goes along, kind of just to ground the story in where Lily came from - because you're right, we don't know a lot about her beforehand. And I have so much backstory in my head that I otherwise won't be able to share :p And wah thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the dialogue there and thought they were convincing!

Haha! Lily is very much my opposite in that respect, but it's kind of fun to write people who hate mornings :p

Well, people in the Dept of Mysteries are probably used to strange things, so at least Lily's got that going for her :p but yeah - tbh I have a lot to figure out in terms of how it works :p I'm really glad you're interested in their meeting and hearing about how the dimensional travelling works!

I wasn't prepared for her to meet them either, at least not yet! I was like "THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN MUCH LATER, GO BACK HOME LILY" but you probably know how it is. characters just do what they want. ugh #writerproblems :p

Aw, thank you! It's great to hear that the description isn't clunky or anything and just fits in with the narrative.

yeah, I think it'd be more of a problem if she did exist, to be honest. At least she doesn't have to meet herself - but it does mean that nothing at all is familiar, and she's even more out of place. It must be so confusing. I don't envy her :p

I had SO MUCH FUN writing that part and imagining what they would all be like when they were old. And then I got really sad because it never got to happen in the other/'real' world. Haha, I'm so glad that you enjoy this and get to see the world without the war but also still have conflict :p

Thanks so much for your review!! ♥

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Review #2, by crestwoodAlmost: Almost

6th November 2015:
Hi Gabbie!

I've never read such a relatively happy story from you. Or at least not soul crushingly upsetting, I should say. I guess without Teddy involved, the tone is a bit different :P

You have a really strong grasp on writing George. I can't even THINK about touching his character because I don't quite understand him or Fred at all... I'm always shocked when someone can make me feel that they've written him correctly because so many people go over the top with him and I just find him difficult. We have less of a concrete idea of what Angelina is like in canon, but of course that's where you come in. She's such an interesting character here. You've made it obvious why George is so interested, as well as a lot of others apparently!

I loved the little flashback to when they were younger - especially Katie haha! As well as George's little ineuendo xD

Their interactions get increasingly frustrating because you just want them to get together! Or for one of them to admit something! or just, for something! I mean, they do eventually, but I still wanted it to happen here :P

The story of George meeting her parents does not sound like a great first all. I can only imagine how they would react if she brought him home again, as her boyfriend.

Regardless of if they are dating, they do seem to have a really close friendship here, which is written and conveyed excellently. This feels like a little missing moment, a snapshot of a moment rather than a story arch, but I tend to love those kinds of stories. I don't always need something big or dramatic to happen to hold my attention. The little nuances of conversation can hold a lot more than people give it credit for.

This was a really interesting read, amazing job on this one-shot! Hope to see you around the forums, thanks for the swap! :D

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks so much for stopping by with this awesome review and it's been forever since we swapped! I missed you!

Hahaha, I am trying to make less angsty stories and I'm glad that you liked it. Teddy Lupin is like poison, he can make any story awful just by slithering into a scene. It's so funny.

I've been writing George for a few years now and I still don't know what I'm doing. Haha. I think that it's a lot of trial and error when it comes to his character but I'm happy that he's been taken so well. I wish we knew more about Angelina in canon but it's surprisingly harder to come up with defining character traits for her. I'm relieved that she turned out okay though, I was troubled that I didn't have her standing out enough.

Katie is hilarious! I haven't written her actually speaking yet but I'm getting there.

George's inappropriate joke somehow made it in here and I'm not sure how. Hahahah.

I know that a few people wanted them to confess here but they actually don't until after the War is over. If I had changed that, it would have ruined my universe and I try to keep everything as "canon" as I can with it.

Bwhaha, can you imagine what Angelina's parents reacted when they got married? I did mention in her story that George got chased around the back garden when she got pregnant with Fred though. Hahahahaha.

I thought that their friendship should have been focused on more here than say, George being hopelessly in love with her. You get enough of that already but to show that they actually are close friends was more personal to me. I don't know why I didn't think of some kind of story to go along with this but I liked how it turned out. :D

Thanks so much!

Much love,


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Review #3, by crestwoodchromatic independence.: loose clouds like earth's decaying leaves are shed

6th November 2015:
EMILY. still kind of speechless still over the moon still so excited. this is my first review in three months. i might have forgotten how to do this. i am literally already so happy just having read the author's note at the beginning.

the tone of this story is SO sarcastic. it's like you distilled a thousand eye rolls into every paragraph. Louis sounds like Kyle in my head and it makes things even more interesting.

Have I mentioned how great the title is? or how strange and awesome the actual line is?

“She says that they’re the same colour. I say that lemons have chromatic independence from bananas.”

I'm pretty sure you entirely invented that phrase and it's just such a hilarious thing to have an argument about. I feel like I should have a strong opinion about this.

I love the five minutes each month device and I love how much you lampshade it. (which is to say, drawing attention to the hilarity and outlandishness of something within a story. which is to say, winking at the audience)

The use of the word vignette is just flat out medium awareness. I have never been able to break the fourth wall so fluidly.

Exposition that should be redundant and understood by everyone present!

The truth is always stronger than lies. Not having to make up a story really comes in handy when being sneaky.

I just caught the 'I arranged to come alone' reference to mad max woah. That completely slipped by me.

I love nameless characters. Although this guy is a bit short of the cool of The Driver. It's funny that the bird motif of yours works so perfectly because, you know, Birdman.

Literally obsessed with the fact that the girl said they represent everymen. I am still laughing about it.

The Up ending was just bizarre, I love it. This is basically like one of my strange dreams where things happen that make sense, but only if you think about it as some alternative reality with totally different rules. Which I suppose this is, since they're fictional and all.

The characters realization was especially rewarding. Amazing. Bravo. This is weirder than (almost) every film I've seen this year. I had no idea what to expect, but my wildest imagination couldn't have come up with this. I am so flattered to have been dedicated such a story. It's literally the most oddly detailed fic ever. It's strange in all the right ways and the author's note alone makes me so happy.

I really love the chapter title because, I mean, what better to parody me with?

This would make me want to see all of these films if it wasn't for the fact that I've seen them.

Also, I've noticed that we have weirdly similar taste in recent action films. Drive, Edge of Tomorrow, Mad Max: Fury Road and John Wick just in this author's note. And it's even weirder because I don't even love action films or anything so there's a really small amount that I even watch. You have excellent taste overall though. I could probably talk film with you for hours.

This was excellent and actually totally surprising and different than what I expected. You managed to really knock me off my feet. I bow to your parody prowess. Thank you so much - you're the greatest ♥

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Review #4, by crestwoodfalling. : falling.

15th August 2015:
hi Erin, I've decided to do your request before our swap for some reason. I might be a little excited to get my thread up and running again.

So, your language here is very pretty. It isn't necessarily lyrical, but there is a certain quality to your diction that feels well put together.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm correct here, but should 'those pages which causes' say 'those pages which cause'? Regardless, that was an excellent way to explain that he doesn't go outside often and show the extent of his obsession without flat out telling the reader as much. I wish I could utilize description in ways like that.

I feel a lot of emotions for Lysander early on in this story. I think that the shared experiences I have with both obsessive compulsive disorder and eating disorders help me to kind of zero in on those things. I don't think I've ever let something like that evade my attention in writing just because I know the kind of language one would use and the warning signs and such.

Lysander's characterization hits close to home for me. The constant perfectionism to this extent is really well done and the reaction of Hugo is even better. I've seen a lot of fics where being a perfectionist to the point of seeming like a disorder symptom has been a totally positive experience for all involved, so I'm so happy to see a story in which someone is actually worried that their boyfriend is too obsessed with their work. Just because - that's realistic and someone camping out in their study day in and day out is concerning to a lot of people, even if that person is doing things of genius in there.

There is definitely a warning sign of unhealthiness in the fact that he uses potions to revive his energy. I think that should probably tip readers off to the fact that this is a self destructive path, if they didn't already realize.

I can see what you mean about a certain subtlety here. I understand that having to be coerced into eating is a huge red flag, but it isn't immediately obvious or stated outright that there is a disorder here. I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that though. It's definitely not to a point where I "get nothing" out of this like you said in your request. I don't see how someone could finish reading this story and not see your intentions of presenting an unhealthy, troubled person. Not spelling out every single thing is kind of underrated in my opinion. I know that a lot of people like to understand everything at all costs, but I'd say that there's value in what you don't say - what you leave to the imagination.

The 'karma probably' line is something that I've actually said a lot. Crying a little bit about that one.

Also, I literally forgot that this is an A-Z fic until I saw the author's note!! Wow. That's really, really amazing how natural the language feels.

To address your concerns about this being 'anticlimatic' - I just don't think that's a real compliant to have about this story. It's a one-shot and it works great as a Slice of Life sort of thing. This feels like a glimpse at a person - a character study. I don't think you can apply the same dramatic expectations that you would a longer story to this. In some ways, I feel that the sort of open-endedness of this works as commentary on the lack of MAGICALLY GETTING BETTER that happens in real life. The conclusion is the Hugo goes through all of this and still stands by Lysander. The simple act of him deciding not to leave him to be alone IS a climax. And I think it works perfectly fine for this. And as for - 'keeps going in circles' - that isn't really something that felt like a drawback. Like, yeah the whole time Lysander is being difficult and Hugo is trying to get him to stop, but that's just kind it happens? I think that some of that frustration that readers might feel is sort of warranted if the story is to be realistic in any way. Because caring about someone with such serious disorders can be emotionally taxing in a way that might make someone uncomfortable or want to say, like, 'JUST GET ON WITH IT."

But I ask - just get on with what, exactly? You know? Like, this is a story about someone trying to get someone to break an unhealthy pattern, so in order to write about that, the pattern in question must be described in some way. I don't think you did it in a tedious way or anything. In fact, you came up with a whole host of fresh ways of phrasing things here where I'd have probably just sounded like a broken record. Basically, I think that this might not be to everyone's taste, but in no way is that indicative of its quality. The more I sit down with this, the more I appreciate the nuances of it all. I think this is one of the smarter depictions of a mentally ill character I've read. Excellent work. Let me know if there is anything I didn't touch on that you wanted me to and we can talk about it on Skype. Thank you for requesting from me!

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Review #5, by crestwoodbroken, broken: after the Battle.

15th August 2015:
EMILY. how have i never read your writing before? what was i depriving myself of?

let's just talk about your post-war world. there's not much time between canon and this story, but there's obviously a lot of unique elements at play here. for one, the ministry is really cracking down hard in this story. as much as i'd like to think that everything was forgiven and forgotten after the war, the unfair trials and jailings are probably a lot more realistic. i love stories like this that focus on slytherin minor characters. for some reason daphne and astoria at Hogwarts are just endlessly interesting to me.

i love the justification given for daphne going back to hogwarts even though she went for her seventh year already. it's always interesting the ways people write Slytherin students redeeming themselves after the war.

Your dialogue is so believable - it just flows. something i've noticed is that you are unnaturally good at writing the natural movements and subtle body language of characters as they speak. there's never a moment where it starts to feel like talking heads. while that style can definitely work for some stories, here i think that this grounded approach to dialogue is just perfectly suited.

Astoria's characterization is amazing. her righteous anger just kind of seeps out of her character. she jumps off the page at me. she's like that actor that sort of steals every scene they're in. i love how emotional she is, although it may be counterproductive in the current situation she finds herself in. It makes me wonder what she and Daphne were like before the war and if their current selves were coaxed out of them or fabricated by the trauma.

When you write about how the stones of Hogwarts are etched with memories, I can just see everything you're saying in my mind's eye. You've got such a remarkably cinematic way of description. It never stands out as such, rather it blends in with the prose as though it simply had to be told that way. You use space in a way that I actually wish I could. It feels like everyone is always moving, which they are. You just give more detail about the things people do with themselves when you write and it makes this story feel so...dynamic. It's not your fault is where I first felt tears.

Everyone's reaction to the war is different and everyone is acting so realistically. The new initiative is a huge frightening spanner in the works. I actually felt a sense of dread creeping upon me as I read it. This is one of those stories where I can tell I'm going to get overly invested and start to feel like I am these characters are be fearful of the things they're fearful for and nervous about everything they are. I love those sort of things that really immerse you in the world they're portraying.

Your characterization of Daphne is also something to speak about. You managed to write her as someone who's, for all intents and purposes, sort of empty. But somehow you avoided writing her as lacking depth. It's like, we can see the emotional depth simmering beneath the surface, even if it isn't right in our face. That kind of nuance is incredibly difficult and I just don't know how you managed.

The way you handled Pansy's panic attacks was wonderful. The thing about this is that it would be exceedingly difficult to reassure her because, well, they are in a really bad situation. Anxiety is bad enough to blow ordinary, everyday stresses into something huge, so I can only imagine what it does when the world literally is conspiring against you. She's a very sympathetic character already. I loved the scene where they rip up the newspaper. Little things like that really can feel great.

the dream within a dream that you wrote was just absolutely terrifying. those kind of dreams make me feel so totally on edge for a long time afterwards. i just feel that at any moment i could find out that i'm still inside of a dream and it's really so unsettling not trusting your own reality. Furthermore, stepping on your own dead body is a really traumatic thing to dream about. It's really quite sad that Pansy can't get a break, even as she sleeps.

I like Millicent's character as well, even though she doesn't seem to talk much and definitely isn't around very often.

This is jaw-dropping - "putting her head between her knees because she feels so much safer curled into the confines of her own body" It's not often that a piece of description feels clever, but this was a really, really clever bit of writing.

And - "She's drowning, honestly." I love the feelings the word drowning evokes.

The way you described the changes the Slytherins went through after the war are such great examples of how to show and not tell. Amazing.

I love that you called him Gregory. And that Draco showed a certain tenderness toward him - they are supposed to be friends and all. Also - fists that break the skin and bloody half moons! Brilliant!

I love the touch of the secret letter. I'm very interested in seeing if Daphne actually does decide to go on the run or not.

When Daphne catches herself about to roll her eyes at Pansy, that was a subtly excellent moment of characterization, wow.

The musings about Dumbledore's grave and the finding of Millicent's wand... what an amazing scene.

Daphne going on the run to live as a French Muggle is such an interesting and unique direction to go in, if you do, in fact, go in that direction. I have a feeling whatever you do will be genius.

The kiss at the end and the subsequent realization of how unhealthy it was managed to be both heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure. You're such an awesome, talented writer and I couldn't have liked this any more. Amazing chapter, Emily!

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Review #6, by crestwoodHaunted: the gift

20th July 2015:
Hi Isobel! (I don't know if we've met before, but if not - Hello, I'm Joey!)

I saw this and I had to come check it out! Theodore Nott and Tharry and Drarry! So many things I love all in one story.

Your version of Theo is so intriguing and complex. He has a strange set of loyalties so far. I have a feeling that we have yet to see the full scope of his motivations. The beginning pulled me in--describing him as a puppeteer. There's nothing I love more than a manipulative character. Judging by his intention to, this time, become a puppet, It'd seem that he's turning over a new leaf. Or at least attempting to.

I really like the setting that you've chosen. I love stories set in Hogwarts while the Trio were looking for Horcruxes. Your version of Hogwarts during the war seems like it'll be sufficiently dynamic and fun.

I'm very excited to see what Theo does next. Especially considering that he thinks of helping the good guys out as selling his soul to the devil. He definitely feels like an extremely conflicted character already.

This was really, really excellent. I can't wait to read on!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #7, by crestwoodA Study in Silver: Such Savage Methods

16th July 2015:
Hi Roisin! I'm so excited right now because I've been wanting to fully articulate how much I love this story since I first read it. I'm gonna try to keep this review focused on this chapter, but I LOVE the entire story and will be back to let you know how perfect each chapter is as well.

The first scene is so effective. The image of Perry's eyes shooting open like that is enough to haunt me at night.

The fact that he finds heroin totally fine as long as he isn't overdosing probably sounds kind of silly do some people, but that is SO REAL. Like, addicts are not super worried about drugs. It starts to become way more routine than I think people realize. Like, yeah, they still get a rush, but humans are realy good at becoming used to things.

This scene is sad because she finds out that he's an addict and everything, but also: it's hilarious. He is jumping on his bed! Also, '“?!?!?!?!?!” Roxanne replied.' is the most you a line could possibly be.

We've discussed how Roxanne sees the avaiablity of drugs are a public health issue first and foremost and that's really on display here. But she's also understanding angry that he lied to her about all of this. And, as many flaws as Perry has, I think this is his lowest moment in the story. Emotionally blackmailing Roxanne into staying with the whole 'I'm an addict. What if I overdose?' thing was pretty foul. It's so believably mean-spirited in a way that I feel he'd actually go about gaining the upperhand though. He's one of the most complicated characters I've read on this site, I'd say. But then - your characters do not tend to be one-note or straightforward.

Of course Mrs. Hudson is well aware of what's going on; I'd expect nothing less. My favorite thing is that you used Doctor Who because it'd reasonably actually still be running new episodes.

One of my favorite things of the scene here with Harry is totally not being sure whether the previous incident he speaks of was a case of Perry just being absolutely paranoid or if he was on to something back then. And generally, I love your Harry. I struggle and struggle with him. And then struggle some more. So any well done version of him sticks out a ridiculous amount to me.

Your gossip articles are my favorite. Like, if you wrote scathing pieces for TMZ, I would actually read TMZ articles.

Roxanne picking up some Leonardo's makes me laugh every time!

Any scene with Perry is actually sort of pure gold, especially when Roxanne is mad at him and he's being sort of sarcastic and dismissive and she is just not having it and their personalities clash. The condensed back and forth in itallics/standard font was a good move, in my opinion. Just because of how much had to be said in order for Perry to come to a realitization. Although, I am the king of long winded dialogues and most likely wouldn't actually mind either way because the writing is so compelling.

Ok, I'm a very, very intense Neville fan and, as such, Bellatrix makes my blood boil. I don't think I've ever fully been able to put into words why my hatred is so strong, but this is exactly it. I fully imagine that she was sadistic enough to bring about the expansion of the Spell Damage wing and that people would hold her in such disregard that they'd avoid the use of her name. I think this was my headcanon all along, but it's only just been written done because secretly you take the contents of my mind and just write exactly what I want to read every time you begin a story.

I'm a huge Healing Ethics Story person. This reminds me of how much I need to rewrite/edit mine. Because you just go so much deeper with the concept and give such a fresh take on actual valid objections to the incorporation of Muggle treatments and the like--even managing to have the villain be the one who wants to incorporate treatments that would seem more progessive and good and illustrating that good ends don't always justify the means, especially in the medical field and AH I love it.

Also, you made it Alice could YOU?

I can't with 'mug-drugs'

I get chills reading the drug dealer scene. You went in the exact opposite direction that anyone writing that scene would have gone and I feel like I could write an essay on just how perfect it was. I've been using the 'remembering the child' thing in my everyday life and I feel like it's made a positive difference in the way I perceive people, like, as a whole. And that's so awesome and something only really special writers can do, you know? Like, change the way I relate to the human race. You're awesome.

Perry is the most realistic addict that I've ever read. Literally everything is out of order but his drugs.

I adore 'both very tense and very boring and also 'JAMES POTTER BEDS FUTURE SISTER-IN-LAW'

I'm so happy with the way you've described Draco's house. Someone's living conditions can say so much about them. Also, I'm now thinking about what The Trials of SM Draco would think of Perry and it is hilarious.

The end of this chapter is just flawless. If this story was told through a visual medium, I picture the internet having a field day turning that into a meme. Which reminds me that there is a thread on the forums about fics you want to see as movies. I mentioned Y5 the first time, but now I think I'd want to see this one in that format even more!

I'm quickly running out of space here, but I just want to say that you're such a life changing writer and that I seriously can't do anything but just thank you over and over. You're the best! Thank you for swapping!


And YES about your comment on addicts, and them just sort of starting to think things are normal, or not a big deal. Roxanne has never really /known/ an addict before this point, so this is of course all very shocking and disturbing to her (as it probably should be).

And hah, I'm glad you enjoyed the humor in an otherwise intense scene (I'm still stupidly proud of the "?!?!?!?" thing). Part of the humor here was sort of necessary; as you mentioned, Perry is really at his worst here. Like, his behavior is pretty inexcusable, and Roxanne has every right to be furious with him. So like, I HAD to lighten it up a bit, and give him a little silliness (jumping on the bed), because I was afraid readers would just start hating him so much that he could never win them back.

Yeah, Mrs. Hudson is a bit of an enabler, and YEAH, Doctor Who WILL still be airing ;) [I have this whole joke set up for the sequel to this where Mrs. Hudson mentions that the new Doctor looks like Roxanne, which is a HILARIOUS Who-joke, because there are three things that all fans are eagerly awaiting: 1) A black doctor 2) a female doctor 3) a ginger doctor--this has been built up to a weird amount]

Oh yes, Harry's comments about that old case--well spotted! ~~LaYiNg ThE gRoUnDwOrK fOr FuTuRe StOrIeS~~

HARRY IS SO HARD AND SCARY TO WRITE OH MY GOD. I'm so happy you find this one realistic! I was basically going for "perfect, but not perfect" if that makes any sense :P

The gossip pieces might have been the singular most enjoyable part of writing this story! And YAY, super stoked that the Coffee from Leonardo's bit was funny. (My own values begin to show there, I think. It's like, a metaphor for bourgeois affectations as moral anesthesia).

I'm glad you point out how sort of emotionally LOADED Roxanne's work is. I needed to do that to sort of complicate Blishwick's behavior, to the point that you can ALMOST agree with what he's doing. But then, yeah... He killed Alice. Which was pretty cold of me, but I needed it to /matter/, you know? This story is def a LOT about ethics and morals, especially those places where they are in conflict.

Also, HOW STUPID DO I FEEL FOR NOT TITLING THIS "Such Savage MEANS". *facepalm times infinity* GUH, that's what I MEANT. Just pretend I said 'means.'

Mug Drugs! You can keep that :)

The scene with the dealer was def meant to show the evolution of her character. Like, the mask has been peeled back, and she no longer just sees a shadowy, faceless underbelly. These are PEOPLE, and INDIVIDUALS, not just anonymous low-lives.

Isn't the 'picture people as babies' thing handy! Seriously, it's SUCH a great tool! I'm so happy to hear that you've found that valuable!

The incredible order of his works was something I thought of last minute while posting. Like, "oh yeah! That's a thing!"

'Very tense and very boring' was def a play on 'either very brave or very stupid' from PS. I've loved that line since I was 9 and first read it, and I think a variation of it shows up in Y5 too.

Hahahaha! Yeah, Trials Scorpius is SUH different, isn't he! And yeah, I wanted Draco's apartment to be as different from Malfoy Manor as possible while still realistically Draco-ish.

Ah! That you think it's meme-able is SUCH high flattery! THANK YOU!

Dude, I can't thank YOU enough for all the amazing encouragement you've given me. Like, I really don't have words enough.


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Review #8, by crestwoodYour Heart on Your Sleeve: 2

8th July 2015:
Hey Julia, back for the second chapter.

Honestly, an evening with Draco would be significantly interesting. I feel that's an overwhelmingly accurate way to describe him post-war. Which isn't really to say that he's wrong about the confusion and disgust, but curiosity can pretty much trump those emotions sometimes.

You've got an otherworldly grasp on Luna's speech patterns. I have no clue how to describe it, but I know it when I see it. And 'You're the one I would blame the least' is it.

This cafe sounds like Luna Lovegood if she was distilled into a restaurant. And for some reason, the fact that the place has a flimsy paper menu felt like the most important description ever.

The food in this scene really strangely is able to sum up these characters so effectively. When I go to write people eating, I'm like 'and then they probably ate oatmeal' and I don't know where to go from there.

I had to take a lap around my room after I read about Draco Malfoy giving a compliment sincere enough that he had to drink about it. That was the most clever thing.

I'm sort of dying about how fanciful the Fwooper thing is, but it really makes sense to me, as far as the way her mind would work.

I'm impressed with how casual you've managed to make Draco and Luna hanging out like this. It should have been an awkward mess of a night, but you've made it work and made me buy it.

How did you describe this flat in such a comprehensive, idiosyncratic way? Luna Lovegood lives here and nowhere else. The openness of it, of course, and also: it reminded him of childhood. I love it.

The second Luna told him to look into her mind to see what the war was like for her, I knew that this could not end well. I knew that it wasn't likely to end well before I started reading, but this is gonna do it. (the fluff was nice while it lasted)

The actual Legillimency scene is even better than I thought it would be. I'm not sure I even have the vocabulary to discuss it as I'd like to. You've placed me inside of a scene more effectively than I think anyone ever has. To the point of my being kind of emotionally drained after reading all of this. (in the best way possible) Description is the thing I struggle the most with and often the thing that manages to impress me the most. These lines are just spectacular. More than I can quote--but to start: 'beside him was a feebly stirring lump that was all snarls of flesh and blood and cloth' and 'felt every knot of the wooden floorboards beneath her hands, every prickling hair on the back of her exposed neck.' were particularly good. That was, overall, some of the most captivating writing I've ever read.

This is a really, really tragic end to this chapter. I'm only glad you didn't decide to write this as a one-shot or something and end it here. It would have been incredible still, but with what is probably the most desolate ending of all time. This way I can at least hold out hope that things will get better, even if they don't.

I admit, it did seem like they'd have a hot and steamy evening, but I didn't think that would happen. I'm not sure what I expected, but I doubt I would have bet on this. I've still no clue where this is headed. I literally only know that I'm going to enjoy it and I think that's enough for me. The chapter three teaser author's note is totally working on me. Thank you for this story--it's such a pleasure to read!

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Review #9, by crestwoodGame On: My Team- AdinaPuff- Hufflepuff

6th July 2015:
I love Oliver Wood stories! There is not enough of them. I can definitely imagine him with a father that loved Quidditch and a mother that pressured him into playing it. I wasn't expecting him to say he hated Quidditch though, although it makes sense.

I do love that he's able to separate loving the game with making the game his entire life. That's something that I've had trouble with in the past--I get really into things. (literally whatever I'm into at the moment)

Especially in the midst of a war it really would be daft to continue on playing Quidditch as if nothing was going on of much importance. I seriously love this. I would read a multi-chaptered fic featuring this Oliver. Such amazing mental commentary here. Amazing work once again!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #10, by crestwoodGame On: Death of Me- AdinaPuff- Hufflepuff

6th July 2015:
I have a feeling that this is going to be sad. And almost immediately that feeling is validated. I can imagine George not being totally okay with opening up to a stranger for some reason. Especially not about Fred. That just doesn't seem like something he'd go for.

'made in Fred's case' Oh wow. Oh woow. That hurt.

Okay, this just went from joking to George speaking of his brother's death for the first time and realizing that he's never coming back. I don't think I've ever been so emotional about the twins. I was never a huge fan of them before, but lately I've read so many good stories about one or both of them and this is almost difficult to read it's so sad.

I'm literally crying really hard at George saying that every memory with Fred is his favorite. That's such a poignant, touching thing to say.

This story was heartbreaking, but also kind of hopeful. It made me feel pretty upset, but I really loved it and it was truly a well written piece of work.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #11, by crestwoodGame On: Football - banshee -Hufflepuff

6th July 2015:
I really love when you write Deamus, so I had to stop by here. I'm so happy about the way you just dip right into Dean's thoughts for a bit, giving us some background without fully leaving from the moment.

Headers are probably one of the most satisfying moments in sports--I can attest to that.

Oh wow, this is about Quidditch, but so much better than that. I adore all of the details about Dean being torn about how he felt about Seamus and his family life and just everything. Such good writing all over the place. I wish I could read more about the background of these two. Like, I wanna know how they got together so bad. This was nice even if I never know how Dean told Seamus he fancied him :P Excellent work :)

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #12, by crestwoodGame On: Make it Magic - Jayna - Hufflepuff

6th July 2015:
Oh wow. You have such fresh ideas! We were given a pretty narrow prompt but you've definitely stretched it out to a hilarious degree. Yeah, toasters sound kind of stupid when you really think about it. So happy to see Lockhart here! He's the perfect person to host something, I'd say.

I kind of feel like the whole 'make it magic' concept is sort of meta, considering how so many of us writing for the collab made normal games magical in creative ways. Not sure if you meant to do that, but it's great either way. I love the Lockhart commentary. It's really best that he sits this one out, for the sake of everyone else.

I feel like I'd pay all the money I have for a running cardboard box car. And I'd drive it on the road if it was street legal. I didn't know that this was a dream of mine, but this is a dream of mine.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #13, by crestwoodGame On: How to be a Muggle in Three Easy Steps - Jayna - Hufflepuff

6th July 2015:
This is so funny! I was actually questioning for a second if 'Where's the Wizard?' was a real thing in canon. I'm just picturing someone showing up to a game show, trying not to look like a Wizard, wearing robes. And it is a very good picture to have in my head.

I can't believe I'm reading about selfies and seeing hashtags in harry potter fanfic but I love this. Transfiguring yourself into a bird would be an excellent way to watch people, I must say.

THE LITTLE BOX THAT WE LIVE IN. SMARTPHONES. wow, perfect commentary. best line ever.

Okay, pureblood being turned into purified water is so great. I think Muggleborns would kind of have this game down. I also just realized that I have no idea who the narrator here is.

This was so ridiculously hilarious! Sooo good!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #14, by crestwoodGame On: Volume II: It's Not a Party Until Someone Spins a Bottle - alicia and anne - Slytherin

6th July 2015:
I agree that spin the bottle should be a thing at most parties. (Weirdly enough, I've only played once in my life and I've been to plenty of parties. Big let down, reality) When Theodore says he's the best one there, I really wonder what he thinks he's the best at. Everything? I'll give him suggesting the game though, that's all him.

I don't think I'd trust any dares Theodore gave me either. I feel that'd be foolish of me.

Oh my, Blaise is so forward with his dare! hahaha! You can't just outright dare someone to kiss you. The trick is to set up your friends!

Pansy's dare is my favorite :D That was so unexpected! I imagine that Theodore would go out of his way to make it totally awkward and uncomfortable too, lol. This was awesome!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #15, by crestwoodGame On: Volume II: Kiss Chase II - alicia and anne - Slytherin

6th July 2015:
Remus is most likely correct about this game. He knows his friends well. I'm dying at Peter getting a Hawaiian shirt in Barbados, but I suppose he couldn't have proper gotten himself a Bardadon shirt. I don't even know if that's a real word honestly. So yeah, probably doesn't exist. I love that Sirius doesn't say what his card says at all. Just wiggles his eyebrows and lunges. And it says kiss the person you love!! Aww, that actually warmed my heart. I'm so satisfied by both of them left grinning stupidly afterward and by the nonchalant reaction of James and Peter. "Once you two are done." Seems like they saw this coming. I'd love to read more about these Marauders just to know how obviously Sirius and Remus must be about how into each other they are. I LOVE this.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #16, by crestwoodGame On: Kiss Chase - alicia and anne - SLytherin

6th July 2015:
I'd never heard of kiss chase before you started writing these stories! Is this a real game that people play? Because if so, this would have been something I would have played when I was younger for sure. I always wanted to play the games that no one's parents would approve of. Probably the worst influence in a number of people's lives.

Their reason for hanging around with Theo is very valid. And of course he's up in the tree. I don't know what I expected, honestly. This is the flirtiest game ever. I'm pretty sure Blaise isn't even into him, but it still seems like he is because THIS GAME. I love it! I want this in the actual story on your author's page :)

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #17, by crestwoodGame On: Volume II: Exploding Feelings - alicia and anne - Slytherin

6th July 2015:
Tammi! I'm laughing so hard at Seamus exploding his toothbrush. AND EYEBROW PENCILS. This is the best thing. I'm so happy that this is Deamus and not sad. Their stories tend to be really sad for some reason, which I do love, but funny is good too! I really love the trope where someone gets all antsy whenever the person they like just barely touches them. Mostly because it's SO TRUE. Like, that happens, that's a thing. It sounds like it'd be fake, but it's one of those things that's truth in fiction. Your version of Exploding Snap sounds pretty frightening honestly. I don't think I'd want to play this. Especially not with Seamus, come to think of it. The end of this was perfect. The kiss definitely felt earned. I've kind of had a similar situation play out in real life so this was sort of funny to read with that in mind. Absolutely loved it!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #18, by crestwoodGame On: Rock, Parchment, Wand - jessicalorewrites - Gryffindor

6th July 2015:
Rock, Parchment, Wand!! Oh man, that is GOOD. Just that alone was enough to make me laugh--I didn't even start reading yet.

Do I spy a Punjabi James?? I am already in love. And this Remus is awesome. My brain totally switched around the characters at first and I was reading it as Sirius wanting to make decisions based on a game. But the fact that it isn't him doing this and instead Remus being hilarious makes it even more funny somehow.

'Bring whoever is being the least sarcastic back.' I LIKE THIS LINE A LOT.

I forget that Wizards can jump off of buildings and not die if they have their wands. That's the coolest thing and I think I'd do that often.

Secondly, 'winner gets to go on a date with the other.' This is so clever. He's getting his date either way. I like the way Remus thinks. Well, this was wonderful. I honestly just sort of want more!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #19, by crestwoodGame On: Volume II: Wizard Football - Frankie05 - Gryffindor

6th July 2015:
Hello! I'm very curious as to how you'd play football on brooms! That seems like it'd be difficult to pull off, somehow. And as soon as I wonder I get my answer - a charm on the ball. Simple enough and it works! And for some reason, the fact that you can't touch the ball with your broom made me laugh.

I really enjoy the voice you used to write this. I find it so hard to write from a child's point of view but you've pulled it off spectacularly. I love all of the little details, like how competitive Harry and Ginny get and how Ron is much better as goalkeeper. I thought this was such a cute little story. Loved it!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #20, by crestwoodGame On: Volume II: Up, Up, Up (pt. 4) - roisin - Gryffindor

6th July 2015:
The Weird Sisters kind of remind me of my friends always trying to drag me to see some great band that's really old and hasn't put out an album in at least thirty years. And I'm just like, NO. I would have seen them thirty years ago, but NO I have a mental image of them that I'd like not shattered.

I love the phrase 'I'm over this noise' and never expected to read it in harry potter fanfic.

I'm pretty much obsessed with Roxanne and everything she says. This has been excellent to read and given me a fair few ideas.

The end was so, so good. Like, you say you don't really write romance, but you just did! And it was surprising, satisfying, realistic and everything a romance should be. And this is in the same universe as SiS! Wow, I didn't think it was possible to like Roxanne more, but here we are.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #21, by crestwoodGame On: Up, Up, Up (pt. 3) - Roisin - Gryffindor

6th July 2015:
A carnival is just so George Weasley. I actually kind of want to take this idea and make it a thing in another story, just because I feel like an idea like this deserves a life outside of this gigantic collab where it'll kind of be lost after a while. I'm keeping a running list of things to talk to you about after reading all of these stories. It's growing long.

I am getting chills just from you talking about George as a businessman. Didn't think I'd end up saying that today.

That is a pretty pitiful apology gift.

Ooh, they're Hufflepuffs! And Cattermole!! What a great family to include in a fic. I may have to follow suit because that is amazing.

And she got the same hat he offered her, wow. I love her. So much.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #22, by crestwoodGame On: Up, Up, Up (pt. 2) - Roisin - Gryffindor

6th July 2015:
Free Thestral rides if you can see them?? That is SO good. Ugh, I am so bitter that I didn't think of this because I could have done so much. I was laughing so hard about Delia trying to get by in the competition by making wild guesses and being really confident about it.

Ah, so he's Zacharias Smith's son. This makes sense considering him. All of this practically kicking aside small children is very viable now. I am not a fan of Zacharias at all.

I have a feeling that I wouldn't find a Thestral ride so exciting if anyone else wrote it. But the way you tell it, I could read about it all day.

But ah I hate Balthazar. And his name is difficult to spell!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #23, by crestwoodGame On: Up, Up, Up (pt. 1) - Roisin - Gryffindor

6th July 2015:
Thank you for writing connected fics! Somehow it makes me get through them a lot faster. At least it feels that way. I'm really enjoying all of these new characters you're introducing in these stories. You compliment my characterization all the time, but so much of that was helped along by reading your stories! Because, of course, TC Scorpius doesn't happen without Tristan and Faith doesn't happen without TC Scorpius.

And NOTHING IS BETTER THAN A WEASLEY'S WIZARD WHEEZES CARNIVAL. I can't believe I didn't think of this myself. I could have written so many stories about this..You won the idea lottery.

I like that you've made George a responsible father who would take precautions against Roxanne drinking. I see him as a lot more mellow and mature after the war.

And this Balthazar character! I'm so interested!! Very happy that this has more parts because I'm headed to the next chapter as fast as humanly possible.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #24, by crestwoodGame On: Who's the Liar? - Roisin - Gryffindor

6th July 2015:
I notice that you avoid mentioning who Phoebe's brother is. This is for a reason, although I'm not sure why yet. And now I'm sure that it's Scorpius because of what her dad told her. And I should have known when they didn't come out to the platform.

You write Amelia and Hestia as so believably mean. And the 'Yes, of course! These compartments can fit like twelve people' thing was so GREAT. Like, I cannot imagine anything better that she could have said in that situation that would annoy her cousin/cousin's friend more.

LuLu is awesome! Can I get you to just write all of the characters in your House Cup entries again? Is that possible?

OH. Lucy! That actually got me! So clever. And the end was the best thing in the UNIVERSE. This is dangerous because all of these stories are so short, but also exactly what I want to read.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #25, by crestwoodGame On: Game Changer - Roisin - Gryffindor

6th July 2015:
YOU WROTE LUNA AND ROLF. Luna would totally sleep in the Leaky Cauldron, this is a strong start. And something about Rolf hating to notice that she is pretty makes him interesting to me. And Luna just weirdly opening and closing her eyes? I'm here for this.

Pre-coffee eyes!!

It's really quite sad that he feels he has to admit or be apologetic about talking about his work, even when asked about it. 'But it's nice to hear, the way you said it.' So as it turns out, I've been wondering how to write Luna this entire time for my Luna/Rolf fic and it turns out you've got her voice down completely???

I'm so sold on all of their interactions so far. This is so good. It feels just as good as most normal fics I read! I can't believe this is what a rushed fic looks like from you.

Luna is going to bring Rolf out of his shell, I see it already! Maybe not fully since this is short, though.

I'm obsessed with this game! I can't stop playing it now that I've read about it. I'm gonna ask you if you made this up later because it's just so funny to me.

UGH this ending. I want more! I will request more at a later date!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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