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Review #1, by crestwoodTrixangela Snape: Year 1: Chapter 8: When Snapes Collide

27th August 2014:
Hello again!

I'm glad that at least the third year Slytherins seem to be treating Trixi okay. They aren't necessarily the nicest people, but they're being decent to her when compared to the awful Gryffindor first-years.

Kian showing up again was unexpected. I wonder if he'll go on to be more important to the story? Snape is being really unfair with Trixi...still refusing to talk to her about Lily or Harry at all is terrible. She's caught him in such a massive lie and I think he should at least own up to it. Somehow, his hatred of Harry seems even more irrational in this story.

We didn't get to see a whole lot of Neil yet, but he seems to at least act civil toward Trixi and she could definitely use more friends. Hopefully he becomes one once she isn't feeling so (rightfully) upset.

This chapter was short, but effective at building the tension between Trixi and her father. I'm excited to see them butt heads some more and possibly even discuss Harry in detail. I find this premise so interesting still. I can't wait to read on! Let me know again when you've updated. Thank you for your request!

Author's Response: With Draco trying to impress his Professor, it's only right for his closer friends to support his "mission". :)

Kian.. oh yes... we will see more of him... definitely *winks*

Snape... he has his concerns. He is a father now, so he has much more on his plate now than in the cannon books.

Neil is a building character. Kinda minor like Dean or Seamus, but my goal was to involve someone from each house. I have major plans for Trixi... He'll popup here and there, but he'll mostly be other best Thomas' friend.

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Review #2, by crestwoodTrixangela Snape: Year 1: Chapter 7: The Potions Mistress

27th August 2014:
Hey! I'm back with more reviews for you :)

Trixi's thoughts about Harry being her half-brother are great. It must have really come as a shock to find something like that out and it's awesome to see her process it. And it was funny that Thomas would think that she was drooling over Harry because of her new-found interest in him. I really like Thomas' character in general. He's the only OC that hasn't been terrible to Trixi and I'm glad we get a bit more time with him in this chapter. I hope he becomes a more important part of this story as time goes on.

Trixi's knowledge of potions is thrilling to see in action. I rarely read stories here where people put as much effort as you to make their potion ingredients and procedures actually make sense. I'm glad you add in those small details to allow the story to keep that bit of realism. I also appreciate the small bit of canon thrown in with Draco's injury.

There were a few typos. I caught two:

In the sentence "The hate between her father and brother were mutual" were should be was.

And in the sentence "but the majority of them just would justnod or grunt a greeting. " it should read just nod.

Obviously not very big deals, just stuff that slipped through the cracks.

Another good chapter!

Author's Response: Woot! You reviewed! Awesome! Thanks so much!

Thomas will be more involved than Severus, I believe. He's Trixi's best friend :)

I also love Trixi's character and her love for potions! Trixi is just so cute (even if she doesn't have the looks) :)

There will be more cannon references too, so stay tuned!! :)

Thanks for the typo notices!!!

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Review #3, by crestwoodL'optimisme: Wales

27th August 2014:
Hey Laura! I didn't notice that you had uploaded another chapter of this because I haven't checked my favorites in a while. I would have come and given another review even if you didn't request, but I'm glad you did because your Areas of Concern are always so helpful with guiding my review and helping me make a bit of sense, rather than ramble on.

Also, thank you so much for putting my review in the "Reviews that made your day" thread! That honestly meant so much :)

On to the actual review now, I think I'll give you a real time look at my thoughts as I read along.
First off, Grindlewald point of view is an interesting choice, especially since it seems that you have written him later in life. He seems contemptuous toward Dumbledore, which is expected, but at the same time, there's a hint of tenderness. It doesn't feel like the way you'd talk to a sworn enemy, but rather a lover that had long since represented betrayal and disappointment to you.

It's intriguing that Grindlewald has been locked away for so long that he can't fully remember any of the places he called home, but it's a strong symbol of his underlying devotion to Dumbledore that he manages to remember places and images, as long as Albus is involved in the memory in some way. That's such a simple, but powerful way to invoke that idea.

I love the way you said that Dumbledore's eyes lit up when he spoke of Hogwarts. The phrase "your Hogwarts" makes it seem almost like he viewed the school as a prized possession, something incredibly valuable and personal. That just lined up entirely with what we know about Dumbledore and was such a nice little touch.

The way Grindlewald addresses Dumbledore is equally as beautiful as the other way around, which makes sense, they were supposed to be equals after all. I'm a person who tends to write romance if given the chance to fall into my comfort zone, but I will never picture myself not just writing a romance story, but writing *romantically*

And by that, I am referring to the artistic movement. As in, the movement that validated increased emphasis on intense emotion and especially on nature. (Grindlewald's very detailed description of his feelings toward and about the wide open nature that he found in Wales is what ultimately caused me to make this connection) The aesthetic of this story reminds me of those authors that could be grouped into that movement. People like Jane Austen and Nathaniel Hawthorne spring to mind, or even poets such as John Keats. This is all a long winded way of saying, I'm impressed with your figurative language.

I do not think the plot is too slow. I think this chapter is paced exactly as it should be. It seems that Grindlewald is directly addressing Dumbledore and in his reminiscence, one expects him to get off topic. Of course, one could not predict that his little tangents of the mind would be so utterly pleasant to read.

This chapter also felt very different from the first in my opinion. Grindlewald and Dumbledore's version of events were similar of course, but the differences in the ways they went about telling them were very easily discernible. I felt that there was an entirely different voice here than in the previous chapter.

The characters were even better this time around, due to the fact that we got to see so much of their relationship in this chapter. Their dealings with each other were so passionate and the level at which Grindlewald seemed to understand Dumbledore's emotions and mannerisms was amazing to read. It's almost a shame that their time together had to be so fleeting.

I didn't notice an overabundance of commas while I read, but I would expect that with a character as intelligent as Grindlewald, that you'd have to use a bit more than usual since he'd tend to use larger and more complex sentences.

The first person is going excellently. You really step into each of their minds and give such minuscule details to differentiate them and make their voice special. And Grindlewald's plea to Dumbledore to come find him was unexpected, but so riveting. The way he claims that he is certain that he will not come to him is striking. I would think that it would take a lot for a man as prideful as Grindlewald is to actively hope that he is completely wrong about someone he thinks he knows so thoroughly. That's yet another testament to the strength of the affection between these two. You've struck gold again. This chapter is an absolute tour de force. I don't think I've ever written a review this long. Thank you once again for your request.

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Review #4, by crestwoodDoing the Right Thing: Doing the Right Thing

26th August 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here with your requested review!

First of all, I can't believe you got this to be exactly 1,000 words. That must have been so difficult and meticulous.

I was pulled into this story immediately - which is a good thing since it is so short. Starting it with that mantra, 'Get in. Cause a diversion. Then get out of the way' was genius. The repetition of it throughout showed just how desperate Draco is to succeed this time around, which makes sense considering his life is on the line.

Draco's thoughts about "doing the right thing" and what his mother would want are so great to read. They feel really natural and typical of Draco's character. I always prefer this kind of Draco; contemplative, always second-guessing what he is supposed to be doing.

His thoughts about "being born a Death Eater" are actually kind of sad to read. It's terrible that he feels that he has no choice. Indeed, he has been put in the kind of position where he was raised to become one thing and it'd be exceedingly difficult to turn back now. It almost reminds me of Harry's thoughts in Deathly Hallows when he was feeling that Dumbledore had raised him for one singular purpose. Neither one of them was ever given very many chances to change their mind. Both are held to what they have to do at the expense of others. Draco; at the expense of himself and his family. Harry; at the expense of, well, everyone. That's just a connection I made.

I'm glad that Draco decided to warn Scrimgeour in the end. Hopefully this is the beginning of his turning over a new leaf. It'd be awesome to see Draco contribute more than just refusing to identify the Trio at Malfoy Manor to the defeat of Voldemort. I imagine he wouldn't feel too much actual allegiance to the man.

I suppose all of the editing you must have done to ensure that this story ended up being exactly a thousand words also helped to eliminate any typos or grammatical mistakes, because there were none at all. Great job with this. I'm going to actually add Love, Not War to my Reading List in order to see more of this Draco that you've written here. Thank you for your request!

Author's Response: "you got this to be exactly 1,000 words. That must have been so difficult and meticulous." - OMGosh, you have NO idea exactly how right you are about that, haha!! =P

A lot of people have commented on how this pulls you in right from the very beginning, actually. I confess that I went over and over it in my head how to begin this, and I finally decided on that first sentence. I am glad to know now that this was such a good choice. I almost took out the repetition of the orders tho, cuz I went over 1000 words at one point. But I am glad that I kept this in there now too...

Wow, you have brought up a rather interesting point there. I guess I never really thought about how Harry and Draco's positions were actually quite similar in this. That's deep, lol! I'm glad you made that connection though! =)

Woot!! I am SO HAPPY to see that you are adding my Novel to your reading list now too!! Yay, yay, YAY!!! OMGosh, I cannot WAIT to see what you think of the rest of the story as well. I shall be eagerly awaiting you thoughts, especially on the chapter that I wrote as a follow-up to this one-shot!! Which is #7: Under Arrest, if you're interested. ;)

Thank you SOO much for such an awesome review. I am very glad that you liked it, and I truly do hope to hear from you again SOON, haha!! I can always come back anytime and re-request if you need me to. You reviews are lovely, dear. You have put a huge smile om my face today, thank you again! =D

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Review #5, by crestwoodThe Ides of March: A star riding through clouds.

26th August 2014:
Hey Kiana! You got this in so early that I decided to get a head start on reviewing entries!
Well, I have to say this is literally the first time I have ever enjoyed a Founders Era story. Usually, I find that people overdo the language of the time period, obfuscating the point they are trying to make in the process. You've allowed the vocabulary of the time to accentuate what you're trying to get across with your words. The quote at the beginning was beautiful. What an interesting thing to connect to this story!

You've written a very convincing description of young love. It's equal parts intense and heartwarming. Helena seems to have some serious self hate problems, which I suppose will be explored more in future chapters. She manages to be forlorn and euphoric at the same time. She knows that she loves Eleanor, but she strongly believes that it's wrong and that she will be punished for it incredibly harshly. It's a testament to the strength of her affection that she still truly feels as though it is worth all of that just to be with who she loves.

The downcast atmosphere of this chapter was emphasized by her disparaging mother and late father. She does seem to find some level of comfort in connecting with her father's beliefs and book of worship, even though her mother denounces it completely. Helga is a lot like my headcanon of her here, the consummate Hufflepuff.

I found myself really excited about Eleanor's apparent reciprocation of Helena's love, or at least some kind of interest. I do really hope that it works out, because Helena seems to have enough in her life going badly as it is. Their interactions are thoroughly engaging so far. I imagine there will only be more elegant, expressive language to come and even more passionate musings. I am very excited to see how this story begins to take form. This is an excellent start. Thank you for taking part in my challenge, this entry has made me so excited about everything!

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Review #6, by crestwoodThe Lost Wolf: Optimistic

25th August 2014:
You've found a way to weave so many different elements into one chapter. Your Sirius point of view was excellent. I loved his Dementor induced flashbacks and, as always, his Padfoot inner voice. McGonagall was written incredibly well too. She hasn't been super important up until this point, but in this chapter her characters gets a major upgrade in significance. I'm surprised to see Remus be so honest with Harry, but I'm glad he was. I wish this is how it would have happened in canon, he did deserve some kind of truth. It's interesting how Dumbledore is a villain of sorts in this story.

At first, I didn't understand what Kingsley had to do with the rest of the story and then I was totally shocked to see mention of Colonel Wilkins. It seems like he's done something terrible, as expected. I felt a really strong bond between Tonks and Cassie. It's so interesting that they'd have been friends when they were younger. I wonder who else you'll involve. It feels like everyone is somehow connected in this story. The layers are unraveling and every time a question is answered, another five questions give rise. How did you ever come up with this idea? I'm honestly so impressed by this story. I have no criticism to give. I have nothing but praise and wonder. I can't wait for the rest of this and I can't wait for your new story to be validated. You're such a talented writer. Thank you for your request!

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Review #7, by crestwoodThe Lost Wolf: Atoms For Peace

25th August 2014:
I know I've said previously that you could probably turn this into original fiction if you so wished and it'd probably be a bestseller and a critical success to boot, but honestly, the beginning of this chapter didn't feel like it took place in the Harry Potter universe; but rather some beautiful, new world that you created from scratch. It felt like an entirely new series. Something so fresh that I'd buy a full novel set in that Forest right now if you offered one. I can't even explain how that just captured my imagination. I was a little upset when I read "This however, isn't the time to tell these stories," but hopefully that means that one day it will be time to tell them!

Anyway, back to this wonderful story set in the present day. You're being simply artistic with words now. The reunion between Remus and Cassie is just elegantly worded and perfect. I daresay you've gotten to be an even better writer than before. This is exactly why I listed this as one of my five favorite stories. I just haven't read anything that is remotely like this. It isn't even my normal fare. I pretty much exclusively read Next-Gen romance and this is neither, but I find myself so compelled. I just hold on to every sentence and feel the emotion behind each. I can't believe this isn't more popular. It's every reason for fan-fiction being a viable creative outlet in one story.

The conversations you write between the wolves and their humans are kind of chilling. The wolves are such brash personalities. That is still one of the best representations of lycanthropy I've ever read. I almost can't think of anyone being a werewolf in any other way now. The split personality deal just seems to make too much sense. The way you tied in Remus with the beginning portion of the chapter, referring to him as the young son of Lycao, was brilliant. I love this chapter so much. It may be my favorite so far even!

Author's Response: Can you see me blush? You probably live on the opposite side of the planet, but I think you can.

I will never be able to thank you enough for your reviews. They make me feel as if I had actually accomplished all the goals I had set for me when I first started writing Fanfiction. And it doesn't matter to me if I don't have that huge multitude of reviewers (although that would be nice :P), because as long as I receive even a single review like this, I'll be forever happy.

I could go on and on and talk forever about how simply beautiful is what you've written to me, but I would probably bore you to no end, so I will simply tell you that you made me blush, you made me happy, and that a huge part of the Italian Eastern Coast knows about this review. I may have read it to everyone...


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Review #8, by crestwoodThe Lost Wolf: Separator part 2

25th August 2014:
Hello again!

The first section - the flashback, was really a great piece of writing. Now, on the sixteenth chapter, you'd think I'd stop being so impressed with some of the things you write, but I haven't. The description of Cassie's entrance was incredible and the way you wrote that slap almost resounded for a few seconds. The Colonel truly is a terrible, terrible man. I can't remember the last time I read a character as despicable as him. You really make him come to life.

For some reason, I laughed really hard at Harry listing Voldemort 5 times within the things that happened to him. He really does deserve a multitude of mentions. I'll be honest though, I didn't quite understand exactly what was happening throughout this chapter. As in, I'm not sure if Harry is dreaming or honestly going insane. Regardless of what plane of reality this chapter existed in, I was transfixed by a large portion of it. Harry's point of view was a lot different than I've seen him written usually, but probably more realistic actually.

Tonks' portion of the chapter was really unexpected. I never thought much about her and Sirius' relationship, but you've expounded on it quite a bit. I'm glad you've tied her into the story by having Sirius bring Cassie to Andromeda. I can't wait to see what their interactions will be like once she wakes up. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, dear. You can't actually know how much I love your reviews. They could brighten up the most horrible days!

I'll tell you a secret: I didn't want to include a flashback in this chapter, not in its original version, at least! As you said, I supposed the visions would start to get boring for some readers, so I tried and avoid that specific technique... And failed miserably! You have to thank Radiohead for that. And a particularly rainy day.

Oh, I'm sorry this update was too confusing! Just to clarify a couple of points, this scene takes place approximately half an hour after Remus' discovery of Albus' secret. Harry is asleep and dreams about Cass' past, as usual, only to be thrown in his Sanctuary. Then Cassandra comes... and the rest is history!

Tonks will have a much more important role in this story compared to her books' self... I just realized I am unintentionally gathering all the not-so-major characters of the Harry Potter series and elevate them to the status of ... VIP ones. I could call myself a Robin Hood of sorts!

Ok. Ignore my ramble, by now you should have understood I tend to fall for that quite miserably. Thank you again for your review, it means a lot to me.


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Review #9, by crestwoodPicking Up The Pieces: One

22nd August 2014:
Hey! I saw you post about this on the forums, so I decided to come and check it out.

This was pretty unique for a couple of reasons. For one, the focus wasn't on a romantic relationship, but on the relationship between two sisters. In some ways, I think that might be more difficult to write. I know I've never attempted it personally. Also, the frequent POV shifts weren't something I've seen very often. I think you did a great job giving us a good description of both Dom and Vic within a small amount of words.

The plot itself was an interesting analysis of the "smart-and-impossible-to-measure-up-to-older-sibling" archetype. Vic's consumption with her job led her completely astray and interestingly enough, you had the free spirited, fun loving sibling that usually gets a bad rep play a gigantic part in her getting her life back in order. I thought the way you played with those recurring tropes was really interesting. You've done a fantastic job with this, I enjoyed it a lot!

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Review #10, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Aaliyah: The Date

21st August 2014:
Aaliyah is still fooling herself about why she's excited, I see. She'll realize eventually. I love the story about the younger guys liking Annie. That was so funny! And I suppose I'll just add Ellie and Isaac to the immense number of couples I want to happen in this story. Albus and Aaliyah are so cute on their date. I agree with her about the house qualities. I've always thought I was somewhere in the middle of Slytherin and Ravenclaw, so I had a hard time choosing which to be in.

Now they're even talking about lingering feelings after they 'break up.' The way I see it, they just shouldn't decide to break up at all. Anyway, I love their small talk and how they're going about getting to know each other and finding that they like what they're seeing. I'm really impressed by your writing. You keep a lot contained, but you let on just enough to keep the reader satisfied. I think the plot of this story is extremely unique and leaves a lot of room for 'are they, are they not' moments because of the nature of their relationship. Ronan is actually a pretty terrifying villain, even if we don't see much of her. You've done an amazing job with making me wish for so many different relationships to happen in this story. You've really invested me in these characters. Really awesome job on everything. Please re-request as soon as you've uploaded more!

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Review #11, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Albus: The Matchmaker(s)

21st August 2014:
At the beginning when Aaliyah gets upset about everything that happened with Fred and Albus moves closer to her and comforts her!! No one's there, that isn't acting! I'm so excited that this is happening. A tiny bit upset that Rose has a boyfriend that isn't Scorpius though. Albus and Aaliyah falling asleep in each others is pretty much the final straw of my belief in their idea that they're faking their relationship.

I don't even particularly like Rose in this story, but I just want to give your Scorpius the world so I hope she realizes that she has some kind of burning passion for him by the end of the story anyway. I love the way you write this slow paced not-even-really-friends to lovers thing. It's just creeping along with only a little progress each chapter, but it helps to make things believable since they didn't even know each other at the beginning of the story. I'm glad you aren't rushing through this. Another good chapter!

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Review #12, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Aaliyah: The Party

21st August 2014:
I LOVE Daniel so much. I really hope he shows up again because he's so much more mature and understanding than everyone else even though he's younger. That conversation was really well written. And also, I need more James/Aaliyah scenes!! You write their friendship in this amazing way and I'd just love to see them speak more.

The Ronan Daily is scathing as always and Albus and Aaliyah are becoming more and more like a real relationship by the chapter, even if it's under the guise of fooling Ronan. Drunk Scorpius is great!! I can't even handle him admitting to his crush on Rose right now. Honestly perfect, wow. I'm not really all that surprised that Albus doesn't drink. I think I'm getting to know him somewhat at this point, even though he doesn't let on a lot about himself even still. You're doing a good job at writing a multitude of characters and kind of keeping all of them together and giving them distinct personalities and voices. Really great job so far.

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Review #13, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Albus: The Family

20th August 2014:
I can totally understand Aaliyah's nervousness about being properly introduced to the Wotter family. The way you write them makes them a lot less intimidating though. I love how hilarious you've made them.

Albus and Aaliyah have gotten much better at faking their relationship. I'm under the personal belief that they'll eventually realize that none of this was faked. Especially with Albus keeping count of how long they'd been dating without realizing what he was doing.

The Weasley Night Gathering is excellent writing. The timestamps give you a good snapshot of what's going on at the gathering, without having to draw it out longer than necessary and maybe losing the readers attention. It helps immensely with the flow, especially in a scene with so many characters participating. Another good chapter!

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Review #14, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Aaliyah: The Slytherins

20th August 2014:
Well, this is my favorite chapter yet. Albus and Aaliyah's banter is getting progressively more comfortable, they address their awkwardness, Scorpius is still perfect, and Albus shares some personal information!! The story is really moving along now. Your characters are really organically growing and changing. Nothing feels forced or out of character, so good job on that.

Albus' dormmates are hilarious!! They're like the stereotypical group of gossipy girls, but gender switched. I like that it's not only the girls who find a nice bit of relationship details interesting. You did a great job of separating their personalities though, so that they don't seem like one big monotonous group.

Seth admitting his feelings complicates things. I thought I was shipping Aaliyah and Albus, but now it looks like he may truly be the guy for her. I mean, they're actually friends and he's thoughtful and open with her and basically everything Albus is not. Al is going to have to step up his game if he hopes to compete with all of that. I'm impressed with the way you slowly build up the drama. Looks like that kiss on the head is bound to create some more!

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Review #15, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Albus: The Confrontations

19th August 2014:
The Ronan Daily is mean and everything, but it also raises some good points. Albus and Aaliyah don't seem like a very good couple yet. They aren't yet "golden couple" material in my opinion. Hopefully they do reach that point eventually though.

Albus' inability to create a substantial list of reasons he's dating Aaliyah is troublesome. Even if he sits down and thinks about it, he's unable to make their relationship convincing. The scene with Scorpius gives the chapter some great comedic relief. I'm starting to feel like Aaliyah and Albus' banter is getting more natural as it appears in that scene even.

Gabby is nice to come to her sister's defense. I'm interested about if Albus was lying when he claimed to really like her. I don't like Fred. He speaks about Aaliyah as if he owns her and Albus can just exchange her for something else and give him the deed. Overall, the characters are solid though and the plot is only getting more and more interesting!

Author's Response: And my responding to your squee-worthy reviews continue...

The Ronan Daily is mean, isn't it? Is it a bad thing that I actually enjoy writing it? *hides*

Albus isn't very thoughtful, especially when it comes to complimenting people and being all romantic and what not. And Scorpius kind of wants to bang his head on the table because of his best friends antics just like the rest of us. If you would have asked him to write a list on Rose, it would take too long to read, lol.

I think that's the biggest question of all: does Albus like her or not? I would tell you but then... you know how it goes. ;) Haha, I'm kidding. At this moment, he doesn't really know her so... no, he does't like her (not yet).

You don't like Fred? To be honest I don't like Fred either. As the author I probably should but I really don't. Is it a bad thing if you don't like your characters? :P If only this fic revolved much more around feminism (instead of drama)because then I could add in a scene with Aaliyah telling Fred that she is a free, independent woman that needs no man... in front of everyone in the Great Hall. That may be a little out of character of her though hehe.

Thank you for being your brilliant self and taking the time to review! I immensely enjoy reading it (and the rest of them)! :D


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Review #16, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Aaliyah: The Reaction

19th August 2014:
Naomi and Gemma are probably not people I'd want to be around very often. Their fight is pretty funny though and well, teenagers fight over that kind of stuff all the time.

I really like the group dynamic in the Great Hall as well. The banter is great and everyone feels so comfortable with each other; that is until Albus comes along, of course. I don't think he thought that one through haha. I could feel the awkward tension of the moment.

While, I don't quite understand the reaction of Annie and Ellie personally, I've actually been in a similar situation and their anger is very much realistic. I'm glad they didn't stay mad at Aaliyah, although that could change very quickly if they find out that the relationship isn't authentic at all.

I really like Albus personally. He made things a little uncomfortable but he seems like a lot of fun to me and I look forward to finding out more and more about him. By the way, the flow of these chapters is perfectly fine. There's no big instances where I'm pulled out of the story. I think you're doing a good job so far.

Author's Response: I wouldn't want to be around Naomi and Gemma often either to be honest. :P I think how they are explains why Aaliyah isn't very good friends with them.

There is a group dynamic? How come I haven't heard of this before? :P No, I'm joking. I think introducing all of her close friends was the hard part about writing this chapter because it's four people and their personalities have to kind of go together but at the same time be distinguished.

I honestly think Albus likes tension... especially when he causes it. ^_^

I think the reason they didn't stay mad for too long is because they are pretty understanding and accepting. Aaliyah dating again was just a shock for them (it's a been a year since she has even seemed a little interested in a guy) and Ellie was kind of rooting for Aaliyah/Seth.

YES, SOMEONE LIKES ALBUS! A lot of readers didn't like Albus all to much in this chapter due to him kind of being really Slytherin-y (which I perfectly understand) but yay, you like him! He's one of those people that make a lot of people uncomfortable (and he loves it) but he grows on you, I promise.

Oh, the flow is working... that's great!

Your reviews are an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT, thank you.


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Review #17, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Albus: The Decision

19th August 2014:
I am really glad you decided to switch between POVs in this story because now I get to see the inside of Albus' mind, which, I must say, is very different than I expected. While Aaliyah seemed to think of him as impenetrable, he seems to have an equally difficult time reading her. That makes everything so much more interesting if you ask me. Now that Aaliyah has agreed to the proposition, they're going to have to spend a lot of time together and their mutual fascination will be very fun to read.

I love Scorpius in this story. I hope we get to see the fallout from his revelation about Rose as a subplot in future chapters. The way he woke up Albus and told him was really sweet.

Albus' acting when he knew Ronan was coming was pretty great, especially since Aaliyah didn't even know what was happening at the time. I'm anxiously anticipating what the fallout from that is going to look like. Finally seeing Ronan in action will be awesome. Great chapter!

Author's Response: The switching pov thing wasn't actually a planned thing... it just sort of happened. The way I wrote his mind is very different from what I expected too. It took some time to get comfortable with writing him (Albus likes being difficult at times :P). I think they are both too curious for their own goods but if they weren't, they would probably just sit down next to each other and not talk at all.

Scorpius is love, lol. I know he's a Slytherin and he should be much more reserved but I really wanted to write him likable and a tiny bit goofy and Rose is his soft spot. I'm so happy that you like him! His crush and what he's going to do about it is woven into the story.

You reviews are love, just like Scorpius. ;)


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Review #18, by crestwoodCrossing the Borderline: Aaliyah: The Meeting

19th August 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here with your requested review. I'm so so sorry it's taken me this long to get around to this! I'll probably check out some of your other work to make up for taking over a week.

First of all, I LOVE the summary. I wish I could write something that hooks people like that.
And, you've really got me on edge right from the beginning here. The way you described 'the fear that lives inside of me' was great. Especially that slow, hollow laugh. Pretty gripping imagery there.

The gossiping paintings were a nice touch as well - people don't utilize paintings as much as they should on this site.

As an aside, I love the name Aaliyah.

Albus stole the limelight in this chapter even before he had any lines at all. I really like his un-forthcoming nature. I love characters like him that aren't going to make anything simple and clear cut. I can only assume we're going to learn more and more about him as a person as the story goes on. I'm quite sure he'll eventually be right about Aaliyah changing her mind, but the fun is in seeing how it all happens!

Charlotte is kind of terrifying. I can tell by how serious everyone takes her that she has a lot of power in Hogwarts. I can't wait to see her rumour starting prowess in action later in the story.

James and Gabby faked being a couple for so long that it leads me to believe that there's something unsaid going on. Maybe someone they know has something to hide.

I'm hoping that Albus and Aaliyah eventually do find some way to have feelings for each other because I'd love to see how someone like Albus would act like in a relationship. I'm still not even entirely sure where you're going with this honestly, but you've definitely got my attention. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hi! You weren't late AT ALL. I think I'm the one who is taking some time to respond to all for your amazing reviews.

Summaries = confusing. I honestly have no idea how to write summaries that fit the story but it's great to hear that you liked the one for this story!

I love building tension in scenes so that's probably why you were on edge at beginning. Imagery is probably one of the aspects of writing I have a difficult time with so it really made me happy to hear that you think it worked in that scene. Fear is a fickle thing to write about.

I love the paintings at Hogwarts so that's why I included them. And you like the name Aaliyah? We have something in common then! That's actually the name I saved if I ever had a daughter but I ended up giving it to my character since the name fit her so well.

Albus is an attention stealer though I don't think he means to do that all the time. :P And he REALLY isn't going to make anything simple, especially for Aaliyah.

Charlotte is a little terrifying. That's how I wrote her and that's how she is. And she'll definitely have a lot of action later on (with her heels in tow). James and Gabby may have a few secrets and they are protective people so they usually protect everyone they care about.

Albus in a relationship would be interesting to see. Him having feelings for someone would be when he might freak out a little. :P

I had a terrific time reading your review and writing this response. Thank you for being so insightful and sweet! I'll hopefully get to the rest of the reviews soon. :D


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Review #19, by crestwoodTrue Romance: The Long Day of Vengeance

19th August 2014:
Hey Rose!

I haven't even left reviews for a lot of the chapters before this, (which I WILL get around to as soon as humanly possible) but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to be first to leave one for this chapter haha.

From the very beginning you've made me incredibly sad here. I don't think I can actually handle Al talking about the fact that Cora watched Arthur die. And then Scorpius tries to kiss Al and I'm both so relieved and ready to fight for Branbus at the same time. And then he explains what Corbin did and I remember how amazing Albus really is. I just wish Scorpius would leave Corbin and find someone Albus-like that isn't already in a perfect relationship!!

Thankfully Archie got some sort of comeuppance for being an absolute terrible person. I'm still a bit in shock about what he did to Lily, even though I was distrustful of him from the beginning.

I think what upset me most about the Child Services lady was that her reaction was just all too familiar. I can't believe she could believe that Brandon and Albus raising Cora would have some kind of ill effect on her. I feel personally offended at the very suggestion.

My reviews on your work always end up just consisting of my rambling opinions and reactions rather than controlled criticism. Mostly because THERE ARE NO FLAWS. You're amazing, I love these characters and everything about this. EVERYTHING.

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Review #20, by crestwoodActions Speak Louder than Words: Better: Rose POV

15th August 2014:
Hey Beth! I'm here for our review swap :)

This was a short little chapter and not much actually happened plot wise, but you filled us in on a lot more of Rose's backstory here. More importantly, it was just really fun to read. I'm able to fully sink into the story now and kind of become ignorant of my surroundings.

I really like that you're incorporating Harry into this story a bit. I love to see how he relates to the Next-Gen kids. His 'Wow. A girl. Wow.' was precious and the bond between he and Rose is so nicely written for such a small amount of words.

I am so relieved that Rose is feeling the same way as Scorpius. Beyond them being my OTP, I love them together specifically in this story. I love her protective nature when she calls Al back because she noticed his injuries.

I have a feeling her and Scorpius' meeting is going to make me very, very happy. It was really cute how she asked him to meet. He has quite an effect on her and I love it. And Harry knows!! I can't wait to see what happens next :')

Author's Response: Hello again,

Yeah, this was a shorter chapter, but it needs to be here so I could establish how close Rose is to Harry. My version of Ron is that he loves his daughter, but doesn't always know how to be around her.

I'm squeeing at how much you love my version of ScoRose. Once they get there (and there WILL be a few bumps in the road) they will have a really strong relationship.

Rose is most comfortable when she can put aside her own problems and heal others.

Yeah, Harry knows - well really, EVERYBODY knows, except Rose and Scorpius - haha!

Thanks again!


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Review #21, by crestwoodActions Speak Louder than Words: Bitter: Scorpius POV

14th August 2014:
Hey Beth, it's been ages, but I'm back again!

I knew I listed this story in the Top 5 favorite stories thread for a reason! I had only read four chapters at the time, but I had this really good feeling about where this could go. THIS chapter shows me that I'm not crazy.

I know that this story is primarily about Scorpius and Rose, but honestly you could make a spin-off/sequel/companion piece centered around Al and Scorpius' training and all of the struggles and tensions that come to a boiling point here. I wasn't expecting to see them actually training at any point, so even better, this came as a shock.

First off, I love Al's way of giving Scorpius his approval of what he and Rose are becoming. Their banter is so entertaining and I would have been upset that you cut it off, if it wasn't for the incredible scene that resulted because of it.

Harry and Al's duel was probably the best way I've ever seen a duel written on this site. You didn't settle for just naming spells and you didn't cut it short. You found a way to really get their emotions across, but not just there's. You gave us a real sense of the feelings all around the room. We understood who was aware of the real tension behind the duel and who was unknowingly cheering it on. We felt the tension build as the curses sped back and forth and you made us as nervous as Scorpius was starting to get. The relief I felt when Scorpius diffused the situation was cathartic and everything a high stakes moment in literature is supposed to be. EXCELLENT work on that scene.

The following argument/reconciliation of Harry and Albus was gripping at first, the kind of father/son argument that I had braced myself for; but then took a turn for heartwarming as Harry deduced the reason behind Al's rage. His maturity was on full display as he said just the right words and gave the right compliments to allow the situation to reach a calm. He was very right in commending Scorpius for handling the situation the way he did. This scene was just as affecting as the duel was. This chapter shed a lot of light on Albus' character and found a way to set us up with some more Scorpius/Rose interactions with the end. This was amazing to read. I hope I can start to get through these chapters quicker than I have been. "/

- By the way, your last review response was just lovely :D

Author's Response: Hello!

It always takes me a bit of time to respond to your reviews because I want to do them justice.

I DID see that you listed it on your top five stories and I think I screamed out loud! THANK YOU!

A spin off? I'll have to think about that. I have thought of maybe doing a one-shot here or there. Hmmm...

Holy cow! I can't believe this review. I'm so glad you liked the duel scene. I really wanted to show the different styles between an experienced Auror and a hot-shot trainee with something to prove.

It's really hard for Albus to *want* to be like his father, but also want to be recognized for his own merits. Hopefully Harry helped place him on that path. I also wanted to show that sometimes the teacher (Harry, in this case) is so busy being critical of the students that he forgets to tell them the things they are doing right. If nothing else, this was brought to light for Harry.

Thanks again for this! I love all your reviews!


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Review #22, by crestwoodThe Monopoly on Honour: We shall live in song

14th August 2014:
I'm a huge fan of one scene chapters. I don't know why, but the idea of being able to give so much information about one moment just lends itself well to great writing and this is no exception.

Your characterization is handled perfectly here. This entire chapter is dedicated mostly just to developing two characters and that's what you've done. Astoria calling Lucius "Father" says a lot about their relationship. She's so different than I've read her before. She's got this cool intelligence about her and she isn't a spoiled, angry, unloving wife for once. I prefer this version of her - kind, in love and curious. Lucius again finds a way to subtle let the reader know how much he cares for his family. The amount of preparation he's putting into things shows a high level of remorse for what he's done to his family and a desire to fix things, which is more than I can say I would have expected out of him.

Also, the Malfoy Book was a genius idea. Loved the entire concept so much. Each chapter has held my attention more and more. You're doing a fine job with the pacing. This chapter was the kind that a lot of people would have skipped and just alluded to, but I'm really glad you added it in to give us some good character development and dialogue. All in all, this is the strongest chapter yet! Thank you for your request and feel free to re-request when you've uploaded more! Sorry again for the wait :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

Thanks for the comments about the characterisation. I realise I am at great risk of repeating myself here :p but it means a lot. I'm glad you like this version of Astoria; I suppose one aspect of her character is that she is Lucius's intellectual equal, which means I have a lot of fun writing them both. Interesting that you see Lucius as remorseful - I completely get where you're coming from, and hopefully it'll become clear why and how in later chapters. I also see Lucius's extensive preparations as part of his scheming, meticulous nature, and hopefully that comes across too :)

Ah, the Malfoy Book. As I think I've said in responses to other people, I don't think it was a planned thing - I needed a way for Lucius to give Astoria "the Keys" to the Manor, and it just seemed to fit with the Malfoy perception and use of magic, inspired by the Pirates films :) Like Lucius says, not every form of deterrent involves a locked case of lead :)

Thanks so much for the review! Next chapter is currently in the queue, so it shouldn't be too long :)

Celi :)

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Review #23, by crestwoodThe Monopoly on Honour: When Love absents itself

14th August 2014:
Wow, I've never thought that Narcissa would blame Lucius for all of this. I never considered it, but she is technically completely correct. Their argument was really gripping. These aren't characters I'm usually very attached to, but I felt a chill through my body when I read "I could never have loved you. Not now, not ever." The fact that it brought Lucius to tears is no wonder to me.

Daphne and Astoria's relationship seems to have grown all the stronger because of their dad's behaviour. They have a really nice moment when Astoria gives her the advice about her trial. There were a few times when I was a bit confused about who's point of view I was reading, but I understood after reading a little more closely. I like that this has an underlying romantic theme. That makes for a lot of strong emotions and reactions in a time like this. I'm very surprised at how believable you are making their struggles. I've never considered the collateral damage on this side of the war before. Very interesting writing so far!

Author's Response: Ah, Narcissa. Is she completely correct? I think that when people are angry, they tend to choose what they pay attention to very carefully. I'm happy you're starting to care for these characters: war takes its toll on everyone. There's an old Iliad quote which says that 'the god of war is impartial' and I suppose that is what I am trying to show.

Lucius - I have so much fun writing him, and bringing him to such a point of utter breakdown so early on makes things really interesting in future; I'm having a lot of fun as an author seeing how far and to where I can take him. This scene was born in part out of my complete inability to resist doing this kind of thing :)

Daphne and Astoria - I'm glad you like how I'm portraying them; I think I wanted to go beyond the stereotypical jealous/bimbo relationship.

Point taken about the POVs, I'll go back and edit at some point, and it's something I'm rectifying in future chapters by taking a leaf out of G.R.R. Martin's book; stating the POV at the beginning of the chapter/scene.

Thanks so much for the review; especially reviewing all the chapters up so far in one go!

Celi :)

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Review #24, by crestwoodThe Monopoly on Honour: Do we not Suffer?

13th August 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here for your requested review!

I'm SO sorry that it's taken me so long to get to this. It's been, what, a week now? If only there were more hours in the day.

First of all, Celi, you have an interesting premise here. I can't say that I've ever read a Post-Hogwarts story that included the war trials. I liked that you gave us a good flashback to Draco's childhood because it not only gave us Draco and Astoria's first meeting, (more on that later) but it showed us a side of Lucius that we rarely see in the books. We know that he was a very family oriented man, so it certainly makes sense that he would show the kind of affection that he does here. Also, it was an interesting choice to have him be distrustful of Nero Greengrass and Bellatrix. It almost seems as though he was a little withdrawn from the whole Death Eater business at that point, or at least some of the Death Eaters themselves.

I LOVED that you had Draco and Astoria truly be in love. A lot of times people will write them as being forced together by their parents or by some sort of pride. It was nice to see them simply together out of mutual want for a relationship and life together. Their nicknames were a really nice touch as well. It gave us a sense that they haven't lost the youthful aspect they had when they first met. Really good interpretation of the pairing.

I thought you did a good job showing the fears of your characters about the consequences they'd face after the war. You made a good point about whether the Order would have really helped them even if they had decided they wanted their protection. Especially in the case of Selena, you found a way to make me really care what happens to these people I typically am meant to be completely against. I didn't notice any glaring problems with pacing. The end was a bit fast, but I assumed that was because a frightened child was explaining the story.

I thought this was an exceptionally well written chapter and a good start!

Author's Response: Hi crestwood!

My turn to apologise for such a late reply - I've had a rough week :)

I'm glad you like my premise! I spent the past two years studying 17th century war crimes trials and Ancient Greek theory of law amongst other things, and I've always wondered what happened to all the Slytherins after the war. That, combined with watching Downton Abbey and reading Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, and the plot for Monopoly emerged. If you haven't already realised, my mind works in very strange ways :)

I think it's interesting that you picked up on Nero and Bellatrix. I suppose I've always seen the Malfoys as consummate political operators; the reason they managed to survive up until the second wizarding war relatively unscathed. And then, there is of course the fundamental question: why did Lucius become a Death Eater in the first place? What makes people cross the line between sympathiser and activist?

On Draco/Astoria - Thank you! I suppose I've always been annoyed by the fact that the majority of people assume that because they are Pureblood, they are automatically stuck in forced marriages. It was very natural for me to write them that way; a because I didn't want it to be all doom and gloom, but also because I think it gives me so many more opportunities!

You picked up on the bit about the Order and protection! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. All I can say is that it's important :)

I'm so happy you care about what happens to the characters. You make me want to keep writing the story as much as possible!

Thanks for your review, it truly is very appreciated :)


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Review #25, by crestwoodBackground Noise: The Devil (Who is Neither in Disguise Nor in Prada)

12th August 2014:
All of the praise in my previous review carries over into this one, but I will try my hardest to leave a bit of substance in this one as well.

You asked about your use of first person point of view and I think you've done an excellent job here. You're writing in present tense as well and I didn't notice any transgressions, which is incredibly difficult to get right in my experience.

Also, I have to ask...are you a troper?! You seem to have a really complex knowledge of the conventions of humor and how to exploit them so if you don't frequent tvtropes I don't understand exactly how you do this.

This is almost surrealist in a sense. That's definitely the first time I've said that about fan fiction, but it really is. Absurdist humor is my calling card when it comes to original fiction, so I really enjoy reading it in all of it's many forms.

I loved your use of the context of a zombie apocalypse to describe the setting. I love the dancing spell. I love "Works like magic. Well, you know."

- And here I am catching myself before I slip back into the pattern of my last review that I've sworn to avoid in favor of actual coherent observation.

Okay, summary said that Lily is the devil incarnate and I didn't blink twice but now she's harvesting souls at Hogwarts and I can't hold back a laugh at how naive I was to think that you wouldn't actually make her the devil, even after reading the first chapter.

Your use of the brick joke with the whole birthday wish and One Dimension thing was hilarious. It's almost as if you take everything that I think you wouldn't/couldn't make a joke out of and bring it back at random like "Hey, remember this one off reference in the last chapter? Yeah, well it's going to make you laugh out loud right now in your living room and now you're going to have to explain what was so funny and then you'll spend half an hour explaining the nuances of Meta humor and creative writing in a pre-constructed world to your poor old confused mother."

Also, I just read your Author's Note and you are aware of tvtropes, I knew it!

Anyway, this was great. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Thank you for the request, I hope my reviews made a tiny bit of sense.

Author's Response: THIS REVIEW HAS MADE MY DAY. Absolutely!!

Just because you asked me if I'm a troper! Bahahaha!! I love TVTropes, but I don't frequent it often. Only because everytime I enter the site, I get sucked into this black hole and end up clicking link after link and reading and reading and I never resurface. People go on about how Tumblr is destroying them, but for me, it's TVTropes. So I try to keep my distance. BUT YEAH I LOVE THAT SITE. I love film and TV and pop culture. I love film and TV and pop culture deconstructed. I love their brand of humour.

I don't think I've ever had any of my writings described as 'surrealist' before! I thank you for this! :D I'm fond of Absurdist humour as well, sometimes!

And it's great to hear that the first person POV isn't jarring or stilted. I was quite worried about that; it's been a long time since I wrote anything longer than a oneshot in first person.

Lily is the Devil Incarnate!! Haha, you're the second reviewer to mention not taking the summary seriously and being surprised at Lily. I don't blame you, though. The summary is just plain ridiculous. Turns out that you /can/ put spoilers in your summary, as long as readers don't take you seriously. :P

Ah, I hope you made a cup of tea for your 'poor old confused mother' after sitting her down and attempting to explain to her "the nuances of meta humour and creative writing in a pre-constructed world".

And I adore running gags sometimes. So I may have a few in this fic!

Thank you so so much once again for both your amazing and flattering reviews! They've made my whole week, and of course they made sense! I shall try and finish the next chapter and post it up as soon as!


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