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Review #1, by crestwoodJourney to the Centre of (Molly’s) World in (Less than) 80 Days: King of Anything

28th January 2015:
Hi, I'm here with a (slightly late) hot seat review!

I haven't had much time to get reviews done this week since school just started for me, but I got to school early today so I could type this up.

This is such an interesting start to a story. I definitely see why everyone's begging you to update this one :P I'm really loving the quote used in the beginning and how you kind of based this chapter around it.

Starting a story off with a breakup is always an interesting choice and I can tell it'll be a lot of fun to go through the post-breakup period inside of Molly's head. Her ruminations about why she hates the cafe they're in was kind of hilarious. She's getting dumped and she's thinking about how much she hates the coffee there!

I'm so intrigued that Agatha going on about her seemingly great, perfect life is what caused Molly to become disillusioned with hers. I can actually really relate to that because I definitely would say that maybe that nice, neat little life may not be for me. I get the feeling that she wants a bit more excitement, maybe? I thought it interesting that they are going to be an Auror and a Healer, which is usually the thing people in fic are aspiring to. It's almost as if it's all too easy for her. (also I love that Molly is the Auror-to-be and her boyfriend wanted to be a Healer. it's so often the other way around)

The way Molly broke the news to her parents was so great! And her big monologue about how much she hates her job and how she hasn't had a day off in years and just her general disdain for the path she's been on was just amazing. I feel like that deserves to be quoted somewhere. It's such an accurate social critique and wow, I just love this story so far.

- Joey

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Review #2, by crestwoodFalling Out: Not About Love

23rd January 2015:
Hi Roisin! Here to give my thoughts on this.

First out of all, the song is perfect for this and something that stuck out was the way you structured the lyrics. It gave me this mental image of the words kind of falling off of a page, which was ideal for this story for a number of different reasons. And while I'm complimenting things that aren't even really your writing, the banner was so incredibly enticing. I stared at it for quite a while before even opening this story. It's simple, but the empty space works so well and the windswept hair in the corner opposite the phrase 'falling out' and just everything about it perfect and a genuine work of art to compliment the work of art inside of this story.

Your descriptions make me so jealous, like, you don't even know. You know how I struggle with them, so I hope you realize I am not kidding when I say that I am actually jealous. You set the mood in this cinematic way. It's like one establishing shot to start things off and we immediately understand What's Going On.

I went to finish this review and the banner has changed haha. Rest assured, I like this one too.

I love the way you've twisted Rose's words and had Draco spit them back at her is one of my favorite depictions of a failing relationship ever. I mean just characterization wise, it's the most clever way to give us both positive and negative interpretations of Rose within a paragraph that say enough to literally center an entire story around. And your word choice always just feels very right. It's as if you always pick the absolute optimal turn of phrase every single time.

Throwing the Death Eater past at Draco would be all too effective a way to scald during an argument.

I caught the May/December metaphor before I read your Author's Note!! I feel really accomplished having deduced that.

Middle aged recluse Draco is something I am so surprised I haven't thought of before. The description of him when they first got together are so excellent, I don't really even know how to tell you. Like, where do you get these words that allow me to see things so clearly??

I understand and very much enjoy the concept of sneaking around > being a couple in the open. I can only imagine that the shift from meeting in the middle of the night in foreign inns to these 'silent' dinners would be quite telling, especially considering the fact that Rose previously commented on how they had very little in common. And I'm sure they both took some flak for all of this, which only makes it that much worse that it wasn't really even worth it.

This feels like a realistic romantic comedy. Or possibly just on the other side of one. I sometimes feel that a lot of the quirks that the characters in those films have would actually start to grate on each other and eventually develop into something resembling this. Especially with a pairing like this, I'm so happy to see someone writing such a realistic depiction of two people growing apart. I don't see many stories like this at all actually, but I can't see a Rose/Draco going any other way honestly.

I honestly just think this is the latest in a string of groundbreaking, wonderful stories that you've shared with this site and I just can't really believe that it's possible for someone to constantly write so beautifully and purposefully so as to force me to hang on every word they say, but here we are. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Author's Response: JOEY!1!1!

*screams* *flails* *grins* *repeats*

I lovelovelove this song, and think it's such an ACCURATE picture of a 'stay up all night arguing and then relationship ends' scenario. The story DEFINITELY followed the song. Like, I tried to tease apart every individual line and verse to create the story (the original draft failed at complying with songfic standards, and all the lyrics were subtly nested into the text itself).

'Words falling off the page'--this is why the title you came up with is SO GOOD! THANK YOU!

YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO HAPPY! So with descriptions/language, part of it is that I do creative writing classes and do tons of freewrites. Those aren't themselves very good, but it helps me come up with individual words or sentences. Plus, I cheat with HPFF, and recycle EVERY nice line or phrase ('ragged ache,' describing air as 'thick,' so on). Also, I make weird hand gestures and faces while I write when I'm trying to come up with words :P And then because I love this song so much, I borrowed heavily from its style, and the way it sets 'establishing shots' and mood.

I really really really enjoyed writing the 'twisting words' paragraph, because that's SO how fights work! And I really loved the original line "to take information, given at close range... for the ammunition round," and wanted to express that concretely. Your compliments on that section make me squee and flail so much!

Haha, I didn't even THINK to put in the May/December metaphor until WTM mentioned it. Then I was all like, OOOH METAPHOR!

I'm so weirdly drawn to the idea of middle-aged Draco. Like, that he manages redemption through rather tragic penance. I had a much larger story in my head, here, wherein Rose was the first person he started feeling good around. And then when he broke out of his self-determined punishment, he began being kind of a prat again. Not a nice idea, but an interesting one. So yeah, gaining access to this recluse in a covert affair, and feeling joy at making them happy falls apart once you Go Public, because then prat!Draco wakes up.

I love that you mentioned 'romantic comedy'! I'm sure you're familiar with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope and its feminist critique, and I really wanted Rose to be a subversion of that archetype. This story is very 'post quirky indie rom com.'

That was such a nice thing to say! GOSH! THANK YOU! I don't even know what to say!

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Review #3, by crestwoodSweet Talk: Welcome to Hogwarts

20th January 2015:
Leigh! It's been so long since I've reviewed something of yours so, of course, I jumped at the chance for this swap!

I liked the way you introduced the Wotters. It's always kind of difficult to write them all in one place, but you summed up the chaos a family like that would bring really well.

For some reason I find it really funny that Sweets is taking the train to school even though she lives so close. It's counterproductive, but cute that she wants to be with her friends on her last year.

I think I really like Kane. He just seems so nice and he says Wotcher like Tonks! Plus I always love reading about Muggleborns, they have such a unique worldview, being a part of two different worlds.

'tall, dark, and ridiculous' I WISH I HAD COME UP WITH THIS. SO GOOD.

I actually quite enjoy Ryan Tate, even if Sweets thinks he's annoying. I can tell that this is going to be a great cast of characters. They play off of each other perfectly. I don't see too many stories centered around Hufflepuffs around here so I'm excited.

By the way, Slytherin is totally going to win the cup :D

This story is so awesome and I really hope you'll have more time to update now that finals are over! Thank you for the swap :)

Author's Response: Joey!

It's been forever for me reviewing you, too. When are you posting that NaNo novel of yours?!

I thought it was funny too, honestly, that Sweets was taking the train. But I figured she'd want to experience it with her friends since she never got to--just one of those little things on her bucket list.

I love Kane too. Because they're seventh years, he doesn't really compare the worlds anymore, but he'll have the occasional comment :)


I actually love Ryan the most :p he is a Puff through and through with a bit of Gryffindor, believe it or not.

I tried to get them to play off each other well. The contrasting characteristics that allow them to mold without head butting too much.

You'll just have to wait to see who wins the cup ;D

Thanks so much! I always love hearing from you, Joey!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #4, by crestwoodChicks Before Broomsticks: Black Bats

18th January 2015:
Hi Julie! I'm here with your incredibly late prize reviews for the slash challenge. I honestly can't believe so much time has passed since then.

I love the idea of a fantasy Quidditch league so much. And your media satire is honestly spot on. Every single time you mention the news it either makes me laugh or makes me think. Or both.

It's scary enough introducing someone to your family, but it must be so much worse knowing that it's just a publicity stunt. Although I think Roxanne can play it cool enough to get through it. I'll just have to wait and see!

I can really feel how awkward pretending to be together must be, especially because they've never really spoken before all of this. I'm glad they're at least getting to talk more in this chapter.

The back and forth you write between Hollie and Roxanne is so good that I almost forget that I'm supposed to be writing a review and get sucked it. It feels as though I'm watching two people talk, rather than reading about it.

I laughed out loud at Roxanne asking if Hollie's parents will mind that she's a girl.

You continue to write Quidditch better than anyone. That's the hardest thing I can really imagine doing and I tend to avoid it like the plague, so I'm just in shock that you get across what's going on so well from the perspective of a reserve player.

I was really upset that Hollie didn't quite get to play--she always seems so close! But then Alec caught the snitch and I'm really stoked about this and I hope he gets the permanent spot on the team so badly!!

The story's still amazing as always ♥

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Review #5, by crestwoodThe Best Day of My Life : The Best Day of My Life

17th January 2015:
Meg!! You're amazing. You know that, right? This…this is great. Obviously I'll go into more detail, but first, I just want to say--THIS IS GREAT.

I doubt you did this on purpose, but in the beginning Albus was acting so reluctant and frightened of stepping into the fireplace, it almost resembled an anxiety disorder. Like, the heart pumping, hands shaking, kind of frozen where you are and not being able to take a leap of faith even if you wanted to is all really, really familiar. Anyway, I tend to have alternate character interpretations in a lot of the stories I read, so don't mind me :P

The way you write them together is unbelievable. Scorpius is the most supportive, loving, tender, perfect person alive here.

Pacing back and forth for two hours rather than confronting something that he should have a long time ago? My headcanon is just getting stronger and stronger. And yes, I do have headcanon of your character specifically.

I love that his family can immediately tell that something's wrong. They all seem really sweet toward each other so far.

I like the term 'magically appeared' used in this context because, for once, it's literal. That makes me way happier than it should.

Another way Al and I are similar--self-preservation over courage. I am one of the least courageous (in the traditional sense) people you will ever meet. Of course, I have a whole spiel about different kinds of courage and the reasons I don't subscribe to the widely accepted definition of cowardice, but that's neither here nor there.

Well, Albus' idea of what would befall his family after all of this was over is a bit dramatic of him. (another check in the Ways We Are Alike column) That'd be quite the domino effect to watch play out.

Okay, you got me. I could have sworn he was going to come out. I suppose that was the point, but I just can't believe I fell for it. You did what no full blown mystery on this site has ever managed to do; you absolutely surprised me.

And of course they already knew and are totally cool with it. This is so great. I can't believe I didn't see this coming. That twist made this story even better than I thought it was up until that point.

I actually quite like the idea of an animal hospital. I'm always looking for new Wizarding jobs, (because how many times can you write about Healers, Quidditch players and Aurors) but I've never thought of this. And I've thought of EVERYTHING.

I'm always here for 'finding the career that your heart is actually in' fics. They always fill me with optimism that maybe this'll happen to me or something like that. Whatever the case, I really like them.

I can't believe you gave me a Scorbus proposal. This is so well written and realistic and thorough. Just perfect all the way through and in every way. You've outdone yourself with this ending. And the fact that they both had rings and were planning to propose is funny and heartwarming all at once and honestly what is there to say other than thank you for this. Thank you for the dedication, thank you for writing this pairing, thank you for doing it justice. Just--thank you ♥

Author's Response: Oh Joseph. Your reviews are always so, so difficult to respond to, because they are always SO lovely! I never know what to say and always feel like a complete dork, because my responses are filled with 1000's of "thank you's," hearts and way too many smilies haha. :D (SEE?!) You are far too kind!!

Yeah, Albus was definitely having a bit of a panic attack in the beginning. Legitimately. I have this headcanon that Al has an anxiety disorder, mostly due to wanting to live up to his father and his namesakes. I imagine that would be a lot for a person to have Harry Potter as a father and be named after Dumbledore and Snape.

Aww thank you!! ♥ I love the idea of a Scorpius who is the opposite of his father. Just a guy who wanted to be his own person. To try to change what people think when they hear the name Malfoy.

Ahh! I love that you have headcanon of my characters! That is so beyond amazing to hear!! :D :D

You have no idea how excited I was when I wrote that and was able to use it literally. My reaction after writing that sentence and reading it back was looking at it and going, "Ha!"

You're definitely right. There are lots of different types of courage. And there are certainly ways that Albus is brave. I hope he didn't come off as having no backbone. But he definitely does have the whole Slytherin quality of self-preservation, which I also have. Sometimes I wonder how I'm always put into Gryffindor... ;)

Haha! I do stuff like that all of the time! I always imagine the most overly catastrophic, world ending scenarios! If you expect the worst it makes what actually happens much, much easier to deal with. :)

Yay!! I was so, so, so hoping that I would fool everyone and people would assume that he was coming out to his family. But I left a tiny, tiny, tiny clue in the beginning of this. I mentioned that he had Scorpius had been together for five years. Personally, I imagine that after that long, his family would have had to have known.

You don't even know how happy that makes me that I was able to surprise you! AND that the animal hospital was something you haven't seen before! Tons of *squee* over here!

I hear you there. I'm still trying to find that career, and at this point in my life, I probably should have. I'm still holding out hope though. It'll happen for both of us!

The proposal was a last minute decision. I, just like Al, felt that the moment was just write. It was written completely on the fly, so I'm thrilled that you ended up enjoying it. I honestly had a lot of fun writing it!

Joseph, thank you for this review. It really meant so much to me and legitimately had me tearing up. This was just so kind, thoughtful and all around fantastic. Thank you!! ♥ ♥

So much love,

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Review #6, by crestwoodIcarus: Inferno

15th January 2015:
Hi Kristin! I got super sidetracked on tumblr looking through hpff blogs but I've finally crawled my way out of that pit and come to type up your review.

This is so awkward that someone else is living in her flat and she looks like she's breaking in! I would be freaking out a whole lot more if I was Lily and lost the cube though, she is way more levelheaded than I am.

The woman is wearing a hijab, I love that detail. I can't believe she got the police called on her, that's hilarious. Also--fellytone and Muggle Aurors!! I have a thing for Wizards Not Getting Wizard Things. I pretty much laugh any time that happens in any capacity.

I guessed that Lance wouldn't know her in this universe, but I suppose she's just lucky he did still live in the same place. I know she asked for a universe where Voldemort never existed, but it's still really creepy that Lance has never heard of him.

I love the 'tell them everything you know about them in order to prove you know them' trope. I'm not sure why, but I just imagine it really takes them by surprise and it'd be kind of super funny to watch happen? I want to live in a sci-film novel if you can't tell.

Colin Creevey is Head Auror!! He's one of my favorite characters and I like the idea of him living long enough to become someone important like that

No Statute of Secrecy is pretty awesome. To think that Voldemort wanted to get rid of it and in this world were he was never born, it's actually gone is really ironic and I like this. So, flying saucers are a thing in A World Without Voldemort. That's such a strange thing to be influenced by that. MOANING MYRTLE IS MINISTER. This story is amazing because it says such funny stuff with such a straight face. Like, Lance doesn’t even bat an eye at saying that Moaning Myrtle is minister. Of course, he doesn't know her as that, but STILL. It's SO funny.

I cannot wait for you to continue with this. It's not what I normally read on this site, (because no one writes it!!) but it is so fun and awesome, so I just want more! I'll be back here as soon as you update, I've got to know what happens next. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Hi Joey! No worries. I understand how distracting the internet can be haha.

Lily is quite levelheaded - she's quite a proficient liar, and I feel like you've probably got to be well versed at keeping panic under wraps in order to be convincing.

I'm pleasantly surprised about how well that character has been received, given that she has such a minor role. but yeah I felt a lack of representation there so this was like one tiny step to remedy that. And yes, randomly appearing in someone's house probably would get the police called on you :p I'm glad you liked Lily's ignorance of Muggle things haha, that sort of thing always makes me laugh too.

Yep. Lily is going to find out that some things are very different. I'm glad you liked that bit where she told Lance his own life story. I can't even imagine how weird it would be with this sort of thing happening. If someone did that to me I'd freak out. XD

Yes, Colin's alive! in addition to having fun with spaceships and sciency things, this fic is really just an excuse for me to bring anyone who died back to life so I can live happily in denial. :P

There is a lot of irony in that haha. I wonder how Voldemort would feel about this world. I'm glad you liked the bit about Moaning Myrtle :p This story is sometimes just silliness masquerading as serious fic.

I'm thrilled to hear that you're so excited about reading on! I should be getting back into writing this soon. :) Thanks so much for the swap!

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Review #7, by crestwoodVictoire: The Guard

15th January 2015:
Emma, this story is incredible…you've definitely got this set up to be just as great as Complicated. Right away, I was pulled in.

I have the strangest relationship with Cormac McLaggen as a character. I actually really hate him, but I just love writing about him and his children/family so much. There's actually some similarities between this and my portrayal of him in my yet to be posted novel, which I think are pretty funny coincidences.

You set the scene absolutely perfectly. Azkaban can be difficult to capture in words, but really, you've given such an excellent description of the atmosphere there.

You also nailed Cormac's voice. He was so consistent with canon here, but you managed to humanize him as well. I'm sure it wasn't solely because Ron and Harry didn’t like him that he was stuck at Azkaban, but he certainly would think so.

This entire scene has this strong eerie vibe to it and it pretty much gave me actual chills. Something about his voice being gruff from not using it up there was creepy beyond belief.

Okay, him having to walk through the prisoner's taunts made me feel bad for Cormac, that would be so terrifying and infuriating. I can't really think of much worse.

I want to know what Lucius was taking about. I bet he actually does know something that's about to happen. I half expected someone to jump out and ambush Cormac after that.

Greyback dying laughing (literally) was so good! That was the perfect end for someone like him. SO fitting.

It's pretty cool to me that you're writing a story set this year. Also, it's remarkable the way you shifted between inner voices here. You've made them so distinctly different. I love POV shifts in which there's this kind of mood juxtaposition. Hogwarts definitely has a different feel to it than Azkaban.

The newspaper article seemed a lot like a real news story. I'm not sure which parts of the backstory were canon and which parts you inferred and filled in, but I found it really entertaining.

When Teddy and Victoire were talking about the effect that Greyback had on both of their families and I wasn't holding it together all that well. Like. SERIOUSLY SAD. You definitely gave an idea of what they were feeling after reading that. I want to talk more about that, but I don't know how to describe what you did, so I'll just say that it could not have been much better.

I definitely will be following along with this story. (It seems all of your novels drag me in immediately) I know that Roisin is the best, most hands on beta on the planet and I know that you're an amazing writer and pretty much knock every idea out of the park, so I have absolute faith in this story. Thank you for the swap, this was great!

Author's Response: Hi Joey!

Thank you SO MUCH for all your wonderfully kind feedback! I'm so so glad to hear you enjoyed this chapter. You're a wonderful writer and it means a lot to know you like some of my work.

I absolutely loved writing Azkaban and getting into Cormac's head a bit, which I didn't really anticipate. And then I'm already very attached to Teddy and Victoire as characters so I"m really glad you liked them.

I'm hoping to update this and Complicated every two weeks (each of them will have a new chapter every two weeks ish) so hopefully it'll be done by the end of the year. And Roisin's an absolutely fantastic beta :)

Thank you so much!

Emma x

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Review #8, by crestwoodJust a Minute Longer: Just a Minute Longer

15th January 2015:
Hi Ellie! I'm finally getting around to filling this review request! I can't believe it's taken me so long and I have no excuse, so I'll just say--review threads are difficult sometimes.

This doesn't have to do with the story exactly, but I think the CI looks incredible!

I think you've done a good job setting the scene in this first paragraph. You've done less of a rundown of what's happened and more slipped it into her normal thoughts. I especially loved the idea of feeling like you've missed a step every time you look at someone. I don't think I've heard that one before, but I totally get what you're saying with it.

Your visual descriptions are spectacular. The picture of Hermione's outfit was painted on quite vividly.

I caught a tiny typo where it says 'not to mention that Scorpius's birthday was coming off' -- I believe that should say 'up' unless that's just a phrase that I've never heard of! (Stranger things have happened honestly)

I think you did a good job explaining the demands of raising kids. You gave us enough of an idea of how difficult all of this running around must be for Hermione. I always find it hard to write 'family' stories, so I do commend you for hitting that nail right on the head!

One thing I noticed was that for a lot of dialogue that didn't end in either a question mark or exclamation mark, you left out a comma where one should be. For example-- "Rascal" Draco laughed, where it should read "Rascal," Draco laughed. It's not a huge deal, but just a little thing that could tighten up the grammar!

I like this dynamic you have given Draco and Hermione. This is so far into the future that I can buy that they wouldn't be exactly the people we knew from canon (I actually think a lot of fanfiction tends to assume incorrectly that people are going to be how they were at 17 forever) and I think that their personalities are well drawn out enough to be believable within the confines of this story.

I think you write young Scorpius so well! He's my favorite of the kids, what with his conjuring of rabbits and feeling so proud of himself for it. Of course, my bias is always completely tipped in his favor, but I just really loved that scene.

I actually am very much inclined to like this 'It was all a dream' twist. It may be a cliche in some forms of media, (film, television, etc.) but I don't see it nearly as much in fanfiction, so it still gets me sometimes :P

I must say that I think I would have preferred if the story ended directly after Hermione woke up, with maybe some hinting at something more between her and Draco. I just thought that their interactions towards the end were a bit out of character, considering how soon after the war this is set. Actually, I have no doubt that Draco could have changed, I just don't think Hermione would be so ready to forgive him for all of those years of mutual disdain, you know? If this were set some years down the line in another setting and given more build up, I could buy it, but here I'm not sure if I can suspend my disbelief quite enough.

That said, I do think that it was well written, even if I could quite buy into it. I typically wouldn't go so into detail with CC about a ship that isn't necessarily my cup of tea, but I know that you can handle a fair bit and will actually put it to use. And you've got a lot of Dramione's planned, so even if you don't plan to edit this one hopefully something I've said may be helpful in the future anyway!

I hope this review helped in some way and even if it didn't, I hope some of the compliments made you smile. Either way, it was a pleasure to stop by and feel free to request again for new stories! :)

Author's Response: Hey Joey,

The CC totally helps. I'm such a slacker for the commas and things, I always forget them, so it's good to have those pointed out so that I make sure to thoroughly edit and catch them all =)

I know what you mean about the end setting for this one. It is a little too OOC. I think I will edit it, maybe even just cut out that bit at the end where it's a dream. I wasn't entirely happy with it to begin with, but I wanted to keep it as a one-shot. Maybe I will remove that last part.

Thanks for catching me on that bit about Scorp's birthday too. Definitely a typo. I'm heading over to edit the whole thing right now.

Thanks so much for reviewing and don't sweat that it took awhile. I'm almost always behind on my reviews offered thread so I would be a hypocrite to be upset over it, and besides, it's you doing me a favour so I have no right to complain. =)

You leave such great reviews so I will probs hit you up for more reviews in future.

Thanks again. Very helpful review =)


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Review #9, by crestwoodThe Accursed Twenty-Eight: Prologue: Morgana's Maliciousness

13th January 2015:
Hello Ellie! Don't ask why I'm doing this one before your other request from ages ago because I'm afraid I have no rhyme or reason when it comes to my review thread as of late. (Tip: if you can, avoid taking a hiatus from your thread because it is SO hard to get back into the swing of things)

Okay, on to the review--first I want to address the question that you asked 'is it too cliched?' because the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is very much an original idea; at least one that I've never seen before. I've seen a lot of 'Draco finds out that he's really an adopted Muggleborn' and such and such, but never 'Draco finds out that a mad scientist witch kind of fused his entire family line with a magical creature of some sort.'

Morgana the Malicious was an excellent character (and not just because of that alliteration) and her voice was really convincing. I generally don't like to read much set around the time period that this prologue is set in on this site because I feel like a lot of times the language used is just off, but here you've not overdone it, but definitely kept the dialogue and inner monologue appropriate for the time.

If we're being honest, I almost wish there were more chapters featuring Morgana because I'd like to know more about her than I do. Of course, I generally can go along with whatever plot the author's decided works best, if done well, so I won't hound you to write me a spin-off or anything. (Unless you want to!!)

Morgana almost has a Disney villain disposition about her. She's just larger than life and awesome and I can totally hear her explaining her evil plot in a dramatic, theatrical tone and it's really so awesome. I cannot stop talking about how much I love her character.

I don't know much about gene splicing or how it works, but let's be honest, it doesn't actually matter much if this is scientifically accurate because MAGIC. I thought it hilarious how you gave the Weasley's dragon traits and I actually cannot wait to see what you handed out to the rest of these families.

With all of the Dramiones you are working on, you've definitely got to make them unique and I think you've succeeded here, to say the least. I'm impressed with your work here!

Author's Response: Hey Joey,

Thanks so much for jumping on to review this one so quickly. And don't sweat the other one. I figured you must have just skipped it or something =)

Morgana was a lot of fun to write and I may explore her a little more in a context pre-dating her actions here to explain how she became so malicious and her relationship with Sulpicius and all that jazz. If you're interested shoot me a request in my stories offered thread just so I don't forget =)

I did have fun writing the Weasley's as having dragon DNA. I thought it fit well with Charlie working with them and them all having such explosive tempers =)

It's good to hear that this isn't cliche. I've had a few other reviews indicating that the Draco being a Veela thing is too overdone but hopefully I can spin it in a way that is exciting rather than dull reading =)

Thanks so much for pumping out this review for me so quickly =) You're the best!


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Review #10, by crestwoodTraces: one.

12th January 2015:
Hopping back here for the third review of our swap! Side note: I literally forgot this was happening until I just got your review.

Okay, can I just say, you took my suggestion and RAN WITH IT. This couldn't be executed any better. This is more like what was in my head than I think I could have written myself.

Like seriously--Ravenclaws and Slytherins with no need of morality, could this be any better?

I love the idea of Hugo being their replacement old school Ravenclaw and wow, saying defense is a performance is so squarely something that Daphne's character would say. Also: cold and glittering!!!

And here we have our first mention of Dead!Lysander. I'm far too excited about this considering that he isn't even alive

Okay I'm pretty sure that Hogwarts aesthetic line is my favorite thing I've ever read before. Your sense of humor is always perfect

Did you just make a Dedalus/Daedalus joke right there. Um this reference is so amazing and I hope people get it because it is golden and their lives will be better for having read it

One hundred percent serious question: where do you even come up with this stuff? Like, this is so perfect does this just spring forth fully formed in your mind? The cursed hats/Shield Charms thing is something I couldn't think up in a million years. I can only imagine what an actual court case will be like because that alone just pretty much blew my mind.

I love the dynamic the group has. I love your style of writing in general really. I could just read you writing characters going back and forth all day long.

Announcing about the body so soon after everyone is wondering where Hugo is gave off the most foreboding vibe

So this is still awesome, pretty sure it's gonna stay awesome. And my reviews are a mess but in my defense it's way later than I should be awake and I'm just typing away in the dark listening to the smiths. All pretenses of not being a mess are out the window

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Review #11, by crestwoodThe Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

10th January 2015:
Here I am, approaching the daunting task of reviewing this beautiful, beautiful story. I am almost afraid to sully it with what I have to say. But, I've been putting it off for far too long and now is definitely the time to start. (although I have my eye on a few other things on your Author's Page as well)

Can I just say--if we ever got a Next-Gen film, this is what I want. I will accept nothing less than a Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship movie.

Now that I know you agree with me about the importance of faceclaims I have to say that your Rose is spot on for this story and I can't see that person ever again without thinking of this story.

The beginning of this in which Ron is telling Rose about the scholarship is such an amazing set up. Especially when he mouths Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship at her. I remember when I first read this and I was jumping up and down because I already knew I had found a new favorite.

Scorpius says something haughtily here in the first chapter, how fitting.

And of course Holly is the only one to read the fine print. It's amazing coming back and seeing how much of their character is present here.

Honestly though--I am obviously a Slytherclaw for life because research, discovery, mastery of skills, massive superiority complexes?? Also known as Joseph.

Their reaction to this revelation that they'll have to prank is so great. It's like it's really not something they'd do, but then again TONS OF MONEY.

How did I miss how meta this is?? Scorpius talking about character development and coming of age novels is kind of the funniest thing ever considering that their lives are pretty much literally a coming of age novel.

I live my LIFE for anecdotes. I am all for eternal shenanigan glory. Also, the way they keep repeating each others words is so hilarious for some reason.

Game of Thrones references thrown in for good measure ♥

The Order of the Raven is perfect on a number of different levels.

This just made me realize that I've never written an Umbridge teacher before. I kind of want to write a Really Mean Teacher fic now.

The end of the chapter on that note of like 'we’re totally the most hated at this school, who are we even supposed to prank??' is perfect and this is like, one of the most flawless chapters of anything I've ever read.

You're so great at writing seriously what does one even say about this. Like--thank you for sharing this with the world I guess?? You're incredibly talented and I want to be you. Okay, I'm done - you're awesome.

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Review #12, by crestwoodThe Wizarding World War: Prologue : The Wizarding Hemispheric Conflict of 1979

9th January 2015:
Hi! This story has been on my reading list for an absurdly long time, so I'm really glad I'm finally getting a chance to check it out!

The first thing that jumps out at me is the unique voice you've written here. I'm not sure how to explain it, but some of the phrasing just jumps out at me as different than what is typical. That is to say, very good, but different.

And now--realizing that these are Muggles that we're seeing the world through right now. So, I suppose these are not the people we'll be following throughout the story, but rather an expository tool to set the stage for the rest of the plot.

I do wonder who these wizards are because they’ve already caught my interest for several reasons. One--they're currently in China, which means we may get to see some international witches and wizards in this story and that is always welcome! Also, this is happening in the seventies, so I do wonder what happened to them between that time period and the Next-Gen and how they tie into all of this.

You've certainly intrigued me with this premise. I'll have to come back as soon as I can to read on. Thank you for the swap!

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Review #13, by crestwoodTraces: prologue.

9th January 2015:
I hope you don't mind me using one of my reviews in our triple review swap on this because I just had to read it asap! SERIOUSLY LISA, this is SO good. I was 100% correct to think you would be the perfect person to write this.

The first two paragraphs are actually quite beautiful. I mean, talk about setting the scene. 'the dichotomy of life and death' YES. GIVE ME PROFOUND INTERNAL MONOLOGUES.

You write Scorpius-as-Connor ridiculously well. I knew you'd come through with the witty back and forth between everything. And the fact that they pulled out a lighter because wands are easily traced--you think of everything.

I can't even describe all the ways you hit this out the park. It's exactly what I wanted to read when I requested this. Like, exactly. This was the best surprise ever. I wasn't expecting this for at least a week. You are superhuman.

I assume the next chapter will be them before all of this happened, in class or internship or whatever you made the wizarding equivalent. I can't wait to see what you do with that side of things and to read your version of Annalise! I am so excited about this, it's giving me Beginning-of-TFWMS-goosebumps. Thank you so much for this!!

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Review #14, by crestwoodTrue Romance: Ice Cream

9th January 2015:
Teddy!! I hope he helps Albus sort out his feelings for Brandon. He named his son Remus ♥

It's kind of sad that Albus says he'd be a horrid father. I mean, that's a sad thought in general, but even sadder given the circumstances.

I love when kids in fic are doing accidental magic. I don't know why, but it's just such a cool idea, almost as cool as the purposeful stuff. I imagine that it'd be handful to raise a kid who's constantly blowing things up though.

I really hope Remus convinced Albus to stop being so frightened of raising a child, but that's probably wishful thinking.

I really do not want Rose to get in between Albus and Brandon, no matter if he's not fully taking advantage of what he has. Even if they totally didn't work out, that's her cousin and probably not appropriate! Not to mention bringing back the whole Scorpius thing…yeah bad idea.

I cannot believe she kissed him. I AM SO ANGRY WITH HER. THAT IS ALL.

Hopefully Corbin at least might not be a bigot because Death Eaters forced him into hiding. That doesn't make him a totally good person, but it's a step above what he could have been.

Wow, he really sprung a move to France on him out of nowhere. I can't really see Scorpius up and moving there with him so hopefully they'll break up :D I'm horrible for wanting that to happen, but I really do.

This story is just so consistently well written. Thank you so much for the swap :)

Author's Response: I loved writing about Teddy here - of course he's there to help. :D

Part of me thinks Albus just never saw himself being a father so he assumed he's not cut out for the job. That's part of his reason for holding back wtih Brandon.

I'm glad the kids doing magic thing is cute. i could write about that all the time. I wouldn't want to add the complexity of dealing with magic to rearing a child. I mean, it'd be easier if I could do magic I guess. Sucks for the parents of muggleborns though.

Rose... well, you saw what she did. She's not meaning to get in the way but she's lonely and sees Brandon as a good partner and and... this is why I had a laugh when you said rose was acting on your behalf previously.

Corbin is definitely not a bigot but he does have a bag of other problems. Going into hiding as a kid did change him quite a bit - for the better and worse. I mean, the question was out of no where but he's not asking for a decsion righ away.

thank you for the fab review!!


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Review #15, by crestwoodTrue Romance: Only Myself to Blame

8th January 2015:
Hi Rose! Gonna keep working on catching up on this.

I am so enamored with Albus and Brandon. Cora has been a fantastic addition to this story. Totally unexpected, but completely welcome.

I am all the way here the use of we and our, I have been waiting for this all along. But of course Albus is going to be frightened of commitment and make me upset about everything. I am one hundred percent on Brandon's side. I find it difficult to fully understand Albus' worries personally because Brandon is just so perfect for him that I can't imagine anything going wrong. Of course, it's actually happening to him and I'm just reading it :P

I'm loving Pedro and his use of double entendre. Henrik is trying a bit hard haha. Aaaand he kissed her. I guess he had the wrong idea. That seems like a pretty forward thing to do in general, nonetheless with your tour guide while they're getting paid to be nice to you.

I don't know why but Pedro is way less creepy than Henrik--smooth even. I hope Rose meets him again because I am definitely interested in him.

As much as I hate Archie, his choice of location was really, really good. I can't wait to see what this brunch will be like, it's bound to be full of drama if I'm guessing correctly. On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: JOEY!

:D I'm really happy you like Branbus. They're the koolaid i'm trying to get everyone to drink. Cora was out of left field (did you read the one-shot I wrote about her and Brandon - well, when he found out about her?). When I sat down about thought throught what I wanted the struggle to be in this, Brandon showing up with a kid was part of it.

At this point commitment is still a big scary thing to Albus. He just needs to catch up with the times and jump in already. I would hesitate on a relationship with someone who has a kid. I mean, it's a big impact to have on a child's life.

Pedro is my favorite new OC in this. He's kind of a charactiture but one that I love. Henrik is a but clueless and trying too hard. Definitely the wrong idea. Probably a good thing Rose was so caught off guard or she would ahve gotten her wand out.

I think Pedro was less weird/creepy because he didn't have the weird positional authority over Rose of being her paying customer. Dunno, that put Henrik into a weird space.

Archie has good points. romance is something he does decently well.

thank you for the wonderful review!


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Review #16, by crestwoodIcarus: Playing with Fire

8th January 2015:
Back again!

I'm so intrigued by this cube. Is it projecting an alternate universe right now? If so, this is even more sci-fi than I expected it to be. I have no idea where this is going but I'll go along for the ride.

Oh wow, she's actually crossed over into the other world!! This is really so great. At least she was able to cross back over, I definitely thought she'd be stuck there! I was wondering a lot of the same things as her, especially if it'd be possible for her to meet her other self.

Now you're introducing the multiverse theory and I am so excited about all of these developments. Also, him opening the door totally created a new universe ;D

Wow, you're really delving into parallel universes here. This is so perfect. And now you've actually used the word multiverse.

I hope, for Lily's sake, that the potential employer wants to interview her on her own merits, rather than those of her father.

The idea of someone sneaking refugee Muggle-borns out of England during the wars is so incredible that I'd read an entire story about just that. I can't imagine it could be anything but jaw dropping.

It seems risky to imagine a world without Voldemort, considering how different that would make things. The sci-fi nerd I am understands that wanting her and Anna to be together would certainly at least mean that she exists, but any change having to do with Voldemort would have to happen before she was born. And you NEVER mess with time before you were born. Of course, Lily is probably not genre savvy and will probably cause something horrible to happen, which is all the better for me.

I really want to know where Lily is and who that woman is!! Ahhh I'll have to read on soon. This is so awesome in every way, I love your writing!

Author's Response: This was written for a sci-fi challenge, so I didn't go easy on the sci-fi :p To be honest though, sometimes even I wonder where it's going as well! :p

The funny thing is while I was kind of stuck writing this chapter, I had a moment where I imagined how different the (potential) new universe created by Lance NOT opening the door would be. I.e. Lily would probably be caught by the police and go to jail. :P

Haha, I'm so glad you enjoy the parallel universes and the multiverse theory :D It's such an interesting concept to explore, despite being brain-meltingly complicated to just imagine how it works and how many universes are possible.

... tempted to write a fic about that now. I've written about various other underground resistance to the war like Potterwatch, but this idea is really exciting. Hmm...

You are definitely thinking about this a lot more than Lily is. :D As you accurately pointed out, a change having to do with Voldemort has decades of change that can be affected. But without Lily's bad decisions,there would be no story! :p

I am so glad you're enjoying this story and that you're curious what's going to happen. Gah, THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

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Review #17, by crestwoodIcarus: Cultivated Arts

8th January 2015:
Back for this chapter! I'm super slow with these because I read everything like three times :P

Loving James and Albus here! Hilarious, as I have come to expect your characters to be.

Okay--I love characters who are writers, like, a lot. And the fact that James swears he's about to have his big break is excellent but I have to comment on the fact that Lockhart is the only person who gave his first book a positive review!! That may be the single funniest thing about this story so far, but that'll probably change later in this chapter. You keep topping yourself, it seems.

These Agatha Christie references are spot on. I am very much here for this seedy Muggle pub and I know this will be hilarious. And OH WOW MARTA STOLE THE CUBE FROM THE MINISTRY. This is starting to seem slightly like this idea I have for a challenge but I can't be sure until I read on.

Marta is smoking Gillyweed, that is golden. I don't know how I feel about Conor. Something about him seems off…I can't explain why though.

Love this Albus who takes Muggle Studies and collects plugs!!

And the cube is finally in use! So excited to see just what this thing can do. Excellent writing still and great pacing so far!

Author's Response: No worries at all! You always leave such thoughtful reviews so there is nothing I could possibly complain about.

I'm so glad you like James as a writer, and the positive/backhanded review his first book got! Confession, I wrote a story from Lockhart's POV a while ago and that Daily Prophet review is in here solely because I wanted to write Lockhart again. :P

Haha, I'm glad you enjoy the Agatha Christie references. Hm, yes Marta kind of lives by her own rules. In that sense, if it makes you feel better, Conor can't be any less trustworthy than Marta. :P (I am really curious about this challenge of yours now...)

The plug collection really needed to happen, imagine how sad it would be if Arthur couldn't give his treasured plug collection to one of his grandchildren one day. :P

Once again thank you so much for this fantastic review, and I'm thrilled you're still enjoying the story so much!!

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Review #18, by crestwoodIcarus: Old and New

8th January 2015:
Hi Kristin!

I had to continue reading this because, I mean, how often do you get to read a Harry potter sci-fi story?? SO AWESOME. Lily is an amazing character with such a strong, immediate voice. I love her insistence that she hates getting by on the strength of her family's fame. The idea of her loving the couple of seconds before people recognize her as a part of her famous family is such an interesting detail to add. You always seem to find the most intriguing things to comment on.

I'm enamored with Lily haha, applying for a job just so she can say she did at dinner with her parents!! It's kind of funny how character defining a month of bowl of noodles can be. I absolutely lost it when she said she was going to wash it and that it was a nice bowl hahaha. AND SHE ONLY HAS ONE OTHER ONE. Where do you get this stuff?

And now they're dumpster diving. You really know how to introduce a character, don't you? I can't stop laughing because she said that she threw away half of her dish set and it's technically true LOL I cannot with you :P

I love that Marta is obsessed with attention and rejoices at being found by paparazzi because that's such a contrast to Lily who is the ultimate 'I hate being famous' character, like, ever. I love that you're giving us this time to meet the characters before we even start seeing any sci-fi elements at all.

Marta's backstory is pretty great. I like troubled characters quite a bit and she definitely fits the bill. Shoplifting and vandalism? I couldn't ask for a more interesting character honestly.

Murder on the Hogwarts Express is awesome. Enough said.

I can already tell that Iris is going to be an excellent foil to Marta. And she's engaged! I wonder how it'll affect Lily when she leaves her to live alone. This future telling game is a lot like some from my childhood and I would pay so much money to stumble upon one of my old ones!

And I'm laughing again at Marta saying that Iris was speaking in iambic pentameter I LOVE THIS STORY. It's like this was actually written specifically for me. Somehow all of your stories have made me feel like that so far.

These superhero references are really making me smile because I just don't expect them in hpff but I mean anything is possible in one of your stories.

He has an internship in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic where I'm fairly certain he talks to ghosts. I can't even quote you all of the lines that make me actually laugh out loud. You may be the funniest author on this site.

And the silver cube at the end!! I know what that means…There is sci-fi to come! I can't wait to see what you do with that, your characters are amazing as is and I can only imagine what kind of things you'll have them getting into now. Great chapter!

Author's Response: The only other HP sci-fi stories I've seen are the other stories that were submitted for the challenge this was written for. They are a rare breed, I guess. It was a really cool opportunity though to combine two things I love!

I'm so glad you like Lily's voice and find it strong, that's so wonderful to hear. And wow thanks, I love that you find the details I point out as so intriguing!

Sometimes Lily doesn't have the best reasons for doing things -__- I'm so glad you liked the introduction to Marta as well as their dumpster diving adventure! She is... something else.

Thanks, that's good to hear that you like the extended setup before the sci-fi stuff begins. I felt it was important to establish 'normal' before I upset it all with sci-fi, AU weirdness. :D

I love troubled characters too, they're so interesting. Especially when there's lots of moral ambiguity involved! But really I'm so glad you find her to be such an interesting character!

The name was too perfect not to. XD I'm glad you liked that!

Iris and Marta are pretty much polar opposites, yeah. They're a good influence on each other. The game, haha I love that you could relate to this too - I definitely played that game way back in the day as well!

That was one of my favourite scenes to write in this chapter! Despite her many failings, Marta is quite intelligent. Well, about some things. :p Haha wow, that is one of the coolest things anyone's ever said about one of my stories, that it feels like it was written for you - aah! I'm thrilled that you can relate to it that much!!

Haha, glad you're enjoying the superhero references. Half of the stuff in the story I'm not even sure how it got there.

I'm so glad this story is making you laugh out loud and that you find Lily's/my goofy ramblings so funny. I'm flattered! What's even funnier is I never actually thought of this as a humour story, it kind of just came about as a side effect! :p

Sci-fi is on the way! Gah, thank you so much, I'm so thrilled that you like the characters so much and yes, as you've seen by now, they did get into all sorts of things :D

(now that my response is epically rambly and probably longer than your review itself) Thanks so much for this incredible review!!

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Review #19, by crestwood'Eyes' with an 'L': Boom

7th January 2015:
I was going to continue on with YF, but I didn't want to do that for a review swap because of my Only Read YF For Pleasure policy. It takes me way too long to review that story for a swap. It's an absolute mess and I have too much to say. Which I guess you know, what with my almost going over the character limit more than once.

And it works out because there's always this beautiful story--which I've already read, obviously. There's a number of remarkable things about this. It may just foil my chances in the Reset the Default challenge, in fact. And also, I must say, that banner is particularly beautiful. The contrast of that pink and that yellow, the font, the faceclaim; it all merges into one spectacular drawing point. I was going to compliment your title as well because I really like it, but then I realized that I picked the title and that’s why I liked it so much :P

Now, I can't say that I've ever known an overwhelming amount of about the deaf community, so I can truthfully say that this has left me that much more educated. You give a spectacular point of view from the perspective of someone who is deaf and who does not wish to be hearing. It's immediately made known, if you read between the lines, very early. 'but only because other people do it different.' She's inconvenienced by the hearing population rather than the other way around, which I'm sure is an idea that never would have occurred to a lot of people that may stumble across this. (this is where that pretty banner comes in)

This amazing voice you have given young Lily is both age appropriate and eloquent. I have trouble writing young children, but you always pull this stuff off.

It's extremely sad when Lily gets her cochlear turned on. Her insistence that she's not Hearing and wants to go back to deaf group is so important!! As is Petunia's resentment, as it gives a whole new dimension to her canon personality and overzealous jealousy of her sister.

I'm incredibly creeped out by Snape's offer to make everyone deaf for Lily. But, that's totally something he'd say.

It was so clever of you to think of her implant not working at Hogwarts because of the technology thing, because that girl never would have allowed her hearing to be restored voluntarily.

'But the world was loud. And it never let up, not once.' This was one of my favorite lines. Amazing.

It somehow makes Snape that much more weirdly obsessive and creepy knowing that he wanted to rid the world of hearing. Somehow you've weaved this into canon with absolutely no problem. I suppose that is your specialty. I could never fit things into the familiar story the way you do, it's pretty awesome.

The idea of James adopting himself to Lily and attempting to learn sign for her and not wanting to make the world deaf makes him way more redeemable in my opinion. The last two lines were excellent and this entire story was just so impressive. You're such a great writer Roisin! Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: You are such a master reviewist, Joey, OH MY GOD! And let me just say again, thank you SO MUCH for all the help you gave me with this story :D

Bahahaha--for both my RTD entries I used the sneaky formula of Pretty Banner + 12 Rating + Popular Era + Popular Ship (A Malfoy/Anyone counts as a popular ship!)

I'm not sure if I told you this already, but I actually turned in an OF of this as an unsolicited assignment for my ASL/Deaf Studies class!

Ah! Writing child voice is something I only started messing around with last fall, so I'm so glad you liked this! Indeed, the amount that I loved writing that voice is the only reason I stuck with this story (UGH, getting this prompt to comply with canon was such a twisty struggle! But that was actually a good thing, because it made a plot materialize--beyond just LOOK, COMMENTARY).

I definitely owe a lot to Apondinabluebox for giving me tons of info about cochlears!

Trying to figure out HOW Snape justified "wanting to be with Lily" with "wanting to be a Death Eater" is an endlessly fascinating question. But going with "crazy scheme to make the whole world deaf!" is a much tidier answer!

The last line was definitely inspired by Maia's story featuring a blind Rose--I just loved how simple and lovely her finale was :)

YEE, thank you so much for reviewing this--especially since you helped me so much and already did your duty of discussing it AD NAUSEUM!

I actually realize, now, that in my haste to get this into the queue by the deadline, I didn't do a hefty enough Authors Note. I for sure need to credit you better for the title, which I LOVELOVELOVE!


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Review #20, by crestwoodan interlude of you.: thoughts from a prison of stone.

7th January 2015:
Hi Kiana! I'm here as a part of a review swap with the good sir Benedrick Campersquatch that was arranged on your behalf.

I apologize for scrolling so far down your author's page, but I absolutely had to see your take on Albus/Gellert. There isn't nearly enough of this ship floating around the archives, in my opinion.

Now, this first section, cartography, this is beautiful. The figurative meaning behind the words, the literal meaning behind the words, it's all beautiful. And the imagery of everything being grey and dull compared to Albus is impressive in its own right. I mean how amazing is the idea that you are so humbled by someone that you feel they make even yourself seem less vibrant, as if your own thoughts are less enjoyable now that you have heard theirs. And the use of 'an interlude of you' and the comparison of a supernova to a shooting star…I could quote this entire section back to you. This is something special indeed.

This image I have of Albus and Gellert together, wandering fields and chatting in the dead of the night is remarkable. Your visual descriptions are mind blowing. The way you word things is just a demonstration of how a bunch of letters arranged in a certain way can be considered breathtaking. You are doing nothing, if not reminding me why writing is considered art.

I adore the idea that Albus may have, if only temporarily, seen through the façade that Gellert showed to him during that time. As we know, he was in denial about his true nature, but of course he saw it.

Even the way you describe one of them murdering Ariana was stunning. I have no clue how you write like this. I have no clue if I have already told you this, but even if so, I reiterate.

Death personified is always welcome in my book. It is quite saddening that Gellert feels almost inadequate next to Voldemort. And then, the last few sentences rounded this out perfectly. You've managed to write a story that is flawless according to all accounts. I can hardly wrap my head around such masterful prose. I truly enjoyed every word of this. It feels strange saying 'thank you for the swap,' knowing that you didn't arrange it, so instead, I will say thank you for writing this.

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Review #21, by crestwoodStand Tall: Sudden Heat

7th January 2015:
It's been a while since I've read this story. I didn't realize there were new chapters up that I'd missed!

Your description of the experiences of a non-able bodied person at Hogwarts is so thorough and tactful. It gives such a different perspective on place that we all know so well and I think that a little bit of diversity can never be bad, especially because fanfic tends to be about the same kind of traditionally beautiful, able-bodied people over and over. Alba is a breath of fresh air for sure.

I laughed out loud at the line about things that you have to get used to in order to like being a form of Stockholm Syndrome. I wish I would have thought of that myself :P

Oh wow, a character with OCD. I don't see that often. I've got a slightly different kind, so I can't quite identify with how she reacted to mud on her shoe, but allow me to drink out of a dirty glass and the world is ending. So yeah, I like that you've added in that bit.

I really love this story. It's so unique and well written and honestly intriguing. Thank you so much for the swap!

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Review #22, by crestwoodTrue Romance: The Wolves and The Ravens

7th January 2015:
Rose! It has been far too long since I've read this story. I can't believe how much I missed out on. I could have sworn that I was just here…time flies. Did you know this was the first new story that I fell in love with upon my return to the site last year? I'm pretty sure this was the last little pull I needed to become obsessed with hpff once again.

James and Albus' conversation at the beginning is hilarious. I find it especially funny that Archie is referred to as Archibald for some reason.

I'm glad Cindy is here, I like Cindy.

Wow, Rose is really protective of Albus and Brandon's relationship, she's practically acting as me inside of this story, for all intents and purposes. I need for Al to find some way to wrap his head around raising a child, at least at some point. Although--I'd totally balk at that too right now, so it's totally hypocritical of me to say that.

Cindy and James need each other!! It's so perfect and it was staring me right in the face! I am so here for this.

I hope Rose doesn't do anything to shove a wedge into Branbus, even though I totally understand why she would be so drawn to Brandon. Especially because Al is kind of dilly dallying about, but still Rose no!

I've never liked Corbin, ever, but here as he's ganging up on him with his mother I feel like my distaste for him is at a new high. I want to ship Scorpius with someone, but not Corbin and not Al now that he has Brandon. I'm always confused about my ships with this story.

Loved this chapter, promise it won't be so long in between visits next time :)

Author's Response: Joey!!

Time does fly - I can't believe how many months it's been since I updated too. :-/ life and stuff gets in the way, you know. anyway, I was floored and flattered that this story got you back into HPFF. I honestly can't think of a better compliment.

Albus likes to be the advice giver and, well, James needs help. :P I always find it interesting when people use a formal version of someone's name. Surely you react a bit different when greeted by Joseph versus Joey. I don't really have an equivilent with Rose but if there would I would balk at being called the more formal version in a casual setting.

I got a laugh at you saying that she's acting as you (given what happens later on). I would have a hard time dating someone wtih a child at that age. I mean, I kind of avoided it inentionally. so... I don't have room to judge Albus either.

Cindy + James = quite a happy surprise for me. I knew I wanted James to have a romantic interest and there was Cindy. :D so glad you like them!

um, Rose likes wedge shoes and I can't make promises about where she sticks them. :P

Oh man, so many Corbin haters. I like to see him and Astoria as mutually interested parties. *nods* I'm so happy to confuse who you ship with this story.

Thank you so much for a fabulous review!!!


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Review #23, by crestwoodWhen Summer Fades: solstice

7th January 2015:
Hi Kristin! I had to return to this story because I am basically obsessed with it in every way.

This is so incredibly sad. The fact that Summer died definitely isn't going to do wonders for his already quite unstable mental state. I really feel for him when he says that he's lost a part of himself. I am just enamored with the way you've written his reaction to all of this. This really makes me wonder what he might have done if she was still alive. I'm thinking he may have run away with her and possibly gone into hiding. I think he was heading in a direction in which he would not have wanted to be a Death Eater. Of course, we know he eventually gives up his life to harm Voldemort's cause, but we're not there yet.

The scene in which Sirius and Regulus make eye contact in the graveyard is heartbreaking. I mean, everything about this chapter has been so far, really. People speak a lot about the tragedy of Sirius and Snape's lives, but this story has made me realize that Regulus' life was totally not all roses and that his story was possibly more dismal than anyone's.

I love that you addressed how Kreacher had no idea that Regulus had internally changed sides. It's like you're just writing down all of my super specific headcanon and more into one story.

Can't think of any more synonyms for sad to describe Regulus still sending letters back and forth with Summer's parents. Her characters gives an already awesome character just that much more depth. Even after she's dead, her mark on this story is unmistakable. I am constantly made speechless by all of this. It's pretty much perfect in every way.

The imagery of time as running through mud!!! How do you do this??

I love that Reg gave Kreacher that order to return back home out of genuine distrust because he totally had a reason to feel that way!

I cannot believe they killed Summer's parents. I feel like I won't ever get over this. I didn’t see this coming at all and I don't think I have actual words for this so I'll just say--wow.

The idea of the world being that much more vibrant as he went to go find Kreacher is a great one because it gives us a bit of his viewpoint as he willingly walks into death.

The end was fittingly desolate and just beautifully worded. You've really done Regulus justice. This is by far the best depiction of him that I've ever read and that I'm ever likely to read. It was a pleasure to read this story, really. You are really so incredibly talented. You should be proud of this. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: JOEY ♥ This review almost made me cry (in a good way though), it was so kind and just ajsdlkfasd?!?!?!?! (I will try to respond coherently!)

I'm so glad you liked Regulus' reaction and the way he dealt with his grief/problems. Aah, your idea that he might have run away with Summer and tried to get out if she had survived - yes. I hadn't even thought about that as I knew before writing this that she was going to die, but if she had survived... I love that. I have this great image now of them running away and then Regulus making amends with Sirius and all these wonderful things that could have been. And I'm really sad now because that didn't happen. Waah!

I'm glad to hear you were touched by that scene with Sirius and Regulus. You're so right though, I feel like from the books we see Sirius' and Snape's side of things and it's really sad, but we only ever get other people's opinions on Regulus, people who didn't really understand what he went through. ahh! I love that you felt like I was writing down your specific headcanon haha, that's so cool!

Gah, thank you! I really liked the addition Summer's Muggle parents made to the story and as they were Regulus' only remaining link to her, I could see them still corresponding. I'm so glad you liked the depth it provided and as for the rest - I am constantly made speechless by your reviews!

I'm glad you like the reasoning behind Reg's order for Kreacher to return home. Ah, about Summer's parents, I really did feel terrible as basically every main character dies except for Kreacher, but it had to happen. :(

I'm glad you liked that bit about the world being more vibrant. That was the impression I got after re-reading that chapter of Kreacher's story in Deathly Hallows, and translating Kreacher's confusion into Regulus' last view of all these things was a really interesting writing process.

Thank you, I really appreciate you saying the end was beautifully worded and that the desolation fit. Aaa, I really don't know what to say other than thank you SO much and I'm incredibly flattered that you think so highly of my depiction of Regulus and of this story as a whole. That means so much to me, thanks!

I don't know how to thank you enough for this incredible review, it really did make my day. Seriously, thank you so much.

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Review #24, by crestwoodGrown Up Radioactive: Severus Snape

6th January 2015:
I love these kinds of stories in which we track a canon character over the years, delving a bit deeper than the books decided to! The scene in which Snape holds Lily's body and cries is already pretty heartbreaking, but now you've added in this beautiful line--'held in my arms for the first and last time. Only the first paragraph and it's quite sad. But considering this is Snape's life we're talking about, I suppose that is to be expected.

You brought up an excellent point here about how while everyone is celebrating the vanquishing of Voldemort and Harry's survival, there isn't much mourning of Lily and James going on. It seems that Snape was one of the few who truly did feel grief on that day. (even if much more for Lily than James)

It's a bit unfair of Snape to judge Harry on his lack of magical knowledge, what with him just having found out that he WAS a wizard! Haha. He definitely is still himself here.

It was a clever bit of canon reference to make Snape's Patronus he used to prove his love for Lily to Dumbledore also be the Patronus he used to help Harry find the sword. (at least I think that was your own connection. Was that explicitly stated in the books?? My mind goes)

I adore the To Kill a Mockingbird quote, as it's one of my favorites of all time. It applies to the situation so well! I like the idea that Snape felt that he got his bit of redemption in the end. I thought you did an amazing job getting into his head, he's a pretty difficult character to write, but you pulled it off! Thank you for the swap ♥

Author's Response: Hi Joey! :)

With Snape, I felt like if I wanted to capture his character truly, I had to use multiple snapshots of his life because otherwise you only get certain bits of his personality. I'm so glad you pointed out that line--that is probably by far one of my favorite lines I've ever written! That was something I'd sort of realized as I continued to reread and watch the movies over and over that while James & Lily's deaths are mentioned countless times, it doesn't seem like many talked about grieving them or anything of the sort, so I felt like it deserved a bit of a wake-up call, even in the form of James's sworn enemy.

I tried to keep the scenes as close to canon as possible with my own little twist on them, so your approval of Snape's actions and characterizations in each scene is greatly appreciated! Actually, the patronus thing came from the movie--I'd just rewatched Deathly Hallows: Part 2 the other day before writing this and remembered in Snape's memories his patronus was a doe so I just made the connection it was his doe that led Harry to the Sword of Gryffindor, but I haven't read the books in ages so I'm not one hundred percent on that either to be honest :p I was so ecstatic when I got the quote for the challenge because my mind immediately went to Snape because of his situation with Lily and how that affected the latter part of his life! Oh, your compliments are too much! Thank you for doing this swap as well ♥
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #25, by crestwoodKissing in Private: Part One

6th January 2015:

This is a very different depiction of Teddy than I have typically seen! I love this first section with Teddy as a young child. I am always here for a character who panics in social situations. Of course, Teddy's powers allows for him to freak out on a way larger scale than anyone else. I've never seen Metamorphmagus powers depicted as anything other than 100% awesome in every way, but this proves that it's SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING to explore ways it might be totally and utterly inconvenient.

It's sad that a really bad out of control transformation put him off of attempting to use his powers from then on. But, kids are cruel and being different at that age actually sucks, so I think this is so much more realistic and just better than I've ever read Teddy. Your descriptions of his bodily changes are amazing as well.

He's in Muggle Studies!! I'm obsessed with the idea of that class, so I flip out whenever someone actually inserts it into their story.

I was your typical sports loving jock for most of high school and I can testify--those guys are horrid people. I totally identify more with Teddy's type here. I adore the way you've written him.

I'm interested in Victoire's character. There's a number of different ways you can go about writing her in this story, I think and I'm intrigued where this will go from here. It's sad that Teddy feels kind of--inadequate compared to the Quidditch players. I'm hoping that he doesn't have too hard of a time over the course of this story, but something tells me he'll have some hurdles to jump over.

This was excellent! We've got to do more swaps ♥

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for reading! I'm so glad you like my portrayal of Teddy. When I was planning the story, I originally pictured him as this bad-boy kind of aggressive guy, but then I thought... what if he can't control his powers and it is a detriment? That one thought changed the whole color of his character, and I found this really real, vulnerable boy. I'm so glad you like him! It means a lot to me that you can identify with Ted here. I really appreciate that. Victoire is kind of a mystery to me so I am really enjoying exploring her character. What I try to do is highlight the basic human elements of everyone so that even a Veela like Victoire can feel real. Thank you so much for your review! I really respect you as a writer and it means a lot to me that you can see value in my work. We will definitely need to do more swaps!

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