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Review #1, by emeraldeyes77Being Summer: The Twenty-Sixth One

20th August 2012:
BAHAHA. Fred. Lets talk about how much I love him. the fact that he's known about James and Summer this entire time and didn't think anything of it and thought everyone else knew is AWESOME. We don't give him enough credit he's a very preseptive person when he wants to be. WE ARE NOT IN LOVE. Okay Jamie, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Penny, before I go on believe me, I have a real soft spot for her. But she needs to open her eyes. I know it's very common for abuse victims to continue to protect and defend their abusers whether due what they think is love, or fear (often both) but the things she was saying to summer were very uncalled for. Summer can be a little cynical, yes, but the fact that Penny basically told her she was a terrible friend because Summer didn't support her relationship with Kane is rediculous. A good friend doesn't support abusive relationships and Penny can't seem to get it through her head that Kane is a bad person, no good person would do the things to her he he did. It's time for Penny to get the wake up call that she so despertly needs and realize that as much as Kane was hurting her, her friends were being hurt by the fact they had to sit and watch.

Just as a note I don't know how much I like everyone telling Summer how heartless she is or that her heart is made of stone. Summer isn't totally heartless even though she sometimes comes off that way, a heartless person wouldn't love their friends the way she does. I think her friends forget that people are not born they're made. Her terrible excuse for parents can take credit for that one.

Ah Jack, I knew I always liked him. Thank you for throwing in that conversation between them, it showed that even though they'd both made mistakes they're mature enough to look past it and make the effort to be friends as well as showing that Summer's sincere letter to him over break served its purpose.

Quickely on Rose and Scorp, please do them as well as us a favor and get them together. They are obviously in love and in love people should be together.

Dom. DomyDomDomDom. She brought this on herself to be quite honest. Oh, and thanks for giving Connor that Gyriffy back bone we all knew he had somewhere deep down. This obsessive behavior Dom was pulling was really taking it about... ten steps to far. I wouldn't want my boyfriend looking at pictures of other girls either but seriously they're just that, pictures. They're not real. The fact Dom became so controling that he couldn't even pick out his own clothes and have a choice in what he was going to eat wasn't making sure nothing in their relationship went wrong it was asking for problems and the sooner Dom realizes that the better. I also hate to admit this but Dom doesn't seem like the best friend someone could ask for. The fact she was so wrapped up in Connor that she barely payed attention to her friends is terrible, I know girls like her, I had a best friend a lot like her. She is a wonderful person and eventually we grew apart because of how drastically different we were. She was not even half as controling and obsessive as Dom is but she could easily be considered controlling to a minor degree for the same reasons Dom is, because she's been hurt and doesn't want a single thing to go wrong.

Summer really nailed it when she was talking about how life isn't a fairytale and that relationships are far from them too. Fairytale relationships don't last in the long run for a reason, fairytale and real are different. Real relationships are the relationships that work because they're hard and both parties involved have to compromise a little bit and put in a little effort everyday to make it work. There is no prince charming that is going to come and sweep you off your feet. I have a few girlfriends that are looking for a fairytale relationship and it worries me a bit.

On the topic of Summer I just wanted to say thank you for creating a character I can so relate to. I sometimes read stories that the characters in general just seem a bit unrealistic and a bit unrelatible at times. Summer has her head on tight and that's refreshing. My friends and family don't hesitate to tell me that I can be very cynical and sarcastic but I'd rather be aware of realitily then living in the clouds like some people, thank you again for creating such a realistic (yet enjoyable) character.

Finally the part of my review that we've been waiting for! When I talk about SUMMER AND JAMES. I love James, and thank you for making him finally smarten up and ask Summer on a date, Fred is right they obviously fancy the pants off each other, and we've waited 26 chapters for this as it is. Also about James thanks for not making him the type of guy that thinks he has to be unfeeling and macho all the time, it's just a facade that some guys think they have to put on and its very unattractive in my opinion, being vulnerable is part of being human. The scene he finally asked Summer out was adorible and super well written!

Then in comes Dom acting like little miss princess the world revolves around me. I said before that she's not acting like a very good friend and she's not, the fact that after being MIA for the entire time she was with Connor only to basically tell Summer to drop everything to take care of her is ridiculous. *Warning: harsh rant* I don't think Dom deserves Summer's help right now, at least not this Hogsmeade weekend, she's finally about to get her own happiness with James, Dom shouldn't have the right to waltz in and ruin that chance. I hope Summer tells her straight that she has a date with James and that for once not everything is about Domy. *End harsh rant*

That's all for now!
xoxo, Em < 3

ps. I will naturally read your upcoming stories, and if you need a beta let me know! Getting to read your chapters early is like a 6 year old finding out Christmas is coming early!

pps. It was my goal to be your 1000 review, I looked away for 15 minutes, I'm so sad :'(

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Review #2, by emeraldeyes77If Wishes Were Fishes: Deja Vu

1st June 2012:
Wait just a second... What?

Author's Response: Haha don't worry, everything will become clear in the next chapter ;)

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Review #3, by emeraldeyes77Crime and Punishment: In The Art of Metamorphosis

14th May 2012:
So many miscommunications and
misunderstandings. And lots of jumping to
conclusions as well. But then again why am I
surprised that there's so much of that? So much of
the story is unfolding for those very reasons lol

I kinda like the bit of a transformation that Charlie
had in this chapter. One thing I really like about
Charlie is the fact she's a real hard ass tomboy but
knowing when to pull out a but of girly is always
important. And atta way girl! Cut off your hair! I
love haircuts. Haircuts are actually what I do when
I have a guy to get over, new look=moving on for

I'm really looking forward to seeing the party, with
Owen making moves and James burning with
jealousy it'll make for a great chapter :)

Can't wait for the next one!

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Review #4, by emeraldeyes77If Wishes Were Fishes: Operation: Broom Cupboard

14th May 2012:
Do my eyes deceive me? YOU'RE ALIVE?! Thank
goodness you've once again decided to grace us
with your presence, I was getting worried.

Thank heavens, they were way overdue. Just a
thought, would you ever consider doing a little one-
shot of them in the that broom closet? I'm just
curious to know how that conversation played out.

God damnit Lily and your constant need to go
against reason! You should not! I repeat NOT have
looked at those papers! James is in love with you
and finally starting to see that! I wanted to cry
when she ran from him. Making those lists was no
doubt a stupid idea but she heard all the things he
said to her and she knows that they're completely
sincere. But I know I would have been really upset
as well if I were in her situation so I can't judge.

actually went and reread it recently, not only did I
remember why I was totally hooked on this story to
begin with but it just made me want to know what
happened even more. HURRY WOMAN.

Only fourish more chapters? :( You're right, lets not
think about that.

Is Lily ever going to tell James about her and Alex?
I actually just finished rereading the few chapters
when they were at Lily's house after her dad's heart
attack. She was so close to telling him the truth
and then Lily's good-for-nothing-sister just HAS to
walk in! I'd actually like to see that conversation
where Lily tells him the truth in both their POV's.
That could be interesting.

Well I have to go shower then its bedtime, AP
exams have been whipping my butt, I'm forever

Until next time!

xoxo, Em :) < 3

Author's Response: Hurray! I am indeed alive! I was just finishing up grad school so my life was basically in shambles. But I'm done now and I can focus on finishing this :) But YES I have definitely considered doing a one-shot of Sirius/Scarlet. That's in the works at the moment but probably won't come out until after the story is all done and posted.

Eesh, yeah there will be... 39 or 40 chapters total? I'm just writing chapter 38 now and it's a bit hard to tell how it will all play out but somewhere around there :) I don't want it to end at all, but I have 2 other Jily stories in the works so never fear!

As for Lily telling James about Alex. He will definitely find out, yes. But that won't happen just yet ;)

Good luck with your exams! And thanks for reading :) Next chapter will be up very, very soon!

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Review #5, by emeraldeyes77Being Summer: The One That Changes Everything

5th May 2012:
This review should have came well over a week ago, but in my defense I've been up to my eyes in AP Review work, I've been studying three to four hours a night for the past week and after a long day of productive studying I've decided to give myself the night off and on the top of my list of things to do was review this chapter.


This chapter was excellent! And dramatic. Holy drama. THE TRUST IS FINALLY REVELED! The reactions that James and Summer had were both kind of blown out of proportion and justified, is that an oxymoron? I think to an extent it may be.

Summer jumped to conclusions, got drunk and hooked up with Albus, then did some screaming. And James saw Summer kissing Albus and even after her explanation (and obvious intoxicated state) still blew up. I'm not really sure who's side I'm on right now (but the sooner you update the sooner I'll figure it out!).

Like I predicted in my review from the last chapter Natalie was indeed cheating on James with Albus but gosh I didn't realize to this extent, I was thinking a one time thing, accident or even just a few times out of boredom. But gosh I was not expecting something of an affair! (I feel like I'm talking about a soup opera lol)

I do agree with Summer when it comes to Natalie, she is so winey, the crying and yelling and constant talking. Holy crap I wouldn't be able to deal. I'm really not feelin Albus either, like I said in my last review, family is supposed to always be on your side, never hurt you. Albus is basically breaking every rule in the bro code and brother code, that's some heavy stuff.

James was going to ask Summer on a date and now doesn't want to :'( Summer reasons like this is why you stopped drinking god damnit!

Can't wait for more! And just wanted to say I was so flattered by you saying my review may be your favorite yet because of the fact you think I really understand the story and where you're going with this, I think I do as well :) I'm so glad you agree! I was smiling like a silly person after seeing your response to what I wrote :)

xoxo, Emm < 3

P.S. This is my 100 review, I saved it for this story!

Author's Response: i feel like such a horrible person, because this is another absolutley LOVELY review from your lovely sense, and i have left it for so long to be answered. i never usually wait this long to respond, i promise, school is just eating me alive at the moment and reviews have just been pushed to the backburner. but i'm answering now! and thank you so much for such an amazing review. i read this when you first sent it and i had this huge smile on my face for ages :D

james and summer both completley blew everything out of proportion, and it was the blowing things out of proportion that really got them angry, more than the actual situation they were in. they were entitled to be angry - but as angry as they were? i'm not sure... :P

hm... it's hard to figure out whose side i'm on, because whilst summer was a little more in the wrong, james' reaction was the most over the top, and he gave her the chance to explain but then completley disregarded what she said anyway. she screamed, he blew up ~ you've got that exactly right.

yeah, you predicted exactly right! well done! yeah, a lot of people thought the same thing - that they had snogged a couple of times whilst drunk or something, not that they had a year long affair behind james' back - and yeah, it is like a soap opera... i am far too dramatic :P

urgh. if there is one thing i hate, it's whiney people. i could just slap them. and that's why natalie's whiney and crying and talking really get under summer's skin, because people like that make me want to off myself. albus is horrible. james just needs him out of his life, brother or not.

yes, that's exactly why she doesn't drink! poor james. he was going to ask her out - and then this happens. booo :(

seriously, you really do leave the most lovely reviews - they're amazing. thank you so much for another one :D i love it when people seem to really get the story, it makes me feel like i'm doing my job as an author, so thank you so much :D

ellie :) xx

PS. wow, thank you! aw, that is amazing. thank you again, chica. kisses :D

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Review #6, by emeraldeyes77The Human Factor : The One Where Scorpius Is A Sad Panda

29th March 2012:
Well it's obvious that Pippa has OCD and a mild case of depression. But does she possibly also have post traumatic stress disorder?

Author's Response: Yes. She does somewhat, which is why she can't bring herself to think of Hims real name etc, or at least that is the way I write it. His name is locked somewhere and she refuse to even go near it, even though she's tormented by the memories of everything. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day.

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Review #7, by emeraldeyes77The Potter And The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts: The Condoms

27th March 2012:
This is GREAT! I just found this for the first time and I'm already laughing. I can't wait to read the rest :)

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Review #8, by emeraldeyes77Don't You Remember: Who We Are

23rd March 2012:
Can I tell you how much I love you? You're such a great updater, I so appreciate it. Scorpius has really grown up, as have the rest of the characters. But with him you can just tell how much he's matured since Rumor Has It.

I'm looking forward to what exactly happened to Rose and Ron, that someone tortured Rose in front of him and then killed him in front of her, I would joined the Aurors too, that's really traumatizing.

Ah Albus, I'm glad to see they were able to patch things up and end up close again. Rose is right Albus should have been in Slytherin, between his ploy in RHI and now he's sleeping with interns to get information he really is a classic Slytherin and reporter. He really is starting to resemble James with that second one lol

Can't wait for Scorpius to be back in London, there's no way they can avoid each other since they're both Aurors, I was actually thinking at first your were going to make them partners.

xoxo, Em < 3

Author's Response: Sweetheart you can always tell me how much you love me, because I will always love hearing it! I love you too! Scorpius and Rose have grown up a lot, but as you said they had to. Thank you for reviewing! I'm so glad you liked it and don't worry you will seeing a lot of Albus in the future chapters. I will update as soon as I can!

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Review #9, by emeraldeyes77Don't You Remember: The Lonely

19th March 2012:
THEY BROKE UP AND RON DIED! You're hurtin me girl. But from what the story description said it looks like Scorpius is about to waltz back in and turn poor Rose's life upside down again. Hurry with the next one :)

Em < 33

p.s. I still haven't gotten over my little crush on Hugo.

p.p.s. I'm interested to know what Roses relationship with Albus is like at this point.

Author's Response: I know i busted that out aggressively, but it will all be explained in the next few chapters. Thank you for reviewing! Don't worry you will get more Hugo then the last story and Albus will be seen as well. The update should be up soon.

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Review #10, by emeraldeyes77Rumor Has It: Graduation

19th March 2012:
There's so much I could say about your last chapter, but to just sum it up in a few words everything about it was perfect. A great ending to a great story! Rose and Scorpius finally found happiness in each other and regardless of what the future holds they're going to try and make it work.

I'd say I can't wait for your next story but I just saw you already started the sequel, I'm now looking forward to being a faithful follower to that one!

Em < 33

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! I was just so excited off of finishing this one that I instantly jumped into the next one! I'm glad you like this one and I'm also glad you are willing to follow the next one. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by emeraldeyes77If Wishes Were Fishes: Cupid's Chokehold

24th February 2012:
SMACK! It's about time. It's been long time coming. James is indeed still clueless :( I wish Alex hadn't interrupted when Lily was talking to James, I think she would've gone through with it if she gotten the opportunity. I don't think she's really going to be able to move, she's definitely going to try but she'll only be deluding herself. She can't forget that it was James she saw in the mirror, and your hearts most desperate desire isn't something you can just push aside.

James really did seem like he was genuinely trying to do the right thing, even though he shouldn't have talked to Alex without knowing the whole story his intentions really were good, he just wants Lily to be happy. I think Lily needs to tell him James the truth soon, it's at the point I don't think he just wants to know out of curiosity he wants to know because he cares. When Lily finally tells him why her and Alex broke up it's really going to all come into focus for him.

xoxo, Emm< 3

Author's Response: Haha oh yes I was so excited about the slap. I do feel bad for James though... he was being genuine but he's just kind of clueless too haha. Anyways, James will eventually find out but not for a little bit :) I'll have more up soon!

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Review #12, by emeraldeyes77Rumor Has It: Back to Me

21st February 2012:
Alright, you have every single right to be mad at me since I haven't been able to review on your last few chapters. I've just been crazy busy, therefore I am taking this opportunity to sincerely apologize. Please forgive me?

Anyway. While I do have a few spare minutes I just wanted to give an overview of all the chapters I've missed and say they were all fantastic. But I think Albus needs to get it through his head that Rose isn't letting him off easy this time, he's really trying it seems but I don't think he's really taken the time to think about exactly the magnitude of what he did. And even though she meant well it wasn't Ginny's place to leave them alone in the kitchen.

Next! I like the scene with Victorie. She gave a lot of insight to Rose's situation, and honestly a little insight my own personal boy situation :o

Finally! This was a great chapter. I like the fact that Rose and Scorpius were forced to share a tent, I get the feeling that their professor kinda set that up for a tent to go missing, just to force them together. It was cute that Scorpius ended up picking her up and bring her into the tent and they ended up spooning, I personally love spooning. And the fight they had was set up really well it didn't seem forced or unnatural, it was written it very real and believable. After they finally got all of their feelings out in the open the chapter came to a nice close. :)

I hope this makes up for my lack of reviews, again I am so sorry.

Much love,
Emm < 333

Author's Response: Well, since you sincerely apologized, I will forgive you! Of course! It really wasn't Ginny's place. I think she just wanted to give him the chance to apologize and actually see what he's done. It didn't really work, but she felt she had to try and do something.

And I'm glad Victoire not only helped Rose, but helped you as well.

The professor didn't set up that tent, but I won't say that it was an accident. I'm glad that other people like spooning, I personally think it's a lost art form, but that's just me. THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING!

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Review #13, by emeraldeyes77Heaven Can Wait: Reflections

26th January 2012:
I cannot believe that Severus used Legilimency on her, that was an interesting twist on their falling out. I really like Alice :) is she the same age as Lily or a year or two above her?

Author's Response: Yes here I wanted to show a bit of background as to why they broke apart of such terms. I love Alice too, here Alice is two years older and already has left Hogwarts. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #14, by emeraldeyes77Being Summer: The Eighth One Plus Another One

18th January 2012:
I really liked this chapter :) I wish Dom and Conner would just get it together already, they're obviously meant to be. Is it ever going to be revealed why James and Natalie broke up? She seems really ashamed about whatever the reason is, I feel like James caught her cheating or something, but hey I could be way off. And no Fred in the chapter :( can he have another appearance in the next chapter? I love him :) Oh! and I think Albus is a cutie :)

I like that Summer is finally sticking up to James about the fact he's pretty much allowed to go on a date but she's not. And I don't know the way he talked to her when he told her to just snog him already, I'd feel kind of used. Same with the fact he's tried to get her to have sex with him and by the sounds of it more then once. If I were her I'd feel like he's only using me for my body. He obviously cares about her but I'd still feel like my body is all he wants from me.

Update soon!

Emily :)

Author's Response: aww, thank you :)

dom and connor really need to get together... it was this chapter when he admitted he liked her, wasnt it? yes, it will be revealed pretty soon, i dont think it would be as interesting if it was kept a secret for too much longer. youve got it right, natalie is pretty ashamed of the reason they broke up... well, maybe ashamed isnt the right word. more embarrased and sorry, i would say. but i wont tell you why :p i think there is barely any freddie in the next chapter... maybe a /tiny/ bit. sorry :( ill put extra in chapter 11 :)

exactly, shes finally standing up to him. james.. well, he does care about summer (a lot, shes his best friend) but at the same time, he is a teenage boy, so he wants what every teenage boy would want from someone who has been snogging them for a long time. but summer has boundaries, and she doesnt want that. i suppose james is using her in a way, but isnt she using him at the same time? she doesnt want to be a girlfriend, so she snogs james. isnt she using him too?

thanks so much,

ellie :) xx

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Review #15, by emeraldeyes77Fighting Temptation: Paranoia and Secrets Revealed

16th January 2012:
I really enjoyed this chapter :) I really liked that you put that conversation in with Rose and Bryan. They're both observant people, it was interesting to see that they put that out their to the other about Scorpius and Vivian.

I'm glad you're not going down the teen pregnancy road, it fits into some story lines in some stories but I don't think it would have fit right in this one. And I think adding a pregnancy would have kind of ruined the last scene. The sex scene gave just enough that it was realistic, but not written explicitly and it happened because they love each other. I know some authors are sometimes nervous about scenes like this so good job :)

I like the fact that Stacy and Bryan know they're together, it's probably better that way anyway. I think that other person is either Vivian or Ben. Vivian because she said that if she wants Scorpius then Rose has to go down, therefore it would make sense for it to be her, but I almost feel like thats to obvious. Therefore Ben, because I get the feeling he could want to know what's up with Rose because she's on his team now.

Can't wait for more!

Emily :)

Author's Response: Teen pregnancy does fit some stories, but your right it does not fit this one. The main reason i added that scene in there was because i wanted to show how much they love each other and yet i still wanted to make it some what innocent that was part of the reason why it was too explicit.
The reason i added in the conversation with Bryan was because i want to get the point across that Bryan isn't a bad guy. He has his opinions but he also has his best friends well being in mind. He doesnt do anything without a purpose.
As for who the other person is i cant tell yet but you will find out soon. Although you do bring up some interesting ideas :)
Thank you for the review, i'm sorry i am responding so late, ive been so busy lately that i haven't had a chance to respond to the longer reviews :)

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Review #16, by emeraldeyes77If Wishes Were Fishes: My Five Stages

15th January 2012:
I feel like I say this about every single chapter but this is my favorite yet. This is without a doubt, by a long shot, my favorite chapter. I loved everything about it. The way you set it up. The events that took place (especially her run in with in with Alex, she really ripped him a new one). The things we learned and figured out about the well. The Mirror of Erised was inspired by the well and made an appearance, and helped Lily see exactly what it was that she truly wanted.

I cannot wit for the next chapter! I love James' point of view, it gives a completely different dynamic to the story. Lily's birthday is going to be crazy. Can you say drama or what?! I really have no idea about what's going to happen at this party, knowing your writing style you're going to end up throwing a major curve ball at us. I'm just going to wait and see. But I get the it's going to be another major climax.

Hurry with the next chapter!

xoxo, Emm < 3

Author's Response: haha thank you so much!!! I have to say, this is probably my favorite chapter as well. It was SO much fun to write and play with the different stages. I had too much fun writing the bit with Alex :P As for Lily's birthday party, it will be... interesting haha, I'll update soon so you won't have to wait too long :)

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Review #17, by emeraldeyes77Rumor Has It: Set Fire to the Rain

15th January 2012:
Jezz just when I thought I had it figured out you throw this at me. I hate Rachel so much. She just doesn't know when enough is enough and when to admit that she lost. I wouldn't blame her for never forgiving Albus, I don't think I would. Even though what he did was backed up by good intentions he had no right to choose whether or not Rose was to be with Scorpius or not. Erasing her memory was not the way to go about it.

Rose should have had Rachel expelled, what she did was illegal and morally wrong. What Rose also said to Hermione was also probably true, even though Ron didn't actually do it doesn't mean that Hermione wouldn't have at least been a bit on his side for doing it. The reactions that both Rose and Scorpius had upon getting their memories were very sad, Scorpius was completely shut off and Rose broke down. I did like the last scene with Aiden and how he comforted her when she desperately needed it.

Update soon!!

xoxo, Emm < 3

Author's Response: Well I thought though Ron would be mad he wouldn't be stupid enough to do something illegal. Rachel on the other hand only thought of herself and how it would benefit herself. She will get more than just what Rose outlined, it just won't be sanctioned by the Headmaster. Albus on the other hand won't ever be fully forgiven. He did something so thoroughly wrong that it won't be right to just fully forgive him. So don't worry neither one of them are getting off light. Hermione also wouldn't have been on Ron's side, because she believes he could have handled it more sensibly and considered his daughters feelings.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #18, by emeraldeyes77Rumor Has It: Impossible

8th January 2012:
Damn Lily is a bitch. What kind of cousin would do that? Thinking about my cousins if something was going on and I needed help they would do whatever it took to help me. Lily is insanely rude and self-absorbed. What is her problem exactly?

The scene in the library with Kelly and Lauren was a little heartbreaking, having them tell her that her and Scorpius really were in love.

I can honestly say that I almost cried when I read the scene between Rose and Scorpius. The fact that even though they can't remember everything themselves yet but they saw the way they loved each other in Hugo's memories, and he doesn't think it worth a try is heart wrenching. It's one thing to give it another try and then have it not work, but it's a whole other thing to give up before even taking the chance. Rose had every right to completely break down and lose it. And I really hope Scorpius is drowning and guilt and misery because of the douche move he pulled. He really acted like a true Slytherin there.

I don't think I'll ever forgive Albus. He doesn't deserve forgiveness, neither does Ron for that matter.

Update ASAP!

xoxo, Emm< 3

P.S. So is it just me or was Wednesday's episode of Revenge AMAZING?! Thank God Tyler is finally out of the picture, he did nothing but cause problems. And Ashely is really starting to get on my nerves, I really liked her at first but she's been acting like a total snob lately.

Author's Response: Lily will come around, she just is sick of everything being all about Rose even though Rose didn't ask for any of it. She's just been sixteen and jealous.

Scorpius on the otherhand was just scared. I don't know about you, but I would be terrified if someone told me i was in love with someone and then I had to watch myself kiss someone I never expected myself to. Though he should have manned up and gotten over it. Oh well. I hope you like the next chapter it will be up soon!

Ps: I concur, Ashley needs to get it together.

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Review #19, by emeraldeyes77Growing Up Gilderoy: The Lily Evans Appreciation Group

7th January 2012:
lmfao Gilderoy is such an idiot. Lovin this story.

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Review #20, by emeraldeyes77Intervention: Five

3rd January 2012:
I really enjoy this story :) It's a pretty original idea, at least I haven't read anything quite like it in my two and a half years on this site :) I really enjoy Olivia, I'm interested to see how things go with her mom.

Here's my advise: you need to start answering some questions. What is this evil force that is coming to power because Albus and Olivia aren't together? Why was Olivia hated after her and Albus broke up, he cheated on her. Why was Albus cheating on her in the first place if he loved her so much? And if he loved her as much as he did why didn't he try to win her back, or at least prove to her just how sorry he was for the pain he caused her. Why do Olivia and her mother not speak at all, what happened to her dad? Why is she so afraid of cars? The questions keep building and there are no answers being given. I'd say within the next few chapters at start heading down the road that will answer these questions, giving bits of information so we're not totally left in the dark. It'll help us make predictions about where the story is going as well as give a slightly clearer view of the plot, without giving to much away. Leaving to many questions and only adding more is making at least me, feel a little lost. I'm kinda feeling like I'm missing something vital.

But all in all like I said before I really like the story, I think Olivia is a perfect mix of snarky and cute. I love the conversations that Olivia has in her head with with her angel, they're very entertaining. And Anna makes me laugh :)

I hope you had a great holiday and Happy Birthday!

xoxo, Emm < 3

Author's Response: I really appreiciate all the points you brought up. I don't have a lot of time on here so, I'm going to try to make this short...but, i suck at that...

I cannot bring up the evil force because it will it will interfere with my plan for the story. I'm sorry if that dissapoints you. But, if you continue to read, you will find out! I'm not so much trying to make her sound hated by other people as much as I am by herself. I think hate may be the wrong word and I will try to clarify this in the next chapter. Why he cheated will be explained later. As will why he didn't fight for her.

I understand you point and why you feel left in the dark. And I will try to bring you answers soon. I just don't want to try to bring up all these things so soon because I feel like it will interfere with the direction I am trying to take this story. Because, and I don't know if this will make much sense to you but, I have a vision and sort of like a game plan that I would really like to stick to.

But, I am really pleased to see a review like this. I like that you are 'concerned'(?) with where this story is going because it tells me you are curious for more(maybe is the right way to put it). Thanks for the review. And thanks for the brthday wish! -Rowan.

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Review #21, by emeraldeyes77Rumor Has It: No Light

28th December 2011:
And the truth comes out! FINALLY. I like the fact they went to Harry and it was Hugo's memories in the pensive that showed them the truth. It's interesting to see that even though Hugo hasn't played a huge part in the story he's been there the entire time, watching from afar. I like the last memory where he's talking to Albus and Albus says that he really believes that he's doing Rose a favor, and that if her and Scorpius are really meant to be they will fall in love all over again.

I get the feeling that Ron's story in all of this will be coming out in the next two or so chapters. I'm PSYCED for Hermione's reaction to all of this. Can't wait for more!

xoxo, Emm < 3

P.S. Revenge is one of my favorite shows. New episodes can't come fast enough, and my friend Anna is obsessed too. She told me, in case you didn't know, that if you go onto Hulu the first 10 minutes of the next episode is posted so you can watch. If you haven't watched, WATCH NOW.

Author's Response: Lol, I'm glad you like it. Harry is the only legitimately sane person in the family. And Hugo will always be an integral part of Rose's life so he has to be involved even if it's just a small bit. I will update as soon as possible but I have to wait for the queue to open up soon. I hope you like all of their reactions.


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Review #22, by emeraldeyes77Breathless: Six Years, Three Months, and Four Days Later

26th December 2011:
Artemus the Seer's prediction is coming true! The oldest will be a boy and then twin girls :)

I like the fact that Blake's existence has been hidden from Al, but shocked that Rose and Scrop kept the secret this long. If the story had come out that little Blake had been born he wouldn't have had a chance at a normal childhood just like Adele said, and I think if I had been in her position I would have done the same. I also agree with Adele when she said Albus has no claim to Blake, currently in all intents and purposes he's not the father and he lost the opportunity to be a father after everything that Albus did to Adele. I think it could be an interesting twist if you had Scorpius and Rose have something to do with Albus learning about his son, they've been keeping the secret for so long and it would definitely be drama filled if they had something to do with the truth coming out. Especially Scorpius due to the things he said during that fight.

Please don't take forever to update the next update, after the bombs you dropped on us here I WILL NOT WAIT THREE MONTHS.

Thanks and goodbye :) < 3

P.S. I like the fact that Blake has Albus' eyes, and what made you decide to have his middle name be Sirius?

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Review #23, by emeraldeyes77The Hallowed: Prologue

22nd December 2011:
Talk about an original idea! WRITE MORE. RIGHT NOW.

Can't wait to see what happens next :)

-Em < 3

Author's Response: I will be!!! Really soon! Just as soon as the validation queue ends.

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Review #24, by emeraldeyes77Dreamcatcher: Happy Hazel.

21st December 2011:
Holy Crap! This dreamcatcher business is Remus' doing! I like the fact that it was Remus that Lily opened up to about the dreams she's been, I'm looking forward to learning more about how exactly the dreamcatcher necklace works, and how exactly Lily got those bruises, since according to Remus that wasn't supposed to happen.

I hope that the whole you-fell-off-of-your-broom-and-I-saved-your-life-thing starts to bring Lily and James closer together, considering the fact she even let him touch her in the last chapter to look at the bruises (that was a cute scene by the way).

Until next time!
Emm< 3

P.S. The way you ended the chapter made me lawl so happy my Jamie is all better < 3 :D

Author's Response: Haha I love keeping you all on edge about the dreamcatcher and slowly revealing information. Don't worry, more will come as the story progresses! Thank you so much, and I loved the end too :) So happy you're liking it!

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Review #25, by emeraldeyes77Pretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 2: Ironic.

16th December 2011:
Lmfao Louis makes me so happy. His thought process is so much fun to read, you write him so perfectly. PLEASE update more often (same goes for Breathless, Speaking in Rainbow and Find Your Love) < 3

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