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Review #1, by crestwoodWhen There Is No War: Never a Dull Moment Here

31st October 2014:
I'm super excited to see the dynamic between Sirius/Remus and James/Lily!! I imagine that they'd all be even better friends because they've had more years to just be friends and not be, well, fighting a war.

It's so funny to see Harry with his family after how long I've been used to him as an orphan. It's a little strange to imagine his life not torn apart by Voldemort. Lily and James are pretty calm about all of this. Lily knows something about Audrey based on her reaction.

Andrews crash had me a little worried until I realized that Wizards can repair most injuries pretty easily. I still wonder if Andrew is exactly aware of what's going on. As in, does he know how long he has to stay with Sirius and Remus and does he know why his mother sent him to those two? I'd love to find out how much this kid knows. Obviously he doesn't give me much to work off of dialogue wise. I'll just have to read on. Great work so far!

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Review #2, by crestwoodWhen There Is No War: Cold Beginnings

31st October 2014:
Now I really want to know what Audrey's life was like, seeing as it was so bad that she sent her son to a father that he'd never met just to get away from it all. I'd actually love to read her backstory, she seems like she has a lot in her past, being from a nearly pureblood, classically Slytherin family. And now she choose to live with Muggles. I'm sure that didn't go over really well with her family.

I love that Andrew's favorite color is blue and he chooses his room to be that color. It's only made better by the line 'The smurf has found his lair.' So, so funny. I don't think Sirius would be nearly as helpless at this parenting stuff as he seems to think he would be. Especially because he DOES have so many friends with kids to help him out and give him tips. Plus, everyone likes Remus.

I never would have thought about Kreacher trying to trick Andrew into freeing him, but that would have been disastrous. He would have taken the first chance at that possible because he just hates Sirius so much here. Sometimes I wish Kreacher and Sirius would get along better, but I doubt it would ever happen haha.

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Review #3, by crestwoodWhen There Is No War: Not Ready, Definitely Not Ready

31st October 2014:
I love the Dumbledore that you've written here. His little jokes about Sirius fainting are hilarious. This is quite inconvenient since Sirius is very sure that he does not want a child yet. He seems to still be pretty young. Early twenties Sirius would most likely not be able to handle that kind of responsibility of course.

I wonder why Andrew is so quiet in this story. He seems like he doesn't quite understand what's going on.

I'm really interested in how you handled Sirius' family's deaths in this version of events and I love that Kreacher obeys Remus so much more than he does Sirius because that's totally what would happen. We know that Kreacher responds overwhelmingly kinder toward people who aren't hostile to him, which Sirius definitely is, in any universe. The way Kreacher reacts to Andrew is probably going to end up being very troublesome. Another good chapter!

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Review #4, by crestwoodWhen There Is No War: Little Boy In Blue

31st October 2014:
Hi! I'm finally getting around to leaving reviews on this and I've put it off until the day before NaNo and I have NO good reason for this. But, I am super rushing through these right now. Luckily I've already read all of this though, so I already have some thoughts about it.

I LOVE the idea of the war never happening and everyone being (relatively) happy. In this universe, does Voldemort not exist or was he just taken down before he could gather too much power?

You write Sirius and Remus' home life so well and I feel like this is how they could have been. I'm very interested in Sirius' interest in Muggle things like graphic novels and instant pancakes. It's reminding me a bit of Mr. Weasley and it does make sense because, I mean, he owned a motorbike!

I love the idea of throwing Sirius' long lost son into the midst of their happy home life. I really like these kinds of plots and these two would be hilarious raising a kid together haha. Really good start to this!

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Review #5, by crestwoodCharlotte: Charlotte

31st October 2014:
Hi Gabbie! I'm finally here to review this and I'm currently freaking out trying to get these done because there's under 24 hours until NaNo and I AM CRAZY FOR LEAVING THIS OFF.

I have to say that I really envy your ability to write this gigantic chapters. It takes me so long to get anything written that's this full and detailed. One of the reasons I've been totally loving MicroFiction lately is because I can, ya know, actually get those stories done.

Your characterization is amazing as always. We get a really striking idea of what Charlotte is like from the very beginning. In many ways this serves as a character study of her, working through all sorts of ways to show us who she is.

You've done this thing where I just feel bad for everyone here . I feel bad for Ryan, I feel bad for Charlotte and I feel bad for Sam too. Things just don't quite work out for anyone.

This left me feeling so conflicted. I feel terrible for Ryan and the kids but I totally advocate for Sam and Charlotte to be together because ten years of empty marriage can't be something that's healthy to continue. You've done a really good job showing all of the angles to look at this from. This is excellently written and executed. Loved reading it, thanks for joining my challenge!

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Review #6, by crestwoodHerbology and What Happened After It: Chapter One

30th October 2014:
Hi! I'm finally here to leave a review on this!

Okay, so we've got Freya, who is Cho Chang's daughter and very attractive, (in our narrator's eyes) but has just been dumped by this Callum for not being cute enough. I really like the John Green quote, it fits into this perfectly. At first, I couldn't remember what it was from and then I was like "Hmm.. maybe she made it up and I'm imagining things??" before it came to me three minutes later. This happens too often.

I really like the 'crushing on their best friend and can't work up the nerve to tell them' kind of plot. There's a certain something about it that I just love and you've worked it to perfection here. It took all of one sentence for Hugo to just steal the scene for me!! Wow, I don't know why but I could just picture him so clearly in my head and I wanted to be his friend.

Their argument was actually pretty upsetting because I want them to get all so. bad. But then the hair accident is just extremely sad. I don't even have words for that. Having your hair cut offf like that must really suck. Kind of makes me appreciate having short hair most of the time.

I really enjoyed the idea that everyone 'recognised the beginning of a breakdown when they saw it.'

Freya cutting her hair off to match hers is so amazing wowowowowow she is the best friend on planet earth for that. You can't even stay mad after that because you're friends with the best person who's ever lived.

You just sent me on an emotional rollercoaster. First I'm like yay!! she told her!! Then I'm like - Oh no, she's laughing!! And then I'm like - she's asexual? Surprised!! And now I'm more like - but biromantic?? Well this is perfect. And on top of all of this, Victoire is our narrator. I never ever see her depicted as anything but totally straight and living a perfect life with Teddy, so this is a welcome shake up of her character. I love it. I thought this was just so good! Thank you for joining my challenge!

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Review #7, by crestwoodAll of Me: Love is irrational

30th October 2014:
Hi Lottie!

First of all - I really like the song pick. It's a very all-encompassing love song. It can applied to a lot of different couples. That being said, I was not expecting this one at all. I've never seen this pairing written before. I'm very interested to see how this plays out.

I've never pictured a young Bellatrix before. It's strange to imagine a Bellatrix that isn't actually STARK RAVING MAD, but it is intriguing to see a version of her that's maybe a bit more innocent in a way. She almost feels trapped within her pureblood reputation at this point, which is such a huge difference to her persona in canon.

I loved Bella's reaction to Lily kissing her. She just seemed so swept away and like she couldn't believe it. It was a really sweet little moment.

I adore Bella giving Lily confidence to keep her hair red ahhh I kind of wish we could have gotten at least a scene something like that in the series. What a great idea to explore.

I am blown away by the scene with Andromeda and Bellatrix. I like to think that they would have been close at one point. The Unbreakable Vow between sisters holds so much meaning. It's kind of sad that Lily ends up with James after this. I almost wish there was more. I want to know what happened after this.. now I'm thinking that Bella went fully bad after Lily left her to be with James. This fic is making me contemplate all sorts of possibilities. This was really well written! Thank you joining my challenge!

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Review #8, by crestwoodWhere I Belong: Next to You

30th October 2014:
Hi, I'm finally here!

First off - I'm an inexplicably huge Theodore Nott fan. He's one of my favorite characters even though he rarely shows up in canon at all and there's pretty much no reason to like him. I just do for some reason. That said, I was so excited to see that you used him for this!

I thought you did an excellent job giving us an idea of how restless and guilty Theo felt at work before we even got to see why he felt that way. Their argument was over something relatively trivial, yes, but honestly most arguments are.

I feel so bad for Theo :( I wonder how he was outed in the first place. I'm so glad that Will - Mr. Popular - genuinely likes him and wants to be with him, but it's sad that he doesn't even believe it at first. You wrote their kiss really well. I do like to get these glimpses at them when they were happy rather than fighting. Will introducing Theo to his family is a little upsetting, but I understand that it means a lot in the context of their relationship and all that he risked and threw away to be with him. Their making up is really sweet and wraps this all up so well. This was so well done! Thank you for joining my challenge!

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Review #9, by crestwoodCall Me Charlotte: Call Me Charlotte

30th October 2014:
Hi Lisa!

I really enjoy the symbolism of the name Lorcan being used for the last time in the sentence 'Bye, Lorcan' I just really had to take a moment to appreciate that. I love the idea of her travelling in attempts to find her name and identity. Finding a new bit of herself in each name is an excellent touch.

When I think about Diana as the name of a goddess, my mind cannot go anywhere that isn't directly to Wonder Woman. I don't think you did that on purpose but it's still such an interesting idea that I can associate to this story and it kind of makes sense.

I like every last one of her names so much. You almost made each one into a different fully formed character until they're shed when she leaves wherever it is she is.

Roxanne is very underused in fic and I'm SO GLAD that she's in this story. The ending of this is amazing. Her acceptance of herself is striking and I'm really glad it was resolved with her finding who she really is. I'd say that you did an excellent job writing a transgender character. I'm already pretty familiar with gender identity issues, but if I wasn't, this would have made me familiar and that is valuable. I thought that you handled everything perfectly. Thank you for *another* entry!

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Review #10, by crestwoodThis is Chemistry: SN1

30th October 2014:
Okay - Emilie, you know how I write high concept stuff and people are like, what even lead to you thinking about doing this?? Well, THAT is what I thought when I first saw this. This is like the MOST YOU THING YOU COULD HAVE POSSIBLY DONE. You took your incorporation of science and turned it up to eleven. In this metaphor, you have busted the speakers of science themed fics.

To be clear - the science used here is not the kind that I can say I have TONS of knowledge about, but that didn't really stop this from being enjoyable because I just kind of *get what you mean* anyway. I adore all of the different interpretations of words here. I mean, "bond" "attract" "chemistry" You're throwing out double entendre after double entendre. And not to mention how you really did write a romance about House Elves like you said you would. This is so awesomely experimental and unique. There will probably never be another story like this at all. It's amazing to think about that.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for Gifting me this story and for writing me slash and Microfiction because the combination of the three makes for a happy Joseph :)

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Review #11, by crestwoodWe Lived: We Lived

30th October 2014:
Hi Roisin,

I'm rushing to get these reviews out before NaNo and wow, I thank you for writing such short stories. I've already read them all, but it's just so nice to not have to respond to thousands of words right now.

On to the story, you've made me believe in the canonical viability of this ship. I think it makes more and more sense the more I think about it. I always love Young!Dumbledore in fic and I think it should be written about more. Carefree and arguing with professors about Dragon's Blood. (and being right!!) It's only a short passage but I totally GET HIM within the space of it.

I feel for Elphias because like, who could be an intellectual equal to Albus? I've never even experienced someone in my life being that much smarter than me, although I have a friend who THINKS that he's an Albus Dumbledore level genius. And that's terrible enough.

Elphias leaving Albus in the middle of the night :/ And then his husband getting murdered by Death Eaters :(

BUT their last conversation. Beautiful, perfect. SO GOOD. This is the first time I've read this ship but I am super stoked on it and I wish there was more!! Thank you again for giving me two entries of pure genius.


And yee, I saw you had SO many entries already when I joined, so I decided to keep them short (bless your eyes)!

It was my mom is the one who pointed Dumbledore/Doge out to me. At the time she thought Elphias was a lady - but then the whole "Dumbledore gay" reveal happened and she was like "CALLED IT, he totally had a thing with that guy."

The other thing I really wanted to do with this story, was kind of unapologetically write about 'cruising' in a way that was beautiful and nostalgic (I think sometimes there can be a closeted attitude of defensiveness in mainstream equality movements, through groups like the HRC, and I don't think it's necessary. Cruising is important for a lot of people discovering themselves, and nothing we should shame. And being a woman, I'm particular tetchy about people being shamed on the basis of sexual behavior).

OK THIS REPLY IS GETTING TOO LONG! I'm glad you liked this short-and-bittersweet one shot! Thank you for this challenge!

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Review #12, by crestwoodWolf Like Me: O here comes that moon

30th October 2014:

This is so absolutely different than everything I've read of yours! The language you use is eerie and maybe even kind of passionate, if language can be that. You used words that I honestly have never seen used in a sentence before. I'm really sold on this stream of consciousness kind of writing, obviously as I've used it recently in YL, YL. This reminds me of what I've read of James Joyce actually. Diction couldn't be better. The patterns that I find in your writing is actually poetic in nature. It's almost like I could tweak it a bit and it'd be a ballad.

This is such an ambitious story and very much the kind of thing I hoped I could bring about with this challenge. GOOD SLASH THAT SHOWS HOW DIVERSE AND COOL IT CAN BE BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER KIND OF ROMANCE AND WHY ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS. Anyway, I enjoyed this a lot. Thank you for entering my challenge with two entries!!

Author's Response: EE! I really enjoyed writing this one! Since it was so tiny, I had a LOT of fun workshopping all the language, and choosing words very carefully. And, RHYMES!

And not sure if this was obvious, or just my own thing, but 'O here comes that moon' does two things. At once, the 'O' is a sound. But it's also an illustration of the Moon. O (here comes that moon).

And yeah, I really wanted to kind of capture the animalism of the Wolf Mind through the language, and challenge myself to have a strong masculinity to it. And YES, slash should be DIVERSE. Not every queer male is soft, and love/longing can be more than 'tender'!

I'm so glad you hosted this challenge! And YOU THINK IT SOUNDS LIKE JOYCE!?!?!?! AH! THANK YOU!

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Review #13, by crestwoodhow i wonder (what you are): one

30th October 2014:
I'm finally getting around to reviewing entries to my challenge which I want to finish doing before NaNo. ON THE 30TH. So, excuse me if this review is terrible or rushed because it totally is rushed :/

I love the Fleur you've written here! I can just picture her humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star after hearing it for the first time. I adore the line 'It is, after all, easier to hate your brotherís fiancee than love her' it kind of sums this all up, doesn't it?

Ginny's character is excellent as well I love this questioning version of her and it makes so much sense that she would have fallen for Fleur. The way Fleur confronts Ginny and reassures her about herself and what she's feeling is beautiful and golden and all of the good things! It's awesome how the song takes on a new meaning by the end of this. This is great, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for taking part in my challenge!

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Review #14, by crestwoodWaltz: Waltz

29th October 2014:
THIS STORY. This has been on my reading list for actual months because so many people were recommending it. I had no what it was about until recently. I have OCD as well and it's a lot like Rose's with a few other things thrown in. Although, we just might not have seen the full extend of Rose's here. But one thing I found striking is that the Waltz is actually one of the things that calms me because three is my number. I was listening to Waltz #2 by Elliott Smith throughout reading this and it actually kept time with the song, so that's just about the most impressive thing I've ever written down.

Her roommates reaction is exactly why I like to be alone a lot of the time. I despise that reaction and I have had entire days ruined by it. It was extremely realistic though. I appreciate that it was written in because it's certainly the reality of what happens.

I have a friend with a stutter and I understand how impatient and rude people can be about it and I'm just going to imagine that everyone's really respectful and nice to Scorpius in this universe because there's no evidence to the contrary and that's what I hope is true :)

I feel the real importance of not being disgusted by a person touching you. Rose not having to brush her teeth after kissing Scorpius is like, the most important thing. When I was young, maybe about four or five, I didn't know what OCD was. I was under the impression that I was the only person like this and wow, if someone could have read this to me back would have changed my life. Even now, it has. I still haven't stumbled across many depictions of the condition in media that aren't played up basically as a useful superpower or a comedic, simplified 'I. need. to. clean.' kind of thing. Actually, this may be the first accurate portrayal I have EVER read. I'm crying and everything. Thank you for this, really. I appreciate everything about this so much.

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Review #15, by crestwoodWaiting in the Wings: All I Need

26th October 2014:
Hey Sam, I was so excited to see that you'd put up another chapter of this!

This is heartbreaking right from the beginning. Teddy and Andromeda living in Harry's old house and having no idea that he's there with them is just sad. And he's telling him about Theo and Theo loved Teddy!! I love the backstory that you've given with the Notts and the Potters. I prefer this so much to people writing them as evil, irredeemable people. I love the painting of Slytherins we don't get to see in canon as okay or even good people. I'm just so sure that they can't all be terrible. Your Theo is one of my favorite characters ever actually. They might not all be the same exact version, but they're all the absolute best written portrayal of his character in my opinion.

I'm actually upset that Theo and Harry can't be together. I love that you've fit it all into canon like this. Even Harry's state and the fact that kids can see him reminds me of Dumbledore's mentions of 'different kinds of magic.'

I wasn't expecting Theo to be able to see Harry at all. And oh my.. the 'you were supposed to be with me' /You were supposed to be with me/ repetition is PERFECT.

Seeing Theo's room only reinforces how completely engrossed I am by this character. Wow, I can't even believe this. He's a psychic? And he hears voices and it's all real and that's why he was always alone!! This creates so many more layers of understanding about his character for me.

I'm a little upset that Harry wants to move on because I want Theo/Harry to happen!! This is really so amazing. This chapter just blew me away. Thank you for entering my challenge!

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Review #16, by crestwoodTrying Not to love You: Only Makes Me Love You More

23rd October 2014:
Hi Sam!

Admittedly, I haven't read any of the other stories you've written about these characters, so I'm coming into this without any backstory or anything. That said, you've done such an amazing job at characterization that I immediately get to know these people and I don't feel like I've tuned in right in the middle of a series of events because this works so well on its own.

You're just incredible at writing romance because you've got me shipping Louis with both Ciaran and Frankie just within this story. I don't know how that's possible, but I really love both of them. I have a feeling that Frankie wasn't planning on breaking up with Louis the next day though. It seemed that something was going on, but not that. I think Frankie is ultimately a good guy who doesn't express his feelings so well. But, then, I think Ciaran is nearly perfect and I feel bad about Louis not sharing the exact kind of feelings that he has for him. I want everyone to be happy and together but it just doesn't work out.

Also, you wrote blindness really realistically and I commend you for that. Most people stumble quite a bit with writing their actions, but you're spot on. This was so, so good. I'm thinking I may check out the other stories with these guys in it after the craziness of NaNo has died down. Thank you for entering my challenge!

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Review #17, by crestwoodSymphony: Chapter One

23rd October 2014:
Hi Celi! Here for the October review exchange!

This mysterious "puppeteer is quite the narrator. Even just the name is foreboding and kind of creepy. With a name like that, we must be talking about a very powerful entity. I'm very impressed by the tone of this because it was so consistently bone chilling. I could feel the way the speaker was looking down on me in disgust. I mean, 'petty little mortal lives' is an incredibly telling line.

I've never seen anyone write about giants and I've certainly never read a story about a non-being. You captured his state so perfectly. He does not believe in the concept of birth and he feels far above it. I have no idea what kind of life form it even is and I'm frightened of this thing. Your descriptions of the giants' rampage was just astounding. The second person is used so effectively. I have no criticism at all. This was excellent. I'm really engrossed by it all, amazing work!

- Joey

Author's Response: Hi Joey!

Thanks so much for such a brilliant review - it's really so encouraging, especially as this was my first foray into writing something vaguely of this genre.

A very powerful entity indeed - you're right about that. 'Bone chilling', ahh, thank you so much for the compliment, because it's definitely the kind of atmosphere I was going for. I think I almost wrote it as though it were a monologue from a play, hence the complete and utter absence of dialogue of any kind, and if I think about it off the top of my head, I think that's true of the other chapters, bar the last one - where there's exactly one line of direct dialogue :p!

I actually found writing about the giants very difficult - because I wanted to make them scary, scary enough that you understand why the things that are happening do end up happening, but at the same time I thought that if I tried to describe the giants in concrete terms that would lessen the impact. So I think I basically ended up trying to describe everything else except the giants themselves, if that makes sense? I'm really glad you liked it, it means a lot, coming from such an accomplished writer like you :)

I think the second person POV evolved pretty naturally from the point that I conceived this fic as a sort of theatrical monologue of the narrator's - and the narrator is speaking to specific people rather than the audience directly - a sort of one-way interaction, as the mortals don't respond, and well if you liked the giants' rampage, all I can say is that you're in for a treat in the next chapters :)

Thanks so much for your review!

Celi xxx

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Review #18, by crestwoodSeven: Seven is the most magical of numbers.

22nd October 2014:
Hey Beth!

I have been trying to wrap my head around a review for this. If it stops being coherent, it's because my mind is blown to bits.

Okay, first I'll just talk about the fact that you got every single paragraph to be a multiple of seven words in length. Or maybe even just about the fact that you thought of that at all. Where did that come from? I mean, I might have thought of doing this, but pulling it off is another matter altogether. Also, really? You made it 777 words? That thoroughly shocked me. I can't even believe you did this. Having my name attached to this is so great.

Okay, as for the actual story: it's excellent. I've read a lot of 'The Life of Sirius Black' kind of stories, but this one is so unique for a number of ways. His relationship with Dorcas is so sweet and fleshed out and I know it only lasted for a paragraph, but it was perfect. The end "Dorrie is gone - Voldemort." really made me feel the numbness that comes with death while you're fighting a war. There was just this kind of "There goes another one" kind of feeling to that line. Of course you may have just shortened it to fit into the seven theme, but I took a deeper meaning from that, even if it wasn't intended.

The 'It was Peter' paragraph is my favorite!! Especially because he can't be sure how long it's been. The word choice is ridiculously spot on and it only leads into the gleeful feeling of the next paragraph. You've touched upon every single important moment in his life. This is a full story that gives us such an accurate view of who someone really was on a level that you wouldn't expect from anything this short. I just can't begin to explain all of the ways this blew me away. You've got this MicroFiction thing down. Thank you again!

- Joey

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Review #19, by crestwoodnotes on freefalling.: sunbeams

14th October 2014:
Hi Maia,

I feel like you must have a distinct writing style because I can kind of *feel* it, but somehow I can't pinpoint what it is that gives your work such a unmistakable quality. If you'll excuse the metaphor, I feel like I write with these super heavy brush strokes and you just ever so lightly graze the surface effortlessly. Basically, you make this seem really really easy. You are one of the best writers here.

Astoria is characterized as I've never seen her before - and I've seen her written a number of different ways. Parvati doesn't get written much and you've turned her into someone I care about as well.

Astoria sleeping in Scorpius' room rather than with Draco is kind of sad. They very clearly do not care much for each other and I wanted her to leave from the very beginning. Luckily, that leaves us having exactly zero positive feelings about her and Draco's relationship, so that nothing takes away from the beautiful chemistry between Astoria and Parvati.

It's kind of shocking that Astoria literally does not get any time away from Scorpius at all. I can understand being a diligent mother, but that's got to be a little tough. At least, I wouldn't respond well to having no free time at all whatsoever. She doesn't really seem bothered though and that only makes me admire her even more. You've shown motherhood in a light that it is rarely shown, but it feel very realistic.

Parvati's reaction to Astoria kissing her!!!

AH I'm going to imagine that these two stay together forever and raise Scorpius and he turns out to be a kind, thoughtful person away from the influence of his aloof father and creepy grandparents. Aw, this was so sweet and everything was just excellent about this. Really amazing job with this!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Wow, thank you so much! I'm really glad you think I have a style ♥ I always worry my writing is so messy and un-understandable (there has to be a better word for that...) so if I'm tricking people into thinking it's a style, let alone a GOOD style, i'm happy with that ;) there are so many amazing writers on this site so I'm kinda freaking out about you saying that omg ♥

I've not read much about Astoria or Parvati so it was so interesting deciding how to characterise them! In the end I didn't really make any decisions about any of it - I just let them play out however they wanted to , hahaha! So I'm so glad they turned out well.

I was trying to toe the line here because I didn't want to Draco-bash, since I know a lot of people love him, but I also didn't want Astoria to have a happy marriage. I wanted to show they are just the wrong people for each other and their relationship definitely isn't positive, like you say, so the focus is just on her and Parvati. If I'd had longer I would have gone into her relationship with Draco way more but I wanted to make this a short oneshot! ahaha, this is short for me ;)

In my mind Astoria is quite simple in terms of happiness - she needs one constant good thing in her life for her to be happy, and then she can put up with anything. Scorpius is that good thing (though Parvati creeps in later) so she doesn't mind doing everything for him. I am glad it seemed realistic for her to mother that way!

I am so bad at kiss scenes so I'm so glad you liked that bit!

Haha, I am having a lot of fun imagining Scorpius growing up in this household tbh! I'm really glad you liked the story aww ♥ thanks for the inspiring challenge!


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Review #20, by crestwoodbloom.: bloom

13th October 2014:
Maia, I can't even express how good this is. I wish I would have read this sooner. I'm trying to sum up what's going through my head, but I literally can't do it. There's so many different feelings here.

First I'm feeling so bad for her. Hearing her father calling her a nuisance can't have been a nice experience.

I really adore the way you explained her family life before going to Hogwarts. We get a very clear picture of her personality from the beginning.

And there's something to be said about a character on this site that is bad in school. I've seen a lot of different characterizations on this site, but I seriously rarely ever see a character that's just bad at school. I think it has to do with us all being writers and enjoying reading and such. That probably makes us all a lot less likely to relate to people who don't have much interest in reading and related things. And all that is to say, I really enjoyed reading about someone at Hogwarts getting horrible grades, because *someone* probably has, in all of the years it's been open.

Her relationship with Dewey!! Wow, this is so unexpected. I saw you say somewhere that this isn't exactly a "romance" story. So, it must not be The Point of this this story, but it's still written out in such detail. He's really nothing like her, but they're sweet together. I did not know which way their marriage was going to go, but this is so much worse than anything I could have thought of.

That baby gave her so much happiness. I thought things were going to get happier from there on. She finally had a purpose. And then.. gone.
I don't think I can even comment on this entire section because it was basically an emotional daze for me. I think that was the point. All of it felt all too real, I have to say.

Their marriage certainly will not survive this. Out of all things that can pull apart people, this is one of those pretty potent ones.

When she starts reading the hospital file, I slowly realize that I'm reading a story about Poppy Prompry Pomfrey, so I can guess roughly where this is going.

This librarian is very snarky. Snarky is always good.

This is a perfect way to give her something to focus on and something to link her into the medical professional that she eventually enters. I can barely believe that you just thought this up and it isn't exactly what happened in canon.

It's so realistic that it takes her so long to really come up with something resembling a cure. I'm glad it didn't take like two weeks because obviously if no one else had figured it out before, it must be difficult to solve.

Genevieve isn't quite a relationship, but I think it's comforting in the moment. I kind of feel bad for her. She's sort of discarded without a second thought. Poppy isn't exactly sentimental though, I saw that coming.

Her and Dewey's talk is very frank and honest. I can appreciate how straight forward he was. It speaks volumes that he was so emotional and she just was not and didn't pretend to be. Most stories would have the crying girl in that situation while the man holds himself together and the reversal is so, so welcome.

I am so happy that Poppy got her findings out there, even if they weren't credited to her. Even better that she didn't mind much. She just wanted to help people for that satisfaction that would bring her.

I appreciate that Fitkins is really trying to help Poppy. The scene in which she holds the baby who's life she saved is touching. I'm just so thrilled about her feeling like she's found her purpose. She has really been wondering about her entire life.

I never would have guessed that this particular character could be turned into someone interesting and fun to read about, really. I just never imagined that anyone could turn her into a full, rich character like this. But, you truly gave this character life. This is my favorite minor character backstory ever. You REALLY deserved that Dobby. I can't stress enough how beautiful this was. It feels like I've just completed a novel. This is the only one-shot I've ever read that felt like a journey. Thank you so much for writing this and thank you for the swap!

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Review #21, by crestwoodInvictus: Out of the night that covers me

13th October 2014:
Hi Lottie!

I am a huge fan of stories with multiple character arcs and out of order chronology. I just love unique or strange stories.

This is so well written. There's something about being inside of the mind of someone who's just escaped from Azkaban that's both liberating and saddening at the same time. I love his rediscovering the beauty of the outside world, but then I think about the state of his life and all of his friends and it's quite depressing. I think you've walked that fine line really perfectly here. I adore anyone who can make me feel such a wide range of emotions in a 500 word story because I know just how difficult these can be to write. Your prose is absolutely perfect here, by the way. Not a misplaced word as far as I can see. I can't wait to see what other characters and moments you explore next, this was really exceptionally good. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Joey!
Thank you so much :D I'm really glad you like it, I wasn't sure if this would work or not. It's just the poem is so amazing (it is one of the few I know by heart) that I had to try and bring it in somewhere. My personal challenge is to 1. finish this, and 2. make every chapter exactly 500 words. Sirius has such a sad story, especially because he lost everyone he cared about that night. The ones who didn't die abandoned him. And as a child, he had no one but his brother, really. I find it amazing that he managed to build his life back up again after that.
Gah, thank you! You are making me blush with all these lovely comments.

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Review #22, by crestwoodLike Clockwork: Antiquity

13th October 2014:
Leigh! This is so good! I've never been a huge historical fiction person really, but this is just.. the very best. I know it's not very long, but I am so engrossed. I read this like five times in a row, basically in awe. I've only read your Next-Gen stories, so this was a really welcome surprise.

I can't wait to read the rest of this, but I do understand the struggles of putting your ENTIRE life on hold for NaNo. I'm pretty much going into hiding for the entire month of November.

The descriptions in this were so vivid. You didn't just tell us that she was sitting in fire. You gave us this mental picture of this incredibly graphic witch burning. I loved that you gave her realistic attitudes for her era. A lot of times, people will write about historical witches and give them the exact same values as we have today. For obvious reasons, that doesn't make sense. Her little thoughts like "perhaps I was sent from the devil." and not understanding why a man would be so polite towards her, a young girl. It's interesting that apparently Wizards were much more progressive in that sense in this time.

I really enjoyed this. Especially the visual of her running through a forest, on fire, burning all of the trees along the way. Really, just everything was excellent. I'm blown away. Can't wait to read more of this. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Joey!

Thanks! Personally, I love historical fiction, and I've been dying to write something that reflects history. I'm happy you like it!

NaNo will interfere with both this and Sacrifice--but Sacrifice has enough chapters written to last through November for updating and such. This, however, does not. I'll try to update soon though!

I tried really hard to add a lot of description. I'm happy to see I achieved this! I'm also relieved about fitting well into the proper era. I was afraid of making it seem too much like a 21st century story.

Thanks Joey!


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Review #23, by crestwoodLove, Not War: Captive

10th October 2014:
Hi Deana!

I really still can't believe Roxi decided to sneak outside into the bushes to get a closer look at Voldemort. I too was wondering if she was completely out of her mind at that point. I did a literal facepalm when it's revealed that she forgot her wand. Now I'm wonder how she'll managed to ever escape.. but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Their spells around the house are so clever and useful and I just wish Roxi would have stayed inside! They might have been safe then.. although Percy might have damaged the chances of that a little bit. The story probably wouldn't be as interesting if she didn't dash off and she definitely wouldn't be herself if she wasn't impulsive, she wouldn't be herself.

I almost gained a bit of respect for Percy attempting to refuse to attack his family and then I realized that the only reason he refused was because it was his house as well.. still only thinking about himself. It was inevitable that Roxi would be found out. I've learned a lot of things in my life and from years of hide and seek games worth of experience I definitely say for sure: behind the bushes is never a good hiding spot.

I'm very interested about the things Voldemort learned from looking into Roxi's mind. Actually, it's very lucky that she doesn't know a lot about The Order at the moment. I just thought about if she would have known about Saleena and what that would mean. He'd probably want to find her even more than he wants Draco. I'm very frightened about Voldemort's threats because the Voldemort in this story definitely would go ahead and do it. Percy having the nerve to meet his fathers eyes makes me actually angry. I just hate him with such a vengeance honestly.

Seriously, this basement that she's locked in is the creepiest thing ever. Also, you were totally right, I guessed who the voice was. The second he expressed any amount of concern for Draco it was very clear to me. I couldn't imagine anyone else that could possibly be there that would care for Draco at all, nevermind say that his life means more to him than his own.

This chapter does do one huge thing for me though and that's confirming my headcanon (of a fanfiction story.. does that exist?) of Lucius caring a whole lot about Draco in this story. Like, obviously he saved him as a baby and then he made sure that he didn't die and sent him off to the Weasleys and now he's breaking Roxi out of this place just to keep him safe and it's certain at this point that Lucius is NOT bad and DOES care for Draco. This is his first real appearance since the Prologue, but it's really significant. Really great job with this!

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Review #24, by crestwoodYear Five: O.W.L.s

10th October 2014:
Hi Roisin! I've been saving this review so that I could make sure that my 500th review is given to this story. I've been a bit afraid to continue on because I REALLY don't want to be done reviewing this story. I want it to go on forever and I want to be immersed in this world along the way. But, things are finite, so here I am with three chapters left.

The way you write the revision process actually makes me anxious. I'm one of those people who has to leave the room if someone on a television show is embarrassing themselves because I get massive cases of secondhand embarrassment. I'm clearly living way too vicariously through these characters because I feel like I have exams coming up right now?? And I definitely do not have anything of the sort.. but, that's a really good thing because it means that I am feeling tons and tons of empathy for these characters, which I think is probably the point.

And also, worried about Tristan right now. 'exquisitely alone' (beautiful phrase, by the way) and he's listening to Rock N Roll Suicide and I just have a gut feeling and it's so bad.

You made Laurel's first question in her exam about Cheering. I really appreciate the humor in that.

Ah, Penelope broke down into tears and I'm feeling so terrible for her. I'm getting a lot more emotional about everything the longer this story goes on.

I love that Tristan overwrote his Muggle Studies essays. That's literally me in any politics classes, going into detail about Second Wave feminism in essays about the current demographics of Congress.

The Muggle Studies exam is really hilarious to me because of the fact that I obviously understand how all of those things work, but I'm just imagining all of these Wizards' wonder about Tristan's immense knowledge of it all.

Tristan arguing with Draco, Crabbe and Goyle is one of my favorite things ever. I love seeing them in a different light in which they aren't intimidating in the least.

OH NO. You didn't.. I mean I knew it was coming and I was unconsciously preparing myself this entire time for this, but I still was not ready. Right when he didn't show up for the History of Magic exam I knew. At first I thought he was not going to, um, make it. I don't even want to imagine how I would have felt had that been the case. Luckily, he's okay, physically at least.

And the song he attempted to go out to was all too perfect. The symbolism of runs as deep as it possibly could. I mean, the song itself was the symbolic death of Ziggy Stardust. I knew you'd use it for this scene. You have used music better than any other story on this site, by far. This isn't even a songfic, but it all comes back to the music. It all makes so much sense. I actually have a playlist titled "Songs from Year Five" and it's excellent and I can always listen to it when I want to revisit this story, but don't have time to read through it all.

What Emily said to Mary was too much for me. I don't know.. this may be a record the most emotional breakdowns caused by one chapter of anything, ever? That's including the Fault In Our Stars and that gave me my far share. Like, I saw the signs and I knew that you wouldn't be able to avoid writing this. Realism is too important to you. And I'm so glad you did. But, just.. feelings all around. Wow, I love this. Thank you for this.

Author's Response: GAH SHLARBAGLUHLOVE. Also, GUH, I exceeded the character limit! Gotta truncate this to death! (Rambling paragraphs replaced with "blah blah blah")


You saved your 500th review for me! That is such an amazing honor and compliment! Ah!

I'm so glad the revision stress worked! Blah
blah blah, I worried I didn't spend enough time on something important but condensing it into a shorter space also made it more immediate/stressful/reflects the sensation of time passing quickly etc, I was very vexed, thankyouthankyou.

BAH, you recognized the song! So I knew not everyone would recognize every song in this from just a few lyrics, and it's not necessary to recognize it for the story, but if you DO - yes, much foreshadowing (not a single song in this fic DOESN'T foreshadow. Even the Michael Jackson.)

And I'm SUPER glad you liked "exquisitely alone." Like, one should be sparing with adverbs, I know that, and I TRY, but I just thought that was a really good place for a spare adverb. I went back and forth about changing the language, but I just liked it so much.

Laurel's thing with the test was almost word-perfect what happened in the book with Harry (his first question was about Wingardium Leviosa, and then he was all like YEAH, TROLL, I KNOW). But in OotP, Harry smiled before answering. Here, Laurel rolls her eyes. But that kind of summarizes what YF is all about.

And RIGHT?! Ending up getting way too excited about essay questions and throwing in tons of weird stuff. That's me all over.

"Ballpoint pen: like a quill but less annoying" is my favorite quote from this whole story :)

It's funny to me how so many people on this site conceive of Draco as a "badboy." To me, he was always just kind of petty, pathetic, and at best, tragic. I mean, I love me some Draco, but he's not *cool.* He's really kind of a wimp, if you think about it. Which isn't a bad thing - his wimpiest moments are also his best (crying with Moaning Myrtle).

And AHAAA, parallels to Potter: Harry also missed his History of Magic exam (he had the Sirius vision part way through, and stormed out).

I'm SO GLAD you liked the music stuff! I really REALLY didn't want to be gratuitous, or just include stuff because I happen to like it, but I wanted it to be an important thematic thing in the story. (I actually started writing YF shortly after reading the Phonomancer comics - which are all about British music, and the first is very 90s centric. And because I'm obsessed with Potter, I couldn't help but be interested in applying music to that).

YEE! I have a YF playlist too! And one of my RL friends made one after reading this! If you wanna know, my YF playlist also includes a TON of music not included in the story. Critically: the song "Tristan" by Patrick Wolf. If you don't know it, go listen to it right now! I'll wait.

The very first short story I ever wrote was called "Charlie Never Fell," about someone I knew who committed suicide by jumping. It wasn't good, and definitely needlessly maudlin and I-was-14-y, and the only part I liked was the title, so I kind of reappropriated it there.

GUH I JUST SAW TFIOS. I tend to cry at stuff - any stuff. Like, when Neville got those ten points at the end of PS, SO MANY TEARS. I cry when things are happy, sad, poignant, stirring in the least. TFIOS destroyed me. I'm so glad I didn't see it in theaters, because I would have suffered from lack of tissues and ended up blowing my nose on my skirt.

I can't really explain how wonderful it is to communicate with someone who JUST GETS this story. Like, nothing I intended gets past you. Thank you so, so, so much for taking the time to read this crazy thing, and leave such consistently beautiful reviews. It's the actual most encouraging thing in the world.


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Review #25, by crestwoodCrossing Delicate Boundaries : Nobody Likes a Liar

9th October 2014:
Hello Lindsey! It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Astoria really wasn't acting very nice last chapter, but this chapter took things so much further, wow. At first, I thought it was just because her best friend just died, like she said. But, then we find out about her lying about her pregnancy.. and that started way before Pansy's murder. I can't believe she did that simply out of jealousy, that's a really horrible thing to do, in any situation.

And then she goes and accuses Draco of liking Hermione, (which I think he does) as if that's the heinous crime being done here. Uggh, I don't like her very much. You've really written one of those "so evil, they're interesting to read about" kind of characters. She seems to have no real conscience and only cares about herself. Draco is very right to be as mad as he is.

Hermione is so caring when it comes to Draco. I love her forgiving nature and how she's portrayed in this story. The way you write her makes Dramione seem a lot more viable than some other stories I've read. Great job on her characterization. I'm really glad they've decided to be friends. I love them in this. Another really good chapter!

- Joey

Author's Response: Hey Joey,

Thanks so much for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed this chapter. Yes Astoria is not such a nice person in my story, but that's because in my head I see her as someone not unlike Umbridge lol. I just don't see her as a sweet girl like some people write her. I am glad you enjoyed it, I will be back to re request ;)

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