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Review #1, by crestwoodBeyond the Dark: One

27th April 2015:

I need that fic. If it doesn't already exist I am requesting that fic.

I'm obsessed with the dynamic of this group of Slytherins you've written. Blaise being caught between Draco and Theo!! My Theo despises Draco as well. I have a couple of questions about Anthony, but I'm not sure if I'm correct. It seems like he may have a learning disability, but he may just need a little extra help for some other reason.

Pants and Teddy ♥

Bribing Anthony's whereabouts out of Pansy. I like this.

I love how Theo reacts to Harry talking to him. I can't get over it. And - "Mr. I've-loved-Harry-Potter-since-I-was-eleven-and-he-picked-up-my-book-and-I-just-died-of-happiness-but-now-I-can't-talk-to-him is what I am naming the first child or pet someone lets me name.

I can't believe you're sinking this. I am going to be so sad. This is great though. I'll just pretend that they're going to be perfectly happy together at the end of this story for now. You're awesome!

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Review #2, by crestwoodPast Tense: second.

27th April 2015:
there really are no qualifications for teaching at Hogwarts. if Hogwarts was real I would teach Muggle Studies and be set for life. Teaching people about bicycles and iPods for the rest of my life is basically my life goal.

The way you roast the wizarding world in this story gives me life. I bow down to you, roast queen.

their flat is my typical living conditions i mean to get rid of all of the empty bottles of whatever i'm drinking that day but i write fic so anything i 'mean' to do does not get done. I do have to stay hydrated though so I don't pass out in the middle of a scene and lose my muse.

wait people outside of the US say shotgun?? this is news to me. It just sounds so American. You learn something new every day.

Wizard government doesn't have a welfare system. Remus Lupin was dirt poor because no one would hire a werewolf. Just got sad really quickly.

I have so many feelings about JSTOR. My little nerd brain cannot wrap my head around THE ACADEMIC JOURNALS. I used it before I went to college because I'm the worst.

"I don't think I will." I'm so happy.

Ah. Of course Binns lectured from memory.

I'm obsessed with this story. History of Magic needs so much work. SO MUCH WORK. I cannot wait for this. Best thing that ever happened. yesyesyes thank you for writing this

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Review #3, by crestwoodPast Tense: first.

27th April 2015:
ok PAST TENSE REVIEWS PART ONE. (i just typed paste again but I caught myself)

i had never read a story about a squib before this and all hopes i had of writing one are DASHED because I will not come close to the perfection this is. You've influenced my headcanon too much for me to write it any other way. In my head Squib = Steph. I am so here for all of the ways being a muggle is kind of better than being magical. i am so glad that Steph is not a self-hating about her lack of magic because her life sounds fab the way she tells it.

The first time I read 'You kinda count as a Muggle, don't you?' I realized this is the best story ever. That was the exact moment.

This story being so timely is one of the things that makes it so great. I just read about gifs in fic. I just read about VINES in fic.

Happy that her flatmates know even though I'd love to hear some of those ridiculous excuses she might have come up with to cover up her childhood.


this is the best story ever ok

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Review #4, by crestwoodFive of a Kind: Introduction - Dealer's Choice

24th April 2015:
hi Nix! I'm supposed to be writing so I'll keep this quick.

I love this so far. Cormac is my least favorite of all characters but I like reading about him. It's complicated with him. I like the way you withhold the Deputy Headmistress' name, as well as what happened to Albus. It sounds like he attempted suicide, but I'm not entirely sure. It sounds like Scorpius is gonna be the most weasel-ly of the weasels. Of course, I know what kind of assignment they'll receive because I've seen the film. I can't wait to meet the kids. Your characterization of Cormac was excellent. Glad you decided to post this intro chapter!

Amazing work!

Author's Response: Hi Joey!

I personally don't know why you would enjoy reading about your least favorite character, but oh well, he's just the teacher, he's not meant to be a big part in this story, lol.

And I left out the Deputy Headmistress's name because I'm lazy and I didn't feel like creating another character, so yeah. Of course, now that I think about it, I do like that it gives her an air of mystery because we don't know who she is or what she's planning.

I'm not going to comment on Albus yet because his chapter isn't up, plus we won't even get into that until later in the story anyway so... moving on. I think Scorpius is going to be fun. In Sirrah he's not so fun, so I like having the chance to write him in a different light. Of course, this story is not connected to Sirrah, so it's a completely different Scorpius. I'm excited for everyone to meet the kids. And I'm glad you enjoyed Cormac, even though you hate him.

Thank you so much for this review!


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Review #5, by crestwoodJust the Way You Are: Just Joshua

14th April 2015:
Wait. Sam. How have I not reviewed this? I'm actually upset right now. I could have sworn I had reviewed at least some of this fic.

On to the actual story, I was so excited to find out that you were writing a trans fic. Because I love them and there needs to be more of them and that goes double since you're writing it. I love the way you start this. We're dropped in totally in medias res, right when Joshua is reaching a point where he's ready to do this. It'd take a lot of courage to transition while at Hogwarts. Especially with the binary dorm system and everything. I hope the castle isn't too old fashioned in this story.

I'm kind of sad about his mother's reaction. The fact that he's bipolar can't make this much easier on him. I'm ecstatic about the list of issues you'll be addressing throughout this story. And also: Hugo Weasley in general. that is always fun. This is so perfectly written, as always. Such great characterization and you've made this all understandable even to people who don't necessarily have extensive experience with transpeople or mental illness. But also, it's entertaining and awesome for people like me who do. Amazing work.

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Review #6, by crestwoodSilent Rumors: A Letter

12th April 2015:
I've had the busiest weekend in recent history, but I'm finally stopping by to review this. I'm hoping that I can at least get through typing this before I have to go run off and do something else.

(And funnily enough, I wasn't able to)

I don't see many stories about Ernie MacMillan around here. I've got one, but I've never read someone else write about him before at all. Apothecary owner is probably one of my favorite Wizarding world careers. That's an interesting and less common choice. Maybe not as glamorous as Auror work, but someone's got to do it.

Oh wow, I was not expecting that letter to say that at all. What would someone want with Ernie? And they specified that they would be taking their revenge, but for what?

My thought process was the same as his. I don't think we were ever introduced to anyone who had a serious problem with him in canon and he fought for the side of good in the war and apparently all of the Death Eaters are being put away. This makes me think that it may be something personal that he's forgotten about.

And, even better, the letter had a D.A. seal on it! So, this strengthens my theory that it's someone with a personal vendetta against him for some reason. Someone that he did something to during the time they were meeting for the D.A.?

The last few paragraphs were altogether too calm. I don't trust it. I don't know how you did it with words, but it felt like someone was watching him that entire time. Such a spooky feeling to have secondhand.

You've really mastered the art of suspense with this chapter. There was a quiet tense feeling about it. I can't wait to see where you go with this. It's been a delight so far and I can only imagine what you'll choose to do with that prompt. Great work, as always!

Author's Response: Hello there!

No worries. I've had an insanely busy couple weeks myself. You never have to rush with reviews for me. Just whenever you get to them is fine!

I love writing about supporting or minor characters and Ernie's been on my list for awhile, so I was excited when he fit into this story. I had already planned to include him in my novel Atonement Is Coming, so creating this little prequel of sorts about him worked out!

For the job choice, I feel like he wouldn't necessarily pick a flashy job. He doesn't strike me as a flashy guy. I think he's be the type who was content to own a shop, spend time with his wife and kids, and just live an ordinary existence.

Ahh the revenge. Unfortunately, that really doesn't get covered in this short story and really not until we get well into Atonement Is Coming. It just gets chipped away at piece by piece.

Ernie is pretty well liked in the series for the most part and I will say that there are multiple someones behind this threat.

Oooh! That makes me so happy that the ending felt like someone was watching him! I was going for that, but I didn't know if it would come across in words.

Thank you so much for another lovely review!


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Review #7, by crestwoodInvictus: Black as the pit from pole to pole

10th April 2015:
Hi Lottie!

I reviewed the first chapter of this way back when and I can't believe it's taken me this long to get back to this story. Each chapter is only 500 words after all! On top of that, I love the poem that this is based on, so this concept has a lot of potential, if you ask me.

I love the idea that, despite Narcissa being a Malfoy by marriage, she always feels defined by her original Black family name. I'm sure that during the time she went to school, that name had quite a lot of baggage that she must still feel long afterwards.

I love the theme of invisibility that imbues this chapter. She just stood by, listening, attempting to blend into the background. That's a little different from what I've always imagined her as, but then, maybe that's because I've never exactly tried to get into her head or written about her very much and, like she said, other people only saw what she allowed them to. And, as the books are from Harry's perspective, that would certainly apply to him.

This is such an excellent study of her character. I've never considered how she must have felt with one sister eloping with a Muggleborn and the other becoming a Death Eater. I see how that'd lead to both sides seeing her in a negative light--because people tend to focus on the negative. It's really sad that she feels like she doesn't have a name at all.

And your Lucius in this story is definitely not sympathetic. Treating his wife as nothing more than decoration is..not good. To say the least. I can see this version of him though. I can also see him deeply caring about his family when I see things written that way. I think his characterization can go in a great number of ways.

You referenced the source of her name! Interesting that she isn't very much like what her name would suggest, but both of her sisters happen to be. Only reinforces that she would feel like she only exists in comparison to them and that it's almost like she doesn't have a name.

So, this is when she gets pregnant with Draco, I see. Which means that the first war isn't yet over, but close to being so. I can hardly imagine how she would feel, if she thinks she has need to be frightened of Lucius now that she's having a child. I found the line about the child only being half her and therefore not invisible to be particularly excellent. I see that Lucius is a very strict 'continuing the family line' pureblood here, but wow, I don't think I've ever seen anyone in fic that would actually murder a baby for being female. I've read some fics in which the female siblings is sort of cast aside, but this is a bit more extreme and terrifying. Of course, it's only something that Narcissa considers and may not be the truth, but a horrifying thought anyway.

The end is so amazing. You never used her first name until the very last line, which almost goes unnoticed because of how strongly you've written this. Such an depth look into her mind. So very intriguing the way you've characterized her and Lucius and your writing is as impressive as ever. This is one of my favorite 500 word stories ever. I've seen a lot of really great, and really short, stories, but this is up there with the best. I can't believe you packed so much meaning into this. And the second person point of view was done perfectly as well. I loved it. Thanks for the swap.

Author's Response: Joey, how am I even supposed to respond to this?! I'm just gonna maul you with hugs and thanks because seriously, you are amazing. :D

You like the poem too? Yay! Haha, it is an amazing poem, and definitely one of my favourites.

I think I may have an obsession with the family of Black. I love trying to get my head around them and their personalities, and they are very interesting. I had to convince myself to not just write about them, or else the story would just be about them :P

I did! I'm glad you picked up on that point, because that was really what I hoped to put across. She is transparent in a way, because her sisters are so bold and bright that everyone sees them and don't really notice Narcissa. They see what they want instead of what is there.

I like it when you feel as if you can't quite trust the narrator, because everything is biased from their opinion. That's what I was hoping for with the Lucius part. I don't think he would kill his own child, but Narcissa was understandibly worried given that he is a Death Eater. She knows the things that Bellatrix is capable of (even if she isn't mad at this point, my headcanon of her is that she still has very strong views on blood purity and will go to great lengths to act on her beliefs) and expects that her husband would not be any different.

Thank you so very much! I'm really glad you liked it. Gah you are too kind to me. ♥ Thank you.


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Review #8, by crestwoodOh My Darling: 1

10th April 2015:
Okay, so I'm kind of like a mixture of Elizabeth and Clementine. Like, I spend my time writing and watching old Muggle (of course) movies, but I can also be 'the life of the party' within certain circles. I like writing about both kinds of people in my stories and I can appreciate the fact that both are represented in this one. The banter between them is really nice and familiar. You can see how they'd be friends right away. Especially based on the story of their first interaction. They balance each other out nicely.

Albus actually sounds sort of in the middle in terms of sociability, which definitely is most like myself. I'm not sure if it's just because these two don't know him, but he seems a little mysterious too. Mysterious is always good.

I liked the very direction narration of the conclusion. It gives us a really clear idea of what's to come and hooks us into the story. Of course, I can't quite go forward since this is the only chapter up at the moment. But, I'm intrigued. Great job! Thanks for the swap :)

Author's Response: I'm very much like Clementine, though not quite as introverted, and definitely have friends who are exactly like Lizzie. I'm glad you like their friendship and think that there's a nice balance between them!
Albus is definitely very popular, but isn't super close with tons of people, so a lot of people don't really know him as well as they think they do.
I'm so glad you liked this! Thank you for the review swap!
Cassie :)

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Review #9, by crestwoodFind My Way: Stinksap

10th April 2015:
This has been in my favorites for some time, so I'm glad I finally am able to get over here and review it. I actually had a hard time deciding what to choose for this because I kind of want to read everything. I really need to stop by your author's page more. Like, a lot more. You're one of my favorite writers here and it's a shame it has been so long.

But, on to the story at hand. I love the way you started this story with the worst thing about Scorpius' birth, according to him. It's just hilarious and really sets the tone for the story right away. And what a perfect way to introduce Albus. 'Neville, why!?' Right away, I have a pretty good idea of the relationship these two have. That is to say, not a particularly good one.

I haven't read many stories with a blind character, especially not canon Next-Gen character being so. I'm always excited to read about differently-abled people in hpff, because it just kind of reminds me that Wizards are humans too and makes things feel so much more realistic.

Albus in this story is delightfully mean. I must find out what happened between these two because they really do not get along. I feel like there must have been some sort of misunderstanding or confrontation at some point. Albus is so so funny though. He pretty much is just messing with Scorpius here and I love it.

Okay, wait a second. Realizing he was staring and then He avoided Professor Longbottom’s grin! This is so good and so subtle. I almost missed it. Almost. But no Scorbus moments make it past my radar.

I felt so bad for Albus when he had the accident with the Stinksap. Especially because some of the other kids laughed at him.

Do I spot language nerds?!? And also, Jia is aware of Scorpius' feelings towards Albus. This is a funny thing. A funny thing indeed.

I'm crying at Elias. Everything about him. Like, actually laughing at loud at the thought of him. Maybe because he's similar to my headcanon of Michael Corner.

Theodore Nott teaching Potions is so amazing. This is maybe my favorite thing. I have a lot of favorite things, but this is possibly the best of all.

I love this story so much. The first chapters of Next-Gen stories really do a lot to establish the direction writers will be taking things, since so much of it is open to interpretation. I must say, I absolutely love where this seems to be going. All of your characters are excellent and I can't wait to see more interactions between Scorpius and Albus because it's been really gripping so far. Overall amazing job so far. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Joey! This review. This review though.

a;lskdjf that's so nice. For real. We should review swap more, because I definitely feel the same! *nods*

In developing this story, it was really interesting doing the research of what would make Albus blind. You'll find out later in the story what actually happened.

Albus definitely has a chip on his shoulder, and it's been very fun to write. You'll find out! And he's definitely messing with Scorpius. Scorpius just makes it too easy.

Hahaha, Scorbus ftw! Professor Longbottom is all knowing!

I think they were more laughing at the situation than Albus himself. I think they definitely see the Scorbus that Professor Longbottom saw.

YEAH language nerds! Ah, she definitely is. It is funny. It's fun writing Scorpius suffering at the hands of life.

Omg, he's so fun to write. He's just ridiculous.

I love having his as Potions teacher and a mentor for Scorpius. You see more later on, but Scorpius definitely needs someone like Theo in his life.

Ah, thank you! This has been a blast to write. And this review has been awesome to reply to. Thank you so much! I love reviews like this because they give me a chance to really re-think about the story while I'm replying to them. So, thanks a lot!



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Review #10, by crestwoodRace Against Time : Chapter 1

9th April 2015:
Hi Meg! I've taken a very long time to get to this and I'm actually pretty tired right now, but refuse to leave this off another day.

Coming back to Emmeline so many years later is a good idea, since obviously this is when things start to get interesting for her again. When I first saw that there would be a sequel to this, I thought you meant a one-shot. I'm so excited that this is a novella instead! I LOVED Bruises and getting to revisit that premise on a broader scale is so so very tempting.

I imagine that it would take a long time to get over your boyfriend being convicted as a spy and murdering one of your mutual friends and leading to the murder of two others and an attempted murder of his own godson. Of course, none of that actually happened, but she believed it did, which might even be worse.

I can't even pretend to understand the disbelief of finding out that Sirius had escaped from Azkaban. Because, like, obviously people just didn't escape from Azkaban prison. That had to feel like the worst luck a person could have. (Also, I wonder. If Sirius had never thought to escape how he did--would he have died in prison, never having cleared his name? That would have been even sadder than his life was, as is)

I expected her to go to Remus' place because no one else (that she knows is alive) knew him as well as she did. I'm so intrigued by your depiction of his living habits before he became a teacher. I love to see how people interpret how he was living in between the wars. I've seen him camped out in a cave somewhere in another fic. At least he has a flat in this one :P I always feel sorry for Remus during this time period. Always. Speaking of sad lives. But there's no time for Remus feelings being spilled because I will literally go over the review character limit. I. HAVE. SO. MANY. FEELINGS. ABOUT. REMUS. (and Regulus, but that's neither here nor there)

Remus working out how Sirius escaped and thinking of Harry!! I love him. This is good. I enjoy him and his reactions. I feel his despair. I need more of Remus. I need more of Em too, but she's the main character and I assume I will get more of her. But, your Remus was a really unexpected surprise and totally stole my heart. Loved him. The description of his flat was so vivid as well. I can practically smell the squalor he's living in. Basically, I need more of everything. This was so great and I can't wait to see everything unfold, with them learning that he's innocent, their reactions to that and just everything in between. Amazing job on this! One of my favorite chapters you've written.

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Review #11, by crestwoodLetters to loving you: [eleven]

7th April 2015:
Finally making it over here for our swap. First off, thank you so much for the mention in the author's note!

At the end of last chapter, I was just thinking about how I hoped Neville wouldn't spend too long being upset over the perceived standing up, so I'm definitely glad we skipped over that because I can't wait to get into actually finding out where Draco went. Because I am dying to find out what happened.

Oh, wow. I did not expect Neville to find out about Draco like that. I am really happy that he punched Ron though. Neville punching someone is always the best case scenario.

I wonder where Draco is and find it interesting that he immediately blames his father for all of this. I think it's just as likely that it's someone with a grudge from the war, going after whatever ex-Death Eater not in Azkaban that they can get their hands on. I really want to know what he 'thought he saw.' When characters say something is impossible, it's ALWAYS possible.

I didn't expect this story to that these turns at all, but I'm so excited to see where you take this! Thank you for the swap :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, i'm so glad you like it... there are opinions that i dom't really care about, but since you reviewed so many of my chapters, your opinion is really important to me.

Neville punching someone who deserves it is always great, but Ron doesn't know what's coming for him yet. He needs a serious change of attitude...

After what i picture as Draco's childhood, i don't find it surprising that hw blames his father. It's always been him in the past.

Thank you for the swap and for the great review.

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Review #12, by crestwood(Soul)Mates: Prologue: Mates

7th April 2015:
I was looking through your author's page and when I saw the summary of this story, I absolutely HAD to stop by! Based just on that though, I did not expect this to start so soon after the war. But, then, it's a prologue and the next chapter is called 'Three Years Later,' so that probably explains that. I don't read Post-War too often, but the ones that I have read have been very, very sad. Which is a big part of why I was so intrigued about this story because it seems a great deal more hopeful than the era is usually portrayed.

I love that you've written Lee into this story. He often gets forgotten about after Hogwarts era. I think you've nailed George as a character, which I definitely struggle to do. I don't have as solid of an idea of Lee's canon characterization, but I like the way you've written him here nonetheless.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy the idea of these guys doing to the bar all the time and having that himym kind of friendship. I typically see those kinds of friendship ensemble fics in Next-Gen stories more than anything, so this is just so exciting! I thought this was such a good chapter. It certainly accomplished the purpose of a prologue and drew me into the story. Excellent work. I'll be back sometime to review the rest. I really loved this. Thanks for the swap.

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Review #13, by crestwoodlay me down: i. can I lay by your side?

5th April 2015:
hi jess i saw dean/seamus on the forums and i ran out of the hole in the ground i've been in lately

can i just say that the formatting of this is beautiful. i feel so weird complimenting it, but this story is just gorgeous before i even begin reading

I love that you've given me a song to listen to while I read this. I really enjoy when people do that because it gives me a sense of the rhythm the story is written in. People tend to syncopate that sort of thing unconsciously, even if they don't know how because the brain is an awesome thing.

I immediately knew I was getting myself into something amazing when I began reading this. I'm in this challenge too and I am now officially nervous. You have so many amazing, hard hitting lines even just in the first few. "Each tear – if you could distinguish from the flow" THIS WAS PERFECT. Just such a poignant little aside. I don't know why that struck me the way it did.

I am searching for words but what does one say after reading something like this. Every little phrase placed in the place it belongs. I can almost visualize it. Absolutely poetic. The words are out of breath at points, and then they're rough and cacophonous. One feels exactly as the words want them to. Reading this, one submits themselves to the will of what you have written here.

The suicide attempt is tactfully done. It isn't overly dressed up or distasteful. You put us inside of his mind in that moment. The amount of empathy the reader feels in that moment hurts, almost physically, but it's one of those things you can't really take yours eyes off. There's a morbid curiosity that I can't shake; something that draws me back over these words over and over again. But, in order to finish this review, I will pry myself out of the cycle and get back to reading.

There is nothing to say of the way this talk of these two meeting makes me feel. It doesn't make me feel a certain way, because it makes me feel everything. What doesn't it make me feel?

Luna is the perfect character for this story. This story needed her. I needed this story. There's nothing I love more than a story written in such wonderful lyrical prose. Everything was perfect. I suggest changing nothing. Love it love it love it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Author's Response: asdjshfdbgj fd such a long review. I'm sorry it's taken me ~forever~ to respond to this but I remember when I first read it and I think I melted into a muddle tbh you're so lovely and kind.

oh yay someone else who appreciates formatting ^.^ I spend a weird amount of time obsessing over this tbh

I think I did actually replicate some of the rhythm of sam smith? ??? maybe unconscious maybe not. I tried to follow the tone and I had it playing a LOT whilst I was writing so probably haha

THAT LINE IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES. is it weird to have favourite lines from your own stories? idc I'm super proud of it I love it too ♥ wHICH MAKES ME HAPPY SOMEONE ELSE APPRECIATES IT YAS THANK YOU

honestly. you just GET this oneshot. like, you've picked up on all the tiny little things I wanted the reader to experience as they read it. YOU GET IT JOEY YOU GET IT PRAISE THE HEAVENS HALLELUJAH

(sorry. I'm just v happy right now)

'I suggest changing nothing' wowowow the most forward anyone has ever been. I love it ♥

thank YOU for the loveliest review ♥

- jess, xo

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Review #14, by crestwoodPending Further Investigation: ii. save the date [or] how far we've come

4th April 2015:
Lisa I find it so difficult to review this story because I want to point out every little thing as a highlight. Like, 'the distinctive sound of Albus disapproving of his sister’s life choices,' having faith in Rose's contraceptive potions and SALVE, CAESAR. Where do I start?? Every little thing just exudes greatness.

Lester and Lily are one of my favorite couples EVER. They're really only beat out by Scorpius and Albus, who have the unfair advantage of being my OTP. But, the fact that Lester and Lily are a thing that happened always made me so happy. All of your relationships are excellent though.

I don't blame Albus for wanting to beat Lily to the alter. She's totally stealing their thunder. OH MY GOD ALBUS AND SCORPIUS HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR EIGHT YEARS.

I feel like the 'Write your vows in English' - 'You’re stifling my linguistic creativity' exchange should be recorded for generations to come. And maybe even (ironically) translated into tons of languages so that those who don't read in English can share in this glorious series of quotes.

I love that you've made Astoria and Ginny friendly with each other. I kind of like version of Astoria when she isn't completely ice cold and heartless.

Reading everything about Scorpius' low point is so emotional. Every time I think about it, I kind of react the way I would if Scorpius was a friend of mine and had gone through that and it's just incredibly visceral and real

And then you throw Malpott and Pottfoy at me. I love this story.

eroscorpiustic is such a worthwhile word.

This is amazing thank you for writing this

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Review #15, by crestwoodStronger: You and I NOTHING!

27th March 2015:
I'm supposed to be writing so I'll keep this quick.. but I can't resist a Lysander story. I think you know I'm a fan of your descriptions, as I kind of mention that every time I leave you a review, but again, I love them. I'm incredibly interested in the actual backstory of this. Like, the three years before because these characters clearly have a pretty volatile past. I wasn't expecting to see a little bit of Scorpius/Lysander here! More Scorpius/Lysander is always good!!

I love the argument here. I'm a fan of the characters like Albus, who assume they'll never see consequences for their actions, if only because seeing their significant other move on from them is a huge shock to them and lends itself to a lot of great drama. This is a sad story, but it's realistic. I wouldn't mind reading more about these characters. I'm surprised that this is your first Next-Gen! You did a good job with it! Awesome work :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you so much for this lovely review! I laughed when I realized it was a distraction from your own writing.

I love a good angst ridden argument as well, although I don't write them that often! In this case, Albus is definitely the type who doesn't think there will ever be consequences to his actions and Lysander is finally fed up with it.

Maybe at some point I will revisit these characters. Maybe I'll write a backstory. But for now, I'm pretty happy with it just being a little snippet of their lives. We'll see what type of inspiration hits though.

And I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you like the way I describe things. I work really hard to visualize everything and then try to describe what I'm seeing. I always worry that it won't translate into words.

Thanks again for stopping by to check this out! I really appreciate it!


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Review #16, by crestwoodPending Further Investigation: i. twenty-one shots [or] the end of an era

27th March 2015:
ok lisa - pfi reviews, take one. Like I said, these might not make sense and I'll be trying my hardest to keep them /kinda/ short. also capitalization is kind of a problem at the moment and i don't know why. I think I'm that special sort of tired.

the way this story started is literally ME in this situation. (i think you may be able to attest to this actually) Scorpius says EVERYTHING wisely and Lester is so drunk

i'm pretty much sobbing because of these characters and the way you write them and everything you do. it's been far too long since i've read these early chapters i have missed them

not gonna lie, that hangover cure would not be a bad thing. i wonder if that works for just your everyday feeling trashy feelings. because if so that hangover cure would be the best thing

"You were never made to aimlessly wander" - SO beautiful oh my. Also, I couldn't figure out how to put italics inside of italics because apparently that is actually physically impossible. it's late here, clearly.

and the proposal! YES. take my feelings and mold them like clay. you might as well. you have. it's done. this is amazing ok

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Review #17, by crestwoodStill Into You: Need you now

23rd March 2015:
Hi, I've been hovering about for a while and now I think I should actually review this :P

The way you begin this is really cool, the short, terse sentences up the intensity from the word go and I happen to absolutely love stories that start with dreams for some reason. You did an excellent job of setting the atmosphere of this story. Everything in the beginning is building up this melancholy mood; the heart thudding, the wet cheeks, the ghost of a smile. And then, throwing the photo only made sense at that point, because at this point, we had been waiting for something to happen. That build up is super important because so many writers struggle with creating tension during moments that very clearly were meant to be tense.

I've seen such a large number of Teddy/Victoire breakup stories lately. I really like that this starts three years after the breakup. There's something to be said for the raw feelings directly after, but it's definitely sadder seeing how it still affects her all this time later.

Their breakup definitely doesn't sound like a nice time. That's a tough one, especially because he met someone else and then realized he didn't love her anymore. After that, you kind of have no choice but to compare yourself to that other person. And it's made even worse by the fact that she knows he is completely fine and happy after all of this and she isn't.

The drinking is heartbreaking and I think I know what direction this is going to go in. I kind of had a feeling from the beginning. And, mind numbing potion does not sound like a solid idea at all. Well, it sounds kind of cool, but probably too risky. Especially in the state of mind that she's in. And--this did end how I feared it would. Great ending and amazing story all around. The diction throughout established a really consistent mood and the descriptions were just outstanding. Great, great work. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this.

I am pleased you liked the short sentences in the beginning and the atmosphere of the story. It's also nice to know that the breaking photo bit made sense to you and you liked the over all build up. It was crucial for me in my story so it's awesome to see it appreciated.

The break up was definitely not nice and Victoire really loved Teddy so she's having a hard time letting go. It really is very hard.

I am glad to know that the build up worked and you kinda got the hint of what was coming. The mind numbing potion is something I randomly came up with and it's supposed to be an equivalent of an illegal drug. The ending broke my heart too but it had to be done.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!

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Review #18, by crestwoodInfinitesimal: Leo Minor

22nd March 2015:
Hi Laura. I couldn't possibly go anywhere other than here. I can't believe you wrote a Regulus/James. I posted that status asking for some and literally within a few days THIS IS JUST HERE WAITING FOR ME. I'm so grateful that I'm not the only person around here who finds this ship interesting.

The other one I read happened in the time before James and Lily got together, but this one seems to have happened during. Most writers would stray away from that because I know a lot of people really love James and Lily together, but I think this makes things maybe a touch more interesting. *hides from Jily shippers*

This is unbearably sad from the beginning because, of course, we know what happens to everyone. This can't end well for anybody, really. I really love the 'letter to Lily' format. I haven't read many of these, but that feels like a fresh take on things. As James pleads to Lily not to shred up the letter before finishing it, you're already giving us an idea of the gravity of it all before we even have really begun looking at anything that happened. That's such a clever device and I am so jealous that I didn't write this story myself.

Ah, it always starts with 'wanting to be friends.' You take the simplest things and make them so beautiful. Like, you don't just say 'I wasn't sure if he smiled or frowned.' You find a way to just say everything in the absolute best way humanly (or so you claim) possible.

Reg's first words in this story are perfect. That's exactly what I imagine him like. I picture Regulus as someone really, really similar to me and somehow I knew you'd write him as haughty and sarcastic. Such a Slytherin through and through, as he should be.

I can't stop being amazed by the way you wield words. I don't know how you manage to do this over and over. All of my reviews for you must sound the same because you're just constantly at such a high level. This may be my favorite thing you've ever written, though. Maybe. It's hard to tell because it's all so great.

The second James pulled himself up onto the parapet, I knew there was no going back. Of course, you know I love dialogue, but I must say, I love your minimalist approach to dialogue as well. You're so talented at making very few words be just as impactful as many. The inner thoughts and observations of James in this story are just as good as any conversation could be.

The way James unknowingly asked Regulus out just sent a shiver through my body. I can't imagine this being any better.

Wow, THIS. “Hey, Reg,” I nudged him gently. “Show me the stars. You’ll have to be patient, though – I’m hopeless.” Clearly, you are in the business of making my heart flutter. Your description of Regulus and their kiss and EVERYTHING is so good. You're so good.

The hemophilia and the heart murmur are unexpected but really cool to see in fic. You connect these little things directly into canon and give them such an impact and they just seem to fit.

The use of the title was excellent and I'm so happy that showed up. The letters and Sirius punching him!! I cannot believe this. SO GOOD. I suppose Sirius forgave him in the years following, considering that he didn't seem to hate him by the time he meets Harry. I can imagine that the initial shock would not make a person like Sirius feel anything nearing calm. Albus' understand was a good touch, considering who he is.

I almost finish this would have been written into canon. This gives an entire new fold to the tragic story of the Marauders. This was everything I could have hoped and I now find myself even more obsessed with the pairing than I was before. And I was quite obsessed. I couldn't have asked for a better story, really. You are just one of the greatest writers I have ever read. Amazing. Thank you for the swap.

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Review #19, by crestwoodUgly Eloise: Chapter 1

20th March 2015:
Hello! Getting around to your review after getting super sidetracked and busy yesterday and today.

I've never seen Eloise as a main character at all and my love for minor characters is no secret, so I'm really, really excited to read this.

This is quickly becoming my headcanon for Eloise--trying as hard as she can to make herself invisible. Pansy was never a very nice person, but in this story she is just horrible. I always dislike those that make fun of other people's supposed flaws. I was always a little uncomfortable with Eloise never being mentioned in canon other than to harp on her acne. It all seems very unfair, especially since, as she says, she doesn't really bother anyone else.

Justin coming to her rescue was pretty awesome. I know what he said wasn't nice either, but Pansy honestly deserved it and it's really difficult to feel bad for her. I know that I would have done the same as him without question. But then, I'm not the paradigm of virtue by any means.

I'm so happy that this turned out to be a happy fic with a nice ending for Eloise. She seems to have enough self-esteem issues without Justin playing some cruel joke on her. That would have been a very bleak ending if he took it all back and went to go laugh at her with his friends or something. And, as a person who likes unhappy endings, I don't think that even I would be able to stomach that one.

This packed a whole lot into few words. Very good depiction of both main characters and such a fresh take on self-esteem and self image. I'm continually impressed by your one-shots. Very awesome job on this one. You're a really talented writer, you know. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Hi there,

Thank you so much for such a lovely, long review!

I'm glad you were excited to read about Eloise. I think we're in agreeance that she got treated quite badly in the books. I hated that all we ever knew about her was that she had terrible acne and an off center nose. Those descriptions always caused me to imagine a nice, shy girl who is horribly bullied.

I've always imagined Justin just sort of being a nice, friendly person. I just imagine him being exactly what a person like Eloise needs. He has her back when Pansy is rude, but he also is just there to sit with her and chill.

This had to be a happy ending! It was written for Valentine's Day. I agree with what you said about the idea of a joke being a a bit too bleak.

Thank you so much for your compliments. Your words really mean a lot.


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Review #20, by crestwoodSeek and Chase: Arithmancy (Jacob)

20th March 2015:
Hi Olivia! Getting back to this story because I really enjoyed the first chapter.

Jacob's point of view is awesome in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed his inner thoughts. Spending the summer sleeping does make the transition back kind of jarring. I actually can relate to starting school late--I never have class until eleven in the morning these days. That's a perk of college though, choosing your own course times. Can't imagine going back to early classes.

I love it when people actually have students doing schoolwork at Hogwarts. It's probably because I'm a nerd, but I rather like that you explained the assignment and had them do it, even more so because it's Arithmancy!! I am obsessed with the less mentioned courses at Hogwarts and want to know everything about them.

I'm with Jacob. Bank Teller is not a job that I would be satisfied with, even temporarily. It was clever to use this assignment as a plot device to get Jacob to realize Lily's love of Quidditch. I thought that Jacob would end up being the other prefect. The fact that he was new made me assume that just hadn't been sorted out yet. I'm excited that he and Lily will have a whole new reason to get close to one another now that they'll have duties together.

Hugo is in his dorm with him! I hope he shows up at some point. I'm slightly obsessed with Hugo, in all shapes and forms. Also, that fact that so many characters in this story seem to be gigantic nerds is amazing. There is practically nothing I enjoy more than an exceptionally nerdy story with exceptionally nerdy characters. I like that Jacob worries about things like falling down the stairs and embarrassing himself in front of first years. That makes him a little more relatable, to me at least. You've done a great job of bringing him to life in this chapter. I feel like I know him now that I've read this. I'm really excited to see where this story heads, going forward. I'll certainly be back! Thank you for the swap :)

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Review #21, by crestwoodSirrah Malfoy: Introduction

20th March 2015:
Hi Nix, I've taken so long to get around to this, but I got home at three in the morning last night, so things got pushed back :P

I've been meaning to start this story for so long. I can't believe how popular this is. I cannot even imagine having so many reviews or favorites on a story.

I'm really intrigued by the narration style of this story. I do quite enjoy being talked directly to by characters. And I don't think you can ever go wrong with a weird bleached blonde girls from Slytherin. I see nothing wrong with making your own dresses, personally. If you can make stuff, then make stuff!

I'm laughing so hard at this dig at the Weasley-Potter method of naming their children after their dead friends. Although, I'm not sure if insisting upon stars and constellations is any less strange, now that I think about it.

I can't wait to see what this Scorpius is like. I've never read a story in which he's grown up with a sibling. I imagine that's had some sort of effect on him, one way or another.

I'm a little disappointed to see that the Malfoys are still continuing the old Pureblood blood-line stuff and privileging men over woman because of family names and all of that. I can't imagine that Sirrah likes it much either. I feel sorry for her, having to grow up in that environment. I can't wait to see what happens when she gets to Hogwarts. I'm not sure where this is going, but I want to find out because I like Sirrah so much. Great start to the story! Thank you for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hi! It's totally okay it took you some time to get to this. At least you got here, right?

I'm surprised you've even been meaning to read this. Even with all the reviews I still don't think this story is all that popular. I don't even think it's that good, but I love the characters too much to quit on them. I'm glad you like Sirrah and being talked to directly. The majority of that is in this intro chapter, but it does pop up here and there in later chapters I think.

I love the dig at the Weasley-Potter names, too. But you have a point, and I think Sirrah would understand it too. .I'm not sure how happy you'll be when you actually meet Scorpius... but hopefully you don't hate them.

Yes, in this the Malfoys are still very much the same. I think they are more accepting of muggles though and their technology. But still not willing to break the pureblood tradition...

Thank you so much for the review swap! I hope you keep enjoying the story if you decide to continue reading!


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Review #22, by crestwoodLife Was Meant to Be Easy Now: An Awkward Dinner

20th March 2015:
Hi Molly :) I can't believe it's taken me so long to get to this. I read all of Albus' Story already and I assumed that you'd prefer reviews on your more recent work, so I'm going to start with this one.

I love that you've repeated this scene from another perspective. I always really enjoy perspective changes and seeing events from multiple viewpoints. I've seen both homophobic and accepting Draco written in fic and I can actually see both happening, depending on the direction he went after the war.

I'm glad that Draco at least has changed his mind on blood status, which means that he has the potential to change his mind on Scorpius. I adore Scorpius continuing to hold Albus' hand with more determination once he realizes how upset and uncomfortable it makes his father. I fully support purposely aggravating Draco Malfoy.

All in all, these two are one of my favorite interpretations of Scorbus ever. You write them perfectly on so many levels. I'm really impressed with the way you paint their interactions. You can truly feel the love in between them. Such amazing work. Thank you for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hi Joseph! Thanks for this sweet review! :-)

I'm happy you like my Scorbus. They're like my friends or my babies at this point too. ;-)

I wasn't sure at first about repeating the New Year's dinner, but I guess it did work out in the end. (It's briefly mentioned from Astoria's POV in one of my one-shots, but it would be fun to write it from Draco's POV too...!)


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Review #23, by crestwoodStand Tall: Don't Wish, Don't Start

20th March 2015:
Wow, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this in so long. I've really missed reading this. I hope that for all the talk of diversity on the forums, this fic has a huge uptick in readership. It certainly deserves it.

I find the of the expiration date of any sense of wonder in regards to magic an interesting one. I suppose it would get sort of mundane if you're exposed to it for so many years.

Your visual descriptions are excellent. I'm so jealous--I really struggle with that stuff. It's the most frustrating part of writing for me, but you seem to completely have it down.

I've actually never seen the Twiwizard tournament in fic, which is kind of strange because it's SO COOL and you'd expect it to show up more. I suppose I don't read many action oriented fic though and that may be why I haven't come across it. Another thing I love about this story. I feel that it'll get more action packed, but you're taking time to focus on the characters and make me actually care about them and what happens to them in the future.

I really like the new tournament rules that you've written in. They make sense to me, considering the track record of the games.

Alba and Ben are just the best together. Whenever they have a scene together, it's the best. "I pick you up when I want to hold you" --I KNEW IT.

I am not sure about James and Chandra's intentions here. Something seems off about them in this Goblet of Fire scene. I'm not sure why. Then again, I never really feel sure of Chandra's intentions anywhere. She seems shifty. (for the purposes of fiction, shifty is good :P)

The crossword scene with the hockey clue is such a great look at Muggleborn assimilation. The way they leave behind their previous lives is kind of sad.

I cannot believe that Alba got picked.. I knew I had a reason to be suspicious. I just knew it. I'm not sure whether James or Chandra did it but I can't believe they did, whoever it was. This is SOOO good! I can't wait to read on. Hopefully I get to the rest quicker than it took me to get to this one. Thank you for the swap!

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Review #24, by crestwoodSaving Severus Snape : iv.

19th March 2015:
Hi Meg! At the rate that we do swaps, I might actually be able to catch up on this story :)

I'm not surprised that Hermione couldn't help herself when it comes to helping Snape while he looked so helpless and I certainly am not surprised that Snape didn't accept it with open arms. One of the defining moments of his character was calling Lily that horrible word because she tried to help him out during a humiliating situation. So, clearly his pride gets the best of him.

I like versions of Marauders era Snape without any friends for some reason. I don't read many stories focused on him in this era, but it's actually when I find him most interesting. Maybe because we know so little of what his day to day life was actually like. We saw his memories, but obviously that was important dates and events, rather than his normal activities or social life.

I've always been so interested by Amelia Bones and I am really excited that she's the first person Hermione meets. I imagine her as being quite similar to Hermione in general, so they'd get along in my head.

Sirius is way over the top and I really like it. Of course, I don't like him as a person--I'd hate him in reality. But, as a character, he's going to cause a lot of problems with Snape if he continues trying to get close to Hermione and that'll be a lot of fun drama.

RITA SKEETER AND LOCKHART ARE DATING. That is SO perfect how have I never seen this before??

I am loving how you've incorporated the Claws into this story. This era typically ignores Claws and Puffs, so I like that it looks like we'll be seeing a different side of the story here. I'm interested in what Rita will have to say when Hermione starts trying to get in Snape's good books. That seems like it'd be controversial enough to end up on her radar.

This was an excellent chapter. Absolutely loved it from beginning to end. Thank you for the swap :)

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Review #25, by crestwoodLetters to loving you: [ten]

18th March 2015:
Here in support of the hpff fundraiser again!

The way Neville's insisting that nothing could go wrong makes me think that something is going to go wrong. I truly hope that neither one of them reacts badly when they meet. I feel like Luna would be absolutely not be surprised about Neville's news. Not much surprises her really.

I don't trust how good Draco's life is going. I just know that something is going to happen and it probably will not be good. A Shakespeare quote is always a good touch.

WOW. I have so many questions. Like, who attacked Draco?! Someone with a grudge over the war or something else? What's going to happen to him? Where will we go from here?

I'm so upset that Neville thinks he got stood up. This is so MUCH. I am so excited for the rest of the story. Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading. All your questions will be answered in the next three or four chapters... i won't tell you anything here, you have to find find out yourself.
I think after Neville's time as a teenager, its only natural that he thinks Draco stood him up. He is still learing how to be self confident... But Neville is a fast learner.

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