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Review #1, by crestwoodThe Lucky Ones: Back to the UK

1st March 2015:
Sam!! I'm so excited to be here for the first chapter and able to keep up with the story as it goes along :D

I love starting this story with Oliver not giving a crap about his surroundings. That's such a bold move to start things out and really sets the tone. One of the things I like so much about Oliver is the fact that he is way more brash than you'd expect. He is totally unafraid to blame everything on Harry; Boy Who Lived or not.

I'm not used to them doing all of this hugging and everything in public this is so great. Also, I now need to know what you mean about Alexa Nott and Albus!! I have no idea how you keep everything in this universe together, you've got so many stories!

Sarah and Tucker!! I've missed these two so much, excited that they're the ones picking them up! They're great together, regardless of whether they get past a second date or not :P

Loved this chapter, cannot wait for the rest of the story. These characters are just excellent and I can already tell you're going to write another amazing story!! Awesome work Sam :D

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Review #2, by crestwoodHer Favorite Holiday: Her Favorite Holiday

1st March 2015:
Hi Selene! Here slightly late for the February Review Exchange :)

First of all, wow--you wrote something!! I understand how difficult it is to start writing again after such a long break, so kudos for that. Also, how is this so good?? You did not miss a beat. I have no idea how you kept so sharp over your hiatus, but nothing about this story feels 'rusty.'

I'm loving this story from when Molly and Arthur were young. I really enjoy them in their youth, still just as in love as they appear in canon. Arthur is so very in character within this flashback. He has a lot of very particular qualities that are hard to write convincingly, but you've just hit him out of the park. And it carries over into the present day as well. I love him in his old age just as much as ever. He's such an enthusiastic, genuine person and I just adore how you've captured that here.

Teddy and Victoire getting engaged was so cute and really nicely mirrored Arthur and Molly's own story. The way his attempts to engage went were hilarious and kind of awful, but that's all part of the charm of it all.

I started crying during the scene at Molly's grave. I'm kind of a crier in general but I'm not usually moved to tears by fic, but I was today. It's just the saddest thing because I kind of had a feeling the entire time, but I wasn't prepared for a full scene of him with her and I wasn't prepared to have the backstory of how special Valentine's Day always was for them laid down beforehand.

This was a really spectacular, emotional story and it really took me by surprise how affected I was by it. Such amazing storytelling! I'm really glad I was paired with you for this ♥

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Review #3, by crestwoodL'optimisme: Malapropisms

27th February 2015:
Hi Laura! It has taken me so incredibly long to get to this review swap. I blame school and all sorts of other things.

I love that every chapter has a theme and I love how extensively you explore them. I'm always interested in the ways our minds play tricks on us and I am so interested to see how you approach this idea from Albus' perspective.

Gellert is so good at manipulating Albus, I love the way Albus knows how easily he forgot about the things he was mad about when he kissed him. It's almost like a self-aware inevitability.

Older Dumbledore really is an institution, if a person ever has been one. It's interesting that he'd question his own cleverness, since we typically see him as someone very sure of himself, especially later in his life.

You draw me in with all of this self doubt and second guessing. It's so beautifully worded. No matter what you're talking about, I can depend on it being beautifully worded of course, but it's still surprising that you can write some of the saddest words imaginable and I can still find myself almost gleeful just for having read them and comprehended them so fully.

'and it is such an easy dream to have, a natural thing to crave' really struck me here and it seems like a pretty simple series of words but I really, really liked this. I'm not always sure exactly why I like some things.

It's strange to think that Albus already would have been considered one of the most important Wizards of all time by the time he was twenty-five, taking into account everything that he accomplished afterward.

The scene with Alain is just so sad, to the point of being heartbreaking. It's upsetting both that Alain is being used and that Albus feels so horrible and guilty about it all.

I find it quite ironic that Gellert is using Darwin, Freud and Nietzche's studies in order to support his ideas of Muggles being inferior. I think the fact that it was so contradictory made it all the more intriguing.

The last line was so perfect that I want to nominate you for best quote all over again. I do not think I have read a line that affected me so much so far this year. Excellent, excellent work. I feel like a broken record when I leave reviews for you, because what else is there to say? Writing at such a consistently high level just kind of leaves me with nothing to say but 'Great job' rewarded and adapted to the chapter. I am still enjoying this story so much. Thank you for the swap!

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Review #4, by crestwoodTrue Romance: Hold Tight

26th February 2015:
Hi Rose! Once again, I have taken much longer than I expected to give a review. My review swap turnaround time could obviously improve. Hopefully the actual reviews make up for it :P

I'm really interested to see how this big dinner with everyone is going to go. We haven't seen all of these characters in one room yet and I think that some of them will clash with others at one point or another. *Totally doesn't side eye Archie*

I really love that it's Cindy that James has decided to date, if only because I know she's nice and don't have to be worried about things turning out badly in that relationship. At least I don't think so.

I just realized that Archie's last name is Boot. I can't remember if he's Terry Boot's kid or not or if you've ever confirmed or denied.

Albus trying to get the hang of helping out with Cora warms my heart every single time. It's so endearing that he's trying now and actually sure that he wants all of this.

I feel like Brandon is messing with Archie, as if he somehow realized that saying that to him would get that sort of reaction.

NO WAY LILY. That was an awkward line for the dinner table. I laughed and cringed at the same time, especially because she didn't even really notice everyone's reaction. It was super embarrassing, but hilarious too. Also, I've noticed that Brandon is almost always the one to defuse tense situations. I like that aspect of his character. Along with everything else, really.

I laughed for a really long time about the fact that Draco said 'You had Kal make a nice dinner,' because usually in that situation you compliment someone on what they'd cooked, not what they got the house elf to cook! I have no idea why that cracked me up the way it did.

I'm interested in Draco's thought process. The fact that going against his word is the height of dishonor, even if he changes his mind. Or that he disapproves of Scorpius having a boyfriend, but shakes Corbin's hand anyway because he'd never be rude in a situation like that. It's all so confusing and contradictory and makes me think about how difficult navigating pureblood culture must be.

I think the aphrodisiac laced books are kind of creepy, but hey, if they have a warning I'm not against them. I personally would be weirded out by not knowing if I really like the book a lot or if that stuff was just working really well.

I'm really loving the use of the word décolletage here. That's just a really beautiful word.

I'm so touched by how Molly reacts to Cora and how Arthur takes to Brandon. I think you've really captured their characters so well here and it just blows my mind that people can manage to write canon characters so true to who they are.

Everything after Rose arrives is pure gold. Albus' 'cut the crap,' 'At least with Scorpius you didn’t know we were involved,' and then the realization both of them had and the differing effects it had on them!! Just everything. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. You are so good. So, so good. This story is amazing and I really need to finish it. At the rate we do swaps though, I'll get through it this century, which is more than I can say for most fics that I've been meaning to read :P

Thank you so much for the swap, it's always a pleasure :)

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Review #5, by crestwoodThe Monopoly on Honour: The Virtuous

20th February 2015:
Hi! Here for the Slytherin Hot Seat. I was really excited to see that this had a new chapter!

Your quotes for each chapter are always so perfectly summative--I'm not sure if you write them with the quotes in mind or what, but they're just always so spot on.

Alicia's point of view is one of my favorites I've ever read. You just slip into her voice so seamlessly and the way she sees the world is most interesting in my opinion.

The description is amazing and the focus you give the painting and the way culture can humanize people was especially thought provoking. Lucius is pretty awesome here. He's so calm and collected and honestly really cool in a weird way that I can't really express.

I'm not going to pretend I'm not enjoying the fact that Ron is being humiliated here. Seeing him flustered through all of this is undeniably funny, even if we typically are meant to be rooting for him.

I assumed that Ron had killed the child, but I didn't think he'd be so proud of it... I am certainly still not a fan of his. I can't believe he turned his wand on her. That was pretty foul, even for him. I feel sorry for Alicia being caught up in all of this. 'After all, I’m only collateral damage.' was an stunningly haunting way to end the section.

I have no clue who the last section is about, nor how it connects to the rest of the story, but I'm interested. This is so incredibly well written. Again, your sensory details are off the charts. This kind of magic being discussed and all of this rooftop leaping is actually so exciting!! I want to know more about the lady of the night! Anything about her is very, very welcome. This was really, really great. This is the best chapter yet, by far. Exceptional throughout, down to every last word. Amazing work.

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Review #6, by crestwoodActions Speak Louder than Words: Back to the Beginning: Rose POV

15th February 2015:
Beth! I always miss this story whenever I go a while without reading it, but really, it's been way too long.

I feel so bad for Rose at this point in the story. I can't imagine that I'd ever feel safe again after he got inside of their flat. Everything she'd been suppressing must just be coming back to her and that simply can't be easy. It was both sad and funny that she almost stunned Scorpius.

Scorpius and Rose are so sweet right now as usual. Of course Rose isn't going into training after the night she just had! I'm almost glad that everyone knows about what happened now. It might do her some good to accept help from her friends while she's going through all of this. I can't believe you write these two so well. This is possibly my favorite Scorpius/Rose ever and they're my OTP, so that's a pretty huge deal.

I'm still unsure of how Stannous got into their flat. He must be even more powerful than I realized he was.

So this is when they moved into Grimmauld Place! I totally know where this is going, but it's still awesome to see you pull it off. This chapter was amazing as always. Your writing is so good that you almost get too used to it. It's like you forget how well written it all is because you're so invested in the storyline. Great, great work Beth ♥

Author's Response: Hi there Joey,

I love, love, love when you review any of my stories, but I especially love when you review this one. OMG! I can't. Possibly your FAVORITE Scorpius/Rose?! Gah - you've reduced me to mush and now i cnt tpe fdkada... ... ...


I agree that it's better now that everyone knows the truth about Rose. She can't spend all her time and energy trying to hide it and although it might be a little unpleasant, she can begin her journey toward healing.

Thanks so much for this!

Love ya Joey.

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Review #7, by crestwoodL'optimisme: Württemberg

15th February 2015:
Hi Laura! I went to review this last night, but I was far too tired to say anything that would do this justice. Hopefully today my mind is in the right state to approach all of this.

I wonder what you write down when you plan or if you plan at all. Like, I imagine you just writing something like 'say some stuff about winter and snow and stuff' and you just know what to do. I can't really comprehend how you take things that I don't think all that much about and turn them into such a beautiful series of words. I could probably lock you in a bathroom and tell you to write down what you see and receive all manner of wondrous prose about the way the light shines off of the toilet and the way the room folds back on itself in the mirror and I would be excited to read it. Basically, what I am saying is that you write the most gorgeous description of anyone I've ever read. (Not just talking about fic, either)

Gellert's voice in this story will never get old. Just the self assured way he speaks gets to me every time. I can almost hear the matter of fact tone in the line - 'Outside my window, the snow keeps falling, beautiful and wild and free and deadly, and I cannot help but be reminded of what I once was; and I was all those things, once, Albus, for that is why you loved me, yes?'

A lot of the time, it isn't just the vocabulary used that's so impressive, it's the sentence structure itself. It's remarkable the way you phrase things. You just choose the absolute ideal way to say everything you're trying to convey. This story makes reviewing so easy, like I could write essays about how remarkable it is. It's simultaneously a feat in poignancy and a tour de force in aesthetic quality.

I love that Gellert influenced the legal system through Mathaus Adenauer. It makes sense that he'd have come across some like-minded people before he began his plans, it only makes sense that he could not do what he did alone. I'm always surprised by how nicely this fits into my headcanon of this time period and all of the events leading up to Gellert's reign. The fact that he knows law is of no surprise to me, being who he is. I'd say that making up your own legal code was a nice touch. I must say, I love Gellert's forward thinking nature, if he is thinking toward a less than ideal future. You've really kept his characterization so consistent throughout this story. I can't believe I'm only six chapters in. I feel like I've read full novels about these two.

This chapter was spectacular as always. Thank you so much for the swap :)

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Review #8, by crestwoodA Terrible Mistake: A Terrible Mistake

14th February 2015:
Hi Ellie! I apologize for taking so long to
get around to this. It's been a crazy few

I'm interested in Lucius' misgivings about
the Death Eaters. I do like that you haven't
gone for a full redemption and he seems to be
having qualms more with his own loss of power
than with the pureblood belief system in and
of itself. I think it'd be a stretch to have
him changing his mind about blood status, but
I do like the idea that with his loss of
power, he'd have this kind of disenchantment
with Voldemort and his methods.

I honestly do think that the Malfoys were
much better off during the time Voldemort was
gone. Lucius was smart enough to get out of
everything and set them up at the top of the
Wizarding World. It's no surprise that he'd
have felt some sort of relief that he was
gone the first time.

You're bringing up so many awesome points.
Voldemort got so upset when Harry outsmarted
Death Eaters, even though he was getting the
same treatment almost yearly! (Doesn't he
know Harry's the protagonist??) And he tries
to hush up the Half-Blood stuff, the
hypocrite :P

Lucius' saving grace has always been his love
of his family. I think the second Draco was
threatened, he was pretty much over the whole
Death Eater thing.

I think Lucius certainly would hope for Harry
to come out on top in the war because that
would undoubtedly leave his family in a
better place. There's practically no place
more terrifying than being on Voldemort's bad
side. I wonder if any of the Death Eaters
other than Bellatrix truly wanted him to win
at this point. I feel like fear may have held
them to his service more than anything. He
wasn't exactly great to his followers.

I thought the last paragraph was just
awesome. 'I shudder and cower at the idea
of being strong
' Out of context, it may
seem strange that this is the most noble
thing he's ever believed. You've given us
such an accurate view of Lucius' mind that I
think fits right into his canon personality.
It isn't too benevolent and not too evil, but
somewhere in between where I think he could
reasonably be during this time. The greatest
strength of this was that conflicted
characterization and you hit the nail on the
head. I really enjoyed this story, Ellie!
Thank you for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hey Joey,

Thanks so much for reviewing. Lucius was really interesting to write for this fic and I'm glad you think I captured his personality in a way that was reasonable and true to cannon. I really wanted to get him right here.

Thanks for swapping with me. I love your stories!


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Review #9, by crestwoodkisses-blood-valentine: Ballad of Evvie and Bernie

13th February 2015:
Hi Rose! Finally here for our swap. I'm going to try to take this by section by section and save myself from trying and failing to put this into chronological order :P

Well, to start out, I'm a little terrified. I feel I'm witnessing some kind of psychotic break right off the bat. The way you describe the way the noise affects Bernie is pretty exceptional. This whole thing is just so surreal and dreamlike. The imagery of rose petals in the bathtub staining the floor with blood..where do you get this stuff from?! And line about revisiting what she knows to be truth struck me too. I can't really quote all of the lines that I think are excellent because they're too frequent, but seriously all of these turns of phrase are amazing here.

Sometimes I can just feel the love between two characters immediately. Bernie and Evvie are two of those characters. I love Evvie's interpretation of Valentine's Day, it seems a lot of people agree these days. I love the bit about them not being secretive with their love and the way the time period and setting had a hand in that.

I love that the twins have chosen such different paths and kind of compromise by sharing a living space. Their fight feels very real and it's interesting that the fact that they're both hiding something from the other is what's actually fueling it.

The scene in which the Death Eaters torture Bernie and Evvie was actually pretty upsetting. Even more so because I know that Evvie will never understand what happened or know that Bernie is a witch and just so much was taken from them. And you just wrote it all so believable and detailed that you place us all in that moment and have us feeling those emotions. It really is amazing how you write. I knew you were great obviously, but this kind of experimentation only makes it all the clearer.

'The innocent never do.' This got to me. Such an excellent line to end this story. I love everything about this. What a work of art you've written. I thought the storyline was just fractured enough to add that sense of confusion you were going for, but not so confusing that I'm left with no idea what happened. You've really gone above and beyond with this. I'm so excited to see what you come up with in the future!

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Review #10, by crestwoodGetting Out Alive: History of Magic (An Example of Death)

12th February 2015:
Hi Mae! Back to continue with this story.

Okay, they're starting the school year, this is always fun. Her schedule, on the other hand, does not sound very fun. I'm interested in the fact that Hermione seems to have divorced Ron and gotten herself a new husband. I wonder if that's significant or just a little detail you threw in.

Hudson and Jay are totally flirting and I refuse to believe anything else. Funny when Ash forgets that abusing her power is wrong :P

Wizards really are not very good at History, are they? I think they'd do well to update the curriculum and possibly get a living professor too.

It's hilarious that Ash had a boyfriend that she never really broke up with. This 'I wonder if he knows she's cheating on him with Rafe?' made me choke with laughter.

I've never seen Binns get upset before!

It seems as though Graner might be important, consider how much attention she got at the end of this chapter. I wonder if she'll show up again and maybe cause some trouble. I'll just have to read on sometime and see. Another great chapter!

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Review #11, by crestwoodThe Department of Spectral Affairs: Darkness

12th February 2015:
Hi, I couldn't resist stopping by when I saw that you posted this. I was one of those reviewers that begged for a Regulus story :P

I'm so excited to see this is a Short Story, I wasn't expecting anything more than a one-shot!

Everything about this was just phenomenal. You've really communicated this feeling of unknown and inevitability that Regulus is feeling. As he fell and pondered if that was what Death was, I was just spellbound by the way you wrote his thought process. You've really got a handle on this character. This was all very surreal and ethereal, excellent work on all of this. And the end was just awesome, I'm so excited for the rest of this story! I'm just blown away by this. Just amazing so far!

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Review #12, by crestwoodThe Internal Monologue of Jamie Nott: A Romantic Picnic by the Great Lake

9th February 2015:
Why hello Jamie. I'm back again for the second installment of this thrilling tale and I'm excited to see how events play out this time. (I hope you don't mind me reading your thoughts, but you see, they're just so compelling)

That James Potter knows what he's talking about. I certainly was excited to meet Devyn and she did not disappoint. I simply adore this Devyn Smirk. I can relate to the desire to appear frightening. Fear is an enjoyable thing to inspire in others.

I am especially glad that Devyn is a Slytherin and acts like a gloriously devious snake. This is good.

She has quite the sense of humor. The bait and switch technique employed in her rating system gag was quite clever, I must admit.

Well I really wanted to know what happens next, but it seems I will have to wait and find out. That was quite a stopping point, I'll say. I am very much enjoying your thoughts as of now. Again, I apologize for reading them, but they're just so ridiculously interesting that I'm afraid it can't be helped.

Until next time, Jamie.

Author's Response: Hello again crestwood!

Aww, I suppose it's alright. I mean, if we keep this a secret?

I know! It's amazing that it actually worked! Well, kind of.

I am spiffed to hear that you like Devyn! Isn't she the best? She's--amazing.

Oh you're on HER side with the quiche? Mate, I actually woke up at 5 on a Sunday to do that! Ah well. :P she gets away with that because she's funny.

Do you? That's nice to hear, I guess. I'm glad you find my thoughts compelling? Thanks, mate. That's very kind of you. I guess there's no need to apologise for reading them, this is, after all, up here for a reason. I

Until next, then, crestwood.

Cheers mate,
Jamie Nott

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Review #13, by crestwoodHamartia: one.

9th February 2015:
hi Lisa i'm avoiding responding to any more reviews right now and i'm using your story to procrastinate. i figure if i'm reviewing something then i have a tangible excuse to not be responding to people

okay let's just say the first paragraph here sent chills through my spine. The way you use words is pretty astounding. Word choice could not be better. I could not improve that in any way.

And then you give me delicious moral ambiguity!! 'But, looking back, there is no doubt in my mind that I would do it all again.' YES, SO EXCITED.

I'm so here for a Slytherin character who buries her history. And I really feel that she told herself that she was lying to other people when she was truly telling the lies primarily for herself, this is very real.

It makes sense that she ended up like this to me since her dad pretty much booked it when she was young. That was very not cool of him at all.

I'm so excited that her aunt is Amelia Bones because that seems like a huge conflict of interest, considering what side of the war she's on. And I can't believe her mother's family was killed in the first war because you'd definitely expect that to deter her from joining the Death Eaters the second time around and I'm really interested to see the events that lead up to her making that decision.

Hogwarts Era Slytherins always intrigue me. I'll read pretty much any story about them. Especially minor characters or OCs since I think we've all read enough of Draco's perspective tbh.

I like that Athena is a third year caster of a Patronus since that apparently made Harry a genius and that means I can anticipate her being advanced and talented and all around great. I don't even need to ask if Athena is based on the goddess, because of course she is. You describe their infatuation so incredibly, I really appreciate the way you word things in this story. The voice you're writing in is just absolutely amazing so far.

The last couple of paragraphs blew me away. I see why this is such a long term project and why it means so much to you. This is the beginning of a masterpiece and I refuse to believe any differently. There was something that felt so real about ending this chapter with 'This is the only story I will ever be able to tell' This really is mindblowing Lisa and you should be so proud of it. I'll be back for the rest whenever you get around to posting it!

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Review #14, by crestwoodThe Internal Monologue of Jamie Nott: The Two Laws of Hogwarts

9th February 2015:
Hi Em (Jamie Nott), so excited that you have a new story!! I didn't even know this was coming??? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!

The laws of hogwarts are kind of genius because it's funny how we all totally do this. If our characters talk to someone on the train, they're probably going to become best friends. And, of course, the Weasley/Potter kids always show up.

I can't believe you wrote a romance story. Like, a Next-Gen romance story just out of the blue where did this come from?! I'm so excited that you're doing this. SO. EXCITED.

Devyn Yang? Perhaps related to another Yang I know of?

Breaking the fourth wall is always appreciated. Also, Hufflepuff protagonists.

Jamie gets so totally lost in his sentences. He's got a really different voice than Annett for sure. And speaking of, he mentioned her and you've officially connected this into that universe!

I cannot wait to meet this girl he likes because it's just so rare for you to write such things.

I'm glad he hangs out with Hagrid and likes magical creatures so much. This is very different than most characters people write about because he doesn't seem to be the center of attention in any way.

This is an awesome introduction to this new character and just such a great surprise to stumble upon today. I can't wait to see where you go from here. Thank you so much for the swap :)

Author's Response: Oh good Merlin! People are reading this. Well, this is awkward? Awesome?

Anyways, hello--crestwood? Welcome to my mental diary. Greetings.

Umm. . . No. Actually. Uhh. You seem like a nice person. That would be horrible of me.

We? You go to Hogwarts, too?! Oh, good Merlin. I told Em, I told her we should go by another name. She was all 'but I like your name.' And I was all 'okay, fine.' You know, as long as no one from school reads this? And she was all 'don't worry about it.' Good, Merlin.

Well, while you're here. . .hi. I've said that already. Okay, we're moving on.

I'm glad you're excited. That's very nice of you. Where did it come from? Well, I've fancied Devyn for a while now. . . So yea.

Mate, please. Don't tell anybody about his, yea? ESPECIALLY not this other Yang you know of if the other Yang you know if is the same other Yang I know of. I don't think he'll care very much because he doesn't really know me, but if he tells Devyn. . .

Jamie is speaking to you, mate. Hello again. You speak weirdly. No offence.

Who's Annett?

Yay for Hufflepuff protagonists? Thanks, mate.

Him is me, mate. Good Merlin. I'll probably be seeing Devyn tomorrow, so maybe you might meet her then? She won't be meeting you, though. Such is the way of these kinds of things.

Pfft. I'm just Jamie Nott. Nobody really knows me. I'm not a Quidditch player, I'm not too well known around the school. So, yeah. That's probably a good thing, in my opinion. Wouldn't want to end up like Arden Yang, would I?

Hagrid's great, you know, mate? He's a fun guy except for the times he's trying to kill me by making me consume things only suitable for beings on a whole different branch of the phylogenetic tree.

Where am I going? I guess you'll see tomorrow? My tomorrow at least.

Swap? Oh, Em's swap. Right. She says thanks as well. She also says that she'll get to the next chapter of your collaboration with Lisa soon.

Cheers mate,
Jamie Nott

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Review #15, by crestwoodLove. Lies. Monopoly.: The Party Upstairs

7th February 2015:
Em and Meg!!! I can't believe you two actually did this!! I honestly thought you were joking :P

I am laughing so hard at everything like 'I get to be the thimble' WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME.

The board game room that's especially designated for board games and nothing else indeed! I didn't realize one even had to specify. Doesn't everyone have a room like that?

Ha! As if anyone would use the board game table for anything else either!

Wizarding Monopoly sounds like something I need to play immediately. And of course Lysander is so much better than Scorpius, it only makes sense honestly. The Board Game Wars sound so incredibly tense. I would love to see more of these battles because, I mean, anyone with their head on straight would, of course.

Seriously, this is the most awesome thing that's ever happened to me and it made me whole day and you guys just pulled it off so well. Somehow, you stayed pretty truthful to my headcanon of these two and I haven't even written a lot of it down! [Considering making this canon] I am so excited to write more of these two now. This story is just so amazing thank you both ♥

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Review #16, by crestwoodTrue Romance: Don't You Want Me

6th February 2015:
Hi Rose!

I'm so conflicted because I slightly want Scorpius and Albus to be together, but I definitely realize that they aren't the best for each other and possibly even kind of unhealthy. I think that staying with Brandon probably best for Albus and Scorpius should move on from his past regardless of who he ends up with.

I'm so glad Scorpius is taking this step of letting Albus know that he's sort of cutting things off between them. I think it's a good sign for his maturity in general that he's made a decision like this on his own. I think Albus is taking a step forward as well. Hopefully everyone goes on from this point that much more emotionally stable.

The scene where Brandon sings in the shower is especially funny because that is me, every single day. They just sound so soundproof from the inside!

Albus and Beatrice's conversation is seriously warming my heart right now. I am so happy that he is saying things like this to her and putting himself out there as a definite fixture in all of their lives. I'm also glad to see Albus feeling so protective over Cora because this is one step closer to seeing them as one big family like I want them to be.

You're really giving me everything I want with this chapter. Albus and Brandon both coming clean and everything working out and then saying the word 'love' and still establishing boundaries and making sure not to rush into things, I mean what more could I ask for out of that scene? (Or any scene in this story for that matter)

I wouldn't be very keen working for the Daily Prophet if I was Lily and couldn't even talk about my family for fear that it'd be front page news the next day. That would personally make me so uncomfortable and unable to feel secure at work. That probably isn't an important plot point but I still have a lot of feelings about that.

I'm really interested in where Rose goes with her love life. She doesn't seem to have a ton of luck in that department.

Well, this was yet another great chapter from you. It's not even a pleasant surprise anymore--it's honestly more of a comforting constant in my life. I just know I can come back to this story and have an awesome experience every single time. Thank you for the swap :)

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Review #17, by crestwoodGetting Out Alive: My Life (An Example of Disaster)

6th February 2015:
Hi Mae! I'm here for the Hot Seat and actually not late for once!!!

Jay's mother definitely seems pretty self absorbed. I like it though, characters with perfect parents are usually less fun.

Wow, I'm surprised at the actual extent that Hudson and Ash hate each other. I actually know the pain of having two friends that are not friends and probably never will be. You pain that frustration really well here. Tbh I love to read about arguing and probably could follow a story that only consisted of arguments. (If you've ever seen 12 Angry Men, that's basically what that film is!!)

I actually feel really bad for Jay because she'll never be able to find a second of peace and quiet with these two. I'd prefer awkward silence to this.

Hudson and Jay are incredibly close. Just the fact that she rested her head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of her head and that was considered normal and not out of the ordinary made that clear. I love friendship fics even if it does turn into something more. Nice, fluffy friendship is still awesome.

Allergies do not change every seven years :P I love Hudson's made of facts! Definitely an awesome touch of characterization.

Hudson is so hostile toward Dalton and I am very convinced that he likes Jay now, even if he doesn't realize it. I don't believe that it's the thing from years ago that's causing him to act this way toward him. The way he's challenging him and comparing himself to him is nothing short of jealousy.

I kind of wanted Dalton to pull out his wand just because of how much drama that would cause. I see that this is all going to blow up at some point though. Hudson really does like to stir up things, doesn't he? This story is so interesting and fun to read, awesome job on this chapter!

Author's Response: Haha, I love seeing all these opinions on Jay's mother with the bits of information I've given off! :D

This was a real life thing that happened in my life, except probably only a little tamer, as sad as that seems. I had two friends (one for several years and one was a new girl) and the new girl was my friend, but she hated my other friend so much, that she'd make her cry and then make fun of her for it. I actually ended up not liking her at all just because she was a bonafide bully who thought she was the bullied one. We stopped being friends (and even acquaintances) after a couple of years. As for if that's the fate for Jay and either of her friends, I guess we'll just have to see. ;) However, I'm glad you can follow a story with tons of arguing, because whenever Ash and Hudson are in the same room, that's pretty much all that happens. ;)

I would, too! Silence ftw! :D

I love friendship fics, too! Honestly, they make it all the more real to me. As for if it ever turns into anything more... We'll have to see! ;)

I love that Hudson is made up of facts, too! It gives me a chance to explore all the things I've heard and go 'that can't be true. That isn't true.' I love Hudson in general. ;)

Aaaah! Theories! :3 They make me so happy!

Haha, drama mama! ;) Oh, Hudson is totally into stirring up drama. I mean, he is after all, friends with Jay, who can't seem to keep the drama away from her. I guess that's not really evident quite yet in the story, but just seeing in how she chooses her company and knows how it will be every day sort of gives us a taste of everything. ;)

Thank you for coming over and moving on with this story! :D That's so super awesome of you! And it makes me super happy! :3 Thank you!


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Review #18, by crestwoodThe Worst: The Worst Had Happened

4th February 2015:
Hi Aditi! I've wanted to come back here and leave some hot seat reviews all week but college has not been nice to me at all. Nonetheless, I'm here now and can finally continue with this story.

Your descriptions within the flashback at the beginning of the chapter were excellent. The entire paragraph had a vaguely nightmarish feel to it, which I think was the intention, considering that she thinks it was just a dream.

I really like the irony of Dominique of all people becoming a werewolf. She really seems to fear them more than anything. In fact, I'm actually kind of shocked that she went on such a rant about them in front of Teddy. She definitely isn't going to take this very well.

I'm really glad her family is all so supportive because that gets rid of one potentially horrible turn of events right there. Of course, there's still everyone else to worry about and, the way things seem currently, herself. This is going to be some serious angst as she adjusts to being the very thing she dislikes so much.

I think you're really shedding light on some interesting perspectives on lycanthropy here. I haven't read many werewolf stories and when I have, it's always been from Remus' point of view, so seeing it from a totally different character is intriguing.

This chapter was really awesome and I think that enough people love this story to make it pretty obvious that you keep it up throughout. I'll make sure to come back this weekend and give you more reviews to make up for not getting as many done as I would have liked to for the Hot Seat. Anyway, amazing work!

Author's Response: Thank you once again for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you liked the nightmare in the beginning - it was more of that than a flashback.

Dom definitely fears werewolves more than normal people.

I am pleased you like the way I've written the family's support and stuff too. Oh yes, there's some serious angst happening.

It's a huge compliment that you think enough people love this story - thank you! I hope you can continue to read forward sometime soon =)

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Review #19, by crestwoodComplicated: In Which Slytherins Speculate

4th February 2015:
Hi Emma! I totally thought I'd reviewed this already, but apparently I've been my usual trash self and neglected to.

I think you really sold the kind of shock Ollie is in at the beginning of this chapter. The short, choppy sentences definitely give off that feeling of confusion and disbelief.

I can't believe the rest of the Quidditch team actually suspects Scorpius might have actually been involved in Cassie's disappearance. I don't for a second buy that. I agree with Ollie, none of them know much about him clearly, if they think speculating about all of this is justified in any way. Especially in front of her, that was pretty detached of them.

I just know that Scorpius is going to seem even more suspicious because of his fear of law enforcement. Of course, they'll take that as a sign of a guilty conscience.

I'm really frightened for Cass now that they've found her locket and her blood and everything. I kind of thought that something like this might happen, but it's still scary. I still kind of suspect that she staged her own disappearance though because that feels like something she'd do.

I'm surprised that she ran away, but I do understand. Being bombarded with all of that and having to process it and being expected to make things better...that must have been pretty overwhelming. Scor will not be happy.

This chapter is a lot less plot driven than most others, but I quite like the emotional aspect of it all. I think you've definitely given us some insight into exactly what Ollie was feeling directly after Scorpius being taken in.

Another amazing chapter, as is typical. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: HI Joey!

I'm so glad you liked this chapter. I've had very mixed feedback about Olivia running away from Scor, but you definitely picked up on everything that's going on. She's had to process a lot of distressing information at once and isn't mature enough to know how to feel about it.

And the other Slytherins just aren't really thinking properly. They shouldn't really be saying that stuff to her but to them it's just a curiosity thing.

Thank you so much for the lovely review and for the swap!

Emma xx

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Review #20, by crestwoodChaos Theory: i. the introduction

3rd February 2015:
Hi, I'm finally here for our swap! I totally fell asleep last night after reading this because college has been messing with my sleep :P

I want to preface this by saying I am pretty massively excited about this story. This is one of the best first chapters I've read in a long time. I usually get into stories I like a few chapters in, but here I am clearly seeing the start of something great.

I love Lucy as a main character. I've never seen it other than in Starving Artists, so it's really welcome to see. I'm also loving the underachiever angle. Overbearing parents and a 'perfect' sister can make for a very snarky character. Also--MUGGLE AUDREY. That'd definitely explain why she never showed up in the books, wouldn't it?

Wow, that's a bit off that Molly looked through her grades like that. I'd be pretty mad about that. I'm glad she cut her off and left because I need more characters that totally do not care about being rude. They're the most fun.

I agree, exams are stupid--although I'm quite good at testing--I still think they're stupid. I think people are too complex to break them down into correct or incorrect multiple choice questions.

The 'Divination. Doesn't count.' line made me laugh so hard because that's what I always said about my classes like 'film study' or 'creative writing.' (I still haven't really wrapped my mind around the fact that some people take art classes and don't have the time of their lives)

Muggle sports are really funny to read about in hpff, I think I've almost forgotten that they exist and Quidditch isn't real.

This--'Sacrifice, Lucy thought as she pulled the car into an empty bay, was a funny thing.' was excellent.

I love a bunch of witches and wizards driving around in a car. There's something kind of comical about them knowing how to use Muggle things. And CDs as well, so much fun :D

Okay, and now to the truly extraordinary part of this chapter--a Hogwarts black market!! And they do market analytics! Also, if I'm not mistaken, they're Hufflepuffs? I love seeing Puffs break the rules most of all.

Swapping parchment for paper is something I made Teddy in TNCAD do funnily enough. Also, I really like the phrase 'low-level popularised.'

A dyslexic character? That's not something you see every day around here. I really appreciate different kinds of disorders getting written about.

I'm just so excited about this story. I've saved it to my favorites and everything and I'll be anticipating the upcoming chapters :D

Author's Response: Hey! No worries, I completely sympathise :p you get your sleep, it's more worthwhile than writing a review for some stranger on the internet haha.

I want to preface this response (is it still allowed to be a preface even after that initial stuff above??) by saying your excitement makes me want to stuff my face into a pillow and scream -- reviews like this make me so giDDY! It still amazes me that even anybody likes my writing, and that may seem a little self-deprecating but it's true. This community is the nicest little corner on the internet and I love it so so much.

Anyway, sappy, emotional me over, let's get down to responding :p

Lucy is a strange one. I wish I could tell you WHY I chose her out of ALL the next gen bunch to be my starring character but I honestly can't even remember the reason any more. She just fit into my ideas. Perfectly. I didn't quite realise she was so uncommon though? I think I've read a few things with her as the main POV character. Still, she DOES need more love from the HPFF community *hugs Lucy to my chest*

Muggle Audrey has to be my honest-to-God favourite headcanon ever. It just FITS! Wow, I blame a lot of things on 'just fitting' don't I? Hahahaha oh dear me. I just like it. There, that's a little better :D and you're right, it would explain why she was never featured in the stories!

Writing such a rude character has been my favourite experience of this so far. Lucy's nice to her friends but not the nicest person overall. She's pessimistic, grouchy and down right horrible to be around sometimes, but she's my special little snowflake and I love the moody girl anyhow :p

Yay! I made someone laugh! That line was totally inspired from something I've said before I'm not even going to lie. People are like "you got 3 A*s at XX level!?" and I'm like "yea, but one of those was leisure and tourism so it doesn't really count ya feel??". Divination definitely sounds like one of those fobbed subjects nobody really takes seriously as an 'academia'.

Honestly, writing about football and driving (even in passing) really threw me. I felt like I was writing OF at times, even with wands in their hands. It was so surreal. Honestly. The weirdest.

YES, THEY ARE HUFFLEPUFFS! How did you know this??? Did I already tell people??? Is it in this chapter??? WHO CARES THEY'RE HUFFLEPUFFS AND THE FACT THEY BREAK THE RULES MAKES THIS EVEN BETTER I KNOW TELL ME ABOUT IT. They'd fit right at home in Slytherin with their ambition, or Ravenclaw with their life knowledge or even Gryffindor because you gotta be brave to run an illegal black market at your school, but they're 'Puffs and I'm so proud of them :p

Hey yeah, I picked up on that when I read THCAD! It made me smile -- camaraderie in paper not parchment! And Lisa has begun to write a dyslexic Lysander in one of her WIPs too which is great. One of my close friends has dyslexia which is where I took some of my inspiration from for his learning disability. It made me think 'why aren't there more characters with things like this around??' because honestly it's not even that RARE. I love it. I'm loving the new diversity wave on HPFF and glad I'm getting more involved and vocal within it.

Wow, thank you so much for saving to your favourites! Honestly, reading was enough and then reviewing was even better. Nonetheless, I appreciate it a lot thank you!! Your review is gr8 ;)

- Jess, xo

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Review #21, by crestwoodSaving Severus Snape : 31st August 1976

2nd February 2015:
Hi Meg!

I'm interested to see what happens now that Hermione is actually back in the past and waking up. I'm interested in how much of an elaborate ruse Dumbledore has set up--although I'm not really surprised--I think it's an interesting idea that he would have given her a made up backstory.

It's fun to think that, in this time period, no one has experienced the First War yet. It must be strange for her to go directly from fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts to a place where no one has been through anything even remotely like that or anything else she's ever done, for that matter.

I also wonder if anyone will be able to notice if Hermione's gone. And even if she's supposed to return at the second that she left, if she was to die in the past, what would happen then?

I'm thinking that Hermione is going to struggle with not letting slip anything she knows to the wrong people. Even just saving Snape alone could have far reaching effects on the future and I really cannot wait to see what might happen while she's here.

I'm so glad she chose to be in Ravenclaw--I've kind of always wondered what she'd be like in that house. I mean, obviously she's not starting there from her first year or anything, but still, I wonder how she'll fit in.

I almost forgot that Hermione used the Time Turner during her third year so she's not exactly new to this time travel stuff. I think Severus will like Hermione a lot because she'll remind him a bit of Lily. I'm excited to see how things go down between them. This was such a good chapter Meg, this story is really awesome ♥

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Review #22, by crestwoodL'optimisme: Similes

2nd February 2015:
Hi Laura! It's been far too long since I've stopped by this story.

The opening paragraph has already kind of blown me away. It's pretty clear why you won Best Quote with this story, but I do wonder how anyone ever chose a single quote from all of this. 'it binds people together, whether they will it or not, whether there are papers to proclaim it or not' --I LOVE THIS.

This makes me feel so sad for Dumbledore, to think that he never again considered himself worthy of companionship. To open up so little for so long would be torture for me personally. I do wonder if he ever allowed another person to know him (his deepest dreams, fears, etc) after Gellert.

I've always imagined that Albus was a lover of poetry. Especially after reading this story, it's been difficult to separate him from a very poetic sort of sensibility.

You're making me so happy now making them both love poetry so much. In fact, it seems like Gellert got Albus into it. It does seem funny to have an image of him reading Tennyson in Nurmengard for some reason.

Well, now I'm convinced that you're just writing my headcanon that you've somehow discovered. Albus as a music and art lover is one of those things that is so strongly in my mind that I've never considered any other possibility.

The way you described the opera scene is just so good. I run out of words trying to comprehend how talented you are--this is just of such high quality that I struggle to explain it to you in any truly satisfactory way.

All of this about Albus on Christmas is pretty heartbreaking. I mean, even more than is typical for this story. I find every single thing anyone in this story says so compelling. Just Albus attending church and not understanding the words or going home and crying is worded so as to become something of incredible worth.

It's funny to think about Albus' linguistic skills being poor because he's never really been bad at much, has he? Even funnier when he explains why he's not good with languages :P

I love arrogant Albus. I need more of this. Of course he doesn't want someone else finding uses of dragon's blood, that's his thing! No one wants to be beaten at their own thing.

It makes sense to me that Albus never realized how strong his feelings for Gellert were before he met this guy who looks a lot like him and is theoretically everything that he should want. Because all that would do is make it glaringly obvious that he is not Gellert.

This story is still excellent and you're just so awesome for writing this, I can't believe how consistently great it is. Thank you so much for the swap!

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Review #23, by crestwoodGetting Out Alive: Buttered Tea (An Example of Distraction)

1st February 2015:
Hi Mae, here for the January review exchange! (let's pretend it isn't February now)

I really do feel like, after you've gone there, living anywhere other than Hogwarts would seem awfully quiet and maybe even a bit boring. Also: O.W.L.s are totally a huge deal!! Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves, that's when you truly decide your future. I have too many feelings about a fictional exam probably but I've thought about the Wizarding World's education system enough for like five lifetimes.

Butter tea does sound pretty gross :P I've eaten a spoonful of butter before and it's pretty impossible to actually keep down.

I'm laughing so hard at their talking about wizarding strippers. I wonder about things like that all the time. I want to know about the dirty underside of their world! (We got to see a little of it in canon with Dung Fletcher, but didn't go into detail)

I really like the voice of your narrator, she's got a snappy quality to her thoughts that I'm just enamored with. I feel Hudson and Jay will end up together at some point in this story.

Jay's mom sounds a bit passive aggressive so far. I'm not sure what to think of her yet. I do think that she's interesting though. Flaws are obviously a valuable part of writing good characters and she's got 'em.

Ooo, a Jewish protagonist? I've never seen that on this site. You know I'm hugely for diversity, so this is welcome!

This is a good introduction and I'm really excited to see what you do with the rest of this story!

Author's Response: Pft! It's not February is it? ;)

That's what it's like when I finish reading the books anyway. ;) And I know right? O.W.L.s are possibly the biggest part of any wizard/witches life! Haha, and that's a good thing! It means you agree with me! ;)

I got the idea for the spoonful of butter after having dared my best friend to eat a spoonful a day or so before writing this chapter. She about died. xD It was the best thing ever. Though, after writing this, I did find out that buttered tea is actually a thing. It's warmed, though, and not exactly made like Jay made it, but it's a thing! Don't think I'd ever drink it though. haha

Yay! Laughs are good! :D

I'm glad you like it! :D It took a bit to decide on how I was going to portray the voice of the story. Sometimes I still wonder about it. ;) As for Hudson and Jay... Hmmm. I dunno. :3

I like writing her mother. She's got an interesting background I think not enough people explore in single parents or as a parent of a teenager in general. I'm excited to introduce her to ya'll even more in later chapters. However, they're seriously later chapters. Much. Much later chapters. xD

Yep! Glad you approve! :3

Thank you! I hope to see you around for it! :D I've enjoyed writing it so far, that's for sure! :D

Thank you for stopping by to read and review it! Even if it was the 32nd of January. ;)


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Review #24, by crestwoodJourney to the Centre of (Molly’s) World in (Less than) 80 Days: King of Anything

28th January 2015:
Hi, I'm here with a (slightly late) hot seat review!

I haven't had much time to get reviews done this week since school just started for me, but I got to school early today so I could type this up.

This is such an interesting start to a story. I definitely see why everyone's begging you to update this one :P I'm really loving the quote used in the beginning and how you kind of based this chapter around it.

Starting a story off with a breakup is always an interesting choice and I can tell it'll be a lot of fun to go through the post-breakup period inside of Molly's head. Her ruminations about why she hates the cafe they're in was kind of hilarious. She's getting dumped and she's thinking about how much she hates the coffee there!

I'm so intrigued that Agatha going on about her seemingly great, perfect life is what caused Molly to become disillusioned with hers. I can actually really relate to that because I definitely would say that maybe that nice, neat little life may not be for me. I get the feeling that she wants a bit more excitement, maybe? I thought it interesting that they are going to be an Auror and a Healer, which is usually the thing people in fic are aspiring to. It's almost as if it's all too easy for her. (also I love that Molly is the Auror-to-be and her boyfriend wanted to be a Healer. it's so often the other way around)

The way Molly broke the news to her parents was so great! And her big monologue about how much she hates her job and how she hasn't had a day off in years and just her general disdain for the path she's been on was just amazing. I feel like that deserves to be quoted somewhere. It's such an accurate social critique and wow, I just love this story so far.

- Joey

Author's Response: Hola! I am here with a slightly late response, so that makes us even. I get that - school has an annoying habit of getting in the way. But alas, such is the nature of real life.

Haha, this is a fun story to write. I stopped writing it for some reason, and it's taken me a long time to get back to it - much longer than anticipated, but an update shall be imminent! I haven't read Perks, so I just used the quote in the way I felt like, without feeling the pressure to conform to its meaning in the novel. I'm very pleased that you found it to work.

I've never started with the end of a relationship before. That was new for me. But Molly is great. She's a character who's very dear to my heart, and I hope that you continue to like her as the story goes on.

Agatha serves as Molly's wake up call. This is the beginning of her realisation that she has to figure out what she wants from her life for herself, rather than blindly following some pre-written plan. She may return to wanting the sort of life Agatha has in the future, but I want her to find out for herself if that's what she wants. Agency is a big deal. You're right in guessing that what she really wants right now is excitement. That's a very great word to describe her feelings on the matter. And I didn't even think of the role reversal. I just didn't want Molly in a totally typical role - not very many women are written as aspiring to be Aurors in fanfic.

This is what happens when you bottle your feelings, Molly. Hopefully she gets better at announcing life-altering events like this over time. I just want her struggles to be relatable. Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #25, by crestwoodFalling Out: Not About Love

23rd January 2015:
Hi Roisin! Here to give my thoughts on this.

First out of all, the song is perfect for this and something that stuck out was the way you structured the lyrics. It gave me this mental image of the words kind of falling off of a page, which was ideal for this story for a number of different reasons. And while I'm complimenting things that aren't even really your writing, the banner was so incredibly enticing. I stared at it for quite a while before even opening this story. It's simple, but the empty space works so well and the windswept hair in the corner opposite the phrase 'falling out' and just everything about it perfect and a genuine work of art to compliment the work of art inside of this story.

Your descriptions make me so jealous, like, you don't even know. You know how I struggle with them, so I hope you realize I am not kidding when I say that I am actually jealous. You set the mood in this cinematic way. It's like one establishing shot to start things off and we immediately understand What's Going On.

I went to finish this review and the banner has changed haha. Rest assured, I like this one too.

I love the way you've twisted Rose's words and had Draco spit them back at her is one of my favorite depictions of a failing relationship ever. I mean just characterization wise, it's the most clever way to give us both positive and negative interpretations of Rose within a paragraph that say enough to literally center an entire story around. And your word choice always just feels very right. It's as if you always pick the absolute optimal turn of phrase every single time.

Throwing the Death Eater past at Draco would be all too effective a way to scald during an argument.

I caught the May/December metaphor before I read your Author's Note!! I feel really accomplished having deduced that.

Middle aged recluse Draco is something I am so surprised I haven't thought of before. The description of him when they first got together are so excellent, I don't really even know how to tell you. Like, where do you get these words that allow me to see things so clearly??

I understand and very much enjoy the concept of sneaking around > being a couple in the open. I can only imagine that the shift from meeting in the middle of the night in foreign inns to these 'silent' dinners would be quite telling, especially considering the fact that Rose previously commented on how they had very little in common. And I'm sure they both took some flak for all of this, which only makes it that much worse that it wasn't really even worth it.

This feels like a realistic romantic comedy. Or possibly just on the other side of one. I sometimes feel that a lot of the quirks that the characters in those films have would actually start to grate on each other and eventually develop into something resembling this. Especially with a pairing like this, I'm so happy to see someone writing such a realistic depiction of two people growing apart. I don't see many stories like this at all actually, but I can't see a Rose/Draco going any other way honestly.

I honestly just think this is the latest in a string of groundbreaking, wonderful stories that you've shared with this site and I just can't really believe that it's possible for someone to constantly write so beautifully and purposefully so as to force me to hang on every word they say, but here we are. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Author's Response: JOEY!1!1!

*screams* *flails* *grins* *repeats*

I lovelovelove this song, and think it's such an ACCURATE picture of a 'stay up all night arguing and then relationship ends' scenario. The story DEFINITELY followed the song. Like, I tried to tease apart every individual line and verse to create the story (the original draft failed at complying with songfic standards, and all the lyrics were subtly nested into the text itself).

'Words falling off the page'--this is why the title you came up with is SO GOOD! THANK YOU!

YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO HAPPY! So with descriptions/language, part of it is that I do creative writing classes and do tons of freewrites. Those aren't themselves very good, but it helps me come up with individual words or sentences. Plus, I cheat with HPFF, and recycle EVERY nice line or phrase ('ragged ache,' describing air as 'thick,' so on). Also, I make weird hand gestures and faces while I write when I'm trying to come up with words :P And then because I love this song so much, I borrowed heavily from its style, and the way it sets 'establishing shots' and mood.

I really really really enjoyed writing the 'twisting words' paragraph, because that's SO how fights work! And I really loved the original line "to take information, given at close range... for the ammunition round," and wanted to express that concretely. Your compliments on that section make me squee and flail so much!

Haha, I didn't even THINK to put in the May/December metaphor until WTM mentioned it. Then I was all like, OOOH METAPHOR!

I'm so weirdly drawn to the idea of middle-aged Draco. Like, that he manages redemption through rather tragic penance. I had a much larger story in my head, here, wherein Rose was the first person he started feeling good around. And then when he broke out of his self-determined punishment, he began being kind of a prat again. Not a nice idea, but an interesting one. So yeah, gaining access to this recluse in a covert affair, and feeling joy at making them happy falls apart once you Go Public, because then prat!Draco wakes up.

I love that you mentioned 'romantic comedy'! I'm sure you're familiar with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope and its feminist critique, and I really wanted Rose to be a subversion of that archetype. This story is very 'post quirky indie rom com.'

That was such a nice thing to say! GOSH! THANK YOU! I don't even know what to say!

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