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Review #1, by crestwoodActions Speak Louder than Words: Bereft: Scorpius POV

27th July 2014:
Well, I can hardly believe their deaths were a kitchen accident. Actually, I downright don't believe that's what happened. I feel as though we'll revisit that at some point later on in the story.

Aunt Daphne seems like a nice enough person, but she's completely right about her not being the right person for Scorpius right now. I did like the fact that she was paying attention to his sleep and eating habits, because at least she cared one way or another.

I thought Albus and Rose's visit was really sincere, although they couldn't have assumed they wouldn't get caught as soon as anyone realized they were gone. Still a nice gesture. I thought Scorpius' uncle was absolutely hilarious with his reaction to Ron angrily bursting into his home.

Ron and Harry were perfectly characterized as well. I wish I could say that canon Ron would never try to hex Scorpius, but he totally would haha. I'm glad that Scorpius was offered to live at the Potter's, I think it'll do him good.

Until the end of this chapter, I had almost forgotten that I've been reading flashbacks and not the present day. I was a bit absorbed into Scorpius' backstory here. Another great chapter!

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Review #2, by crestwoodActions Speak Louder than Words: Blown Away: Scorpius POV

26th July 2014:
I'm getting through this so incredibly slowly, I'm sorry! But, I really do plan on reading and reviewing the whole thing. I'm much too interested in these characters to even think about not telling you my opinion on each chapter.

Wow, Beth you are doing something incredible here. At first, I thought the flashback was simply a anecdote about Scorpius' emotionally distant father and their disagreements over Draco's prejudices. BUT you've taken this is such an unexpected direction.

It was a bit tragic, as well as eerie the way he sort of sensed that something was amiss before his eyes confirming the suspicion. It must be terrible to find both of your parents' dead bodies like that at age 15, but even worse knowing that the last time you saw them was not on good terms. You captured the shock of that course of events really well. The moment the chapter shifted in tone was really evident.

I'm left with so many questions about what happened and how he'll react down the line, how it'll affect him, what he'll do now that he's orphaned so suddenly, etc. I trust that you'll address all of my questions in future chapters though, so I wont bother hounding you for answers. I'm pretty busy today, but I'm making time to continue reading this very soon. Awesome chapter!

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Review #3, by crestwoodBertie Bottís Every Flavoured Beans: Chilli

25th July 2014:
I'm feeling very sorry for Rose in this chapter, honestly. Being left at the alter is already terrible enough; but to have a member of your own family be the one who runs off with your fiance must be mind-numbing. I think you've captured that pretty well with her reaction. Especially the state of disbelief. Kind of heartbreaking that she expects him back any minute. I think Rose's reaction to what Dom did was pretty much justified. I honestly can't believe she was so bold to show up there at all. I do wonder where you'll take this story from here. It seems like it could go in any number of directions. I'm really interested to read more, so don't hesitate to re-request when you've uploaded another chapter! This is an amazing first fanfic; just about five hundred times better than my very first. You should be really proud of this! Thank you for your request :D

Author's Response: Yeah, poor Rose, I did feel quite bad for her throughout writing this chapter! I'm glad you felt it was believable.

The next chapter shouldn't be too far away, just needs some editing and then to wait in the queue. I'll definitely re-request when it's up!

Thank you so much for the amazing review!!

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Review #4, by crestwoodBertie Bottís Every Flavoured Beans: Introduction

25th July 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here with your requested review!

I can tell you for sure that you've got nothing at all to be nervous about. This is definitely a really good starting point, both in the sense that it's your first chapter and that it's your first ever fic.

This chapter's short, but there's some absolute gems here. The introduction is really well written. The comparison draw between herself and that cliched romance story really lays the situation out in front of the reader right away.

The symbolism of Bertie Bott's Every Flavoured Beans is definitely not lost here. It makes so much sense that she'd have first connected with Lorcan because of them and eventually find out that he's not the exact "flavor" she might have meant to taste.

I'm impressed by what you've written here, great start to what's sure to be a great story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

I'm glad you enjoyed the introduction, it was definitely fun putting all my cynicism at cliched romances/rom coms down!

I'm glad you also picked up on that! Symbolism towards the Every Flavoured Beans appears throughout the whole story, not really always obvious though!

Thank you again for the review!

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Review #5, by crestwoodSacrifice: Of Beginnings, Aurors, and Torn Photographs

23rd July 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here for our review swap!

Aj seems amazing so far. Incredibly mature about all of the responsibilities she now has forced her. She barely seems bitter about the whole thing. I wonder why her parents are gone? Adam acts just like most 11 year olds I know, honestly. You've really given an idea of their family dynamic pretty clearly here, although it's only the first chapter. I never thought of the Ministry as making sure that legal guardians are fit for that role, but it makes sense. This was just a quick introduction to the problems that the Schrechovitz family faces, but it got me excited for when they all take off for Hogwarts and we get to the bulk of the plot, if I can expect similar quality of writing. I can honestly just feel that this'll be a good novel. I'm adding it to my reading list and I'll try to check back when you've uploaded more but feel free to contact me on the forums if I don't notice within a few days, I definitely want to read on.

Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Hi crestwood!

Thanks for the lovely review! AJ is mature, and perhaps that's why you haven't spotted the bitterness... Yet... I'm glad you wonder why her parents are gone. The explanation is to come! As for Adam, Merlin help AJ in the future. Just you wait. It gets better. And I'm glad you see potential! I'm so excited to be writing this, honestly. The dynamics are all coming together and more and more ideas are popping in my head. Thanks so much for adding it to your reading list! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #6, by crestwoodComplicated: In Which Albus Potter Has A Hero Complex

22nd July 2014:
I'm a little wary of Cassie's reaction (or non-reaction) to Scorpius' resolution. That had to be disheartening. I don't much like Andreas or Martin, but I have a feeling I wasn't supposed to find them all that interesting. Other than her coldness towards Scorpius, I really enjoyed Cass again in this chapter. Her personality lends itself to pretty funny moments.

The way Cass keeps navigating around drinking alcohol makes me think she suspects that she's pregnant. You don't have to tell me if I'm correct or not, but that is totally what I was getting from that. The way Martin tried to force himself on Olivia reenforced my initial disdain for him, but I'm glad we finally got to meet Albus and he's being all helpful and calling Olivia his friend! Of course, it's really brief, but the sheer amount of times he asks if she's okay alone got me excited. I can't hardly wait to see more of him.

I think the plot is moving along nicely. We've yet to get into the thick of it, but that's okay because it's good to meet everyone before everything begins to happen. This will only get more interesting as time goes on.

This story really deserves more recognition. Please re-request when you've uploaded more, I'd love to read on!

Author's Response: I think Cassie very much lives in the moment and struggles with thinking about herself (and others) beyond that, which means Scor gets hurt. I'm glad you didn't like Andreas and Martin. I didn't want them to be fully horrible but also didn't want a whole cast of similar people.

Really thank you for the reviews, will definitely re-request if that's okay!

Let me know if you ever want me to have a look at your work. I really appreciate the help x

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Review #7, by crestwoodComplicated: In Which Draco Malfoy Makes A Joke

22nd July 2014:
Your introduction of Scorpius and Cassie was great. You've given us all of the necessary details about them without it being a boring old list of facts. You've shown us the extent that they care for each other in their relationship, but you've also made it clear that they in no way plan on shutting Olivia out of their friendship. I'd love to see all of their friendships further developed.

Mr. Malfoy was surprisingly relaxed and jokey with Olivia, but it seems she was just as surprised as I was. He could have just been in a good mood for the holidays, I suppose. The subtle foreshadowing about Albus through a Rita Skeeter article is a great idea, I have yet to meet him, but I'm already shipping them!

To be honest, I forgot all about Howlers. Like, until right now I haven't read about them for years. I never see them written about on here, but I like the scene a lot, especially because she mentions Draco while he's right there. I can just feel the awkwardness.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Glad to have reintroduced you to Howlers! It was a lot of fun to write. I'm not sure Pansy succeeded in making it as scary as Molly Weasley does but it seemed sufficiently dramatic. I wasn't sure about how to write Mr. Malfoy. I wanted him to have changed in the years since Hogwarts but I like to think he's still learning how to be completely relaxed. Thanks again for the reviews. It really helps me out x

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Review #8, by crestwoodComplicated: In Which Christmas Is Not The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

22nd July 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here with your requested review!

Olivia is an interesting addition to the Next-Gen world. I haven't seen many stories from this era that featured Oliver Wood and Katie Bell, but it's an interesting cast of characters. It got even more fun to read once it was revealed that Olivia's mother is Pansy! I didn't see that one coming at all. Andrew was surprisingly blunt about having no strong feelings toward his family.

Olivia and The Moron probably have my favorite dynamic in scenes together so far, if only because they're absolutely hilarious. Her insults toward him when she first arrived seemed so calculated to hurt his feelings. I like it.

You've set up a really interesting plot so far, and your characters peak my interest for sure. I'd love to see how you write Scorpius. You've got something good on your hands here!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much for the review. Glad to hear you like Olivia and her family. The Moron's one of my favourites as well and will definitely feature a lot. Really great to get your feedback x

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Review #9, by crestwoodActions Speak Louder than Words: Bent: Rose POV

21st July 2014:
It's been awhile, but I'm back to give you another review! Kind of coming from the review tag, but mostly just reading for pleasure at this point.

I like that Scorpius has a house with not only Al, but James. No one ever envisions him as friendly with James as well, but I like it.

Rose reacts to parties and crowds kind of similarly to me and trust me, this is an accurate portrayal of a person suffering from panic attacks. Hers may be a bit more crippling due to her kidnapping, of course, but regardless, very realistic take.

Scorpius coming to keep her company is really awesome, although I was wondering what the reason for his mood at first was! I wonder what's got him that way in the midst of a party.

The scene with the man at the party was very well written. I felt terrible about the way she blamed herself and kind of saw it as an overreaction though. I think she's perfectly justified in freaking out about some random drunk man grabbing her, even if she was never kidnapped at all. I hope she begins to understand that it isn't all her fault, eventually.

I'm glad you gave Rose and Scorpius a tender moment without it having to be overly romantic. I like a nice moment between friends just as much and I think they are unfortunately underused on this site.

This was an awesome chapter. Can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: Hi Crestwood - so sorry I didn't respond to this right away (I've been a little tied up in The House Cup!) But I didn't want you to think I wasn't totally THRILLED to see you came back for another chapter! Woot!

Panic attacks are nasty things, aren't they. I'm glad you found it believable. I think the worst part is that you are swallowed up by the situation and don't even REALIZE it is an attack until it is too late.

Rose SHOULD be justified in freaking out, but she doesn't see it yet. Her world has been a mound of covering up her attacks and hiding the truth about her abduction to the point that she can't even feel it when it is normal to react to something like that.

Scorpius - at this point - is pretty angry and bitter all the time. He doesn't exactly know why, but it might have something to do with just plain loneliness. That and frustration that he *knows* something is up with Rose, but can't put his finger on it. He's got it bad for her...

I'm glad you like the pacing of their relationship. It wouldn't be believable for them to fall right into each other and I definitely DON'T like to do the whole together one chapter, breakup the next cycle.

You will learn a LOT more about Scorpius in the next two chapters. It sort of sheds a light onto his character and what's going on with him.

Thanks SO much for this lovely, lovely review! I can't tell you how much it means to me!


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Review #10, by crestwoodAn Illusion of Sanity: Apocalyptic

19th July 2014:

The kidnapping scene was subtly awesome writing. Kind of like a horror scene honestly. Which, I'm sure waking up that early has got to be like. I continue to love Freddy, Finn and James with everything in me.

I'm so glad Perri made the team rather than Travis, he was far too sure of himself. Even better was her sarcastic take down of him with Freddy. I can just imagine the look on his face.

Your writing is pretty much foolproof here and my attention is absolutely firmly held. This plotline feels like it's on it's way to greatness. I can't believe this chapter hasn't been reviewed yet, it's amazing. Thank you for your request and please re-request when you've uploaded more because I really want to read on!!

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed the kidnapping scene. It was kind of spur of the moment and just happened. Squee! I love the boys, so I'm glad you do too! Yeah, Travis is too self-assured. Even as the writer he drives me insane.

Thank you so much for all of your reviews! It really made my day to wakeup and hear all the nice things you had to say! I will definitely be re-requesting! So thank you, thank you! You were absolutely wonderful!

xx Rachel

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Review #11, by crestwoodAn Illusion of Sanity: The Detrimental Effects of Gravity

19th July 2014:
I laughed for about a solid minute at "You should see the other guy." The humor is ridiculously funny in this chapter. I usually have a hard time laughing at written words but the dialogue here is just too perfect.

I can't think of a bad word to say about this chapter. Every character is perfect and bounces off of each other so naturally. I'm also really surprised we haven't heard much from Albus, Rose or Scorpius. It's kind of a nice change of pace to see some lesser used Next-Gen characters have a some spotlight to themselves. This is the strongest chapter yet!

Author's Response: Ahh, you think so?? Thank you! I wasn't really certain if readers find the dialogue funny, so it literally just made my day that you laughed! I wanted to try something new, a new spin to the Next Generation. As much as I love Rose, Al, and Scorp I wanted to try out some new characters in this story.

Thank you so much!

xx Rachel

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Review #12, by crestwoodAn Illusion of Sanity: The One Where Jelly is Jam

19th July 2014:
Freddy is awesome here, wow. He is such a good contrast to Perri and I can only hope we see a lot of him in future chapters. I love that you included Perri finding the castle absolutely confusing, because I think writers often forget how large and daunting it can be, especially at night.

The British/American mix-ups are funny and I'm glad you didn't force Perri to reveal too much about her reasons for being there too quickly, it's best to build up to that sort of thing. This was a great chapter!

Also, reading the phrase "A series of unfortunate events" really brings back memories for me.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you like Freddy, he's by far one of my favorite characters, especially to write! I'm really glad you like it so far!

Thank you, thank you!
xx Rachel

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Review #13, by crestwoodAn Illusion of Sanity: The Revival of Chivalry

18th July 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here with your requested review!

I've never read a story centered around (what seems to be) a foreign exchange student on here. It's an interesting thing to tackle and it'll be fun to see what magical folk in America are like and how they differ from those in Europe.

Since Perri can see thestrals, the death she's seen may have something to do with why she's at Hogwarts. Can't wait to find out more about why she's here and why she can see them. You also wrote believable transitions between scenes that helped the reader kind of follow what was happening while going from one place to another, which helped with the flow so much.

The first few paragraphs were incredibly compelling. Your description simply could not have been better of whatever kind of torture that was being inflicted upon Perri. Hats off to you for that flashback. This is an awesome start!

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for your feedback! I had never read anything centered around an exchange student either, so I thought I might try it. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

xx Rachel

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Review #14, by crestwoodControl: ďAre you telling me to leave? Youíre the one who followed me. Would someone go to a friendís house, and at the end of the day tell them to leave? You leave!" -James Potter

18th July 2014:
Hey! Here for your re-request!

I really loved the cautionary measures you wrote for Dominique and again, I really enjoy the chapter title. Those little touches make this story really stand out in memory, even though I cycle through so many on this site weekly.

There's a lot of dialogue in this chapter, but I don't mind it at all. In my opinion, well written dialogue helps to keep characters interesting and gives us plenty of insight into what they're all like. The pace is fine, in the sense that it's not going too fast or too slow, so I don't think anyone could complain about it either way.

The flashback is well done. It gives a little bit of perspective on both James and Gwen and the fact that they've known each other for a while now. It's always good to learn more about character's pasts.

I'm glad you're taking the time to flesh out these characters, rather than jumping directly into the main plot in every chapter. It helps to balance things out and make it all more believable. Great job on this chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #15, by crestwoodActions Speak Louder than Words: Broken: Rose POV

17th July 2014:
Hey, I'm here from the review tag!

Wow, you've been working on this story for a really long time. I can't believe you were so successful on your first ever fanfic, both in quality and review count.

Rose's panic attacks are very well written and realistic. The encounter in her past that caused them sounds absolutely traumatic. You've really given us a look inside her mind. Especially with the kind of chanting she does inside her head of the tasks she's supposed to be doing in order to keep her firmly planted in reality. That's such a good touch there, in my opinion. Also, I've never read anything in which Rose, Scorpius and Al are all sorted into Ravenclaw before, that's definitely unique within my experiences on this site. I'm interested in where you'll take this and I'm going to read through this all, but that may take me a while, unfortunately. But I'm for SURE going to leave a review on each chapter. Great job on this!

Author's Response: Hello and thank you so much for this lovely review. I was so excited to see that you chose this story - most people shy away from the novels and play it safe by reviewing a one-shot. I've definitely worked the hardest on this story so far and I plan to be fairly consistent with the updates (at lease for the next couple months).

I hope I've included enough mystery and intrigue to keep you interested. I'm so excited to hear what you think about each chapter. Like I said, this is my first attempt and I am muddling though a bit.

I just wanted to let you know that this review totally made my day!


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Review #16, by crestwoodIn The Light Of The Moon : How It All Began

17th July 2014:

I really liked this. Your characterization was really interesting. Lupin thought he was soon to violently murder his friends any minute and still could not find an authoritative voice enough to force them to tell their secret early. That's so like him in the years before they began joining him on his full moon adventures. The dialogue here was hilarious, you've nailed the Marauders' sense of humour. I always wished we would've gotten to see this moment in the original series so I am so glad you've written it! This was really awesome writing.

Author's Response: Hiya! :)

Aww thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I know, it's funny that Remus wouldn't stand up to his friends, but knew that it was possible he may kill them. The thing that Lupin is the most afraid of is himself. I love the Marauders so much, so it's always incredibly wonderful to hear that I've done them justice. It makes me so happy to hear you liked the dialogue. I honestly had a lot of fun writing it. :)

I know! I wish JK would give us a little Marauders story! I'd love to see what this moment would have really been like.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely review! I truly appreciate it!! XD

xoxo Meg

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Review #17, by crestwoodStand Tall: Sudden Silence

17th July 2014:
Hello again!

I like the character of Maude. I know she's not quite a friend of Alba's exactly, but it's nice to see her interacting with someone other who seems to be her only two friends.

The way James acts towards her is so cute and protective. I wish they'd just get together already, especially since I am totally rooting against him and Chandra. I don't think it was right for her to pressure him into submitting his name at all.

Ben continues to be amazing. I love that he's completely fine with Alba's rejections and shifts right back into friend mode as if nothing ever happens. He and James didn't seem to like each other much, I wonder why that is.

This is just so engrossing. I don't even find myself critiquing your writing in these reviews. I feel like I'm just having a conversation about these characters, as if we're chatting about the happenings at school in real life. Such a great chapter! Can't wait for the next :)

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Review #18, by crestwoodRisking It All: Reality

17th July 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here with your requested review!

You've found an interesting way to start this off. The connection between packing and her hiding out in her room, away from Teddy and Victoire is much more interesting than just saying "she stayed in her room because she likes Teddy." Good job illustrating that a bit more. Your description of Teddy was amazing and we've really gotten to know both him and Dominique during this chapter. We didn't see as much of Victoire, but I assume that will come in later chapters. This is a good start that sets up all of the major characters and the main conflict, I can't wait to see where you decide to take this. Thank you for your request and feel free to re-request when you've uploaded another chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, it put a smile on my face! :) I'll definitely be back to re-request soon

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Review #19, by crestwoodTrue Romance: Where the Wind Blows

16th July 2014:
Rose's friends don't seem to have very much in common with her. I can see why she hasn't made all that much effort to keep in touch with them. They seem pretty shallow in my opinion and I felt like Rose kind of wanted to tell them the same.

It seems like Astoria is at least trying to relate to Scorpius and be a part of his life. I can understand why he'd be reserved with his affection towards her, though. It's going to be very interesting when she finally meets Corbin.

By the way, in the sentence "Albus made a quick inventory of the word he needed to do and set off" I believe word should be work.

One thing I can never do with this story is decide who I want to end up with who. I was fiercely pro-Albus/Scorpius a few chapters ago and here I am ready with pitchforks and fire in case Albus breaks Brandon's heart. I mean, Albus, Brandon and Cora could become this perfect little family and it's so hard to wish against that. You're amazing and this is just my favorite story I've read in years. I can hardly wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #20, by crestwoodStand Tall: Eyes Meet

15th July 2014:
It was close, but this chapter may be even better than the first. Alba takes her 'Stand Tall' mantra very seriously. I love that she wants to handle her condition by herself, but I'm still glad that James realized that she did definitely need to go to the Hospital Wing. Her monologue about the disconnection between Healers and patients was incredible. Extremely powerful writing there. People often kind of create characters with disabilities that have no traits besides their defining one, but you've avoided falling into that trap,thankfully. Chandra apologized, but I'm still too sure if I like her character quite yet. Ben seemed really awesome from his scene here. I wouldn't be too upset if Alba ended up with him honestly. You give so much information without info dumps and I just love what you've done so far with this story!

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Review #21, by crestwoodStand Tall: Hands Touch

15th July 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here for a review swap!

The first section of this honestly warmed my heart. I've never seen anyone write about cerebral palsy in fan fiction or original fiction. Your character, Alba is a really nuanced look at it. For starters, her readiness to discuss her condition seems realistically how someone in her position would react, considering it must happen often with children as you noted. I thought that showed a lot of maturity on her part. James taking her hand and walking with her onto the platform was beautifully written.

I have a feeling I'm going to love James and Alba's scenes together. I was already starting to ship them and then I discover that he's apparently with this Chandra character. I can't immediately decide not to like her though, as I haven't met her yet. When Alba is getting helped back to her feet and into the carriage by James and she screams about not wanting her there because of the mud she had just fallen in because of her disability is precisely when I decided not to like her. I suppose I'm on Team Alba from the very start. I'm impressed with the way you chose to go about characterization; never explaining how anyone typically acts, simply showing us their actions. This is such an excellent first chapter and I can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you chose this one. Haha! It's my baby right now. +]

I have a cousin with CP (don't tell anyone, but she's my favorite +] ) So I have a little bit of an insiders take on it. I think people that deal with hardships like this grow up fast, so I'm glad you picked up on that.

I do enjoy James. He's a good guy, and a good character. Haha You're shipping them already? I hope you read the next chapter. +]

Yes. Chandra. She did seem a bit rude huh? +]

Thank you for the swap! hopefully you keep reading!

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Review #22, by crestwoodForbidden Wanderings: A Surprising Encounter

14th July 2014:
I love this version of Draco you've written here. This is really incredibly poignant for how short of a story this is. I think you've portrayed Draco's mental state well, in that he may still have those old prejudices, but he doesn't believe in them with the same force that he thought he did. Because of course, there's a difference in disliking someone and wanting to personally murder and torture them. Voldemort using him to get back at his father and torturing and extorting him into doing his bidding can't be something he enjoys, in my opinion. It only makes sense that he'd wish for Voldemort to lose the war, even if he can't change sides, for fear of his and his family's safety. Such a realistic peek into his mind in this! The way he relates to and understands the Thestral is a nice little touch. I never thought of the comparison myself, but it definitely makes sense. This is excellently written, amazing job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really like this version of Draco. I think he goes through a lot that changes him in his later years of Hogwarts and it shows in the little bits we see of him in the books and movies, and I really just wanted to expand on that.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #23, by crestwoodThe One and Only Lily Potter: Oh, Shut Up, or Insufferable Smirks, Thy Name Wood

13th July 2014:
I like that this was dialogue heavy. All too often I see people leaving out bits of conversation in favor saying something like "And then so and so told me how hilarious his summer was and shared tons of stories." I find that entirely lazy and plus I'd love to here those stories myself! I'm glad that you seem to be on the same side of the issue as I am here.

Lily here is a lot more feisty than I normally see her portrayed. It seems her hot-headed nature will be a bit of a defining feature of hers throughout this story, as it's her nickname and everything. Luckily, she comes off as humorous so I can still feel like she's a likable character, regardless of how difficult it may be for the other characters to deal with her.

Sebastian Wood is kind of hilarious here. His gloating at the beginning and banter with Lily at the end give this story a lot of it's humor. Actually, every character here is funny in my opinion. Albus is the kind of guy who's smart and makes sure everyone knows it. I felt like I understood a good portion of his personality traits after reading this chapter, even though he didn't have all that much dialogue dedicated to him. You did an excellent job fleshing out the characters here, which is pretty much the focal point of any first chapter. The pacing is excellent and I have a feeling you'll keep me interested through a longer story once you get around to uploading more chapters.

Thank you for the swap! I enjoyed reading this :)

Author's Response: Oh darling, you are too kind. Leaving out dialogue? Not fleshing out the characters? Now where's the fun in that? Sorry it's taking me so long to review yours, it'll happen today I PROMISE unless I'm lying. BUT IM NOT I SWEAR.


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Review #24, by crestwoodGetting Out of the Cold: Chapter Three

12th July 2014:
I didn't realize what era this story took place in until this chapter. I'm excited that you've introduced the Next-Gen characters since they are my absolute favorites. I do also enjoy the presence of your OC Malcolm, as he seems like a good tool for comedic relief, being so outspoken. I'm glad Amelia likes her kitten and isn't so against living creatures anymore because I feared she'd be quite lonely at Hogwarts. Your characterization is solid; we get the same Amelia from chapter to chapter and the new characters introduced in this one all have their defining features firmly in place. Your writing seems to be improving with each chapter as well, I can't wait to see how you move forward. Thank you for your request and make sure to come back and re-request when you've uploaded more!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing!
It's good to hear you're a Next Generation fan. I am too, and that's why I decided to write in the era.
It's also nice to know that you think I'm improving with every chapter. I'm trying to practice my writing with this story, so I'm glad you feel that I'm getting better.
Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by crestwoodGetting Out of the Cold: Chapter Two

12th July 2014:
I do really love Amelia. She's quite the extreme bookworm, I think largely in response to how her parents treat her and her siblings. This chapter humanized Mr. and Mrs. Blake a bit. They still seem very cold, but they at least seem to be capable enough parents. Georgina and Amelia's relationship is nicely done and their obsession with the psychology of magical creatures and wands, respectively, is so funny. Amelia seems extremely smart for her age, which is obviously because she finds recluse in books and knowledge. It's strange that their parents want them to become Animagi...I wonder if they'll try and get registered or not, and why they're supposed to in the first place. This is starting to shape into a very good read!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing!
I'm glad you like Amelia. I feel it's important to have likeable protagonists.
I'm also happy that you like how Amelia's relationship with Georgina is done. I plan on making it a big part of my story.
Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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