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Review #1, by AliLoraiActions Have Consequences: My Sister Needs Help

23rd April 2012:


pretty please?

this is amazing... an update would be amazing too :)

ok, thats all i have to say now...

Author's Response: Sorry for the wait.

Next chapter is waiting for validation. Shouldn't be long :)

Thanks for reviewing


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Review #2, by AliLoraiBlack Hart: James Bond

21st January 2012:
Oh god, I almost peed my pants laughing... I love Sami!!! My friend told me that she reminds her of me... heh... anyways, I love your story!

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Review #3, by AliLoraiActions Have Consequences: My Birthday was Eventful

29th December 2011:
Jason go dig a hole and die in it. Seriously. Hahaha I loved this chapter!!! Holly is still hilarious, and James is adorable!!! ugh... I still hate Jason though... Great Chapter :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for reviewing

Chapter 51 in the queue


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Review #4, by AliLoraiActions Have Consequences: My Fear of Broomsticks is Nothing to Laugh at

28th December 2011:
AH i'm so happy you updated! I thought you abandoned the story for a while there :/ it was scary... thanks for updating... i love this story! cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I will never abandon it. There are a few too many things going on in my life atm, but I'm fitting my writing in as much as I can.

Sorry for the wait.

Thanks for reviewing


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Review #5, by AliLoraiBreaking the Quidditch Code: Laundry Trouble (and Company)

14th March 2011:
I LOVE this story so far! I actually got yelled at by my dad to do hw cuz i was too busy reading hehehe. But seriously, this story is so much fun! I hope James and his friends make up, its so sad for them to all b mad at each other :( but on a brighter note, i'm totally excited for harry and James meeting up! :))

Author's Response: Isn't that how it always goes? The 'rents just don't understand the awesomeness that is a reading addiction, haha. I remember when I lived at home I used to use a flashlight sometimes to finish books I wanted to read. I'm so happy you're enjoying the story so far! And I'm with you--depressing James is depressing!!! Thank you :)

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Review #6, by AliLoraiMelanism: The Twenty-eighth.

17th January 2011:
Aw man, it's over? Damn. Hehehe that was great, I absolutely MUST read a sequel! Hehe


Author's Response: Haha, yep, part uno of my brain splurge is over. I absolutely must write one! :P I've not yet started it but I'm hopping about trying to thin kof cool ideas before I start. I think I'll probably start in couple of months which sounds ages but when I'm waiting for exams it like ah! :P Thanks for reviewing so much along the way, it made writing more enjoyable! Alex :) x

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Review #7, by AliLoraiCaprice: Closure

9th December 2010:
Ah! Drama! Darn Jason, go away! Stupid teens and their bloody emotions... hehehe ah well, it wouldnt be as amazing of a story if it went that quick, huh? By the way, u have AWESOME taste in music!

Author's Response: LOL yup so much drama but I think thats what makes the teen years fun :P wow! thank you so much! My interest in music varies from day to day mood to mood and I like many different styles. :) much of it inspires my writing :P

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Review #8, by AliLoraiCaprice: September

9th December 2010:
O My God! That was my favorite song all through elementary school! Its still one of my favorites, and it fit so well with the chapter, which was very very very good, i might add, i love this story so far!

Author's Response: Yay! Glad you liked it so much! I love Green Day :) Thanks very much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by AliLoraiMelanism: The Twenty-sixth.

6th November 2010:
At last, her date with Remus! :) I loved this chapter, especially the dementor. If it were me i wouldve been dead meat. Haha congrats on a great chapter, and post again soon! This is such a great story, and I read it on a weekend again, so no hw getting in the way ;) At least i have a big break soon, and ill b free to read ur story as much as i plz. Great job on this chapter, adn update quickly :)

Author's Response: Haha, yea at last!!! I'm glad you liked it and about the dementor, it was almost removed from the chapter so I'm glad you liked that part! I would have been dead meat too although I am kind of curious about what my patronus would be. Well, ti's lucky the validation dates seem to make this update on weekends so you can read it! And lucky you getting on a break, I don't get off until the 22nd of December. Thanks for reviewing again, I'll try to get an update up soon but I'm still sort of writing it oops, I'm so behind on this it's ridiculous. Cheers! Alex. :D

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Review #10, by AliLoraiMelanism: The Twenty-fifth.

25th October 2010:
Another fabulous chapter, I must say! I love this story, and luckily I had no homework, so my mom said that I was free to read :) Ur a fantastic writer, and this chapter was so cool! The fights are so intense, it really is like I'm there. Great job, and post again soon!

Author's Response: Cheers! :D Haha, lucky for you. I seem to have heaps of homework to do :( plus I just found myself a part time job so less time to do fun things like writing! Guess I could use the money though.. Thanks for the writing compliments... they're really nice to read! I'm glad you liked the fight scene so much, it was fun to write so I'm glad that translated to good point rather than garbled mush! :) Thanks for reviewing again and I'll try to get some more writing done so you don't have to wait too long! Alex :D

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Review #11, by AliLoraiMelanism: The Twenty-fourth.

19th October 2010:
Great! Another awesome chapter, I wish Quidditch was real, i'd b so pro at it ;)
This story is addicting, but I didn't get yelled at this time, it was during the weekend that I read it. :)
Keep writing, and post soon! This story's so... real, it's like I'm actually there!
Hahaha keep it coming! 10/10


Author's Response: Haha, thanks. I wish quidditch was real too, although I doubt I'd be pro at it. Maybe, it might just be the one sport I'd manage. I'm quick at running but I doubt that'd help :P. I'll try to get more of the chapters up at the weekends then although I don't know how I'll manage it but I'll try! (: I'm glad you're liking the story so much and thanks a lot for the compliments on my writing, makes me smile :) Thanks for reviewing again! Alex :D

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Review #12, by AliLoraiMelanism: The Twenty-third.

13th October 2010:
O my God this story is addicting! My moms constantly yelling at me to get off the computer, cuz I cant stop reading this! I hate how chapters have to be validated tho, it makes us have to wait! Its almost nerve racking, I want to read the next chapter so bad! :) Great job so far, keep it up! 10/10

Author's Response: Yay, thanks :D I love that you're enjoying the story so much but maybe you should find a way to read it secretly so you don't get in trouble :P my mum thinks I spend way too much time on my computer too so I know what you mean! Well I put the next chapter up two or three days ago I think so I'm hoping it will be up at the end of this week or the start of next. I know it seems annoying but this way the site isn't spammed or anything! Which has to be a good thing right? (: Thanks for reviewing again and I'm glad you're still enjoying the story after twenty-three chapters! Alex. :)

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Review #13, by AliLoraiMelanism: The Twenty-first.

13th September 2010:
OMG, this story's amazing! When's the next chapter?

Author's Response: Haha, thanks :D I'm glad you like it! I've already put the next chapter in the queue so hopefully it'll be up soon? Thanks for reviewing :) Alex.

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Review #14, by AliLoraiChosen One: Prolouge - The Painful Beginning

26th January 2010:
Hey, how do you make a banner? Love the story by the way.

Author's Response: Glad that you love the story, darling. I don't make them, but there are sites you can go to, where lovely friendly people will help aid you should you need it like The Dark Arts, Red Carpet Rebellion, or Pandora's Closet.

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