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Review #51, by MidnightBlue_xThief In The Light: Gives You Hell

9th July 2013:

This chapter is awesome, dear. I still can't get over the duck thing- it's way too entertaining especially with Harry falling over and everything. I really can't wait to see where you go with the rest of this Jessicaah!

xxx Ely

Author's Response:
I love the idea of Harry turning into a duck! I had looked for the duck charm for a while and I hadn't even mentioned it! Which by the way (to any readers who read it, the charm is 'Ducklifors')
Thank you Ely for the lovely review!

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Review #52, by MidnightBlue_xBad Blood: Two

28th June 2013:
Only time will tell? LIES! I know you've got this all planned out in that beautiful little (okay, it's not little but its much more dramatic this one) brain of yours. I know how calculating and intelligent you are and so I'm watching you. My little theory is that it isn't Severus, personally I think you love him far too much to portray him this way. I may be wrong though, who knows with you?

Anyway, as usual, I adore this story much more than I really should so please update soon otherwise I'm going to be incredibly sad!

I love you muchly,

Author's Response: Oh, I've definitely got it all planned out. ;) And it's all written as of yesterday, in fact! I'm scared it won't live up to some of the brilliant reader theories, but what can you do? I can't say whether or not your own theory's right, either... Because if time won't tell for me, then it must for you! (Did that make any sense at all?)

There will be an update of this story before too long, I'm quite sure. And I really hope you enjoy it! Much lurve! ♥

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Review #53, by MidnightBlue_xBad Blood: One

28th June 2013:
You know what's ridiculous? Here I am, just casually searching through stories which contain Sirius Black, as I do. And I see this, this right here! A story which is marked as mystery and has this amazingly beautiful banner. As usual, I don't pay much attention to the author. Because who needs to when you see a story like that?

Then I starting reading...I think to myself 'This writing style seems familiar- I really, really like it' and so up I scroll to see who the author is and then I see YOU! YOU! My beautiful, amazing, brilliant friend who I am insanely jealous of! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? Don't you know how much pain you cause me every time I discover a new story of yours? Honestly Miss Rachel, I think sometimes you just do this to hurt me!

I simply demand that you stop it. Stop being such an amazing author for once in your life and give the rest of us a chance! Do you hear me?

xx Ely

P.S. Don't seriously stop. I will actually cry if you ever do.

Author's Response: I totally thought you knew about this story! And here I was, hiding Sirius from you. :) I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Ely, and that you took the time to review this for me! It was just what I needed after that rough writing night, and I really do appreciate your doing it, more than words can say.

I'm never going to stop -- you can nearly guarantee it. ♥ I'll always be writing something, HPFF or original fiction or something else entirely!

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Review #54, by MidnightBlue_xThief In The Light: Spark Without A Flame

12th June 2013:

Ah! I'm so excited to see this up here, like so excited that I could burst! You know that I love this chapter, so much. I can't wait to see what you write next!

xx Ely

Author's Response: asjdvnksjdnvwioensd you are lovely!! thank you!! I'm trying to work on my next, but I'm just so god damn busy :(

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Review #55, by MidnightBlue_xEnding the Deal: Ending the Deal

6th January 2013:
I still love that banner, I just- I'm still going to steal it one day while you're sleeping. Don't roll your eyes at me, Rachel, it will happen!

Also, Charles Dickens quote? I'm taking the fact you used that quote as a late Christmas present for myself, it's far too perfect. You really shouldn't have...okay, I'm so glad you did. (It fits the story really nicely too!)

Anyway, I'll stop talking about myself and get to the usual part of my reviews where I just gush about how amazing your writing is. But really, teach me your ways, dear master. This was honestly heartbreaking though, I love it!

Once more, I love you.
x Ely

Author's Response: You'd have to impersonate me to take my banner, Ely! That little 'TenthWeasley' will fool no one. ;) Then again, you make graphics, so perhaps you're one to watch...

Charles Dickens. ♥ You may certainly think of it as a mini-Christmas present to you! I still need to read a bit of Dickens, you know -- never have. But that quote really emphasized all the points I wanted to hit were perfectly summed up in that sentence. Proof positive of why he's a literary genius!

I'm so happy you enjoyed this story, and left me yet ANOTHER wonderful review for it. You're too much, dear. ♥ Thank you so much for giving this a try! You're fantastic!!

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Review #56, by MidnightBlue_xJust A Game: Smeared black ink, your face is ashen and I'm barely listening.

6th January 2013:
I love this story so much. It's one of my absolute favourite Sirius/OC's at the moment (probably of like, ever, too). I really like the character of Gisela, she seems so real to me. Can't wait to see more!

x Ely

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That really means a lot! I feel like doing a little dance now, ha! I'm glad she seems real, that was my one intention in this story so i'm happy she's turned out that way!

Again, thank you so much and keep reading!

Vicki :)

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Review #57, by MidnightBlue_xA Multitude of Sins: A Multitude of Sins

4th October 2012:
You probably know by now that I usually steer clear of Severus pieces (except for In The Black, of course) but I felt the need to finish this piece after that little teasing slice.

I have to admit, this was nothing like I expected but as usual, I adored this more than I could possibly say in less than 6000 characters. Next time, share a bit of that talent around, eh? (L)

x Ely

Author's Response: I can never understand why someone would steer clear of Snape in any regard, though of course I did know that about you. :D And that makes me all the more happy when you drop by like this and surprise me with a review on -- surprise -- a Snape story!

I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed it, too. ♥ I will sent you mental baskets of talent, if you wish it, although it makes me blush a bit (literal blushing, if you must know) to even type out those words -- as though it's mine to dish out!

But really, Ely. Thank you for being so awesome. It means so much to me to have reviews from you -- it really does! :3

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Review #58, by MidnightBlue_xInsomniac: Insomniac

4th October 2012:
How did I not know this existed before this moment? *cries* My life long goal to read and review absolutely everything you write is slowly slipping from my fingers!

Okay, I am being slightly melodramatic but honestly, I am surprised I didn't know about this beautiful little one-shot of yours- Antonin Dolohov being one of my absolute favourite Death Eaters! I am very glad I happened to chance upon this today because, like always, this was amazing.

One day, I swear you are going to explode from all the amazingness inside your brain.

Until then,
Love you dearly,
x Ely

Author's Response: I'm not sure! This has been up here for a fair stretch. ;) I'm still pretty fond of it, too, which should say something about it. I had no idea that Antonin Dolohov was one of your favorite Death Eaters, though! When did that happen?!

I loved writing this story -- when I wrote it, it was the darkest thing I'd ever attempted. And now I kind of laugh when I look back on it and remember how worried I was to post it, because Break Out is at least ten times darker than anything in this story, but it marks one of those lovely growing, evolving periods that makes us writers. ♥

I'd prefer not to explode, if it's all the same to you! Thank you so much, though, for dropping by and reviewing this for me. You are fantastic, and I do not deserve your kind words. :3 Your supports means tons to me -- really, thank you!!

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Review #59, by MidnightBlue_xIn Too Far: Chapter Sixty

4th October 2012:
I really hope you update soon, I've been checking back here every weekend to see if you've posted the next chapter yet. I think I'm a little obsessed with Barty/Gwen :) Hope to see the next chapter soon!

x Ely

Author's Response: Hey, thank you :) I know this has been a very long time coming, but I've started working on this story again after a year break so I hope you enjoy what's coming up.

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Review #60, by MidnightBlue_xIn Danger: In Danger

11th April 2012:

So I said I would review you and so here I am!! Yep, reviewing you. But yeah, this story is super cute! I love your characterisations of Lily, James, Sirius and Dumbledore- they are amazing! Ah, so yeah- I totally suck at reviewing but...I LOVE YOU!

x Ely

Author's Response: MINION!
Amy loves you!! Aww, thank you sooo much!!

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Review #61, by MidnightBlue_xIn The Black: Conversations and Catalysts

21st March 2012:
So this is going to be my last review for tonight because my brain is beginning to shut off, can you tell at all? *head hits keyboard* Anyway, you know (or at least I hope you do) that I adore this story and that I adore you and your writing and I miss you, even though you've only been gone for like three hours...Yeah, I have a sad life without my Eagle twin.


x Ely

Author's Response: Brains that are shut off are dangerous things, and you should mend that situation as quickly as possible. :) I shouldn't talk, as I'm running on about 5 hours of sleep. But there you are.

So glad you like this story! It's my baby. :D And we didn't talk last night and it was sad. Come back into my life, sugar glider twin! ♥ Love you!

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Review #62, by MidnightBlue_xIn The Black: Joining Up

21st March 2012:
*laughs evily* How much do you love/hate me now? I got you your 300th review and threatened you in it...I see this as a excellent way to spend my time rather than writing 55, yeah that's kinda what I'm avoiding. But you can't yell at me because you're getting review out of this. Yep, twisted Ely logic- you know you love it ;)

x Ely

Author's Response: I'm used to your threats! ;) No, you're too sweet to really mean it. ♥ Although you should be writing 55 so you can have a celebration of completing the first novel in your trilogy!

Thanks again for the review spam -- love you!

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Review #63, by MidnightBlue_xIn The Black: A Chance Meeting

21st March 2012:
AH! Snape/Lily/Beth/Marauders, this is just oh my god. I feel like crying, actually, again...See what you do to me Janechel? You should feel very proud/ashamed of yourself and therefore you should send me your autograph and fly down here with cupcakes to make up for it...Deal?

Also, guess what this is? REVIEW 300! I hope my Maths isn't off because that would be very embarrassing but in case it is...HAPPY 299 too... :)


x Ely

Author's Response: Don't cry! The characters love you. :) I am proud of this story, now you speak of it -- and even when you don't speak of it, I am proud of it anyway. :P It's my favorite thing to work on at the moment, and I just can't wait to see what these folk have in store for me!

You're FABULOUS. Nothing less. Thank you for being my 300th review, because it's really sort of a shock I got there at all! ♥

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Review #64, by MidnightBlue_xIn The Black: The Letter

21st March 2012:
I remembering reading this chapter months ago and I really enjoyed, like You are so amazing at writing and I will forever bow down to your amazingness as will everyone else...when you rule the World.

Don't forget me? :(

x Ely

Author's Response: Aww, Ely. ♥ You are much too sweet, but I will take your compliments greedily! (Hee!) I will rule the world, of course, and then creative writing will be mandatory in every school district.

-insert evil laughter here-

Thanks for the review, doll -- you're fabulous!

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Review #65, by MidnightBlue_xIn The Black: Just Words

21st March 2012:

It's amazing to think that last time I went on a little reviewing spam you were only at like ten chapters or something or maybe I got distracted and forgot? (Probably that one, right?) But.I AM BACK! And I am very ready to spam your unanswered review pile again, to the point that you will most likely hate me for a while...I'M SORRY! But yes, I will see you next chapter!


x Ely

Author's Response: I can't even remember now -- is that bad? But imagine my surprise to log in this afternoon and see all these reviews from you! ♥

I couldn't ever hate you, goose. :3 Thank you for taking the time to leave all these! (And as a heads up, my responses may be a bit out there, because I've got a lot of coffee running through me. C'est la vie!)

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Review #66, by MidnightBlue_xTake Flight: Willow

3rd February 2012:

So you knew this was coming and my ninja powers seem to be a little absent today so I'm not even going to try and surprise you. Story wise, other than Paper Hearts I have never read entirely through anything of yours and so I plan to change that this weekend (I would really like to say today but I'm far too tired) starting with this one.

First thing I noticed was Song at which point I thought of River Song, did a little crazy dance thing and then continued to actually read. I told you a few months ago that I've never really read any Next Gen so I'm not entirely sure how most people characterise James, but I like yours- reminds me of James I.

I love how Olivia is so determined to learn how to fly for her mother, while the actual action obviously isn't realistic for us I think that feeling is something very real. Another thing, I would kill to have the spell for summoning tea- I expect you to develop one now, just a warning.

Anyway, I loved the first chapter and I'll probably review the second tomorrow otherwise I may fall asleep halfway through.

x Ely

Author's Response: Hey Ely! Hehe, thanks so much :) I actually hadn't made the River Song connection, funnily enough, but now I can't stop thinking about it :P Funny that I chose that name.


Thank you for the review dear, and let's not fall asleep whilst reading, that's a bad idea :D

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Review #67, by MidnightBlue_xIn Too Far: Chapter Thirty-Seven

31st January 2012:
I honestly love your story too much! I love Gwen, I love Barty and most of all I love Gwen and Bart together. I'm interested to see when you go from here so please keep updating! 10/10

x Ely

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! Don't worry, I promise I'll keep updating. This story is a long way from being finished yet!

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Review #68, by MidnightBlue_xIn Ink: Something Happy

22nd January 2012:

*clears throat* Ahem, why yes I am in a French mood today- whatever made you think that, Elizabeth? Clearly, you are a mind reader but I would have sworn I told you to stop doing that! Disrespectful Slytherin!

Anyways, I'm so so sorry that it has taken me this long to actually getting around to reviewing this for you- I know I'm a terrible best friend, why do you even keep me around anymore? But before you kick me out and take all my belongings away from me, I shall review this for you! *gets out sword* FOR NARN-*cough* LIZZIE!

You should already know, unless you have had a laspe in your memory (and don't go lying and saying you never do, I know the truth Elizabeth), that I absolutely adore your writing and this chapter too. If you have forgotten this then I'm afraid I have failed you, once again (hey there's a surprise!), at being your best friend.

This review is basically rambling because I'm tired and hot and hungry and bored and...Squeaky? I hope this made you smile, somewhere in that madness that I call my review and that you are feeling okay- *glares at weather and fibro for you*


x Ely

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Review #69, by MidnightBlue_xJames's Sketchbook: Chapter One Inner Sanctum

27th December 2011:
Hey there, me again!

I absolutely adore the fact that James can draw, I personally suck at it but I always have a great respect for people who can and with James being one of my favourite characters ever, my day has been made by this story! I find the fact that James has all these unfinished drawings of Lily so cute, makes me wish I had a boy like him who would draw me! You wrote the interactions between the Marauders so well that I felt like I was sitting on the sidelines and watching them.

Moving onto Lily, the fact you have made her play the violin is something I have never seen before- In fact I have hardly seen any stories where Lily has a talent for anything but Potions, therefore I find your story very unique. Also, the fact that she has her own little room and that it brings her memories of Severus is so beautiful.

And now Severus, like I mentioned in my previous review I am not a big fan of him but I have read a few fics centred around him- therefore I am not the greatest at what I think he would be like as a teenager but I personally enjoy the way you write him. I also enjoy how you wrote Dumbledore- though I am not great on how he should be characterised either.

I love how you have made James care so much for Lily without making him obsessive at the same time, he is so likeable in your story! On that note, my second review draws to a close- I will see you in my third and final one though.

x Ely

Author's Response: I'm not a great artist myself -- I wish I could draw better -- but I love getting to write about artists. There's just something so fun about it.

Once I decided to make James an artist, I imagined him trying to draw Lily in class, but always running out of time, so he'd just have sketchbooks filled with drawings of her and other students. I'm glad you think James's sketches of her aren't creepy. I had a friend point out how James's sketches were a little "sketchy." Don't we all wish we had someone like that? Someone who can see the beauty in us.

Writing the Marauders is really fun. I love getting to write their dialogue, imagining four boys just hanging out and having a good time.

I've seen stories where Lily was a dancer, but I wanted to have her play the violin. She's an artist, like James, but in another way.

There are some places that have so many memories attached to them you can't help but have a million memories coming back to you. Plus, it's a good plot device : p

I'm glad Snape and Dumbledore are jiving with you (even though you're not Snape's biggest fan).

It's really hard to strike the balance between passion and obsession. I don't like James much in canon, but writing him has made me like him a lot more.

Thank you so much! You're awesome.

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Review #70, by MidnightBlue_xJames's Sketchbook: Prologue The Seventh Hogwarts Express

27th December 2011:
Hey There, This is ElysiumJayne from the forums with the reviews you requested back in September! I'm sorry that I took so long to get these reviews to you but real life had been super busy. Anyway, on to the review!

Your first paragraph drew me in straight away and while it was short and simple, it was also lovely. I loved the conversation between Lily and her father, you really captured the essence of what I imagined their relationship to be like and so quickly too! That being said, I love how you bought Petunia into it as well. The line "In June you'll finally be able to come to Hogwarts to see me gradu-" was super amazing, I haven't read many Lily/James fics where people have actually mentioned that Petunia had once wanted to be in Lily's shoes, therefore yours gained extra points! It was also wonderful that you gave a sort of comparison between Lily's family and Severus's, I thought that was a great little part!

I immediately adored the way you wrote the Marauders and I was so glad that James wasn't an arrogant jerk who only mentioned Lily straight away- it was a nice change to some of the fics around at the moment. I was so glad when James didn't change the moment you mentioned Lily either, I think you are great at writing the more mature version of James. All in all, I love your characterisation of pretty much every character you've introduced so far- even Severus, and honestly, I'm not his biggest fan.

You always asked about flow- to put it quickly, I think your flow was perfect- everything worked pretty much excellently. I personally think it makes perfect sense, it's very well written and like I mentioned your characterisation is too die for. The last thing, you asked was whether it was enjoyable- well I surely enjoyed reading and reviewing it for you!

With that, I shall see you in the next chapter.

x Ely

Author's Response: I know what it's like to get busy, so no worries. You got around to it eventually, and that's what counts.

I'm glad you appreciated the moments with Lily's family, especially Petunia. She's a really interesting character, albeit unpleasant. I think the dynamic between the two sisters (and Snape) is a very fertile ground for stories.

There had to be a lot more to James than his crush on Lily. I don't think that he'd spend every waking moment talking about her.

Flow's always a big concern for me, so I'm really glad that it all worked and that the characterization came across well.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the nice review!

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Review #71, by MidnightBlue_xThe Promise: ...I Believed

27th December 2011:
Hey There, This is ElysiumJayne from the forums with the review you requested back in September- I'm sorry that it took this long to get to you but I'm here now. Now onto the review!

I found your first paragraph drew me in quickly, though I could tell from your request and the banner who you were talking about- I found myself unable to look away from the webpage in front of me. I thought you displayed Ginny's emotions wonderfully, I could feel what she was going through, the only suggestion I have is to maybe add some italics into a couple of words to give them more emphasis.

With the flashback, I would also put that in italics so that it stands out from the rest of the story and then maybe change the lyrics into bold- it is all up to you really but that is my opinion. There are a few spelling and grammar mistakes here and there, so I would suggest getting a one-shot beta to fix them up for you.

I loved how you wrote Harry's death- you wanted to know if this story was a tearjerker, and in the moment- it definitely was. The parts with Ron, Hermione and Ginny were also very tear worthy- I felt so sorry for poor Ginny in those scenes. And the ending, I literally have tears running down my face right now.

On that note, I hope this review helped and I'll see you soon when I fill your second request. Thanks for requesting!

x Ely

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review. I'm glad that you found it enjoyable and that it was emotional. It's intended to be emotional.
Ugh, I'm such a lazy editor. Maybe I really should consider getting a beta from now on. XD.
I wrote this story three years ago, and I've gone back and edited it so that it flowed better. It was sort of bad before XD.
Your review helped. Thanks alot and I can't wait to get another one from you! :)

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Review #72, by MidnightBlue_xDismantle the Sun: Chapter Two

26th December 2011:
Back again!

I love Lola in this chapter, absolutely adore how she's sort of the youngest one is the big family and therefore feels the pressure- I would like to hear more about her relationship with Marlene though. I love how awkward Sirius is when Lola is crying, I found that really sweet that he had no idea what to do- very in character I think.

The only thing I find wrong with this chapter is that it is so short, I feel like you probably could have added more on at the end or in the library scene- surely Lola and Sirius would have more to say to each other? Well, anyway- it was a pleasure reviewing for you and I hope my reviews helped!

Feel free to request again.

x Ely

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Review #73, by MidnightBlue_xDismantle the Sun: Chapter One

26th December 2011:
Hey again!

First thing is first, If I were you, I would think about changing the spacing it your first paragraph or perhaps adding a little more description between the two changes of perspective between Marlene and Sirius otherwise it looks a little choppy. Also, the three year skip confused me slightly- you may want to somehow blend that (hope that makes sense) into the first chapter more?

I love how you have written Sirius drunk, it seems like the way I would imagine him act, so good job on that front! Marlene number two- that line made me laugh and I hope we get to learn more about Lola very soon- she intrigues me, while I hope Sirius doesn't always she her as the second version of Marlene, that always sucks. I have to admit, the 'she's only twelve' line both made me laugh but also confused me- probably because I completely suck at Maths. So, is old is Lola? And how old is Sirius? Thank you in advance for clearing those up for me!

Also, thank you for requesting and I will see you in the next chapter for my last review.

x Ely

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Review #74, by MidnightBlue_xDismantle the Sun: Prologue

26th December 2011:
Hello There, this is ElysiumJayne with the reviews you requested back in September- Sorry for taking so long to get to you, but life has been rather busy for me lately. But anyway, let's get on with the review!

The first thing I noticed about this chapter is that there are a few grammar and spelling mistakes here and there. I know you asked for me not to mention spelling or grammar but I noticed you spelt Dorcas as Doracas- of course that can be quickly cleaned up though I do advice you to get a beta reader, they honestly make the world of difference!

Now, moving on! I like the characters you've mentioned (for the girls), and I love you for the fact that they are not Lily's friends! I, myself, write a Sirius/OC where she is Lily's friend so it's nice to see a change once in a while! The girls all seem very simple which I find very refreshing compared to some of the characters out there at the moment, so good job with that!

Another thing I would suggest would be to changed the Sorting Hat's song into italics, it just makes it more obvious that it's the song I believe but honestly, when it comes down to it all- it is your decision.

Thank you for requesting and I will see you in your next chapter.

x Ely

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Review #75, by MidnightBlue_xUndone: Suprise Reactions

26th December 2011:
The italics, they're gone! I'm sorry if I sound slightly rude but it makes it so much easier to read this without them, my eyes don't know what they're reading with too many italics! I feel like your writing has dramatically improved in this chapter, not that it was bad before, but I just feel like you're more into this chapter than the previous two.

I think you characterised the Weasley family really well in this chapter, I can imagine them all acting like this- especially Molly! In your request, you wanted me to tell you whether I thought this was believable enough to happen to Ron's fifth year and to be honest with you, originally I didn't think so but as I've read more into it I know firmly believe it could have happened. Though I would be interested to see a bit of back story about Laura and Ron's meeting. I also enjoyed how you added Percy in- I'm not a big fan of him but I found his and Arthur's scareaming fest rather enjoyable!

I hope these reviews have helped you somewhat and I'm very interested to see what's going to happen next. Thank you for requesting!

x Ely

Author's Response: Yey! The italics are gone :D

Thinking about it, I'm not sure whether I'll alter the first two chapters that much (though the italics are a biggie!) as it does show my developing style.. hmmm :P

Your reviews have been helpful and thank you for doing them!

Keira :)

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